cowboysorceror · 1 day
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babysitting your work friend's kid and he asks to look at your patchwork quilt of a skull. wyd. inspired by Super Sons #6!
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oifaaa · 3 days
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A little continuation from this post - Dick not liking Damian at all when he first meets him is still the funniest thing to me so obviously I was going to carry that over to this au
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kartsie · 19 hours
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Sometimes everyone dusts off or throws together their Robin costume for a hijinks filled patrol
((Yes I’m behind but it’s been a rough week))
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not-another-robin · 18 hours
New dad moments
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incorrectbatfam · 1 day
Jason, to Bruce: Bruce has no idea I’m high.
Bruce: You’re high?
Jason: Oh, sorry.
Jason: *turns to Dick*
Jason: Bruce has no idea I’m high.
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qcomicsy · 2 days
If the batkids had a podcast. Part. XX
Harley Special
Spoiler: (nervous laugh) So this is a special episode–
Harley: Hello Gotham!
Red Robin: Don't– Don't get so fucking close to the mic.
Harley: Don't tell ME what to do Midnighter Jr.
Red Robin: Haha you're so fun– Fuck you
Spoiler (laughing): But you do look like Midnight–
Red Robin: Spoiler–
Nightwing: We're being held hostage.
Harley: Oh, cmon– Okay. It's not– It is not hostage if I'm not actively hurting you. Right Hood?
Redhood: Take this fucking gun out of my face.
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choi-kabud · 2 days
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catching up on some paperwork in blüd
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duckytree · 3 days
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dick doesn’t have batman’s ideology
i don’t think he’s as absolute in his resolve, but what makes him good isn’t his perfection but rather his determination to be better anyway
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pichichu-studio · 1 day
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Bonus: sisters are the best
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batfamgalore · 2 days
*Bernard and Tim just broke up but they need Tim’s help with an investigation*
Damian: Why can’t we do it right now? What’s going on?
Dick: Because we have to help him get over Bernard.
Jason: I mean, like you said, if he gets his vibe back we can crack this case.
Tim(with his head facedown on the table): Please, stop caring about me.
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batsiblingfun · 2 days
Jason: What was with the discowing look? Besides being tacky, you've got your chest exposed. We live on the East Coast Dickhead!
Dick: Well you see-
Tim: It's simple. A hoe don't get cold
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s-mscott · 17 hours
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☀️⛅️Waiting for the warmer weather, so I can lay out in the sun
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hleamii · 2 days
Nightwing Magical Girl Transformation!!
The animation is based of a mash up of Mint and Zakuro's transformation sequences from Tokyo Mew Mew~
And the song is NIGHT WING by Shizuka Kudo (工藤静香).
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quick-impulse · 23 hours
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batman unlimited
(do not use or repost my art)
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cephalog0d · 3 days
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The advantage of your little brother staying little is you can use the time honored fight strategy of Yeet Robin.
It's super effective!
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incorrectbatfam · 15 hours
What is the most embarrassing costume that the bat kids can put Dick in?
Bold of you to assume Dick gets embarrassed
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