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maochira · 2 days
hey hey ! mind if i request something of the father figures you do?
imagine the reader telling the ‘dads’ that they are done with soccer(being overstimulated or such), and that they’d rather do modeling. i totally see chris prince joining in on the reader’s modeling career(since he brought yukimiya into it)
This has been sitting in my drafts for days at this point it's time to actually finish and post it LMAO I'm kind of behind on requests rn,, Also I love writing for the father figure series so so much thank you for the request!!
Father figure trio masterlist (I recommend reading part 1 if you're new here)
Regular masterlist and request rules
Tags: gn!reader, open ended but it's intended in a way in which reader doesn't quit soccer, writing this before sleeping because it's comforting to write the father figures :]]
Noel Noa
-it's been a rough few weeks for you in a lot of aspects in life, and after your team loses a fairly important match, you just feel like you're not made for soccer anymore
-as always, Noa drives you home after the match. But he notices how you seem a bit off. He decides not to address it, though, as he prefers letting you approach him by yourself
-a few minutes into the car ride, you decide to tell him you feel like it's time to quit soccer. It's out of nowhere, so Noa is shocked and pulls the car to the side, so he can talk to you properly about it
-it makes you very emotional to talk about. You're in tears while you explain how things haven't been right in the recent weeks, how even soccer started feeling wrong, and how you've been thinking about looking into another career like modeling, since that's something you've done once or twice
-Noa is very worried about you. Not only because you're in tears, but also because he didn't know how rough the past few weeks have been for you
-he suggests you should take a break from soccer and maybe not play in the next match and even skip some practices. He really doesn't want you to quit because he sees the potential in you, but he also understands that if you'd keep pushing yourself to soccer right now, it would only make you more frustrated
-he also feels unsure about you picking up a modeling career. Sure, he'd definitely support you if you decided to go into that direction in your future, but at the same time he's heard a lot about bad parts of the modeling world and he doesn't want anyone to make you insecure about your appearance and body
Chris Prince
-lately, soccer just hasn't been fun anymore. You've been feeling as if you haven't done any progress in months at this point
-it makes you question yourself if you should continue pursuing soccer, or if you should get into another career
-Chris is currently out of the country, he's been traveling for soccer matches for weeks. That's one of the reasons why your fun with soccer has been decreasing as well
-it's late at night when you start questioning yourself once more, so you decide to call Chris to talk to him about it. He's very surprised because he believes you have been improving, and he tells you how much more you could improve if you continued
-but he would never push or force you into anything, so he also asks you what kind of other career choices you've got in mind. When you tell him one of your ideas is modeling, he gets almost as encouraging as he is with your soccer career. He even offers you to help you get more into it, so that's something you'll be thinking about for a few days
-over the past weeks, everything with your teammates started going downhill. For some reason, you don't get along with them anymore in the way you used to. Even when you're playing, it's not working properly anymore, which gets you very frustrated
-Lavinho wants to pick you up from practice, but he arrived a little too early, so he ends up watching you and your team at training. And he can immediately see how the energy between you and your teammates isn't the same as it used to be
-after practice, when he drives you home, he asks if anything happened between you and your teammates
-you tell him how you just don't seem to get along with them anymore, how some of yojr teammates have been harshly criticizing your skills in a non-constructive way, and how that made you insecure about playing soccer and that it made you think you should quit
-Lavinho gets very sad about this. It actually breaks his heart a little. He loves to watch you play and he's always felt like you're truly yourself when you're on the field. He encourages you to address the issue with your teammates to your coach, so any problems could be talked out
-you and Lavinho continue the conversation. He wants to know more about what careers you could imagine getting into instead of soccer
-when you mention seeing modeling as an option, he's a bit surprised, but not in a negative way. He just never thought that would be something you're interested in. Regardless, he'd be supportive if you ended up going with that career path
-he talks to you in a rather lighthearted way about how you're still young, how you still have time to decide, and how you can still change your plans if the one you end up going with the wrong path
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rindouheart · 3 hours
hello I do not know if your requests are open if not do not hesitate to skip. if so could you write something about Noa bringing his wife and child to Blue Lock (but no one knows he's married or a father) until Noa introduces them or they come to see him play please. (And i really like what you write for blue lock it's awesome)
“WAIT, ARE THEM…?” | noel noa
content. fluffy + quite short oof / female pronouns used
author’s note. hi love, sorry for being this late! this last month was a bit hard for me because I had like,, 9 tests or so?? it literally drained all my energy and inspiration. I hope you like this short scenario btw <3
*italics writing means they’re talking in french
Tumblr media
the boys’ locker room has never been so lively: everyone is pumped up from the recent win against fc barcha.
“where’s noel noa? wasn’t he talking with isagi like, five minutes ago?” asks kurona, looking around.
“he just got out of the locker room, i honestly don’t know where he can be” answers isagi, while picking up his sports bag “however, we can look for him”.
the boys quickly get changed and go out, looking for their new coach.
after a couple of minutes, yukimiya stops the group and whispers “wait, i can hear some people talking, one of the voices is very similar to noa’s”
“they’re talking in french, i would say” says kurona, hiding from the scene.
“how’s it going with the team? are the young players promising?” asks a feminine voice.
“good, they’re making progress quickly. sometimes i can see they argue or making some strategy mistakes, but a controlled rivalry is nice to grow” answers the other.
“that’s noel noa’s voice!” confirms isagi “i used to watch his interviews in french months ago, his voice sound exactly like that”
“do you speak french?” asks raichi.
“absolutely no”
“shh, i can see noa from here…” mumbles yukki, still hiding behind a door. “he’s with a woman around his age i guess, and… wait, is that a child?”
a choir of “what?”, “huh?” and “how?” floats in the air.
some of them must have been too loud, because noa notices the voices behind him. “i think there’s someone there” he says, in french.
then, he turns around and speak: “come out”.
isagi, followed by yukki, kurona and the rest of the group, comes out.
“were you spying me or something?” noa asks them.
“not really” answers kurona, keeping a polite tone. isagi is quick to complete the sentence “we wanted to ask you to review the match with us, but then we stopped here because we heard you talking in french”
“oh, well, i understand” noa crosses his arms “however, i always keep my private life private, but now i guess i have to tell you about my wife and my son”
the boys just stare at the woman and the kid near her.
“hi, i am noa’s wife, y/n, and he is our son, clément” the woman smiles “sorry for my japanese, i know it isn’t perfect yet”
“blue lock!” noa’s son runs towards the boys, excited to see the new teammates of his father.
“clément wants to be like you one day, playing in blue lock and become one of the greatest strikers in history”
“play!” cheers clément, and then asks his father “can they play with me for a bit? i want to show off my skills”
“guys, would you like to play with my son for a bit? he wants to show you his skills” he translates what his child has just said.
“sure!” smiles isagi “he will become on of the best for sure, having a father like you is a privilege, noa”
Tumblr media
@rindouheart ‘s scenarios — 032923
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pparadiselost · 1 month
la maison.
noel noa x single mother fem reader noa finds himself falling head over heels for the sweet mom next door. warning(s): nsfw, alcohol, dubious consent (drunk sex), single mother reader, named son oc (irrelevant outside of pornmaking plot), creampie, breeding minors do not interact.
Tumblr media
recently, noel noa has developed a bit of a problem. 
he had fallen in love with his next-door-neighbor. which, in the grand scheme of things, wasn’t the most unique nor the most world-shattering of issues he could possibly have, but these once trivial feelings he had no time to waste on started taking root in his head, they began to spread like wildfire throughout his daily life.
the pro soccer player was mildly surprised to find out that the young man who had lived next to him in the quaint apartment he called home had moved out while he was playing overseas. noa didn’t think too much of it. he rarely ever grew close with the neighbors around him. he was often out of the house, gone for months to even years at a time playing for whatever country or club summoned him, and when he was home, he preferred spending his time alone rather than getting attached to people who he had nothing in common with.
but the two of you had gotten off on a completely unexpected foot.
“dada!” the squirming toddler in your arms squeals. you nearly drop the bag of groceries you were precariously balancing on your elbow, yelping softly as your son uses all the force he can muster in his tiny body to lurch towards noa. “dada, dada!”
“no, sweetie, that’s not your dad,” you gently remind him, unable to stop the sheepish smile that tugs at your lips. you expertly lean the little boy against your hip while you regain your grip on your groceries, flashing an apologetic smile at noa. “i’m so sorry about that. he has a habit of saying that to every man he sees.”
noa stands practically frozen in his doorframe. he’s seen his fair share of almost blasphemously beautiful women in his life: models, actresses, influencers… but nothing holds a candle to the way his heart thumps in his chest when his eyes land on you. every bit of you screams sweet yet battered to him, your eyes mild and gentle by the tugs of time and your body all covered with loose clothes to make sure your boy could hug right into every little nook and cranny that he pleases. 
a perfect image of motherhood.
his dick throbs in his pants. 
it’s lecherous. he doesn’t even know your name, and he’s getting turned on. hell, you might even be married, yet he’s lusting after you. 
“it’s alright. i know how kids are,” he lies. he actually doesn’t know how kids are, but it’s enough to get you to laugh again. “do you live near here? i don’t think i’ve seen you around.”
“ah! i do.” you lift a hand to point at the door right next to his while your son tugs at your clothes impatiently. he keeps mumbling dada, dada in that gurgling voice of his, looking up at you and then stealing glances at noa. “we moved in fairly recently. i didn’t think we’d have a neighbor, because i thought the next door apartment was empty.”
his heart skips a beat, and noa coughs to clear his throat. “i see. my job requires me to be overseas a lot, so i’m out of the house often. i suppose, that makes us next-door-neighbors then. my name is noel noa. it’s lovely to meet you.”
he half-expects you to gasp and run off upon hearing his name, but instead your smile widens. “it’s lovely to meet you as well. my name is (y/n). this naughty little elf right here is honoré. do you wanna say hi to mr. noa, sweetie?”
you keep cooing at the boy, while noa breathes a sigh of relief. so you don’t recognize him to be a pro player. in some ways he prefers that. he wouldn’t want to scare you away. his mind races when he thinks about how he’s now next door to who he believes is the most fuckable woman on earth. 
“alright, it was a joy meeting you. i’ll see you around then, mr. noa?” you offer. 
‘noel is fine.’ noa nods, mumbling an agreement before you wave and disappear into your suite, leaving him dumbfounded in his doorframe. what was he even leaving the house for? he doesn’t remember anymore.
but god. temptation had fallen straight into his lap, and if the arousal churning deep in his gut told him anything, it was that his life was going to be trouble from now on.
noel noa has also come across a stroke of luck. his manager on the other end of the phone sighs and tells him that the next season has been postponed for a few months, mumbling on about some logistics issues between the professional leagues regarding budgeting and some new stadium being built. noa couldn’t care less: his job was to play soccer, and that was final.
the bottom line was clear. he wouldn’t be flying out and disappearing again, and for a few months, he was free to do as he wanted so long as he kept himself in tip-top shape and maintained his usual training.
a guilty part of him celebrates. it means he gets to stay longer with you, right next doors. he’s been running into you more often, and you’re always quick to offer up a small greeting and make small talk with him when time allows. noa tries so, so hard to be a good man and genuinely get to know you as a good neighbor should, rather than to look at you and be driven half-insane by how much he wishes he could drag you to his suite and fuck you on his bed. 
honoré never fails to happily scream out “dada!” at noa when he sees the man, and you always correct your son with a stern voice. part of noa wants you to stop correcting him, his inner lust-demon celebrating slightly at the fact that your son is ready to accept him as his father. noa had been hesitant on full-on courting you, or at least, what he considered courting (lavinho never failed to make fun of him for having “the flirtation skills of a 13th century monk!”), having assumed that you had a husband.
but he notices the lack of a wedding band around your ring finger. could it be that you didn’t have a husband, after all?
not that it matters. noa knows he shouldn’t let himself daydream. he barely knows you, and the very least he can do is show you a modicum of respect rather than treating you like some hunk of hot meat on the dating market. 
it’s dark outside when noa sits down in his bed, unwinding by himself after a long day of analyzing previous games and practicing by himself out in one of the nearby training fields. he hasn’t seen you all day, but he knows you’re home because he stole a peek at your apartment window while heading in. the lights are on, and presumably, you’re inside. it isn’t safe for a woman and a little child to be out and about when it’s dark, and noa wonders if he should offer to escort you if you ever need to go out. 
no. he shouldn’t overstep. he really shouldn’t.
but what really throws him for a loop is what he hears through the thin apartment walls. at first he thought it was his phone, having auto-started a video, but nothing in his house could be capable of making that noise. noa sits still on his bed and cranes his ears, and then realization settles like cold snow on his body.
you’re singing. your voice is hushed, loving, and every now and then, noa makes out the whiny cries of a little boy.
he pauses. 
dear lord. are you singing your son to sleep?
noa grits his teeth and stifles a groan when a rush of blood floods his groin, and his pants immediately start tightening up. he’s used up all of his self-restraint to not feel this way around you, yet the thought of you, in such domestic bliss with your toddler, turns him ridiculously on. his cock fucking hurts from how hard it is, pressing up angrily against his pants and demanding that he do something about it. his stomach throbs and swirls with need, with the desire to fuck something until he’s satisfied.
his hand absentmindedly wanders to the waistband of his pants, and he guides his dick so that it springs free from its restrictive confines. noa doesn’t think he’s ever been this hard before in his life—his cock slaps up against his stomach, and the irritated tip is already drooling greedily. noa hisses quietly when the cold air rushes against his swollen organ, and he carefully wraps his hand around his dick.
you continue your singing.
noa wonders how you must look. he wonders if your sweet hair is damp from a shower, or if you’re getting ready to step into the bath once you put your son to sleep. he wishes he could bury his face in your hair and lewdly inhale, and he begins to slowly stroke his cock at the thought of your features.
maybe you’d hold your son to your chest. blood swells south at the thought of your breasts. the sloping curve that you always hid behind conservative clothes. noa isn’t sure if he wants to sweetly coax you out of them, getting you to shyly bare yourself for him, or if he wants to rip them off of you like an animal and savor the way you squeal and try to cover yourself up.
he wants to grope your tits. your gorgeous tits, made to hold a little boy close to your heart, once filled with milk to feed your son, all swollen and easily filling up his cupped hands. noa barely holds back a moan as he fists himself while daydreaming about your breasts. 
he’d ghost his fingertips over your puffy nipples. he’d hear you cry out, sobbing out a “i-i’m sensitive there, noel-” while he teases them. he’d tug on them too, after a while, feeling your cunt grow wetter and wetter while he has his way with your body. he’d keep on circling his fingers all over your supple breasts, the dainty signs of motherhood filling out and fueling his own libido.
his cock twitches in his fist. he’s leaking pre-cum like a broken faucet. just the mental image of your fat tits has him acting this way, and noa doesn’t know what to do with himself. his balls tighten and contract, and your singsongy filling his ears overwhelms with lust.
he wants to fuck you. he wants to fuck you so bad. his length is fuming at him for not being buried into your delicate body. noa wants to fuck into you anywhere he can get. 
your smaller hands, struggling to fully wrap your fingers around his thick cock. or your mouth, that canary-like voice of yours being put to good use by choking and slobbering all over him. or even your tits that he had been drooling over, slapping his cockhead over your sensitive nipples until you’re squirming and scrunching your face up the way he likes it. your plush thighs wouldn’t be too bad too, hearing your breath hitch and hike up an octave whenever his tip catches on your throbbing clit.
‘fuck- fucking hell, fuck, fuck…!’ he grits his teeth as his hands speed up, fucking against his cock as if he were a bull in heat. he hasn’t even had the opportunity to fantasize about your gummy pussy yet, and he’s already this close. 
he’s too preoccupied taking his time fucking you with his eyes in his mind, stroking fervently to the sound of your muffled voice. he wants to cum, he wants to cum so bad, he wants to take all of his pent-up frustration and make it real and tangible that you’re the one who drove him to this ridiculous state.
he swears he’s going to fuck you. he swears he’s going to fuck his cock into you until your body bends and breaks to him, until you turn into a fucked-out shell of the sweetheart that lives next door. he’s going to get you fucking hooked on his cock so that you’re drooling and chasing after sex with as much as he’s going crazy for you. 
horribly wet shlick-shlick noises echo around his bedroom as he thrusts himself all over his hand. his stomach twists violently, and his heavy balls contract painfully before noa cums all over himself.
‘shit. shit…!’
he grits his teeth and shuts his eyes, forcing down any noises out of fear that you might hear. the rush almost breaks him. ropes of heady cum splash all over his chest and abs, instantly drenching and burning into his skin. he strokes himself through his orgasm, the coils in his gut twisting against themselves, unfurling in and out as pure pleasure streaks through his body. god, this was so wrong of him to do, but noa would be fucking damned if he said he ever came this hard before.
his cock hangs from the pricks of overstimulation as he continues to stroke himself, coaxing out every second of his orgasm as he possibly could. shame immediately floods his body like ice water when his foggy mind clears bit-by-bit, yet he can’t bring himself to jump to his feet and start cleaning up.
noa sits defeatedly in his bed. his chest heaves as he catches his breath, wishing his cum was streaked all over you rather than his own body, and he swallows thickly. he feels horrendously guilty, yet in a twist of ironic fate, your voice keeps trickling through the thin walls.
noa doesn’t even have time to fully let the guilt hit before his dick is swelling up in his fist again. 
‘one more round. just one more round,’ he bargains with himself, ‘just until you stop singing lullabies to your son.’
“i’m so sorry, noel,” you laugh awkwardly. “i really hope i’m not bothering you.”
“it’s no problem at all, really. this is what neighbors are for.”
you stand a few paces in front of him, and the exhausted smile on your face makes noa’s heart speed up dangerously. honoré is fast asleep on your back, strapped to you with a baby harness. in noa’s hands is a stubborn jar of sauce, which, according to you, absolutely refused to open no matter what you did or how hard you had tried to wrench the lid open.
noa firmly grips the lid, and with a small grunt, he easily pops the jar lid open. your eyes widen in awe as he flexes his muscles subtly, a few of the veins in his toned arms becoming visible. he notices you staring at him, and he gently screws the lid back on before handing it back to you.
“thank you so much!” you beam. “it stressed me out so much that i couldn’t get it open. silly of me to think that when i have you right here. classic case of mom brain.”
noa thinks he’s going to stop breathing. you’re beaming at him in such a lighthearted manner, and your words bring his brain to full halt for a split second. he manages a lukewarm smile, and he’s getting ready to wave you off and let you scurry back into your apartment complex before you pause.
“you know… if you aren’t that busy tonight, would you like to come over for dinner? i’m in the middle of cooking right now—well, duh—and i feel like it wouldn’t hurt to make friends with the person living right next door,” you offer up innocently. “you don’t have to if you don’t want to! i completely get it-”
“-i’d love to. when would you like me over?” noa doesn’t even need to consider his options. “should i dress up?”
“dress up?” you gasp. “you don’t need to do anything fancy like that! it’ll just be a nice home cooked meal, maybe a little wine, just as a sign of goodwill. i’ll still need about… let’s say an hour? that way i can clean up a little too… the petit rascal here has a knack for getting into everything.”
“an hour sounds good to me. thank you for the invitation. i’ll look forward to it,” he responds plainly. his thoughts are going a million miles per hour. 
dinner. at your place. with you. just you and him. 
lady luck must be on his side. not even playing in the world cup could compare to the amount of anxiety and anticipation bubbling up inside of him. you flash him a thumbs-up, unaware of the wrench you had thrown into his nearly nonexistent courtship plans. he stands a bit dumbfounded in the doorframe (not too dissimilar when he first met you) when you scoot back into your place, most likely jumping straight back to work in order to prep food and spruce up your home to take him as a guest.
an hour. noa decides that it’s enough time for him to groom himself a bit too. jump in the shower, douse himself with a nice perfume, pick out a casual yet still suave outfit. if time allows, he’d even run down to a nearby store to buy a bouquet of flowers. a nice little thank you present for the meal, but undoubtedly enough of an ambiguous gift to give it a slight romantic tinge.
noa was going to milk this opportunity. you had thrown him the perfect chance, and noa knew that once he fixated on something, he would see it through.
to his success, all things willing.
everything about your house suited you. your apartment complex wasn’t decorated too lavishly, yet it wasn’t barebones either. noa smiles when he sees all the pictures of your son you have framed against the walls, and your shelves are stuffed with picture books and other memorabilia of the toddler.
you had expertly put honoré to bed before noa had came around, and when he knocked on your door an hour later, you had buried your face in your hands and laughed like a schoolgirl that had been confessed to when he presented you with a bouquet of beautifully prepared calla lilies.
“you shouldn’t have!” you had smacked his arm playfully, but noa felt his chest swell with pride when you rifled through your closet to find a makeshift vase to place the flowers in. 
dinner had been delightful. noa had eagerly wolfed down whatever food you served him, and you were more than happy to prattle on to him about how honoré had recently developed an affinity for blueberries and that you were debating between buying him legos or a toy truck.
of course, the wine flowed generously throughout too. you had admitted that you had saved the red wine for a long time, never having a reason to drink it since your hands were full with a baby and not really wanting to crack a whole bottle open just for yourself. noa could tell you were enjoying the drink, swirling the wine glass around rhythmically as the drink slowly stained your plump lips a deep shade of maroon.
how lovely. noa wondered if it would smear if he were to kiss you.
letting you chatter on without stopping you let him extrapolate a lot that he wouldn’t have known otherwise. it didn’t take too many sips to get you a little tipsy, and with a few questions to ease you up, you were practically an open book.
you had gotten pregnant with your son a few years back, and when you approached honoré’s dad with the news, the sleazebag had completely vanished from your life. as awful as it sounds, noa celebrates inwardly when he hears that you’re single. you admitted that you were lucky enough to have good friends and a somewhat stable support system who took care of you through your pregnancy, and you had honoré without too many complications. but one thing led to another, and you ended up moving here.
“i work remotely,” you murmur, stealing another mouthful of red wine. “it’s… not much, but it’s enough to provide for me and my little boy. i get to pamper him a fair amount, and working from home means that i don’t need to worry about a babysitter! it won’t be too long until i can send him to school, and at that point, i can probably look for a better paying job that i can commute to.”
“i see. if i’m ever around, i wouldn’t mind looking after honoré. you already have a lot on your plate, and if there’s anything i can do to ease the load…,” noa trails off. you sigh dreamily, shaking your head.
“oh, i couldn’t ask you to do that. but i really appreciate the offer.” you glance towards the nursery. “honoré has taken a liking to you though. he gets so excited whenever he sees you!”
the tension between you two is electric. noa feels like his heart is about to give out on him, and if the tension mounting in his stomach tells him anything, it’s that he should be thankful for having the foresight to wear loose pants. your house smells like you: sweet, light, a perfect aphrodisiac for the starved man.
this is the closest he’s ever been to you, the longest he’s ever talked to you. you keep batting your eyelashes at him, looking up at him with such pretty, tipsy eyes. maybe it’s the alcohol talking for the both of you, but noa finds it hard to even swallow. he sips tentatively at his own wine glass. his mouth keeps drying up, and he’s thankful that you’re so good at filling up his silence with your own little chit chat. 
“if you don’t mind me…,” you start. you peek at him, and he stares back at you with his sharp golden eyes. “what do you do for a living, noel?”
“me…?” panic stabs at him for a moment. 
should he be honest with you? you didn’t recognize his name when he introduced himself, so it was clear that you had no idea that the man right next to you was quite literally the world’s best striker. would that change the way you viewed him? would you be scared? repulsed? would you talk to him again if you knew?
“sorry-,” you’re quick to apologize. “that was too much of me. you really don’t have to answer me. that was entirely my bad.”
“no, i don’t mind.” he owes you that much. you had been nothing but kind and welcoming towards him, and all he did in return was go insane with desire. the very least he could do was come clean about who he truly was.
he shifts in his seat, and noa braces himself for the worst. “i’m a professional soccer player.”
you blink at him. “r-really? wait, that’s kinda cool! do you play for a local league or something?”
“i play as a striker for bastard munchen. it’s a german team. they’re one of europe’s most prestigious leagues, and they’ve sent players to the world cup.” his grip on his wineglass tightens just a tad bit. “i’ve played in the world cup.”
your jaw drops. “oh my god. you’re not joking with me, are you?”
he risks meeting your eyes. “do i look like the kind of man to joke around?”
you cover your mouth with your hand, unable to look him in the face. “oh my god… ohhhh my god…! i’m so sorry! i’ve been referring to you so casually, and- and-”
he raises a hand, and he shushes you. “what are you apologizing for? you’ve done nothing wrong. you’ve always treated me kindly. i don’t see why knowing my job would change anything between us. we’re still neighbors. and at this point, we’re friends as well, I'd hope.”
he sees you swallow back a sigh, and you take a deep breath and nod. “right. yes. this doesn’t change anything… it’s still a lot to just- to just take in, you know?”
“you take the time you need. and if interacting with me becomes too much, then i understand. the last thing i’d like to do is make you uncomfortable.” his heart wrenches painfully inside of his chest at the thought of no longer being able to talk to you. but you’d find out sooner or later, and if his cover was going to be blown, noa would prefer doing it on his own terms. 
“can i ask you another question then?” you ask with your mousy voice.
“go ahead.” 
“why do you live here then?” you hiccup. “shouldn’t a super talented soccer player like you live in a big mansion?”
“i could. but i don’t particularly want to.” noa notices that you’re working up the courage to look him in the face again. his stomach twists once more, the sight of your pretty face all conflicted throwing his brain into turmoil again. he clenches his fist, digging his nails into his palm to bring himself back to the same plane of reality that you were on. “i’ve never been interested in a flashy life. i prefer living quietly and doing as i’m told.”
“that does sound like you,” you hum in agreement. “well, as surprising as it is, i’m glad to have someone like you for my neighbor. and i promise i’m not saying it just because i know that you’re a professional athlete now!”
you giggle brightly, your lips curving to match the rim of your wine glass. you down the remaining liquid, giving a soft smack of your mouth to fully savor the notes. noa clenches his jaw visibly, and his nails threaten to break the thick skin of his palms.
you’re tempting him. you’re driving him insane. your lips are dyed and pretty, and noa has been staring at them all evening. his throat feels dry and heavy, and he forces the arousal pooling in his crotch to calm down.
he can’t be like this right in front of you. it was one thing to act like an immoral, debauched man in private, but it was another to be unable to control himself in front of you. he was better than this. he knew he was.
but the heart wants what it wants. and there was nothing more that noa wanted than to force you to your knees, to whip his hardening cock out of his pants and smack your slutty wine-stained lips with the tip. he’d force you to open up and stretch that cute mouth of yours around his girth, watch you struggle to take him into your mouth and whimper all over his cock. knowing you, you’d beg him to be gentle with you, to be quiet so that you wouldn’t wake up the slumbering angel in the next room over, and noa would have to fight every animalistic instinct in him to not fuck you until you’d be wailing the house down.
“is everything alright, noel?” you break him out of your thoughts. he shakes his head, clearing his thoughts before he faces you. he can’t stop the heat from flooding his face, but he’s quick to decide that he’d simply blame it on the alcohol.
he couldn’t keep doing this forever. something or other would give, and the last thing noa would want would be to do some unforgivable or stupid. it was torture, to have his body say one thing and his mind another, especially when you were quite literally within arm’s reach.
“i’m alright. you don’t need to worry about me. i can take care of myself,” he promises. you lean in closer, enough so that noa can feel your warm breath trickling across his neck. his heart threatens to stop, and he looks at you with hesitant eyes. 
“are you sure?” your hand lands on his thigh, squeezing him gently.
oh. so that’s how things were going to be. what a goddamn minx you were, doing something like this with such disgustingly innocent intent. 
“yes. i’m fine,” he presses his lips into a thin line. “would you mind passing me the wine bottle? i’ll pour us another glass, if you don’t mind…”
your mouth tastes delicious, like fresh wine and everything he had wanted to do to you since forever. your face is flushed, and your eyes are hazy, barely meeting his as you struggle to keep up with him through your drunken state.
“n-noel-!” you squeak out. his heavy body weighs you down, keeping you trapped between him and your squeaky bed. things are a blur, even for him. 
one moment he’s pouring you more wine, and the next, the two of you are stumbling into your room, where he tosses you down onto the mattress like you’re a ragdoll.
“tell me you want it.” he rolls his clothed hips into yours, and you recoil into the bed with a choked whine. the sound goes straight to his dick. god, how long had he wanted to hear that? to hear the woman he had coveted for so long moaning underneath him?
you shake against his larger form. “w-want it- i want it, noel-“
“you want me to fuck you? you want your next-door-neighbor to fuck you?” he whispers. you shut your eyes as he kisses up your neck, his hands gripping your waist as his lips capture your earlobe. he sucks, his tongue lapping at your soft skin.
his imagination has nothing on how you actually feel in his hands. even through your clothes, he has no issues palming at your figure. you breathe out his name as his palms feel your curves, his fingertips dancing with the hem of your clothes.
you nod wantonly, not once fighting off his advances. “yes! yes, i want it- want you to fuck me- want my next-door-neighbor to have sex with me!”
“good girl,” he exhales. your breathing shallows as he coaxes your shirt over your chest and head, and you shudder as his eyes land all over your stomach and breasts.
your bra struggles to hold onto your chest, your full breasts pooling over the edge. you yelp when he yanks at your bra, snapping it off of you and letting your chest tumble out fully in front of him.
you instinctively try to cover yourself up with your arms, and noa grabs your wrists and wrenches them off of your chest. you mewl when the air nips at your nipples, causing them to perk up slightly.
“don’t you dare think about hiding yourself from me,” noa whispers. “you have no way of getting yourself out of this.”
you rub your thighs together, your cunt throbbing. when was the last time you had done this? you hadn’t had sex in years, not when you had your hands full with a baby and keeping yourself afloat. you were a mom, for fuck’s sake, with a whole baby to watch out for, yet here you were, pinned down underneath noel noa while he grinded his boner into your thighs.
his hands latch onto your chest, and his palms grope at your fat tits slowly. you moan out breathlessly when his calloused palms tease at your nipples, sending a jolt of arousal into your stomach. a wet patch forms in your panties, horribly turned on just from having your boobs squeezed a few times.
“god, you have no clue what your body does to me,” noa rasps. “do you have any idea how much i’ve dreamt about this? how much i wanted to touch those slutty tits of yours? look at you—your body was practically made to be fucked.”
your core twists painfully, and his fingertips pinch tentatively at your nipples.
“ah-! ahhh- noel-,” you buck your hips unconsciously, arching your back as he tugs at your chest. it stings, but it feels so good. even with the wine muddying your thoughts, your body responds to every little bit of attention noel showers onto you. you didn’t know you had it in you to be this lewd or to be this responsive. 
you want more. it had been far too long since anyone showed you any love like this.
he slaps your tits before bringing his hands down to your pants, expertly undoing the zipper and hooking his fingers around the waistline. you let him wiggle your clothes over your hips and legs, leaving you almost entirely naked save for your drenched panties. it feels so terribly lewd, to lay there all bare for a man, even if you two haven’t technically done anything.
his hands squeeze possessively at your thighs. “i wanted to fuck you ever since the first time i saw you. ever since you told me your name, since your son started calling me dad. that wouldn’t be so bad, would it? if i became his dad?”
your chest tightens, and you bite back another lewd moan. noa ducks his head down and nips at your thighs with his teeth, and you flinch into his chest. 
“you said it yourself. your little boy loves me,” noa murmurs. his tongue laps over his teeth marks, and you suck in a breath. your pussy twitches, clenching around nothing. your body wants more, wants to feel more noa more, wants him to take over your body and make you his. “nothing would make him happier than his beloved mommy to have a dad by her side.”
his mouth heads upwards, and he uses his strong hands to pry your shaking legs apart. you whimper, already feeling so exposed to the bigger man despite still having your panties on. he leans back, but his fingers ghost over your crotch. two fingers press up right against your pussy, and he rubs them up and down your covered slit. 
his fingertips are damp. you’re obscenely wet, and watching you struggle to control yourself has noa’s cock straining for its life in his pants.
“or even better,” noa grabs at the waistband of your panties, “daddy fucks mommy pregnant and gives him a younger sibling that he can dote on.”
you throw your head back against your pillow. your mind spins with arousal and alcohol, and noa slips your panties off without any resistance. a strand of slick sticks to the crotch of your underwear, and noa’s finally rewarded with the sight of your bare pussy. he can see your hole fluttering and twitching on itself, desperate to be stuffed and stretched out with something.
god. your body is so attractive to him. he’s never wanted to fuck someone more in his life. with your full hips and soft stomach, motherhood has mellowed out and accentuated you into a woman noa just couldn’t resist.
he thinks he’s going to stop breathing. 
“d-don’t look too hard-,” you stammer out. your body heats up and flushed at how intently noa’s staring at your defenseless cunt, knowing that your body’s begging to be penetrated and fucked.
“i’ll be so good to you,” noa vows. you’re frozen on the sheets, and noa nearly shreds the clothes off of him. your voice catches in the back of your throat when you see his toned chest and abs, the silhouette of the soccer player resembling more of a greek god than the man you had always known as your neighbor.
he pulls his pants down, and when he shoves his boxers off, you can’t help but gasp “oh!” at how big his cock is. he’s obscenely thick and long, and your pussy is both parts scared and aroused at the sheer size. god—you just know that he would stretch your walls out deliciously. his tip smacks his abs, and prominent veins run all along his length.
“you’re so big…,” you eke out. “it’s been so long since i had sex… i don’t know if it’ll fit.”
“i’ll make it fit.” noa rests his hands on top of your knees. “do you want me to prep you?”
you nod. “yes please…”
he reaches over and grabs your hips, and before you can fully register what’s happening, noa hoists your hips up into the air. you give a loud cry, and the bed creaks underneath you as noa ducks his head. his grip on you is firm, and his fingers press into your hips as he brings your drooling cunt to his mouth.
noa’s tongue circles your throbbing clit. your hands fly up to your pillow, gripping at the plush material. jolts of electricity shoot up your core, and your stomach twists with pleasure. your thighs subconsciously try to shut, but noa curves his hands to keep them spread open.
“nngh…! wait, noel, hold on-,” you sob. you grip your pillow, clamping your teeth shut as noa teased your clit with the tip of his tongue. your hips shake as you grind up into his mouth, each wave of stimulation making your pussy drool and throb for more. “ah- be gentle with me…!”
be gentle with you? dear lord, noa sucking on your clit like a starved man was him being gentle with you. he had jerked himself off countless times fantasizing about having you naked and in his arms like this, and it took everything in him not to break that dripping cunt of yours in half with his dick. his cock twitches and protests when noa ignores his own arousal, too preoccupied in trying to force an orgasm out of you.
you taste so sweet on his tongue. you mewl out his name over and over, and your voice sounds like literal honey to his ears. one of his hands snakes down from your hips, and while noa swirls his tongue around your nub, he circles your pulsing hole with a finger. he could die right there and then, and noa would die a happy man. drowning in your honeyed cunt, losing himself to the tantalizing sensation of pleasuring you like any devoted man would. 
“oh! oh god, noel-” your pussy can’t stop leaking with slick as noa keeps teasing you. he slips a finger in without much resistance, and your walls eagerly latch onto him. noa groans against your cunt when he feels your wall twist and clench around his finger, greedily sucking him in. 
god, noa thinks he’s going to go insane. his cock wants nothing more than to bury itself into your sweet pussy, and feeling you twitch and clamp up on his finger makes his dick grow hungrier. his arousal is almost impossible to ignore, yet noa continues to swallow and lap at your core while he fingers you slowly.
he slides in another finger, thrusting in and out of you carefully. you buck your hips, crying out so prettily for him. noa curls his fingers and presses his fingertips all inside your pussy, and he stays vigilant in looking for that sweet spot that would completely unravel you.
“fuck-! fuck, wait- please, i-i can’t-!” you plead. your pussy tightens up around his knuckles dangerously, and noa fucks his fingers up into the spot that made you clench up and mewl so loudly. you’re already moaning and trembling this much just from being fucked on two fingers and having your clit sucked. noa can’t get enough of the way your body twists and reacts to everything he gives you. 
a third finger prods at your hole, as if to ask if you’re ready. you inhale shakily as noa pushes another knuckle into you. 
“fuck…!” you’re immediately clenching up, and your pussy’s walls are rubbing all against his fingers greedily. you’re nearly in tears, just from being fingered, and noa fights his desire to break you. “it feels so good- you feel so good, noel…!”
he thrusts his fingers into you, and you reel visibly. he can tell from the way your pussy has been twitching and gushing all around him that you’re close, stretched to your limit just from three fingers. he doubles down on flicking his tongue all over your clit: letting you grind your hips down greedily against the broad of his tongue. your body shakes, and you can’t stop sobbing. 
you’re almost there. you both know you’re almost there. noa focuses himself on pleasuring you fully, and he roughly fucks his fingers into you and curls his knuckles into your g-spot without any mercy.
your cunt squeezes his fingers for dear life, and noa latches himself onto your clit as you nearly wrench yourself out of his grasp. heat shreds your body, and the tightening in your stomach snaps violently as you cum shamelessly all over noa’s hands and mouth. you cry out his name loudly again, your normally gentle voice sounding so lewd and desperate as your slick gushes all over his chin and palm.
“fuck…! cumming- i’m cumming, noel…!” your body twists in his hands, and noa continues to stimulate your cunt until you’re babbling incoherent noises. he pulls his fingers out of you slowly, feeling your pussy try to cling to his knuckles before he lets you down properly onto the bed again. you’re struggling to catch your breath, your wide eyes all hazy and drunken as you suck in shaky breaths.
noa has no issue swallowing down your cum. he sucks your juices off of his fingers, cleaning up his mouth and chin before he scoots closer to you. you let out such a pathetic moan when he spreads your legs out again, your body too pliant and weak to offer any resistance. the sight of your obviously overstimulated and squirt-slicked cunt makes some sick monster in him swell with pride.
he did that. he made you cum.
he grips his long-ignored and fully engorged cock, and he smacks it against your cunt lightly. you flinch, your hole flaring up as he rubs his dick up and down your slick pussy lips. 
“are you doing alright?” noa asks. his hands grab your hips, and your heart flutters as he rubs soothing circles into your skin. you nod weakly.
“yeah- i can do it,” you promise. you glance up at him with such pretty fluttering eyes, remnants of tears clinging to your lashes as you swallow. “i want you in me… i want your cock in me, please…”
“alright. deep breath. relax for me,” he commands. you nod again, and you shakily inhale and try to loosen your muscles up. 
it immediately burns when he slides into you. you grit your teeth, trying your hardest to keep your pussy relaxed as his thick cock invades your pussy and stretches your walls out to its limits. noa grips your hips tightly, and he groans lowly when he feels you clamping up around his dick.
“fucking hell-,” he breathes out. “you’re so fucking tight-”
“t-too big-” hot tears prick at the corners of your eyes. “oh god, you’re going to break me!”
your pussy sucks him in and rubs all around his cock in a way that makes noa see stars. you’re so soft and tight, clinging and drooling all over his dick while his girth stretches and flexes your walls out. he keeps pushing past the resistance until he bottoms out, his balls resting heavy on top of your ass. you choke and gasp as he pushes your hips back even further, and he hovers over you, keeping you trapped underneath his thick legs.
a mating press. 
“listen to me now,” he says. “i’m going to fuck you pregnant. i’m gonna fuck this pussy of yours till you’re pregnant again, and i’m going to give that little boy of yours a sibling of his own. you’d like that, wouldn’t you? have a baby of our own and form a perfect family…”
your pussy squeezes involuntarily, and even without you saying anything, he knows you’re turned on at the thought of being bred by him. a loud moan bubbles up in your chest as he slides his monstrous cock out of you before roughly slamming his hips down, forcing his entire length back into your tight cunt.
you barely choke back a scream. his cock has filled out every single bit of your hole, leaving you no room to comfortably take him. you swear that his tip prods dangerously at your womb, threatening to force it open so that he can dump as much of his cum into you as he wants.
oh god, you’re fucked. you’re having raw sex with your hot neighbor, and he’s talking about fucking his own child into you.
“god, you’re so fucking tight,” he groans. “can’t believe you had a whole baby with this pussy with how goddamn tight you are-”
you shudder as he thrusts in and out of you. every time he pistons his hips, he doesn’t waste a single movement. none of his thrusts are shallow; each one pumps deep and directly into your womb, clearly with the sole intent of getting you pregnant.
“haven’t had sex with anyone since- since i got pregnant with honoré,” you manage out. “fuck, fuck- you’re going too deep!”
irritation irks him in at the thought of some bastard getting to fuck you first, at the thought of another man getting to fuck that slutty pussy of yours. what kind of madman would even dream of letting you go, let alone throw you out so cruelly into the world? if he could, noa would keep you at home and lavish you with all the attention and love you could ever want. he’d pamper you, treat you like the goddess you are, make sure you know your worth and more. he can imagine it: buying you pretty clothes, taking you out to expensive dinners, spoiling honoré until the boy’s world is flipped upside down by his indulgent stepfather. 
but when noa glances down to see you all spread out and submissive for him, your hole eagerly taking his cock and getting ready to be stuffed with his cum, he can’t help but gloat slightly. he’s the one who has you now, the one who’s going to properly sweep you off your feet, the one who’s going to make you his.
“don’t lose yourself just yet. i know you can take it.” he fucks his dick into you once more, and you moan, unable to stop the arousal coiling up in your core. he wants to make sure you feel it, makes sure you feel every inch and ridge of his cock rubbing against your insides. he doesn’t know when the last time you had dick was, and neither does he particularly care, but he wants your body to know that his dick is the best you’ll ever have. “get used to how it feels. i’m going to make you my wife—gonna give you a family of our own. that’d be nice, yeah? to have someone that can support you? so you’re not all alone with just your son?”
you can’t help but nod, your pussy quivering at the thought. you know you’re not thinking straight, not when wine stains your thoughts and your body’s overrun with lust. but for some reason, thinking about noa wifing you up, taking you to be his cute little housewife while he fucks his kids into you, chasing after honoré and whatever other babies he’s going to put in you, finally having someone kind and reliable to depend on… 
you want it. you want it so bad.
your cunt makes it obvious from how much you’re clenching up around him, unconsciously milking his cock.
“you like that? you like the thought of getting married to me and having my babies?” noa eggs on. 
“don’t tease me like that-,” you protest. you can barely keep up with everything happening around you. his cock keeps stretching you out, rubbing all over your slick walls and sending waves of heat up your core. arousal floods your gut, and all you can care about is how good it feels to have sex, to finally let loose and forget about all the worries in the world, to lose yourself to a man who wants nothing more than to be good to you.
“tell me it feels good. tell me you want it.” noa’s fingers dig into your thighs. your clit throbs, and you bring a hand to your crotch to rub at it frantically. you’re sniffling and sobbing pathetically underneath the pro player, already this cock-drunk and overwhelmed just from having cum on his mouth once. 
“want it-,” you obediently repeat. heat floods your face and neck. he’s so possessive, but it turns you on so much. “want you so bad- want you to fuck me-”
“is that all?” his hips pound into you mercilessly, and you groan. his balls slap against your ass every time he fucks his cock into you, a constant reminder that you’re about to be bred by him. 
“it’s embarrassing to say…” you can’t meet his eyes. noa hums disapprovingly, and dread pools in your chest when he draws his hips back all the way, until just the tip remains buried inside your indecent hole. “what are you doing…?”
you instantly turn to look at him, horror flashing across your face when you choke out, “n-noel, hold on, you can’t-!”
he slams himself all the way into you. you shriek, your core immediately burning at the ruthless stretch. his cock prods at your womb brutally, and a mix of pain and unbridled pleasure rips at your body. you’re instantaneously reduced to a crying mess, unable to form words as noa breaks your pussy. you swear you’re going to break into pieces, body left completely to the man’s mercy. he keeps drawing his hips back like that, his cock reveling in the feeling of being completely enveloped by your welcoming hole.
the room echoes with your cries, the desperate ah- ah- ah-! noises from you spurring him on to keep fucking you like a bull in heat. as much as he loves you, cherishes you, wants to keep you by his side, the sex is animalistic and unforgiving. your body feels bruised and battered as he bullies his length into you over and over again, stretching and molding your insides to adjust to his massively unfair size.
“say it!” noa’s voice doesn’t waver even once. “say it properly, or i’m not stopping until you pass out.”
you open and close your mouth dumbly, your mind too fogged up to think properly. you endeavor and push through, pursing your lips to form the words that noa has wanted to hear since the beginning. “w-wanna have sex with you more! wanna be yours- wanna be your wife-! wanna get m-married to you and- and have your babies!”
“yeah?” the blond man repeats. “you want me to be your husband? you want me to be honoré’s stepdaddy? you want me to father the rest of your kids?”
the dirty talk arouses you in a way you didn’t even realize was possible. you throw your head back, your back fully arched. you’re being so loud, too loud, and while you knew you should be quiet and good for your son’s sake, you can’t help but shamelessly beg for the man on top of you to fold you in half and fuck you pregnant until you’re nothing more than a stupid breeding bitch for your evidently soon-to-be husband. 
“yes…!” you moan wantonly. “i want it all!”
he’s dangerously close. so are you, he can feel that much. you babble on and on about how you want him, how you want him to make you his, how you’ll be anything he wants you to be. what a depraved woman, he muses to himself, so desperate for love that you’d throw yourself at him once he gives you an opportunity to. he thinks it's awfully ironic, knowing that he did the same to you, and he’s glad that he has nothing but relatively good intentions.
minus the fact that he wants to get you pregnant.
his cock throbs and threatens to spill his cum into you. you’re teetering on the edge, aroused beyond your own comprehension by the sex and dirty talk, your sticky fingers playing with your abused clit. his hands reach for your tits, groping your sensitive breasts again.
he can’t wait to see you pregnant. your pretty chest, swollen up with milk for his baby, and your hips full and rounded out. your soft belly is stretched out, and you practically glow with warmth. he knows you’d be a good mother—he knows you’re a good mother. you dote on your son with so much love in your heart, and he knows you’d do anything to make sure that your family stays happy and healthy.
his heart swells. 
“fuck-” he pumps his dick in and out of you at such an inhumanly fast pace. your pussy won’t stop coiling all around him, making sure to milk him for all he’s worth and intoxicating him endlessly. noa knows he hasn’t had that much to drink during dinner, but the sensation of fucking into your warm hole makes him feel like he’s had one sip too many. “gonna cum, love- gonna cum inside you and make you my wife…”
“do it-!” you encourage him. your voice is strained and high-pitched, and your thighs ache with the pressure of having him breeding you in such a demanding position. but he’s so deep in you, touching you in places you didn’t even know was possible, and the pleasure makes your mind go blank. “cum in me- please, cum inside me, noel!”
how can he refuse? you’re begging for him, asking him with such doe-like eyes and offering up that tempting body of yours. 
it’s his turn to beg. “stay with me.”
you let out a loud squeal as he draws his heavy hips back one last time. your hole contracts around him, your desperate walls trying to drag him back inside, and he slams down into you as far as he can go. he knows he’s going to be hooked on your pussy, hooked on your body and the way it feels like you were made just to take his cock and get pregnant with his babies, hooked on all the ways he’s craved you with such an insatiable appetite since he’s laid eyes on you. 
he lets himself go. with all the lust in his heart, enough to rival the sheer amount of love he has for his sweet, sweet neighbor.
he’s never cum this hard before. his balls tighten up painfully as he empties himself out inside of your cunt, and you moan out his name when you feel him pulsing inside your core. noa clenches his jaw, gritting his teeth together as the rush of his orgasm possesses him. you’re too much for him: too loving, too ready, too perfect, and noa would rather be damned than let you escape him.
it hurts to thrust into you so quickly, not having fully even finished riding out his climax, but he’s determined to shove as much of his semen into you. he needs you full, needs to know that you’ll be knocked up with his baby, and he uses his cock to force ropes of his hot cum into every inch of your womb.
your core tightens and twitches when you feel him cumming inside of you, all of the tension building up coming to a standstill in that moment. “fuck! fuck, fuck, fuckfuckfuck- noel, i’m- i’m cumming- i’m cumming, i’m gonna cum- noel…!”
your cunt wrings his cock, gripping onto his length furiously. noa has to double down, brace himself for the way your body refuses to let him go, as you cry loudly and cum all over him. your pussy keeps contracting and squeezing, your second orgasm immediately setting your nerves on fire and taking complete control of your senses. he can tell you’re instantly overwhelmed, your breathing turning irregular as you pant out for air, a slick ring of ivory froth forming at the base of his cock.
“s-so good-,” you slur out, your words melting into one another. you shudder when noa pulls out of you, whining in slight protest at the sudden feeling of emptiness overtaking your warm pussy. a strand of milky cum follows his dick before breaking, and like a broken dam, a rivulet of semen leaks out of you and drips down. it follows the curve of your ass before beading momentarily on the sheets, creating a pool of cum underneath you.
even noa didn’t realize he came that much. he blames it entirely on his intent to breed you.
he sits down wordlessly by your side, the two of you laying in the darkness in silence as you catch your breaths. noa debates getting up to fetch you some water or a towel, but before he can, you grab at his wrist and coax him back to your side.
“you asked me to stay with you,” you whisper. you sound so hushed, but noa would have to be an idiot not to pick up on the wavering tinges of longing in your words. “don’t go just yet… stay with me.”
he wipes some of the sweat off of your forehead, tucking some loose hairs behind your ear. he ducks his head down to kiss your face, just like how proper lovers would. you smile so brightly, despite your body still aching from the number noa just did to you. you’re an angel sent from heaven, this much noa is sure of. he has never been one to believe that sincerely in abstract concepts like soulmates and fate, but when he cups your face and rubs his thumb over the apples of your cheeks or your eyelids, he gets it. he truly does. 
“don’t worry.” his voice is calming, and despite the fatigue ebbing over you in relentless waves, you can hear him loud and clear. “i’m not going anywhere.”
you’re fast asleep. noa’s aware that he should be asleep too, the clock ticking into the long and lonely stretches of early morning as he keeps you tucked into his chest. a firm arm holds you close to his heart, and your body slots against his like you were made to be held by him.
a missed call notification from his manager rests on his homescreen. he doesn’t want to pick up just yet. he doesn’t want to return to the real world, to his responsibilities, to be away from you.
a text message from his manager pops up, and he scans the preview with his usual eagle-like eyes.
‘sorry for calling you so late, noa. hope you’ve been doing well,’ his manager writes. ‘unfortunately, it looks like you’re going to have the next few months off as well. some material shipments got delayed, and without it, the stadium won’t be completed for a little while longer. your instructions are the same as last time: keep up with your exercise regime and do as your club tells you. other than that, you’re free to do as you want.’
relief floods noa’s weary body. he turns his phone over, blocking off the light before he pulls you to his chest even tighter. burying his nose into your hair, he holds you against his beating heart. thump-thump, your heartbeats syncopate to one another, and noa already knows he’s going to spend his precious time dedicating himself wholly to you and your happiness.
what he doesn’t see is the next text from his manager. not that it matters, noa has everything he could possibly want right now.
‘you sure are one lucky man,’ it reads. ‘make sure to take some time for yourself and relax, away from sports. breaks like these are rare.'
'you know what they say, noa. there really is no place like home.’
Tumblr media
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"what the fuck did he say??" a.k.a. blue lock as Clickhole celebrity quotes
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asking them for eyeliner tips
feat. noel noa, michael kaiser, sae itoshi 
warning(s) : established relationship  
a/n : i honestly don’t know whether or not these players actually eyeliner on, although im 99% sure noel does:)) anyways this is js a hypothetical situation i thought would be cute!! 
Tumblr media
he finds it strange that you’re staring at him so intently 
“what is it? is there something on my face?” he asks as he approaches your from across the bedroom 
sensing his slightly intimidating aura, you are quick to reassure him “there’s nothing wrong, noel! i just uhm...well, your eyeliner just really stands out,” you shyly admit 
the confusion is still evident on his face so you quickly blurt out, “i want you to teach me how to do eyeliner like yours,” 
his stoic expression turns into a rather flustered one (if you looked closely enough, you can even see the slight dust of pink on his cheeks<33)
after some hesitance and awkwardness, he breaks the silence between you both, “sure, of course i'll teach you,” and leads you into the bathroom 
he looks so out of character concentrating on eyeliner
who would’ve thought that the world’s no.1 football player would focus on anything other than the sport itself?
you sit on the counter while he concentrates on doing your eyeliner
you two sit there in comfortable silence and you feel your heart beat faster at the concentration on his face
“there, all done,” he murmurs as he finishes the last touch
“thanks noel,” you hop off and kiss him on the cheeks, you would definitely ask him to do your eyeliner more often
he gets so cocky i swear
like he'll tease the f outta you and even pretends to decline your request at first
but eventually he'll give in and help you
when that does happen, he becomes a little too enthusiastic
will literally even grab the eyeliner and draw it on for you
of course he explains the process as hes going but hes too impatient to instruct you from afar so he'll just demonstrate it directly on your eyes
it doesn't help that hes so pretty up close you get distracted from what he's saying
when he finds out about that hes even MORE COCKY and he starts teasing you a bunch
he will immediately shut up when you tell him you don't need his help anymore and snatch the eyeliner away
will do it properly this time and be more gentle with you
if he's generous enough he might let u try to do the other eye yourself
he’s a little uh hesitant at first
i dont know why but considering sae’s personality he’s not gonna be as enthusiastic as the other two
i think he’ll be confused as to why you would want eyeliner tips from him???
mans never realizes how pretty he actually is so you’re gonna need to be up front with him for him to understand
“why would you want eyeliner tips from me? im not some kind of beauty guru on youtube?” he’s genuinely confused pls
“sae your eyeliner is like really pretty. i want mine to be exactly like yours”
“really? well um, ok” he seems indifferent but once he starts helping you he’s actually very dedicated
he’s very gentle with you and the proximity makes him a little nervous ngl
he gets distracted by your beauty (so cute)
i think once you start looking too pretty hes gonna dive straight in and kiss you 😚
but hey it’s not like anyone’s complaining 🫶
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katasstrophy · 4 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
🎶 on the twelfth day of christmas my true love gave to me XMAS THEMED BLUE LOCK TEXT POSTS BITCHES THAT’S TRUE LOVE RIGHT THERE 🎶
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smithshistorian · 1 month
bllk boys bug business (part 3)
Tumblr media
I just know shidou is a mixed of alien and a savage rabies. I somewhat confused over kaiser's duality as omnivorous (however he will actually cook the bug with fancy silverware and garnished them with parsley -> schnitzel bug)
bachira jumps over bug to see if they're qualified enough to join circus and the rest is a mystery. I just love commenting over their silly hcs.
I've been thinking of making a content of types of outfit the bllk boys would wear if that make sense 🌷🌷
okay...first of all idfk how to delete this question box so I just made this shit up anw ENJOY♡♡
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gvancagamer · 2 months
Tumblr media
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annzera · 1 month
Prince: Due to personal reasons, I will be fucking sinking to the bottom of the ocean in a large metal box.
Noel: Did Y/N say 'I love you' and you said 'Thanks'?
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bllk-after-dark · 2 months
mein liebling, mon coeur, my love.
my darling, my heart, my love.
Tumblr media
pairing. noel noa x gn!reader
content warnings. MINORS & AGELESS BLOGS DNI, nsfw, use of pet names, praise, two pet names in german & french (translation available) short work because i’m lazy
You sob and cling on him, the man who towers over you, who makes you cry on his big dick. Noa makes you whine and moan, unable to form words, fucking you hard and fast. You can only cling onto him, dragging your nails across his back and just take it. A rumble escapes his throat, deep and strong, making you shudder. It’s always too much, too much to take him, be it his fingers, his mouth or his cock. He will always make you cry, tears running down your cheek, completely blissed out, with no thoughts in your mind being able to form. Noa always makes you lose your mind, but when he starts to praise you with all those pet names he has for you…
“Mein Liebling,” he murmurs, lips close to your ear and you shiver, eyes closing, as if it will help you to hear his deep voice better. 
“Mon coeur,” he whispers, lips ghosting over your body, leaving a trail of kisses and bites behind, making your skin bloom in a fierce red. 
“My love”, he praises you, when your arms circle around his neck, searching for his lips, all while he continues to fuck you. 
When Noel Noa fucks you, you always end up with tears running down your face, sobbing and crying, all because he fucks you how he loves you. Sweet and fast, with you in his arms.
mein Liebling. my darling
mon coeur. my heart
Tumblr media
anne. head in hands. tall buff men just... hit different. had to get this off my chest, sorry for keeping it so short ._.
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sakusaur · 1 month
hi i'm sick so i was wondering if you could write something about noel noa, julien loki (and maybe sae itoshi) where they take care of their girlfriend please ( i need fluff and cuddly)
hello anon! sorry to hear you’re feeling sick :( i hope this makes you feel better ❤️
how’d the boys take care of you when you’re sick
noel noa / julien loki / sae itoshi
sfw and fluff!
noel noa
immediately rushes home when he hears your raspy voice over the phone
drops practice and promises to make up for it to his coach and drops by the pharmacy to grab medication for you
when he sees you sick in bed, his heart aches so badly cause he knows how overworked you’ve been feeling and wished you didn’t push yourself so hard
cleans you up and makes porridge for you to eat before you take the medication
he’d quickly wash up and lay down in bed with you, cuddling you with your head on his chest and his arms around you like a bear
“you’d get sick too, silly,” you’d say and he will shake his head, pull you closer and say, “i don’t care unless you’d feel better.”
he kisses you on your forehead before you slowly go to sleep and he holds you through out the night
julien loki
like noel noa, he would immediately rush home
but instead, he would drop by the grocery to get ingredients to cook you his homemade recipe his mother taught him back in france
he quickly checks in on you, and starts cooking in the kitchen, occasionally walking back into your bedroom to see if you’re comfortable
you’re barely awake as he sits you up, and feeds you his remedy
“tastes good,”you mutter in between spoonfuls,”you made it?”
he smiles and cleans the side of your mouth if his thumb,”yeah i did, my mother taught me how to cook this when she was sick.”
you smile, looking at how soft his face turns when he talks about his mother back in france
once you’re done with your soup, he gives you your medication, tucks you in, and kisses you on your forehead before he heads back into the kitchen to clean up
sae itoshi
this boy PANICS when he hears that you’re sick
he panics cause he doesn’t know what to do
he’s tempted to call his mother to ask him what to do but he scowls, choosing to google instead
he grabs all the medication needed and made his way to your home immediately and starts fussing over you
“are you okay y/n? does that work? is it comfortable?” he asks as he puts a cool gel sticker on your forehead, hoping the fever would subside
“it is, thank you sae,” you smile at him as you watch his scrunched eyebrows relaxed.
at least you are still conscious to speak to him if not he’d consider carrying you to the hospital since he doesn’t trust himself
“alright, get some sleep now, i’ll get some food for you to eat when you wake up,” he brushes your hair away from your face as you lie down, leaning up to give him a peck on the cheek before he leaves your room.
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maochira · 10 days
Noa, Chris and Lavinho becoming your father figure
Basically, you're part of a team of younger players for Bastard München/Manshine City/FC Barcha, your coach gets sick/injured so Noa/Chris/Lavinho become your coach for a while (separate headcanons for each character btw)
Tags: gn!reader, hurt/comfort(?), implied child neglect by reader's parents/father or them not having a father figure in their life, reader is a teenager
This was requested by this anon and lucky you I thought about a scenario like this for my Blue Lock OC and Noa a lot last week, so I already had stuff for this in my silly little brain. Also this is probably my favourite thing I've written for this blog so far!!
Requests are open!
Series masterlist
Noel Noa
-you were quite excited when you heard Noa would be your coach for a while
-and to your surprise, he was very impressed with your skill, so one day after training he asks you to stay longer to talk to you
-he didn't intend it to go like this, but your conversation ends up going a little deeper and you reveal stuff about your home life to him and let's just say Noa,,,, some sort of fatherly instinct kicks in very quickly
-he already acts a bit like a father figure to the entire team during training, but man, hearing about your home situation just makes him feel more fatherly about you
-after talking to you, he can't stop thinking about that conversation. He has a hard time falling asleep that night
-after that, he starts treating you as if you were his own child. He always asks if you ate enough that day, and in case you didn't, he's already prepared because guess what? He got some food for you
-during training, he treats you exactly like the rest of the team. But before practice, during breaks and after training? He's so fatherly towards you, some of your teammates started asking if you're related
-at first, it's a bit confusing for you, but you quickly start seeing him as more of a father figure as well
-when your usual coach recovers and returns, Noa stays in contact with you. He knows the times when you're at practice, so whenever he has the time, he will stop by to ask how you're doing
-if it rains, he will INSIST on driving you home. In no circumstance will he let you walk home/to the bus or train stop in the rain. He'd be way too worried about you getting sick
-also, he gave you his phone number and made it very clear that no matter for what, you can call him at any time
Chris Prince
-he's super excited when he gets to be your team's coach and wants to get to know every member, so during your first practice with him he lets the entire team play minigames and takes aside one player to talk to them a bit
-you're the last one to talk to him, and you actually talk so much, practice is already over but you stay because talking to him is so much fun and it's the most comfortable you've felt in a while
-but the lighthearted tone of the conversation changes immediately when you mention your home situation. You stay in your lighthearted tone because honestly, you're not that concerned about it. You're doing well, considering your circumstances. But Chris changes to a more serious tone, while you attempt to keep everything lighthearted
-and because of this, Chris gets so fatherly towards you. Like Noa, he doesn't treat you any differently from the rest of your team during training, but whenever he gets the chance to talk to you, you just notice he acts like a father would
-he's upset when he finds out your usual coach has recovered so he soon wouldn't be your coach anymore
-even when he's not your coach anymore, he comes to almost every single match of your team. And whenever you're not on the field, he will passive-aggressively ask your coach why he benched you. No matter what the answer is, he will insist that you should be playing because he genuinely thinks you're one of the best players in your team
-you have each other's phone numbers, so every now and then he texts you and asks how your day or week has been, if everything is okay at home and if you need his help with anything
-he's literally a huge bundle of joy when he's asked to temporarily be the coach of your team
-always joking and messing around with you and your teammates
-one day, when he walks past your team's locker room, he overhears you venting about something from your home life. He knows he shouldn't, but he stays to listen for a minute or two
-and then the realisation hits him. He notices how neither of your parents ever came to drive you to training, pick you up after it, or even watch your matches. No one ever came.
-he waits at the exit for you to leave the building, and when you do he asks to talk to you
-you're so nervous. You've never seen Lavinho as serious as this, so automatically you think you've done something wrong or you're gonna be benched for the next match
-but to your surprise, he admits he heard you venting to your teammates. He apologises for listening and explains he's concerned about you
-he tells you how it's okay if you don't want to tell him more than what he's heard already, but he really wants you to know that because he's your coach for the time being, he'll also be a safe person to talk to about anything
-you really appreciate his concern and offer, but you plan to keep your home life away from your soccer life as much as possible
-well, at first you do. As time passes on, you find yourself asking Lavinho to talk after practices more and more often
-he very soon becomes a father figure to you, and he treats you as if you were his child
-also stays in contact with you after your usual coach returns, he really tries to come to every match you play in and cheers for you the loudest
-he probably gets happy tears in his eyes every time you score a goal
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rindouheart · 2 months
Hello how are you ? I would have liked to ask you if you could write scenarios about Noël Noa and Itoshi Sae (separated) where they fall in love with a journalist please
NOËL NOA and ITOSHI SAE falling in love with a journalist 🎋
content. fluffy boys being cute + gender neutral s/o <3
author’s note. hi cutie! sorry for being this late, i’ve been quite busy with school, sorry! hope you enjoy + my french is a bit rusty, tell me if i’ve misspelled something.
Tumblr media
“so, how was playing alongside blue lock’s young players?” your colleague asks to translate.
you turn your head towards the football player and translate the sentence. first, you’re a journalist, but in your group, you’re also the only who can fluently speak multiple languages. you’re not specialised in the sport field, however, knowing four languages brought you the opportunity to work in many other contexts.
noa is absolutely stunned by your fluency when speaking french, you’re almost as good as a native. he wonders how much effort you had to put into learning languages. japanese is pretty different from european languages, especially because of the alphabet and the sentences’ structure.
“merci à vous pour votre disponibilité” you thank him after finishing the interview. he loves how cute your japanese accents sounds.
noa is almost tempted to ask you if you’d like to ask a couple more questions, just to hear you speaking french again. however, a bunch of other journalists is coming towards him, so he wouldn’t have enough time to answer to everyone.
he can see your name and the newspaper you work for before you leave, though. he saves a mental note to look for you during the next interview or conference, and who knows, he might ask you what he hasn’t asked you today.
sae wasn’t expecting to find someone like you to interview him after his return to japan. he’s always been used to those old journalists who have been in the industry for like, what? a century or so? you are quite a surprise to him.
“welcome back, itoshi, so, how was your adventure in europe?” you ask him through your microphone, waiting for his answer. you’re not just pretty, your voice is also nice to hear.
while he’s answering with all the details about how the team acted towards him and such, sae looks at you, taking notes about his answer.
he swears he’s never seen you before. however, you might be one of the most famous journalists in japan, since he’s been abroad for a long time.
at the end of his conference, when everyone is leaving, he walks towards you and, when he’s sure that no one is listening, sae asks for your name.
“are you new in the field? i mean, it might have been because i’ve not been around, but your face seems new to me” he questions. you nod in response “i’ve been working as a journalist for a couple of months now. the newspaper i write for isn’t as big as many others, but i personally love my job”
“i’ve noticed it, you look much more professional than any other one in the room” you smile after hearing his compliment. oh god, your smile. sae is completely lost.
“would you like to get a coffee or something with me? we can chat a bit and i can tell you some exclusives to add on your article” he asks.
when you accept gladly, sae smiles. he’s totally fallen for you and he won’t give up so easily.
Tumblr media
@rindouheart ‘s scenarios — 02092023
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pparadiselost · 2 months
various (blue lock) x fem reader how they like to make you cum warning(s): nsfw minors do not interact.
Tumblr media
on their mouth!
There’s a rush they get from knowing that they can completely unravel you without even lifting a finger. They’ll yank you onto their face, strong hands grabbing onto your thighs as they pull your dripping pussy down onto their mouth. They can’t get enough of your taste in their mouth, and no matter how many times you’ve cum all over their lips, they’ll swallow it all down and lean back in for more. They’re not letting you go, not until you’re twitching on the bed from, sheets soaked with your cum, brain muddled except for the thought of how addictive their tongue feels on your cunt. And when you yank at their hair, crying about how it’s too much, how you can’t cum again, they’ll simply laugh and pin your hips down just to prove that yes, you can give them one more. 
YUKIMIYA, AIKU, lavinho, prince, snuffy
on their fingers!
Maybe it’s a pride thing. Either way, they think you look the prettiest when you’re grinding down on their hand, their fingers spreading apart your pretty pussy and fucking you out on two or three of their lithe fingers. Their wrist rubs slow circles onto your clit, and their eyes stay fixed on you while you squirm and moan. They’ll curl their knuckles inside of you, imitating the teasing movements of their cock inside of your tight pussy. It’s unfair how smug they look when they feel your cunt squeeze and gush around the’, cooing at you about how cute you are, feeling this good from being fucked by nothing but their fingers.
aryu, KARASU, luna, EGO, sae, kuon 
on their cock!
This is what they think feels best for the both of you. Splitting you in two on their cock, feeling your cunt gush and cream around their girth, eyes fixed on your face while your eyes and mouth twitch in pleasure. They want to stuff your cute pussy with their cock, emptying their heavy balls into your cunt until the only thing on your mind is feeling more of their dick. It’s not their fault that you’re so irresistible when you’re all fucked out and hazy, babbling about how it’s too good, how you can’t get enough, how you want more of their cock inside you… Lucky for you, they’re more than happy to oblige: pressing you down into their bed as they stretch your fucked out cunt all over again. 
barou, SHIDOU, NOA, kaiser
Tumblr media
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bachirasbodyguard · 1 month
Tumblr media
only the most muscular of men call cats widdle baby
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echarie · 4 months
tried my hand at those textpost thingies
Tumblr media
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