#nope. not like that. nuh uh.
smile-2-be-happy 2 months
Just watched the teen wolf movie:
The beginning: this is corny as hell 馃槀
The middle 80%: am loving it, feels like returning to an old friend. Exactly what I wanted from this movie
The end twist: I recognise that the creators have made a decision, but given it's a shitty decision, I have elected to ignore it.
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skachacharealsmooth 9 months
Actually obsessed w the way sonic looks at shadow
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lego-sand 8 months
Your star kisses only fill me with pain since I know they're gonna stay even after the divorce
ahA, my dear friend!! You are! so very right >:D (have been hurting over them so much lately you have no idea), but uhh, since you're interested and also hurting, have some more!
Macaque's stars shine brighter when he's relaxed, calm, happy, so they've been dull for a long time, which makes it easier for him to hide them behind glamour.
When Macaque was being consumed by Lbd's magic, the ice absorbed the stars left on Macaque's right side, so after Lbd's defeat, those are permanently gone (Macaque freaks out and Swk notices those specific stars are gone)
On a funnier note! joked with my siblings that possibly, if Wukong bit Macaque, the mark left behind would also glow, so have that also.
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Tumblr media
i was curious what the nie bros would look like if their CQL designs had the hair from the animated series i did my best but i am no portrait artist TT.TT
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thevalleyoftriumph 2 months
doez anyone else have like, a handful of songz that the SECOND they see em on a playlist for a character someone else made, it just like instantly turnz you away from that playlist?
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cocogum 3 months
my ass literally needs a zoldyck sugar daddy right about now.
fuck everything else I just want a hot billionaire pro assassin.
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enden-k 10 months
Rushed as hell as I have to head out but, I hope you feel better soon. Hopefully this can help even if only a little.
Tumblr media
i was about to start crying like how do you know zhongli is my comfort character but then remembered i told when i did the same with u when you had a bad day and doodled him to help bc hes also your cc, i feel so incredibly touched rn thank you so much 馃挋
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ezioauditore-s 1 year
am still mad at valhalla game designers for putting in cairns and dumb puzzles and making the game so long but also still in awe at the little things like making norway so cold and uninviting and england so lush and welcoming to mirror eivors journey to find home & belonging
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worthyking 2 years
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hanmas 7 months
no bc she was being such a dickhead about this whole situation. before the vid was deleted in the comments she was clowning on adults for reading fanfic and saying they should 鈥済et a job and pay taxes鈥 but it鈥檚 like without adults writing great fics she would only have shitty wattpad fics written by some 14 yo in their intro to algebra class to read馃
i hope karma gets her back real good bc she fr was being such an asshole about it l m a o
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grandmaruffman 21 days
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On the waterfront is a reeeeeally crazy film you guys
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babyprincessfairie 1 month
How are we supposed to start a conversation if you don't respond to Hey?
if all you say is hey i鈥檓 not going to be comfy responding to a random stranger!!! i don鈥檛 like the odds of bad intentions!
if you start off with asking a question or literally just a hey i hope ur having a good day what are you up to like just be nice and START a conversation!!
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if i had to pick a moment from tick, tick... BOOM!聽that describes me perfectly, it would be when scott is like聽鈥淭HAT WAS FREAKING AMAZING! WOO!鈥 and is just absolutely and joyously in love with music and art and musical theater even though he is so clearly the outsider... i鈥檝e never been a musical theater kid but everytime i鈥檓 exposed to something new i wish i was! i may be the scott in a room full of jonathan larsons, but dammit i鈥檓 gonna enjoy myself too! that was freaking amazing! woo!!
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spiceandwhiskey 1 year
i鈥檓 not ok thinking about how bakugou is so critical of himself and the only person who he really felt seen or understood by is his dead partner and how it makes him wish he thought you were annoying like he claims he does. he really just doesn鈥檛 want to see the light leave your eyes. you鈥檙e too bright for someone like him to burn you out. the way you look at him, he knows all he has to do is jump, and you鈥檒l ask how high. it鈥檚 equal parts irresistible and unbearable. in another life, he鈥檇 allow himself to indulge in you with less fight from him.
YES to the ego boost he gets when you drift together for the first time. maybe it鈥檚 the tipping point for him. once he truly feels the extent of how you feel for him, all bets are off. and you, once you push past his walls and he lets them crumble for you to see the fear behind all his anger, get to tell him that yeah, you鈥檇 die for him, but more than that you live for him. and now there鈥檚 no fucking way he鈥檇 let you die. if your life is his then he鈥檚 not letting you lose it. you don鈥檛 have his permission to die so you鈥檇 better fucking not.
If your life is his then he鈥檚 not letting you lose it *frames this on my wall* You better stop before I slip into a state of daydreaming abt it for HOURS
Is it bad that, beneath all of the fear and the anger and the regret, he enjoys it? Does that make him a bad person? Who fuckin鈥 cares. He鈥檚 already taken you underneath his wing and making sure you learn from the fuckin鈥 best pilot out there
And watching you strive further and above your peers swells him up with pride. You really have no idea what you do to him. Well. Maybe now you do; you can sense the sheer desperation when the pair of you drift. It鈥檚 immense and powerful and hard to ignore. You could lie to him all you want, but he can sense that you feel the same
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kowtownart 1 year
Tumblr media
It's hard being stuck in the middle of two Grown-ass men who fight like toddlers... even more difficult when they both enjoy bullying the hell out of you!!
I feel attacked...
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cld-n 4 months
no amount of grammy noms could convince me that harry鈥檚 house was a better album than caprisongs
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