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broosepayne · 10 months
One of my students today complimented my toenail polish: “Your toenails look pretty.”
Me: :) thank you
But then she looked at my chipped fingernail polish and said “But your fingernails are ehh.” :/
I busted up laughing. No one can roast you like a six year old.
Anyway I might turn this into a Dick Grayson and Battinson fic. Maybe Bruce paints his nails black and Dick is like meh 5/10 :/
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Finally got round to watching goncharov and just like I suspected it's racist and sexist and excuse me for not being impressed with the queer baiting. Idc if it was the 70s why are we still idolizing something so problematic today
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house-ad · 21 days
Tumblr media
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multifanritz · 1 month
okay this bot thing is getting out of control. I was at 400 followers yesterday. Now im at almost 500. wtf
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thoughtsaboutbats · 25 days
Has there ever been a red/green color blind Lantern that beat up on the wrong person in a fight?
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audreycritter · 5 months
Tumblr media
Hey, everyone! For privacy reasons, I can't give a lot of details, but we're doing a Walkathon fundraiser on Saturday (9/17) for the non-profit group that provides my kids (and others in our community) with free speech and physical therapy. If you'd be willing to donate a lump sum for 3 laps, could you DM me or comment? You can also venmo @audreycritter . I'll message you the paypal email to send money to with "Walk" in the notes.
I'll share a pic of the donations envelope with amounts, no names, in a reblog! Thank you so much in advance!
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croroalley · 11 months
Tumblr media
I've said it before and I'll say it again, it's absolutely criminal that this show hasn't been renewed for another season.
Contents: Boy+Girl running away together, 2 kids against the world kind of vibe, fighting, more fighting, blood, beating people up, grills on people who shouldn't have grills, questionable parenting, scams, roadtrip, a hammer.
Type: Dark Comedy, Romance, Sadness, Action.
Personal Score: 85%
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wordpressvip · 22 days
Tumblr media
You other web hosts can't deny That when a load time's more than an itty bitty wait And a hacker's in your space You get... Well, pretty upset. That's not something to take lightly. That's why you shouldn't settle for those other web hosts. You need WordPress VIP: the world's most popular content management system, built with enterprise-grade security and reliability. 🤝
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barbie0303 · 10 months
Spoilers for Batman (2016) #122
So, apparently it’s canon that Slade met Robin in Gotham and that Slade fought Batman first
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Thanks, I hate it :/
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Lego batman parahumans fic
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bruciemilf · 5 months
You guys are so lucky I'm not funny enough to go viral
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oxelin · 1 year
Tumblr media
-Pan- °°° I read Peter Darling by Austin Chant and I finished in one night and the next morning...really recomand it <3
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I wish I was a rich tumblr girlie who could afford to buy blue check marks for all my blogs, but sadly I have 37 side-blogs and no money.
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broosepayne · 11 months
Hey @staff
It’s not that I dislike other peoples’ tags, but I would like to use my own tags please and don’t want others’ tags defaulted on my reblogs.
Here are some reasons why:
1) Organization. Maybe something is tagged “flowers” but I don’t think the post should be tagged that on my blog, because “flowers” on my blog means something completely different.
2) On this site, tags are often used as a means of communication and this change makes it more difficult.
3) Sometimes I don’t agree with the previous tags and I don’t want to misrepresent myself, but I might accidentally reblog something with the previous tags.
4) Most importantly, and this will 100% impact the site:
People will not take the extra 2-10 seconds to delete the previous tags. They will just avoid reblogging if the tags are too long.
Edit: I guess this is just an iOS thing, for those who don’t know what’s going on. :/
Edit 2:
Tumblr media
Thanks @humans
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multifanritz · 1 month
i am 22 years old
i am 22 years old
and yesterday i learned
it is NOT paper view
which makes so much more sense
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frownyalfred · 2 months
Wait hivemind vod’e fic 👀??
It’s incredible, anon!! It’s an AU of YukiPri’s “the prime override” and it’s FANTASTIC. Both fics are but this one just makes me want to wring my hands it’s so good.
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c-redraws-dc · 1 year
2 years of having straight a's in German and the only thing I can think to repeat when my mom goes "say something in german" is
"etwas auf Deutsch"
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