#not really rushing it tho im still just trying to take it all in and enjoy and cherish it all
goldensatellite · 2 months
“I came out a long time ago. You don’t have to worry about me!”
Harry talking about a fan who he thought needed help coming out as well - LA Night 15 (1/29/23)
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junietuesday · 1 year
OUGHHHH the endless striving to be good and appreciated and perfect but never quite reaching it no matter how hard you try
#june speaks#pouring one out for revali and theseus#it just always feels like even as i improve its not enough!!!! maybe i dont start my projects the night before but i chip at it like once#in a while til i have to still rush at the end!!! my grades have actually gotten worse even tho im taking all honors now!!! i have friends#sort of but theyre more friends w each other than me and we never speak outside of school and they just get along so easily and i just dont#know how to close the gap!!!!!! i dont know whats wrong with me!!!!!!!!! why can all my classmates connect and bond with each other like its#nothing but im always stuck on the outskirts with no idea how they even got there!!!!! we all started fresh and i had a chance to befriend#people but even with a new start i wasted it and now theyre all so close w each other and im just here!! as always!!! first to have to take#a different table when theres no more room first to have to walk on the grass or the street when theres no room to stand together#and so i tell myself that it wont matter in the end and what i need to do is focus on my grades and i’ll get a scholarship and career and#itll all work out but i cant even accomplish that!!!! i cant make myself work hard enough and when i try its never perfect never good enough#and when i succeed thats just par for the course so who even cares!!! a is for average b is for be better or else and c is for crying#its 12 am so maybe i’ll feel better after waking up but like. its like the ocean. it hits and i come up only long enough to take a breath#before being shoved back under. i keep thinking ‘‘things are so much better’’ until i have to realize nothings really improved after all#vent//
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ivestas · 2 months
a good shot
Tumblr media
Summary: König had a staring problem, so you confront him about it. 
Tags: sniper!fem!reader x konig, platonic!141 x reader, barely edited, awkward, unintentional confession(?)
Word count: 1.1k
Note: my mw2 obsession is real. been trying to deny it but its all that occupies my brain.... send some reqs?? i have such a bad habit of saying that then not following thru but i promise i will LMFAOOO (nah but fr tho im working on ur guys’ requests, just veryyyy slowly since, again, mw2 brainrot) also sorry if this seems rushed, i just wanted to get this idea out of my head hehe
König had a staring problem. 
You really didn’t know why, but whenever he was near, you could practically feel his gaze burn a hole through your skin. 
You weren’t one to care for stares—you were used to it, especially in your early years as a merc. Most would just be curious why a woman was wearing a bullet vest, especially civilians. 
But... König’s eyes were intense. Nothing like the curious—or even hateful—looks you were used to. 
You were sure you hadn’t done anything wrong; you barely spoke, never really caring too. You kept to yourself. You didn’t particularly stand out next to your flamboyant peers. 
So... why? 
You’d first asked Soap about it: he was a people person, always seemed to know someone’s intentions in an instant. 
However, he was confused. “He stares at you?” 
"You hadn’t noticed?” 
“No? I barely see the lad in general, always skulkin’ in some shadow.” 
“Seriously?” You frowned. “Then you think you’d know why?”
“Hmmm... here, maybe if I get my crystal ball and ponder for a bit I can find out!” 
"Shove the ball up your ass instead.” You snorted. Soap laughed, probably at his own joke than yours. 
Getting up, you headed to your next target: Ghost. 
You found him in the mess hall, taking apart his rifle on one of the cafeteria tables by himself. Without a second thought, you slid beside him. He didn’t acknowledge you.
Propping your head up with a hand, you look at him. Despite it being night, he’s still wearing his balaclava and shades. You decided it’s best not to make a comment about it since you’re trying to pry answers regarding the Austrian Colossus. 
“You’ve noticed König staring at me, right?” 
“Yeah. Why?” 
“Do you think you’d know why? I’m sure I hadn’t done anything to piss him off, but he’s always just... you know...” you widen your eyes, leaning in. “Doing this. I don’t know whether to be unsettled or flattered.” 
Ghost carefully puts two pieces of his rifle together, a satisfying click resonating in the air. “Maybe he’s surprised why the 141 got a clown for a sniper.” He intoned. 
“Says the guy wearing a skeleton balaclava and tinted shades—scared the enemies are gonna find out you’re actually just a loser with nothing to his name?” You said the words too quickly, and when Ghost looked at you, he probably knew the thought was bubbling in your head. 
You couldn’t help the laugh that crawled out your throat, and you noticed that the corners of Ghost’s eyes crinkled. 
“...So you don’t know?” 
He snorted. “I’m no psychic.” 
Sighing, you rose from your seat, leaving Ghost once more in his own bubble. 
You really didn’t want to, but you realized you were gonna have to ask from the source itself—König.  
Now, you didn’t consider yourself a shy or anxious person, but there was something so imposing about König; maybe it was the fact he literally towers over you like some Goliath, or maybe it’s the fact he only speaks in raspy monosyllables, or, maybe, it was the fact that he just always stares at you, but you couldn’t deny the nervousness that writhed in the pit of your stomach. 
But curiosity shined over it, because just why would he just stare? 
So, you decided to head to the shooting field: it was an open secret that König often lurked there at night, shooting away at the targets from the day. No one really complained since he’d replace the targets with new ones at the end of every session.
The walk was short; just a quick turn through some halls and out through a door and you’re in the range. 
König was some meters away, hunched over a stack of crates and a sniper under his arm. His back was to you. 
You stepped on a stray stick just beside your foot. His head shot up. 
He turned around in an instant, sniper tight in his hand. 
They were right. He’s antsy. 
“Hey, König.” 
You slowly approached as though he were a frightful deer... but perhaps a cautious bear would be a more accurate descriptor. He could kill you in seconds. 
Like anyone can. It doesn’t scare you. 
Admittedly, it’s a little exciting.
“Can I talk to you about something?” 
 “Your eyes—uh, you stare. A lot.” 
His gaze flickered away. 
“Just wondering why you just... stare. I’m pretty sure we’ve never spoken, either—”
“We’ve spoken,” he cut in. Rough and light, as usual. “Mostly on missions though.” 
“Oh... well, I’m just wondering if I pissed you off, somehow? Earned your ire? I’m dumb, I forget and I can be socially unaware—”
“No, no, no!” His eyes rounded, the sniper loosened in his hands. “No, you didn’t! I just, well...”
“...well?” You echoed, prompting him to continue. 
He did. 
“You’re nice to look at.”
Your brain froze. 
“I’m sorry, is that weird?—it is, isn’t it? I apologize, I—”
“No, wait, I’m really flattered, I just—” you laugh breathlessly. In disbelief. “That’s just really fucking flattering.” You can feel your face light up with heat, and all the neat composure you’ve built wash away completely. 
Now, you’re reduced to a blushing schoolgirl at a complete loss for words. 
What were you supposed to say? What does that even mean? Is that an admission of some crush, or were you just eye candy to him?—and did you like that, like his attention or are you just that deprived of contact? 
You force your eyes to his, and you realize he’s hunched over, rubbing at the metal butt of his sniper with a thumb, eyes everywhere except on yours. 
"So...” you rubbed your wrist. “What now?”
He finally looked at you. “Huh?”
You were this far already, you weren’t gonna back down yet. Even if your heart was slamming against your chest. “You just called me pretty? And I have a feeling you’re easy on the eyes too—maybe this is too quick—but wanna hang out then? Like, talk and stuff... because... I’m pretty?”
König stared for a moment before breaking into a laugh. “It would be an honor.” 
“Then let’s hang out right now! Stay here, I’m gonna grab my sniper and we’re gonna shoot shit till bullets’re covering the ground!!” 
König extended his sniper. “Use mine. I want to see how you shoot.” His eyes fluttered, gaze awkwardly averting yet again. You were beginning to find it endearing. “You’re a good shot. And I’d like to get better.” 
“And watching me will help you?”
“Yes,” he said the word with earnest, eyes bright. 
A crooked smile pulled at your lips. Fuck, you weren’t used to this. 
But you liked it. You liked it a lot. You just hoped you could eventually make him feel the same. 
Tumblr media
Requests are open
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frogzxch · 2 months
Pov: you having kids with them
Pearings: Pantalone, II Dottore and capitano bunos character zhongli and childe
Enjoy the fluff or idk the sweetness ehE <3
Im still a starter makin this things they maybe short tho
Tumblr media
Alrighty let us start!(⁠ㆁ⁠ω⁠ㆁ⁠)
Tumblr media
Him being a father is a bit strict sometimes when it comes to his own child he doesn't want his own son/daughter be weak most of the time he would test them to fight, and there you are would be upset about this.
He would adore them tho like especially when it's a girl he would always protect you and his daughter he would spend time playing dress up games with his daughter and you would sometimes just giggle beside the door because of it.
He is a big gentle guy when it comes to his child and also you ofc he will do anything with his power for both of you to be comfortable and safe.
Would miss his child when he will be away for a mission.
Tumblr media
His the type of father who spoil his son/daughter to much you would always say " pantalone that's enough gifts for them! " and he would laugh a little and all of a sudden your lips are touching with his.
Diff want's to spend more time with his child he would sometimes bring his child to work the child would have it's own area where she/he can play while pantalone doing his work.
Would fallasleep while his child on his arms and you would sometimes take pictures of both of them after that you would suddenly feel an hand grabing your wrist and pull you to sleep beside them yes cuddles a family cuddle.
Tumblr media
This guy is not really the type to be a father at first he was to scared after finding out you where pregnant, the first time he held his child his expression soften when the newborn smiled at him.
He would always have his segments looking/play with his child whenever his busy, sometimes when you finished a mission from the fatui you would go check on both of them and you would see both of them asleep sometimes and it was adorable your little child would be wearing the same outfit as him.
He will have someone watch the both of you whenever you go out it's because for '' safety '' but he would actually just have someone picture you both and he would display them in his lab.
He would teach his child about his experiments and you would be worried but dottore would always say " don't worry about it love '' and kiss you on your forehead while you holding your child.
Tumblr media
Would also be same as pantalone he would talk about his child with childe yeah, his going gogo gaga with his child.
Will do braids when it's a girl he will dress her up like a little doll or sometimes would match with your outfit.
Will take family pictures whenever you all go out he will always buy his child stuff toys and sweets/candy yes you will always make him try not to spoil your child.
24/7 with his child lol he would piggy back ride his child whenever walking around.
Tumblr media
First when he held his child he never expected that his wish would come true tears raining down his cheeks while his child on his arms smiling.
A protective father when he saw his child crying he would rush to run at them and he would ask " who is it? " making his expression angry his child would point at the one's who made fun of her/him after that he will hug his child and kiss there forehead for comfort.
His child would probably cling to him more than you shshsh, childe will always play with them when your out for a mission/work.
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littlr-teacup · 7 months
jjk men when you're sick !
Tumblr media
✾ warnings: none ! just pure fluff in your typical headcanon format
✾ synopsis: how they (try to) take care of you when you're sick
✾ characters: itadori yuuji, fushiguro megumi, okkotsu yuta, inumaki toge, gojo satoru, geto suguru (all separate; established relationships)
✾ notes: lowkey self-indulgent, im currently sick 😔 to anyone reading this, if you're sick or not feeling well, i hope you feel better soon! <33
˚₊· ͟͟͞➳ yuuji
is a pouting mess
wants to take care of you, but isn't sure how
you'll tell him not to worry about it, and that it's just a cold, and he just gives you the most concerned look
thinks you're understating the severity so he wouldn't worry, but you're really not 💀💀
i love him sm hjfjfj
if you tell him not to come too close since he might catch the cold too, he will be so upset LMAO
"what do you mean i cant latch onto you all day because you're sick :(("
"exactly what i said, babe"
the man wants his cuddles, this was not fair
however he understands where you're coming from and keeps his distance, albeit pouting for the entirety of the time he has to spend away from his beloved
offers to bring you anything and everything you ask
will text to check on you at random times during the day hes so sweet fghehfjejfj
visits at least once every day, tries to extend his visits as long as he can
all in all he's absolutely precious, please give him cuddles when you're better
˚₊· ͟͟͞➳ megumi
the moment he hears you're sick he has to. will himself NOT TO rush over to your place
especially if you don't specify what's wrong. was it a cold? did you have food poisoning?? did uou have the meds you need?? couLD YOU EVEN GET UP???
pls assure him you're ok
because if you aren't he'll be at your door within 10 minutes
acts like gojo sent him, but we all know the truth ✋
you aint slick, honey
he goes through the medicines you have, checks the expiry dates and all
restocks for you despite your refusal
"please megumi, i dont even need that"
"you dont need it RIGHT NOW, you mean."
FOREHEAD KISSES. like tell me he wouldnt walk up to you laying in bed and press his lips to your forehead when he thinks you're asleep <33
makes sure you get plenty of rest
he really truly cares about you and he doesn't get to do this often, pls let him take care of you for a while
˚₊· ͟͟͞➳ yuta
is at your door before you can tell him whats wrong
you call him and you're like
"yuta i think im sick so-"
"you're sick?? omw babe"
makes sure you're okay, gives you medicine and leaves you to rest, and then tidies up the apartment
even does the laundry if he can figure out how the washing machine works LMAO
finds ingredients to make you food as well, you have to eat to regain your strength
would feed you, and isnt forceful about it. if you dont feel like eating, he'll ask you to eat a few bites and eat more later.
"do it for me? please?"
tells you he's proud of you after<3
you don't have to ask him to keep his distance, doesn't want to get sick bc if he does, who's going to take care of you? 🥺🥺
would give you hugs tho
have i mentioned i love him
in conclusion just marry him already
˚₊· ͟͟͞➳ toge
you text him saying you're sick, and he leaves you on read. deadass.
you obviously worry
is he okay?? or did he just not love you anymore 💔
jkjk he loves you more than anything
still, you were a bit hurt that he didnt even send a "salmon" in reply
so you're a little lot surprised when he knocks on your door, a shopping bag in his hand
you open the door and stare at him, like the amazing person you are
he raises an eyebrow
takes care of you for the rest of the day
makes multiple trips to the store if you need anytbing else
brings you throat medicine in case your throat is sore
strokes your head and hums if you're having trouble falling asleep <33333
writes you notes and leaves them around the house for you to find when you can walk around again
pls tell him you love him
˚₊· ͟͟͞➳ satoru
also by your side the moment he hears you're sick (or at least as soon as he can, if he's in the middle of a mission he will finish it as fast as he can so he can be with you)
pokes fun at you, but is actually worried
spends THE LONGEST time looking for your medicine LMAO
this is mainly what drives him to learn where everything around your apartment is. it wasn't so bad this time and you both laughed it off, but he didnt want to see you suffer for any longer than you had to, if the day comes
especially not because of him
another pouter, but unlike yuuji he comes to the conclusion that
a) he's the strongest
b) you were too sick to do anything about it anyway
so he kisses your temples and hugs you from behind, holding you for as long as he could
just very clingy and affectionate
tries to cuddle you, but you slap his arms away (gently)
(or not so gently. go off, your eminence)
"please satoru, you'll get sick"
"no im the strongest, which means i also have the strongest immune system"
spoiler alert: he did not have the strongest immune system
this man i swear 😭
you both end up taking care of each other<3
˚₊· ͟͟͞➳ suguru
an absolute blessing
you text him to tell him you aren't feeling well, and he replies with. 3 paragraphs within the span of 7 minutes
if you wont keep him, i will
kisses the back of your hand like the prince he is
or the top of your head. he likes the smell of your shampoo 🥺
makes you soup. if you dont like soup, you deal with it and drink the soup. 💀💀
he just wants you to feel better soon ok
he will also tidy up around the apartment for you
if you're throwing up, he is right beside you holding your hair up to prevent it from fallinh over your face<3
makes sure you drink enough water so you dont get dehydrated
combs through your hair for you with his fingers
it's actually very soothing
does pretty much everything for you
you havent bought the groceries? he's gone and back before you can tell him you don't need them right away
"you really don't have to, suguru"
"don't worry my love, it's no bother<3"
definitely husband material
i need a man like him
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cyberskiiiiii · 2 months
- what a bully -
- drabble -
- gn!reader -
- this is NOT a part 3 sorry to disappoint but this is a random thought i had (its literally 3:24 am rn) also not proof read so if theres any mistakes… lmfao idk i dont really care -
- other than this being a random thought UM THANK YOU FOR 90 FOLLOWERS??? close to 100 SO this is also a thank you post and ive decided to post this that has been sitting in the back of my brain forever -
- adding this just in case: mentions reader having makeup (sorry if you aren’t comfortable with having makeup on) -
- tw: bullying -
Tumblr media
these guys… are assholes
your day was going great at first, you ate breakfast, and even put a little extra effort on your makeup! you woke up with a sudden feeling today was going to be okay!
even the sky was clear with the sun shining and a few clouds floating by
but of course not everything lasts forever you were walking down the hall to the cafeteria to get something from the tuck shop until you realised your day was going a little to well, you’ve seen those boys hanging around the school but they didnt yell any disgusting comments your way, push you harshly and act as if one of them didnt see you, or even talked shit about you loudy on purpose whenever your around something up and you knew it
even so, it was quite peaceful not having to deal with that negativity so you cherished the moment before it vanishes
you sat down in an empty table before placing your food infront of you while you were distracted the group of boys who you thought finally left you alone were whispering and chuckling with each other
“watch this.”
and thats when you felt it, a soft solid hitting the back of your head and a splash of liquid following after you turned you head to see who’ve did you wrong and ofc ifs katsuki bakugou
his friends bursted out laughing when you caught them red handed
“looks like i missed the bin” he shrugged
sero got up and picked the cup which still had coffee inside before he could get any closer you got up as well planning to run for it but he quickly grabbed your wrist
“aye whats the rush hun? you forgot something”
then he continued to pour the remaining liquid of cold coffee onto your head before harshly throwing the paper cup on you after
“holy shit sero!” kami yelled
they all bursted out laughing as they saw your humiliated face
“you gotta take a pic of this man” said the redhead to his yellow haired friend
you ran from there, trying to hold in your mixed emotions but ending up with your eyes leaking with tears with the overwhelming feelings
the worst part is that they did this infront of everybody.
Tumblr media
how did this go from “bakugou x reader” to “bakusquad x reader” 🤔 i aint complaining tho😜🤞 also this was kinda shitty bc im literally sooooo lazy at the moment, forgive me yall
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ghostly-touch · 28 days
“Mini Us”
Summary: Being in your 30's and pregnant by the underground hero, Eraserhead, was a dream come true.
Pairing: Aizawa Shouta x poc! Pregnant! Reader.
Tags: fluff. That's about it. Fluff. Poc reader, pregnancy, throwing up and little suggestive.
This was requested by @lowkeyremi , thank for requesting this! Hope you like it.
Tumblr media
For a while you had been dating the pro hero, Eraserhead. Little had you known back then he already knew you as a part of the staff of the UA high and he made a mental note as to try and court you to the best of his abilities.
Eventually, flirting became dates, and dates became engagement, and engagement became to this: a married life.
Honeymoon was short, due to his work as a hero and a teacher, but you didn't mind, you'd still bump into each other, secret smirks and laughs exchanged on the way. Sometimes a little kiss. When you finally discovered you were pregnant, your heart dropped. You couldn't believe it. You were excited. In your hands rested the test, two straight lines in it as tears filled your eyes. It was your free day so you cooked his favorite, even though he'd say anything could go and he would eat it without thinking, and planned on how to tell him the news. Thinking about it and deciding to be straightforward since that was most likely the best option. After all, your husband was just like that.
So when the sound of the door opening and a lazy ‘im home’ reached to you, you smiled and rushed to kiss him. His long arms wrapped on your waist, squeezing your ass just enough to let you know he's missing you. You hummed on his chest as he lowered his lips to the top of your head, kissing it. A light tap on your ass, made you realize he was tired and hungry.
“Food's ready, come on”. He took off his shoes, changing to the usual house wear. You grabbed his hands, leading him to the dining room, making him sit down and serving some food in front of him and getting some for yourself. “How was your day?” He grunted, grabbing the chopsticks with his right hand and thanking you for the food. “Gee, that bad?”
“Those kids are menaces to society”. He finally spoke. “Eri was with us tho, so that's good.” The soft smile on his face gave wthe chance you've been waiting for.
“You really love that kid, huh?” he hummed.
“No kid should ever go through that, never. She's so young and the guys was horrible to her.” You could notice how angered he was at the situation.
“Im happy you think that. Makes me feel confident you'd be a great dad”. You grab a little of your food, looking for his reaction. He raised an eyebrow at you, hair hiding the faint blush on his face.
“You'd be great mom too, you know?”
“Id hope so, otherwise our kid would be traumatized” you point down to your belly and just then he stays still, chopsticks midway to his mouth. You can almost see the gears inside his head moving. When realization hits him he stands up and looks at you, wide eyed. You're startled.
“Im gonna be a dad?!” Suddenly the tiredness leaves his body, a hint of excitement crosses his features and he gets teary eyes as he walks to you and kneels on the floor. Shaking hand to your stomach, as he gently rubs it as if it was the most precious thing in the world. “Im gonna be a dad?" He says softer this time as he looks up at you, your own eyes teary. You nod and smile and he does something you weren't expecting, he laughs. He laughs sincerely and kisses your hand, grabbing it. Free hand on your stomach as he laughs and cries in happiness.
8 months have passed since. You're stomach grew and you had to take a break from teaching kids and doing any unnecessary things. You're once flat chest grew too, only a little and the beauty in you grew as well. Nemuri would come and help you around, Yamada would go every once in awhile to see if you needed something and drop whatever Shouta asked him to give you. Eventually you'd crave some stuff and he would not hesitate to bring it to you. You had told him it was ok, that he didn't need to take his break now, that he could take it when the kid was born. Speaking of which, you were about to have a boy! He was praying for him to look like you, and God he really hoped. He loved your darkish skin, your eyes were always so full of life and so expressive, you were just so perfect. And now that you were bearing his child, he couldn't help but smile every time.
You weren't feeling so well, but you fought through. Morning sickness? Oh honey, he's there to hold your hair back and tie it well so it doesn't get on your way. The first time the baby kicked? Oh he was laying on your chest, fumbling with your breasts, because you had said they felt too heavy -which was a lie, but you missed his touch on you- when it happened. He was contently just playing with them when he felt a faint thump on you, thinking maybe you were trying to push him away he backed up. When you groaned and questioned it he stayed there, hand on your now swollen belly, just resting it there, when it happened.
“It kicked!” You frowned your lips, because you felt it, but he was so excited, so happy that you didn't have the heart to tell him anything. “Hey little guy...” He said, mouth on your stomach, kissing it and talking to it with no shame. “You be nice ok? Momma and I are waiting for you” the baby kicked again and this time you did grunt a little, closing your eyes. Your husband noticed this and scowled the baby inside you. “Kid, be nice to your mom, ok? She's trying her best.”
“He hasn't even been borned and you're already giving him a talk?” You smiled, even though the kid did listen and stopped the kicking.
After that, the kicking was minimal, seeing as he probably had the same lazy demeanor as the father, made it all a little more easy.
When the baby was about to be finally born, on the final month he took the break off, everyone assuring him that he could take as much time as he wanted. The baby's room was done, a little cradle near a wall, blue and white adorned the room. Several plushies were around and a rocking chair was on the other side of it so one of you could sit while you carried him.
You had cried while doing it, the hormones making you sensitive to the little things involving you, your husband or your unborn kid. Aizawa was there for you, comforting you and assuring you you'd do amazing.
So when he saw how awful it was when the child was finally arriving he was horrified. You were in so much pain and he could do nothing more than grab your hand and whisper sweet words to you. But they barely made it to your ears as your yelling and wailing was loud. But it was worth it once the wailing almost stopped and the cries of your child made it to you both. Tears filled both of your eyes. The first to hold him was Shouta. He was thrilled when the baby moved around and made little sounds. He was wrapped on a blanket, already dressed. He sat next to you was he saw the baby drink milk straight from your breast.
“It's perfect. It's a mini us...” You laughed at this because his gaze was filled with love and adoration for the little boy in your embrace. He swore to himself to make this world safe so this kid would be a great place for him to live in.
If you liked this you can always go to my masterlist! I have other works there. Requests are open as well!
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cupity · 8 months
Hi!! Can I ask for a Tamaki x Nb Afab reader where we tie him up with rope and ride him but we won't let him cum? But like without us noticing, he secretly manifests one of his tentacles and unties himself and ends up domming us and making sure we cum too many times to overstim.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
yeah! I sort of changed it a tad bit tho so sorry bae
WARNINGS: NSFW. Tamaki x NB Afab reader, intercourse, no condoms, tentacles, quirk use, back scratching, tamaki barely talks/not much of a moaner in this, ropes, slight overstim, blow job, hand job. probably more. kind of rushed writing this im sorry 😔
WC: 1112
not proofread
Tumblr media
“Just saying, you wanted to try this..”
You pin Tamaki’s arms back behind his chair, unraveling the thick rope as you began to wrap it around his arms and body. You take a quick glance at the man, his eyes nervously following you as your hands danced around his body to tie him up.
“Could you try and escape real quick?” You needed to see if it was tight enough considering you’re tying up a skilled pro-hero here. Tamaki did a poor test by lifting his arm with a bit of stronger force than usual. You checked the knot once more before humming contently.
“Are you ..uh, ready?” You asked, “Mhm.” Tamaki gave you a quick nod, a thumbs up if he could.
“Alright then.” You lightly smiled and that’s when things got good.
Tumblr media
You started off slow and easy, By kissing him and initiating a make out. Your soft lips were no match for his, his cock already straining in his shorts just waiting for those smooth hands of yours. You pulled away before tamaki could really get into the kiss, what a shame. He slightly groaned to himself wanting to taste more of you but he’s sure that’ll happen another time.
“Sucks you can’t use your arms, huh?” You kind of felt powerful that you had full control now. I mean, it’s not like you guys had to fight over who would be in charge one night or the other, but it still felt good.
You stripped tamaki of his lower half, discarding his shorts and boxers onto the ground beside him. The key to seeing the full strength of these ropes right infront of your eyes.
You gazed up at your boyfriend and he only gave you those sensual eyes. you had to take a second to breathe before having him in your grasp.
Tamaki slightly groaned, he was aching for this moment and it was finally about to happen. You slowly slid your hand up his shaft, fingers giving a gentle squeeze to his tip. Your boyfriends thigh flexed at the pleasure, you could tell he may have liked that.
in return you gave him a few quick pumps, watching the precum slip down his cock and onto your hand. Tamaki could feel his stomach tingle with butterflies, his eyebrows knitting together when you finally take him in your mouth.
He recognizes this feeling all too well.. Warm, wet, soft and pleasurable. Your goal here wasn’t to make him cum, it was only to get his dick wet enough for the real thing. it left him surprised when you removed your lips from his cock, confused even.
You stood, taking a seat on Tamaki’s lap and straddling it. You stroke your hand through his hair a few times giving him a genuine smile. He blushed a little.. too caught up in his own thoughts not even realizing you lining yourself up with him.
you both moan in unison hands scattering to his shoulders for support. he wished he could help you a bit, perhaps hold you by your waist as you adjust to his size. This whole rope thing was challenge for Tamaki.
“God—“ you winced, Tamaki finally bottoming out. You rocked your hips back and forth, clit bumping against his pubic bone, you were warming up before you started bouncing on his cock. All Tamaki could do was sit there and watch you bounce on him like an animal, face contorting in pleasure while pure moans tumble out of your mouth.
Your boyfriend whimpers a little, who knows what for. Maybe it was pleasurable, maybe he was frustrated he couldn’t touch you? “Tamaki—shit, are you okay?” You ask worriedly. He was barely making any sounds, only a few grunts here and there and you were scared he might’ve not been enjoying it like you have.
“I’m— im fine..” he barely musters out. Truth is, it feels good. It feels so fucking good he knows it would feel ten times better if he could touch you. That’s the thing that drives him crazy, your body and being able to touch your body.
His cock was hitting all the right place making your back arch in a certain way and your eyes squeeze shut. You can feel the knot forming in your stomach, it’s going to snap any moment now.
It wasn’t like Tamaki intended to manifest a tentacle, he just so happened to because he couldn’t resist it anymore. He promised you he wouldn’t use his quirk during this, but sometimes promises aren’t Always kept.
He quietly untied himself from the rope, arms now free without your knowledge. you didn’t notice until you felt a familiar pair of calloused hands on your hips, your eyes shooting open as fast as your back hit the bed.
“Tamaki! I thought we agreed—“
“Shhh shhh.” He simply whispered while hoisting your right leg over his shoulder. “i’m so sorry, jus’ couldn’t take it.” he mumbled in your ear before thrusting himself into you. You yelped unexpectedly, long nails digging into the muscles of his back. “fuck! fuck! pleasee.” You cried.
His lips connect with yours, drinking in all those sweet moans you dared to let out. He moaned against you, snapping his hips feverishly agaisnt yours feeling himself close to his own release. His hips are loosing its rhythm, you can tell he’s about to cum and so we’re you.
He parted from your lips, looking down at you with such love before diving down between the crook of your neck. You were confused at first until you felt him shudder on top of you mumbling god knows what into your shoulder. perhaps anything along the lines of “i’m—cumming.”
You used your remaining strength to stroke his back whispering sweet nothings into his ear to encourage him to keep going. He was overstimulating himself just to help you reach your own release. “feels s’good,” he babbles. You startled your boyfriend when your nails dug into his back again, Your thighs tensing around his hips, stilling his movements as you reached your orgasm.
Your eyes squeezed shut, tamaki turning his head slightly just to see your pretty face as you came down from your orgasm.
Your chests are heaving like crazy, bodies sticky and sweaty. Tamaki raised himself slowly to pull out, the both of you still sensitive from a few minutes ago. Tamaki’s eyebrows knit together when he feels how sore his back felt. “ah, Tamaki..are you okay? I may have scratched your back a lil’ too hard.. m’ sorry about that.”
He lazily smiled at you before shaking his head. “no, it’s fine.” You couldn’t help but roughly pull him back down for another kiss.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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joelsgeetar · 1 year
Michael Myers (Halloween)
fem!reader x peepaw myers.
SMUT, stalking, possessiveness, pred/prey, size kink, dom/sub vibes, breeding kink, choking, etc.
Not proof read.
Tumblr media
The masked gaze seemed to follow you everywhere since day one, the moment you moved into the infamous Myers house of Haddonfield. You’ve heard stories and even considered he’d be living in the house still but it was empty and cold, not livable for any sane person.
It never leaves you alone. Leaving for work, his shadow can be felt lingering somewhere behind you. There’s no doubt that The Shape knows where you work, where your family lives, it knows your life like the back of his often bloodied knife, his signature weapon to take lives with no shame. 
The Shape preferred to stalk you during the day for a while. The fearful and paranoid energy coming from you fed him nice and full yet he always craved more. Soon he began stalking at night, hiding himself at the perfect moments only to show a glimpse of himself before walking away into a void you never dared to enter. A white mask is all you remember. 
Michael breathes heavily through his damaged mask, his hand is bloody and in need of treatment. He’s angry, revengeful and hungry for more blood ever since that fire. Michael knows he can fix himself up anywhere else but nothing is stopping him from breaking into his old home that’s now owned by you, someone so sweet and innocent, you’re the perfect prey for this chase. He can drain the life out of you in seconds if he really wanted to.
He stalks around the house first. Looking into all the windows with less effort in staying hidden. The adrenaline is too strong, he needs you soon or else he might snap and do much worse to satisfy his blood lust. 
Michael ends up inside without a struggle since you kept the front door unlocked. He wanted to scoff at how reckless you could be. Now you’re inviting him in, any danger he brings will be presented to you because in his twisted mindset - you want this just as much, if not more. Maybe that's why you’ve been changing with the lights on at night, perfect for him to watch from outside. Michael takes your uneven breathing as a form of arousal when you begin to feel anxious from knowing he’s close. It’s what he feels - lust and a burning passion of possessiveness, he’s desperate to claim you. 
Water flowing catches his attention. He finds you in the bathroom, the shower curtain hiding your body but not the shadow, he knows your form all too well by now. You manage to toy with his stoic nature, he breathes heavier and shows it in how his chest rises and falls. It’s tempting to rip the curtain down and make you his but chooses to wait and leaves the steamy bathroom without a sound - he’s playful though.. Michael left a bloody handprint on the doorknob and on your clean towel. 
Michael hides in a closet - the room you’ve taken over, it used to be Judith's room all those years ago. This whole situation is arousing to him and in a way he feels preyed on equally, you’re the one luring him in while he’s trapping you with no way out, he knows you’ll listen to him and do whatever he wants. 
His breathing skillfully fades to remain hidden when he hears the water turn on. His stomach twists in a sick form of excitement. He’s going to see you up close and touch you for the first time. There’s nothing he ever wanted more than this moment. 
Michael watches - the only thing he’s patient about. He’s curious about your reactions to the messes he left behind. He is satisfied when he hears you mumble and gasp quietly, he feels his fingers twitch around the knife the closer you sneak into the room, looking around with blown pupils, your hands grip the towel covering your body - Michael is eager to see what’s underneath, you’re the only one he finds attractive. 
You breathe in and out to calm down - Michael slowly leaves the closet when you walk over to your dresser, head down with hands fondling clothes. This gives him a chance to slip out and walk over to the door and lock it. Michael takes his time creeping behind you, knife in one hand while the other is in an awful state of care that it burns. It's still not enough to stop him though. The height difference sets him off more than he thought. You look so fragile but not replaceable. He eyes you down through the mask and looks at the mirror, finding a small sliver of comfort in knowing he’s got you right where he needs you to be, for now at least.
Shivers dance down your spine. It feels like an odd draft in the room, almost too human - as if someone is breathing down your neck.. It clicks and you freeze on the spot, not wanting to look up at the mirror. And like a scared kid during a thunderstorm - you close your eyes, thinking whatever is behind you will leave but that isn’t the case. Body heat is what gives this away, you’re now aware it’s a person. 
You fight with the gut instincts and decide to glance up - The white mask you’ve seen following you around is right behind you, it’s attached to a rather large and tall man, he reeks of iron - rich blood, fresh. Something shines in the reflection. You see a stained knife in the man's grasp.
This is what sets you off to turn around and make a run for it. He’s too quick and beats you to it - he’s the one to roughly spin you around to face him, the dark void of his masked eyes never leave your face. And with a small tilt of his head, he grabs your arm tighter and tighter - until you wince in pain then he stops squeezing. The sound seemed to excite him - he’s pressed closer to you now and it’s obvious he’s sexually frustrated, searching for a release like a wild animal. It’s not easy to process but you’re good at thinking of ways to fix or leave dangerous situations and it’s simple. Do what he wants and you’ll have a chance of being let go to roam free until next time - part of you is anxious about the possibility of having a next time, whatever this may be. Then another  part of you is disgusted with yourself for even feeling a heat between your legs, you try blaming lack of a sex life but deep down it’s caused by the man in front of you - the man that’s been stalking you and forcing fear into your heart and mind.
Nothing about this is right. Nothing can save you at this point since you’ve chosen to walk down this risky path, allowing him to touch you. You truly have no idea what this means to him - you’re not aware of how possessive he can and will be after whatever he does with you. 
Michael steps back to study your face and eyes. You’re perfect and what he wants. And as much as he adores that pretty face looking fearful he needs to feel the rush of a chase so he raises the hand holding his knife. You take off like expected, struggling to unlock the bedroom door - Michael is sweet enough and gives you a head start before chasing you down in his old home, twisting the knife to point away from you, he isn’t going to harm you in any serious way, this is just a fun game he loves to play.
A chase never lasts long. Michael has no right to feel annoyed that you’re already cornered again but he is more than annoyed, you’re acting too breakable and it’s pissing him off. It feeds into his need to claim you and treat you the way only he can - no one else is allowed to do such things to his pretty obsession.
Michael isn’t a gentleman when it comes to location. Anywhere is fine and he’s ready to take you right against the wall. Your body reacts to his bulge pressing between your legs with a natural arch and a small whine leaves the back of your throat. Luckily with enough squirming and pushing on his chest he backs off - you try leading him back to the bed upstairs, making it clear you’ll only do this in bed - he doesn’t listen but meets you halfway by forcing you to bend over the arm of a couch. It shouldn’t turn you on, the way he is playing rough and somewhat unfair - your body fights against your morals and soon you're soaked, aching, and needy.
His cock throbs with pre-cum leaking from the flushed tip, his chest heaves and Michael can’t help but to grind into your heat from behind, your thighs are warm and thick - he loves it. Michael grunts while gripping your hip with one hand. He might cum untouched if he keeps grinding so he slows down to a full stop, pulling away to admire the wet spot on his coveralls. Both from him and you.
He tugs on the towel. Once you give a short nod he’s wasting no time and rips it off your body, tossing it on the floor with a grunt. It’s clear he’s not experienced but it’s easy to ignore when he’s rough and gifted in size. Unfortunately Michael lacks proper knowledge of foreplay so he dives into fucking right away, barely exposing himself - the coveralls stay on, the fabric is rubbing against your skin, it's sticky with blood and dirt.
The pace is brutal and unfair. You're unable to catch your breath and speak, only lewd and embarrassingly loud moans escape. You look back to stare and he's already looking at you with a head tilt, snapping his hips rougher with a loud groan. He's chasing pleasure for himself, you're wet and tight, warm and perfect to grab and mold into any position he wants you in. Michael liked to experiment - he's had you from behind, missionary, on the couch together, bending you over again. There's a grey area he hasn't touched yet and that's intimacy, which is understandable. Michael doesn't kiss you or take off the mask. He won't caress your body, it's all aggressive groping. Michael is high off adrenaline and pleasure it's almost unbearable.
Michael is close. He needs you on your back so he isn't shy about flipping you over like all the times before. This time he makes an effort to lift your legs, ignoring the injured hand and forces them to rest over his broad shoulders, not minding if they slide down occasionally. It just gives him an excuse to manhandle you again.
This new position drives you crazy and he knows it. Michael can hear the difference in your moans. They're getting higher pitched, you can't stop moving, hips bucking, and eyes full of years. Your reactions ignite something inside him - Michael grunts with annoyance, pinning you down with one of his hands on your lower stomach while the other snakes around your delicate throat to stop all the thrashing around, he knows it's from feeling good and that's something he enjoys. His cock throbs painfully, he's so fucking close and now he's the one who can't stop moving erratically. There's no rhythm now - Michael slowly begins to be more vocal in sounds of pleasure, hands desperately groping your body as if wanting to cling onto you.
You can feel his cock twitch and immediately feel more aroused but also panicked. He shouldn't cum inside of you, it's not exactly safe or smart to do - and no matter how hard you try telling him or moving away, Michael always grunts and pulls you back against his hips, thrusting in and out of you unevenly, forcing your legs apart when he finally reaches his personal high. You're filled to the brim - his hot and thick load seeps out which causes him to groan. The sight alone fires himself up again, he wants to keep going even if you can't physically take it. Michael will happily fuck you to sleep - it's better that way anyways. He'll be able to leave as if nothing happened only to come crawling back for more.
Tags: @andvys @wanderbreadsworld @lawrasstuff @rakeandcrash @michaelslover @max-x666 @eldaryan @crybaby-cryptids @creamymilkk @vampyfish09 @mavera05
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evelxtus · 1 year
okay okay so basically
characters: venti, xiao, childe, albedo, and if you possibly can scaramouche
so basically you get into an argument that results in you going to take a walk to clear your head when you feel a pair of eyes on you. you try and call out to (character) but they’re purposely ignore you because they’re mad. just kinda like a “(character) i know your mad but can you come look at this?” and then they hear you scream and come rushing back to you ( y/n can get attacked or just get scared you can decide ) blah blah (character) gets very worried when they hear you scream and come to your rescue with a bunch of “im sorry”s and “i love you”s 🧍‍♀️(cringy i know)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
— ❛ Eᴠᴇʀʏᴛʜɪɴɢ ᴡɪʟʟ ʙᴇ ғɪɴᴇ !
pairing. . . . . . . . venti, xiao, childe, albedo x gn! reader.
warnings. . . . . . no pronouns specified, angst to fluff, established relationship, not proofread.
a/n. . . . . . . . . . . hewwoo, i didn't add scaramouche because actually i just accept 4 characters per post, at least for now. sorry ;-; <3 hope you like it tho.
Tumblr media
It was night when it happened, so after your heated discussion, the best remedy you saw was to go for a walk alone, and feel the night breeze to clear your mind.
That's what you thought until you heard the branches rustling near you.
You weren't able to see anything with so much darkness, and that sound made you remain static in the place. You decided to call your partner's name, but there was no response.
Maybe it was just your imagination.
Again the same noise, this time closer. You didn't want to look scared despite how stiff every muscle in your body was, so you called your partner a little higher this time.
That creature reveals itself running towards you. You let out a terrified scream, just to notice it was a poor boar, that looked more scared than you, finally disappearing into the bushes on the other side of the road, passing you on its way even without touching you.
The first time you called his name he barely heard it. It was only like a faint whisper that the wind brought him, and for this reason he assumed that you would be venting out there talking to yourself.
“Pfft.” he lets out, after a long sigh. It left him more exhausted the simple fact of arguing with you than to fight with any enemy. “After everything we've said to each other, do you still have things to add? Funny.”
Venti heard his name once more, this time something in him woke up, and his attitude seems more serious and attentive than before. His heart was beginning to beat strongly, and he furrowed his eyebrows as he looked in the direction you had previously left.
It wasn't until he heard you scream that those strong heartbeats seemed to stop in terror at the thought that something had happened to you while he was purposely ignoring you. How could he forgive himself?
Without realizing it, his feet already had him running towards you relentlessly, finally finding you crouched down with your eyes closing tightly and covering your head with your arms, waiting to receive an attack that was not going to come.
Venti was prepared with his bow, or prepared to summon a hurricane if necessary to save you, but all he did at such a scene was kneel before you and take your hands, separating them from your head as he desperately tried to get you to look back at him.
“Shh, shh, y/n. I'm here... look at me... please look at me... nothing's wrong, there's no danger around.”
At those words, you opened your eyes slowly, meeting the tearful eyes of Venti, who hugged you when your gazes connected. That way you wouldn't see a few tears falling down his cheeks.
“Forgive me for leaving you alone. It's my fault, sorry, sorry... I love you, I'll never let you go again.”
Bonus: when Venti realized that you screamed because a little boar scared you, he bursted out laughing. He wasn't sure if it was because the scene was funny in his mind, or he was just relieved that it wasn't anything really dangerous.
Were you calling his name? Well, keep doing it, because there is no way that an adepti will succumb to the temptation of ever seeing a mere human like you. A human who minutes before made him completely lose his composure. Ignoring you now was your punishment, and his own too.
Your scream made all thoughts of the arguing dissolve, making him return violently to reality. With the spear in hand and his fist white due to the force he was using while holding his weapon, he appeared before you, taking a step forward and meeting... absolutely nothing dangerous.
Seeing you over his shoulder, he carelessly tossed the spear aside and kneeled before you, putting his gloved hands on your shoulders, on your cheeks, on your hair.
“What happened? Who hurt you? Which direction did they go?” his incessant questions accompanied every movement of his hands in search of any wound on your skin, until finally you calmed down.
“I'm fine, sorry for the scare I gave you... There's no danger.”
Your words caused the boy to drop his head in relief, leaning his forehead against your shoulder and feeling a great weight leave his body. With one knee bowed to the ground in front of you, he closed his eyes tightly.
“y/n... my apologies for not appearing when you called. I am the one to blame for everything. I must protect you... because I love you. It's the least I can do for you, and I'm not even able to do it right...”
His sadness begins to turn into rage, you can tell by how his muscles begin to tense under your soft touch.
Bonus: A few simple sweet words and you will have the boy totally melted in your arms, allowing you to caress him as you wish. He is so glad to be by your side again... safe and sound.
You were calling him? yeah. Did he care? nah. He won that argument, the fact that you left his sight just to calm down and take a walk was as if you had accepted defeat for him.
So, he's not coming back for you.
Or so he thought until your scream made him run in your direction like he had never done before in his life.
He was panting when he reached his destination, looking around him for any hint of danger, extending an arm slightly at his side, in a gesture of protection before you.
“...? Are you okay?” he asked hurrying to get you up carefully, letting you lean on him. Any rancor in that discussion was a thing of the past.
His gaze did not leave your face, searching for any gesture of discomfort. He sighed loudly when you replied that everything was fine.
“Oh my, you scared me there. Let's make sure that doesn't happen again, okay? Just... stay by my side even if things get ugly. There is no way I can ever leave you... you get it? Good. Now let's go home... we deserve a good rest. Together.”
Bonus: That night, when you are already lying in bed, he will call you several times, unintentionally disturbing your sleep. “y/n..., hey, y/n, are you awake?” When you answer yes, he will hug you from behind, hiding his face in the crook of your neck. “You know that I love you no matter what happens... right?”
He was too focused on tidying up some notes on his table to pay any attention to your futile attempts to get his attention.
Of course Albedo was hearing you perfectly, but he just didn't want to listen to you. This boy was deliberately ignoring you.
When the scream reached his ears, his expression changed to a great concern, leaving him breathless and putting his notes aside, messing them up again, so as not to waste any more time reaching you.
The first thing he did was kneel beside you, gently pushing your head against his chest with a protective aura that you had rarely seen in him. After all, your safety always comes first. His always serene gaze now looked around frantically, searching for the root of the problem.
There wasn't a second in which he released his firm yet gentle grip on you.
“Everything is fine, y/n. Come, get up.” he commented helping you getting up again.
When you confessed to him what really scared you, his expression didn't change one bit. He was still as serious as before.
“It doesn't matter what the origin of your fear was, what matters is that now you are safe. And I must apologize — it was irresponsible of me to let you go alone in this darkness. Let's go back and forget that irrelevant discussion we had, shall we?”
Bonus: starting now, he won't separate from you all day. He will keep an eye on you, alert that nothing happens to you, even if that leads him to neglect his obligations a little... “Don't feel bad. I do this for both of us, not just for you. You get to be permanently safe and I... feel reassured by this.”
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twistedoverbloat · 10 months
My clothes!
Bayonetta seethed as her dress was torn by this little boy. Yuu then ripped off the rest of it the boys all almost had a heart attack.
Riddle: He panicked and rushed to get you his coat but saw your hair transformed he paused confused. sighed of relief he took when he saw you were able to be covered up by your hair. He was one of the few to give you a coat. BUT THENN HE SAW THEM SUMMON THE DEMON GOD- he freaked out like all of them.
Trey: immediately looked away and got the other boys not to look since you were a girl with her clothes forcibly ripped off. He then got angry since that was a big no no from him. EUFHRUD IS THAT THE DEVIL- Yeah he applaud you for taking that person down and summoning a devil to avenge your clothing.
Cater: He screamed seeing your cloths ripped he slapped Ace for trying to say something and also he has 2 over sisters who had this happen before so he knows not to look or you'll end up dead. HE SCREAMED EVEN LOUDER SEEING THE DEMON GOD-
Ace: he couldn't look away but then Cater slapped him and he turned. He said you look hot then YOU SUMMONED THE DEMON GOD OMFG- He's making sure he dosen't piss you off now.
Deuce: the poor boy looked away and punched anyone who was staring. Mama raised a good boy. is-IS THAT A DEMON- he liked how you summoned a demon God to fight a pervert that ripped your clothing.
Leona: Immediately looked away too his family especially his sister in law and mother taught him to never look at a womens body if it has been exposed with out her consent. Then kill the fucker that did exposed it. He sighed that your hair covered it. OMFG? A DEMON- He beat up the guy after the dude's overbloat went away.
Ruggie: he screamed and turned taking Jack with him who frozen like a deer in lights. He was collecting clothing to put on you but was happy your hair covere-OMFG A DEMON-
Jack: he froze when the clothing got ripped. Ruggie pulled him dkwn by his ear to make him stop before Yuu got him. He was glad the hair covered you-YUU WHY ARE YOU SUMMONING A DEMON-
Azul: SHRIEKED WHEN HE SAW YOUR CLOTHES RIP-When your hair covered you he sighed in relief now let's get you a coat-OH MY GREAT SEVEN-
Jade: WOAH-*slaps Floyd's eyes* DONT LOOK-Oh your hair is covering you okay good. OMFG??? YUU DID YOU SUMMON A-
Floyd: Jade had to slap his eyes since he stared. Was surprised your hair can cover your body. OH SHIT A DEMON-
Kalim: OMG-*slaps hands over eues* IM SORRY I LOOKED-oh your hair covered it okay it looks nice-OH DEAR YOU SUMMONED A DEMON-
Jamil: OH SHIT- KALIM COVER YOUR EYES! Was blushing really bad. He was glad your hair covered you. UM IS HE TRIPPING OR IS THAT A DEMON-
Vil: OMFG YOUR CLOTHES NOOOOOO-Your body looks good tho 10/10 oh good your hair can be used as one too. HOLY BEAUTIFUL QUEEN YOU SUMMONED A DEMON-
Rook: oo la la! You look so perfect Mon Chérri! *complements* Oh your hair can cover you? You look dazzling-OH YOU SUMMONED A DEMON WELP YOU STILL LOOK GOOD!
Epel: SHEILD YA EYES LADS! *covers his face then asks if he can look now* Oh good your hair covered you. AYO YOU JUST HAD A DEMON BUST DOWN A DOOR?
Idia:THIS IS REMINDING HIM OF AN ANIME- ORTHO COVER YA EYES! *shields him* oh good your hair covers you. Ortho you can look-OMFG YOUR A SUMMONER-
Ortho: *eyes were covered half the time* Oh no your clothes! Oh your hair is covering you good! He'll get you extras! Oh cool you can summon demons!
Malleus: LOOK AWAY ALL OF YOU! Don't worry bb no one will look at you! Here's his coat! Oh good your hair can cover you! Oh this is interesting you summoned a demon!
Lilia: Looking nice Yuu! Your hair is so pretty what do you put in it? Oooo summoning a demon live the change of pace in the battle.
Silver: was asleep when. The clothing ripped but made sure not to look. When he opened his essays he was shocked to see a bunch of hair. Oh cool you can summon things too?
Sebek: OH NO HUMAN! *throws coats and a hundred more.* PIT THESE ON-oh your hair covered you good. OH GREAT LORD MALLEUS YOU SUMMONED THAT-
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svquence · 7 months
⋆ ★ “forever boy”
Tumblr media
✿ pairing! non-idol!lee felix x reader ✿ genre! angst & hurt/comfort ✿ wc! 0.6k ✿ warnings! forms of sh (pulling hair, scraping lips with teeth), very brief mentions of blood
❀ A/N! this was requested by someone i know and is actually very much inspired by the song “save me” from BTS !! i’m not good at writing fluff so im sorry if the end is cringe lmfao. i’m also very tired at the time im writing this and this is kinda rushed but nonetheless i hope you enjoy!!
To say you weren’t in the best mental state is nothing compared to how you were actually feeling. Nothing feels worse than being surrounded by people, yet feeling alone. Spending your day being a ray of sunshine to the people around you, until the night hits. You can’t even think of something worse than staying up late, in the night, analyzing where you went wrong. Realizing that no matter what, your fights are only yours and no one is even trying to do anything.
Thats how you found yourself on a hill close to your house, looking at the sky. In all honesty, you weren’t even staring at the stars, all you could see were those gut wrenching memories replaying again like a vinyl movie, ready to destroy your fragile state again. Not even crying is possible to you anymore, but right now, something just hit. It was one of those rare days where everything came pouring at once, which got you to this stage of crying, sitting on your knees. You wanted to scream, but you couldn’t, because you can’t afford anyone hearing you. Rays of sunshine are strong, bright and happy. Your image is more important than anything, no? But fuck that.
For some reason, you found yourself venting to nothing, constantly muttering words of the type “help” and “save me”. Tho, you weren’t even sure who you were begging to save you. The moon that was shining onto you couldn’t save you, could it? How stupid. It was all so so stupid.
And at this moment, you allowed yourself to break down entirely. Might as well crumble and stay in your own filth forever than keep an image that wasn’t even true, right?
You found yourself punching the ground, pulling at your hair, as you kept muttering random words under your breath. You started chewing on your lips as blood started showing itself through them, you were a mess, though can you really blame yourself? You weren’t in a good place at all.
You ruined yourself and you ruined it all. But you had to go back, even if you couldn’t push anymore. It was impossible to just disappear, sadly. Everyone cares only when you’re gone, and you didn’t want that type of attention.
The moment you tried to get up, your life changed entirely. A hand sticking out to you, waiting to lift you up. It was an understatement to say that you were embarrassed, but he looked at you like you were one of the stars in the sky. And in that moment, you can feel a breeze brushing onto you both, as he mumbled “I’m sorry, i wasn’t supposed to be here through all of that. But i’m willing to help, i can’t guarantee to save you, but i can help you save yourself” You stared at him, frozen, but you reached out to take his hand. He was.. very comforting. His presence made you feel safe and understood, without him doing necessarily anything. When you manage to get up, he looks at you once again as he murmurs “My name’s Felix, by the way”, as he proceeded to look away from you, still holding your hand. Wow, he was stunning in the moonlight.
That moment, somehow, you knew he was your forever boy. Because even after he saw you like that, he tried to help, more than your so called “loved ones”. You were a stranger to him, but he gave you his hand, and you can’t even thank him enough for giving you the wings needed to progress. Even during it all, he’s still with you, and has no plans of leaving you anytime soon.
Throughout the worst, you found your best. During your lowest, you found your forever boy.
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yostresswritinggirl · 5 months
I GOT AN ANGST IDEA, super, super aNGST.
I just read you Tighnari x reader x Cyno! And read some sad fic's... and Tokyo Rev but that's besides the point— How about reader that's not YET on a relationship with both boys and they (Cyno and Tighnari are in a relationship) have feelings for reader! They want to include her as well but reader hides their emotion's really well, they know her because she's always "happy" and helps everyone around them but her eyes look dull (with no life) and just hangs out with both of them but—
Reader is tired? As in mentally exhausted and just wants to end it all because some dark past came to her? (It could be a trauma that's get her on that state)
Nobody expected such a twist! Cyno and Tighnari watching as she almost jumps off a cliff and ask them to let her hand go so she could finally rest— ABSJSBS IM SORRY? I BLAME THE FANFIC I JUST READ— Also I want to suffer, they're not Cyno and Tighnari angst fic's—Ejem, if you feel merciful— Probably a sappy ending or something? I would leave that at your imagination of what happens at the cliff—
Anon—🖤 Bali
Ah, next time make sure to add trigger warnings to your asks please! Since I can't really add one before your ask, just to protect everyone reading (including me) pls and thankies
Tw: please read on your own discretion, tho the word itself isn't mentioned
This actually reminded me of the Tighnari series I've been following (also has unalive themes) and a Tighnari fic in my head that also has the same theme that I definitely won't write-
And anon Bali(?, Cuz I know this isn't the actual 🖤 anon we already have), I get what you're trying to put down but I want to raise a better point
What if this was AFTER they broke up instead? Ohhh spicier and more heartbreaking, the guilt of it all and the fear on their end after realizing that they may have had a hand on why their ex is acting like this, while the reader couldn't be bothered to comfort them back
Tighnari finding them on the cliff near where their favorite spot when they were still poly, sadly smiling at seeing them still attached to the place, until they jumped - and he rushes in to grab their hand, but they were too heavy because of their adventuring bag they won't let go no matter how much Tighnari begged.
Tighnari is shouting for help, getting more frantic at this point as his strength is starting to slip and that's when Cyno heard his call and rushed over to help. Quickly pulling them up, one of them takes the bag (it's SUPER heavy) to look inside, seeing that it was actually all the mementos they had when they were all still together. Their ex planned to jump off with the items they loved.
While the other, most likely Tighnari, pins them down to stop them from trying again as he shouts at them for being so stupid, so reckless, what the fuck was that stunt you pulled?! Why didn't you listen to him?! He was crying without even realizing, eventually realizing the implications the more he calls them out.
They still love them, of course, it's not easy to move on from someone you loved for so long and so genuinely. But that doesn't mean they want you gone just because you're not together anymore. It's not gonna be a cake walk back to the relationship, be real, but it depends on why they even broke up in the first place.
With the Matra and the forest rangers tasked to look out for their ex, the two took their time to help them back to living healthily again. Back to normal, as normal as things could be. When the reader does commissions outside of Sumeru, they were always antsy and paranoid that you'd have done it, and the wait is always terrifying that they can barely function in their work.
It's always a relief to see their ex back and alive even if they promptly shove away their positive looks and go straight to Katheryne like nothing happened. I also can't think of the ending cuz I want to leave that for interpretation aaaaaa
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slashersangel · 8 months
EVE BABES ♡♡♡ i will never ever rush u cuz ur purrfect ♡
Whenever ur free amd ready, wanna do a part 2 on lost boys (+ micheal) with an s/o who has superpowers :D
okayokay! so im writing rn to try and get myself back in the mood to write cause I just have no motivation, so sorry if this is kinda shitty :\
Poly!Lost boys + mikey with an s/o with superpowers!
Tumblr media
• so you’ve gotten much better at controlling your powers, so much to the point where the boys dont need those stick thingys to light the barrels of the cave, they have you 🥰
• paul definitely asks you to lighting someone three times a day, David always follows up with “what if she struck you?” with that look and head tilt he does, which shuts Paul up.
• they’re all super proud of you tho, figuring out how to use your powers (with their help of course, even if Dwayne was really the only helpful one) and they definitely use it to their advantage. David asks you to light his cigarette when he can’t find a lighter (even tho they all carry one respectively, he just want you to do it for him). He smirks at you as he takes a hit, hand coming to hold the side of your face. You smile and kiss his cheek, whispering a ‘your welcome’ in his ear before doing whatever you were doing before he asked
• michael definitely uses it selfishly, oh he has a test he didn’t study for because he was out with you and/or the boys? Y/N, can’t you just flood the school this one time? C’mon if he doesn’t pass this test then he’ll fail the class! Or at least make sure the teacher has a small accident! It doesn’t matter if your in school or not, he’ll ask you to do it, just for him, and he’ll promise he’ll study that very night! As long as your there to help him ;)
• marko asks you to cause a little accident for the people who cross him. Yeah, he could take care of it himself no problem, but he has his gorgeous s/o to help him out! Besides, think of it as practice! Maybe they get caught in some freak storm that only seems to be happening wherever they are. Or their car gets struck by lighting, it’s not your fault babes, just the weather
• dwayne would be too respectful cautious to ask you of anything. Your power could go out of control and you could hurt yourself! Or at least thats what you think, really, he’s just coming up with the best way to ask. He’d ask without seeming too selfish, like if it was raining on his night to take you out, he’d politely ask you to clear up the weather. He wouldn’t ask you to do anything bad, encourage you if you wanted to? well, as long as your not hurting yourself or one of the boys, then sure! go ahead love
• paul would use your abilities menacingly, he would be semi careful to not push you or hurt you, but his limits are definitely not your own, sometimes he’s oblivious to you getting tired and not wanting to do it anymore. But if it starts to hurt, he’s hyperaware, asking if you’re okay, if you need anything, and maybe you can just try again later! when you’re all rested right? Nope, once you got hurt, dwayne and david forbid paul from your powers, even though he was very sorry and apologetic and sulked about it all night.
• they’d all be careful with you, make sure you were okay with doing something before asking you to do it. And they’d always make sure you were okay mentally, because last time, a group of girls on the boardwalk pissed you off, your skin got so hot that when Paul tried to touch you, you burned him.
• after apologizing profusely and a short dip in the ocean, you were okay. Though, they knew to keep you away from things that’ll seriously piss you off,
• or that one time, david yelled at you, well not at you but he raised his voice in your direction and tears started falling and it almost sent the cave crumbling in for the second time.
• new rule, david wasn’t allowed to yell at you, even though he swears up and down he didn’t yell at you, the rule was still in place. along with you and the rest of the boys calling him a meanie the rest of the night.
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depressed-teacup-inc · 3 months
Kwami’s choice is making me want to scream
Ok first half of kwami’s choice is out, kudos for glob for actually not posting the second half first (they’ve been releasing the season all over the place) and this would be episode 10 of season 5
Tumblr media
So finally we have some context on what changed so much in two episodes that Marinette is back with Adrien and forgot completely about Chat Noir, and… THERES LITERALLY NO EXPLANATION!!!
I am telling you, the show legit just makes marinette depressed and crying about her love life again (again, somehow her abandoning all the Kwamis is an afterthought because “love” and not “yeah you fucked up because you refused to treat your partner equally and chose to keep secrets and make dumb decisions on your own and you’re literally digging your own grave”) marinette being “completely in love with chat” for nine episodes was never even mentioned beyond one line, AND ADRIEN TAKES THE BLAME FOR MARINETTE BEING SAD.
Tumblr media
…I swear to fucking god, ANYWAYS-
Marinette further digs her own grave with Adrien telling him they could never work and that’s blamed on the “iDEnTItY rULe” (which still for some reason matters even tho it legit doesn’t but ok)
Adrien is almost akumatized by his own fucking father TWICE (the only fucking reason Gabriel didn’t akumatize Adrien the first time was because he didn’t have a fucking alliance) I HATE THAT MAN IF THEY EVEN TRY TO JUSTIFY HIM IM OUT
Tumblr media
And Tikki and Plagg choose to revoke the miraculouses from Marinette and Adrien for them to be togetherrrr.
Now listen, I understand where theoretically this could be a bittersweet, allowing kids to be kids so to speak, but like. The reasoning is driving me crazy
Like the way the Kwamis and show really decided that romance and teenagers dating is more important then the fate of Paris (especially when that entire relationship sucked to begin with and had so much stalking and red flags) but also the way there’s literally no nuance?
Like what happened to Adrien’s entire “chat noir is the only time I truly get to be me and escape from my constricting life” shtick? What happened to Marinette’s… well I would say her commitment to Paris and saving the Kwamis, and also caring about chat noir, but literally none of these end up sticking in the end, BUT THERES LITERALLY NO NUANCE ANYMORE!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Like the minute the kwamis leave with the miraculouses the only indication we get of Adrien (not even marinette) being sad about not being a hero anymore is his abusive dad saying “his sadness has gotten greater” for a few seconds, AND THEN THEYRE INSTANTLY HAPPY?!
Adrien just rushes to confess to Marinette, and Marinette is suddenly super in love with Adrien, WHICH PROVES NOTHING THAT THEY EVER HAD GOING ON WITH THE HEROES EVER MATTERED?!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Adrien no longer cares about his freedom or his image OR PLAGG because “oh yeah I have marinette so I’m complete!” And Marinette NEVER CARED FOR THE KWAMIS CHAT NOIR HER MISSION OR ANYTHING!!! These two are suddenly as happy as they ever were with no fucking problems in their life!
While the new heroes (yeah btw Alya and Zoe are the new heroes, it’s kinda bland, Zoe is only there to show how much better she is in comparison to Chloe, and her design IS UGLY) are fighting, Marinette and Adrien don’t even show a glimpse of worry, or paranoia, or even an instinct to go fight or “call the heroes” as they do! They legit don’t fucking care and CUDDLE!
Tumblr media
The show legit said “yeah all these seasons of these heroes fighting for Paris and truly being influenced by their hero lives? YEAH THAT NEVER MATTERED LOOK GUYS THEYRE HUGGING!”
And I would even be ok with it if the show wanted to go down the road of “yeah being a hero is awful and no one in their right mind would ever want to do it but would rather have the messed up compulsion to help others” BUT THEY DONT DO THAT!!! The show is still like “they’re meant to be!”, they’re still heroes in the next episodes, and literally it seems the only reason they’re still heroes in future episodes, is because the new heroes instantly got tracked down! So they have no motive to be heroes, and no compulsion to be heroes and they don’t seem to be affected from their hero lives, so none of it matters!
Tumblr media
There is literally no more nuance or care put into being a hero in this show (the new heroes were pretty much randomly selected teens again, rather then i don’t know, ADULTS? I get that this is a magical girl show, but it would be so cool to show adult heroes handling their emotions and powers better then teens and being role models) and the show legit sacrificed any chance of nuance or character motivation it had for the love square! That’s just bad writing!
But yeah I’m going to go scream into a pillow, call me when part 2 is out
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notetaeker · 3 months
Goodbye 2022
@peregrination-studies thank u for the tag! I love love planning and reflecting on the year so this was such a fun tag for me to do
What are things you've grown to like this year?
The process honestly. I've always been impatient when it comes to seeing results but over this year I started to appreciate the process of things? I've always been the type to start a project and then work on this project for 3 days until I'm done and by then I'd get so tired of it or be unsatisfied with the result because it doesn't reflect my tireless 3 days worth of work. But nowadays I start projects, put them away, continue it later, and it's been so enjoyable. I take time to fix any small things I would have ignored in the interest of time, start over if necessary. Just you know, processing it slowly. Instead of rushing toward the result, the experience of whatever it is- is the most important. It's still a work in progress but i think this is one of the things that surprised me the most in myself - the fact that I'm even able to do it. Other things I've grown to like: autumn lol and maybe even winter just a teensy bit.
What are things you've learned this year? Oof a lot of things actually. I think I'll make a list from my journal - Every morning I get to decide how to live my life / what I prioritize - Allah will open doors for you from placed you couldn't imagine - But you have to put in some effort and show you're trying - Living is much easier when you accept it instead of fighting it -Surely as the evening comes after a scorching hot day, so too will respite from whatever you're struggling with, it is the law of the world (the mercy of Allah) and all that was only until June asdlkj let me not make this too long lol maybe I'll make a post on stuff I learned this year
What works did you enjoy this year, be it films, books or other art? Books: The Secret Garden, Born a Crime Movies/Anime: Spy x Family, Julie and Julia, Also I watched all the spiderman movies on some random week like a crazy person Other art: sarah burns studio on youtube and her seascape watercolor paintings. They're so simple but also really beautiful
Is there something you're still looking forward to this year? There's only 2 days left! I was looking forward to buying yarn and I got it yesterday, so excited abt that. I'm hoping to go the beach today or tomorrow and see (sea) the ocean so :') excited for that if it happens (its so cold tho who knows). OH ALSO i wanted to bake cookies for my students for the first day of classes back from break and might make those early so that too ! :D
What would you like to see happening next year? SO MUCH omg - 1. Improve my arabic: I enrolled in an Arabic class because I've literally forgotten so many things so excited abt that. I also signed up for some other islamic studies classes b/c there was a discount so hopefully those are fun too! 2. take more notes !!! I keep reading / listening to such good stuff and telling myself I'll write it down when I have more time later and never doing it D: so next year hopefully I fill up a notebook or smth with those 3. Hopefully get comfortable with traveling / visiting places and then do exactly that 4. D: waiting on the result of my interview for a 2023 internship 5. turn some good deed into an unconscious daily practice. Rn I'm thinking sunnah prayers, because I've kind of dropped off from regularly doing them in the last year :( 6. ART. MORE REGULARLY. like i was doing this year :') im pretty pleased with the amt of art i did this year alhamdulillah
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