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Kind of obsessed with the tumblr Twitter account
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will check da inbox soon..just getting on here to say that the scene i just wrote was ....truly humbling..very truly humbling
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Hey, may I make a Matt x Reader request. Foggy wants to meet Matt's new girlfriend. Foggy and Karen are supposed to meet you at Josie's. (You and Matt have a little plan to annoy Foggy.) You arrive later than the others and walk past the trio, foggy notices you and flirts with you. The idea came to me with the quote.
Matt Murdock : How would I even know she's a beautiful woman? Foggy Nelson : I don't know. It's kinda spooky, actually. But if there's a stunning woman with questionable character in the room, Matt Murdock's gonna find her, and Foggy Nelson is gonna suffer.
Thank you so much for your request, nonnie, and I apologize for the delay. I hope you like it!
That Girl Is Mine | Matt Murdock x F!Reader
Pairing: Matt Murdock x F!Reader
Summary: Matt thinks it would be a funny idea to mess with Foggy before you properly meet him and Karen, and you play along.
Warnings: None.
Word Count: 1.7k
A/n: This was so sweet to write, and I feel kind of bad for Foggy, but oh well.
Tumblr media
You and Matt have been dating for a few months now. You’re the happiest you have ever been and things are going well between you. He has met your friends and family, and a few days ago, you introduced him to your co-workers. Things are getting serious between you two, and it’s when he offers for you to move in with him that he also asks you to meet his friends. 
Foggy and Karen are like family to him because he doesn’t have anyone else. He always mentions you to them, but you haven’t met them before. That is supposed to change tonight. 
Matt invited his friends to Josie’s for the evening, thinking it would be the best place to get together and introduce you to them. Initially, you were nervous, but when he told you a story about him and Foggy when Karen came into their lives and that he wants nothing more than to annoy his best friend again because you are a real catch, you chose to hear him out. 
“Foggy thinks I have a magical radar for beautiful women,” he told you over dinner. 
You remember snorting. “Does he now?” you said. 
“Yeah. He said, and I quote: ‘But if there's a stunning woman with questionable character in the room, Matt Murdock's gonna find her, and Foggy Nelson is gonna suffer.’”
No matter how many times he tells this story, it’s still as ridiculous to you as it was in the beginning. It was his idea to play with Foggy and humble him and maybe make you feel a bit more confident in the process; you should flirt with him, he had told you, before revealing who you are. You’re unsure why you agreed, but Matt sometimes has the funniest ideas. It took a while for him to rediscover his playful side, and you would be the last one not to indulge him. 
Josie is bustling with people. You’ve only been to the bar a couple of times so you’re not acquainted with everyone like Matt is, but it’s a nice place to hang out, especially when neither of you wants to have a fancy date night. 
Foggy and Karen, whose faces you remember from the pictures in Matt’s apartment, are already there. You walk past them toward the bar. Your short dress and the smell of your perfume catch Foggy’s attention when you accidentally brush against him, uttering a slight apology, and it merely takes a second before you’ve got him on your hook. 
His gaze lingers on you. Matt's predictions were correct. You count to three in your head while you order your usual drink, and just when you're about to turn around and see where Foggy is, he's standing right in front of you. Your lip curls into a smile, trying not to look too giddy or mischievous so you won't give yourself away, but he seems enchanted enough not to care about anything other than... well, you.
Karen watches the scene from afar, shaking her head slightly. When Foggy started following your figure to the bar, she knew that she would be spending some time alone until Matt - and ultimately you - would arrive.  She has no idea either, but it's not like she cares. She sips her drink and decides to watch the scene unfold, her phone at the ready in case whoever Foggy chose to flirt with would raise her hand and slap him - Don't get me wrong, she would never wish anything bad upon her friends, but sometimes Foggy's enthusiasm in picking up women happens to be ill-placed and his flirting goes wrong. She is prepared for that scenario, the only thing missing is the popcorn.
Matt, entering the bar now, too, and pretending not to notice the interaction, is subtly enjoying the whole scene from afar. He can hear Foggy's elevated heartbeat, his fast breathing, and the determination in his step. He puffs his chest, which is probably a ridiculous sight because you sound like you're trying not to laugh, and he bites back a smirk as he greets Karen and tells her a half-assed lie about how you're stuck in traffic. She's suspicious, but she allows it. 
Foggy can't resist striking up a conversation with you when he catches your attention. He leans against the counter and flashes a charming smile. "Well, hello there. I must say, you certainly know how to make an entrance," he says. "And you drink beer, which is much appreciated. Not everyone understands the allure of it."
You glance at him. "Should I be flattered or concerned that it took you only two seconds from seeing me to hitting on me?" you retort, and his cheeks turn bright red. 
He chuckles awkwardly. "A little bit of both, perhaps? But it's hard not to be captivated by someone as stunning as you. You're like a magnet in a room full of metal filings."
You laugh softly, pretending to be flattered. "And he is a smooth talker, too. Damn, I got lucky!" You sip your beer, your eyes crinkling just a little when you spot Matt in the crowd. 
"I can offer a lot more than just smooth talking, y'know? I can buy you another drink and we can find out."
Matt didn’t lie when he said that Foggy was a huge flirt. 
"I have to admit, there's something intriguing about you,” he says, not intending on stopping anytime soon. “You’re pretty, but you’re sassy. I appreciate that.”
“If you call that sassy, you’ve clearly never seen proper sass before,” you say. 
He licks his lips. He’s not one to give up so easily. But he doesn’t do it in a way that pushes you into a corner, it’s more of a friendly banter that you know you can get out of if you only say the word that you’re not interested. 
Seeing Matt smirk in your direction, you can tell he is enjoying this a little too much. Usually so jealous, he sees no competition when it comes to Foggy or how the man is looking at you, and you’re not sure if you should feel bad for Foggy because he’s a nice guy or if you want to punch Matt for being so smug about how no other man could possibly match up to him. He either loathes himself or he has a God complex, and it varies a lot. You know that deep down, he is more than insecure and scared of losing you, but there is something territorial about him that makes it impossible for anyone else to even catch your attention – and he has marked you up good in places most people will never get to see, but you know it’s there, you belong to him, so leaving him for his best friend would never cross your mind. This is more fun than it is serious, but part of you wants to push it further. 
Your hand lands on Foggy’s arm and as if you flicked a switch, Matt’s smirk disappears. “What do you offer besides a drink,” you ask, “now that I’m already curious?”
The purr in your voice doesn’t go unnoticed. He’s out of his chair faster than you could say his name. 
“That depends,” Foggy returns and leans in closer, “what do you prefer? I offer what you want me to offer.”
You truly wonder why he’s single. 
Before you can respond, Matt steps up beside you, placing a possessive hand on your lower back. His touch is both subtle and comforting. "Hey, sorry I'm late," he says, his voice filled with a concern that is supposed to overshadow that he's pretty much feral inside. Oh, how much you're enjoying this now. "Am I interrupting something?"
Foggy's eyes widen as he sees his hand. "Matt! Wait, is this...?"
Matt nods. "Foggy, this is my girlfriend," and he tells him your name before you can. The fact he emphasizes the word "girlfriend" means he's taking this rather seriously, and his God complex from before has vanished into thin air. You feel almost bad for him, so you place your hand on his back as well and lean into him before pressing a gentle kiss to his cheek. You're going to get punished for this later, but right now, you don't mind.
The realization dawns on Foggy, and he looks between you and Matt. "You... you set me up!" he gasps. "I can't believe you did this to me. I made myself look like a fucking fool! Oh, my God..."
You giggle, placing a reassuring hand on his forearm. "I'm so sorry, this was Matt's idea. But you're a really nice guy."
Karen, who has been quietly observing the whole exchange and watching from afar, joins in on the laughter. "Well played, Matt," she says. "Well played."
Foggy crosses his arms. "Okay, okay, you got me. I'll admit, I fell right into your little scheme. But damn," he eyes you again, "you're even more amazing than I thought."
"Thanks, Foggy." You place a hand on your chest. "I wanted to meet you in the old-fashioned sense, but at least now I can say that THE Foggy Nelson flirted with me. From what I've heard, that's an honor."
"Did he tell you that?" Foggy points to Matt. "'Cause he has always been the one stealing all the ladies from me." 
“Listen, I didn’t do it on purpose, I told you,” said Matt. 
“And I told you that-”
It’s your turn to finish what Matt already told you before. “If there's a stunning woman with questionable character in the room, Matt Murdock's gonna find her, and Foggy Nelson is gonna suffer,” you say. 
Foggy nods. “Exactly, that!”
Matt shrugs, though he smirks as if he knows just what an effect he can have because he does. He can hear it, smell it and feel it, and it’s especially precise with you. 
“Well, it didn’t work on me,” Karen cuts in, and the four of you erupt in laughter. 
And with that, the four of you settle in a booth, getting to know each other like you originally intended. You can tell just from talking to them that you’ve won two more friends, and they are a lot more fun than you expected them to be. They accept you and you accept them and that’s all that matters to you, and Matt is more than happy that you’re his and that you are comfortable and happy in his family’s presence like he is. Even though he will never ask you to flirt with one of his friends as a joke again, that’s for sure.
Tumblr media
Matt Murdock Tag List: @acharliecoxedfan @gpenguin666 @lina-mar @mcugeekposts @itwasthereaminuteago @mattkinsella @norestfortheshelbywicked
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Moonlight Reign Ch.1
A/N: Instead of forcing myself to focus on one series at a time, I'm planning to write what sparks joy to write in the moment and post it as I go! Hopefully this will clear some wips and help me feel less disorganized lmao! Not to say I'm not working on THB, I def am I just want to have something to post as I work on THB and the bigger projects like the LWAB fics among other things! So (hopefully) I'll keep these chapters limited to 5-7k, but we'll see lol pls enjoy and send me asks I thrive on them and so does my motivation!
And a huge thank you to my wonderful B @rapline-heaux for beta-reading ily!!
Tumblr media
Series Masterlist
Pairing: Yandere! Mafia! BTS x Reader
Words: 5.7k
Warnings: crime, sensory flashbacks, trauma, unhealthy relationships, yandere behavior not rlly in this part but soon, pining, violence, past abuse, past neglect, academic neglect, stitches, drunk Jungkook, tackling, pinning someone down, mention of open relationship, poly is the norm is this au
“It’s time to go now.” 
1, 2, 3, 4
“Five years after the fall of the underground power family, Moon Corporation, people still suspect an even more powerful company has taken their place since…”
1, 2, 3, 4
“It’s… so red…”
1, 2, 3, 4
“The exposure beheld more answers than questions, but on the five-year anniversary of the suicidal explosion that killed the head, Moon Byungyeol and his daughter, the elusive green-haired girl who was 18 at the time, colleagues mourn in secret and establishments fear an anniversary heist or something worst than last year as the date rapidly approaches…”
1, 2, 3, 4
“Locals have several theories on the big conglomerate that now controls Seoul’s business, underground and above, with the mafia organizations and gangs running rampant, people fear the government is under their thumb as well…”
1, 2- SHUT UP
You inhaled deeply as if just surfacing from the drowning body of water residing in your brain. Your fingers stilled from the tapping, a  desperate attempt to make you surface, a sorry technique your brief stint in therapy drilled into you. Maybe having nothing led to illogical personal connections with a number. Of all your training as an heir, it was the mundane basic curriculum lessons that fascinated you the most. You were never good at math, but you loved to be perplexed by the numbers. It was a humbling experience, and in your fruitless calculations, four was always the easiest to wrap your head around. Of course, you didn’t know how humbled you’d be until you were a 20 year old trying to figure out how to do middle school math. Your education left much to be desired growing up, but you still enjoyed learning. 
You used to be convinced four was too perfect of a number for such an ugly world, and though you let go of the notion with your past life, it didn’t change that it was a world you had to feign blind to now. In your youth, four was a beautiful result of a simple equation, a funny origin to big numbers. It was a warm hug among the violent reactions when you’d get questions far below your intended grade level wrong. In a world where stuffed animals were banned from your childhood room, the number four was all you had. You didn’t particularly like how pathetic that made you feel, but it didn’t change how much it helped you on days like these.
Your palms retracted from their firm placement on the wall you leaned on, relaxing you. Releasing your slightly curled fingers, you stifled a bitter laugh at the desperate attempt to grasp onto something. It was always so degrading to scrub off the marks your acrylics made along the wall, but the stiletto nails made taps loud enough to bring you back. It was an absolute mystery how the school you worked at let you get away with these. 
Your little episode was finished as you settled your mind with the news continuing to drone on. You massaged your jaw, sore from the subconscious clench you were cursed with. You blew out a sigh as you felt your face and nodded when no tears were felt. Your phone buzzed, alerting you to the time and you groaned. Your damn neighbor would be here any minute now.
Jungkook wasn’t a mean guy by any means, quite the opposite. He was extremely insistent on your well-being, so much so it bordered on doting, and such behavior made you clam up. You didn’t know how to respond to his fussing over you. Hell, you didn’t know how to respond to most interactions outside of your old family business for a long while. That was just one of the many things he taught you, and he never once lost his cool doing so. He was patient with you, and you didn’t know how to thank him for it. 
You both had been in the same class when you attended university, and while you were fine with letting your temporary acquaintanceship go no further than asking for notes or the occasional study session, he was a force to be reckoned with. You just kept running into him and when you moved here and found he was your next-door neighbor, you knew there was no getting out of it. He was going to be your friend. Although, you never understood why he wanted to be so bad. 
Cut to a whole year after you both graduated, and it still didn’t make any sense. You both were polar opposites in a lot of ways. He was the regular party boy always at clubs and coming home at ungodly hours of the night. Meanwhile, you were usually in bed by 11:00 pm and only left your apartment for the job that barely covered your rent. Needless to say, you weren't exactly a social butterfly, so if you found one friend in Jungkook, you figured it wouldn't be such a crime.
However, having Jungkook as a friend meant having a weekly dinner with him as he mooched off of your TV and you mooched off of the food he paid for. It was an even enough exchange. Plus, it was nice to talk freely, or well, as free as you've ever been able to, even if just for a little bit.
You faced the mirror, patting down your hair, thankful for how much healthier it was without the cheap dye job you had done yourself when you were 14, “That green didn’t suit me at all,” You mused, fixing your hair, “Plus it nearly ruined my hair.” You murmured to no one in particular, keeping track of your speeding thoughts as you settled back into Earth. 
Jungkook knocked on the door and you nodded to yourself, “It’s open!” You called and sat down at the table as he walked in, take-away bags in his hands.
“You really shouldn’t leave your door open like that, you know.” He tsked like he always did. It just made sense to leave it unlocked when you knew he was coming, especially if you needed to run to the bathroom so you could finish crying before facing him. Of course, you haven't had to do that in a while, but better safe than sorry. Your issues, for lack of better term, were no secret to Jungkook, and you both knew it, but you liked to avoid having him see you at your most vulnerable when you could help it.
You simply shrugged as you helped him unpack the food, “We’re the only ones on the top floor.” You reminded him, “it would be quite silly of a criminal to come all the way up to the 20th floor.” You chided.
“Still.” He tried to argue but quickly gave up. Jungkook knew by now that you could take care of yourself, but sometimes you wished you’d let him do it for you more often. However, he let this potential argument go, this time. He looked around and narrowed his gaze at the TV, “Why do you still have the news on?” 
You paused and looked up from your food as it prattled on about your family, “I guess I forgot,” You forced your casual tone, “Did you get-”
“Syndicates, huh…?” He echoed the news reporter’s words, eyes fixated on the screen with a curious look, “The news is so weird with this stuff.”
The chopsticks in your hand stilled. You wanted to say that the syndicates were even weirder since they were the ones that probably signed off on the script. As a little girl, that was the first thing you had learned, how to play chess outside on a park bench, how to play chess crushing people in your hands as you moved them. It had all been the same to you for far too long. 
“Like I care, it’s just background noise.” A lie, you hated lying, but it was something you had to get used to doing for the sake of your safety.
“You aren't scared of these guys at all?” Jungkook looked at you like you were crazy, although his eyes didn't match the rest of his face's intensity.
Shaking off the weird notion, you rolled your eyes, “A world without you buying me dinner is pretty spooky but that,” You gestured to the TV, “Is a cheap haunted house in comparison to the hell of making dinner or worse, ordering it myself, on a Friday night.” You giggled.
Jungkook rolled his eyes with a scoff, “Is that all I am to you? A sugar daddy?” He asked in mock offense and you nearly spit out your drink.
You swallowed roughly before glaring at him as he laughed, “If you’re my sugar daddy, I need a new one.” You retorted and his laugh died while a childish pout settled on his face, “I mean, all I get is a measly dinner once a week and I still have to work and pay my bills?” 
“Well, what do I get, huh?” He crossed his arms, and it made you chuckle. Laughter had never come easy to you growing up, and it still had a hard time coming to you but after years by Jungkook’s side it was easier than ever to do, “Where’s my sugar?” He thrusted his cheek toward you, tapping on it with his index finger.
You rolled your eyes in spite of the flutter in the pit of your stomach and pushed his face away with your index finger, “My presence is your sugar, dummy.” You teased and how easy it was to be human around him made you smile wider, “Plus I let you watch your silly little shirtless men.” 
He clicked his tongue, “First of all, if you’re going to call them shirtless men, at least call them hot because look at him.” He pressed a button on your remote and his favorite fighter, Park Jimin filled the screen, “Second of all, it’s literally fewer syllables to just say MMA fights.”
You took a bite of your food and shrugged, “Don’t you have, like, a million boyfriends? Wouldn’t you make them jealous drooling all over Jimin?” You challenged, vaguely remembering Jungkook saying he had more than three boyfriends at some point. Not that it was surprising, most people had at least two significant others. Unless they were you, of course. You had no one to talk to but the man sitting in front of you, forget about a significant other. “He would make me pretty damn insecure.” You chuckled.
Jungkook scrunched his brows at you, “Six.” He corrected, mirth filling his eyes already.
You looked from the TV to him, “Hm?” You tilted your head to the side.
“I have six boyfriends, thank you very much.” He stated matter-of-factly, and you rolled your eyes at his tone, “Why? Are you trying to give me seven significant others?” He feigned a scandalous gasp, “Well, the relationship is open, you know, so I guess I could pencil you in–” You cut him off by shoving a piece of chicken in his mouth with a glare. The teasing made your chest seize for a split moment when faced with his teasing smirk, so this had been the best way to shut him up. 
Jungkook had always been a flirt, he often relished in teasing you to see how embarrassed you would get. Thankfully, over the years you had gotten used to it. You had already known his relationship was open since he mentioned how often they’re all apart, but you didn’t care to entertain that kind of intimacy with Jungkook even in your thoughts these days. It was just better that way.
“Ha, ha, we got a comedian.” You deadpanned and before you could say anything else, something on the screen caught your eyes, “What the fuck?” You mumbled.
“What?” Jungkook inquired as he looked at the TV, swallowing the food you fed him.
The camera had panned over the crowd and over an eerily familiar face poorly covered with sunglasses. The etching of a scar peeking out of the cheap frames told you all you needed, though. That was your uncle. 
What the hell was he doing showing his face? Let alone this close to the five-year anniversary of everything. The new syndicate in charge took great joy in celebrating the fall of your family, no doubt they’re itching for someone to make an example of someone. Worry tried to leak its way into your veins, but you fought it. Why should you care about him? If he wanted to sign his death certificate, that was on him.
Still, the sight of a man you were almost positive you’d never see again made you feel uneasy. You’d acclimated to regular life quite well, so one of the few remnants of your past life appearing like a ghost was ominous. In spite of your unease, you couldn’t look away. Almost as if you were waiting for him to poof away. You kinda wished he would. 
The camera changed and you finally blinked.
“N-Nothing.” You finally said, shaking your head, “I just thought I recognized someone, that’s all.” Your hands trembled for the briefest of moments as you lifted food to your mouth.
“Oh really, who?” Your only friend asked curiously and you shrugged as you chewed.
“Just some teacher that called in today.” You lied and it made your food taste sour for a moment. It was for the best you lied, you had to keep reminding yourself of that. 
“Hell, I’d call in too if it meant I could see the fight live.” You were thankful Jungkook dropped the topic and let your shoulders relax. You shouldn’t feel bad for lying, really. An unspoken rule between you both was that you never pried about private details. Jungkook led his life and you led yours. Hell, you don’t even know what he does for a living, but it wouldn’t surprise you if it was living off of his boyfriends’ income. Not to mention you didn’t even know if he lived with anyone else next door or if that was just a place of his own to use on occasions. Though, you couldn’t help being a little jealous at the idea of being so pampered. 
“Yeah, I could go for a silly little shirtless man fight on occasion.” You shrugged with a cheeky grin. 
“Silly?!” Jungkook guffawed, “I’ll have you know if he wins this fight, he’ll qualify for the championship, so this is pretty high stakes.” He toted his knowledge of the sport.
“Hasn’t he already been champion like a few times now?” You asked, barely following.
“Yeah, but, he’s been off his game this season for… personal reasons, so he’s never been this close to not qualifying.” He admitted, and your brows scrunched at the melancholy in his eyes. 
“Damn.” You mustered, “How do you know all this?” You asked, genuine curiosity lighting your eyes.
Suddenly, Jungkook’s cheeks reddened as he tore his eyes from you, “Interviews and stuff, you know.” He waved his hand dismissively and you rolled your eyes. 
“Nothing wrong with being a fanboy.” You chided, “I’m certainly in no place to judge.” You offered, reminding him of your fixation on TV dramas, making him snort before you both honed in on the TV.
These fights were quite fascinating and allowed you to at least tap into some of your training. It was how you knew that Jimin was going to win this fight from the first calculated punch, his form was immaculate and instead of going for the face, he drove his fist into his opponent’s ear. It was a dirty trick, but it was more than enough to give him an opening. 
“Holy shit, I think he might win this.” The fanboy across from you breathed. 
“No way he isn’t going to win.” You confirmed.
“Don’t get my hopes too far up.” He all but squeaked out, basically on the edge of his seat.
After a couple of rounds and idle chitchat, the fight ended with Jimin as the victor. You clapped lightly, but Jungkook was so elated he hugged you as he let out a celebratory roar. The first couple of times he did this shocked you so bad your hands almost went to snap his neck. Now that you were both years into the friendship though, the gesture just made you chuckle. Soon after, just like it did every match, Jungkook’s phone vibrated and he had to leave. He always left you with some kind of affection and this time it was a kiss on the cheek, a rare one, but not a huge step from the common forehead kisses he gave you.
“Don’t drink too much.” You warned and he flashed you a cheeky smile, “At least don’t get into trouble.”
“We’ll see.” He chuckled,  and you rolled your eyes.
“Well then don’t make it my problem!” You yelled and he waved a hand as he closed your door behind him. 
“Father?” You whimpered as a strong hand patted your head to calm you, or soften the blow of what was to come, you couldn’t quite tell, “Tell me you didn't.” Your voice was in shambles as you trembled beneath his palm.
The news mocked you as panic took a hold of your body, shaking it out of the shred of blissful ignorance you had clung onto. Ever since your father took you in, you had many responsibilities, but the comfort of not needing to keep up with the public facade kept you going. You hated the public, all the pleasantries, and honeyed words. None of it made sense, and now, now you felt foolish for not involving yourself more. For not ensuring that something like this could never happen and crumble the only world you’ve known. 
Still, even as despair monopolized your nerves, a tear wouldn’t fall. You weren’t sure if you knew how to shed them, but you knew it would only piss off your father. 
Moon Byungyeol was a rough man and calling him father teetered between feeling genuine and like a formality. He was a boss first, but sometimes he wore the mask of a dad. Sometimes, but it was enough times with enough gusto that you couldn’t tell which side of him best represented his true self– or if he even had a truthful bone within himself. 
He may have been rough, but he was all you had. He and the family he brought you into had been your first priority all your life, even when you had never really been his priority at all.
Not unless you could be used as currency. 
“Y/n, it's time for us to go,” His voice was somber, but even. You’d never seen him so outwardly upset, but even so, he didn’t so much as let his eyes water as his life’s work shattered before his eyes. He was left with a subdued longing as he looked at the TV, melancholic defeat infecting his usually strong posture, “I let this greed consume me, and I'm afraid it's begun eating not just me alive now.” He admitted and it made you feel ill. 
“...such evidence is linking the Moon Corporation to heinous organized crime activities painting them as a possible syndicate, but no arrests have been made nor has a formal criminal investigation on Moon Byungyeol himself been launched, but many workers under the company are being investigated due to possible involvement…”
Everything was dying. The realization that everything you did, all the lives you took, all the training you had suffered through, had never been for some prosperous empire you were promised. All of it had been to supply the lining of your father’s and uncle’s pockets. You should’ve been angry, shocked, or even appalled, but you weren't. You were numb to the fact that you were raised on lies. Fear resided in your veins about what that meant for you. 
“If I just cash out and retire, we could never live in peace,” He shook his head as he switched off the TV before he placed his hands on your shoulder, catching your attention, “But Uncle Byungjoo has a plan that I think might just work.” You swallowed hard at this. Anything Byungjoo could think seldom meant good things for you. On your best days with him, you were a mere afterthought, but on the worst days– most days– you were–”The only thing is that you and I will have to… separate…”
He was going to abandon it. No, he was going to abandon you. The only thing more pitiful than your fear had to be your shock. What reason did you truly have to be surprised that he was throwing you away just as easily as he picked you? He was going to cash out one last time, and leave like this whole operation meant nothing to him. All the while you had put an inkling of faith in his heart to love this empire, like a fool. At the very least, it was the closest thing to love that you knew. This entire place was all you knew. When was the last time you had gone out on your own as anything but his daughter?
“But…” Your mouth was woefully dry, “The empire, just like you said, it’s-”
“We were never an empire,” His self-loathing clung to each word and disgust curled in your stomach as you looked at his solemn face, “I treated this organization as a bank, a money maker, it was inevitable that the paper I cradled would catch fire.” The roundabout way he was speaking began to grate at your nerve. The pseudo-poeticism of his words did nothing to save his dignity, but you didn’t tell him that. 
You didn't scream, yell, or cry. 
At least you hadn't, yet.
“Then who will rule Seoul?” You wondered aloud.
“That’s not my problem anymore.” He said as if it were the easiest thing to come to terms with.
“Who will stay with me?” You asked meekly, immediately regretting it as you watched his previous words dance on his lips before he decided against it.
He smiled warmly at you and it brought a chill down your spine, “Some of us are meant to be alone.” He patted your shoulder and you wanted so badly to break into pieces from the impact. 
No one would stay with you. Not him, not anyone, and he didn't care.
That wasn't the answer you had hoped for. You hung your head in shame, shame that you expected anything other than a cold answer from a man on fire. The request for him to just kill you was on the time of your tongue before he turned around, ready to attend his last hurrah.
You woke up with a start from a bang outside, but considering the fact that it was 4 am, you chalked it up to city noise. Now awake, you stared at the ceiling and blew out an annoyed sigh. You were constantly plagued with flashbacks both in and out of your dreams, and you wished the rancid memories would choose one state of consciousness to haunt you in. Your therapist a couple of years back told you it's normal for people who have gone through what you have to constantly see what you were then in trying to dissect where you are now. Essentially, it was a constant cloud that hung over your head, and no matter how far you removed yourself from that life, its consequences would stay etched into your skin.
Another bang sounded outside your window and you grimaced. Anniversary week was beginning, and you felt more on edge than usual.
Five years ago exactly, you saw the match light. In four days, it will have officially been five years since you saw the flames engulf your home, your family, and everything you were. Each year, this week was chaos for the city of Seoul. Each day was accompanied by an event that slowly grew more and more above ground. It was almost mocking the past, the surfacing of dirty secrets. Secrets the world knew, but never wanted to see, cowards.
The new syndicate at the top of the kingdom was known as Bangtan to the underground scene, but with a “Group” tacked on after the ominous name, they were also the kings of the business world. They were much better at actually hiding their identities, hence why most average people assumed there was no such syndicate anymore or that the “law” took care of it. As if the “law” wasn’t under the thumb of the kings. 
Even so, your information could very well be outdated. The whispers from the underground, also known as the Underworld or even more to the point, Hell, reached your ears less and less as you removed yourself from the lives of anyone who knew who you were. No longer working at the diner your previous nanny ran shut you off from the underground so much so you seldom became aware of Anniversary Week’s events until two days before the main event. 
Another bang, but this time on your door, startled you out of your thoughts, “I can’t believe you went to the bar on a day like today- where are your keys?!” An unfamiliar voice spoke through your door.
“Ask, y/n,” Jungkook’s slurred voice rang out in a yell as you flinched at the volume, “Y/n! I need stitches!” 
This wasn't the first time Jungkook was yelling outside your door, demanding your assistance. This was just another facet of your friendship that you both silently agreed was fine. You never really asked questions, you just patched him up and left him on your couch. It really wasn't any of your business, nor did you have any desire for it to be. Jungkook was an MMA fan, and you knew he was big on that scene and the fitness scene, so it just made sense he would get into fights. You could only hope these fights were agreed upon prior to alcohol, but you weren't naive enough to actually assume that was the case.
“This isn’t even your door, baby, come on.” The voice grunted and your attention peaked. You had encountered a few men trying to help Jungkook home, but you seldom got such an obvious confirmation of their relationship with him, “What? Are you trying to booty call your neighbor?” The unknown man teased and you rolled your eyes. Were they all like this?
“I wish!” Jungkook shouted in response and you were fine with leaving your door closed this time until he spoke, “Ew, I’m dripping on the doormat.”
This made you huff as you hopped out of bed in your large t-shirt and shorts and ripped the door open. You were faced with a man with perfectly styled black hair in a three-piece suit accompanied by a trashed Jungkook with a short, but deep, cut on the corner of his forehead. The man that looked a few years older than you and Jungkook stopped struggling with your neighbor as he looked at you with the most pristine and exasperated face.Everything about this man was polished. Even as your neighbor lazily draped around the man, his suit had barely begun to wrinkle. 
Meanwhile, he looked you up and down with contempt before sighing, “Look, just forget we were-”
“Y/n!” Jungkook cheered before he passed out.
“No booty calls here, sorry.” You remarked flatly, “He usually keeps his keys in his wallet for some reason.” You nodded to his pocket before you looked at his forehead again, “But he does need stitches.” You opened your door a little more, gesturing for them to come in.
The man narrowed his eyes at you, “Do you usually play nurse for him?” You bit your tongue and swallowed his condescending tone with a sigh. You couldn’t tell if he was jealous at the thought of his boyfriend having some neighbor who treats his wounds in the dead of night or if he simply didn’t like you. Although looking at his face, there was no way this man was jealous of you. His gaze was sharp nonetheless, sharp and vaguely familiar, but his eyes held no recognition for you, so you let it go.
“Only when his blood is dripping on my doormat, for the third time this month,” You pointed to the sullied mat that you had just cleaned fully this week, “Bring him in, this isn’t that uncommon-” 
“But-” He tried to object, noticeably a little clammy at the unspoken knowledge of their relationship. 
“Any more blood on that mat and I'm making you pay for it, now come on,” You snapped as he walked in and sat Jungkook in a chair around your table. You shut the door as you pulled your first aid kit out, “You have to sit him on the floor or the couch.”
He complied to the couch, and though he didn’t say anything, you could see the question floating around his mind.
“When he wakes up, he attacks whoever is in front of him,” You spoke, preparing the needle and thread, and you had to ignore the curiosity peaking within you when you saw the other man shift uncomfortably at your comment,  “And I can't stitch and hold him down at the table,” You explained, settling your knees to lock on both sides of Jungkook’s legs and your elbows pressing on his shoulders.
“Aren't you scared he'll hurt you?” The man asked as you began stitching.
You scoffed, “I can play scared if that's what you want, but certainly not for free.” You chuckled, but he remained straight-faced. Tough crowd. You worked very hard to develop your banter skills these past five years, but he paid them no mind making your smile drop. 
Eventually, you just went on stitching in silence until the man broke the silence, “Who are you?” The man spoke mid-way through your stitching.
You paused for a moment, “Didn't you hear Jungkook? I’m y/n, and who are you?”
“None of your concern,” He clipped.
You snorted a chuckle, “You're bleeding on my hardwood floor, that has me pretty concerned.” You gestured to your hand to show him the small cut on his and he slowly grabbed a napkin to press against his hand with his mouth in a thin line, “Concerned for my floor I mean.” You clarified, “But a word of advice? If you don’t want to be suspicious of you, don’t act suspicious.” 
He sighed, “My name is Namjoon-”
You were tying the final knot when Jungkook snapped his eyes open, “Shit.” Was all you were able to get out. He immediately dove at you, pushing you to the floor, making the needle in your hand scratch your forearm before you threw it across the room to avoid the tempting notion of stabbing him with it. You sucked in a breath through your teeth at the burning sensation while you struggled to shake him out of it. 
It didn’t take a genius to deduce why Jungkook’s fight or flight was so concentrated, he’d obviously grown up with a reason to be. Nevertheless, it has never been your place to pry or judge, if anything, it’d be quite hypocritical. He'd seen you in a less-than-ideal mental state plenty of times, to put it lightly. Plus, you knew he didn’t mean any harm, and he was always pretty apologetic after the fact. Although, you were sure the struggle looked pretty concerning as you saw Namjoon scramble to his feet. 
Namjoon was trying to find an opening to cut in between the battle as Jungkook was sloppily throwing his fist down and you were moving your head to dodge each blow. Though his moves were sloppy, they were still fast and you could only dodge for so long. With no other option left, you sighed before slamming your forehead on his fresh stitches to make him stop to register the pain. You took advantage of the opening as you effortlessly pinned his arms down with your knees planted on his upper arms, “Jungkook!” You snapped as Namjoon watched his younger friend finally recognize you in his drunken haze.
“Y-Y/n?” He questioned, his tongue thick in his mouth, “You hurt my head- hey, you’re bleeding on my shirt!”
Your arm had a scratch about half the length of your forearm, it was shallow and oozing blood, but you didn’t flinch, “Wonder who made me hurt both my arm and their head, dumbass,” You muttered, examining his stitches to make sure the impact didn’t affect the new suture, “And you got your blood on my doormat and my forehead, so let’s call it a draw.” You grunted as you fixed the suture.
The sight of someone towering over his boyfriend after headbutting them made Namjoon on edge. Jungkook talked for days and days about how much he loved spending time with his neighbor, but something was… off about you. Why would a school nurse be that skilled in combat? Jungkook was a ruthless fighter and you hardly flinched. 
This string of thoughts prompted his mistake of grasping your wounded forearm to make you stand so he could properly question you. What he didn’t calculate in that movement was the fact that he grasped your fresh cut, which hurt like a bitch. This pain made you bring your other forearm to his neck, pressing firmly into his trachea as his back hit the wall with a bang. You both looked at each other in surprise at your reflex. You gasped softly before releasing him, “Don’t ever manhandle a lady, Namjoon,” You mumbled as you brought distance between the two of you, “I don’t do well being frightened.”
Namjoon regained his composure, impressed by your reaction time and ability to weaken his pride in such a short matter of seconds, “Who are you?” His tone was rougher in comparison to when he first asked the question.
“None of your concern,” You mocked his voice cartoonishly, becoming more and more irritated with his line of questioning, “Now take him, an alcohol pad, and go.” You hissed, unceremoniously tossing the package at him.
He gave you a sharp glare but complied, hauling Jungkook over his shoulder and leaving.  The door shut and you let a relieved sigh escape you. You shut your eyes tightly, frustrated that you let your instincts take over like that. Namjoon was undoubtedly suspicious and that’s the last thing you needed. You opened your eyes and caught sight of the clock nearing 5 am, and it was a Saturday now, so you were going to sleep in as much as you could.
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kotir-propaganda · 2 months
Mossflower has so much going for it, like I’m not even being biased because my blorbo is in it. I will die on the hill of it being Best Redwall Book for several reasons.
-It’s as early Redwall as you can get without actually being Book 1. As such, it avoids a lot of subjects and patterns that would later become repetitive tropes... but it also avoids the Book 1 jankiness of horses and human structures and the implied existence of Portugal. The world as we will come to know it feels more or less fully realized here. The abbey’s not here yet, but its foundation literally is- and we also get our first look at Salamandastron and the extent of Mossflower Wood as a whole.
-It has some of the most solid protagonists around. The legendary hero Martin is here, but he’s at a low point for most of the story and has to work his way up to that legacy! And this is where he does it, this is what future Redwallers remember him for, not the events of Martin the Warrior. Also, Gonff is here? Hello? Maybe the single most charismatic character in the series? Not to mention Dinny, how often does a humble mole actually get to go on a quest in these books?
-This isn’t even getting into how badass all the rest of the woodlanders are, too, but... they absolutely are. This is a small band of rebels that’s been driven from their little houses, they don’t have the luxury of those huge sandstone walls to protect them, but they’re still fighting like hell and outsmarting their enemies to boot. Some of them are seasoned fighters, but some of them are just ordinary families, all banding together to take back their homeland. And they keep it up the whole time! They’re not just waiting around for a guy with a sword to tell them what to do!
-The villains are probably the most nuanced in the whole series. Seriously. There are four whole wildcats here (don’t forget Sandingomm!) and only ONE of them is unquestionably evil. It’s absolutely implied that Verdauga was a fearsome warlord in his day, but if nothing else, he raised ONE kid who turned out to be about as Lawful Good as you can get, and he actually scolds Tsarmina for being mean to her brother!! I wish we could have spent a little more time with Verdauga, honestly, I have so many questions for this man.
-There are a decent handful of morally grey characters here, actually. Chibb spies for the woodlanders, but he’s not the most dependable and is motivated by payment more than sympathy to their cause. Snakefish allies with our questing heroes, but he minces no words in warning them that he’ll just as soon eat them if it comes down to it. Even Argulor is really just out here looking for a bite to eat and can you really blame him, because ashleg is a snack
-Tsarmina herself is irredeemably cruel, but even still there are multiple facets to her. On one hand, she’s scary- big and powerful and ready to rip into anything/anyone with her bare claws. At the same time she can be a clever strategist when she wants to be- poisoning her father and framing her brother, and later manipulating two of her obstacles, Argulor and Bane, into taking each other out. And still yet it can be kind of funny to watch her in action, as she gets humiliated by the resistance on multiple occasions. And maybe there is even a little pathos there, as we see her mind start to slip, and get some glimpse into the deep fear and paranoia that completely overtake her at the end.
-There are just great supporting characters on both sides. Mask is amazing, Fortunata is fantastic. And yeah, Blorbo Supreme Ashleg is here, and I don’t NEED to write a whole essay about him to promote Mossflower as a whole but... having him here is nice! It helps!! May we all follow his example and pursue happier lives for ourselves!!!
-Mossflower laid the foundation for so many events and characters of later books. I mean yeah, it’s a prequel. It’s there to support the first book and by extension, everything that comes after. But so many other great titles in the series have a direct line to Mossflower, from Outcast to Long Patrol to Lord Brocktree and more. Did you enjoy those books? You’re welcome. The threads were already there, just waiting to be expanded upon.
-at one point a wooden leg gets used as a projectile weapon and if you don’t think that’s the best thing ever, I don’t know what else to tell you buddy
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wineauntharry · 8 months
There’s a lot of “cocky guy Joe spoils his gf” type content to the point that I’d love to read the opposite spin on it, rich and successful badass Y/N spoiling Joe. IDK just a thought. Love your writing!
First thank you for the compliment, let's kiss. I like this i think its cute and i had fun writing it. i hope you like it!!!
would yall jump me if i said i was listening to question by chris brown when i was writing this? be fr its okay if you say yes
Anywaysssss enjoy MUAH!
Spoiled Rotten// j.b.
Joe and I had been together since he came to LSU. We grew into adults together. I stuck by him through the beginning of his professional football career. I can’t deny that Joe helped me make it through law school. We were such a strong team and so lucky to have eachother.
Now that we were more stable and in our “grown up” jobs, We could do whatever we wanted when Joe was in his off season. Words can’t explain how proud I am of Joe, but I can’t say I’m surprised with how far he’s come, he’s alway had it in him.
My love language has always been gift giving, and now that I had the means to do so, I can’t stop spoiling Joe. I bought him those infamous Cartier glasses when him and the team beat Clemson in the national championship. 
When he was drafted, I bought us and a few of our closest friends box seats for a Cincinatti Reds game. He is always so grateful, so it's easy to spoil him.
I can’t say that Joe doesn’t spoil me in the same way. For my law school graduation gift, Joe took me to Italy to visit Rome, Venice, and Naples. Whenever he was on the road for long periods of time, he would never let me feel forgotten. I would wake up to dozens of roses at my door or huge fruit arangements. He was always so good to me.
Joe’s birthday was coming up and I might be more excited than him. I might have overdone it with all of his gifts but I just couldn’t help myself, not to mention the club I rented out for a surprise birthday party.
It was finally the morning of Joe’s birthday. It was still early and Joe was fast asleep, so I slipped out of bed and into the kitchen to start on some breakfast. I had just finished up his turkey bacon and french toast when he came creeping into the kitchen sleepy as ever.
“Happy birthday my sweet boy.” Being sure to keep my voice low since he was still waking up.
“Thank you baby” He replied with a quiet, raspy voice. All while making his way over to me.
He snaked his hands around my waist and pressed a light kiss to my lips.
“Are you excited for today?” I asked.
“I am because I get to spend it with you.” He responded with that same warm smile he always gives me in the mornings.
I smiled back and said “Well eat up babe, there’s a fun day ahead of you. Meet me in the shower when you’re done, yeah?” He perked up after that and just replied with a smirk. Gotta start the day right of course.
We had made our way to all of his favorite stores, Cartier, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and many others. Of course we stopped at Nike. Baby had money but he kept it humble, plus, it was all on my dime anyway.
The entire day Joe had peppered me with kisses and a constant stream of thank you’s. Once we had finished lunch we made our way back home to relax before his party that he knew nothing of later in the night.
Once the time came to get ready, I chose Joe’s favorite dress to wear. It was always fun to have him a little flustered in public, and if anyone could do it to him it was me, but that’s besides the point. Joe had chosen an all black outfit with new Nike dunks we had got earlier in the day. 
“You're the prettiest girl in the world. You know that right Y/N?” He said while smiling and putting on his favorite Cartier watch.
“Thank you baby. No funny business just yet though Joe, don’t fuck up my hair, it’s too early for that.” I let out with a little giggle.
“Oh whatever.” He replied
“Is that a sassy birthday boy I hear?” I responded. He just laughed in response. Before we could continue our cute little banter, I got the notification that our Uber was here.
“ Come on J, the Uber is here.” I told him
I grabbed my purse and made my way out our front door. Joe followed closely behind, making sure to slap my ass before he opened the door for me, always being a gentleman I guess.
We were dropped off at the club entrance and we’re let right in by security.
Joe began to question how easy it was to enter when he was cut off by his friends and family screaming “Surprise!”
The room was flooded with balloons and drinks. Future was playing over the loudspeakers and Joe was ecstatic.
“Baby you did this?” He said in awe of what he just walked into.
As the night went on and Joe had gotten drunker, he kept telling me how grateful he was for everything that happened today.
“Y/N you spoiled the fuck out of me today, thank you so much baby. Heaven sent you straight to me, I’m sure of it” He yelled to me over the loud music.
“Anything for my birthday boy, you deserve the world Joe. I just wanna make sure I give it to you.” I responded. Joe’s cheeks turned a light shade of red and I could tell he was truly happy with the life he was living.
We continued dancing and enjoying our night when Joe said “You gonna take up my offer of ruining your hair when we get home later? Can’t say no to the birthday boy, it’s the rules.”
“Maybe I will, maybe I won’t.” I said back.
Joe just let out the deep laugh he always does when he’s drunk. After our little “conversation”, if you can call it that, we went back to dancing with all of our friends, knowing what's gonna happen when we got home.
YALLLLLLLL not me getting all hot and bothered at the end whew. I’m supposed to be sleeping but this popped into my head after I read the request and I just ran with it!
You guys are making me so emotional over the love my other writings are getting. I could cry, this is insane. I can’t thank you enough!!!! :’)
Request here!
all the love- kitt
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httplilyyy · 11 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing: katie mccabe x reader, arsenal x reader
request(s): ‘could you possibly write something with katie mccabe x reader? maybe katie being a hard ass on the pitch and being a softie with reader, perhaps fans shipping them and then katie confesses to reader after a game?’ & ‘katie mccabe x oblivious reader where katie gets jealous and reader finds it hot but is confused’
summary: an oblivious reader and a jealous mccabe, what could go wrong? (nothing really).
warnings: nothing but fluff other than the occasional swear word and my god awful writing
words: 3151
a/n: this is my first time writing for katie mccabe so i hope its up to standards and is somewhat alright. i also realised i didn’t really focus on the requests and got a little sidetracked but it follows the same concept :)
woso masterlist
Tumblr media
It was clear to everyone that Katie had her eye on someone and that someone happened to be you. Yet, you were the only one who couldn't see it.
It bewildered everyone, hint after hint you still didn’t catch onto Katie’s antics only thinking she was being friendly.
Although Katie really liked you, it was slowly getting to a point where she was starting to lose hope. Desperately trying not to be weighed down by not making any progress.
Deciding to graft extra hard, Katie made it her mission to let you know how she felt and if that didn't work, she wouldn't know what to do.
“Hey, y/l/n.” Katie smiled, walking up to you and wrapping an arm around your shoulders.
“Hey, McCabe.” You chuckled, leaning into the woman beside you as the two of you made your way to the coach where the rest of the team was waiting for you.
“Ready to make North London red?”
“Of course.” You smiled.
“Here come the love birds.” Jen teased, watching as you and Katie approached the team.
“Shush, Beattie. We’re just friends.” You replied, shaking your head and letting out a laugh.
At the little harmless comment you made about being ‘just friends’ Katie dropped her arm from your shoulder and let a stoic expression take form on her face.
You turned your head, wondering why Katie put some distance between the two of you, raising an eyebrow in question.
The Irish woman just shook her head a little, looking down at the floor as she found a seat for herself on the coach.
“What was that about?” You asked, looking back and forth between Jen and the door to the coach.
Jen didn't say anything, instead she just let out a small sigh, sending you a smile before walking onto the coach herself, leaving you even more confused than you were before.
Following Jen, you made your way onto the coach and went to find a place to sit. Walking further down the coach you placed your bag over head and sat yourself down with Katie.
“What was that all about?” You questioned in a hushed tone.
“What was what about?” Katie replied, trying to act like she didn’t know what you were talking about.
“Outside and now, you look sad.” You said, turning your body so you were facing Katie more.
“I’m fine, honestly. Just got the jitters, I guess.”
“McCabe getting the jitters? Wow, something must be wrong.” You teased earning a small chuckle from the woman beside you.
“Ha ha, very funny.” Kate said, trying not to let a smile slip past her lips.
“Of course, I am hilarious.”
“And humble.” Katie said sarcastically.
“Hey!” You said, smacking the Irish woman gently on the arm.
The two of you continued to converse for the rest of the journey to Tottenham’s stadium. The teasing not letting up from either of you, causing you both to laugh harder and harder each time, earning knowing looks from your teammates.
Once you had arrived at the stadium, everyone began to pile out of the coach. You and Katie, however, decided to take your time leading to the two of you being the last ones off the coach.
The girls “ooh’d” as you were followed by Katie coming down the stairs of the coach. You waved them off with a smile, once again saying that nothing would happen between the two of you.
“What were you two up to?” Lotte said, a certain tone underlying her voice.
“Not what you are thinking about.” You replied with a chuckle.
“Yeah, y/l/n here can only dream.” Katie said with a smile trying to hide the painful feeling in her heart.
“Come on girls!” Jonas called out.
You and your teammates eased up on your conversations and followed behind Jonas, walking into the stadium and to the locker room.
Changing your clothes and into your kit, you put on a jumper over the top, ready for the warm up.
The warm up went by quickly and before you knew it you were standing behind Leah in the tunnel waiting to walk out onto the pitch.
Shaking the oppositions hands you had a little team talk before going to stand in your position, waiting for the ref to blow their whistle and for the game to start.
You had won the coin toss and it was chosen that Arsenal was to kick off. Standing with the ball at your feet you took a look at your teammates, determination etched onto your face.
Once the ref blew their whistle, you passed the ball to Beth and the game was underway. The game was gruelling from the start, each team putting in their all from the get go.
Arsenal had a few chances and Tottenham even less. Tackles were being made left, right and centre, each of them becoming harder than the last.
You could feel the fans wince every time someone went down, noticeable grimaces on their faces.
After one particular foul from Ashleigh Neville on Lia, you were prepared to get a yellow whether that's from a tackle or for sticking up for your teammates.
It got to the thirty-sixth minute when Arsenal had a chance. Beth was running down the wing and sent in a weighted ball straight to your feet.
Not having the chance to control the ball due to having two defenders surrounding you, you hit the ball first time, smashing your laces through the ball, you watched as it soared through the air just out of the keepers reach and into the top corner.
The stadium erupted into cheers, the ground practically shaking. You felt someone jump on your back whilst some other girls ran over to celebrate.
The game started up again and it was as if Arsenal had found a new fire from within. For the rest of the first half, Tottenham struggled to keep the ball and found it hard to get it out of their own half.
As a result of this, Sozua managed to get a goal from a corner. The header slotting perfectly in the bottom left corner.
Once the ref blew their whistle for half time you, along with your teammates, made your way back to the locker room with an extra skip in your step.
“Hey, nice goal.” Katie smiled as she sat beside you near your locker.
“Thanks.” You replied, taking a sip from your drink.
The two of you sat in a comfortable silence but you were soon to catch onto Katies nervous fidgeting. Leg bouncing up and down, restless fingers drumming on her thigh.
You gently placed a hand on Katie's thigh, taking her hand into yours and resting it in her lap. You raised an eyebrow in question and silently asked if she was alright.
Getting a small smile in return you were about to pull your hand away when you felt Katie grip onto it harder.
“Are you doing anything later?” The woman asked, nervousness settling back in.
“I think the girls want to go out, whether we win or not and I was thinking of going, why?”
“No reason.” Katie said, sending you a smile albeit it seemed sad.
“I’d like it if you were there.” You said, nudging your shoulder into hers.
“Mhm, if you dont go then I won't.”
“Okay, I guess I'll see you and everyone else later.”
You and your teammates were soon called back out and the game started back up again.
The second half went much quicker than the first and, much to your dismay, the tackles never ceased. Arsenal managed to score a third before you were subbed off for Viv, where you sat on the bench next to Katie.
As the match continued, Katie was subbed on and rather than concentrating on the game you couldn’t steer your eyes away from a certain Irish woman. After Beth got subbed off, the two of you made little comments about certain plays here and there as well as shouting when a player went down.
Expecting no less, Katie was being brutal when it came to her tackles, earning herself a yellow after only being on the pitch for twenty minutes.
Unbeknownst to you, after every tackle, pass and shot taken by Katie she would discreetly look at you. Hoping that you were watching her in some way, smiling to herself once she sees any sign of you looking at her.
When the final whistle blew everyone let out a sigh of relief, thankful for no more tackles coming their way. The game ended with a four-nil victory and it was safe to say everyone was going to go out.
You walked onto the pitch and went around shaking the opposition's hand once again before walking around the stadium to speak to the fans that came to watch.
After many selfies, signatures and short conversations you had managed to get around to almost everyone as well as giving your shirt away in the process.
“You're drooling.” Manu teased as she came up beside Katie, nudging her as she stared at you.
“Shut up.” Katie mumbled, unable to tear her eyes away from your frame, watching as your eyes lit up talking to the fans and smiling after getting praised for the way you played.
“You gonna make a move yet?” Manu asked, sending a knowing glance at the woman beside her.
“She doesn’t feel the same way.” Katie said sadly, finally taking her eyes off of you.
“You don’t know that.” Manu said supportively. “Try and talk to her at the club and if you're lucky you might get to take them home.”
Katie let out a huffed chuckle at the wink the goalkeeper sent her way before walking off and back to the locker room.
“Y/l/n.” Jonas called out to you, making your head turn towards him. “You’re needed for an interview.”
Taking one last photo with someone you sent a smile to the fans before making your way to the interviewer.
“Hey.” You smiled as you approached the woman who was going to interview you.
Throughout the interview a common theme was occurring. The woman in front of you couldn't seem to keep her hands off you.
Trying to laugh her advances off you looked to the side multiple times silently begging for someone to come and save you. What made matters worse was you didn't pick up a coat or a spare top before going into the interview.
You stood in front of a camera and a very handsy interviewer with only your sports bra and shorts on.
It was as if God had answered your prayers once you saw Katie making her way towards you, a coat in hand and a not so happy look on her face.
“You must be very strong to keep those defenders off you when scoring that goal.” The interviewer said as she placed her hand on your bicep and gave it a little squeeze before moving her hand down your arm and onto your stomach, brushing her fingers over your abdomen.
“Okay, that’s enough of this interview.” Katie said as she stood behind you, wrapping the coat around your shoulders, covering your front.
“But we were just getting started.” The lady replied, sending a wink your way and an ugly expression towards Katie.
“That’s a shame, but I really don’t give a shit so bye.” Katie deadpanned, sending a fake smile before walking off and pulling you along with her.
“Thanks for that.” You said appreciatively.
“She should be fired.” Katie muttered, shaking her head, steam practicalling coming out of her ears.
“Hey, it’s okay.” You said, stopping causing Katie to pause as well. You placed your hands on either side of her face, thumbs gently brushing past her cheek bones.
“It’s not, she touched you inappropriately.” Katie huffed, closing her eyes trying to calm herself down.
“How about we forget about it and go celebrate our win?” You suggested.
“Yeah, okay. I could use a drink.”
“You and me both.” You chucked.
It was a couple of hours later and you were with all your teammates in some random club in London. Cheap booze and sweat lingering in the air along with drunken bodies swarming the dance floor.
Making your way over to the bar with a couple of your teammates, ordering for yourselves and the ones trying to find a table for you all.
After spending a little too much on drinks you took as many as you could in your hands and made your way to the others.
After many drinks, shots and poor choices you stumbled over to the bar, choosing to go for a water so you won't be dying of a terrible hangover in the morning.
You swirled the straw in your glass, watching as your teammates did some questionable dance moves. Letting out a soft laugh you turned back to the bar, asking for another water.
“Questionable drink of choice.” Someone said as they sat beside you. “Water at a club, not seen that before.”
“Yeah,” you chuckled, taking another sip, “I prefer not to be half way down the toilet.”
“Very true.” They laughed. “I’m surprised you haven’t recognised me yet.”
“Wait- oh my god!”
“What are you doing here?”
“Wanted to see an old friend.” They shrugged with a smile.
As you continued to converse with your friend beside you, the looks by your teammates went unnoticed by you.
They saw the way you would laugh at something your friend said, hand touching their arm before going back to your drink. Your body position completely focused on the person sitting beside you.
“What do they have that I don't?” Katie asked, completely misreading the situation.
“Oh, Katie.” Leah said softly.
“It’s not fair.” Katie mumbled, her grip tightening on her drink.
“Why don’t you go over there?” Jordan questioned.
“I can’t.” Katie said dejectedly. “They look too happy.”
“Maybe y/n’s just being friendly?” Beth piped up.
“Yeah right.” The Irish woman scoffed, taking a big gulp of her drink before placing the glass back on to the table. “I’m going home.”
“Wait Katie-” The girls tried but it was no use as the Irish woman had already made a beeline for the doors, walking out and onto the streets of London.
It wasn’t long after when you decided to end the conversation with your friend and head back to your teammates. After a quick hug goodbye and an exchange of numbers you walked back over to the girls.
“Hey, where's McCabe gone?” You questioned as you stood looking at everyone.
“She went home,” Jen replied, “how’s your new girlfriend?”
“Huh?” You said, confused.
“You were chatting someone up by the bar.”
“Oh, God no. That was just an old friend.” You chuckled.
When the girls didn’t laugh or send you a smile you were quickly put into a state of utter confusion.
“Wait, do you think I was cracking on with them?” You asked.
“I mean, that's what it looked like from over here.” Lia said, shrugging her shoulders.
“Oh, God.” You muttered, slumping your shoulders and hanging your head, looking at the floor.
“You might want to go see Katie.” Leah suggested.
“Wait, why?” You questioned, lifting your head up from your gaze on the ground.
“Why do you think? She loves you.”
“She loves me?” You repeated softly.
“Yes, now go!” The girls said together.
“Oh. Oh. OH.” You said frantically. “Okay, do you think I should get her something or-”
“Just go.”
“Alright, I'm going.” You said raising your hands in defence and walking backwards before turning around to make your way out of the club.
As you made your way towards Katie’s place the heavens had decided to open up, causing you to become soaked by the rain. Speeding up your pace, you spotted a little shop and you quickly made your way inside.
Searching through the tiny shop you brought some flowers before heading back out into the rain.
You finally arrived at Katie’s place, knocking on her door as you stood on her doorstep, drenched from the downpour you had just walked through.
To say Katie was surprised to see you standing in front of her when she opened her door was an understatement.
“Hey.” You smiled, clutching onto the flowers that you held close to your body.
“Hi.” Katie smiled back, although it wasn’t near enough as big as yours.
“I got these for you.” You said, holding the flowers for Katie to take but now looking at them they looked very worse for wear, water dripping off them as they sagged around your hand.
“Y/n.” Katie chuckled softly.
“They looked better when I brought them, I promise.” You internally groaned as you tried to hide your face in them.
“No, no, I love them.” Katie said, gently taking them out of your hands.
“I’m sorry.” You smiled weakly, looking down, toeing the ground.
“What for?”
“For being oblivious.” You said.
“Yeah, oh.” You mumbled. “If I knew you liked me before then I would’ve made a move.”
“You like me?” Katie asked cautiously.
“Yeah, loads and this isn’t really how I wanted to confess said feelings but it's better late than never and with you being jealous and all-”
“Oh shut up,” Katie mumbled, grabbing the back of your neck and pulling you in for a searing kiss.
You took a hold of Katie’s waist and pulled her into you, smiling into the kiss. Stepping forward, you turned and pushed Katie against her front door.
Katie let out a small whine at the action, desperately tugging at the collar of your top, trying to bring you closer.
Trailing down Katie’s neck, you left open kisses from her jaw to her collarbone. Sucking partially hard on a certain spot, Katie let a whine escape from her lips.
You pulled away, smiling at the expression painted on Katie’s face. Lips bruised, hair dishevelled, chest rising and falling rapidly but still looked like the most beautiful person on the planet.
“I- that was- wow.” You said, struggling to find what to say.
“Such a way with words.” Katie chuckled.
“I really like you and I really don’t want to mess this up.” you admitted, pointing between the two of you.
“I really like you too.” Katie smiled. “But you already knew that.”
“Well, not really.” You said sheepishly, rubbing the back of your neck.
“I'll let you off.”
“It’s ‘cause you love me.” you teased dragging out the ‘o’ in love.
“Not there yet,” Katie smiled, “but how about you come inside and we can finish off what we started.”
“No need to tell me twice.” You rushed out, being pulled by Katie as you kicked the door closed.
It was safe to say you were very thankful for jealous Katie that night, unlike the neighbours.
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miracleandplagueau · 3 months
Tumblr media
So, here's a thing about Marinette.
She is a kind, rather cultured person, agrees to a lot of things, but also knows when to stand her ground and say no. The averagest of average protagonist models you can write with the exception of her obsessive personality trait. About Derision later, but she might possibly be one of the blandest characters I've seen in popular media
While watching Demon Slayer's finale yesterday, I realized something. Marinette is very much like Tanjiro. She can be both kind and badass when needed, be humble and be confident whenever the writers need her to be. Marinette is like Tanjiro -- written to be liked. She wasn't written to be unique or stand out from the crowd nor was she ever supposed to make a breakthrough in how to write a compelling protagonist to root for. She is a vessel. An empty vessel to watch in the background, because once you start analyzing her, it's over for your sanity
But why is she so hated then... She's so kind, so extremely helpful. A person everyone can get along with (famous people count too I suppose), but she also has her own frustrations like deal with brats who apparently targetted her as their victim for no apparent reason!! She has struggl-- It's nothing new. Look at it a little closer, go in depth and tell me that she has a consistent personality. She's more of a big pile of clay that the writers will model and shape according to their mood and how they want a certain storyline to end. Even Chat Noir has more consistent personality than her despite being neglected by both his own father and the writers. I guess more isn't always the merrier.
Actually, I take it back. There is one conflict. Well, "conflict" or rather a turning moment for her is when she loses all miraculouses, which is followed by a nasty panic attack. That's it. That's all I could think of from the top of my head.
Tumblr media
The only thing that really makes her stand out is her obssessive nature towards Adrien and we got some insight on why in the season 5 episode Derision and you know what I have to say about that? Fucking BULLSHIT. In a very short summary, Marinette crushed on Kim, but he humiliated her whilst working with Chloe. After that event, she decided she will only confess to someone when she knows them through and through. Putting aside the fact that we only then found out that Marinette had a friend that wasn't Alya, It's actually a total asspull in terms of Kim's behavior. Why would Marinette be friendly to Kim in Dark Cupid when he did something like THAT to her? Why is he potrayed as a funny, a little misguided himbo in the friend group - did nobody actually know about what's happened? I mean obviously they had to so why is everyone pretending like everything is fine? Why is SHE pretending everything is fine? Did she forget?! The answer is no, because Derision was not planned from the beginning. Thomas heard that his beloved protagonist isn't liked and went back to the drawing board to cook up some fake depth to her. Despite what I said, I'd actually love to see an episode like that, maybe Chloe IS the bitch we're lead to believe she is and I could've accepted it as a valid explanation to both Marinette behavior and her cruel, unchanging nature....
Putting a lore piece like that in the final season of the story is actually fucking ridiculous. Do you really expect me to care NOW?! When we're like 15 episodes from the FINALE OF THE SHOW? Na-ah, absolutely fucking not
Everytime I see a post praising Derision for how well written it is my stomach does a fucking cartwheel this is not an exaggeration
Tumblr media
Marinette is like Zoe except Marinette is actually an asshole sometimes. It would be good If she was! I want to see an asshole protagonist where I'll have to see them change before I start rooting for them, but Marinette is neither changing, evolving or facing consequences. Using a miraculous for her personal gain and lashing out as Ladybug on Lila? it was a good fucking moment. I found it uncomfortable and embarassing to watch AND THAT'S A GOOD THING. IT HAD LONG LASTING CONSEQUENCES in form of Lila being a menance in return. Then again, I can't exactly praise Lila because she's equally as stupid- sorry, everyone's brains and common sense seem to evaporate when they're in Lila's closest proximity, but that's where they're similar. Everyone seems to lose their awareness when Marinette does her puppy eyes to break into a house too.
She is genuinely getting harder to watch and don't even get me started on season 5 because I've seen the leaks alright
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hebidanshi · 3 months
【 Ramble 】
I love dissecting Azul, I know, but would you be surprised to learn that she actually isn't my top favorite? That I don't actually like her all that much either? I do love her, but I also want to crush her windpipe. ¯⁠\⁠_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯ I just think it's fun to psychoanalyze her and beat her up in my head.
The reason why I became obsessed with her is a bit silly, I think.
!Long explanation below! I've ranted about this a lot to my friends and mutuals because I'm very passionate about this (I'm so sorry), but my followers and casual visitors don't...
I saw how much she would get characterized as an abusive figure (in untagged fanfiction, mind you.) or more vile than she actually is, and it bothered me. It was genuinely uncomfortable to browse through the tags and find almost nothing but this heavily OC-fied, "sexy mafia boss who wants to control every aspect of your life" characterization that was rampant due to badly written smut and self-insert fanfiction... and I started reading up on all of her main story and event appearances, interactions, personal stories, voice lines... Just about any canonicaI information I could find, and I didn't see anything of that sort.
I didn't have much interest in Azul back then, but after seeing how badly she gets butchered for the sake of sexualization, I was disappointed and honestly kind of mad at the fandom's callousness.
Something about people blowing her trauma responses out of proportion and/or seemingly purposefully misinterpreting her character for the sake of writing (again, untagged and romanticized) abusive X Reader fanfiction started to get on my nerves even more (I know why it did. Because sexualizing and romanticizing trauma responses is incredibly strange and it makes me disgusted for personal reasons. Exaggerating these behaviors and gushing about them is even more gross. At least tag your posts and note that abuse survivors who developed "ugly" traits after their trauma will side-eye you.)
Because in canon, her character reads more like a brat who loves winning and being dramatic to impress people. She wants people to think she is above them or at least "perfect" as a way to protect herself and her fragile ego, but she is still a people pleaser who demands the world from herself. Her spiteful nature and the running gag of Azul getting humbled are hilarious! She's such a funny character! I don't understand the need to omit a major part of her character and over exaggerate two or three aspects of her character for the purpose of "simping" or whatever people call it...
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ithaquasbbg · 1 month
could you write a scenario for ganji or Naib, and norton with a s/o who accidentally sabotages them, like before a match they took something important :)
Hi, yes! Since it’s 3 characters I’ll be doing Headcanons (it would take me hours to write three one shots, I’m very sorry!- this will be updated in the request form)
Tumblr media
Ganji, Naib, and Norton when sabotaged by s/o
Tumblr media
⭒❃.✮:▹ I don’t think he’d take it very well at first..
⭒❃.✮:▹ Let’s just say his s/o took his bat and he cannot find it, since the sport he plays means a great deal to him, and it’s his means of self defense in matches, it would stress him out.
⭒❃.✮:▹ When he comes to you after the match, he’d certainly be quite cranky. You’d be getting the silent treatment for him for a while.
⭒❃.✮:▹ He doesn’t do it in a petty way, per say, instead he does it because he genuinely feels betrayed for a little while.
⭒❃.✮:▹ When he comes to terms with the fact that maybe you didn’t mean to sabotage him maliciously, he calms down a little, but is still rather tense, keeping a close eye on his things.
⭒❃.✮:▹ He’s humble to a fault, and often ends blaming himself, thinking he deserved to have his stuff taken
⭒❃.✮:▹ After the first time, please don’t do it to him again, he’s already a stressed person as it is :((
⭒❃.✮:▹ After a few minutes of him brooding, he’d probably accept that you didn’t do it maliciously and sits next to you, looking for any form of comfort he can get.
Tumblr media
⭒❃.✮:▹ Honestly I feel like he could fend for himself should he be without his elbow pads and such
⭒❃.✮:▹Would he be annoyed? Yes. But give him a little while to get over it and he might honestly think the situation is quite funny.
⭒❃.✮:▹ Though he’d probably ask for you to help him with all the extra injuries he got from that match as a fair trade.
⭒❃.✮:▹ “What made you want to do that?” He asks, laughing quietly as you clean his wounds.
⭒❃.✮:▹ Naib has likely had a lot worse happen to him in the past, so this probably seems like a minor occurrence to him, hence why he thinks it’s a little funny
⭒❃.✮:▹ He’d be a little annoyed still that he had to participate in a match without his equipment and would probably scold you about it for a few moments, but nothing too bad
⭒❃.✮:▹ “(Name), if you’re going to steal my items for a match, at least make sure you can use them correctly”
⭒❃.✮:▹ He does decide it would be a good way to help you learn to defend yourself better in matches, as long as you ask him before stealing his things the next time.
Tumblr media
⭒❃.✮:▹ He seems to like those magnets more than he likes some people at the manor, so he’s probably gonna be a little upset.
⭒❃.✮:▹ He’s especially annoyed when he gets quickly downed and cannot save, coming back from the match with a frown on his face.
⭒❃.✮:▹ “(Name), give me back the magnets.” He immediately gets the idea it was you, since he knows your behavior better than almost anyone
⭒❃.✮:▹ He’s quite cranky about it for a while, but eventually gets over it and is back to his typical self, he can’t stay mad at you for too long!
⭒❃.✮:▹ That being said, he’ll still make sure to hide his stuff better so you won’t take it before one of his matches again.
⭒❃.✮:▹ Though, if you were interested in them he’d show you how they work!
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lemoneyyy · 2 years
💌 7th house ruler in signs and houses 💞
Tumblr media
7th house ruler and what you attracted to (your ideal partner).
♡ Check the degree and planets aspects as well!!! ^^
💗 7th house ruler in 1st/Aries
- you want a partner who is bold, confident and ambitious.
- who can motivate and always inspire you.
- someone who is similar to you in some way.
- you may meet them on an ordinary day, but there's something about you two that attracts each other, can be a "love at first sight", something could happen really fast. A very active place, like a sport field or a gym. Even a place have an accident brought the two of you together :) (actually idk what to say lol >_<). 🐏🔥
💗 7th house ruler in 2nd/Taurus
- you prefer a person who is trustworthy, loyal and have good finances.
- you or them may really like to cuddling, a huge ass fan of pda ✨
- someone who can cook, so you and them can cook together. (omg so cute argggg)
- you may meet them at a comfy and chilling place. A place related to beauty, like a spa. Somthing related to cooking and food : restaurant, chef, supermarket,... Somthing about makeup, clothes, perfume, jewelry, looks very nice and luxurious. Money, related to banking and trading. Bull and horns. 🐂💸
💗 7th house ruler in 3rd/Gemini
- commucation is the key here.
- who is witty, highly intelligent, also have a great sense of humour.
- someone who will impress you with their quick mind and courage, keeping you curious about them.
- you may meet them through your siblings or neighborhoods, at school, a fair, a market. Short distance travel. Transportation and social media. Things related to knowledge : books, magazines or newspapers. Talking, reading or writing. Very noisy and funny place, which have a lot of ppl, make you hard to focus. Since it's a dual sign, so you may meet two ppl, a twin, a couple, and there's your spouse :) 📚🧑‍🤝‍🧑
💗 7th house ruler in 4th/Cancer
- you like a sweet, cute partner who can protect you.
- someone in need of a deep emotional connection with you.
- this person can be your childhood friend, someone reminds you of your parents, or a loving person who feels like home to you, makes you really feel peace when ur with them!!
- a homebody and traditional person who always respect older ppl.
- you may meet them through your family, or something related to your family. Very comfy and nostalgic place, reminds you of your childhood (maybe deja vu??). Something related to home and vehicles, a hotel or a car showroom. During a holiday. A place have water like a beach or pool. 🦀🌚
💗 7th house ruler in 5th/Leo
- you like a cheerful, energetic, confident, optimistic, creative partner.
- a person who is the center of attention, very prominent and magnetic.
- someone will boost your pride and ego.
- you or them may really love children.
- you're drawn to playful partner, famous ppl, artistic and very outgoing
- you may meet them at a creative place, where everyone can show off their talents. A very lively and dramatic place. Related to music and performance. Something about romance, playfulness and flirting. "Blastly" atmosphere. Hot/sunny weather, summer. 🦁☀️
💗 7th house ruler in 6th/Virgo
- you'll definitely keep an eye on someone who is humble, pratical and nurturing.
- you like to spend your time with your partner.
- someone who does more than says, always listening to you.
- a person has a healthy lifestyle, clean and organized.
- you tend to enter relationships more slowly because you value long term and commitment relationships.
- you may meet them at school/work, or through a coworker. Through daily routine. You could meet them through a "normal" way, nothing in common. A place related to health, a hospital, gym or a pharmacy. 🏥👧
💗 7th house ruler in 7th/Libra
- you're drawn to a diplomatic and social partner.
- maybe you may desire yourself in a relationship and think about it many times when you were young.
- a balanced, diplomatic, elegant and attractive partner.
- probably someone who has bf/gf material on them ;)
- you want a true love, very passionate and fascinating.
- you may meet them through somebody introduction. Could be a blind date or a matchmaking (arranged marriage). Very polite, elegant, political enviroment like a business or a meeting. Social media. There could be flirting from either or both parties. A library or a court. On a holiday, which could be a lot couples around (valentine or new year's eve or smth like that i guess so). ⚖️👩‍🎓
💗 7th house ruler in 8th/Scorpio
- who mystery and hard to read.
- you want to connect your soul with them, want to feel trusted and understood.
- someone who can accepts the darkest parts of you and satisfies your sexual need.
- someone who gives you intense emotions and make you feel alive again.
- you may meet them at night, dark/heavy place. Can be a love at first sight, ONS, a hookup. Something very intense will draw you two together like a magnet. A very taboo and sexual place. Meet them after a big transformation in your life. Watery place. Spooky and deadly place. Place related to home and vehicles (lmao sounds so scary ☠). 🦂🖤
💗 7th house ruler in 9th/Sagittarius
- your type is someone passionate, curious, funny, quickly, frank and honest.
- a free spirit who can always be with you.
- you may meet them at foreign lands and long distance travel. Higher education like a college or university. You can meet them in the lecture hall, where someone is teaching. At a playground or amusement park, which is funny and exciting. A place that very big, expands. Religious place like a church or a wedding. During a vacation. Related to horse, archery, arrows 🏹🐴
💗 7th house ruler in 10th/Capricorn
- you're attracted to mature, ambitious, successful and responsible partners, authority figures
- you don't need someone who is too romantic, just someone who is realistic and hard-working 😌
- somebody who can help you in your career and make you feel more mature.
- your relationships can be quite popular and be due to public eye 👀
- you may meet them at work/office or school. Serious and busy environment. Lots of awards, certificates, trophies, etc. Perharps you meet them later in life. Your father can play a role in this. 🐐⛰️
💗 7th house ruler in 11th/Aquarius
- you want a partner who can be both your friend and lover.
- intelligent, quirky, unique and independent partner.
- a non-binding relationship where you feel most free with your partner.
- if afflicted, you may feel constrained and uncomfortable in relationships.
- you may meet them through your or their friends, or both of you've been friends before. Online friends or social media. At the airport or plane. A modern and technological place. Place that have lots of ppl, like a fandom, community or a group. Waterfall or fountain. ⛲🏞
💗 7th house ruler in 12th/Pisces
- an artistic, dreamy, spiritual, creative partner is your type.
- you may want to keep your relationship secret.
- someone mystery, stand out the crowd.
- who is sensitive and empathetic enough to understand your pains and flaws and gently forgive that.
- this also indicates that you could have a healing or karmic relationship.
- you may meet them through your dreams. At a quite and spiritual place like hospital or church. Foreign lands. Somewhere creative like art museum, movie theater, etc. A place that have a lot of water. Fishy 🐟💦
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starseneyes · 7 months
Chenford REWIND - Lucy Chen / Tim Bradford - The Rookie - Season 2 Ep 14
"Casualties" AKA Who Let the Dog Out!?
This one came in as a request, and it's a great one. I can't believe I hadn't gotten to it, yet! There's some really beautiful stuff in here for both Tim and Lucy, even if nothing's quite romantic for Chenford at this phase of their relationship. We are inching toward friendship, and very nearly there, in my humble opinion.
SPOILER ALERT: If you're looking for a spoiler-free place, this ain't it. I do try to write these without using foreknowledge of what happens beyond the episode, but I absolutely spoil everything in it and reference everything that came before.
You're not turning back? Awesome. Let's dive in!
"Yeah, dogs are super helpful for trauma recovery."
Lucy has gone through her list of all the things that could help her work through her trauma. Before she even got back to work, she'd worked through more than most.
It's a very... logical way of working through. Fed by her mother's influence and her own studies, Lucy tried to talk herself through trauma. It was enough to get her cleared at work, but we all know it's still there. Trauma doesn't just go away because you go through enough exercises.
Trauma lives in the pit of your stomach, the center of your soul, the deep recesses of your mind. You can't dislodge it. But you can learn how to heal and live with it.
Lucy looking for a therapy dog and jumping straight in is a way outta left field decision. But, I think it's consistent with Lucy's personality, funny enough. She doesn't tend to hang back and wait for life to happen. If she wants something, she's confident enough to go after it.
You might be wondering why is it different with Tim? I mean, Season 2 era Lucy is nowhere near ready to jump Tim's bones. They're building their friendship, and finding their way.
This isn't "two people meet and hit it off". This is "two people meet and want to hit a wall".
Lucy and Tim don't start off as enemies, but they do start off with Tim in the role of antagonist. He's the source of a lot of Lucy's frustrations and struggles early in her career. And while Lucy is a good person who sees the good in people (even Tim), he's not to a point where he'd be open enough to trust her with all of it.
We're getting there. And this episode shows a lot of growth on that front. But the relationship that Tim and Lucy will build is so important. They battled one another and the world to build it. They fought each other and the fire. They had to come through hit after hit after hit together.
The armor Tim wears so loudly will eventually clatter and clang to the floor in Lucy's presence. We can see it coming. But Lucy won't be tearing it off of him. It'll fall as Tim releases it.
Lucy doesn't yet want Tim. So, she's not going after him. And if the day comes when she does want him, it'll be a completely different entry to a romantic relationship from any she's ever had before. At no stage in their relationship is this like anything Lucy's had before. And the same for Tim.
That's what makes it so damn special.
Lucy's not ready for Tim, and he sure as hell isn't ready for her. But, in the meantime, some not-thinking-it-through part of Lucy thinks she's ready for a puppy.
"Before I get started with the morning's business, I want to thank everyone, again, for all their hard work on the Rosalind Dyer case."
Tim's jaw clenches and he glances Lucy's way. He's not going to make a big show in Roll Call, but that's just enough for us to know he's thinking of Lucy.
"That was a... difficult time."
Lucy doesn't want the attention. Remember how she didn't want to be applauded when she came back the first day? She doesn't want the reminder. It's still really fresh, and she likes to think she's moved past it.
We all know that she is still working through, but Lucy wants to be "back to normal" with everything in her.
"Getting a dog is a big mistake." "I don't remember asking you." "Well, tough. It's my job to train you how to succeed. And adding a dependent is only going to distract you."
We've come a long way from Tim saying that scaring Rookies off was his job. He really wants Lucy to succeed. He wants her to do well. He knows how tough she is. He just has to help her fully get her bearings as a cop before she's on her own.
And while a dog technically falls into her personal life (which we do not discuss on-the-job *cough*bullshit*cough*), Tim feels the need to speak up.
"Just face it, you don't like dogs." "Wrong. I love dogs."
So why doesn't he have a dog? Did Isabel not like dogs? Is that why he's a guy who loves dogs, but doesn't have one?
This really bothers me! Like, Tim Bradford should get to have a dog! Talk about another human with some trauma who could really use some snuggles and huggles.
"I just think they're a lot of responsibility, and I'm not sure you're ready for it."
This—being a cop—is the thing she's taken most seriously in her life, right? So, Tim might not be far off. Then again, nobody asked you, suckaah!
Yes, I'm being immature. But, wow, was that statement condescending from Tim.
"But you were when you were my age?" "At your age I'd done two tours in Afghanistan and Iraq, the second in charge of a squad of 10 soldiers." "Show off." "What was that?" "Hm?"
I kinda love her slipping that in, but I also hurt for both of them in this scene. One of those classic, "We don't know each other well enough to know why this hurts" situations.
Lucy is insecure about how long it's taken her to find a path. She thinks Tim is showing off, but he ran to the military to take him away from his father. He dove headlong into his work because he thought it would give him the worth he lacked.
So, neither of them is trying to injure the other. But Lucy feels judged, while Tim's past was never about earning accolades and success. It was about feeling worthy as a human being.
Wow, these two have a lot to unpack in the future.
"I'll be right there." "Right where." "My apartment." "Not unless it's a crime scene."
But. They. Go. Like, I know it's there for comedic detail that we have the POV of the door opening to view the carnage for ourselves. But, there had to have been a conversation between Tim and Lucy where she wore him down enough that they went to her apartment.
Tim could have stuck to his "No", but he didn't. Because he already sees Lucy differently, and he's already making exceptions for her. Now, he can rationalize them away, but she has a special place in his heart.
No, it's not romantic. Tim's not about to make love to her on the wreckage of her couch. But they are quickly becoming friends, and have a special soul-level bond that's developed.
"Sit." "How did you do that?" "Come on."
Tim's "Come on" had me cracking up. I can only think of hearing it one other time in early Season 5. But, I love the confidence that goes along with it.
Tim doesn't believe in himself as a man. He doesn't see his worth as a human. But as a soldier? As a cop? As a TO? That makes sense to him. It's tangible, as he would say.
"This is Jackson's Varsity Jacket. He's gonna be so upset." "I don't really have to say anything, do I?"
Tim. Takes. The. Picture. It's the weirdest love language—taking awkward photos of one another—but it's one they share. And I love that for them.
She doesn't even protest the photo. She knows it's coming.
"Mitch?" "Sarge." "Sarge?"
And this is why we had to remind ourselves about Tim's background at the top of the episode. So this story-line would make sense, and we wouldn't waste time in this scene explaining it. The impact hits harder that way.
Another thing that strikes me is that he and Mitch haven't seen each other in probably a decade. But he remembers his name. I'm terrible with names, myself, so I'm impressed by Tim's memory.
"He doesn't seem to like you very much."
Who does? And I say that with a lot of love, but Tim Bradford's not the cuddly type. Most people don't like Tim.
And, honestly, I didn't notice anything particular out of the ordinary with this one. But, perhaps Lucy expected a better relationship between Tim and his old squad. Tim, however, is ready for hostility.
"I'm the reason he lost his leg."
He blames himself. The same way he blames himself for Caleb. He's "what if-ing" through life, thinking that if he'd just veered left instead of right, it would have been okay. Or it could have been so much worse.
I once watched a fender bender happen in real time about 200 feet away. I briefly got caught up in the backup and was annoyed. I thought, "If only I'd been one minute ahead of schedule, we would have been past this."
Then I realized, if I'd been 30 seconds earlier that could have been me. So, yeah, I could what-if in one direction or the other. But it truly wasn't about me. Other factors were involved.
Tim didn't take Mitch's leg. But, Tim sees every failing as a personal one. It's part of the trauma he still carries.
Also to note, Tim doesn't have to tell her why. But he does. And I think it's because he feels that he failed her once, too. He feels like he almost owes it to her to tell her.
"So that's it. We walk away." "If we're smart." "That's... not a yes."
First off, I love this group. Two Rookies. Two TOs. Tim and Nyla could tell the other two to cut out now, but they don't. These two have proven themselves a number of times. So, though they have more to learn and further to go, they're a part of this.
Also, Nyla's crafty, and I always appreciate that. Her character has a little bit of an edge because of all she's survived. She has her own traumas, but watching her mind work... you can feel she's going places.
"You remember the personal questions they ask you for clearance, right?" "Yeah." *realization* "Maybe you should all... step outside." "Not a chance." "I think you shou-"
Oh, Timmy. In the words of my generation, you're boned.
"Bethesda. Left clavicle. Uh, Lady Marmalade."
He can't look at them, but Lucy is loving that one. Imagine Tim Bradford at the club. It could be the 70's version, but I'm betting it's not, and I'm betting that Lucy's imagining Tim Bradford dancing and having a giggle.
He's actually not a bad dancer, Lucy. Future Rachel knows this, and hopes you will, one day, too.
As for this questions... Guessing Mom was born in Bethesda. First bone he ever broke was Left Clavicle (ouch) and Lady Marmalade is his favorite song. We can roll with that, right?
"Tarantulas. Uh, yeah, it's Xanadu." "Xanadu?"
Afraid of Tarantulas (possibly a childhood fear). And since we know his favorite movie isn't Xanadu based on Season 5 (unless he has two favorites), I'm going to go with the first movie he saw in theaters, maybe?
Yes, if we're saying Tim was born roughly 1980 he was born the year it came out, but I've seen enough infants in the theater in my lifetime of watching movies. Also, 80's babies represent.
And, yes, I know Eric Winter's really a 70's baby. But, I know little-to-nothing about the actor (save the fact that he's mad talented and seems nice), and Tim and I could go get a drink and be sarcastic together.
The Weak Link
Did anyone else wonder how that obviously off-camera conversation went? None of them were surprised that Nolan got the visit.
Like, Nyla or Tim really said, "Nolan, you're the weak link" and he had to say, "Why me!?" Too much of a comedic scene for the tone of this episode, but it had me rolling thinking about it.
"We can follow him wherever he goes." "Great. Let's hit the road." "No, this is a two-person job. Harper and I got it from here." "Uh, screw that. You go. We go."
Cute. Real cute, Tim. But there's no way you're cutting Lucy Chen out of this mission.
"That's admirable, really. But if this thing goes sideways, we could face demotion, suspension, even jail." "I've got a golden ticket. Bradford has an unblemished record. Odds are we can weather the storm. Rookies are at-will employees. They don't even need a reason to fire you."
This is for us. The audience. They're reminding us what's at stake if Lucy and Nolan get involved. It helps add to the drama, yes, but getting that exposition in gracefully is always a task, and I think it's handled well here.
"Okay, well, with all due respect, I've been buried alive by a serial killer. This rabbit hole does not scare me."
Fuck. Yeah. Lucy's not afraid of what's to come. She's been through more than most and came out the other side bruised and battered, but still wholly her. I feel like Tim lost a lot of himself in his trauma. Lucy didn't.
We all react to trauma differently. We all process it differently. And while it's still super fresh for Lucy, she's working through it her way.
And she knows Nyla's the one she needs to convince. Tim has a soft spot for Lucy where this is concerned. Whether Lucy consciously notices it, we're unsure at this point. But it's there and I think a part of her knows it.
Nyla doesn't have as much give for Lucy. She's all about Lucy facing it. And Lucy's telling Nyla right now that she's ready to face this. Whatever happens.
"Why are you the reason Mitch lost his leg?" "'Cause I let him slide on something. It doesn't matter what, just that I cut him a break when I shouldn't have, and because I did he went back out on patrol, got blown up."
Tim tortures himself, picking up where his father left off. Yes, this is a little bit of Future Knowledge leaking into the review, but I don't think that's too much to give away. Tim grew up in a hostile environment with emotional, physical, and psychological abuse.
His brain was trained to see himself a certain way from birth. He was tormented for his lack of perfection, for his lack of manhood, for his inability to ever. get. it. right.
It didn't matter how hard Tim tried. He could have been perfect, and it still wouldn't have been enough to earn his father's love. Because that's how it was always framed... love had to be earned. It wasn't given freely.
And like so many of us who grew up in darkness, Tim tries to extend better to those around him. What little light Tim has, he gives away. But he can't extend that same courtesy to himself.
So, when he sees an imperfection or failing—even if it's only perceived and not actual—he can't forgive himself.
It's the same with Lucy... with hoe he failed her by putting her in Caleb's path. Now, you and I know that's not what happened. But Tim believes it. He believes he's the reason Lucy suffered so.
"If only I'd..." Oh, Tim. I've been there a million times. Some things you couldn't change. And you can't spend your life beating yourself up about things that were obviously out of your control. You don't have to be perfect. It's not all on you.
But he's been trained that it is... that it's his fault. That it's his failings. That he missed the mark... and because of that, bad things happen.
"That is the most Tim Bradford thing I've ever heard. You showed humanity. There's nothing to feel guilty about." "Rules matter, Boot."
Throwing in that "Boot" to put distance between them, again. He does that when Lucy's getting too close... reminds her of her place.
He's still trying to pretend they aren't becoming friends, that his supposedly impenetrable walls of separation between professional and personal haven't started to warble in her presence.
"Then what the hell are you doing out here?" "Some things matter more."
Ohhh, this line. Yes, he's thinking of Mitch, here. But he's also thinking of Lucy. And every other time he stepped outside of the lines for someone who truly mattered.
She doesn't know what he did for her. Tim never reported it, and Jackson sure as hell said nothing. Tim threatened a guy and smashed his head against the steering wheel. It was a piece of himself that he gave that she knows nothing about.
But Tim remembers. He remembers how he felt when he knew he had failed Lucy. Now, he feels like he failed Mitch once, and he's not going to do it, again.
Some thing matter more, Lucy. You matter more. And you don't even know it, yet.
"Bradford. Chen. Let's go." "Hang on. First lesson in black ops, make sure the lights don't come on when you open the door."
He's actually teaching her and not working it into a crazy test. Not the time to let her fail, right Bradford?
"I actually liked Kojo. Did he go to a good home?" "Yeah. He did."
"Home." Kojo went to a home. And I can't help but get a little choked up thinking that Lucy believes Tim Bradford can provide that pupper a home. Not just a house or a place but somewhere where Kojo will feel safe... and loved.
Yes, Lucy, Tim is capable of all of that. And you already know it. Someday, someday, you might be ready to have that with Tim Bradford. But all the way back mid-season 2, you already knew it.
Part of me wishes we could have heard the conversation that led to Tim taking Kojo. Yes, I know it would have ruined the reveal. But, I wonder which of them suggested it, and which of them went along with it.
This is also another connection point between Tim and Lucy—this dog. They have lots of heartbreaking moments nobody knows but them. They have the moonstone ring. But now they have this ball of life in an energetic pupper who just needs a little structure and love.
Bit by bit, Lucy and Tim are drawing closer to one another, the threads of their stories crossing more and more until they weave into one another's seamlessly down the line... at least, I hope.
Tim Helps Mitch
The last time Tim saw Mitch, he thought he was going to be okay. He had a job lined up. He had good things coming. Finding out Mitch had a hard run of life was tough on Tim. It brought everything back up to the surface.
Now that he knows Mitch is in need, he has to do something to help.
This is the legacy of Tim and Lucy… all the little things they do to help each other and others. Both of them have a natural inclination to do more than talk—they show the people in their lives that they matter. "Some thing matter more", right?
So, Tim helps Mitch.
"Look, it's not a handout, alright? It's a job and a roof over your head." "Thanks." "You're welcome."
Tim has a lot of bull-headed guys in his life (gee, I wonder why), so he knows what to say to help Mitch be receptive to this offering.
Also, I love how secure Tim is with hugs. He's a good hugger.
"It's not your fault, you know? You know, what happened to me? It's nobody's fault."
He. Needs. To. Hear. This. Tim might be tough on others, but he's even tougher on himself. He doesn't know how to give himself forgiveness. He doesn't know how to give himself grace. He doesn't know how to believe there's good in him beyond what he can offer in his profession.
Tim, you'll get there, someday. Those pieces of you will start to heal. You won't erase your trauma, no, but you'll smile, again. Even though right now you're trying not to cry.
"Not a word.
This had me rolling. Like Lucy, Kojo is quickly in tune with Tim's emotions. And while one of his first conversations with Lucy was about how she wouldn't "say anything" about Isabel, he's now felling Kojo to keep his trap shut, too. And that's strangely perfectly appropriate for the dog they now share.
This episode is one that I really love because it starts to break down the Rookie vs TO barriers. All 5 of them were in on this together. They had to face the consequences together.
Are there still going to be issues? Yes. Still barriers? Yes. But we're at a point where we're laying the foundation for where we'll get in future seasons.
As for Tim and Lucy? They're on their way. Season 2 is about the two of them really becoming friends and solidifying their significance in one another's lives. We know that even after she finishes out her Rookie year, they'll be in each other's lives.
As always, thank you for reading! And thanks for the request. See you on the next!
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cursedcola · 1 year
congrats on 1k! i love your writing so much. thanks for keeping the fandom fed in this trying times 🥺 may i request prompt #37 with deucey?
Prompt 37: "You smell so nice”
Character: Deuce Spade
A/N: The greek blood coursing through my veins says that no soul will ever leave my blog hungry. If so then a line of ancestral ghosts will curse every evil eye I own to shatter, and my rice pudding to never have the right consistency
Deuce loves all of his friends with his entire heart. He may be humble about it, but Deuce is the definition of “ride or die”. He’ll be the one causing a distraction when you are late and need to sneak in through the classroom window. He was willing to pull the weight of two stargazers - risk his goal to be a role model student- just so the school shut in would join in for fun festivities. He’s the first his friends call when they need a helping hand despite his tendency to be air-headed. Why? Because Deuce is loyal and always pulls through when it counts. He’s impossible to dislike once you get to know him.
You were one of his first friends at the college. The fellow first-year who simultaneously saved him from trouble on the daily while dragging him into other messes. At first he found you dangerous. Not physically - but to his dream of making his mother proud. He swore off associating with you the moment you were given custody of the demon cat.
Life had other plans for him though. Curse his hot-headed pride and that bumbling red-head. Not even a week in to the semester and he was already in trouble. What would his mother say? What if he was expelled? How would they manage to fix the chandelier? What could two freshmen, a magic cat, and a foreigner do?
Back then, he was determined to stay in the academy and so he became stubborn. Fighting with the people he was supposed to work with and in the end? It was the person he doubted the most that saved them all.
You. You got the stone to fix the chandelier and saved him from being sent home.
You gave him friends too. With yourself, Ace, and Grimm being the first. Not long after your once dubbed “danger,” magnet has given him more experiences and memories than he ever planned to create at NRC. From sneaking into a mer-museum, having culinary escapades, crashing a literal ghost-wedding, playing spell drive - the list goes on but the thing is that you are his best friend.
So when did he want more than that? When did he become prey to your magnetism?
Deuce is known for being the dense-sort and he acknowledges it. Yet he had hoped that he wasn’t so far gone to miss the moment he fell in love.
They smell so nice, the thought broke through one day out of nowhere. He’s thought similar before. Sometimes he might pick up a cologne on one of his friends, or note that you’re trying a new body wash. It’s nothing new or weird. Just an observation.
What’s weird is how your scent made it impossible to focus on his comic. How he began to take deeper breaths to smell it again, and how he desperately wanted to bury his face in the blankets and pillows on the nearby couch. How his heart raced when his mind wandered for a split-second, an image of you in a bubble bath flashing in his head.
Friends don’t think of other friends in the bath. Deuce excused himself to bed early that night, hoping to clear his mind.
It did not stop there though. The day merely being the calm before the storm - suddenly the pandora’s box of Deuce’s thoughts could not be closed.
Your laugh was contagious to where he’d grin even if nothing was funny.
He’d imagine you sitting with him when studying or doing chores - even if you weren’t there. It made him work twice as hard.
There were times he’d hear your voice in his head instead of his own. Scolding him for losing his temper, mimicking your laugh when he’d think something funny, and rerunning conversations you had with him earlier in the day.
Phantom touch took over his senses. At times your hugs would linger much beyond their ending. He’d fall asleep those days still feeling the warmth of your embrace - sometimes calming him and others so flustering to where he cannot drift off.
Your adventures begin to scare him again. Deuce realizes that you are not dangerous and never were in the first place. You are the one in danger. He now feels the need to protect you, actively seeking to involve himself instead of being dragged in by circumstance.
Through all this, he still remains oblivious. His head is screaming that something is wrong yet he can’t pinpoint what.
Friends don’t get flustered by each other’s smell. Friends don’t think of each other in the bath. Friends don’t hear each others’ voices in their heads. Friends don’t think of each other first thing in the morning, throughout the day, all the way until the last moment before bed. They don’t dream about each other every.single.night. They definitely don’t want to…well, kiss, each other. Hold hands and do things Deuce used to cringe at when out with his old gang.
So what is it? You are Deuce’s friend. Why do these thoughts appear about you and no one else?
“Oh my,” his mother’s voice rings over video call. She makes no attempt to hide the gentle yet knowing smile growing from cheek to cheek, “it sounds like you’re in love, dear”
“I’m in…love?” Deuce stares at the screen in surprise, the word coming out a confused whisper. He had told his mother all his feelings in confidence. In hopes she could piece together this story.
His mother echoes him with an affirmation, glowing with pride and happiness for her son.
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liverpool-enjoyer · 4 months
footballers as taylor swift songs
requested by my swiftie in Christ @yudgefudge!! thank you luv <3
leo: you're on your own, kid. ive been associating him w this song way before i knew that everyone else was doing the same lmao. it rlly does encompass his entire journey, from humble beginnings n jus being a little kid playing for fun (from sprinkler splashes/to fireplace ashes), to being the best in the world n all the struggles that come with it (i search the party.../just to learn that my dreams arent rare). the man gave his blood sweat n tears like hed be saved by a the "perfect kiss" which here is a metaphor for the wc obviously. n ohmygosh "everything you lose is a step you take"!!!! BRUH???!?!?! every line, from "i didnt chose this town (ie paris)/i dream of getting out/theres just one who could make me stay", to "the jokes werent funny, i took the money/my friends from home dont know what to say" are all SO leo coded.
ney: anti-hero. i ADORE him n theres a lot of people that like him. but theres also a lot of people who like not liking him. hes one of the best in the world, and as great as that is, he has, unjustifiably so, garnered a significant amount of haters (its me, hi, im the problem, its me/at tea time, everybody agrees). hes rlly endured a ton of it throughout the years, but keeps going (pierced through the heart/but never killed). after facing so much backlash, youd probly worry about the people that still support you and how much longer you can hold on to that (one day i'll watch as youre leaving/and life will lose all its meaning). also, hes a rich person. which makes the bridge pretty relatable for him but like in a funny way.
gavi: nothing new. this one is more based off my inner musings than actual like evidence. i have no idea whats going on this lil dudes head. but i know that IF i were in his position, i'd relate to this song a FUCK TON. its basically a song abt being in the spotlight, n being the shiny young thing that has peoples attention. but what happens when thats not true anymore? (Lord, what will become of me/once ive lost my novelty?) what happens in a few years when an even younger prodigy comes around n impresses everyone? (are we only biding time 'til i lose your attention?/and someone else lights up the room?/people love an ingénue). im not gonna write down the whole birdge but its basically abt the inevitably of meeting your replacement. the song basically asks: "will you still want me/when im nothing new?" he seems like a happy dude who probly doesnt think abt this stuff, but if i were a famous promising young soccer player, this stuff would definitely weigh on my mind.
muller: the story of us. Lord forgive my mullendowski heart. i tried to think of a song that would fit jus him n leave shipping out of it but,,, yeah it wasnt happening. in my mind theyre a package deal. anywho the song's about being around someone youre still in love with after youve broken up (now im standing alone in a crowded room/and we're not speaking and im dying to know/is it killing you like its killing me). ik theyre on good terms n all but in my mindbrain i imagine him them being in the same place for the first time since lewy left him bayern and poor thomas jus "nervously pulling at my clothes/and trying to look busy." and my gosh "but you held your pride like you shouldve held me"??? the AUDACITY. i can go off about this whole song tbh. oh n also even tho speak nows a country album this song is kinda,,, rock/punk-ish kinda??? which is to say, its very loud. much like a certain someone. fun fact i almost put seven for him bc of "before i learned civility/i used to scream ferociously/anytime i wanted" but i figured one line wasnt enough for me to put the whole song.
mbappe: evermore. this is a brooding song. a depression song. so i can definitely see this as a post 2022 world cup final song for him. it actually relates to a sports loss very well. (i used to listen to this song n think a oikawa from haikyuu,,, heh). if theres one thing abt mbappe its that hes dedicated. i can see him "replay(ing) my footsteps on each stepping stone/trying to find the one where i went wrong," yknow, jus thinking abt the final over n over. very "i rewind the tape but all it does is pause/on the very moment all was lost." but at the end of it all, hes young, hes talented, n has more world cups ahead of him. ie: "i had a feeling so peculiar/this pain wouldnt be for/evermore."
klopp: dear reader. this whole song is just advice. its taylor dishing out advice to her fans, most of whom are younger than her. kloppo loves his players, he wants to give them good advice that applies not only on the pitch, but off it as well. (dear reader/bend when you can, snap when you have to/dear reader/you dont have to answer, just cause they asked you) however its no secret that our lovely manager can be pretty hard on himself. so its possible that while he gives advice to those he loves, he feels like hes not worthy of giving it (you wouldnt take my word for it/if you knew who was talking).
again, everything stated is speculation, fueled entirely by my delusional lil mindbrain. as i dont know these ppl.
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hyperfigations · 1 year
Male!Reader struggling to get his laptop turned on to work on a project, Dylan notices them struggling and finally reveals his actual interest to the reader and fixes their problem, resulting in reader being happy to get to know the actual dylan
A/N: Sorry this took so long 😭😭 getting back into writting is so hard. And getting back to being good at writing is even harder. This isn't my greatest piece LMAO but I hope you enjoy it anyways!
(Dylan x M!Reader)
Summary: Dylan lets Reader get to know him better.
Words: 1,452
TW: None
    It was kind of funny, the way he looked at you. His face was twisted in confusion which quickly turned into a playful annoyance. If it wasn’t for your urgency to get your crap done, you would have started teasing him about his “kicked puppy” look. 
 “Mr.H let you keep your laptop?” He groans.Your lips pursed whilst exhaling slowly.
“Only for like an hour, Dylan,” You roll your eyes. “He’s just letting me finish this stupid college application.”
“That is so lame,”
“Dylan,” You sigh. “Is that a yes or no?”
“For what?”
“OHHHHHH, about using the station? Um, yeah, you can but on one condition.”
You give him a look, one that could kill, but he returned it back. The clock was ticking and all you want to do was to get this shit done so you could go back to your job. 
“I gotta keep an eye on you. Ya know, can’t trust anyone after the Jacob Incident,” Dylan shrugs, crossing his arms over his chest. You scoff out a dry chuckle, remembering a few weeks before when Jake lost a bet with Nick and it ended with him breaking into the station and 2 PA speakers blown. Poor Dylan spent nearly every early morning trying to get those speakers up and running again. “Never again,” He had claimed after fixing up the last speaker. 
Ever since, Dylan was way overprotective of the radio station. He wouldn’t even let Jacob even glance its way. 
“Ugh, Jake ruins everything,” You grumble grumpily. Dylan smirks slightly, gently pushing you with his elbow.
“Don’t worry, I’m not like… ‘babysitting’ you. Think of it as us hanging out but Im like watching your every move making sure you don’t mess anything up,” 
You blink at your fellow counselor, staring at him.
“Fine. But you can’t distract me, I really have to get this thing done,”
“Yeah, I am known for being incredibly distracting,” He winks at you. You couldn’t help but chuckle slightly, shaking your head. 
The radio hut was honestly one of the more peaceful places at camp. Secluded and silent, away from all the screaming campers. Even though this is only your second time in there, you noticed a considerable difference from your first. You couldn’t help but remember how garbage this place looked before. Wood planks, trash scattered all over the ground and it was splinter city. When Dylan and you first scouted out the station, you had been pulling splinters out of your fingers for days. After the first time, you vowed never to step back in there but it wasn’t so bad now. Dylan put all his love into it. And it definitely paid off. It looked a hell of a lot better than it did before. 
“Damn, Dylan. Nice job,” You complemented, looking around in approval. Dylan looked a little shocked by your comment, but a bashful smile creeped up on his lips. He looked down, his shoulders going up slightly. 
“Y-yeah, thanks. It was nothing. Just cleaned it up a bit,”
“Since when were you ever humble? It looks great.” 
Dylan smiles even wider. You sit down on the chair in front of the radio, placing your laptop on the wooden table. A sigh escaped your lips as you opened it up. Dylan makes himself comfortable by leaning on the table facing you. His head tilted ever so slightly as he looks over you curiously. You could feel his eyes on you, but you decided to ignore it. You really need to get this thing finished, and you probably only had 45 minutes left to do so. 
“So what college-”
“Dylannn, I said you couldn’t distract me.” You huff. 
Dylan barks out a laugh, “Sorry.”
The computer lit up with the start-up screen, playing a small little jingle to let you know it's awake. Although your computer wasn’t exactly ‘a new model’ it had always done the job. Sure, it took a little slow to get to where you wanted it to go, but it was a small price to pay for a cheap laptop. Except this time… the start-up screen wasn’t budging. Your lips curve downward as you stare at the screen. Your fingers drift over the keyboard, pressing every button you think would help to make it go faster. Alas, nothing was working. “What the fuck-” you mumbled below your breath. 
In the corner of your eyes, you catch Dylan trying to chuckle quietly to himself. You glare at him, “What.” 
“I’m sorry but the 90s called and they want their computer back, man,” He laughs.
“Would you shut up, I’m trying to get this working, jerk,”
“You’re never gonna get it to work by just button mashing,”
Your face scrunched up in aggravation as you pushed away from the computer in Dylan’s rolling chair, gesturing toward your computer. “Fine. If you’re suuuccch an expert, why don’t you do it.”
Dylan looks at you, then the computer. He shrugs slightly and puts himself imbetween. The hut was caught in silence. Nothing to be heard except the outdoors, the clacking of your keyboard and the low humming of Dylan as he concentrated. You watch him from the back but curiosity  began to take over. You roll the chair to the left to get a view of the screen. You expect your computer to still be stuck in its limbo but it… was already fixed? It was on your homescreen!
    Dylan glances behind himself and gives you the most cocky look you’ve ever seen. The smirk on his face was confident and lop-sided. You were completely speechless. It took him, what? Maybe like 2 minutes to fix your computer. 
    “Um… what the fuck just happened,” You finally got out. 
Dylan smiles proudly at you, “Just my techno magic, are you impressed?”
You were. You were incredibly impressed.
A lie. A bald faced lie.
He knew you were lying because his smile grew wider. More cocky.
"Okay, I'll bite," You sigh. "How did you know how to fix it?" 
Dylan rolls his eyes ever so slightly, chuckling. "I fixed up the Hut and I fixed the PA speakers. This computer was nothing," 
"Dylan. I mean, how did you like… do all that though." 
He looks at you, a little shocked. No one really was interested in "the how" he does what he does. He just… does. That's all anyone needs to know. But you wanted to know more. His heart began to speed up at this thought. 
"Oh. Um… well," Dylan says, turning around back to your computer. So he didn't have to look you in the eyes. It was as if he was embarrassed. You stood up from the rolly chair, sauntering over to where he was to get a better view of him. Dylan's eyes avert you at all costs, making you frown just a little. 
"I mean, I've always kind of.. been into it, I guess?"
"So, you wanna go into techie stuff in the future?"
You stare at him, all ears, as if telling him to continue. Dylan sighs and hesitantly goes on, "Tech is like great and all but I dont know… I guess I kind of want to go into…"
Your whole body wiggles in anticipation, making Dylan's awkward frown become an amused smirk. 
"Quantum Phsyics. Or whatever…"
The silence was completely loud. The chirps of the birds keeping it from being completely quiet. Dylan takes a peak at your expression, which is in total shock. 
"Yeah, I know it's kinda dum-"
"Yeah but-"
Dylan becomes a little surprised when you tippy toe up to throw your hands on his shoulders, squeezing them affectionately.
"That's so amazing man!" 
He stares down into your eyes for just a second longer than he had intended to, butterflies swirling in his tummy. 
"You think so?"
"Dude, that's literally the coolest thing! Im like dead ass being serious."
"Haha," Dylan chuckles, suddenly feeling extremely small. 
He falls quiet, staring at his feet.
"You don't have to hide who you are with me, you know that right?"
You cared. You actually cared enough to ask. Even better, you didn't shy away from him? Even when he showed his Dylan Dylan side. Oh god… he feels his palms became sweaty, his heart was racing at the speed of light.
 In that moment, he realized, he liked you. He really, really liked you.
He always flirted of course but this was it. This was the period of an already written sentence. Dylan liked you so, so much.
"U-um, anyways, you should get that application done… right?"
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shinysphnyspinspin · 4 months
Tumblr media
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My name is Sphny, and this blog is for my TFFC: Bold Bright Brisk; specifically a Rescue Bots Academy Fan Continuity that draws a majority of inspiration from the Aligned Continuity in general. Including Transformers Prime, Transformers Rescue Bots, and Transformer Robots In Disguise 2015.
Of course, I won’t only be drawing inspiration from the Aligned Continuity series, but also including elements from other TF media; for example: Transformers Cyberverse, Transformers Animated, and Transformers More Than Meets The Eye.
Going from LEFT to RIGHT, Rescue Team #1, we have:
Whirl Jr., Hotshot, Wedge, Medix, and Hoist
Tumblr media
Then we have these guys for Rescue Team #2:
Scorch, Brushfire, Laserbeak, Prince, and Slash
Tumblr media
Rules down below
* NO racial slurs
* NO homophobic slurs
* NO spamming in the ask box
* Swearing is allowed, only if it’s funny; not if it hurts people
* Proshippers DNI
* Homophobes DNI
* Transphobes DNI
* Racists DNI
* I will not write smut for characters who are depicted as MINORS; only fluff(hand-holding, kisses, and cuddles)
* If I see ANY HATERS being mean; it’s an on-sight automatic block
* Don’t ask about my personal stuff(family, love-life, or life drama in general)
* Asks about lore and humble beginnings are accepted
* Asks about world-building and cultural aspects of the continuity are absolutely allowed
* Asks about a character’s character analysis, traits, and romantic type are allowed, but don’t be creepy
* You can request characters doing silly stuff or saying silly stuff
* If I didn’t take your request, sorry, I might not be able to do all of them
* Sometimes these will be closed when I need them to be
* If a request makes me uncomfortable, I’m ignoring it
* Don’t be creepy
* Don’t try and request characters doing crude or inappropriate things
* If you request something along the lines of someone getting hurt, I need you to specify it’s for physical comedy and not actual abuse
* Angst is allowed, but nothing too disturbing; maybe like a 5 on the blood/energon 1-10 scale
* Art) #artsy fartsy #my art
* Writing) #drabble babble #oneshot mayhem
* Reblogs) #rebloggeded
* Posts) #an astute observation #eye candy #crackhead rant #asks
* Characters) #hotshot #wedge #whirl jr #medix #hoist #brushfire #laserbeak #slash #prince #scorch
* Extra) #transformers bold bright brisk #rescue bot recruits #rescue bot seniors
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