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pinetreevillain · 3 months
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Reassurance Part 3/3
Thank you for reading my comics :) Until next time!
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justwannabecat · 7 months
It was quiet. That suited Danny just fine. After all, he had endured enough to realize that noise often meant something was about to happen. Nowadays the only times he heard something that wasn’t caused by himself was if Cujo came to visit. The first time it happened, Danny was afraid he would have to fight again, but all they did was play for a while. The second time he welcomed it, same with every time thereafter.
He had plenty of time to stargaze. Nobody really visited the Antarctic, so it was perfect for him. Cold, quiet, and with no light pollution, so he could see every single star in the night sky. He could see the Southern Lights as they dance through the air, he could trace the paths of the planets as Earth rotates.
He wanted to leave. He wanted to explore. He wanted to see all there was to see, get lost in the endless cosmos, but he couldn’t. He didn’t know if his human half would survive that long without food. He didn’t want to find out.
Besides, Jazz was here. She was still on Earth, and as much as Danny wanted to leave, he couldn’t. Not while she was still here. Even if he couldn’t bring himself to visit her, to see the disappointment that would no doubt be clear in her eyes, he couldn’t completely abandon her.
As with every time he thought about Jazz, he briefly considered visiting her, but decided against it. If she really wanted to find him she could use the Boo-merang. The fact that it hadn’t happened yet was enough proof that his presence was unneeded.
Besides, why would he leave? He has a sick tower made out of unmeltable ice! It’s been furnished with things that, admittedly, he may have stolen, but only things that would have been destroyed soon anyways! He doesn’t cause any of the disasters that endanger so many pieces of furniture, but he’ll take advantage of it! You can only sleep on hard ice so many times before you realize how nice beds really are.
The point is, he doesn’t leave unless he has to. And since he’s furnished the place, he hasn’t had to leave once. It’s been like a slice of heaven- No ghosts to fight, no hunters to hide from, no insane billionaires who can’t decide whether to kill him or adopt him…
Danny looked up at the night sky again. He could see Acrux twinkling brightly overhead.
It was quiet.
“I’ve got bad news and worse news.” Constantine announced at the next League meeting. “Bad news, beings from the Infinite Realms are, from this point forward, unable to be summoned. Wouldn’t be too bad if we weren’t trying to make peace negotiations with them, but we are, so it’s not great.”
Batman remained visibly impassive, though anyone who knew him could tell just how unsettled that made him. “And the worse news?”
Constantine sighed. “So… Before they blocked themselves off, I spoke to one of them. The Guardian of Time. He told me that, due to his perception of all time, he knew we would lose. Luckily he doesn’t want humanity to die, but he told me that Phantom ghost has a medallion in his chest that makes him immune to his abilities. As such, our one hope of survival could be anywhere by now. The only things he could tell us were that he’s probably not far from Earth, because he still has living relatives.”
Superman straightened up. “That doesn’t sound like it’s worse news. We know Phantom is near Earth and that he’s got relatives here. Surely he would go back to them, right?”
“Well. I didn’t really get to that part yet.” Constantine shifted uncomfortably. “You have to swear to not tell anyone who doesn’t already know. This is like people learning your civilian identities. If you ever try to use it against them, hell, even insinuate that you’re gonna use it, then they will kill you, and they won’t face punishment from their court because it’s technically self defense. Understand?”
Everyone readily agreed. After a second, Constantine continued.
“Phantom is Danny Fenton. He’s what the Guardian of Time called a Halfa, half ghost and half human. His parents are the ghost hunters who started this whole thing.”
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finelinens · 5 days
people who send anons telling me off for liking dream are almost kinda funny. like, do you think i haven't seen every allegation against him? or do you think i've taken in all of that information and just decided to brush it off? or maybe you think i believe them all and just don't care? i'm sorry that you think so little of my morals, first of all, but you might not know me to begin with so i can't really fault you there i guess. i'm also genuinely sorry if this is upsetting for you to know, but i truly have taken in all of the available information and simply reached a conclusion that is different from yours. more importantly, i am completely open to changing my mind when there is new information to take in. i feel strongly about my opinion, but i also don't believe that i'm the all-knowing arbiter of truth. regardless of your opinion of dream and his alleged behavior, i truly believe that it'd be for the best if everyone was willing to take on a more "this is how i feel, but obviously i can't say for sure" kind of approach when it comes to allegations as serious as these.
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jaystarry · 1 month
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well? are you?
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i-lavabean · 2 months
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If you've been personally victimized by Tenakth armor raise your hand
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michaeljoncarter · 1 year
it really is starting to feel like every single person at dc has somehow just completely forgotten how storytelling works on a fundamental level. like i genuinely believe 99% of the problems they’re having could be solved if all the writers and the entire editorial staff was forced to take a middle school reading class
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sidetongue · 3 months
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look at hims dancy legs
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sollucets · 9 months
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I like it when you smile widely. I'm not going anywhere.
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xstian · 10 months
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he’s purring :)
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sugarsplumfairy · 1 year
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JULIE CHRISTIE rests between takes on location for DOCTOR ZHIVAGO, 1965
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quinn-pop · 5 months
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sorry for the metadede flood lately um. anyway i think dedede officiates waddle weddings. if they even have them lol. it’d be funny and cute
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there’s something so alluring about the idea of living in a perpetual horror movie to me. like a time loop. specifically a paranormal one where you could never make it out alive. in the same sense of “heaven is a place where nothing really happens” (from the talking heads song Heaven), being trapped in a story where there’s only one ending and you suffer through whatever horrors are laid out for you (but they are laid out exactly as they are and always will be, and they are laid out for YOU) sounds like. morbidly peaceful. no need to worry what happens next, you already know. and you’ve done it a hundred times. of course you’re in pain but it’s intimately familiar and maybe you don’t even register your suffering anymore. and you’re not preoccupied by your performance in this dance anymore either— it feels like whatever you do, the same events occur, but you’re an actor in a story and you never had free will to begin with. anyways. it just sounds kind of nice 👍
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darkwood-sleddog · 11 days
feels REALLY weird to be going to our trail without sigurd for the first time ever, but healing should take priority and this weird feeling is a very human emotion that I am busy with, that he will get over once he gets a nice treat as we go.
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bathroomtomb · 1 year
teeny tiny animation i made in a day for paul's birthday : )
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this is slowly going from being devastating to being like. objectively one of the funniest goddamn things that could have happened to the show
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zaiinab · 5 months
wait i need to talk about this for a second bc no one else has but lloyd definitely has white boy privileges from most harries espec recently…like do you guys remember when people would always hate on every single ig post we’d get when anthony was taking the pics…? like he gave us some good ass content (eg. the backstage pics of harr) whereas all of lloyds are just on stage the usual pics like??? idg the hype
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