pawette · 1 month
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nya / nyan
❝ nya/nyan alt pronouns flag. ❞ — ♡
credit : @pawette !
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cw: eyestrain, sarcasm
Because I saw a terf make this mistake and it was hilarious to me:
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"of course u use neonpronouns 🙄"
"u use neonpronouns??????????"
"neonpronouns??? like a rave of pronouns????"
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lovely-lucielle · 1 year
Here's a new xenogender I made: Introducing..... Feminyan!
Feminyan is an xenogender which is associated with females, feminity, and cats! This xenogender can also be used by people are okay with girl pronouns but are also okay with catgender pronouns!
Pronouns include :
The term Feminyan is coined by me!
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Here are the flags, with and without the symbol!
Examples: Cat's so sweet!
She started staring at purrself in the mirror.
Nyan is such a nice person!
Catgirl asked me to finish the project by the evening.
She has a lot of plushies and dolls in purr closet!
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bpdhoardic · 2 months
neopronoun usage
this is a list specifically for air's neopronouns that do not follow a noun/nounself pattern
air/airy ; they - air them - airy their - air's their's - airy's themself - airself
crypt/cryptid ; they - crypt them - cryptid their - cryptid their's - cryptid's themself - cryptidself
fluff/fluffy ; they - fluff them - fluffy their - fluff's their's - fluffy's themself - fluffself
fur/furry ; they - fur them - furry their - fur's their's - furry's themself - furryself
lop/loppy ; they - lop them - loppy their - lop's their's - loppy's themself - lopself
nya/nyan ; they - nya them - nyan their - nya's their's - nyan's themself - nyanself
straw/strawberry ; they - straw them - strawberry their - straw's their's - strawberry themself - strawberry self
xiey/xie ; they - xiey them - xie their - xier their's - xiers themself - xierself
venom/venomous ; they - venom them - venomous their - venomous their's venom's themself - venomself
loom/weave ; they - loom them - weave their - looming their's - looming's themself - weaveself
blood/bloody ; they - blood them - bloody their - blood their's - bloody themself - bloodself
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stellarspark-9 · 8 months
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could i get a pronoun check for the name vik and bat/chem/nya pronouns? (and could you tag @ korseapologist when u post pls)
I just met someone named Vik and I like bat so far. I hear chem's been having some trouble with nyas identity, so I wish bat luck figuring chemself out.
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mogaicoiner · 2 years
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nya/nyan pronouns flag for @exactlyunabashedphantom
[image id: two long rectangular flags with seven horizontal stripes. the colors from top to bottom are: light pink, blossom pink, mauve, off white, melrose, pastel purple, and periwinkle. second flag has nya/nyan in large black text.]
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dazey-stimbs · 2 years
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✨- Moodboard of the neopronouns nya/nyan aka Catgender I believe it is, for @catboyfromhell !! Enjoy, let me know if anything must be changed or I may have done something wrong!
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Hi! Hello! I'm Mint, could I get a pronoun check for he/him and nya/nyan/nyas/nyaself? I'm a big fan of otome games and magical girl anime!
Hi Mint! Nya has some cool sets of pronouns. He likes otome games, I don't know what that is but I bet nya has fun with it! He also likes magical girl anime, he's a big fan of it. I wonder what nyas favorite is! I hope he has a good day and takes care of nyaself.
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pronoun-checker · 1 year
It’s X/Red again, thanks for the last check :) This time can I try kit/kits/kitself, squish/squishes/squishself and nya/nyan/nyans/nyanself pronouns please? (btw my fav thing to do in Minecraft is go caving or collect flowers)
Sure thing!
This is X! Kit also goes by the name Red. I think that both of squishes names are really cool! I wonder how nya got them? Kit said that kit likes playing Minecraft, and that nyans favourite thing to do in the game is going caving and collecting flowers! I love collecting flowers, too. I bet squish is really good at the game! I hope that Red has a great day and takes care of kitself!
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theblankest123 · 1 year
Oh. Oh god i just found out that nya/nyas (or nyan) are very much valid neopronouns.
It just popped in my head as a funny what if thing that i could use to be an obnoxious lil shit.
And i looked it up and it's real. There are people out there that use Nya/nyas/nyaself.
And i can be one of them. My fucking god am i gonna experiment the living shit out of this this is genuinely amazing fuck yes!! Hdnskskdndns
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mutt-guttz · 2 years
 petition to start calling cat neopronouns ‘neopronyans’
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phabtacular · 10 months
Behold the most cursed Blaze post I’ve seen so far
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enby-sean · 1 month
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say merry christmas to nyan cat and tbh creature
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skelenbyneocities · 3 months
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paws paws paws!
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smile--jpg · 3 months
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poptart cat go wild
follow my twitter @/smlle_jpg
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