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tsukii0002 · 3 days
Mammon: Demons do not feel guilt, that is only for humans and angels.
Solomon: ... *grinning* Remember that cake you ate the other day?
Mammon: Yeah.
Beel: It was delicious
Levi: An Ur+ ranked cake.
Solomon: It was Mc's
Mammon: ...
Beel: ...
Levi: ...
Solomon: They had been working for two weeks to be able to buy it because it was an ultra-exclusive promotion.
Mammon: What-
Solomon: They came home tired every day from work and attending to your selfish needs… all so they could share that cake with everyone *falsely tearing*
Mammon: *crying* I'm a monster!!!
Beel: *sobing* WE are monster!
Levi: *balled up in a corner*
Mc enters the room and sees the brothers crying.
Mc: What have you done?
Solomon: Me? nothing :D
Mc: Don't tell me you are surprised when people tell you that you are more demon than human.
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boxbusiness · 2 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Enjoying the view?
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strawberrycartt · 3 days
Tumblr media
Boo. 🎃
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Tumblr media
rip he just found out his dad has a sex life
and i'm loving the contrast between mammon seeing a hickey on lucifer vs finding out asmo left a hickey on solomon
Mammon exposed to his little brother's sex life: 😑🙄😮‍💨🫤🤨🥱
Mammon exposed to his big brother's sex life: 🤢😨😭😱😖🤮
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l3viat8an · 2 days
Nsfw ♛
Happy birthday Solomon you old ass mf mwah <3
CW: Blowjob, fantasizing / dirty thoughts- Idk it’s basically Solomon having a dirty imagination- light bondage mentioned + Solomon sending you a dick pic- I think that’s it helppjsjs
Solomon had been thinking about it all morning….about how you had to leave early as usual to help those brothers with some minor disaster or another.
How you left him in his big, lonely, bed with only the memories of the night before.
He’s stuck thinking about how good you felt, your lips wrapped around his cock while his hand was tangled in you hair, stroking, guiding, gently tugging every now and then when he felt like you were teasing him too much.
His other hand holding yours, fingers laced with his so you can squeeze if it’s too much. The way you looked up at him, your eyes looked so bright and eager.
“O-oh. fuck… little star, right t-there,” he praised, when your tongue kitten licked the tip of his cock. watching your face relax as you leaned forward taking a deep breath, and letting Solomon buck his hips into your face, your muffled moans vibrating around his cock.
“Fuck,” he mutters, running a hand through his still messy bed head, the other hand slipping under the waistband of his pajama pants, pulling his cock out and groaning as he starts to jerk off.
The things you do to him- just the thought of you tearing up, being on your knees for him and ready to have his cock down your throat has him leaking, soft moans slipping past his lips as he slowed his pace, idly rubbing his thumb over his tip as he lets his mind wander a bit more.
Still full of thoughts about you, maybe a new scenarios? One with him, tying your hands behind your back with your uniform tie.
the light pink material tied, just tight enough to sting, but not too tight that it’ll stop your blood flow.
Gods, the image he had in his head made him want to go and drag you away from the others and just…help him, focus on him.
He can picture it so clearly in his head, you’re not even out of your uniform yet. Already on your knees as you take him as deep into your mouth as you could, your nails digging into his thighs as his hips bucked into your face, his cock making you choke and gag, your face covered in your drool and his cum….
a fantasy he needs to come true. and that’s when he decides to text you, ‘When will you be home?‘ a small pause between his texts, ‘I need you :(‘ ‘Need to fuck that pretty throat of yours.‘ followed by a picture of his flushed red -and still hard- cock.
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lvlcurrent · 1 day
Tumblr media
asmo/dia crash and burn
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afraidofbee · 2 days
Mc in the next lesson be like:
Tumblr media
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plumkln · 3 days
Tumblr media
mammon being his usual self again
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hopeluna · 3 days
Lucifer with a sunshine!reader
♡! hope's notes: a repost from my old blog that I absolutely love for no reason!!
Dividers by the lovely @cafekitsune <33
Tumblr media
At first, he figures you to be the most annoying person, with your sweet smile, and optimism and the way you care for his brothers. It is absolutely infuriating to watch you go about your day greeting him like he's your friend even though he gives you the cold shoulder.
Lucifer refuses to believe that you are being nice to him and his brothers just 'cause and not because you want something. 'Cause surely you would, right? There is no explanation other than that in his mind.
Although this perception of his changes one evening when he is working on some paperwork in his office and he suddenly realises the house is quiet, too quiet. As Lucifer gets up to make his brothers hang from the ceiling for whatever they did, you come in to his office with a knock and a tray. He is ready to ask you what do you think you're doing when you flash him a soft smile and place the tray on his table. You had noticed the eyebags with how much extra work he was doing and as much as you loved the other 6 brothers, you realised that they only added to the stress Lucifer was in lately.
So here you are, with a couple of snacks and some tea (made just the way he likes it), having sent the brothers to other places to keep them busy, in hopes that he could take a break.
Lucifer is....surprised to say the least. He isn't surprised at you doing it 'cause you are the type of person to do these stuff for others but moreover, he is surprised that you would do it for him.
And so probably for the first time in his knowing you, Lucifer swallows the little ball of anxiety lodged in his throat and allows himself to let some of his walls down. And as he sits there having the snacks and tea with you sitting opposite him, talking, he realises maybe your sweet smile, and optimism and the way you care for his brothers (and him) isn't that all annoying.
Tumblr media
© hopeluna. Do not copy, translate, modify or repost any of my work in this or any other site. Do not steal or modify my ideas/concepts either.
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Tumblr media
He's invested
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nunaalbum · 1 day
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Happy bunday to Solobun ✨
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catsinnamon · 8 hours
Tumblr media
Cheers to King Solomon!
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Mc: (holding gold) should I be worried that a random person gave me that
Barbatos: tribute for their new ruler
Mc: I didn't marry Diavolo and neither am I planning to kill him
Barbatos:this is not what the Devildom's citizens think
Mc: which one?
Barbatos: ...
Mc: which one???
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Love this dynamic for them
Tumblr media
Love when he trusts them during times where he doesn't trust anyone else, during close calls where the circumstances are actually dangerous
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l3viat8an · 3 days
MC: Let's not overthink things. Which one will be better for our wedding? *holds up two napkins; one white, one gold* What does your gut tell you?
Mammon:*Frowning* That I can't pick napkins ‘n obviously that means I’ll be a horrible husband…..
MC:*Flicking Mammon’s forehead* That is not your gut. That is your crazy, nonsense brain talking!!
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