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harunayuuka2060 · 2 days
Lucifer: ...
MC: ...
Lucifer: I know that we forced you to come back here in Devildom. However, how long will you keep this silent treatment?
MC: ...
Lucifer: ...
Lucifer: I am trying to resolve the misunderstanding between us.
MC: ...
MC: Misunderstanding? No. There was no misunderstanding. What you have for me is mere sympathy.
MC: Which something I don't need.
Lucifer: ...
Lucifer: I missed you.
MC: If it were the memories, you could look back on the photos that we-
Lucifer: MC.
MC: ...
MC: At the end of the day... I would just be a human that you would forget the moment I die. *smiling to themselves*
Lucifer: ...
Lucifer: We will visit the Demon Lord's Castle tomorrow. You should rest now. *walks out, locking the door*
MC: ...
Asmo: Hon...? Are you still awake?
MC: Ah, Asmo. *smiles softly* Good evening.
Asmo: ...
Asmo: I'm sorry about everything. Maybe if I had gotten to you first-
MC: *chuckles* It's fine.
Asmo: ...
Asmo: Why won't you just accept our offer to make a pact? Lucifer had explained to us what happened.
Asmo: You know we're always here to help you.
MC: ...
MC: That's not what I felt.
Asmo: ...What?
MC: I didn't feel that any of you was willing to help me.
MC: You've always known me as the giver.
MC: That it made me afraid to ask help from you because you would see me as an inconvenience.
MC: *smiles* And what's more? You did show me that I was.
Asmo: ...
Luke: Simeon! *crying* Please help me! MC's soul is about to break!
Simeon: ...
Simeon: Luke, I know this is going to be difficult.
Simeon: But if their soul breaks, you have to let it go.
Luke: ...
Luke: What do you mean by that, Simeon...
Simeon: ...
Barbatos: MC is the only remaining one. There is no other them.
Simeon: That should be impossible-
Barbatos: You're seeking to replace the current one.
Barbatos: Why?
Simeon: ...
Simeon: Because the MC I know would want to live happily with us.
Barbatos: ...
Barbatos: Everyone has misunderstood them for a long time that I couldn't help but to feel sympathy.
Barbatos: This is the human who vowed to love everyone unconditionally.
Barbatos: They've done enough. I'm asking you to let them rest.
Barbatos: That's the only thing you can give them.
Simeon: ...
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Mc: (looking out of the window) I hear rain
Satan: and?
Mc: take a look out of the fucking window, those fuckers are hiding from my sight
Satan: are you wearing your glasses?
Mc: not the point
Satan: that's pretty much the point
Satan: (pointing at a painting) what does it show?
Mc: (squinting) blurry... colours?
Satan: look for your glasses than you can keep complaining about the weather
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Tumblr media
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666writingcafe · 3 days
Quick-Fire Headcanons (3)
Solomon would not only wear toe-socks, but also toe-shoes.
Lucifer and Barbatos share a fear of loneliness.
If Diavolo went unaccompanied to a grocery store, he would talk to every single worker he came across for several minutes at least.
Simeon would clap at any aircraft that landed without incident only because he has witnessed many people at the Celestial Realm strike airplanes down whenever they were in a sour mood.
Belphie always wins at hide-and-seek because he uses a lot of the tiny, otherwise unknown nooks and crannies as napping spots.
Solomon and Belphie would absolutely wear crocs to a black-tie event.
Satan and Levi run a cryptid account on social media together.
In the human world, Simeon often gets stopped by reporters for things completely unrelated to his work (because they want to know his opinion due to his status as a famous author).
Solomon has a property in the human world that he uses to store mannequins that he obtains/steals.
There is a room in the Demon Lord's castle that houses Diavolo's extensive collection of novelty lingerie.
Mammon likes to "sing" in the shower (AKA shout the lyrics loud enough to drive his brothers crazy).
Lucifer has sent humans out on long, drawn-out quests to find "lost treasure" that ends up being one of Cerberus' toys.
Beel can burp the alphabet flawlessly (although he is not able to showcase this talent very often for obvious reasons).
Mammon had a phase where he'd call everything a McThing.
All the wildlife in the Devildom cannot stand Solomon and will actively thwart all of his efforts to befriend them.
Asmo has spent several millennia trying to recount something funny that happened to him, and every time that he thinks he's finally able to tell that story, something--or someone--always interrupts him.
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tsukii0002 · 2 days
Mc: *sitting in the living room drinking tea*
Mammon, Levi and Asmo run away from Beel because they ate his cake while Belphie cheers for him.
Mc: They don't pay me enough for this *leaving the cup on the table*
Beel throws Mammon out the windows.
Mc: Oh right, they don't pay me, they kidnapped me... *shrugs and gets up* hum.
Mc: *taking breath* Beel stop trying to bite your brothers!!!! Satan don't record it and give me a hand!!!!
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Who’s tempting whom?
Barbatos waited for the Brothers to take their seat. Simeon leaned against the hall entry as a casual observer.
“Shall I begin?” Barbatos looked at Lord Diavolo who nodded eagerly. “Yes! Yes! Please proceed Barbatos!” Diavolo leaned back in his chair, rubbing his hands in excitement.
Lucifer frowned at him as his brothers stirred in excitement, watching Barbatos like hawks.
Barbatos cleared his throat. “All total, the House of Lamentation, consisting of seven of the Devildom’s strongest demons.. have 100 temptation points. MC was tempted the most by books, ice cream and “ he looked down and blinked twice before continuing “rocks?” He looked up for confirmation. Mammon, Levi and Satan were nodding. He looked at Lucifer who had let out a huge sigh. “Lucifer?”
Lucifer grimaced. “You have not misread anything, Barbatos, MC likes rocks. I believe the term is ‘rock hound’. They apparently love granite, mica and” he looked at Satan for help. Satan flushed and muttered, “lava. They love lava rocks.” He sunk in his chair with a mortified look on his face. Simeon flagged this for future reference, there was a story there.
Barbatos blinked again and shook his head. “Ahem, let us continue.” He was interrupted by Mammon. “We won ya? 100 points is high!” He bounced in excitement. Barbatos frowned at him. “Sadly no. MC won 200 points. Twice the amount all of you managed to earn. They all blushed, mainly from thinking about the temptations MC had used.
Lord Diavolo laughed in delight. “Ah our MC! Hidden talents I see!” Barbatos turned to him, a stern look on his face. “My Lord, you have nothing to be pleased about. Although you gained 100 points by yourself, MC gained 200 points against you alone.” He raised his eyebrow. Diavolo stopped laughing and sat back in his chair, a small flush on his face. “Ah but Barbatos, our MC? How could anyone stand against that pout? That smile?” I concede the contest with delight!”
Barbatos sighed and turned. “They will be here soon, I shall go prepare the tea.” He stalked off. Simeon followed him into the kitchen. “How remarkable, one tiny human managed to tempt 8 of the strongest demons, better than those same demons could tempt a human?” He leaned against the counter and grinned happily.
“I would say MC won against all of us.” Barbatos filled his kettle and gathered the tea supplies, in the other room they could hear MC’s cheerful voice greeting everyone. “Hmm? So how many points did you win Barbatos?” Simeon picked up a cookie to nibble as Barbatos worked on this tea. “I myself won 150 temptation points.” He scooped careful amounts of loose tea into the pots. And Simeon saw MC walking towards the kitchen. “And how many points did MC win?” The answer didn’t come as MC suddenly appeared at the entrance of the kitchen door, and smiled quietly at Simeon, greeting him with a quiet hello. Their eyes turned to Barbatos who had their back to them.
MC leaned against the door frame, their fingers trailing along the moulding, as they tucked their head down a slight blush on their face. They glanced up through their eyelashes at Barbatos’ back. Simeon saw Barbatos stiffen slightly. “Barbatos…may I have some royal milk tea? Please?” They toyed with the moulding as if fascinated with it, then shot Simeon a quick, embarrassed look and then lowered their head. “For a kiss?”
Simeon looked at Barbatos who had his head back, looking at the ceiling, like a man begging heaven for salvation. His face was beet red.His voice was calm though. “Of course MC, I will bring it to you when it is ready.” Simeon almost staggered at the blindingly bright smile MC cast Barbatos as they clapped their hands in delight. “Thank you! I love you💕” MC, still smiling, walked back to the others and slid onto the couch beside Diavolo.
Simeon looked back at Barbatos, who had managed to get himself under control again. “How many points has MC scored against me Simeon?” Barbatos took a breath and pulled down an elaborate cup. As he poured milk into a pan he muttered quietly, “151 points, MC has scored 151 points.” He turned suddenly and stared menacingly at Simeon. “And I would ask that you not tell others about what you saw today.”
“Heaven forbid I do that!” Simeon stared at MC, smiling and chatting with the others. “For one, who would ever believe it?”
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「 Like Master, Like Apprentice 」 ft. SoLoue
Tumblr media
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l3viat8an · 3 days
Mc: Men used to go to WAR! Now they just sit in their rooms playing video games
(He technically still does, there's just no wars for our admiral to attend lol)
Helpshsj he has done both- he’s earned his gaming time lolol
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Tumblr media
“Just a Sign, Lord, Anything”
(Nightbringer! Simeon x GN! Reader)
Disclaimer(s): religious imagery, mentions of God, Celestial War spoilers, longing Simeon, religious doubt, blasphemy(?), angst, lots of angst, hints of poly MC, mentions of Lilith, slight Nightbringer spoilers for lessons 10-12 (I believe)
(A/N): I was scrolling through Twitter when I saw an entry of Aziraphale’s diary from Good Omens and thought of Simeon with Demon MC in Nightbringer. I’ll put a picture of the entry at the end of the fic, but if I am hurting, I will share with the masses so I won’t be alone.
⋅───⊱༺ ♰ ༻⊰───⋅
Simeon is an archangel of God, mighty and powerful, yet so gentle and warm, embracing all and protecting every soul to guide them to Fathers Holy Light. Simeon, the archangel, who felt his heart shatter when he was forced to battle his Brothers, especially Lucifer, the one who he loved the most. He wept for days after their fall, the halls of Heaven were so much more colder after they left. Micheal couldn’t even comfort him, no matter how hard he tried. Heaven was warm, still, but quiet after the War. But Simeon had to move on, he knew.
But then he had the visitation from Diavolo to join the student transfer program to unite the realms. His heart clenched, stomach twisting in knots as he looked down at the letter clutched in his hands, he was close to shaking. In the Devildom, there would be demons, and with the demons, there would be the Brothers, but no Lilith.
He was fearful, even more fearful since that day.
Simeon was scared to go, but he had to. A part of him wanted to see this unification project through. He wanted to see the Brothers again, to be able to talk to Asmodeus, to drink coffee with Lucifer, to try and convince Mammon to stray away from his little pranks on his poor big brother.
Oh to have those mornings with them again, but he had to move on from the past. They would not be the same since the fall, especially now that they are slowly adapting to the Devildom. Maybe he was being a bit hopeful; delusion? But he could only wonder and question; have they been well? Are they okay? Are the demons welcoming them? Is Diavolo taking caring of them? Where are they living? Where would he live? Would he be with them?
His mind raced and he couldn’t pick a single one to fix himself to, for now, all he could do was pack his bags and be off with Luke.
When he arrived, was met with the expected reluctance, the heavy tension still lingering in the air, and the stiff presence of Lucifer who hung around him, protectively guarding his brothers.
But what he wasn’t expecting was you.
“Hello, you must be Simeon, right? My name is MC, the demon that is watching over the brothers during their stay of the Devildom!” You smiled at him so warmly, a warmth that he would expect to see from a fellow angel, as you held out your hand for him to take.
He felt his heart catch his throat when he looked into your eyes, a glitter in them that made him feel oddly nostalgic. His heart pounded, his knees felt weak, his skin was tingly as he grasped your hand, shaking it firmly. It was an odd feeling, a feeling he couldn’t quite explain when he met your eyes. They were so inviting, comforting, something he did not expect to see from any demon, like looking into the eyes of an old love.
Simeon shook himself out of his strange moment of vulnerability, silently, his guard was up. You were a demon. He could smell it on you, could feel the aura of your magic pulsing around you, sending a shiver down your spine. With the feeling alone, he felt it could take a single snap of your fingers and all realms could crumble.
But those eyes spoke otherwise.
“Ah, it’s good to know that Lucifer and the others are being taken care of.” Simeon smiled gently to you, retracting his hand, the tingle of your touch on his palm.
“Psh, it ain’t like we need the help. But Diavolo insisted.” Mammon crossed his arms, unconsciously leaning close to your side.
Simeon noticed this.
He only smiled while he watched you interact with the brothers for days after he arrived. The way you comforted Asmodeus and immediately noticed something was wrong, even if the facade he put up was practically perfect. The way you could calm Satan down. The way you brightened Mammons day, bring a smile and confidence to Leviathan, know exactly when Beelzebub was hungry and have everything on you immediately, carry Belphegor whenever he was sleepy and find a place for him to nap, and most of all, you’d always take care of Lucifer. Bring him coffee, make him food and snacks, convince him to sleep at odd hours.
You were more than he expected. It made his heart flutter at these acts of kindness, to see you beam with pride whenever you did these acts with nothing to gain in return, to see you be the safe haven for the brothers when they are ostracized by the demons of the Devildom, even despite their status. You were the arms of heaven that they couldn’t reach anymore, you were the home they deserved, the love they needed, and he saw it.
Lucifer looked at you with such softness, even when his words would even feel like nails against the skin, even to Simeon.
Mammon was greedy, constantly wanting your attention and words of praise, melting into your touch and wanting nothing more than to hold you.
Leviathan was a bit confident whenever he spoke to you, being proud to speak little by little about his interests, finding his home in your arms much like his brother.
Asmodeus admitted to wanting to stare at you for hours, and there are days where he finds Asmodeus staring at his phone, looking at pictures of you and him together with a smile on his face and cheeks pink.
Satan is… A hard on for Simeon to read, but the only noticeable thing Simeon can see is the anger vanish as soon as you enter the room or come near him, leaning in close to you to melt into your touch.
Beelzebub shared his food with you always, making sure you take the first bite and watch you as you eat. Seeing you eat, he could tell, brought him joy knowing you enjoyed it as much as he did.
Belphegor was a demanding one, the youngest of the seven, the one who is spoiled the most aside from Mammon. He would always come to you and lay himself on you when you were sitting, or sit in your lap, promptly falling asleep on you happily.
Simeon noticed all of those, his heart clenching whenever he saw these little things. He wasn’t expecting to feel so much love inside the home, to see it for himself, to see that a demon is the one causing the House of Lamentations to feel so… Welcoming, so much like home.
And he wasn’t even going to start with Solomon, the human with hundreds of pacts and as powerful as you. The way he acted like a newlywed husband was clear in how he held you. It was even more strange to see the brothers get quickly jealous over Solomon, especially knowing you’d have to leave and go back to your home, where you live, with him.
The looks of admiration were even clear on Diavolo’s face! And even his butler!
It baffled Simeon.
It bugged him to no end. A demon like you had the whole Devildom wrapped around your finger. You could easily crush it under your thumb, bring the entire realm to its knees, yet you cradled it in your hands like it was home, feeling yourself only a resident living your life.
Everytime he saw this, everytime he saw you whenever you showed up to HOL, his heart fluttered and he barely knew how to speak, finding himself trapped in those eyes again, close to drowning in them again, submitting to the love that you emitted everywhere you went, so much love you wanted to give. He found himself envious, just like the brothers would be whenever Solomon showed off his relationship with you. Craving you. Desiring you.
It was wrong.
He knew he shouldn’t, he couldn’t. It was wrong.
So he resisted you while being kind, promising himself that he wouldn’t fall into the arms of your warmth. He promised himself to Heaven, and Heaven alone, to his Father and Their love.
But then it was that day he found out that it would be more difficult than he anticipated.
Simeon and Luke were in the kitchen together, attempting to bake whatever they could to gather experience with Devildom’s strange ingredients. Simeon had his back turned for only a moment, failing to see Luke attempting to climb the counter to grab the flour that was on the top shelf, when he found himself tumbling backwards with the flour coming down as well. Simeon turned around to grab Luke when he heard the little Angel yelp out, when you suddenly appeared and grabbed Luke into your arms, the flour hitting your head and spraying all over you and onto the floor. Luke looked up at you horrified as you coughed and clutched your eyes close tightly, sputtering to get the bland, thick flour out of your mouth.
“Well… This was unexpected.” You coughed out.
“MC!?” Luke gaped at you, the look on his face was of pure guilt but also embarrassment with you holding him. “P-Put me down!… Please?”
He figured saying please was the least he could do to the person holding him and the one who saved him from having to suffer a huge bump on the back of his head, even if his savior was a demon. He plopped himself on the ground and looked about at the flour, flushing with embarrassment.
“Are you okay Luke?” You asked, wiping the flour off your face.
His face darkened with red and looked down, nodding silently, and then running off to grab something to clean up the flour.
That left you and Simeon alone.
His heart was already thumping hard as he looked at you. You were so beautiful even with flour all over you, that smile running across your face as you looked at him, that sheepish grin that set his heart ablaze.
“Sorry about that Simeon. You didn’t get any flour on you, did you?”
He shook his head. Heart trapped in his throat as he swallowed. He couldn’t bring himself to speak.
“That’s good! I actually came here to ask if you wanted to see the stars with me tonight before, uh, you know…” you gestured to the flour and chuckled a little. “But, do you wanna see the stars with me tonight? You don’t have to if you’re busy, I just wanted to know if you’d like to see the Devildom constellations with me. Belphegor is grounded after cursing Lucifer’s ties again.”
He couldn’t. This was dangerous, he can’t say yes to you. This feeling would only worsen. Saying yes would mean burying himself further into the possibility of giving into the temptation.
“Yes, I’d love to.”
⋅───⊱༺ ♰ ༻⊰───⋅
The stars were beautiful, especially reflected in the color of your eyes, lighting them up as you stared up at the glass of the observatory, the stars lighting up the dark room as the two of you laid out on the ground with a blanket beneath you to make the two of you comfortable.
The stars were so beautiful, but you were more than the stars themselves, you were greater than the light above and he believed it deep down, even if he were to try and deny it. He understood what the brothers saw when they looked at you, the feeling inside of them that swelled inside, so close to bursting whenever he was near you. It was so unbearable, but he couldn’t get enough. It was a sin to be as greedy as this. The guilt followed him whenever this feeling occurred, but the overwhelming love would cloud over it, making it easier to bear, just a little.
“And that one, it looks similar to the one back in the human realm. It’s called the Libra, I think. But I’m not exactly sure.”
“You know a lot about the human realm and their stars, but not of the Devildom’s?”
“Ahh yeah… Is it wrong to say I was more interested in the stars of the other realms than in the Devildom?” You gave him that sheepish grin again, a small bit of sweat going down your brow.
He could tell you were lying. But said nothing. The lie went straight over his head because the smile you wore shrouded any doubt or concern he had. And that was wrong for an Angel to do, wasn’t it?
“No, no… Not at all.”
Then the silence. It left him alone with you and his thoughts, the feeling of you nearby made him warm inside. The more you inched closer, the more it grew, a fire inside of him growing hotter and hotter, the craving of greed to have and to hold you beginning to form, but he beat those thoughts down. They wavered the moment your hands touched, just a little.
“I hope to get to know you more, Simeon.” You whispered, his name on your lips sounding oh so sweet, sweeter than any cake or pastry, oh so sickening.
“And I, too, MC.” Your name flowed off his tongue, as if he were exhaling it just like he breathed it, your very existence hanging off your name on his tongue, burying itself inside of his chest and filling him. He wanted nothing more than to speak your name over and over, to call onto you every second of the day, to try and quell the desire that bubbled inside of him, but at the same time, wanting nothing more than to let this feeling simmer inside of him. He never wanted a moment to get enough of you.
But it was wrong to put something above the Divine.
The time passed and you were asleep right beside him, head lulled to the side and close to his shoulder, the feeling of your hair tickling against his skin.
He stared up at the stars, the simmering of his desire and his guilt fulling growing inside of him like a tight knot only growing tighter and tighter.
The thoughts of craving your touch, of wanting to feel your lips pressed against his skin, his lips, his face. To feel nothing more than your back pressed against his chest while in the kitchen, baking sweets and sharing a moment of being domestic like you’d be with Solomon.
Father, I don’t ask You for much, it’s not my place to ask and Angels don’t pray.
As he stared up at the stars he couldn’t help but feel his lower lip tremble and fists clench when you shifted yourself closer to him unconsciously, nuzzling yourself further into him, a small smile on your face.
But if you could give me a hint. Just a little one. Anything really.
He unclenched his fists, chest so much heavier than it was previously, fingers twitching as your hand was so much closer to his, the warmth of your body radiating onto him as you cuddled into his side while he laid there stiffly.
Is this a test?
“Simeon, as the brothers attendant and yours, I’d like to offer my help anyway I can. You are welcome here as far as I’m concerned. Any issue you have, let me know.” That smile again… Oh that smile and those eyes, those imperfections that came with that only added to your complexion, that only added to you.
I’m sure I’m being foolish. You’re far too busy to waste Your valuable time with a lowly angel like me.
But is it?
“Thank you for taking care of the brothers while I was in my coma, Simeon… I cant thank you enough and I truly can’t thank you enough…” You brought him into a hug, the warmth of your body much like how you’re cuddling him. “Even though I don’t regret what I did, I’m glad you were around for them when I couldn’t.”
Is MC my apple?
I’ve said no to them so many times… Yet they keep coming back everytime…
“Please, MC, I don’t need you to tell me how to handle my… ‘problems’ that I might have with the brothers. I appreciate your help, but I don’t need a demon to tell me how to deal with my problems.”
He doesn’t mean that. He needs your help desperately. He needs to know how he can make himself more approachable to the brothers, more close to them as he was before.
“That’s just fine. If you ever need me, Ill always be around for you.”
When everything else is uncertain, they are there.
I don’t want to disappoint You, Father, I don’t want to fail You. Everyday we grow closer, and everyday…
He brings his hand close to yours.
Simeon turns his head, your head close to his, his forehead touched yours. He turned his body to where he mirrored your position, his forehead still touching yours and he exhaled lightly, a shaky breath leaving him, tears close to escaping his eyes as his lip trembled, holding your hand in his tightly, feeling the warmth as if it would be for but a fleeting moment, the guilt only worsening but he couldn’t bare to find himself pull away from your warmth. The rise and fall of your chest hypnotizing to him, you looking so peaceful, even when you were just a demon. Your lips were so close to his with how his forehead was pressed against yours, so delectable and looking so soft and sweet.
I don’t know if my resolve can last much longer…
Please, Father, just a sign. Anything.
⋅───⊱༺ ♰ ༻⊰───⋅
Tumblr media
Here is the picture I found on Twitter, I’m currently sobbing and will need to recover.
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nerdy-talks · 3 days
Tumblr media
*gasps and squeals and giggles and fangirls*
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devildomwriter · 2 days
Test Your Obey Me Knowledge (Part I)
I’ll reveal the correct answer when the poll is over with the context.
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apoorhuman · 3 days
Lucifer: mammon, your score for the last exam is lower than last semester, you have to do better on studying, I suggest you take some tuto-
Mammon: Lucifer! I don't have to do better, because mc told that I am Kenough~
Lucifer: ..... what?
*cue to mc's wheezing sounds in the background*
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Mc: (holding Belphie)
Mammon: Mc what the fuck are ya doing now?
Mc: Belphie is a replacement for my pillow
Mammon: ...
Mc: he doesn't mind
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Tumblr media
Original post
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Halloween sheep chan for your use, just credit me if you ever actually use them
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dyslexicmammon · 2 days
Chapter two
Tumblr media
Characters: Lucifer (Obey me!), Solomon (Obey me!) [not together]
CW// SFW, Angst, Yelling, Implied Lucifer x Mc, Implied Solomon x Mc, Nightbringer MC/attendant MC, Unhealthy coping mechanisms (drinking), You/Your & they/them pronouns used, Mammon & reader
Word count: 2,030
A/N: Hello again! Finally wrote chapter 2!~ I've had this sitting in my docs for ages i just couldn't bring myself to post it. I'm not confident in my writing but I'm getting there! I have an idea for chapter 3 but I don't know how long it will take me. I write all of my idea in one siting and painfully re-read it and edit to a point where i think its okay to post aha. I wanted to thank everyone for the notes & hits the first chapter got, it has been a big boost in my writing confidence. Thank you all!! Take care reader
Chapter 1 / Ao3 / Divider credits
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“What the FUCK did you do Lucifer!” Mammon stopped the chase as soon as the shield went up. Spinning around and walking back into the foyer of the HOL. He slammed the door behind him before yelling again, so full of anger his wings twitched. “WHAT. THE FUCK. DID YOU DO?!”. Not taking into account how his own actions that day could have done the similar damage.
His anger only grew as the Avatar of Pride responded with the same tone. “SILENCE MAMMON.” Tears prick slowly in the prideful demon's eyes as he quickly makes his way back to his study. Ignoring the screams of his younger brother calling his name.
As he walked down the hallway, the smell of a meal not yet enjoyed slowly started up on him. For the first time since the fall, Lucifer, the Pride of Celestial Realm, became overwhelmed with an emotion he deemed pitiful.
At first his cries were silent. Only the sounds of his breaths hitching as tears welled up in his eyes escaped him. He walked into his study and slammed the door hard behind him. Causing the walls of the House to shake. Locking it swiftly after. Not just with the physical lock but with a spell that not even Lord Diavolo could break.
Mammon yelled after his brother. Demanding he get an answer for why their attendant had just stormed out in tears. He stomped his way up the stairs and made his way to Lucifer's study, ready to give him an earful till his lungs gave out. Mammon followed behind Lucifer as the door slammed followed by a bright light flashed, blinding him temporarily. A faint outline of gold began to surround the door. The surface of the door now shines and shifts like mica powder in oil. A loud, heavenly bell began to ring. The long, drawn out hum rang in Mammons ears.
Quickly screwing his eyes shut and spinning around, Mammon rubbed his eyes hard. Trying to recover from the flash-bang.
After regaining his vision Mammon covered his ears with the palm of his hands and made a run for Levi's room. Stealing a pair of the avatars human standard noise cancelling headphones. They barely cut through the yells of the spell, but stopped it enough where he could drown it out with some music.
Mammon then sat outside Lucifer's room, leaning back and hitting his against the wall softly. He let out an exhausted, angry tinted sigh. His red face slowly dissipates as he calms himself down. Then the waiting game began. He sat outside his older brother's study till the old man had calmed down enough to ask him what the hell happened.
Once the spell fell from Lucifer's lips, he cursed himself out and began to sob. Clasping his gloved hand to his mouth, trying to calm down and keep his composure. He rubbed his upper arm and shoulders in a self soothing way. Fighting back his emotions.
Surely the attendant didn't have that much control over him? Not even his brothers could make him cry. No matter how hard the bastards try. He was stronger than this…
Then why did it hurt so much? The panic in your eyes as you met his gaze in the foyer. The strain in your voice as you yelled the lie that no one cared about you. What did he do wrong that you doubted it… doubted him? Knowing you were being comforted by someone of the likes of Solomon because of his own choices didn’t help the stinging feeling in his chest.
He threw off his gloves and coat. Painfully making his way to his desk, his chest heaving, the smell of the food you made became overwhelming to his senses again.
He looked down at the meal you made.. The tray was decorated with a little note and stickers of the two of you. By looking at the drawings he realised you had made them yourself.. All to try and cheer him up.
You had cooked his favourite stew and poured a glass of demonus for.. both of you? The more he studied the platter you brought the more he realised how bad he fucked up. Two bowls, two wine glasses full of demonus (he can tell you poured it as the glasses were almost full like a champagne flute), two sets of cutlery… Even two tiny bowls of dark chocolate ice cream that were now slowly melting from the heat of the stews surrounding them.
One of the ice creams was absolutely covered in sprinkles. It was so painfully obvious it was your serving. Plain, boring, dark chocolate was his favourite flavour of ice cream at the moment. You didn’t seem to sing the same praises but always ate it anyways. Always trying to find a way to sweeten it up and make it more palatable for your taste buds…
You always ate it with him anyway… Even when your little experiments fell through and didn’t make it sweet enough for you. Lucifer always said that you were sweet enough for him which is why he ate the dark chocolate dessert.
He couldn’t bring himself to look at the dishes any longer. Hanging his head in shame. He pushed the platter away from himself as he sat down. Just enough that he could rest his head on the table. Feeling his stomach start to churn and a lump form in his throat, he began to sob again quietly. Squeezing his hands together and pushing his nails into his skin, causing it to bruise. Trying to divert the aching pain of his heart.
Had he really been so caught up in his work he didn’t notice or care that you made dinner specifically for the both of you so he didn’t have to leave his office? Had he really not noticed the two bowls before opening his fucking mouth? Did he even look up?.. Did he really snap at you like that?..
His thoughts swallowed him whole.
He didn’t touch the food. He had lost his appetite long ago when he had returned to his study. Lucifer couldn’t bring himself to indulge in the meal you had meticulously prepared without you being here, enjoying it with him.
He did however help himself to the demonus. He drank the glass you had poured for him. Then your own glass. Then he opened a new bottle he had stashed away in his room. He poured multiple glasses, losing himself to the pain. He had gotten halfway through the bottle when his D.D.D pinged. He launched himself at his phone that laid screen down on the desk. Picking it up desperately and fumbling it in his hands. Desperately hoping it was you. Only to be disappointed when he realised it was Solomon.
The text read “They are at home and are staying with me tonight. They do not wish to talk to you at the moment and I trust that you can respect that boundary for now. I will ask them to make contact with you in the morning. Whether they do that or not is their choice.” His phone buzzed again. A follow up text coming soon after. “Goodnight Lucifer.” The words repeated and echoed in his mind till the screen went black. Reflecting the absolute mess Lucifer was back at him.
His teary eyes met his reflection. Quickly darting from place to place on his face. His cheeks were darker than the rest of his face. His hair was all out of place and disheveled. Eyelids already puffy and sore… He looked just as pathetic as he felt.
As he stared at his reflection his eyes began to lose focus and his heart became heavy. Were you scared of him? Did you not want to talk to him ever again? Had he fucked up so bad he had scared off the first person to show his ‘new self’ love?
He grabbed the neck of the half empty bottle of demonus and smashed it against his lips. The sudden feeling of cold glass on his lips made him jolt up slightly. Tipping his head back, he let the now lukewarm liquid rush down his throat. Chugging the rest of the bottle. Why was he drinking? This isn’t healthy. Surely he, the Avatar of pride, wasn't drinking his feelings away.
He wallowed in his own pity for a couple more hours. Each brother coming passed to ask him how to do something. To ask him if he's okay or to ask Mammon for his headphones back.
Beel brought up some leftovers for his brothers. He couldn't rest knowing his older brothers were in such a state. As he walked down the hall, Beel heard a loud snoring sound. His gaze met Mammon's sleeping body. He placed the plate down next to his older brother and snuck away quietly. The disgustingly loud ringing sound of the spell he cast on the door pushed them all away before they started to linger. Making sure no one could hear Lucifer's pathetic sobs of your name.
Lucifer placed his head on his desk once more with some force. Knowing he’s going to have to take the day off tomorrow.. Maybe even the next. Already feeling the headache roll in. How was he going to mend this mistake? He couldn’t just show up to Cocytus Hall and beg for your forgiveness. He didn’t deserve it.. Feeling exhausted from hours of crying and drinking. His puffy eyes fluttered shut as he passed out at his desk.
As soon as he lost consciousness, the spell on the door fell. Mammon had managed to unpick the physical lock hours ago. Now sleeping lightly outside his brother's office with a plate of food, some water and the headphones still on.
When the half silent ringing in Mammon's ears stopped. He shot up, yawning and stumbling over the weird pile of things he had managed to accumulate while sleeping. Where did this food come from? That didn’t matter. It was time he got answers out of the eldest brother.
He opened the door as quietly as he could and looked to see where Lucifer was. His eyes darted around the room frantically. The faint snoring led his gaze to the large desk where the Avatar of Pride was hunched over, out like a light & snoring softly.
Mammon just shook his head and walked over to his sleeping brother. All his previous anger dissipated as he studied the absolute disarray Lucifer's desk was in.
Gently and subconsciously he began petting his brothers back softly with one hand as he messaged Beel with his other. Asking the strong Avatar to come help him move Lucifer to his bed. While waiting for Beel, Mammon tidied Lucifer's desk. Sorting his documents out and shaving Lucifer's to-do pile down as much as he could. Prepared to take what documents he could complete himself.
He wiped the demonus Lucifer had dribbled and spilled off the large wooden desk. Once Mammon had finished, almost comically, the Avatar of gluttony walked in as silently as he could into the room. Meeting Mammon’s gaze and nodding softly. Standing on the other side of Lucifer's exhausted body. Beel picked up his eldest brother with ease, placing him on his back like a back pack. They began to walk out. Mammon walked in front of Beel, holding onto the documents and throwing the paper towel away that he had used.
After about 10 minutes they had finally made it to Lucifer's bedroom. Placing him in his bed and tucking him in. Before leaving they gently put one of his records on and placed some water and a large bucket next to the head of the bed. Just in case Lucifer couldn’t make it elsewhere once he woke up.
They both left his room as quiet as possible.
They high fived the second the door to Lucifer's bedroom closed. After saying their goodnights and goodbyes they parted ways to go to their separate rooms.
Mammon made his way to his room and stayed up for the rest of the night, doing the rest of Lucifer's office work.
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