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l3viat8an · 3 days
Lucifer: What are the symptoms of human depression?
Solomon: Why are you asking me?
Lucifer: Because, MC was doing laundry and they dropped a sock and I heard them say “Why has God forsaken me?”
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bohbee · 3 days
Brothers reacting to MC getting hit!
Warnings: Blood, Hitting, Ass smacking, Manhandling, aggression, yelling.
Notes: This isn't proofread lmao
Part 2
Tumblr media
Lucifers eyes glared at the group in RAD. His legs marched over to the commotion, and his crimson gaze landed on a succubus yelling at.... MC? He let out a heavy sigh and started raking through the crowd of demoms. Until a piercing sound of skin being hit rang through his ears. He looked back up only to find you on the floor, a gash on your lip, a large handprint painting your cheek. That's all it took for his demon form to emerge. The dark aura immediately caused everyone to disperse. Before the succubus could do any more, his hand grabbed their wrist tightly. "Go to Lord Diavolos office, I am sure he would love to learn about what I just saw." His voice was cold and intimidating. "If you attempt to run away, I will find you. You should know what that means." The succubus nodded and ran off to the Lords office. Lucifer kneeled down to your body, carefully grabbing it. "Let's go home."
His fingers delicately cleaned the wound on your lip, "You don't need to tell me anything. Just.... you need to stay near someone at all times, I'm serious, MC, something much worse could've happened." His voice sounded like he was scolding you in which he was, but he was mainly worried. "I know, Luci, I'm sorry." You said softly, and you wrapped your arms around his body carefully. "Thank you for everything." His heart tugged tightly in his chest, and he reciprocated the hug. "Of course, dear."
He softly kissed your forehead, "I don't understand how a human could place these feelings in me." He admitted, pulling you down into his grasp as he flopped on his bed. "Not just any human, your human." His chest swelled with intense pride in that moment, "You have never been more correct."
(Bonus: Diavolo sat happily in his office, writing away on a game week idea for RAD. Until his doors swung open, a pink haired succubus sobbing, he immediately got up to assess the situation but was stopped by Barbatos. "You may take a seat." The butler said to the succubus, she shuddered in fear, and sat in the far corner.
An hour went by, and Diavolo excused himself to answer Lucifers call. Only to return back to the room after a minute, his face enraged. "So." He started off deeply staring into the succubus eyes. "You think you can touch my exchange student?"
Poor pink haired girl)
Tumblr media
Mammon had invited you out to 'shop' with him, in which you, of course, agreed. Now, the two of you were in a crystal shop. "Hey, this one says prevents lava horse attacks. What kind of crystal does that?!" You asked, amazed at what the small crystal could do. Mammons eyes turned towards the gem in your hand, "Hey! There's one over there matching it perfectly. Stay here. I'll grab it." He said quickly, his body marched over to the other side of the store searching for the similar crystal.
You continued to look at the items around until you heard commotion, "Oi! I ain't stealin' anything. I'm just looking!" Mammons voice rang out. Most of the time, you'd think he was lying, but he literally just told you what he was doing. You walked over carefully, attempting to pull your dear crush from the situation. You reached for Mammons' hand "Lets-" your voice was cut off by a heavy hand slapping your arm away. The greedy demons eyes darkened as he turned into his demon form, growling, grabbing the owners arm.
"Who the hell do you think you are touching my human?" His grip got tighter, his sharp nails digging into the whimpering demon. "Never again." Was all he said before walking out, you in his arms. He grabbed a shit ton expensive crystals on the way out shoving them in his bag, not caring about the consequences. He pulled you to a bench, carefully sitting you down. His eyes immediately peered at your slightly bruised arm. "C'mon human, I could've handled it, y'know?" He said softly, "Let's go to the house, I'll take care of ya, not that I want to or anything..... just that y'know, humans are weak, and I'm your first!"
The two of you sat on your bed, his soft hands holding the ice pack on your arm. "Heh, remember the first time this happened." He said, laughing at the memory. "Yeah... you said to only come to you for help......" His eyes glistened at you, amazed at you remembering his words, "Thank you for helping me, Mams." You smiled softly at him, your lips softly pressed on his. "Oi- y-you can't just do that! B-but of course, the Great Mammon would help my human!" The two of you reminisced on moments the whole night before falling asleep in each other's arms.
(Bonus: Lucifer knocked on the door. After not getting a response, he opened it. He was shocked to see his younger brother cradling your body, even more so when he saw the expensive crystals lying around. "Mammon, why are there -" the eldest whispered in a scolding tone. "He hit them. I took his shit." The white-haired demon interrupted his older brother, in which he only nodded. "Text me the name of the place." He whispered yet again before walking towards the door, "Also, breakfast is ready." Lucifer left the room. Before walking to the dining room, he let a small smile grace his face. 'He finally found his person, the older brother thought.)
Tumblr media
You sat with your boyfriend at a game convention in the human realm. It wasn't often that the two of you went on dates, but this was surely an exception. Your eyes fluttered to the screen, Leviathan once again beating a renowned gamer of the human realm. The human grew heated and threw the remote down, "Cheater!" He yelled out, causing both you and Levi to jump slightly.
"Huh?!?!" He said, placing down the controller. The dude placed his fingers in Leviathans face "fuckin' weeb, you think you're so clever cheating in front of the whole convention." His voice was filled with anger, definitely a sore loser. Your boyfriend scoffed, "As if I would ever cheat. A normie like you wouldn't understand the true art of video games!" He huffed, out, cleary annoyed at the accusations.
"Don't fucking speak to me like that." He spat at the purple-haired demon, pushing his shoulder slightly. A crowd formed around the three of you, "Don't fucking touch him!" You exclaimed, pushing the disgusting person back, gaining both of the male's attention. Before anyone could split up the fight, the males hand met your face, causing everyone to freeze in place. Leviathan sprung up, landing a solid punch on the dudes face, "Lotan will be visiting." He said before pulling you up, running outside the convention, and going to your hotel room.
His eyes scanned yours. "S-stupid normies," he muttered, his hands strictly staying at his sides. Fearful of touching you. You chucked softly at him, grabbing his hand, which shook slightly. "Thank you for protecting me, my Player #1!" His purple-orange irises widened. "Y-you did it first. I can't believe he put his filthy hands on you... now we can't enjoy our time. here." His voice was slightly shakey, his hands gripping yours tighter. "It's okay, Levi, we will go back tomorrow in our cosplay, alright?" A large smile and blush painted his face "y-yeah"
(Bonus: the two of you sat in the hotel room quietly, Levi was placing on his Ruri wig as you put on the taco mask. He made his way over to you, smiling heavily. No one had ever accepted him like you did. It truly made him feel special. "M-mc." He muttered, catching your attention. You hummed in response, "Could you..... close your eyes for me?" He asked quietly, and you smiled softly and closed your eyes. The mask on your face slightly lifted, slightly chapped lips placing themselves on your own. You opened your eyes in shock, only for a flash of Leviathan to run into the restroom.)
Tumblr media
You and Satan sat in the Cat Café, reading books while cats cuddled into the two of you. "Ah, I'm going to use the restroom, alright Tannie?" He smiled softly at the nickname and nodded, not lifting his eyes from the page. A few minutes went by, and your body then left the restroom. Slowly walking over to your Fiancé, but a male sat in your seat flirting to a very irritated Satan. You walked over, cautiously staring at the situation at hand.
You huffed slightly, causing the male to stare at you disgusted. You grabbed a chair from another table and moved it towards Satan. However, the extra male slapped your hand. "Don't you see I'M talking to him!" His hand then gripped yours tightly, you went to go look for help from Satan but he was gone.
Suddenly, a loud crash was heard, the grip on your hand letting go. You turned your eyes to the person, only to see the blonde demon staring into his soul. True Wrath filling the room, somehow the cats aren't fazed. "Never. Touch. Them. Again." He said deeply, causing the male to cry out in fear, "Run. If I find you, you will be tortured." The male ran off from Satan's aura.
Your Fiancé sighed heavily, sitting back down. He motioned you to join him, in which you did. His hands softly grabbed your wrist, assessing the bruises slowly forming. "I will find him." He muttered lowly, causing you to sweat drop. "But.... I will not let this ruin our date." He requested some ice from the store along with a cat drink and kitten cookie for the two of you to share.
(Bonus: Satan came back to his room after the date. He laid you in his chest, softly kissing your sleeping head before he went shopping on his DDD for some book. 'The Art of Torture'......... '101 of Dignity Breaking'........ 'Soul Shattering Spells'....... he smiled softly as he ordered the books. He then opened the devilgram and looked up the page of the demon. Satan knew exactly who he was. Now, he just had to let him believe he truly got away.)
Tumblr media
The night was loud, Asmo had dragged you out to a new bar in town. He was exceptionally happy that you agreed to go with him. Currently, he was on the dance floor as you watched from aside him, giggling softly. You took another sip of your drink, and two people walked over and sat beside you. You looked at the time on your DDD, shit it was getting late. You huffed out and got up, going to grab your best friend. Only to be stopped by the two people "Some kind of fucking problem? We sat here, and you immediately left?!" The male shouted, you shook your head swiftly, "No- I just needed to go get someone."
He scoffed at you, his grip tightening on your arm, causing you to wince. "Pathetic human, its a shame they let such trash enter here." He spat at you, the female beside him giggling away. You looked in the direction of Asmo only for his back to face you. The male pulled you closer, "Humans are weak, right?" He asked the woman beside him, and she nodded and smiled.
You went to go pull away only for the male to smack your face. His hand then held your chin tightly, tears pricking your eyes. "HEY!" A loud voice rang out causing the male to look in annoyance, only for his demeanor to change "Ah! The renowned Asmodeus, care to join us in.... taking care of this pathetic thing.." He smirked slyly, Asmo quickly used his charm on him.
"Sit." The Strawberry Blonde said, his voice filled with hurt and anger. Your body tumbled backward as the larger male let go, only for the demon of lust to catch you. "The person who you call pathetic is the love of my life." He spat out at both demons, both affected by his charm. "Now, both of you, go out into the depths of the damned and never come back." He huffed out as soon as they left, "Hon, oh deary, I'm so sorry, let's go home."
He pulled you in his bathroom, carefully sitting you down on his bath. "Your beautiful skin, I am so sorry I left you, Hon. Truly, how could I ever repay you." He placed some cream on your face, which numbed the pain quickly. "It's alright, Asmo. I got you know. Heh, the love of your life~" you teased. The male-only nodded, causing you to blush heavily. "I meant what I said, MC"
(Bonus: After the two of you took care of your wounds, he led you to his bed. He apologized multiple times over the night, horrified at your bruises. However, he made it up by kissing you. Both of you made it official to the brothers the next day. Then the two of you had to explain the bruises......... that didn't sit well.)
Tumblr media
You sat in Café Lament, waiting for Beel to come back with the hoard of food. You took a sip of Bufo Egg Milk Tea. Your eyes locked on the orange head, who started to walk over, his arms filled with food. He settled the snacks down and sat on the chair. Only to sigh heavily, "I forgot the forks, hold on, I'll be back." He said, but you quickly grabbed his hand. "I got it, love. Don't worry. Go ahead and eat." He smiled a large smile before shoving his face with food, muttering a thank you.
You walked up to the grab section and grabbed many bamboo ware, preparing them to break in Beelz grasp. "Hey, hot stuff," someone said beside you. You shuffled your eyes to their body. Your brain grimaced at his appearance. He was obviously a sex crazed creep, trying to get you as his next prize. You gave a soft smile and went to walk towards Beel. Who had his eyes on you the whole time. As you walked, a sharp pain was shot through your ass, causing you to drop the bamboo ware. You whipped your head back only to find the man floored by Beel.
It was shocking, The Avatar of Gluttony was by NO means violent. So seeing him in such a fit of rage made your heart stop being for a second. "Leave." He said to the male, who scurried out of the Café. Everyone went back to their own business, Beel then turned his attention to you. "Are you okay, MC?" He asked softly, his arms wrapping around you. You nodded and hugged him back. "Let's go eat, Beely." He smiled again and pulled you to sit with him. Your body plopped into his lap, your ass still stinging a little. "Here I'll feed you." He mumbled with his mouth already full.
(Bonus: the two of you laid in the common room, Belphie taking up the other couch. "MC, I'm sorry he assaulted you like that." He mumbled to you. His eyes were saddened as he looked at you. "My Beel, you protected me! Stop saying it as if you did it." You giggled and kissed his lips. You looked back at the fireplace only to jump when an angry Belphie was in face. "Explain." He said. this was gonna be a long night.)
Tumblr media
The two of you were dozing off in class. He was your seat partner, so it was quite difficult not to get affected by his drowsiness. Your head once again bounced while doing the work. There was a sub today, so the teacher just gave paper assignments. The bell rang loudly, causing you to jump. You softly shook Belphegors' shoulders, "Hmm?" He mumbled, causing you to smile. "C'mon, sleepyhead, it's time to go home." He nodded and slowly gathered his stuff.
You went to go walk out with Belph but was stopped by the substitute, "MC. Correct?" She said, annoyed, both you and the youngest brother turned around, "Ah yes, that's me." You mumbled, waiting for her to respond. "I need to have a word with you." She said, Belphie looked at you with hesitant eyes but walked to the door, "I'll be out here." He said.
The substitute glared at you as soon as the door closed. "You are so disrespectful." She spat at you, her body getting into your personal space. "Ah- I do apologize ma'am I am unsure of what you're talking about." She scoffed at you, her finger pointed in your face, "Sleeping while working! A disgusting human like you should know better!" You groaned heavily at her words, this again, each time someone new came to the school they thought they could speak to you however they wanted.
Your groan seemed to have pissed her off cause as soon as it left your lips, she slapped you and pushed you into a desk. The door flung open, and an infuriated Belphegor in his demon form stood in front of the substitute. He grabbed their jaw tightly, his nails digging into her skin. "Isn't so nice now, is it?!" He said with a malice filled grin, the woman shuttered in fear as she dropped to her knees. Belphie knelt down and whispered something in her ear before quickly grabbing you and rushing to the HOL.
He pulled you into the attic and huffed heavily, opening the mini fridge and grabbing some ice packs. He placed you on the bed and carefully handed you them. "I'm sorry, MC, I know it's annoying to always be looked down upon." He muttered. He carefully laid his body on yours after you settled the ice on your body. He whispered something, and suddenly intense relaxation hit you. He would do this whenever you were stressed or hurt. You closed your heavy eyes, Belphie sighed softly and kissed your shoulder before joining you to sleep.
(Bonus: Lucifer looked at his DDD, bewilderment hitting his face. It wasn't often that his youngest brother texted him, so he immediately opened it. His face grimaced at the message. It was an image of a dark bruise that was on your shoulder. 'What happened?' Lucifer typed. 'Substitute lost their shit on them, I messaged you this in defense, I gave them a heavy sleeping spell.' The eldest brother sighed out, of course. He would usually be mad, but this was proper punishment. 'No worries, good choice,' he texted back before closing his phone. "I'm gonna need to teach these demons a damn lesson.")
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Asmo: You know, Lucifer gives Mc flowers every day. I wish you'd do that too.
Solomon: Okay.
*Later, the same day*
Solomon: *gives Mc flowers*
Mc: ???
Asmo: ???
Solomon: I don't know, I'm confused as well
Lucifer: Do that again and I will end you.
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littleventcrawler · 2 days
imagine a human MC just immediately flirting shamelessly with Diavolo,
being completely upfront about their genuine attraction and throwing more than a few innuendoes his way. Of course the brothers are HORRIFIED, you can’t talk to the demon prince himself that way! Surely he’ll have your head for that!
But instead he flirts back, excited at your interest but also delighted to finally have someone treat him so casually! He’s far from a bad flirt as well; even the most experienced in the field of flirting would get flustered.
The bothers are absolutely dumbfounded, standing there with their jaws hanging open as you exchange increasingly vulgar words. Barbatos just snickers behind his hand, going about his business as usual.
It seems the demon prince may have finally found a companion.
Like my writing? I take requests! NSFW or SFW for any fandoms in my bio! 
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blues824 · 19 hours
Mc showing the brothers their senior yearbook photo, and the quote at the bottom of their picture says “Should have burned this place down when I had the chance”
“(Brother of your choice)! Come look! I found my High School yearbook from Senior Year!” You shouted. Everyone heard it, but only the brother you had called responded. You seemed so excited as you flipped through the pages to find yourself, all done up.
Tumblr media
He was about to comment on how nice you looked in your picture when he noticed the quote underneath. 
He let out an exasperated and exhausted sigh of disappointment. How did your school even allow this?? Surely there was some sort of error??
Don’t you dare give any of his other brothers any ideas either! The last thing he needs right now is Mammon putting something equally as stupid as his quote as well
Plus, how could you enter something like that and still have a full smile on your face whilst knowing that the quote would be underneath in the picture??
Tumblr media
Immediately noticed the quote and started laughing because he felt the same exact way about school. He hated school with the entirety of his demonic heart
But how did you get away with this as your quote?? Didn’t you get in trouble (just wait until he finds about the trashy school systems)
He most definitely draws inspiration from your senior quote and would put something similar, which makes Lucifer angry
You both have the biggest smiles in the yearbook as well, which pisses off the eldest brother even more than he already was.
Tumblr media
He was about to have a nosebleed from how gorgeous you looked in the picture when he read the quote beneath
That’s when he almost started crying because he was laughing so freaking hard. There was no way your school actually allowed it
He doesn’t do anything like that for his own quote because he knows that it’s permanent and Lucifer would string him up by the tail.
He might do one of those things where you both partner in your quotes, but it will be funny instead of anything romantic.
Tumblr media
Also lets out a sigh, but it’s one of both exhaustion and amusement. Sure, it was ridiculous, but it was also funny
He does question how you were able to get that quote through the school administration, the photographers, and the people who put the yearbook together
He also doesn’t do anything like that for his quote because he would prefer to have a more romantic quote
Would probably put something about you, like how you managed to see through his anger and realize that he is Satan and not Lucifer nor Wrath
Tumblr media
Honey, no! You shouldn’t have ruined such a beautiful picture like yours with the quote you put underneath!
How did your school even accept that as your quote?? Burning schools doesn’t seem very good in a yearbook
He most definitely does not do anything like that for his quote. He will have something romantic and probably about himself
That, or “bitches put on a little bit of makeup and spend the rest of their day obsessed with themselves. It’s me: I’m bitches”
Tumblr media
Mans thought you looked so freaking nice in that picture until he saw the quote. Then he could see the pain behind your smile
It was a very funny quote, don’t get him wrong. But he could see how you covered your eyebags with concealer
By the way, he’s so freaking confused at how you managed to slide by administration with that as your senior quote.
For his, he would probably do something based on food… like “All pizzas are personal pizzas if you try hard enough”
Tumblr media
You woke him up… for this? For this ridiculous quote that you just needed to show him as he was taking one of the best naps he has ever had?
It totally wasn’t about you and him with about 2 kids, a wedding ring around your ring finger a
Sure, the quote was amusing, but why? And more importantly: how? How did you manage to get this approved?
Anyway, he’s not even going to put in a senior quote and would probably have Lucifer pick something out for him.
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mrs-todo-roki · 2 days
I think everyone should remember asmo is cannonly physically stronger then Beel..
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bloodynectarine · 1 day
Boiling point
Tumblr media
After weeks of holding himself together and setting clear boundaries, only for them to be broken over and over again, MC snaps.
tags. male mc, post-lesson 16, belphie is his own trigger warning, ptsd, mild violence, hurt and comfort.
notes. i don't want therapy, i want revenge. everyone got over belphie killing us way too quickly, and i find it frustrating. you know what would be really fun? to punch belphie. love him, but the amount of serotonin he would bring into my life if i could just… punch him once. a boy can dream.
Tumblr media
Dying and somehow living to tell the tale was not exactly in your plans when you decided to help the demon stuck in the attic.
Sure, you knew it was dangerous and sure, you understood it was a gamble. But you never quite got that your life was at stake until you felt Belphegor's cold grip around your neck and your vision started to get fuzzy at the edges.
Oh, you thought, with startling clarity.
I'm going to die.
You may still be here, but no, you did not survive Belphegor's wrath and hurt. The sensation of phantom hands pressing down your throat never quite left you.
And Belphegor is nothing but a cruel reminder of the night you died.
First, comes the terror. Even with the pact to protect you, in the days following the event, you can't help but freeze every time Belphegor is in the same room.
As you get used to his presence around the House of Lamentation, as he insists in siting next to you during breakfast and in holding your arm on your way to class, the terror slowly subsides, opening way for a different, less familiar feeling.
Annoyance. Anger. Borderline rage.
Who does he think he is?
Who does he think we are? Best friends, family?
“Belphegor…”, you call for the demon that's already laying on top of your lap, with a tense smile hanging from your lips.
This week's movie night was held in your room. It was one of the rare occasions in which all the inhabitants of the House of Lamentation were present. Even Lucifer is here, looking comically out of place, regal and all seriousness, as if he were in the middle of a meeting and not watching a three-hour-long romantic anime film.
Mammon got off from his “rightful place” (“DIBS”, the demon of greed shouted as soon as you sat down, throwing himself across your lap), to rip the remote control out of Levi's hands, who kept rewinding the same scene over and over again (“It's really important for the plot!!!”).
And in the middle of the squabble, Belphegor appeared out of nowhere to climb into your lap, and just. Cuddle.
At your call, he looks up and blinks lazily at you, with his big eyes and his messy bedhead. And the image should be endearing, really, but your chest feels cold, and you can feel your limbs locking in place. You feel trapped, uncomfortable. Ah, it's fear.
“I need. A bit of space. Could you sit somewhere else?”, you manage to let out, and your voice is the only sound in the room. Quarrel and movie long-forgotten, everyone is watching the two of you. Beel was the one who took over and put the film on pause.
Belphegor blinks the drowsiness out of his eyes. His brow furrows, just a little, and if anything, he looks put off by the question, a little lost.
“I don't want to sit anywhere else. I know Mammon was here just seconds ago, but I'm a better cuddle-partner than him anyway. You can ask anyone.”
And he doesn't move. He lays his head against your chest with a yawn.
“I don't…” want to be close to you. You stop yourself from uttering those words, mindful and considerate, truly doing your best. You don't want to lie either, so you decide to play around with the phrasing. “I'd rather you gave Mammon his place back. Or, you know what? I can change seats myself.”
Your tone is as lighthearted as you can manage, and you start to get up from the couch, with Asmo, who's sitting next to you, moving out of the way to give you the space that you need. The space you very specifically asked for.
But Belphegor's weight is heavy against you and traps you in place. Not only that, but his hand reaches for your arm and pulls, looking at you with the same bewildered expression as before, genuinely confused. When you fall against the couch, still under him, you're reminded of how strong he is. Of how weak you're in comparison.
“Oi, Belphie. No one is better at cuddles than me”, says Mammon after a too long pause. “And of course he wants to be with the great Mammon, everyone does. Now move, we still have, like, two hours left of the movie and if we don't finish it tonight, Levi is going to complain all week.”
Levi, who would normally jump into the conversation to defend himself, is barely visible, half hidden between Beel and Satan. His eyes dart between you and the hand that's holding your arm.
“Well, we are already so comfy, so I won't get up”, you wonder who “we” is. Belphegor talks lazily and moves the hand that isn't holding you in a dismissing manner, as if this was not more than a bothersome request, interrupting his nap for nothing.
Your teeth grind together, and there it is, once again. The ugly pressure that holds your gut in a tight grip, the heavy discomfort in your throat. Once foreign, but now you can tell it apart so easily. Anger.
“Belphegor. You heard him already.” This time, Lucifer is the one talking, and he sighs as he gets up, coming closer in an attempt to pry him away from you.
“Oh, please.” Belphegor rolls his eyes, clearly irked by Lucifer's intervention. “We are okay. Right?”, he looks back at you, and this time around his voice is filled with doubt, bordering hopeful, searching for something in your eyes.
“We aren't.” At last, you say it, flatly, and it comes out sharper than you intended, if the way Belphegor flinches and Asmo whimpers is any indication. You're tired, what little patience you have left is quickly running out thanks to the stubborn remarks and your words falling on deaf ears. “Let me move.”
The demon on your lap has the gall to look affronted, hurt. His bewildered expression does nothing more than increase the feeling already boiling deep within you. You can feel Satan's eyes boring in your cheek, but you refuse to look at him.
“Hey… Relax”, Belphegor mutters, now looking a little concerned too. For you. He's worried about you, and yet he still won't get up. “Are you okay? What's wrong?”
What's wrong.
What's wrong?
You're so taken aback by the question that by the time you react, his hand is already on its way to hold your cheek.
The most violent of flashbacks comes through you, a whiplash that hits you with the force of a truck. His handprints on your neck, trying to catch your breath, feeling cold all over, with the only warmth coming from your own blood ringing loudly in your ears, flowing right next to his voice, so full of hatred.
You can't freeze this time around, you need to move, you need to run, you need to do something, anythi--
“Belphie, I don't think you sh--” Satan tries to warn him, but it's too late.
By the time Belphegor fingertips touch your cheek (and this time they're warm, not dead-cold, you notice with surprise) your fist is already hitting against his nose, punching him right in the middle of his face, with a force you didn't even knew you had in you.
Not that you've ever done it before, but you can imagine this is what it feels like to hit a wall. Your hand hurts and goes numb.
The impact pushes Belphegor against the cushions, his hands flying to cover his nose. And any other day it would have been impossible, your punch would never land (he's that much faster, that much stronger), but right now he was so worried about you, so desperate to stick by you. His guard was as down as it will ever be.
His nose is bleeding, you notice, at the same time as Asmo gets up with a gasp. Levi shrieks in the background, and Mammon let's out this weird noise, a mix between one of his “Oi”, your name, and a scream.
Everything stands still, and, to your credit, you're just a shocked as everyone else.
With the punch, all anger has left your body, and now you're just a bunch of nerves, looking at Belphegor with big eyes. Belphegor looks back at you, so shocked, and you suddenly feel like crying. Oh, how much you hate being an angry-crier.
Satan is the one that breaks the silence, with a heavy sigh. “Told you so.”
Beel comes next, taking two steps in your direction but stopping when you raise your palm. You're trembling, but you come close to Belphegor all the same, refusing to back down.
“Asshole.” It's the first thing you say, and defying the impossible, Belphegor's eyes grow even wider as you tower over him, kneeling on the couch.
“Are you deaf? Wasn't I clear enough? Loud enough?”, and when you raise your fist in the air, Lucifer approaches, but all you do is gently punch Belphegor's chest. Again and again. “I told you to move. Several times. And still, you didn't. I was… I was dying of fear, and you weren't moving.”
“You, inconsiderate shit.” Punch. “You, deaf moron.” Punch.
“You… Stubborn cow.”
Belphegor has let the blood simply flow across his face, and now he's kneeling in front of you, holding his own hands, the same surprised look on his face.
And that's that.
You let your arms fall with a groan and simply sigh. For Diavolo, violence really isn't for you, you are so tired.
“S-Should we separate them?” Levi asks in a trembling voice, frantically waving his hands, unable to decide whether to approach or flee.
“No. He has more to say.” Satan gently holds Levi's wrists, and waits.
That's when you realize that yes, you got more to say. In fact, you've had something to say for way too long, and now you're dying to get it off your chest.
“I gave you my trust, and I knew I was being childish and reckless in doing so, but all I wanted was to help. I cried for you, I felt for you, and I did everything I could to be by your side even though all I had to offer was just. Just me. Mortal, human. And in response, you killed me.” Belphegor recoils at your words, but you go on.
“It hurt. It still hurts, even now. Sometimes I see you and all I can think about is your betrayal.”
Belphegor looks down, biting his lips, in silence. You can see his hands trembling, and you remember your talk under the stars, his eagerness when he offered you a pact. When he gave you the control you needed. His hands were trembling back then, too.
With a groan, you reach out to hold his chin, lifting his face. You take the long sleeve of your pajamas and begin to wipe the blood running down his chin, across his lips. Slowly, with care.
Your fingers run through his hair just to be able to look directly into his eyes. He looks anxious, fearful, and you know that your next words have the power to break or mend his heart.
So you decide to, once more, open yours and leave the rest in his hands.
“I don't hate you. And this isn't me cutting our ties. I understand your pain, I really do. Please, understand mine.”
Your thumb caresses over his forehead. Carefully, gently.
“I need time. I'll let you know when I'm ready.”
Belphegor inhales and exhales deeply, holding your gaze. Slowly, but surely, he takes your hand between his, from his forehead to his lips, leaving the lightest of kisses against your palm. You feel the pact mark that binds you together tremble and sing.
“I'm sorry. For the pain, for my insistence, I just… Wanted to be close. I need to be close. I'll wait for you.”
Straightforward as ever. But you are struck by the sincerity in his voice, in his eyes, and this time around it takes you no more than a second to nod.
“Right. Be good and wait for me.”
Unable to resist, you pat his head, just as you would to a small, rebellious child. He's the baby of the family, after all. He groans, and you laugh, feeling so much lighter. And unbelievably tired.
By the time you remember that you're not alone in the room and turn around to placate the others, you make eye contact with Satan.
He's looking prouder than ever, the little smile on his lips telling enough. “Go on”
The brothers needed no further prompting to launch themselves at the two of you, a jumble of limbs and shrill voices.
“MC, that was, as usual, reckless. From now on, fist fights are forbidden in and out of the house. Evade further conflicts.”
“B-But wasn't MC so cool?!?! Belphie is so much stronger, but he was down with one punch! W-way too op, MC!!”
“Oi! Human, how dumb can ya be?! Tell me before you go around punchin' demons, I can punch them for ya!”
“I knew you were good at controlling your anger, but I never imagined that much. You are full of surprises.”
“Belphie, gosh, your clinginess finally got you in trouble, mh? Your surprised face was so cute! Do you need concealer?”
“Belphie, does it hurt? Do you need ice? We have popsicles in the freezer… Wait, I ate them all yesterday, sorry Belphie… Do you want me to go and buy more? MC, which flavor would you like?”
“We are good, Beel.” Belphegor answers, still looking at you. “Right?”
You laugh at his not-so-subtle search for assurance, and your chest feels astonishingly full. “We will be, for sure.”
Movie night turns right into a sleepover after that, as every single one of the demon brothers refuses to leave your room. Lucifer might roll his eyes, but he still settles on your couch, right next to Satan.
And for the first time in weeks, you're able to close your eyes and rest, feeling safe and at home.
Tumblr media
ao3 ― writing tag
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saintshiba · 3 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
— it’s almost funny to you how far you’ve come when living in the devildom for such a short while. as a human, you never even dreamt it to be possible to have such strong bonds with demons of all creatures.
even between your hectic schedule of classes and studying, you still manage to grow closer to each one of them practically day by day. you’re convinced that they treat you better than any fellow human ever could, and you just wish there were some way to fully return the favor…
and so, after many months of practicing and perfecting, you finally get to use some of the magic you’ve been working on to enter each of the demon’s wet dreams.
reblogs greatly appreciated ! event taglist
cw for aphrodisiac use, dom/sub dynamics, fem coded reader, body worship, size kink, breeding, light bondage, oral sex, choking, somnophilia, and other [n]sfw themes.
????? = mystery characters. props if u can guess who they are <3
all specific warnings will be properly tagged when fics are fully released !
there is not a set schedule to these, and there will be a taglist if you wish to be tagged in any of these despite it being a mystery event <3
Tumblr media
UNLEASHED INTENTIONS — ????? …. “you knew very well there was more to your relationship for a while, but what would it take to get that out of him?”
TAKING CONTROL — ????? …. “confidence wasn’t a strong suite for him. but in his dreams with you like this, it felt like he could conquer anything.”
HOW MUCH DO YOU LOVE ME? — ????? …. “your love for each other was endless. there was no question. but there was also no harm in testing how deep it ran for one another.”
UNFALTERING DEVOTION — ????? …. “even though he seemed greedy for you and your time, truthfully, he just craved to make you feel just how much love he held for you.”
GUILTY PLEASURES — ????? …. “even in sleep, the satisfaction was nearly unattainable most nights. that was until he found you in his dreams.”
CONFESSIONAL — ????? …. “truthfully, you two thought you’d never end up getting so close. so it isn’t surprising when a plethora of buried feelings begin to unearth, even in this misty dream.”
ONLY IN MY DREAMS — ????? …. “sleep was always an escape, but it seemed to be more exciting when you were involved.”
HELPING HAND — ????? …. “being such a helping friend didn’t seem like it was enough at a certain point. and when she started dreaming about you even more, it was clear how you both felt.”
LUXURIOUS — ????? …. “his lifestyle was far from what you were used to, but his love for you was like none you’d ever experienced.”
HIDDEN DESIRE — ????? …. “past that dark façade was something you knew craved that safe love. that doting, soft, gentle love that you knew you had inside of you.”
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hyperfixat · 3 days
obey me but the house of lamentation is not human safe when mc arrives.
there’s a gas leak in their bedroom and their behavior goes wild and the bros are like hmm is this how humans are supposed to act 🤔
Then like Solomon comes over and sniffs around and is like woahhh bro mc is gonna die and idk it gets fixed i couldn’t stop thinking of this at work yesterday but now idk
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belphegorspillow · 2 days
Obey Me Characters Love Languages
I have a few drafts of character notes and info for myself, and I didn't have anything to post today so this is what I had in my drafts that you would like lovelies.
~ Physical Touch and Acts of Service
~ He definetly loves to help his lover with anything that he can. He is more showing that he loves them, than expressing it. ~ He loves to hold hands with his lover, or having his arm around their waist as they walk around together ~ He is more affectionate in private than public, he loves to hold his lover close, massage them a bit as they are close to him. ~ His ideal type is Acts of Service
~ Gift Giving and Quality Time
~ Mammon is a greedy person, yet he loves to shower his lover in everything that he can get them ~ He is always wanting to be with his lover, spend every waking moment with them at his side. ~ He will keep lists of anything that his lover mentions as to make sure he knows what to get them once he wins at a casino. ~ His ideal type is Words of Affirmation
~ Quality Time and Gift Giving
~ He loves spending as much time as he can with his lover, playing video games, watching movies, anything that they enjoy. ~ He will give any games or manga that his lover enjoys, or he wants them to try out. ~ He will do anything to spend time with his lover, even if it means to go outside with them. He will be happy when ever his gifts cause his lover's face to light up in happiness. ~ His ideal type is Words of Affirmation
~ Quality Time and Acts of Service
~ He wants to spend time with his lover as much as he can, reading books together, going out to cat cafes. With his lover, all of these are more fun and enjoyable ~ He is always happy to help his lover. Help them grab something they can't reach, help with homework, projects, anything that they need help with. ~ He is willing to do anything to help and spend time with his lover, no matter what ~ His ideal type is Quality Time
~ Physical Touch and Gift Giving
~ He loves to hold his lover close to him, showing them how much he loves them as he holds them close, holding hands, linking arms. Anything physical ~ He loves to give his lover gifts that would remind them of him in some way. Skin care things that he uses, his perfume and colgne. Anything that his lover mentions that they like about him. ~He is always happy to hold his lover close and shower them with gifts to remind them of him, it always brings a smile to his face when he sees his lover happy ~ His ideal type is Physical Touch
~ Physical Touch and Gift Giving
~ He loves to hold hands, rest his head on their lap or belly, it makes him feel close to his lover. ~ He loves to give them foods that they love, or what he thinks they will enjoy. ~ He is always happy seeing as his lover's face brighten up at the foods, or play with his hair as they are snuggling together and relaxing. ~ His ideal type is Quality Time
~ Quality Time and Physical Touch
~ He loves to take his lover with him all the time so they can spend as much time together alone. ~ He loves to cuddle his lover as they are sleeping with him, tangled in each others arms, making each other feel safe. ~ He is always happy when his lover is by his side, letting him hold them close and protect them. ~ His ideal type is Quality Time
~ Quality Time and Words of Affirmation
~ He is always happy to spend time with his lover, anything that they do together, is Diavolo's favourite thing in the world ~ He loves to shower his lover with compliments daily. He just loves every part of them and they deserve to know how lucky he is to have them ~ He will always make sure to have a special space in his schedule just for his lover and him to go out, he loves watching them get flustered at him complimenting them. ~ His ideal type is Quality Time
~ Acts of Service and Gift Giving
~ He loves to help his lover in anyway, make them breakfast in the morning, clean their shared room, help with homework when needed. He is always there to help ~ He loves to get his lover small gifts to show how much he appreciates them even if he is busy most of the time ~ He is willing to do anything to help his lover because of how much he cares, he doesn't want them to get stressed or upset because of work. ~ His ideal type is Words of Affirmation
~ Quality Time and Acts of Service
~ He loves to hang out with his lover as much as they can. He is always free when it comes to them ~ He is always willing to help them whenever they need it. He will open the door for them as to be nice, pull out a chair for them. ~ His lover's smile when he helps or spends time with them is what makes Simeon happy ~ His ideal type is Physical Touch
~ Acts of Service and Quality time
~ He loves to help his lover, as it's his way to express how much he cares for them. He will cook for them when they are sick [even if they insist not to], he will teach them when they don't understand something and is willing to help with anything he can ~ He loves it when his lover comes over just to ask him on a date, he loves it when they smile as you are on a date together. ~ His ideal type is Physical Touch.
Luke [This is entirely Platonic]
~ Quality Time and Physical Touch ~ He enjoys spending time with his friends, he will always invite those he is close to, to any event he finds as it will be better with friends ~ He likes to hug his friends when ever he can. He is the type to hold his friend's hand and swing it back and forth a bit. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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welcome-to-tracy · 2 days
Obey Me Headcanons. MC jokingly says: «Spank me, please».
GN!Reader. All brothers.
TW: suggestive? a little smut with Belphegor. 😳
A/N: at first I wanted MC to slap one of the brothers on the ass, but then I changed my mind.
Hint: MC and the character are not in a relationship. So when they asks to be spanked, they is just joking, but in fact it is frankly clear that they would really like it.
all subsequent actions take place with MC consent.
— You're talking to Lucifer in his room when he asks how you're doing at RAD.
— «I know that you have already settled into the Devildom enough, but if you need help with your studies or you would like something specific, you just need to ask».
— The moment seems to you ideal for a light joke, because Lucifer is obviously not tense and this is just a friendly conversation.
— «Something I want? Then... How about you spank me, please?»
— You can see how Lucifer's eyebrows are raised questioningly, trying to evaluate what you just said.
— In fact, you blurted out the first thing that came to your mind and now, understanding the meaning of these words, you blush deeply and immediately add: «Of course this is a joke!»
— When Lucifer sees you blush, on his face a proud grin appears.
— «Joke? Really? Didn't I just say that you just have to ask if you need anything?», – he leans over your ear and quietly whispers: «What an interesting request. But if this is what you want, then I will do everything to make our exchange student comfortable».
— You were resting in your room when a message from Mammon flashed on your D.D.D. screen.
— «Not that I care at all, but I know that your birthday is coming soon, so (you should thank the Great Mammon) I'll condescend to present you something».
— Of course, a minute later he sent a message saying that it should not be too expensive and preferably with his own hands.
— Without hesitation, you tapped your fingers on the keyboard and sent a message that if the "Great Mammon" wants to do something for you with his own hands, then he may well spank you.
— You could almost imagine Mammon's excited face, considering the speed with which a huge pile of messages were coming to you.
— You didn't even bother to clarify that it was just a joke, hoping that later he would understand it himself. And after a couple of hours, it completely slipped your mind.
— But then, a few days later, your birthday came.
— After receiving the gifts and finishing with the party that the guys threw in honor of you, you returned to your room.
— A few minutes later, Mammon (in the most brazen way) also barged into your room.
— «No. I'm not letting you sell MY gifts».
— «Even the one I gave you?!», – you looked accusingly at, – «Okay-okay! That's not what I was going to talk about at all! It's about the second gift. The one you asked for».
— The tips of Mammon's ears turned bright red and he cleared his throat.
— «That what you wrote about in the chat. If you still want it, then... Don't think, not that I was going to do it, but still now I, Mammon, am doing you a favor, so... I think it would be more convenient if you took a different pose and since I am infinitely generous to you, I will do it...».
— You both played some old co-op game on the console, agreeing that the loser fulfills one wish of the winner.
— Maybe your fingers were trained well enough, or maybe you were just lucky, but this time the victory was yours!
— «NOOOOOOO. It's impossible for this normie to win. This is a scam!!»
— You shrugged your shoulders in response to Levi's whining and (stealthily) stuck out your tongue at him.
— «I won, which means you fulfill one of my wishes!~», – you reminded him of your contract and he instantly wilted.
— «It's not fair... Surely it will be something stupid...».
— «Okay, Levi. What do you think about spanking me?»
— You said it quickly and jokingly, just to see the reaction of the Avatar of Envy (lol, of course, you knew that he would squeal and be embarrassed, but you really wanted to tease him), but, lmao, it looks like you really broke this boy.
— Waving his arms and muttering something, he backed away, tripped over the wires, fell, appeared for a moment in the form of a demon and hid in the corner of the room.
— You don't know it (maybe you can guess), but right now he remembered all the possible hentai that started exactly the same.
— «Henry, you... You just can't say things like that! A similar situation occurred at the beginning of the seventh chapter of the first volume of „The Lamb-Girl: My indecisive lover”, but we live in the REAL world and if you ask someone for such things, then you should be prepared for the fact that it will end badly. A nasty otaku like me just shouldn't touch you like that, especially when our relationship hasn't reached that level yet, you just–».
— Most likely you stopped listening to him. Leviathan was in his demonic form, waving his tail and blushing terribly. On top of everything else, the guy was bleeding from his nose, but he did not stop his long tirade.
— (If you offer him a napkin, he'll faint, lol).
— To stop disturbing the wild imagination of the virgin-demon, you just went to your room, hoping that later he would calm down.
— A few hours later, Levi will definitely self-destruct, but he will also scroll through your proposal in his head and imagine his palm on your body.
A/N: it turned out fine and a little crumpled, but okay, sorry. :(
— Well, maybe you're crazy or you just want to die, baby.
— Even with Lucifer, this thing could have been safer, but you chose Satan.
— You both fight when at some point you say something like: «Damn, if I'm that bad, then just spank me».
— Lol, you said the first thing that came to your mind, but now you're both in a stupor and blushing.
— «Spank you? Is this some kind of provocation?», – he raises his eyebrows, but before you can answer, Satan pulls you towards him.
— «Wait, it's...».
— «I think it was a good idea. Maybe I should really punish you so that you behave yourself next time?».
— He's definitely just scaring you, but if you agree, then Satan will really spank your ass.
— Okay, if not both of you, then at least Asmo is constantly joking about such things. Not that this is anything new.
— You put on the dress that the demon bought you as a gift and spun around on the spot so that he could appreciate how it fits on you.
— «It's just gorgeous, honey! As soon as I saw him, I immediately realized that you would look wonderful in something like this. You're amazing!~ ♡», – he claps his hands and smiles contentedly.
— «But isn't it too short?»
— «No, no! Just right! You look so lovely that I want to kiss you. Or spank», – Asmodeus puts his hands on your waist and seductively grins.
— You briefly say something like «can I choose both options?», deciding to play along with him. But you didn't expect he to go beyond the usual teasing this time.
— He gives you a short kiss near the lips and you blush with surprise. When Asmo sees your reaction, he smiles and his cheeks also turn a delicate pink shade.
— Overcoming the awkwardness, you quietly ask: «Well, the kiss has already been. How about the second option?».
— God, he has incredibly cute reactions to any teasing.
— If you suddenly tell this kid to spank you, I swear he'll choke on what he's chewing right now.
— You'll just watch a blush spread across Beel face as he realizes your request, but then he looks down and sighs.
— «I don't understand why you want me to do something like that. I don't want to hurt you».
— He's really afraid he might hurt you because you're so small and he's so big and strong. 🥺
— If you explain to him that this is just a joke, he will smile and say that he is glad because he would not like to hit you.
— If you continue your joke and start explaining to Beelzebub that it might even be nice, then he will nod seriously and begin to finish his meal.
— After that, he'll shoulder you wherever you are and carry you to your room, because he doesn't mind if that's what you want. :>
— (When Beel start spank you, he will be a little scared that he may not calculate the strength, but then he will even get a taste and on your ass there will definitely be traces of his huge palms).
— Just wanting to annoy Belphegor a little, you woke him up and decided that it would be nice to tease the Avatar of Laziness a little.
— Every now and then, absolutely jokingly, you put your hand on his thigh or whispered ambiguous phrases in his ear while he sighed irritably.
— His displeased expression seemed so funny and cute to you that you could hardly restrain yourself.
— «You're being disgusting, you know?».
— «Really? Well then take it and spank me».
— «Your jokes are so tiring. Don't think I'm going to fall for that», – he yawned significantly and you puffed out your cheeks.
— «Well, if you refuse, then I'll go», – of course you were bluffing. You of both were not in such a relationship and it would be strange to suggest something like that, but... you were so turned on by his quiet, irritated growl.
— Oh, it looks like you've awakened something bad in him.
— You get out of bed and wink at him, intending to leave, but Belphegor grabs your wrist and pulls you to him so that you fall on your stomach on his lap.
— You flinch when one of his hands gets under your t-shirt and lies on your lower back.
— «It was so audacious. If you woke me up, then why don't I listen to you, especially since it sounds fun», – you hear his soft teasing voice and a quiet malicious grin.
— With his other hand, Belphie lightly slaps you on the ass and briefly holds his palm on your buttock, squeezing it through the fabric of your clothes.
— You feel him tense up a little under you, and then the next ringing slap is heard, much stronger than the past.
— You let out a low moan and he runs his index finger along the inside of your thigh.
— «How depraved... If you wanted me, you should have said so earlier. And now take responsibility for your actions, because now I don't want to sleep at all...».
— There is another slap.
A/N: AHHAHA, idk what I wrote! Sorry about this crap. I did it for a very long time and sat with the dictionary, lololol. 😭
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l3viat8an · 2 days
18+ content MDNI
If ya couldn’t guess it’s 1am for me and I’m brainrotting again~
Levi has a “thick thighs save lives” shirt, and he will ask you to wear it while he fucks you (or more specifically fucks your soft thighs~) “P-please!! It’ll look so good on you!! And It’d be so fucking hot~!”
If you say yes and let him, Levi's practically vibrating with excitement! Grabbing a bottle of lube and rubbing some between your thighs and then along his cock(s) whining when he slides between them~ “F-fuck this is so hot~! It looks even better than I imagined~!!” But don’t think he’s forgetting about you~ as good as this feels for him you’re not going to cum like this, so his tail will snake (Heh-) around to rub ‘n tease at your sex~ making sure you cum at least twice from his tail, while Levi uses your thighs and when he finally cums it’s all over them with a loud moan of your name~
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bohbee · 3 days
Dateables reacting to MC getting hit!
Warnings: Strangulation, Hitting, Death, Implied Torture?, Bruising, Blood, Stitching
Notes: This is iffy but yeah, this won't be getting proofread.
Part 1
Tumblr media
Clicking of silverware, sipping of drinks, and soft chatter could be heard in the Palaces dining room. It was a feast to celebrate the engagement of The Lord Diavolo. Many nobles came to share their congrats, there was at least 30 figures at the elongated dining table. The night was coming to an end, and people started going back to their residences, leaving only a few others in the Palace.
"Excuse me," a voice behind you said, you turn your head softly to see an elegant looking male. He slightly bowed down "If you don't mind, could I talk to you in private? I wish to share my congrats." He asked, seeing nothing wrong with it you excused yourself and lead the male to an empty hallway.
His blue eyes peered into yours, his demeanor completely changing. "Y'know, Lord Dia and I were very close in the past." He said, you irked a little at the nickname, but let it slide. His face was painted with a scowl, "Very close, might I add." You furrowed your eyebrows in a confused manor, Diavolo never mentioned dating anyone before. The male walked closely to your body, "That was until a little human showed up. Stealing my spotlight, taking the gift of eternity. Which was supposed to be MY gift."
You stood your ground, heavily irritated by the male who was claiming that he was born to be in your place. "You don't get to choose what he wants." You said, trying to keep back your snarky remarks. His palm met with your face, causing you to stumble backward. "HES MINE!" He yelled before pouncing on you, his hands on your throat constricting your airway. He didn't get far before being tossed aside by the now smiling butler.
"It would be in your best interest to not lay your hands on the Lords significant other." Barbatos said as he slowly walked over to you, carefully assessing your injuries. The male got up to dash out of the palace only to slam into your Fiancés chest. Diavolos' golden eyes were filled with rage when he saw your body on the ground. He quickly grabbed the pleading male, "You will suffer the consequences of your actions." He muttered darkly. He motioned Barbatos to take him away.
Once Barb pulled him to the basement, Diavolo rushed to your side. His eyebrows furrowed as his irises held pain and sorrow. "I am deeply sorry, my love." You shook your head with a small smile, his hands slid under your body, lifting you up bridal style. "No need to apologize for the actions of someone else." You kissed his cheek softly and moved your head to the crook of his neck.
The two of you sat in his room for the rest of the night, talking and laughing away. You invited Barb to join the two of you while playing some games, leading you guys to have a very fun game night.
(Bonus: Lucifer answered the call from the royal butler, excusing himself from the dining table with his brothers. His eyes widened, "Excuse me?" His tone was cold. "I will be there immediately." After hanging up the DDD, he brought himself to the dining table, "I will be going to the Palace. There was an assassination attempt on MC. Please stay here for their safety." The brothers stared in awe but nodded. The poor dude was obliterated to say the least.)
Tumblr media
You ran to the palace, tears streaming down your stinging face as the rain drenched your body. Soft sobs emitted from your throat. You knocked on the palace doors in urgency. No one was chasing you anymore, but it was still frightening. The door opened, and your boyfriend stood at the door, his usual calm eyes now filled with worry. He ushered you in, pulling you to the infirmary.
He sat you down on the chair and grabbed some medical supplies, "What happened." He said calmly, though his voice held true rage. "Some lowerclass demons..." You choked out a sob, your boyfriend walked over and started to softly clean the gash on your eyebrow. "Go on, dear. It's okay. I am here. There's no need to be frightened anymore." His voice was sincere as he deeply gazed in your eyes, waiting for you to tell him what caused your injuries. "I don't know what caused it, I got a high score on the exams, they got pissed?" You winced softly at the small stitch on your face, a sorry emitted from his lips.
"I understand. This will not happen again. I will have to report this to the Lord. Would you be comfortable joining me, my love?" You softly shook your head against the idea. "That is perfectly fine. Go ahead to my room and change, I'll be there soon."
After a while, your favorite butler came back with a tray of your favorite foods, "You didn't have to do all of this, Barb." You muttered with a soft smile. He only shook his head. "I would do anything to ensure that my doll is happy."
You spent the night in his arms, both of you sleeping peacefully. He finally has found his time stopper.
(Bonus: Diavolo nodded at the words that his butler said. "Go ahead and be with them. They need you more than me. I will be holding a halt on the school until we find the suspects." Barbatos nodded at the Lords words, thanking him before leaving. The next week, school was out for an unexpected break, and when it came back, four students were never to be found again.)
Tumblr media
You stood shocked at the pain on your left cheek, Simeon stood in front of you, his angelic form out in a protective manor. Scaring off the offensive demon, Simeon quickly went to his normal form and turned to you. "MC?" He said softly, not trying to startle you. His soft gloved hand grabbed yours, you looked into his beautiful eyes with admiration. "How are you fee-" his attempt to ask you how you were doing was interrupted. "You're beautiful." You blurted out at him, his eyes widened at the compliment. "My sun, thank you for the compliment, but that is by no means what we should be focusing on."
He softly dragged you to Purgatory Hall. Luckily, everyone was out and about. Letting the two of you have some alone time, it was silent, the rooms air was thick. "Simeon, what's going on?" You whined out, trying to grasp him from his thoughts. He let out a sigh before looking back at your face, frowning at the small bruise. "Dear, I couldn't protect you from being hit. I am supposed to be your guardian angel, yet I couldn't save you...." His fingers slightly traced your bruise before he pressed his lips on the injury. The dark mark on your face immediately started to heal at his delicate lips.
"Sim look at me." You said softly, his blue irises looked into your eyes. "You just healed me with a kiss. You didn't know that was going to happen. You're still my guardian angel, but most importantly, you're my boyfriend." You smiled softly, hugging his chest. "Plus.... your wings literally lit up half the fucking area." You giggled softly, his lips went into an endearing smile. "You truly find it that beautiful?" He asked you, and you quickly nodded your head. "Well, it's all yours."
(Bonus: the rest of the Purgatory Hall made it back, shocked to see Simeons wings. All of them other than Raphael gasped. "What's the occasion?!" Solomon asked, Luke nodded quickly, doing cute jumps. "Ah, there was an incident. They saw my form and loved it." Simeon said softly, laughing at Luke's reactions. "What incident?! A pesky demon, I bet!" The kid said, causing you to nod. "Yeah, he hit m-" your mouth was covered by your boyfriends hands. You peered up to the other three, Luke had an out of character dark aura, Solomon had a torture book floating around him, and Raphaels spears were out. Shit.)
Tumblr media
His eyes locked onto your unconscious body, he looked up only to find one of the demons he has a pact with. "Uh,- Sir it was just-" the demon was thrown to the ground immediately "silence." Solomon's voice said, deep and scarily, using the pact to his advantage, people gathered around. "So I assume you don't know who they are, hm?" He said with an amusing tune, his brown eyes piercing into the demon's eyes. The demon shook his head vigorously "Well. Too bad."
The air around the sorcerer got thick, his eyes glowing with magic. "Let this be a message to everyone, Never. Ever. Lay your grotesque hands on, my spouse."
The demon was quickly eliminated, Solomon lifted your limp body and ran to Purgatory Hall, once he made it inside he quickly placed some healing spells on your body. The large bruise on your face shrunk, and he furrowed his eyebrows softly, kissing the now small bruise. "I will never let anyone lay their hands on you again.... sleep well, my beloved."
When you woke up his eyes shot towards yours, "Hey hey, how are you feeling?" His hand grabbed yours, "I'm alright, uh.. what happened?" You asked with a groan, causing him to have a small smile, "Don't worry about it okay? It's all taken care of now." His thumb ran across your knuckles, "Come on Luke was worried sick."
(Bonus: when you walked out of Solomons's room, the sweet smell of the living room filled your nostrils. Hundreds of baked goods filled the space. "MC!" The blonde angel yelled, before launching himself into your arms, "You're alive... grr I swear I'll.... I'll get those demons to pay!" He said, he let out a soft sigh before grabbing a plate. "I uh.... stressed bake I made you your favorite......*)
:) what's your favorite dessert? I like plain cheesecake
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Barbatos sees a mouse: Oh, that’s. . .alarming.
Mc: Hey, there’s one behind you too!
Barbatos: I’m gonna burn the fucking castle down
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sorbetisfruity · 1 day
I wanna go on cute romantic dates with the Obey Me boys.
With Lucifer, I feel like he’d definitely be the type to take you out to a fancy dinner. He feels like you two deserve a good date night, especially after he’s practically ignored you all week thanks to Diavolo.
And Mammon? A simple car ride around the Devildom will do. You two would get something to eat, and ride around till your hearts content. Soon enough he’ll stop somewhere and you two would end up falling asleep in his car lololol
And Asmo would absolutely love to have a little slumber party with you. I feel like he LIVES for stuff like that. He’d do your nails and you’d do his, and even if they aren’t perfectly done he’d absolutely love them anyways. You two would do face masks and watch some movies before passing out together in his comfy ass bed.
I think Levi would be obvious. You two would stay inside and play some games or watch some anime. He sometimes worries you don’t like doing this with him, but you always reassure him that you wouldn’t wanna be anywhere else in the world than by his side kicking ass in this new RPG he bought.
Now Beel? He’s tricky. You two would probably do something food related. You guys could go to a buffet, where he’d probably eat everything available to him, or maybe you two would stay in and have a movie night!! You’re absolutely surrounded by snacks, and you’re cuddling up to the cutest demon in the Devildom while watching his favorite cooking show.
Now Satan, I feel like his biggest dream is going to a cat cafe. Come on, cats, coffee, and books?? He’d probably have a heart attack the moment he walked in. You two would sit comfortably in a chair together, sipping coffee while he reads you a book, with a cute kitten in your lap that you two definitely end up adopting later on.
Belphie is probably the easiest. Just take a nap with him. A nice, long nap. Anything that involves sleeping, he’d love. Just let him sleep with you, please.
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blues824 · 1 day
Brothers interacting with fruits basket mc who didn’t want them to touch them, until one of them accidentally brushed up against them and mc turned into a cat
Gender-neutral reader
Tumblr media
After spending months within the Devildom, Lucifer noticed how you never wanted to show any physical affection with him and often just used all the other love languages to portray your feelings for the eldest brother. It saddened him, but he was sure you had your reasons.
It was when you both were walking side by side that Mammon decided to run out of Levi’s room and Levi started chasing after him. You both were startled, and Lucifer placed an arm in front of you to push you behind him in case something was going to attack you.
All of a sudden, he couldn’t feel you against his arm anymore. He looked over and saw a cat in your place, and the cat looked stressed. The Avatar of Pride pieced the pieces together and realized that you were the cat. Oh, you were adorable as a cat, Y/N.
He kneeled down and had you jump into his arms, where he took you to his office. There, he would take care of you. Plus, this might be one of the only times where he can indulge in physical affection that came from you. Of course he’s not going to share it with anyone else.
Tumblr media
He is a very touchy-feely demon, but he doesn’t want to admit it. He would try to drape his arm around your shoulders but you duck just in time so that he wouldn’t touch you. He might play it off as something else, but he’s hurt on the inside.
One day, you were walking up to your room when the Avatar of Greed dove behind you to hide away from the Avatar of Envy. The second born put his hands on your shoulders to place you directly in front of him, but something went wrong.
You were transforming into your cat form right in front of him, and Mammon was panicking quite a bit. Sure, he loved cats, but not when his beloved significant other turned into one! He was definitely freaked out.
You rubbed up against his leg as a way to calm him down, which was when he picked you up and took you to his room so that no one would take you away. From there, he would probably shower you with the love and affection he has been holding back.
Tumblr media
Actually, he isn’t insecure about it. You seem to genuinely enjoy hanging out with him and often give him gifts and compliment him, but you seemed uncomfortable with physical touch. He might think it’s because of a sensory issue or just a general discomfort of some sort.
The one time where he did touch you was with his tail, and he only wrapped his tail around you to pull you away from Mammon so that he didn’t accidentally hurt you while he was running away from Lucifer.
He felt you shrinking and looked over to see you transforming into a cat, and he let out a shriek of panic and despair. Who wouldn’t freak out when their partner is turning into a cat out of nowhere?? However… on second thought… maybe this was why you didn’t want to be touched in the first place?
Levi knelt down and started stroking your back, and you arched your rear to meet his hand. You seemed to calm down from your initial fear, and now he thought you were so cute! Then he realized that this was like the anime he’s watched: Vegetable Bin!
Tumblr media
He didn’t mind indulging in physical affection, but it wasn’t his first choice. He preferred quality time, acts of service, and words of affirmation. He wasn’t really affected when you stated that you would prefer not to be touched. It just gave him more of a reason to give you gifts in place of it.
There was one time where he did touch you, and it was to get you away from a cat that was angry and feral. Of course, the feline creature had every right to be, but it seemed even more agitated than it should be.
That was when he felt your absence within his grasp. In your place stood another cat, who seemed to be going right behind him to hide from the angry cat. There was a hissing battle between the two, and that was when Satan realized that you were the new cat.
Honestly, he couldn’t tell if he liked you as a cat or a human better. You were just so soft and adorable as a cat, but you were adorable in your normal form as well. Please don’t turn back yet! He has a bunch of pictures he wants to take for memory’s sake!
Tumblr media
Asmo is another demon who thrives on physical affection. However, he respects your wishes when you say that it’s not something you are uncomfortable with. Instead, he will shower you in affection in other ways.
Unfortunately, there was one day where the 5th born was just having the worst day imaginable. That’s when he sees you and Mammon getting a bit too close to his liking and so he pulls you towards his room. You let out a shriek of panic before you started transforming.
Eventually, he didn’t feel your hand in his grasp and turned to look (Orpheus and Eurydice much?), only to see a cat standing in your place. That’s when he realized that it was you; you were the cat. He let out a squeal of happiness when he saw how cute your feline form was.
He picked you up in his arms and ran to his room, went through his entire closet, and picked out a beautiful set of fabrics that complimented your fur and eyes. His entire Devilgram account is filled with pictures of you in your cat form. He will delete them if you want him to, but he won’t delete the photos entirely. He just deletes the posts.
Tumblr media
As much as he likes physical affection, he does enjoy indulging in the other love languages as well and will just pour more time into them when you tell him that you don’t like to be touched. He doesn’t judge you at all.
However, there was one time where he had to touch you, and it was to pull you back before you were stampeded by a crowd that was rushing over to meet a celebrity of some sort. Unfortunately, that triggered your transformation.
He saw you shrinking and kind of panicked until he saw you… as a cat. Now he understood why you didn’t want to be touched. However, you were so freaking cute. Since there were still a lot of people in the street, Beel knelt down so you would be able to leap into his arms.
The 6th born carried you back to the House of Lamentation, where he explained what happened to Lucifer. He allowed him to keep you in his room until you changed back to normal, but warned him to not let Satan find out. After all, the Avatar of Wrath might try to steal you away from the Avatar of Gluttony.
Tumblr media
He’s not a very physically affectionate demon unless he’s asleep. That results in you both sleeping in separate beds, but still napping together. Belphie contains his urges to pull you close to him by cuddling with a pillow instead.
Unfortunately, there was one time where you got close and he could feel your body heat, so he let go of the pillow, turned around, and grasped onto you. It was then that you woke up and let out a shriek of panic as you started transforming.
That, in turn, woke up the 7th born. He looked and saw a cat in your place and he started freaking out as well. However, somehow he managed to realize that you were the cat, and now he didn’t know how to react.
So, he went to Lucifer and told him what happened. The eldest told the youngest that it would be best to keep you in the attic so that none of the brothers mistake you for a normal cat and told him that he should stay up there with you. So you and Belphie spent the day up there, just relaxing.
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