tanuki-kimono · 2 days
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Not-overly-sweet soft hues for this outfit perfect for Japan’s raining season, pairing a yukata with ajisai (hydrangea) in the rain, with matching a lovely rustic looking hanhaba obi
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m-11iv · 3 days
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Summary of Obi-Wan Kenobi Part lll in one photo:
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pinksloosh · 11 months
Anakin: Your friend Y/n is cute.
Obi-Wan: *Glares*
Anakin: It's a joke.
*Anakin’s wedding*
Obi-Wan, giving his best man speech: And then he told me it was a joke.
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catladychronicles · 3 months
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Cuddle puddle 🥰🥰
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greensweaterbi · 5 months
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shane in a knit popcorn hat for national popcorn day, waving obi around :) (from the january patreon livestream)
bonus: *bap*
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class1akids · 3 days
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dollwritesarchive · 8 months
𝟣𝟣:𝟣𝟣⎹ 𝓞.𝓐.
❝ ғᴀɴᴅᴏᴍ ⤻ fire force / kinktober 2022 / @dollsanime-library
❝ ғᴇᴀᴛᴜʀᴇᴅ ᴄʜᴀʀᴀᴄᴛᴇʀs ⤻ obi akitaru x reader ( f )
❝ ʀᴀᴛɪɴɢ ⤻ nsfw! none of my writings are meant for anyone under the age of 18, and any minors interacting will be blocked on site.
❝ ᴄᴏɴᴛᴇɴᴛ ᴡᴀʀɴɪɴɢs ⤻ basically all smut, somnophilia ( kinda ), fluffy smut, SAFE sex, fucked to sleep
❝ ᴡᴏʀᴅ ᴄᴏᴜɴᴛ ⤻ 1.7k / mini musing
❝ ʀᴇᴀᴅ ᴍᴇ ⤻ i do not consent to having my work reposted / translated / stolen in any capacity for any reason. please reblog and leave a comment to support content creators! my work is very rarely proof read so mistakes may be present. all characters / pairings i write for are 18+ with no exceptions.
Tumblr media
you were roused into a state of blurry consciousness upon feeling the familiar weight as Obi slid onto the bed. he always tried to be as gentle as possible, but his size makes him less than stealthy. besides, even when he didn’t want to wake you, he had to pull you close to him.
you shift, inching back with your eyes still closed as his rough hands ghost over your biceps, his lips finding your shoulder and littering it with slow, easy kisses. “So good to be home.” he whispers, more to himself, but you smile, sleepy, and hum against the pillow. you were half on your belly, one leg bent up towards you while the other was extended, and you could feel the wall of warmth that was Obi from your shoulders to your feet, but he was holding himself up with his elbow, so as not to crush you, only applying the faintest bit of his weight on your back. he smelled like soap, and you could feel the damp tips of his dark tendrils as he worshipped you with kisses— he’d no doubt showered at HQ before heading back to you, which you didn’t mind. the less time that he had to smell like an inferno around you, the easier it was to savor the moments he was home. you spent oh so much of his time away filled with dread that he might never come back, the last thing you wanted was to be reminded that he was on the brink of death before crawling into your bed.
he was naked, too, as Obi usually slept, only there was a prodding at your thigh— that familiar firmness when Obi missed you too much at work. “What time is it?” you mumbled, reaching back to pet at him. your uncouth hand blindly rubs at the dips in his abs, but you start to shift.
he stops you with a soft, “Shh…” and wraps his larger hand around yours, bringing it up to his lips, kissing each knuckle with delicate, butterfly kisses, “don’t get up, sweetheart.” he whispers back, “‘S late.”
“Someone… didn’t get the memo…” you murmur, melting back into the mattress, but you poke your butt out to nudge his hard on as if showing him what you were referencing.
he chuckles, and it’s low and husky. he wants you, and you can hear it in his baritone. “Sorry, that’s my fault,” he replies, sheepish, “I thought about you all day. How soft you are—“ he pauses, lips coasting over your shoulder and to the sweet spots on your neck. you mewl in content. “How… good you smell…”
“Obi…” you breathe out, squirming. you could always sit up, roll over and pull him close, wrap your legs around his hips and let him bury himself in you. hell, you’d even wake up to ride him if that’s what he wanted, sleepy or not. but he’s already reaching for one of the fluffy pillows on his side of the bed, “I can—“
“You don’t have to do anything, sweetheart.” he interjects, “Let me take care of it.” he hooks a strong forearm around your midsection and gingerly pulls your lower half up off the mattress to slide the pillow underneath, propping you up for him, and he whispers, needy, against the shell of your ear. “I’m gonna fuck you back to sleep, baby, All I want you to do is snuggle up and enjoy it.” you can feel his hips grinding against yours as he tells you, his cock poking against your flimsy panties, and the hand under you slips beneath the waistband to rub your clit in slow, lazy circles. it was incredible to you; even in the dark, while he was needy and getting inside you was the only thing on his mind, he could still find your clit so easy— he could tease the sensitive nub just right. you moan, sleepily. your body wanted to keep resting, but the attention he was giving your core was just stimulating enough to get you wet. “There’s my girl.” he whispers again, feeling your slick start to glue his fingers together. “She missed me, too. I can feel it.” he wasn’t wrong. even as you snuggled against the pillow, your back arched for him, and your hips wanted to rut and ride his fingers.
“Hurry up,” you whine, muffling yourself with the pillow. you cheeks were hot with a blush, even though you knew he couldn’t see. he had to be able to hear the shyness in your soft plea. you were impatient, needy yourself, and you sounded pathetic. “Put it in…” your core throbbed with desire, squeezing around air, and your lower belly was tied in knots. “Obi…”
“I’m coming, sweetheart,” he mutters, his free hand reaching over you to fumble with the bedside table, grasping the knob on the drawer to pull it open. then, he blindly rustles about the contents of a box, retrieving a prophylactic in a chrome wrapper, “just about ready.”
you knew he didn’t much care for condoms, and neither did you. and even though you’d been dating him steady for a while, he always kept them by the bed. he never once forgot to put one on, even when you were so overtaken by lust and the need to feel him that you would beg him to just hurry and fuck you, he would always remember. you’d asked him one time why he even bothered with them at this point; you’d be content to take him raw whenever he wanted, but he’d just kissed the tip of your nose and replied, “I’ll always take care of you first.”
you knew he didn’t want to keep you up, but the longer he took to grip the wrapper with his teeth and tear it open, the more impatient you became, pushing yourself back against his erection to rub against it with a hapless whimper.
“You’re so goddamn cute.” he whispers, eyes dark as he stares down at your drowsy display, dragging your ass slowly against his cock, sliding the rubber onto his length, ensuring it’s snug and secure. then, he shifts again, laying against you once more, using his fingers between your legs to pull your panties to the side whilst the other takes hold of himself by his base and guides the tip to your treasure. the insertion elicits a thick exhale against the back of your neck, Obi is blissed to be able to feel your walls clamp around him, pulling him deeper. you whine, too, that familiar, sweet stretch much slower tonight. “Happy now, sweetheart?” it’s half a tease, half a genuine inquiry; Obi releases himself to reach up and turn your head to the side, planting a soft kiss against your lips when you nod and mumble a happy mhm, “Yeah?” he whispers against your lips, and you nod again, lazily smacking your lips against his mouth to kiss him back. “Me too.” his fingers linger against your cheek, petting it, before he carefully guides it back to the pillow and you nuzzle against it.
you’d been apprehensive at first; you’d not expected to find yourself even drowsier once he was inside you. you thought, for sure, you’d be wide awake, and ready to scream his name until your throat was sore. however, that wasn’t the case at all.
the rhythm he fell into was slow, a lullaby of deep thrusting. he didn’t hit a limit, he didn’t bottom out, and the consistent rocking had your body feeling heavier. sleepier.
“Obi…” you moan, but it’s slurred. drunken.
he allows both of his hands to careen around your body, pulling your pajama top up so he can pepper your shoulders with kisses, before tracing your spine with them, mouth open, panting hot air against your skin and raising goosebumps. “Shh, shhhh,” he replies in a partial moan, “don’t talk, sweetheart. Don’t think… just enjoy it for me.”
you could do that, you thought, allowing yourself to sink, limp, between his massive strength and the sturdy mattress.
“You feel so good, love,” he whispered, kissing wherever he could move your top to find a bare section of flesh, “my best girl, taking me so slow and easy.”
you tried to reply, show some gratitude for all of the praise, but you could only muster a soft, wordless babble as sleep takes hold of you, and claims control over your mind.
“Go ahead,” he urges; Obi must’ve expected you to be fighting it, “go to sleep, baby. It’s okay, I’ve got you…” even though his hips twitched, and he so desperately wanted to speed up, to grip your waist and drive himself home over and over until he was dizzy and spent, he doesn’t. he holds that same, slow pace, savoring each thrust and the way the bulging veins on his cock rubbed against your walls, causing them to flutter and tighten.
his jaw tightens, grinding his teeth, one hand gliding down to caress your bent leg from calve to thigh, while the other pets your hair, as if he could never get enough of the feeling of you. and he couldn’t. “That’s it… Gonna give you very, very good dreams tonight, sweetheart.” he coos, feeling your breathing start to even out as you drifted off. in contrast, you clench around him even tighter, a telltale sign that your orgasm is close. his forehead dips to rest between your shoulder blades, closing his eyes. his breathing is ragged, his body wants more, but he wouldn’t dare ruin the softness of your lullaby.
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homesickhalfling · 9 months
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robthegoddess · 2 months
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shanemadej: I forgot about this photo @/saraerubin took of me and the cat that lives here with us
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bladling · 1 year
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drop it like its hot!
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tanuki-kimono · 10 hours
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Vaporwave feel for this yukata, patterned with butterflies over shibori ground
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gabriella0807 · 5 months
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These are my fav costume designs so far. They look gorgeous. 💛 (-these pics are from the official release)
Thank you, Sorata-sensei for drawing them by each other's side. 💛
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So... it's already tradition that in Episode III someone has to get burned
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pinksloosh · 1 year
[Anakin using his lightsaber to cut food and splitting the counter in half]
Y/n: You know, It’s time like these where it’s fun to remember that were legally married. 
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catladychronicles · 3 months
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Transparent gentlemen 💖
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