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Neil Kryszak
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Deep Sea Larvae Party
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馃摲 source: X
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Today is Wet Beast Wednesday!
Today鈥檚 wet beast is: Needlefish
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Olive鈥檚 wet beast fact: needlefish attacks are rare, but they have been known to impale humans after leaping out of the water. Three people are known to have died directly from the fish. Epic.
Stay tuned for more Wet Beast Wednesdays!
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l Jon Sanchez
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Days 21-25 of Lent fishies!
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Photo: romyphotographer
Winkipop, Bells Beach, Australia 馃嚘馃嚭
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Rame Rarity by Paul Morgan
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Playa de la Concha, Spain // Yosigo
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Teddy rested on the seashore at Bass Point looking at the variations of colors on the rocks of his seat. The nearby tidal pools were bristling with life and Teddy sat transfixed by all of the options of where to turn his gaze.聽
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Researchers have long recognized how the ocean responds to seasonal changes in wind and weather. Now, data from MBARI鈥檚 long-term monitoring of ocean ecosystems is filling in the gaps in our understanding of the impacts of coastal upwelling from the surface to the abyssal seafloor.聽
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A new publication integrates data from three MBARI time series that have monitored the ocean鈥檚 surface, the midwater, and the deep seafloor to reveal how the signal of coastal upwelling persists throughout the water column. Upwelling brings a flood of nutrients and marine life responds quickly to the bounty of food. That impact on the biological community lasts for a long time, sometimes for years. Read more on our website.
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by mauro_roberto__
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馃馃悕馃 For the dragon ask thing if you're still doing it :D (Also I think your art is neat :D)
Thank you! Here鈥檚 a little sea snake dragon~
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Bambu sharks
(Chiloscyllium punctatum)
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Chiloscyllium punctatum is the scientific name attributed to the bamboo shark, which is also known as bamboo shark with brown bands, cat shark with brown bands, cat shark with spots and cat shark with brown spots. It belongs to the family Orectolobiformes and the genus Hemiscylliidae.
They have a wide distribution in the Asian continent and in the Indo-Pacific region west. The countries that host the largest quantities of this fish are: Thailand, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Japan, Australia and New Guinea.
They are usually kept in tropical climates, within coral reefs of the coasts. They also tend to swim between banks and sandy bottoms, at depths ranging from 0 to 85 meters.
As for food, they are not very demanding, they consume marine animals of small sizes, such as crabs, shrimp, worms and fish, although they also ingest benthic organisms.
They are considered harmless animals for humans.
Even so, like any animal, if they feel attacked or in danger, there can be cases of attacks.
This shark is oviparous and lays flat and elongated eggs, which they leave in areas they consider relatively safe. It is known that young young hatchlings are born measuring between 13 and 17 centimeters in length.
As for sexual maturity, this is between 68 and 76 centimeters for males, while females must reach at least 63 centimeters.
This beautiful animal is not yet considered endangered, however, the IUCN classified it as near threatened, due to constant hunting for trade and the destruction of its habitat areas.
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The wonderfully spooky Vampire Squid
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Tiger barb fish, hand-embroidered brooch.
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