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you won't see my face on earth slut!! are you happy now? you happy i fucking died there are you? i know you'd laugh with your other pathetic little friend. and i hope you both fucking rip your own guts out and decay. i have never ever felt a bit of sympathy for you two. poor other girls who had left the group because of you. mind killing yourself fast? oh no right he hurt you ahh so little pathetic and stupid yet so unaware!! die
how's it going with your boyfriend now?? you happy he almost raped you? is he any better, really? i really can't see a fucking spark of humanity in your eyes. please never try and speak to me again. i should've understood you were a bad person right when you sent me all those screenshots cryin. im not that stupid, i just know. know it all, you shouldn't have really told me your ways because you just know i would've told him right off the bat. oh he needed to know, and poor boy how did you treat him?? he's probably still feeling bad and cries to himself nights. not like i give a single shit but my god bitch you're a fucking demon. you really are a fucking goddamn demon,, so cruel yet so catious and for what? i dont even know how to describe you, i can't even ignore you or you'll just have to fake worry right? okay whatever, let's just pretend you're fucking dead. well i'd hope for that. but yk, i would've appreciated if you would've slit your wrists.
gbye cunt
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fri, may 28th 2021, 8:44am
may 24th - you was mad and said "penat lah nak kena keep up dgn semua org punya expectations."
may 26th conversation you: if you are going away for awhile. please do hide your stories from me. and i'd do the same. thanks. tc me: why are you acting like this? you: because im tired of you. adik. mom. abang. me: i just don't wanna ruin your day by being quiet about my shit- *skipped* me: idk what did i do to you honestly you: u too? cool. oh yea forgot. i'm the one who hurt people. gbye
this is what you do. you don't communicate the problems, you assumed and want me to talk to you when there's things on my mind. you don't like it when i assumed but that's exactly what you are doing. you assumed and you don't talk to me about the things i said or the things i have hurt you. you just keep quiet and shut me out then put your anger out on me, blaming yourself indirectly blaming and hurting me.
me: sayang, im sorry i hang up on your brother. and constantly ask from you. completely shut you off when ur in a bad mood but as usual, im always here even if you dont want me to you: here for what? no need. blah. im done keeping up with people's expectations. including you. me: hmm im not going anywhere you: what for? stay and expect me to keep up with your expectations? no need. goodbye.
the only thing i asked are your time and attention but if i can't get them. all i asked for you to get back to me, tell me you cant because you constantly tell me. you will call back but you never did. lying to me is fine, not obeying your own words is fine then what about me? your responsibility as my boyfriend is ONLY THAT! that's the only thing i expect from you the most and that is honestly, the role in relationship but if you can't offer me that. let me know. but you wouldn't even tell me. all you said is "wait, jap. tunggu. call u back" all requires me to wait. so, i waited for you. as always.
me: what do you expect from me as your girlfriend besides trying to make me leave? you: aku tak tahu. aku penat. aku penat dgn semua org. me: if u got time for me then u got time for me but if u cant. im not gonna force you, ok? you: thats what u said last time. enough with the lies. aku penat. goodnight.
i was never truly mad when you couldn't call me or make time for me. i was only upset why didn't you tell me you couldn't so i wouldn't be waiting for you. i miss you. i wanna talk to you. i wanna see you. im sorry im clingy but if you don't understand this is just an act of my love for you then .. that's it then. like you said. it feels like im forcing you but im actually not. we are not a good match. we want different things from each other.
you never told me what you want from me. you just love me as i am but you don't like how i am asking for your time and attention. i won't ask anymore because im lowering myself for you all the time and you're lowering yourself all the time for me. completely disrespect our needs. im gonna do what's best for me and not ask for you.
i should never ask for your time and attention, these things should be given naturally. i don't actually think you love me. maybe you're confused with the idea of love or lust. you remember how many days i have not send you thirst traps but you wouldn't ask hows my day even knowing there are times i'm not happy but in front of you, i just act like i am.
why am i with you when your priority isn't me? when my happiness is not what you wanted or need to know. when talking about how's my day turn into "pick a movie". when asking how are you only when i didn't feel like talking to you because of the lack of attention you give me but when i answer to your how are you, you don't seem to even care about me. then why are you asking?
me: i was mad because one minute you said you will call then next hour you didn't. i got worried after that, the last time you said that you ended up in hospital without telling u were you: i've been taking care of my own ass for years. i don't need anyone to worry or care about me. i'm a lone ranger. always have been, always will be.
that's a lie. when your family member doesn't care about you, you had mental breakdowns. you have been taking care of yourself for years but you also had a girlfriend for 8 years and 2 years with your ex. 10 years of relationship. the other 10 with family. basically, you have never been alone. you can never be alone or be left alone. adik left you alone and you will feel like the world is ending. you're not a lone ranger. lone ranger don't look like you. you're suffering in pain of need of someone to truly understand you and loved you as you please to be. you're desperate for that.
if you weren't. you won't act like this. a lone ranger doesn't talk about being a lone ranger.
i know i shouldn't stay in a relationship with you the things you said that kills me. every time i brought them up, you will have them stay low and quiet about. you wouldn't want to talk about it. you want our argument, our fights to just sit in the silent and honestly, that's how our relationship will fall because we don't solve the problem. we just run away from it. you. you run away from it.
i don't know how long i will fight in this battle with you. i don't know how long am i gonna bare this fight because i have never love someone like i loved you, i have never cried so much, i have never missed someone so much- all these feelings with you feels a lot different than my previous relationship. you gave me happiness more real than the others.
but the fights are still painful. self harm won't even be this painful. i felt like i was trap in a box, couldn't breathe, trying to get out to get some air. drowning. just drowning. but not alone.
you're drowning too. i could see myself reaching out to save myself and you and the one saving us both is struggling not to fall into the sea and drown herself too.
i don't know how long she can save us both but i kept telling her to just save herself but she doesn't wanna let go of you. she wants you. she loves you. she needs you.
i love you and forever if there is.
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PB in the Tumblr tags: What’s Fourteen Hours — oh?
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y’all i’m here for literally five seconds just so i can post this and scream
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no offense but this song ? core mateo
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shorkbrian · 3 years
Fuck the context and the way you portrayed shinso in your brother fic of him was so hot. Can’t wait for him to become unhinged and not even care what his parents would think/if they’re home and just defile you whenever he wants bc he’s just that desperate
Prelude -  gonna call this mess “FaMiLy BoNdInG” and bruh trust me it’s a mess but I tried so enjoy k gbye
Pairing - Aizawa X Reader X Shinsou
Prompt - at the top and combined with these two!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Warnings - psuedo-incest, NSFW, non con, dubcon, all the cons. Step dad Aizawa and step bro Shinsou are a force to be reckoned with. Mentions of DP at the end.
Music - I listened to https://open.spotify.com/track/1xFfbxmfenEpn4WawGWXiA?si=OUFp4ANsSR-6V_H187Eblw while writing even though it has NO relation to the fic spsosfnjsdhgsslfdn dead
You were sitting at the kitchen table, drinking soda and scrolling mindlessly on your phone when your stepbrother had come up behind you, looping his arms over your shoulders as he leaned down.
“Hey girlie, what’re you doing?”
“Nothin’.” You shifted, moving so his mouth was away from your ear, squirming uncomfortably. 
There was a beat of silence, before Shinsou stood, his presence looming behind you like a harbinger of evil. “Come up to my room? I’m tired, wanna hold you.” You sighed, hunching your shoulders and curling in upon yourself. You knew it wasn’t a question, wasn’t a request that you could ignore or refuse. He was just giving you the illusion of having a choice. Well,  you did have a choice;  go with your brother willingly, or get dragged, risk him getting angry if you said you were feeling sick, get into a fight with the man that could pin you to the ground without breaking a sweat.
“Shinsou…. “
“C’mon.” He didn’t wait for you to figure out how to beg for him to leave you be, grabbing your arm and hauling you to your feet with ease. You went limp, what else could you do?
The purple-haired man reached under your skirt, a modest, knee-length thing, wrenching your panties down with one hand.  You squeezed your eyes shut when his hand brushed against your hip, when he eyed the panties clutched in his fist.
Then he was tugging you along, headed towards his room. 
You were so tired.
Mind almost shutting down, you stumbled when the audible clanking of the garage door beginning to open could be heard.
Dad was home.
Wide eyed, you caught Shinsou’s equally-surprised gaze, the man in front of you tightening his grip on your arm. Without another word, his pace was quickened.  Aizawa wasn’t supposed to get home until midnight, was supposed to be working late at the office. 
Shinsou tugged you into his room, slammed the door shut,  pushed you onto the bed. He had a sense of urgency; he was stressed, thrown off by the sudden and unexpected arrival of your father. “Gotta be quiet now, don’t want dad to hear us, right?”
You nodded, dazed, exhausted. Nothing had happened yet and you were already retreating inside your mind, resigning yourself to whatever your older brother was going to do today. He had said he wanted to cuddle, but that usually meant lazy sex while he hugged you, kissing your neck and falling asleep after making the both of you cum.
Without any preamble, the man climbed onto the bed, putting a hand on your shoulder to gently guide you to lay back. Then he was scrabbling at your shirt, pulling it over your head and leaving you in nothing but your bralette and skirt. He kneeled between your legs, pulling your skirt up to mid thigh to give him more room to maneuver.
“Shinsou please don’t, dad’s-“
“Shhhh, just do what I say and you’ll be fine.”
Shinsou spat into his palm, the sound making you cringe as you thumbed at the soft blankets underneath you. He was unbuttoning his pants, shoving at his underwear until he could get his cock free. The man went quicker than usual as he slicked up his length with his spit, very much aware of the presence of someone else in the house. 
At this point, Shinsou really didn’t care.
He had been fucking you for so long, pulling you aside for a quickie when your parents ran to the store, taking his time when they went away for a weekend,  fucked you on the couch when they went out for date-night. Feeling particularly bold today, he barely thought to pause when your father had gotten home. Right now, he wanted to lay down with his little sister, fuck you until you fell asleep, and then cuddle with your pliant body. Dad home or not, he was determined.
Your skirt was pushed even further up your body, the material bunching at your waist so your stepbrother had unfettered access to your bare pussy. Clenching your eyes shut, you turned your head away as you felt Shinsou pull your hips into his lap so he could rub his cock against your folds. He hissed at the sensation, spitting into his hand again before reaching around his cock to smear his saliva onto your puffy slit, too impatient and hurried to properly prep you.
It was odd to see the purple haired man like this; usually he was very laid-back, slow and gathered in his movements. Right now he was rushing, pushing the tip of his cock slowly into your entrance when usually he would still be making you cry on his fingers. The stretch was immediate, almost burning, and your lungs tightened.
A hand reached up to cover your mouth, Shinsou’s thumb massaging your cheek as he hushed you. You grabbed onto his arm, not to pull him away (it would be useless, he was so much stronger than you), but to ground yourself,  able to do nothing but hold onto the man causing you pain.
The sound of dishes clattering down in the kitchen had Shinsou’s hips bucking forward suddenly, filling you up, pressing too far, too soon. He swore lowly, hand tightening around your mouth as you let out a pained noise.
His hips stilled, the hand not at your mouth petting soothingly at your hip in an imitation of comfort. Funny, you thought - you wouldn’t need comfort if your stupid step brother could manage to keep his dick in his pants.
As the seconds passed, both of you aware of Aizawa down in the kitchen, your muscles slowly relaxed. The stretch burned less, felt more manageable. Still, you were entirely unprepared when Shinsou drew his hips back before rutting into you.
You screeched, the sound muffled by his hand but undeniably loud.  Shinsou leaned over you, unwittingly pushing himself deeper as he tried to soothe you with his quiet “Shhh, shhh, it’s okay, you’re okay.”
If you were able, you would scream that you weren’t. You weren’t okay, nothing was okay. Everything about this was wrong. Wrong wrong wrong. The way his hips were twitching into you, the way he kissed your cheeks and thumbed away your tears. The pleasure that was sparking in your core, the fact that it was your stepbrother getting ready to pound you into the mattress.
He was thrusting smoothly now, cock drilling into you a a steady pace. You were getting wet, the slide easier and less painful, pleasure slowly filtering in. When Shinsou plucked at your clit, you squirmed, hips shamefully moving to meet his own. He started increasing the pace, breathing heavily as the two of you rocked together on the bed. Occasionally his bed creaked, the wood rubbing at the joints and squeaking. 
On one hand, you hoped dad didn’t hear. On the other, you wished he would -  that he’d come save you from his son.
You got a mockery of your wish.
“Kids?”  Aizawa was walking up the stairs, the third step that always creaked whenever someone tread on it announcing his ascent.
“Shit.” Shinsou breathed, pulling out of you, manhandling you quickly. He threw back the covers of his bed, shoved you down, settled behind you. He didn’t have to tell you to be good - the taboo, disgustingly wrong nature of what he had been doing was too embarrassing for you to reveal to your stepfather. Accusing his biological son of assaulting you? Raping you? Would dad even believe you? You didn’t want him to see you like this, you couldn’t.
Dad knocked as Shinsou pulled the covers up, covering your state of undress. You knew your bralette straps were still visible, and Shinsou still had his shirt on. It would probably just look like the two of you had been napping, but then again, it would still seem odd. Whenever your parents were home you stayed as far away from your brother as possible - you weren’t one to just go cuddle with him.
The door creaked open, and your dad peered in. You were so embarrassed, half-naked and utterly humiliated underneath the covers. You didn’t know what to feel or what to do, frozen in fear and indecision. 
“Hey dad, need something?” Shinsou rumbled from behind you, voice steady and monotoned.
Light eyes scanned the room, before settling on you and your brother. Aizawa gave you a confused glance, obviously not expecting you to be in here, before his eyes shifted to the man behind you. “Wanted to let you know I’m home. Mom won’t be back until late, do you two have any specific requests for dinner?”
Shinsou shifted closer to you, so close that you could feel his rapidly beating heart through the warm flesh of his chest.
“Nah, we’re fine with whatever.”
Aizawa nodded, giving you one more confused glance. Maybe he could tell something was up? You felt like you couldn’t breathe. As the dark-haired man turned, obviously moving to shut the door and head back down to the kitchen, Shinsou was pushing his cock into you, his heart trying to beat out of his chest against your back.
Before you could stop yourself, you were whimpering.
Shinsou froze as Aizawa turned back, stepping further into the room. You were quiet, tears budding at the corners of your eyes.  You couldn’t make yourself utter another word, completely unsettled at the situation. What were you supposed to do? You wanted him to save you, but you didn’t know how to ask. Your stepfather was studying you, was waiting for you to say something more. His gaze was flickering between you tearful eyes, your bralette straps visible above the blanket, the position you and Shinsou were in. You could almost see the wheels turning in his head.
All three of you were silent, the moment seeming to stretch on forever. 
You were so tired.
Breaking the stillness, Aizawa took another step into the room, brows slowly drawing down as the realization dawned upon him.
“Shinsou.” HIs voice was low, he rolled his son’s name in his mouth quietly, almost hesitantly. “What the fuck is going on.”
Your brother’s cock was still inside you.
“I was tired. (Y/N)’s cuddling with me, she was telling me about a dog she saw-“ Aizawa snorted, arms crossing as he took another step towards the bed. “Nice try. Don’t lie to me. Tell me what the fuck you’re doing.”
Shinsou was silent behind you, his heart beating loud and fast against your back.  
“(Y/N), what’s going on?” His voice was softer as he asked you, throaty still - but softer.  The tears clouding your vision finally flooded, streaming down your cheeks as you looked up at him. 
“Please… I....” You couldn’t formulate the words, mortification surrounding your body, Shinsou’s hand squeezing bruises into your hip. It was too much. You wished you had never existed,  that none of this had happened.
Unable to get an answer out of either of you, Aizawa strode forward, grabbed the covers, ripped them off the bed and dumped them in a heap.
You sobbed.
Both men were silent as you cried fat tears, embarrassed at being revealed, gratification at dad finally discovering the awfulness you had been subjected to these past few months.
Shinsou thrust his hips further into your warmth.
You choked, eyes snapping up to Aizawa. Shinsou was supposed to stop the second the two of were caught. He wasn’t supposed to keep going. Why wasn’t dad saying anything? Telling Shinsou to get off of you, get out of the house? Why wasn’t he calling the police? Why wasn’t he pulling your skirt down, trying to preserve your modesty?
The man was staring at the mess between your legs, Shinsou’s cock sliding in and out of you as you sobbed. Aizawa was breathing a bit heavier, his face, stance, demeanor no longer angry.
Dread filled your bones, settled like hot glue.
“Can you see how wet she is? She’s dripping.” Shinsou prodded, Aizawa frozen in place, mouth dry as he watched. “She’s always so warm inside, feels so nice.“
He was egging Aizawa on, seizing the moment and capturing his dad’s hesitance, manipulating it. You let out a whine as Shinsou’s pace picked up, cock beginning to hammer into your pussy. The purple haired man looped an arm underneath your thigh, hefting it into the air to allow Aizawa a better view.
“Doesn’t she sound so sweet? She tastes just as good, feels even better.” He was breathing heavily now, as he rutted into your warmth. Dropping your thigh, Shinsou reached for your clit, trapping the nub between his fingers and flicking at it. You cried out, your own hips squirming in indecisiveness , unable to choose between puling away or pushing back into the delicious sensation. It didn’t take much more to have you cumming.
Shinsou grunted as your walls squeezed around his cock, giving a few more frantic thrusts before he shot his load deep within your cunt, hips twitching as he worked through his own orgasm
You watched Aizawa sit down on the bed, close to your knees.
“How long?” He sounded strained. Shinsou shrugged, still panting.
Aizawa’s rough hand rested on your knee, his flat eyes closing as he paused. “Get up.”
The command wasn’t directed at you, but at your brother. Somehow, you didn’t think it would end up with your stepdad kicking his son out of the house.
Shinsou seemed to think the same as he pulled out, uncaring to the way you flinched as his cock dragged against your sensitive walls. He was silent as he shuffled to the end of the bed, tucking his dick back into his pants. 
Aizawa grabbed your ankle and in one smooth move, dragged you to him. You squeaked at the sudden movement, eyes wide as you watched Aizawa look you up and down. The front of his slacks were tented.
He pulled you into his lap, your back to his chest, turning so the both of you faced Shinsou who still stood at the foot of the bed.
“Does he make you feel good?” The older man’s stubble was scratchy against your cheek. You didn’t know where this was going, felt so lost and bad and sick.
It was impossible to lie. You knew if you did, Shinsou would cut in, tell his father how he made you cum everytime. How most of the time, you were screaming in pleasure before he would even take his pants off. 
Looking at the floor, you missed the look between father and son.
“He touch you here?” You gasped as a large hand grasped at your chest through your bralette. Aizawa’s hands were bigger than his son’s, rougher and more confident in their touch.
“What about-“ tears streamed down your face as the hand slid further, over your tummy, over the fabric of your skit, down to your abused, sensitive cunt. “-Here?”
“Please stop, please.”
Aizawa didn’t answer, let his hand rest over the top of your pussy, feel his son’s cum slowly leaking out. “Shinsou, come here.”
The purple-haired man obeyed, stepping closer, falling to his knees at the edge of the bed when Aizawa motioned for him to do so.
“Clean up your sister.”
You weren’t too surprised. It shouldn’t have been hard to see where Shinsou had learned his nasty little tricks from. Still, it hurt your heart, struggling in your step-dad’s lap as he held you in place. 
Shinsou was smiling, leaning forward to shove his face in-between your thighs, chuckling when you yelped as he tongued over your hole. You used your hands to shove at his head, pull at his hair, but he caught them in his grip. They were pulled down by your sides, where Shinsou held them still.
“No, no! Stop! You can’t, no—dad!!” You were sobbing, pleading as Shinsou continued his assault on your cunt, licking out his own cum from your insides. Aizawa was holding your legs, keeping you spread-eagled and open.
“I’m not a good guy (Y/N), neither of us are.” His hardness was rubbing up against your back as you squirmed. “And from now on, you call me daddy.” “No! I won’t, let me go!” You thrashed, putting all your energy into loosing the iron grip holding your legs. Shinsou pulled back, licking his lips as he glanced up at his father.
“She was like this when I first had her. Mouthy little thing, still hasn’t learned proper manners.” He didn’t wait for Aizawa to respond, leaning back forward to continue slurping at your swollen lips.
“That’s alright, she’ll learn… I am a teacher after all.”
You wanted to vomit. You went limp, sobbing raggedly in Aizawa’s arms - completely demoralized and humiliated. There was no use fighting when Shinsou had been hurting you.  Now with two fully grown men focused on you? Forget about it.
Aizawa was quiet as Shinsou worked you up to an orgasm, the only sound besides your crying the wet, squishy lapping of Shinsou’s tongue suckling at your pussy. When he switched his focus to your clit, you wheezed, jolting in place as his tongue started laving over the little bud rapidly, quickly throwing you higher and higher and-
You wailed through your second orgasm, almost unable to breathe. 
Moments passed before you were able to calm yourself, ugly-crying and begging the two men to please, please leave you alone. Please leave, don’t touch you.
If you weren’t numb from your orgasm, you would feel sick.
“Shinsou, where’s your lube?”
Purple hair bounced as your brother cocked his head, still kneeling between your legs. “She doesn’t need lube, she’s soaking wet.”
“She’s gonna need it if we’re both going to fit.”
Neither man seemed to be able to hear your panicked pleas, too excited about prepping you to take both of them together.
What an awful attempt at family bonding.
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wait, does that mean kaz made the monokumas from udg???
ok so
lemme break it down in a shitty way cuz I can't speak properly, since this has like a timeline (there's spoilers btw but who cares)
From what I know, I could be wrong/missing info
The cast of sdr2 are the Remnants of Despair, yea?
They all end up getting brainwashed cuz Chiaki died, Junko turns them into the Remnants and like we see what each of them do to bring chaos and destruction to the world yea??
First thing we see?
Kazuichi making a giant Monokuma. (I have a screenshot somewhere but it would take 5ever to post with my shit data so I apologize)
Now. That's like one hint, right. It's whatever.
But, I wanna point out
Before they were made into remnants, before shit went down, there's random emphases on Monokuma as a plushie. Just a plushie. He's not a robot (yet.) He's just a teddy bear Junko carries around.
We never see Monokuma as a robot til after the whole Despair thing unravels and the Remnants do there thing.
Why would Monokuma suddenly be a robot?
Only explanation, Kazuichi did it.
Kazuichi made the bears based off of Junko's teddy bear, probably from her own demands. And he thought he'd go above and beyond and make a giant one; but like, why stop there? I'm sure he used millions of samples of different monokumas to test out to see how they worked and some he literally scrapped (making That Abomination) and some creations were straight up silly (like fucking... Ball Monokuma) but! Either way! More tests, more things to release to terrorize the town! Yea??
I'm convinced that Kazuichi made all of them. Probably not each by hand cuz that's a LOT but i think it started by hand and then once he got a system he made this like, other machine that basically produced more and more Monokumas and hell the Monokumas probably started doing the work themselves!
But I do think Kazuichi started it and did in fact make the first Monokuma. And I do think even the one(s) we have in the first game were made by Kaz.
But yes! I think with what happened in UDG with the Monokumas was done by Kaz (since it IS the bridge between TTH and GBYE Despair, like LITERALLY. and the anime (despair arc) happens right BEFORE THH) as its said that the only reason all that shit is going down is because the Remnants are loose and causing it.
And Monokumas are a HUGE problem, obviously. And there's SO many different versions of them.
I just... its the only way it makes Sense to me.
Unlike how I worded myself. Because that must be confusing to read I'm so sorry.
Kazuichi made the various Monokumas as a remnant for Junko, as Junko never had a legit Monokuma as a robot until after the event of them descending into being Remnants happened. And it's proven he made at least one version of Monokuma, so why not virtually all of them? And they're all set loose in the events of the despair arc as it creeps into the events of UDG.
So the answer is yes.
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hallucinatc · 3 years
🖊 who u feeling today bb?
send me a 🖊 + an oc of mine so i can tell you about them !
Tumblr media
my baby elliot ! i made him a while ago for a group that never really took off and i kept adding shit to his pinterest board but i held back a bit when it came to indie, for some reason ? basically he’s a vet who grew up in a lil town and he never really thought he would move out but life’s crazy sometimes and he ended up knocking up a girl that lived somewhere else and he just ,, , packed his shit, said gbye to everyone he knew and followed her because family’s a big deal even though it wasn’t how he pictured it would be. his daughter gaia is nine years old now and he tries to see her as much as he can. she lives with her mom, who elliot has a wonderful relationship with. he lowkey doesn’t know how to have fun and will always wish he could go back to his hometown.
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thbn-anything · 3 years
Yo peeps this is @the-half-blood-nerd‘s shit account where I just say whatever I wanna say and reblog whatever I wanna reblog here
Currently content will be about almost all things korean (except for kpop ehehe) bcs I’m srsly obsessed with kdramas and korean variety shows rn, plus I’m sorta learning korean rn so yeah askskksksks
Oh and maybe also about my thoughts and stuff things like shower thoughts and anything I wanna get off of my chest so yep
Oh and maybe things I write here will some be like a prompt for my incorrect quotes in @the-half-blood-nerd so maybe you could see how my thought process works lmfaoo
Okay that’s all ig, gbye! 👋🏻
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supreme-btch · 4 years
Why Riverdale characters are the worst
Archie Andrews: fUcKiNg ToXiC mAsCuLiNiTy bitch get a grip
Veronica Lodge: says "Daddy" too much and is a cocky bitch gbye
Jughead Jones: is annoying and spends too much time trying NOT to fit in like not fitting in is such a cool way to stand out (p.s. that "i'm weird" shit is just what it is. Shit.)
Betty Cooper: problematic. Period.
Cheryl Blossom: the Sinnamon roll, so no explanation needed. Also, a really dysfunctional gay.
Kevin Keller: aside from being perfectly gay is just . . . questionable
Don't get me started on other characters bye. No tea, just shade.
Me everytime i watch a new episode of riverdalefail and thinking of all the shows they ripped off and copied "sampled" which has better writing, better characters, and better queer and gender roles rep:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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02091998x · 5 years
How do you know you’re in love ? Do you think you just know ?
Damn anon, you’re goin innn on me haha
Ok well (based off what I think & what happens to me) it feels like an addiction. I get addicted to that person & always want them around, almost like I crave that persons opinion, mind/soul/heart & overall presence. They’re your person, like a home. You feel the unconditional tlc, it’s the person you want to tell the bad/good news to. I know it all sounds cliché but it should feel like a safe haven, like the thing you’ve been waiting for your whole damn life haha, someone to feed off of in a positive way, I want intellect, new, fresh, relief when I’m around them or conversing w them, I want validation, respect, forgiveness & whole heartedness. It’s not about how much you have in common but how much they’re willing to understand your differences. It’s not the person you HAVE to be right next to but the person you want to come home to & when you’re together it should be effortless. Vernacular of a friendship but adoration like a lover. Idkidkidk dude haha shit I’m corny as fuck damn gbye
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tan-ge-rine · 5 years
I would write about how hurt I was on this stupid page. About how I still had love in my heart for you despite all of that. About how much I cared. You completely broke me with no remorse and I still cared. I still loved you. I wanted you to have a good life. I still wanted you to be happy. Despite everything else. 
People like you don’t deserve people like me. It’s as simple as that. And I am so glad that I finally realized that. You’re actually really evil and selfish and abusive and manipulative. You’re a horrible human being. I don't hope that you’ll get better or learn from your mistakes. I don’t care if you do. It’s already a cemented fact that you don’t learn, you don't take ownership or responsibility for your actions; you don't care about the wellbeing of others.You don't give a shit about anyone else other than yourself. 
I can see right through you.
You’re fake. You try too hard. I can see your feeble attempt at being friend worthy and approachable on twitter by only ever posting vague, weird shit that’s “relatable” and completely not your character. Or how you pretend to care about social justice issues but only when they're talked about by everyone else. Or how your art is not even remotely creative, but stolen subject matter and content and style because you don't have the substance or capacity to come up with anything yourself. Or how you leech onto everyones personalities because you are a psychopath and don't have any positive qualities to you. All of these things you pretend to like are just attempts at being interesting and worth talking to. You’re not. 
You're weird. You're fake. You're a narcissist. You're abusive. You’re pretentious. You're gross. You’re manipulative. You hurt everyone.
And yet you still think you’re better than everyone else.
Doesn’t it ever get tiring, always putting up a front? Always hurting people? Never admitting your wrongs? Avoiding everything uncomfortable?
You’re a piece of shit and I deserved better since the beginning.
I deserved more than two sentences and a “gbye.” 
I deserved more than being put off to the side after doing so fucking much for you.
I deserved a real apology for EVERYTHING you did.
I deserved more than putting myself through your bullshit because I thought I loved you.
I deserved better. 
I am so fucking happy now. I am so glad I know my worth. I am so glad I found people who do things that you said were “too much.” I never asked for too much. I never asked for a lot. I settled for you. And I am so glad that I don't settle anymore.
Yeah, so I just wanted to say that I actually really hate you and I am comfortable with that. I hate the person you've become. I hate who you always were. I hate that I didn't see that the first day I talked to you.  But now I do.
I don't care about you. I don't care what happens to you. You proved to me that you don't change and that was enough for me to finally realize that I spent too much time and energy loving you while you emotionally fucked with my head for over a year.
I am finally fucking free. I’m  happy. And you have nothing to do with it. 
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let-them-be-gay · 5 years
Dating Chosen Jacobs would include...
Tumblr media
- Okay if you dated this boy he would be absolutely in love with you
- When he first falls for you he has the pretty ritual reaction of "huh, I'm gay"
- Then he's the boy that no matter how PERFECT HE IS, he still believes he has no chance
- But he does and
- Almost faints when you say yes.
- His parents are okay with it, they are just a little confused and might need the basic truths and boundaries for any questions.
- He will sing for you, don't forget it.
- If you start dating before he gets casted for IT.
-First off you can and will freak out with him, like who wouldn't?
- But then he has to leave for filming and shit hits the fan
- You can pry the thought of him getting homesick from my cold dead hands
- Since he has to stay to finish the film and his parents want to but can only pay for one person...
- a few phone calls later and you are on your way to visit for a week
- God bless the main man Andy Muscietti
- After filming for the day the losers club is screwing around and he hears your voice.
- isn't even fully turned around before he hugs you
- the losers club doesn't care he's gay.
- they have the general consensus that he needs happiness and if a male provides that who gives a damn
- if your smaller than him
- piggyback rides
- if your larger than him
- attempted goddamn piggyback rides
- the fans would love you
- but of course there are the fans that aren't to fond of love
- any hate thrown your way??
- angery boi
- his social media is still pretty polite but irl he's shaking and you have to calm him down
- but if any shit makes you cry
- politeness gets thrown to the window
- will spill absolute tea while making you some
- and he would rally troops of fans while he's at it
- dates would be anything domestic and simple really.
- and it would totally be capped off by going to the park just to find dogs and pet them
- how do I end this uhh,,
Chosen is a precious boy, gbye👋🏻😚
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