#oh god they were brothers!
cyrwrites · 13 days
Somewhere Out There...
Danny is Catherine and Wills' kid and is separated from his brother, Jason, while they are being forced into Gotham's foster care system.
Being the trickier of the two, and by far the most experienced, Jason Todd managed to get away from the trafficking rings.
Daniel Todd most definitely did not.
In another news, Amity Park may be Danny's best home situation so far, even if he was killed by his adoptive parents' strange ghost science.
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indifferentvincent · 6 months
Tom Cruise's Lestat did not put his whole pussy into seducing a doe eyed Brad Pitt's Louis through a sheer curtain of his bed, tucking him lovingly into his coffin, having a metaphorical threesome for Louis' first kill (confirmed by the director in the film's commentary), calling another man 'gorgeous' and then stroking that man's cheek in a clearly erotic moment that the man responds to, giving Louis the 'gift' of Claudia and fussing over everyone because they're 'one happy family,' and then say, in their final moments, 'still beautiful, Louis' and 'you've come home to me then?' and not want to let go of Louis' hand as Louis pulls away and Lestat sinks into despair and darkness, alone again, JUST for y'all to fucking say THAT WAS QUEERBAITING.
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yutaan · 1 year
Tumblr media
:bangs hands on the table: JIUJIU JIUJIU JIUJIU. Teeny waist, dressed to kill, whip in one hand nephew in the other, happy birthday you beautiful disaster man you’ve ruined my whole life
#jiang cheng#jin ling#the untamed#mo dao zu shi#papercraft#papercutting#paper art#cut paper#my art#actually back when I was doing the will-I-or-won't-I dance of figuring out if I was going to watch The Untamed#(it looked cool! a bunch of my friends were watching it! but oh god FIFTY EPISODES?? hard pass no love story was worth that much)#what finally sold me was finding out that The Purple Guy was a Sad Single Dad Raising His Nephew#started looking up stuff about him specifically and BAM. instantaneous#you mean to tell me this pretend man not ONLY is a huge jealous baby about His Brother The Protagonist paying attention to the love interest#not ONLY does he make a slightly frantic 'yes surely this is what I'm Supposed to look for' list about the ideal qualities of a wife#only to fall instantly for the prickly take-no-shit doctor lady and get heart eyes about how she's the coolest ever gosh#not ONLY does he dress Like That#not ONLY does he look like he's about to burst into tears at any given moment#not ONLY does he fling the protagonist off a cliff (I thought they were brothers?? JUICY)#a huge bitch??#a lightning whip???#a contextless screenshot of him getting hauled dripping out of a cave as he screams to let him go so he can return to his brother's side????#(seriously though if this happens WHY THE CLIFF WHAT'S THE STORY THERE -)#(also my goodness does he uh. get soaked often in this show)#NOT ONLY ALL THAT#you're telling me he also raises the kid??? dads the kid???? sad angry purple man scrapes together all his sad and all his angry#and buckles down and DADS THE KID?????#pain and love and hard work and fucking up and doing the work anyway because love?????????#glorious. perfect.#a scientifically-engineered Ideal Man For Me
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batfamhyperfixation · 3 months
Jason, looking at Roy: aren't we all at least a bit homo
Interviewer: ah yes because we are all homo sapiens, I get what you did there
Jason, confused: no I meant when I look at dudes I have gay thoughts
#jason: I have gay thoughts#the gay thoughts: *hold his hand* *snuggle* *run your hand through his hair* *put your arm around him* *hug* *kiss his cheek*#jason: *is an absolute blushing mess*#interviewer: oh god they must be really dirty#Ok look I feel like jason is the type to be a blushing mess when thinking about doing little intimate things with people#Roy would think its hilarious so he would be all flirty in a domestic way like Im going to intertwine our fingers and lay my head on you#until their hands are intertwined and jason kisses their hands and roy becomes a blushing mess cause jason has never instigated it before#like I just want their intimacy to be friends messing with each other but then they both realize they actually like the intimacy so#it just becomes a thing they do and other people around them are confused cause these emotionally constipated buff dudes are able to#unironically be this intimate. the batfamily meets angry jason who was resurrected and then they meet Jason With Roy™ they are blindsighted#cause murderous jason was laying his head on Roy's lap as Roy ran his fingers through Jason's hair (no one else should even attempt this)#as they were talking in front of everyone and using pet names as calling each other partner and everyone is like 'what???'#dick is most suprised though cause he is friends with roy so its a classic case of 'when did my brother and my friend become so intimate??'#he calls the entire rest of the og teen titans over just to make sure his eyes arent deceiving him#like 'no fr donna wally garth you guys gotta get over here and see this' and that was how they started an inpromptu teen titan reunion#jayroy#jason todd#roy harper#incorrect outlaws quotes#rhato#red hood and arsenal
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averysjameson · 3 months
idk but saying jennifer lynn barnes sucks at writing romance because your ship wasn't canon is beyond hilarious to me like okay???? HAHHAHAHA. everyone has their own preferences of course but the vehement hatred for jlb and the belittlement of her writing on booktok and bookstagram (sometimes on here) has been ASTOUNDING.
a note about the "poorly done romance/love triangle" in tig: jlb never said it was going to be "even". no one ever said that. personally pioneering the idea that one character was "not given a chance" does not make it a poorly written love triangle or a poorly written romance. in love triangles, there is usually ALWAYS one option who is simply NOT a real option. look me in the eye and tell me characters jeremiah fisher, aspen in the selection series, gale hawthorne, adam kent, jacob black, and i'm sorry but grayson hawthorne amongst a myriad of others were actual contenders for the main character. if you believed they are/wanted them to be, that's great! but all of these characters are in well known love triangles and at the end of the day, books with love triangles WILL sell because they generate conversation and hype around the book. it is a marketing tactic and you are NEVER promised equal opportunity from both love interests. you losing the love triangle or that you believe there is wasted potential doesn't mean bad writing has occurred. also, for the love of god, while you are supposed to relate to a character, you are not the main character!! belly, america, katniss, juliette, avery, what have you, all chose based on who they are as characters. and also, female characters don't have to "experience" both love interests to make a decision. if they want to, that's totally fine, but specifically about avery bc this is what this blog is all about, she absolutely knows what she's "missing out" on with grayson and she doesn't care. shipping averygrayson just blatantly feels like ignoring avery's wants and needs.
anyway, if you want to call jlb's writing poorly done bc you didn't get your way, that's totally fine. you are entitled to your own opinion. it's just funny that you say that bc had grayson and avery been randomly thrown together in the epilogue of tfg or something, i have a feeling you wouldn't be of this opinion.
tldr; love triangles are a marketing tactic and you are neither entitled to a win nor is is poorly done/executed if you lose. love triangles, more often than not, have a clear winner from the beginning (coughcough "see? you're already his") but the debate and drama of another character sells the book.
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trans-xianxian · 1 year
always in the back of my mind there's a little projector that just plays the scene after wei wuxian and wen ning rescue jiang cheng from lotus pier and they're all in the boat and wei wuxian is holding an unconscious jiang cheng in his arms looking absolutely horrified and broken and he just slowly lifts two shaking fingers up to jiang chengs face to check if he's even still breathing.... they were pretty fucked up for that one I've gotta say
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mxi-88 · 11 months
Tumblr media
doing sibling catchup
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mikereads · 4 months
The last season of Dead to me destroyed me like why ugh. It was harder than Beaches and Thelma and Louise combined fuck! Jen x Judy endgame. They were so in love. Why didn’t they get to live out the rest of there lives together with there children and get there happily ever after.
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majimassqueaktoy · 6 months
Yuki and Majima had a more believable sibling relationship than half the actual siblings in the series. And I love them very much.
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kakusu-shipping · 11 months
Tumblr media
I have such a hyperspesific reason for being obsessed with both AFO and Belos and it’s called a Brother Complex.
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red-dyed-sarumane · 1 month
im requiring everyone look at them
Tumblr media
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animutate · 25 days
i love it when i remind people that things exist i love it when i start talking about an interest to someone adn it makes them nostalgic tgat is literally the best thing w=you could tell me ever
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spixi · 28 days
nvm the bank was a good investment of my time
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pizzaboat · 1 year
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cainware · 9 months
I feel like Jason becomes very protective over his siblings, like even Dick, post-reconcile with the family. Like this man is the Only Fucker that's allowed to fuck with them and make their lives difficult. He actively seeks out anyone that might mess with his family and makes their lives a living hell, and though he does do some shady shit sometimes, he'll always be cursed to care about the batfamily.
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shima-draws · 1 year
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