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holding for sehun: day 119 of 639 ↳ EXO SEHUN for Vogue Korea | April 2017
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forever exo's baby
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Happy EXOVersary!! My favorite boygroup of all time :'3
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sehun the baby chick 🐣
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OH SEHUN at the Waterbomb Festival in Japan (2023) (fancam cr. kaisooingly on twitter)
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✧ Travel The World on EXO’s Ladder: Season 4 ✧
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EXO LADDER 4 | EP 8 bamboozled by the wild accusations
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holding for jongin: day 288 of 641  ~  holding for sehun: day 64 of 639
↳ EXO photographed by Moke Na-jung for DEAR HAPPINESS | September 2016
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team xo playing the 🧅 ring game
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❃How EXO acts around their crush❃
a/n: This is 10000% just for my own pleasure. I may have had this in my drafts for weeks... I am totally okay with all the Kyungsoo solo content and EXO ladder dropping. Totally. Super functional, delusional who?
ALSO to any EXO-L that are sharing Chen's LEAKED wedding photos. Please be respectful and either delete them or, at the very least, blur out his wife's face. Chen has gone to great lengths to safeguard her privacy, as she is not famous nor wants to be in the spotlight. Not to mention that there could be crazy sasaengs out there with ill intent. Sharing her info is basically doxing, and it is insane to me how many people shared these posts without much thought. Anyway, I needed to share my frustrations.
Tumblr media
✾ He is a lot shyer than the other members; where most of EXO probably feels comfortable enough to act on their crushes, he is a bit more reserved. He wants to test the waters first, ascertaining whether the feeling is mutual. Whenever you are around and are talking to other people, he sits back silently, observing your reactions.
✾ Xiumin is smiling so widely around you that the other members worry that his muscles might start cramping up soon. The moment he sees you, his bubbly personality starts to really shine through, and sometimes you can't help but wonder whether this man truly is 33.
✾ That being said, from the moment that anyone offers Xiumin a couple of drinks, his confidence spikes, and he will start flirting with you. His flirting is still extremely sweet and cute; Xiumin can be incredibly charming when he wants to be.
Tumblr media
✾ He is such a gentleman around you, trying to make you feel at ease with his kind gestures. Whether it is him pulling back a chair or opening a door for you, he will do anything to make you feel like a princess.
✾ Being one of EXO's proud black card owners, he will casually buy you whatever you need. He keeps repeating that he wants to treat his friends when you try to interject. You can't completely refute it; he does spend a lot of money on the members. Yet, you can't help but feel like his gifts are slightly too expensive and excessive for 'just friends'.
✾ So. Many. Soft. Glances. Suho looks at you like you hung the moon and the stars; you catch him staring at you almost every time you look over. Conversations with him can, therefore, be a tad awkward. He doesn't always register what you are saying; he is so absorbed in watching you that he forgets to listen.
✾ The other members relentlessly tease him for it. If you don't catch on based on Suho's actions, you will definitely catch on due to his members' relentless teasing. Whenever he does anything remotely romantic around you, their faces light up like Christmas came early. The members are not subtle about it whatsoever, thoroughly enjoying putting their leader in a slightly uncomfortable position.
Tumblr media
✾ The members didn't think it was possible, but Baekhyun somehow became louder. It is as if he wants to draw your attention simply by screaming, as he no longer has any volume control when you are around. Everyone can hear your conversation from across the room, and his laughter becomes borderline obnoxious as it overpowers any other sound.
✾ He is such a tease and a suggestive one at that. Considering he has no problem revealing intimate, not suitable to be aired on national TV, details about the members' bodies, he won't have any trouble suggestively flirting with you. Where Xiumin's pick-up lines are cute, Baekhyun's are far from it. Give this man some holy water, Jesus.
✾ He is so intense with his flirting that it sometimes crosses the line of sexy to parody, coming off as a joke. Baekyhyun has a very flirty personality and isn't above flirting with his friends. Even though he isn't subtle about his crush, he can accidentally fall into the "he flirts with everyone" category, making you question whether he genuinely likes you or is just being friendly.
✾ He really enjoys the chase when it comes to relationships. Thus, it will take him quite some time before he asks you out, simply because he likes the push-and-pull game.
Tumblr media
✾ There is nothing subtle about Mr. Park Chanyeol. The moment he sees someone he wants to date, he is going for it full steam ahead. Puppy Chanyeol is momentarily retired as he makes his way over to you; Chanyeol knows that he is handsome and sexy, and he is ready to show it to you. I hope you weren't interested in anyone else because the moment you return any of his interest, he will be flirting with you like there is no tomorrow.
✾ Internally, he is so excited to be talking to you, and sometimes, you will see glimpses of his cute puppy-like persona, especially once he feels like you are just as interested. Still, the words coming out of this man's mouth, Jesus part two. Please go and ask Baekyhun to pass the holy water.
✾ That being said, he will get embarrassed when the other members are around or slightly bashful when you return his flirting at full force. I don't think Chanyeol is used to anyone sharing his level of intensity, so once you do, he gets a bit flustered. He absolutely loves it, though. Your compliments got him grinning from ear to ear.
Tumblr media
✾ Don't get me wrong, I adore this man to a delusional extent, but he is absolutely hopeless when it comes to communicating with his crush. He won't go anywhere near you if he can't help it; he prefers looking at you from afar. He is someone who favours being approached first over approaching you himself. It isn't that he doesn't want to talk to you; he simply isn't the type of person to initiate contact with his crush and tends to stay back when he can tell that someone else is interested, too. 
✾ Even if he finds himself near you, don't expect him to have a full-blown conversation with you. He already tends to be a man of little words, but when it comes to you, he is a man of not a single word. Being around you is enough to make him happy; he doesn't really need to have a deep conversation. 
✾ Nevertheless, his actions make more than up for it. He is such a gentleman, being the definition of preferential treatment. You don't have a chair to sit on? He will quietly offer you his. Your sweater got caught on something? He will silently help you get it out. Although he may not say much to you, he communicates his feelings through his actions. 
Tumblr media
✾ If you think Xiumin or Kyungsoo are shy, you have not yet met Kai with a crush. He turns into absolute mush the moment he sees you, giggling and blushing whenever you do as much as breathing. You can't even see him because he has resorted to hiding behind the other members, preferably Sehun or Chanyeol, as they are tall enough to obscure him completely.
✾ If he somehow musters up the courage to talk to you, good luck having it go anywhere because he can barely make it through a sentence without giggling. It is obvious to everyone around him that he is smitten with you; his laughs are awkwardly loud, and his eyes are literally shooting hearts.
✾ The moment he manages to ask you to dance, his shy demeanour completely changes. His movement… His expressions… The way he is smirking at you… Maybe you should go and ask Chanyeol whether there is anything left of the holy water he borrowed from Baekyhun.
Tumblr media
✾ He has one of two ways of acting around his crush: either he acts super bratty or becomes painfully shy. It depends on whether he has met and talked to you before. But, if you are complete strangers, he would be so quiet, hiding in the furthest corner he can find.
✾ He will pester the members to go over and collect as much information as they can about you. They will do it because he will whine the entire night about it if they don't and, repeat with me, what Sehun wants, Sehun gets. The members try to convince Sehun to go talk to you himself, but Sehun stubbornly refuses. Bro will be playing the Maknae card harder than he ever has in his entire life.
✾ In the end, he will drag Suho with him, trying to 'casually' strike up a conversation with you. The small talk is painful, and in all honesty, Suho, with his dad jokes, isn't helping in the slightest. At the very least, it provides the two of you with a new conversational topic: the teasing of Suho.
Tumblr media
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you got me so crazy. (oh sehun x f!reader)
Tumblr media
pairing: oh sehun x female reader
word count: 3,4k
genre: smut, maybe angst? idk
warnings: language, mature themes, description of sex, p in v, oral (m receiving), sehun is kinda insecure but also an assh*le (but so is reader)
a/n: i don't know what i'm doing, but i hope y'all like it.
sehun walked into the bedroom, on his face, the same annoyed expression he had on last night while fighting with you. his body language didn't help either, as his fists were closed on each side of his body and his steps were heavy. although still mad, he took a deep breath when he saw you awake, scrolling through your phone.
his shoulders relaxed a little bit and, for a brief moment, he closed his eyes before speaking. he didn't want his voice to come out raspy or rude.
"i'm gonna make some breakfast before heading to work. you want some?", sehun asked in the most normal, soft tone he could. he was still mad for your behavior, for making him sleep on the couch, but he didn't wanna fight anymore.
so when you didn't answer him, when you didn't even look at his direction, he scoffed. of course you would be the childish one and not talk to him. 
"you're gonna give me the silent treatment now?", he asked, still not getting a single motion from you. "okay. fine. fight on your own then, i'm not gonna take part in this stupidity."
sehun turned to walk away, but stopped on his heels when he heard your voice 
"oh, so now i'm stupid?"
"oh, so now you're talking to me?", he mocked your tone.
you sit down on the bed, staring at your horribly stubborn, sarcastic boyfriend.
"i shouldn't be. you deserve all the silent treatment in the world right now, sehun."
"yeah, but i'm not the one who made you sleep on the couch on a fucking winter night."
just like he did before, you scoffed. he was unbelievable.
"i can't believe you're hurting over that after what happened last night! oh my god, sehun!"
"y/n, it was just a dinner!"
"no, it was our dinner!"
"and i told you i wouldn't be able to go, so if you still wanted to keep the reservation that's on you", sehun shrugged like he didn't care. he did, though.
"that's not the point", you replied, getting on your feet ready to change for work and run away from that confrontation again.
"then what's the point?"
you didn't answer, you just went around the bedroom picking the outfit you would wear to work. you could loudly hear sehun sighing behind you, his shirt shuffling as he crossed his arms on his chest.
"what's the point, y/n?", he asked again. you started that, but you wouldn't be the one to have the last word on it. "you're not gonna run away from this. what is the point?"
"i'm not running away from anything here."
"then tell me what's the fucking point", sehun elevated his tone just a bit.
"you left me there!", you shouted, patience short now. "all you can think about is your fucking work, so you left me there! because you don't truly care about having a girlfriend or even having a life outside your so perfect career. nothing else matters to you."
a moment of silence went by. you stared sehun dead in the eyes, searching for any sign that he finally understood why you were so upset and feeling so left out.
but when he spoke again, your blood just boiled more.
"oh, please! you're gonna pull that one on me now?", he asked, rolling his eyes.
you needed a moment not to go for his neck. you closed your eyes, sighed in annoyance, and then looked at him again.
"i'm not pulling shit on you", you said, voice louder than just a whisper. 
shaking your head, you walked past sehun and towards the bathroom, heart beating so loud in anger that you were sure he could hear it too.
"at least i wasn't alone", you mumbled.
and in a single movement, you felt sehun grabbing your wrist and pulling you back. he didn't use any strength, he just did it enough to make you stop and look at him again.
"what did you say?"
you sighed, rolling your eyes. oh, so now he cares?
"i said that at least i wasn't alone."
pulling your arm from him, you were back at walking to the bathroom; or at least you thought so. sehun was quicker to take just a few steps before blocking your way, his tall figure between you and the bathroom door.
"you took one of your friends?", he asked, eyes narrowed at you. sehun was always kinda jealous, and you knew that way too well.
his jealousy was never a big problem in your relationship - he knew how to control it and, overall, he trusted you with his life. it was just something about losing you, or even seeing you pay attention to any other person that wasn't himself... he didn't like that. he never did.
"ah, so now you care?", you spoke your earlier thought right in his face now.
"you're so hurt over that dinner, if you took one of your girls then maybe it wasn't that important after all, right?", sehun said in the most provoking way his sarcasm could allow him.
"not one of my girls", so you simply replied, and you knew you got him right there, right now.
you pushed sehun and walked past him, into the bathroom. he watched your movements as you started your morning routine, trying his best not to show you that yeah, you did got him.
"who?", he asked.
"seriously, sehun, i don't wanna do this anymore. i'm tired of fighting."
a brief, lightspeed moment went by. you looked at sehun through the mirror and caught his eyes still narrowed, lips forming a thin line.
"who?", he repeated.
so you sighed, defeated.
"there was this guy at the bar who saw me standing there, alone, pathetically fighting with you on the phone for almost 2 hours. so he came over", you told him. "he was pretty nice."
you didn't actually want to hurt sehun, you would never do that on purpose - you just wanted him to care, to acknowledge how important the dinner was for you, how you really wanted to spend some time with him alone. so when you told him about the guy in the bar, and his jealous posture took place, you knew that that fight was over.
sehun stared at you, not moving at all. he stayed there for what felt like forever, watching your actions, the way you took off your clothes before stepping into the shower. 
the moment he heard the water falling on you, he turned around and walked away.
for the whole day, you didn't hear from sehun - and neither did he from you. the most complicated thing about your relationship sometimes was that you two were way too proud. arguments could go on for about just an hour, but the weird vibe, the not talking to each other much afterward, could go on for days.
you watched though, the whole day, as he would type something to you on your message app. you saw the indicator "typing..." on the screen for several seconds, sometimes minutes, just to get frustrated everytime sehun gave up and didn't send you anything.
so, for the way he was behaving and from your own feelings inside you, you were surprised to see him waiting for you in his car, outside the building you worked on. he scrolled through his phone casually, windows rolled down and the passenger seat waiting for you.
just as if he felt someone watching him, sehun looked up and found your gaze. he awkwardly waved, putting his phone away and opening the door to the passenger seat to you, in a silent invitation for you to come in. of course you did.
the ride home was silent. sehun sometimes tried to do small talk, but he wasn't the best at it and you knew that; he secretly hoped you would engage in one of the subjects and lead the way into a pleasant, nonchalant talk. you didn't though, still wondering why, all of a sudden, he was acting nice.
"why are you doing this?", you quietly asked when another one of his attempts to talk to you didn't work.
"doing what?"
"playing the nice guy. we were almost at each other's throat this morning."
sehun sighed, stopping at a red light. he didn't look at you when he spoke.
"i just wanted to make it up for being a dick, that's all. i thought that... maybe... we could go home to change and get ready, and then go out to finally have your dinner."
"all of a sudden?"
"it wasn't all of a sudden, y/n."
"yeah, yeah it was!", you cut him off. analyzing sehun's expression as he got back to drive, you didn't find any sign of annoyance nor anger - he just seemed a bit tired, a bit worn off from all the arguing; a bit of regret, maybe. and suddenly, you understood all too well. "is this about the guy in the bar?"
the way sehun grabbed the steering wheel harder didn't go unnoticed. he shook his head though, staring ahead of him.
the only thing sehun forgot was that you were his girlfriend for almost 2 years now. you knew him, you knew when something was bothering him.
and, again, you knew how jealous he could get. 
"don't lie to me, sehun", you softly told him.
"i'm not lying."
"so you're not jealous just because a random guy took a move on me?"
sehun gulped, body tensed up. boy, he was wrapped around your finger now.
"i'm not jealous!", he said, in the best casual tone he managed to pull off. he scrunched his nose, hesitating for a moment if he should speak or not. "he... he flirted with you, then?"
you shrugged, looking outside the window for a moment.
"he did a bit", you replied. 
"i thought... i thought he heard you talking to me on the phone."
"i told him i had a boyfriend, but that didn't seem to stop him. especially when..."
you trailed off your thoughts, eyes quickly going back to sehun. you didn’t know if you should say it, if you should finish the sentence. once again, you would never hurt sehun on purpose; but was that hurting? wasn't that just exactly like he always provoked you too?
sehun confusedly looked at you, waiting for you to conclude your thinking.
"especially when...?", he instigated you.
"especially...", you began, biting your lip for a brief moment. well, fuck it. "especially when my boyfriend left me there, all alone."
sehun held his breath at the same time he clenched his jaw. if the fight was over before, when you first mentioned the guy from the bar, then now you were crowned the winner. jealous sehun fully appeared and the little, tiny feeling of guilt he felt (but would never admit it) for canceling the dinner with you were gone - and now the anger for knowing that someone did get your attention and flirted with you when he wasn't around took place.
"he was nice though", you continued, adding more fuel. "we chatted a lot before i decided to come home."
"about what?", sehun asked between teeth, voice not much louder than a groan.
"about life, i guess", you shrugged again, now seeing the house you shared with him getting closer. "just got to know him better."
silence took place then. long seconds went by before sehun finally parked the car inside your garage without saying a word. the flame burning inside his chest, the way he felt his veins hurting and pulsing, everything just pushed his focus into one thing: you.
so when you got out of the car - a very small piece of your brain wondering if you pushed your boyfriend's buttons too far - and the first thing you met was sehun already in front of you, lips crashing in yours and body pressing you against the car's door, you were surprised.
his lips desperately kissed you, tongues intertwining and an urgency emanating from his body that you didn't usually feel. sehun let go of his weight on you, chest raising up and down against your smaller figure as he controlled his breath so he didn't have to stop the kiss.
gosh, he loved your lips.
your hands flew to his neck, fingers tugging his pitch black hair and pulling him closer to you, holding him for dear life. sehun also touched you, wrapping his arms around your hips and not so gently guiding you along the outside of his car. he stopped at the end of it, one of his hands letting go of you and opening the door to the backseat.
"get in", he whispered, breaking the kiss.
"i said get in."
he didn't have to say it a third time. you climbed inside the car, sitting on the backseat and watching as sehun did the same. he spread his legs open, grabbing one of your arms and pulling you to his lap, each leg of yours on the each side of his body; as he pulled your hips down, you felt his bulge for the first time that day.
sehun attacked your neck, lips still desperate. he kissed and licked and sucked every bit of skin, head dizzy by the sounds you were making, by the way you moaned and sighed.
only him could do that to you, and you knew he was trying to prove exactly that.
your hands ended up on his shoulders, pushing his jacket down his arms. sehun took it off without stopping making out with your neck, red and light purple starting to form on your skin.
"you're mine", he moaned against your jaw, hands traveling up your belly inside your shirt, cupping one of your breasts over your bra.
you moaned too, rocking your hips against his erection in response. the friction made both of you gasp, and sehun's fingers grabbed your boob harder. his other hand went to your back, unhooking your bra before he spoke again.
"take off, all of it."
you got down from his lap and it was ridiculous how you whined for the loss of contact. your hands worked fast on your clothes, body quickly undressed and fully naked as you saw sehun, now shirtless too, pulling his jeans and underwear down to his ankle, cock hard against his stomach.
in an impulse that took you off guard just as much as it took him, you leaned over and took his member in your mouth. sehun wasn't a particular vocal person during sex, but he did moan loudly when he felt your lips sliding down, taking all of him inside your mouth.
one of his hands held the back of your neck, guiding you through your movements and ready to help you in case you gagged. as much as he tried to avoid doing it, sehun couldn't help but push your head further, so lost in the amazing sensation of being blown plus the wet sounds your mouth made while working up and down his dick.
you moaned against it when you felt his hand sliding from your neck to your butt, which was up in the air. he grabbed, squeezed, massaged, all before firmly pressing his nails on it when you circled your tongue around the tip of his cock, making him throw his head back.
"s-stop", he managed to say, voice raspy. "gonna cum. i wanna do it inside you."
you moaned again, just the thought of it was enough to make you cum right there if you pictured the image long enough. 
so you did what he said, you stopped your actions letting go of his dick with a pop. sehun softly grabbed your arm then, pulling you once again to his lap. you could tell he was impatient now, dying to cum, as the only thing he did was align both of you before pushing your hips down and entering you with a sharp thrust.
you sighed, adjusting to the delicious sensation of him inside you. sehun waited until you rocked your hips to start moving, just to be sure you were ready. 
his hands were firm on your hips, head still resting on the headrest of the seat, eyes glued on you taking in how beautiful you looked. you moved up and down, each thrust echoing inside the car, each moan getting lost in your ears.
instinctively, you hugged sehun. he was quite surprised but definitely didn't refuse it, hugging you back and wrapping his arms around you now. your boobs were firmly pressed against his bare chest, the skin to skin embrace only adding more pleasure to the whole thing.
your face rested on the crook of sehun's neck, and all he could hear was your muffled moans and whines, feeling so good and so out of your mind that all you could focus on was how drunk you were by your boyfriend - his scent, his skin on yours, his thrusts, his sweat mixing with yours; and then, his deep voice on your ear.
"i got you", he said.
you moaned once again, one of your hands holding sehun's jaw now, thumb caressing his cheek.
"babe... please...", you whined, tears forming on the corner of your eyes and sliding down your face.
"cum for me", sehun whispered, and you gladly did, all over him and with a loud cry of his name.
he came right after, filling you up and groaning at how you clenched around him. it felt amazing.
for a few moments, you two just stayed like that, safe in each other's arms. you whispered sweet nothings in sehun's ears, mostly telling him how good he was and how much you loved him. 
"i love you too", he replied. "i love you so much."
you softly smiled, getting up from his neck and facing him now. your fingers gently wiped sweat off his forehead, putting a few strands of hair in its place. sehun stared dearly at you in return, but, somehow, his eyes got heavy - not with sleep, but with something you couldn't tell what it was.
"why do you do this to me?", he asked, voice tired.
you furrowed your eyebrows, confused at his question. "do what?"
"push me to my limit", he began to explain. "that guy... i get so jealous when these things happen. i should have been there last night."
so you got what he meant.
"you should", you agreed. "but not for that reason."
"no, not him", sehun shook his head. "i fucked up. i could have managed my time better so we could go out, and for that i'm sorry. i didn't want you to feel like i care more about my job than about you."
you nodded, leaning into sehun's touch as he caressed circles in your back.
"it's okay. i'm sorry for making you sleep on the couch too."
sehun's chuckled, his eyes almost closing in a half moon shape.
"i kinda deserved that."
"it was cold, though."
"it was. you can make it up to me tonight", he said, kissing you on the cheek and pulling you close again, making you lay on his shoulder. sehun sighed, and you felt like he was hesitating to say something. 
"say it", you encouraged him, and felt when he chuckled again. you knew him so well.
"i... i'm sorry for getting jealous too. i know you would never do anything, and we talked about this so many times before. but i just can't help it."
"i know", you replied, caressing sehun's collarbone.
"of course you do. you love how you get me wrapped around your finger when i get jealous, don't you?"
it was your turn to chuckle. he didn't lie, though.
you shifted on his arms, supporting your chin on his chest and looking up at him as he looked down at you.
"but you don't have to be sorry, i knew what i was getting myself into when we started dating."
sehun smiled, pecking your lips.
"i can't stand the thought of losing you, it gets me crazy. i don't even know how to react", he confessed. 
"as long as you keep reacting like this", you mentioned to your naked bodies, "we're all good. i'll keep pushing you to your limit."
you loudly laughed at sehun's little "please, don't!" before kissing him again, this time deeper, more passionate, letting last night's episode behind.
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