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andromebaa · 3 days
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Kokichi’s snarling lips opened to speak, or heckle, or curse. Kaito never found out what he wanted to say because without thinking he had propelled himself forward as far as possible. Wrapping his arms around the smaller body to anchor himself, Kaito pressed his mouth against Kokichi’s.
Shout out to the amazing @bossubeats for this incredible commission. I can’t stop looking at it, it’s so wonderful 😭
If this i n t r i g u e s you (trust me the context is so much more horrifying than it looks) please check out the horror/hate/love story that is Just the Two of Us - https://archiveofourown.org/works/44893594/chapters/112957387
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g0nta-g0kuhara · 3 months
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idk man. au where kokichi is telepathic but its that one Simpsons clip
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axk888 · 2 months
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Dangan stickers V3
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(Click for higher quality!) [AU Masterpost]
Pretty much in continuity with previous comics.
The lore thickens! This is indeed a post-VR AU, the details of which I'm still working out. Much like in canon, it's unclear where the kids of "Class 79" end and the fabrication begins, albeit for separate reasons.
As far as we're concerned here, Kiyo is just... Some Guy. Like, just a dude with a sweatervest under his blazer and vague passionate professor energy. And issues, but not dangerous issues (at least to anyone else, not that most of their class is ready to look past the game. which is fully within their rights to do for the record).
Kokichi, after talking more with some upperclassmen and slowly being re-introduced to his once-friends... understands, feeling fundamentally isolated, and knowing you earned your way there. But we certainly can't allow emotional honesty, now can we?
Rantaro is a good older brother (and having issues of his own, especially with his short-term memory. It could have been far worse, granted, but... those aftershocks still strike true precisely where you'd want them least, don't they?) Kaito is still kind of a macho jackass, but he's getting the spirit.
Feel more than free to send asks about this AU if you like, I'm on a roll and trying not to lose steam
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winslowsfaust · 4 months
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when all else fails return to your roots i guess
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nekromeowncer · 2 months
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cl0wnfiish · 20 days
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forgot to post this here ! happy saiouma day !!
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dwangan-wonpwa · 1 month
11 things that kokichi ouma hates, in no particular order:
literal murder
absence of free will
being vulnerable
meaningless violence
lying to oneself
lies made for absolutely nothing but the sake of seriously hurting people on purpose—malicious lies, to put it short
people who make said lies
when you manipulate a trustworthy person to kill another person you were cooperating with, and in the trial you "realize" the former is "lying" so well that you—someone who's talent is based off of your ability to read people—can't even detect their tells, meaning that they were so much smarter than you realize, but despite their intelligence they still choose to play the "façade" of a clueless, innocent idiot. so you condemn them, to try to corner them out of their lies—out of disdain for being deceived this whole time, out of fear for having lost control since you can't see past their act, out of pity for someone that has been hiding behind a falsehood like the same way you have for the entirety of this killing game, or out of the desperate need to prove yourself wrong, that they were a liar to be kind to people, like you, like DICE, you can't pinpoint the reason why. maybe it's some, maybe it's all of them. either way, they don't let go of their "mask," insisting that they don't know anything, they're a gentleman, and gentlemen wouldn't kill people, honest! again and again, the same illogical excuses that everyone else just accepts. you wonder: why are they sticking to this front so stubbornly (you're asking that?), when they can just play along and defend themselves with a lie to incriminate you further? almost everyone would believe them anyway. what you've saw, what you've done, what you've realized, everything that's been happening… it's too much. you snap. if they understand that, then why aren't they doing it right? argue back already. use your head and make logical arguments to reach the verdict both of us want. just make an excuse or whatever. they still don't relent, and they go with the same answer: i don't know anything. you're so sick of hearing that, it's what they've been saying this whole time. you yell and scream at them with frustration, your composure breaking, before the detective reveals a truth that explains their behavior: they don't remember killing anyone. at this point, you know it's over, since the detective is bound to figure out the truth, and everyone is listening to him, so you speed up the trial to end it as quickly as possible. you antagonize your former partner, to ensure they die with hatred towards you, if they didn't already. but they don't. they don't hate you, even asking everyone to remain be friends with each other, including you. they get sent to death with tears and guilt, without knowing why they killed in the first place. you manipulated someone so kind into murder, berated them, and sent them to their death.
pig feet
those little monokub cunts
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shuichiswritingcorner · 9 months
General Kokichi Dating Headcanons (SFW + NSFW)
Ummm.......so it's Kokichi's birthday. At least where I live (EST), so I just wanted to get something special for him out. It just felt 'wrong' skipping his birthday
Mostly cause he would annoy the fuck outta me if I didn't write something about him
Norman, Ann, Addie? Tell your man to leave me alone!/lh/jk
Yay :)
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Warnings: GN!Reader, NSFW underneath the cut, dirty talk, edging, overstimulation, toys, all sorts of nasty stuff
Tumblr media
SFW Dating Headcanons
Kokichi is actually a really great boyfriend once you get passed all his trust issues, pranks, and teasing
If you are sad, expect a very clingy Kokichi to be right at your side, smothering you with kisses and hugs, and telling you really corny jokes to cheer you up
He'll show you random tiktoks, say NSFW jokes, and use stupid pickup lines just to get a laugh outta you
PDA is his middle name, so he'll show you off with PRIDE!
Of course, if you are uncomfortable, he will stop. Surprisingly, he doesn't want you to feel unsafe with him around
Protective af! You can't be the ultimate supreme leader and NOT protect your beloved second in command!
Will send DICE to prank someone relentlessly if they caused you harm
Hey, you can still be a menace to society without murder!
He's the type of boyfriend to send you random memes and funny videos at 3 am
Lots of dates outside! He'll be teasingly telling you to 'get a life' and drag you out of the house
Amusement parks, walks in the park, arcades, pranking with DICE, etc.
Even at home, he'll be bugging you to play video games with him, build a pillow fort, bake something, etc.
He's secretly kinda a simp, so whenever you have your eye on something at the store, he'll get DICE to steal legally purchase it for you
But you owe him something even greater in return!
No you don't. That was a lie, darling <3
His teasing and pranks around you are much more toned down than your peers. You are more of his second in command than a victim
Will definitely give you a matching scarf, cape, and hat to emphasis your status as 'co-ruler of DICE'! This is practically canon
Kisses you before every selfie you take together to get you flustered right before he snaps the picture
"Nishishi~!!!! Sowwy, beloved! I couldn't help myself, you're just too cute!"
NSFW Headcanons
He's a switch with a dom lean!
He's not as sadistic as you think. He's greatly afraid of hurting you in anyway shape or form
He's honestly a gentle dom when he's topping you
Sex is one of the moments when he feels like he can be his true self with you. And if you strip away all those facades he puts up, he's pretty meek
The most you will get to 'pain' is some degrading names. And that's only if he knows you like it
But that's not to say he won't tease the hell outta you! This is Kokichi we are talking about
He'll edge you for what seems like eternity before he finally gives into your desires.......a bit too much, I might add
Soon, tedious edging turns into overstimulation, as he milks your orgasms out again and again
Will rely on vibrators to help you ride out your high, he doesn't have much stamina, but he recovers quickly
Can honestly go all night if he wants to. Crackhead energy
When he's subbing, he can get a bit bossy
He acts like a power bottom, whining about how you're going too slow for his liking
Don't worry, honey! Just fuck him harder and he'll be quiet and whimper, totally helpless in your arms
Loves dirty talk! Doesn't matter who is domming, he will be whispering nasty shit in your ear. Praise, degradation, whatever you want to hear, Kokichi will tell you
"F-Fuck, just like that........y-you're so tight. S-Such a good little slut for your king~......."
He will never admit it, but he loves it when you ride him while wearing nothing but his scarf and/or his hat. It makes him so hard and his cock twitch with such anticipation
Hickies, Hickies, Hickies! Both giving and receiving, he can't get enough of marking up your neck with his mouth. And he's not opposed to receiving lovebites himself! Go nuts!
Very good at aftercare! Besides teasing you about what just happened between you two, he'll make you feel like royalty as he prepares a warm bath and cuddles you, gushing about how amazing you were
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inkmetronic · 2 months
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grnhgn idk what possessed me to try new stuff
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sunndropcitrus · 1 year
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did some v3 doodles!
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begone-despair · 9 months
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more family au :))
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g0nta-g0kuhara · 2 months
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Sometimes you just need to spice up daily life in a killing game yknow
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axk888 · 2 months
He’s lying
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#genuinely i didnt do this on purpose i was just very tired when i went to draw yesterday and did pose practice instead of new comic#but then i see franz kafka trending this morning and i remembered this hellsite has the most arbitrary holidays i love it#dr draws#danganronpa#dr#ndrv3#drv3#kokichi ouma#ouma kokichi#kokichi oma#oma kokichi#glittersart#TAPP AU#if you want it doesnt have to be#but i am working on an ask about how everyone is holding up post-sim#mostly in writing if thats alright bc im not positive yet how to draw out the story i want to tell#and therein is a small headcanon that kokichi kinda. for several reasons has a bit more intense a time than most of his classmates#and sometimes he Needs to sleep at arbitrary times during the school day. if he wont do it voluntarily he'll just kinda faint-#- which is especially frustrating for him because the lack of control and his inherent distrust of most people fuel his paranoia-#- and over time he designates a couple of Probably Secure places around campus that he can sleep if his dorm is too far.#ive started setting it up (itll take a lot of drawing to explain it all) but one of them is the animal shed#i do want to try actively to write about Students Who Aren't Kokichi but this all did start bc im kinda fixated atm#actually i think kokichi has been in all of the comics so far. like at least appeared#which will probably continue to be true as kokichis brand of pranking#('i put a kick-me sign on kaitos back and when saihara sees it theyll have an excuse to talk. all according to plan.')-caliber#is a nice device to crash characters into eachother like bumper cars
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captainhowdie · 5 months
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