#omg it gets a name...
yugiohz · 2 months
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boys being boys
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son1c · 4 months
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i sketched a boscage maze shadow to complete my set. this version of shadow takes several... creative liberties... with boscage maze, but i think it works? maybe? let me explain.
so, i like the idea that boscage maze is the result of a science experiment catastrophe. the fallout of the accident mutated all life on earth, creating mega fauna (such as thorn rose’s giant flicky), and killer plants. i’m talking humongous venus flytraps that capture and consume people, vines with minds of their own, etc. obviously, this made earth extremely hostile to regular humans... so they left.
the survivors of the catastrophe boarded the ark and left for space. they had plans to return-- but at the current time, it was simply too dangerous to do so. and they needed to make something that would be able to combat the violent mega fauna. enter... shadow. aka halcyon, as he’s called in this au. halcyon has the ability to drain shard energy, thus un-mutating the corrupted plants and animals, and returning them to their natural state.
unfortunately, the people on the ark thought that the world was still too dangerous for him to return to shortly after his creation, so they put him on ice, waiting for a better time to start their restoration project. before that, though, halcyon grew up hearing all kinds of stories about the way earth used to be... a beautiful paradise, a safe haven in a vast, uncaring universe. his best friend on the ark, maria, also instilled in him one wish: save earth. so that’s what he intends to do.
his bitter enemy is thorn rose, whose goal is to protect the horrible mega fauna. but she just doesn’t understand the harm it’s doing to what was once a peaceful planet. and how could she? she never knew what it used to be.
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khickuwa · 5 days
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“to think of it, perhaps it’s written in the stars that my name belongs to you”
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misa-lawliet · 2 months
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Assorted and totally in character doodles ft. a very skrunkly disheveled Light
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feast-of-the-rabb1t · 3 months
All these fanfiction where Danny or Jazz go to college in Gotham, and I’ve yet to see anyone have one of their classmates make the Drs. Fenton the subject of a thesis. Instant mortification, whether they’re being called crackpots or actually being taken seriously.
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tierras · 5 months
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i discovered my school's fragrance museum look at this perfume bottle 🧎🏽‍♀️
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softerhaze · 2 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
random outtakes that make me feel some type of way 💌
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tending-the-hearth · 3 months
no bc phee really is literally the perfect partner for tech and he's the perfect partner for her bc they're both complete nerds in their own way who will 100% boost and influence each other's nerdiness and geek out just as much
like tech will absolutely be just as excited over a random ancient artifact that phee finds as she will be over a new algorithm that he discovers, they are meant for each other please
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thejadecount · 4 months
So I recently just got into Miles x Mikey (Shellshocked my beloved) and I just can’t help but to imagine Mikey getting ahold of a cloaking brooch and meeting Miles’ parents for the first time.
Rio: You can stay for the night if you li—
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shiinleaf · 5 months
I don't know if you accept request yet I might have one 😂 you can disregard this if you don't.
Just thinking about kissing Satoru on Christmas day. After you throw a party and everyone went home and just the two of you.
Thank youuu. I just love the way you write Satoru. ✨
Hello hello!! I'm glad you enjoy my work! I don't really accept requests but I do love me some solid suggestions :DDD Especially those that stick in my brain (and this did the job) Hope you like it :>>> It's just a tiny lil short drabble
Tumblr media
Just thinking about how Gojo's so naturally attuned to you that he notices the most minute changes. From the droop of your shoulders to the way your smile strains at the edges, him and his Six Eyes catch everything.
("I don't need my technique to tell me that you're tired, babe! I just know it!")
The moment you show any sign of weariness, Satoru's on top of it. He's clapping, gathering the attention of your students only to tell them that it's bedtime and to have them herded out of the party and back to their dorms with their presents on their back.
The enforced curfew leaves the room occupied with the few adults that managed to come for the Christmas party you and Satoru were hosting. And you shoot your lover a small smile before settling into your corner of your couch.
"Can't do PDA anywhere else?" Mei Mei teases, watching as Satoru gathers you up into his arms and onto his lap.
"Nope," he sings, tucking you under his chin and against his chest as the speaker continued to play soft Christmas tunes. It's easy to forget the small crowd of friends in your home when you feel nice and warm in Satoru's embrace.
Some colleagues whom you were passing acquaintances with leave first, and it's a reminder that the small party was dwindling, coming to an end along with what was left of the year. Next was Shoko and Utahime, the both of them inviting Nanami, Ijichi, and the rest out for drinks. Slowly, but surely, the party leaves you two be, taking their leave with grace.
Yaga doesn't forget to leave behind a monotonous, yet teasing, comment before shutting the front door behind him.
Soon enough, it's just you, Satoru, and your Christmas tree.
"Tired?" He asks, leaning down to brush his lips across your forehead. All you can do in response is to sleepily hum, snuggling in closer, and tilting your head up in a silent demand.
Satoru's laugh is deep and reverberating, and you feel your face warm with every rumble of his chest as he obliges to your wishes.
"You're so needy," he coos, though he shows no issue with peppering butterfly kisses all over your face. "Can't use your words, baby?"
You shake your head, hooking your arms around his neck just so you could get a better view of him under the ambient lighting. You think he looks beautiful like this; rarely would he put down his bravado.
Winters are your favourite for this reason. Satoru was only ever able to relax during the cold, where curses laid at an all time low, and now you reaped its benefits, up close and personal. And with many kisses to christen the day.
"Love you," you mumble, high off adoration and unable to help yourself. Instead of teasing or poking fun at you, Satoru only smiles softly.
"Yeah?" He laughs. Soft, but full. Nose nuzzling yours. "Love you too. Merry Christmas, baby."
Tumblr media
a/n: Funny enough I was actually doing another drabble for this before realising I misinterpreted the ask and well now that one is being uploaded soon too LOL I actually did this pretty quickly yayz
©shiinleaf Do not plagiarise, use, translate and/or share my content outside of Tumblr in any way, shape, or form. Likes and reblogs are greatly appreciated if you enjoyed!
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worstloki · 11 months
people fr are like "do you expect Loki to always be in armour? 🤨" and I'm here to answer that Yes! Yes I do! In fight situations, at the very least! Take a look at Thor! Take a look at Loki in Thor 1! Or either of them in Avengers 1! Or even - dare I say - Thor 2! Loki's got LOTS of outfits, switching pieces between them and across scenes, even. He goes through the most outfit changes, and they were all cool and detailed and suited to the situations! Even when not armour! So Yes! I either expect him to reflect such bombardment of clothing in the series as well (within bounds of what is reasonable) or armour when he's fighting. Or at the very least for him to be wearing some green.
#'why is it BROWN' 'omg you can't just ask why it's brown...' 'ok. why is he working with the timeline brainwashing genocide fascists?' 'um'#the Loki show#is the mcu for real like we're not going to put loki in his signature colours in a show with his name on it#what kind of clownery#my dude he was in green when he was in a cell on asgard#he got away from thanos in green - albeit hastily modified and a bit worn down - armour#bestie he didn't don a single horned helm in the entire season#my guy that is not loki if he cannot summon a new outfit even when the exact topic is broached in a conversation#my friends please consider that he has inexplicably not been able to get a single dagger of his own to himself in the show#his magic looks like goop and is used twice maybe three times in the series#he calls enchanting an amateur thing and then 3 episodes later needs to be taught by Sylvie and struggles#WHAT IS GOING ON#Thor 1 is shaking in Loki's custom made baby seal leather boots rn#L-Loki can't even do mag-- I can't say it 🤢#THOR has recently done more actual proper magic than Loki#my goodness the lad can't even fight well#what happened to his ridiculously accurate dagger aim and the whole mastery of magic and whatnot#AND THEN THEY ALSO WON'T LET HIM HAVE DECENT CLOTHES?#im losing it#are we sure this is Loki? as in LOKI Loki?#''do you expect Loki to always be in armour'' NO BUT IT WOULD BE NICE FOR HIM TO RESEMBLE THE CHARACTER#don't tell me it's Loki being out of his element he did that in Thor 1 Avengers 1 Thor 2 Thor 3 and Infinity War already#don't tell me they needed to strip him down to build him back up. Thor went through that in Thor 1 and it was respectful#it's not even that it's office wear that bothers me it's that it's BORING office it's unsuited to the character#his whole thing is breaking boxes what do you mean he's worn grey and brown the entire show#Wanda got a glow up and Sam got a glowup and Kate and Clint got new fits#man... Loki got a glow down#and that's saying a LOT since he started the series at the end of Avengers 1 after Thanos and getting beat by the Hulk/Avengers#if Loki being a good guy means everyone keeps calling him evil and he's gotta dress down and get beat up constantly... let him be a bad guy#he's literally got nothing to lose here but a shirt that will expose every blood vessel in his abdomen if attacked with 1 glass of water
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dreamlings · 6 months
actually, now that I’ve made this post, how about an au in which Hob is still unknowingly friends with the whole supernatural community, gathering boons and favours all around, except this time all the supernatural entities do talk about him. so without him knowing, Hob is super popular, he thinks he’s just a normal but immortal guy with a relatively mundane life, but is actually widely regarded as the most eligible bachelor in the community. in the 80s, every supernatural creature goes goth, because that’s apparently currently the best way to catch his attention. he’s like that guy in high school that’s hot and popular and knows how to pull, but when you have a group assignment with him you also realise he’s genuinely funny and nice and tries to make you feel included and help where possible. when the dreamling wedding is approaching, Hob is getting self conscious, because what will the Dreaming’s population think, having a normal human as their prince consort? meanwhile Dream is getting jealous stares and pats on the back everywhere because he’s definitely marrying up
#hob gadling#dreamling#dream of the endless#the sandman#half of hobs students are supernatural entities who partly want to get ik Hobs good graces bc that’s the way to get social points in the#supernatural community. partly they just want to learn about humanity and they’ve heard hob is so helpful#sure it’s scary bc hob is so popular and most popular people are dicks but apparently it’s true what they say about his kindness!! time#to go join the hob gadling fanclub#in the beginning him helping supernatural entities is completely accidental but after a while everyone starts to come to him deliberately#because he’s good at it and also because they can boast that the hob gadling now knows their name#meanwhile Hob thinks he’s blending in soo well look at him being completely inconspicuous a truly normal mortal human being#supernatural tumblr is going wild with gif sets and posts that are like ‘it’s so sexy how he dies and then stands up again😍’#and reader x hob self insert fanfiction#dream has a secret account on supernatural tumblr and all his posts are like ‘well I was into hob before he was popular you’re all fake fans#those posts that dream is having heart eyes over hob doing mundane things and no one understands except on supernatural tumblr everyone has#heart eyes over hob doing mundane things (‘OMG he went to the supermarket today!!!!’ ‘AKSJFJKDKD’ ‘SCREAMS’ etc)#and because I love having desire’s vision on things they’re very jealous bc they were supernatural tumblr sexyman (genderneutral) before hob#came into the picture
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danikoshis-attic · 1 year
Tumblr media
Dr. Jack Bright
These were among my first sketches of Bright and I'm planning to redesign him a bit, since this one was very much based on first impressions
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ishiitake · 2 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Don’t get upset Harvey, it just makes you cuter.
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realboutfatalfury · 1 year
i love kof they have girls that kiss and have gay sex with each other and are married
Tumblr media Tumblr media
these ladies are gay ^^^^
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teeth-draws · 6 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
SHOH Ssssketch dump and this isn’t even 10% of it 🤦🏼‍♀️ consistent art style - who’s she? :))
#shepherds of haven#halle beren#blade bronwyn#shery acquell#me putting Halle’s full name on the book cover lol#oh yes mc let me be your swooning Victorian damsel#Halle and Halek would be just barely drift compatible because she would die of embarrassment having him inside her brain knowing how#she used to write MRS HALLE PRINCE in her diaries in school yikes#oh Naolin why did you have to hurt yourself before this mission suddenly#as for YOU commander i had a real soft time drawing this picture but it also gave me no end of grief#your fucking elbows dog why can’t I draw your ELBOWS I hATE YOU#I actually coloured all three of these but couldn’t stand them so here#might delete later if I overthink and decide things look too messy…#was going to draw blade w/ a rose garden or whatever but then couldn’t get it to look good#shout out to the discord chat for suggesting the autarch’s bedroom but also lmao you GUYS I can’t draw furniture who do you think I am#I can’t even draw elbows#art hard :(((#kibbitzer#originally Hal/ek’s helmets were full of lollies but I was so close to flipping the table#I actually painted blade’s face and it came out so nicely then couldn’t paint anything else omg the grief I’ve been through#I have a halle/ayla Neptune/Uranus Halloween couples picture that is half done but I just can’t figure out the bows#there were going to be so many couples costumes for Halloween but as usual red was the only survivor#@everyoneElse sorry red is easy to draw compared to you guys#amazing that I didn’t tag#halek prince#sketch dump
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