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Day7: Kryptonite/No Powers
It's over! Wow, I do not know how people manage to do this for a month. It's been a challenge to do a week! Thank you for reading the drabbles I've forced to occur.
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Laughter filled the air of the apartment. Giggles and squeals of mischievous delight with the occasional shriek of surprise.
Marinette was or rather had been baking macaroons before Jon decided that he required her attention. He had swiped some of the filling with a finger causing a light hearted scolding from Marinette before he picked the bowl up causing the chase to start.
The bowl had long been forgotten and a game of tag was in full swing. Jon had chased Marinette around the coffee table before she went to jump over the sofa to escape when he caught her. Ensnaring Marinette in his arms they tumbled onto the sofa together.
The laughter slowly died down into subdued giggles as Jon launched and a series of quick kisses all over her face. Her forehead, her cheek, her nose, her chin. Eventually a soft, love filled kiss on her lips.
"Love you Mare"
"Ditto you big Dork! Are you going to let me escape to finish my macaroons now you've had your fun and caught me?"
"Mmmmmm. No. I don't think I will. You're perfect where you are."
Jon twisted so he now was pinning Marinette underneath him leaving no room for escape.
"Sorry Mare, you're my kryptonite. My strength…. is weakening. I.. I can't.. move. You'll have to stay here with me for…. forever."
"Yesterday you said that mint and chocolate macaroons were your kryptonite since you ate my whole batch. So which is it?"
Jon looked up at Marinette from where he lay with a look of amusement. He adored his girlfriend. He knew he was going overboard on the 'weakness' thing, but she really was his world.
Marinette let out a fond sigh as she carded her fingers through his hair.
"Love you too, Jon darling. Though I think we going to have to pause on the superhero films if you keep up with this. First Superman, next you'll be Batman and quoting 'I am the night. I work alone' or something."
"*Gasp* How dare you. I would never sink so low as Batman."
The pair broke into easy giggles again. Enjoying the warmth of each other. Trying to imagine Jon being dark and broody which was a complete juxtaposition from his sunny self.
Jon was happy. The warmth of the apartment. The sunsetting light batheing the room in golden glow. Marinette's deft fingers soothing and tension from his head. He was basking in her love. He was melting for her. Being with her like this he felt complete.
Reluctantly, Jon lifted himself up and off of Marinette to sit on the floor next to her. In confusion she lifted an eyebrow mourning the loss of her heated blanket.
"Mare, my love, my kryptonite," Jon gave her a subtle smirk, "will you marry me?" Fishing for the ring box he had hidden in his pocket.
Gasping, "Yes, you dork, MY nerd, Yes!", Marinette launched herself into his arms ignoring the ring to shower her Jon in kisses.
"You can't keep calling me your kyrptonite though!"
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