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Asking Nicely II Joel Miller x Reader
Joel's jealousy burns within him, brighter than he thought it would. But you're a tough gal, you can hold your own.
Warning: implied age gap, unwelcome advances, brief depiction of violence, explicit content, fingering f!receiving, p in v, unprotected sex. 18+ only, minors DNI!
Word count: 3k
Tumblr media
You were a bright and shining light in the darkness of a broken world, and whether Joel would admit it or not, it made him incredibly nervous. He enjoyed you, more than he wanted to say, especially to himself. He was worried that if he confessed his feelings to himself or to you, that you'd leave, or something terrible would happen. So he kept quiet, and would watch you from a distance, thinking about the way you'd fit against him in all the right ways.
He was at the bar in Jackson well past sundown. He had come to see you. You were playing that night; Tommy had asked you to. So you sat in the corner of the bar, strumming the guitar and singing as everyone quieted to listen.
Joel vaguely recognized the tune, something slow and mellow that had couples swaying together around the tables. You sang beautifully. You played beautifully. He basked in what felt like normalcy and stayed until you were done several songs later. He watched you smile as the people in the bar clapped for you.
You set the guitar in the stand, and walked up to the bar, and Joel finished his whiskey. The bartender announced last call but he stayed seated. He watched as Ben, a man about your age, sidled up next to you and began talking to you. Joel could see you beam at him, and something stirred within him.
He kept his face carefully composed. He watched you shake your head, and then look around desperately. He felt it was a call for help. He stood as people began to leave, walking with intention in every step towards you.
“C’mon,” Ben was saying. “You said it yourself, you're not doing anything tonight. Come on over.”
“Ben, I'm flattered, really! But—oh, hi Joel.” You looked over Ben’s shoulder at Joel, relief washing over you. Joel offered you a nod and Ben turned. Joel was slightly taller than him, and heavier set than him. But Ben didn't back down immediately.
The younger man squared his shoulders, looking Joel in the eyes. Joel didn't find him to be intimidating, but he did see him as a threat. A threat to you.
Ben reached for you, wrapping an arm around your shoulder. You tried pulling away but he kept you locked against him as the two men stared each other down. You felt uncomfortable, and you tried to pull away again. “Ben, please.”
Joel watched, clenching his fists. Anger began pouring into his chest as you glanced at him, a fleeting look that he couldn't read. He stepped towards Ben. “You had best listen to her.”
“Or what?” Ben sneered. You wormed your way out of his grasp. He turned his head to look down to you, and that's when you closed your hand into a fist and punched him.
Ben stumbled back from the force of the blow, and Joel stepped between you and the man. The bar went silent, the remaining people fixing their eyes on the trio. Joel might as well have been a wolf, hackles raised and growling as Ben touched his jaw. Ben glared at Joel, spitting out, “Son of a bitch.”
“Move along now, son,” Joel replied, preparing himself for the imminent fight.
You breathed hard, your fury written across your face, and when Ben looked to you, you held his gaze and cocked an eyebrow. You wanted to dare him to overstep again, especially now that Joel was here. Your knuckles throbbed from the impact of the blow. It made you feel alive.
Ben scoffed, shaking his head, and turned to leave. Joel stood between you the whole time, waiting for the door to close behind him before turning to you. He looked you up and down, asking silently with his eyes if you were okay. He reached down, grabbing onto your hand, looking at the red skin over your knuckles. One of them had split, and was dripping blood.
“C’mon,” he said, jerking his head to the right. “Let's get you outta here.”
Joel sat across from you and tended to your wounds with gentle hands. He had a clean rag in his hands that was soaked in alcohol; you commented that he was good at this. He wiped the area around the split, and then dabbed at the wound itself. 
You resisted the urge to pull your hand away at the sting, but you held firm, watching him as he furrowed his brow. “I've patched myself up enough to know, I guess.”
Nodding your head, you sighed. “I shouldn't have punched him.”
“If you hadn't, I would've,” he quipped. “No one gets to touch you like that.” 
Amusement beamed at your eyes as you looked at him. You had seen the flash of jealousy in his eyes earlier, and you could see it again more clearly now. “My my, is Joel Miller jealous?” 
Joel froze, clearing his throat, and you knew you had caught him like a rabbit in a trap. “No.”
“Uh huh,” you teased. He frowned, setting down the rag before standing. Your smile disappeared. You didn't realize you had struck such a strong chord. 
“I should get goin’.”  
“Hey,” you said, reaching out and grabbing onto his arm as he tried to step away. “I'd like it if you stayed.”
The man locked up again, his gaze snapping to yours in an instant. You rose from the chair. “Please?”
He sighed. “Suppose ya did ask nicely.”
You grinned up at him, and then your hands moved, one resting on his chest and the other on his neck. He was still, his breath hitching. His voice was deathly quiet when he whispered, “What’re you doin?”
Pressing your body against his, you tilted your head up. “Something I should've done a long time ago,” you whispered back, and then you kissed him. 
He whined. Almost silent, but it was there, swallowed by your mouth as you moved your lips against his. You began to pull away when he didn't respond immediately, fear of overstepping suddenly at the forefront of your mind. 
Then, his hands pressed into your lower and upper back, keeping you from backing away. He kissed you back, and he kissed you hard. It was zealous and feverish, growing more intense as the hand you had on his neck inched up and back into the hair on the back of his head. You were pressed backward into the table. Joel pulled away, you whined in protest, and then you were lifted by your hips up onto the surface.
His lips returned to yours, and you couldn't help the moan that escaped from your mouth as his tongue darted out, licking over your bottom lip. You met him, tongues tangling together, as you spread your legs to accommodate his body between them. You could feel wetness pooling at the apex of your thighs. You could feel the heat of the moment possessing you—Joel possessing you—and you gasped for breath when he pulled his head away. His touch left wakes of fire, tingling sensations burning across your skin. You needed more. 
“Maybe I was jealous,” he growled, and you shuddered. “Maybe I've been thinkin’ of this for weeks.” 
Your cheeks flushed at his admission and your eyebrows furrowed. “Well, maybe I've been thinking about it for months.”
His eyebrows raised, and then a smirk slowly played across his lips. “Darlin’, all you ever had to do was ask.” 
You swallowed, playing with one of the buttons on his flannel. “Joel,” you started, looking up at him through your lashes. “Take me to the bedroom.”
He didn't waste a second, hooking his hands under your knees and lifting you with a soft grunt. You directed him down the hallway towards your room. You expected him to throw you on the bed, to tear off your clothes, to bite you, to claim you, and you wanted these things. But when he laid you down with the softest hands, gentle and easy, you realized that you'd take any piece of him he'd give to you. His tenderness would not go unnoticed. 
He licked his lips as he looked over you, splayed out on the bed beneath him, and you felt shy. You turned your head, trying to hide, and he gave you a ‘tut tut’ with his tongue. “Look at me.” 
You did as he asked, and he followed it with a, “Good girl.” Your body shook in response, your cheeks burning again. He chuckled. 
He leaned down, grabbing your hands and pinning them together over your head. He told you to keep them there as he kissed along the side of your neck. He undressed you methodically, undoing the buttons on your shirt, one by one. You could feel your impatience growing. “Joel.” 
He hummed in response. The last button came undone and his hands found your bare sides, running up and down them before taking your breasts in his hands. He squeezed them gingerly, feeling their weight in his palms. You couldn't help squirming. You struggled with not moving your hands, you wanted to feel over him, too. You resisted the urge to touch his shoulders, to feel the muscles underneath his button up. You wanted him, more in that moment than you'd ever wanted anything else. 
He undid the button and fly on your jeans, and he pulled them down and away, leaving you clad in only your underwear. He breathed heavily, his Adam's apple bobbing as he swallowed. He looked at you with feral eyes. You could feel it in his gaze: he wanted you just as badly as you wanted him.
His fingers hooked around your underwear, pulling them off in one motion. Your hands fell then, touching his arms. He looked at you, a domineering flame in his eyes, and in one smooth motion he grabbed onto you and flipped you onto your side. A smack landed on your asscheek, stinging the skin. You yelped, and then shuddered. He chuckled. 
His palm rubbed over where he'd slapped you. “What did I say?” 
“Not to move my hands…” you whispered. 
“Don't disobey me, darlin’.” 
“Yes, Sir.” 
“Good girl,” he repeated. Your eyes closed, mouth watering at his praise. You never thought it would sound so good. He rolled you back onto your back, and came to lay beside you, propping himself up on his elbow as his other hand came to your thigh. He rubbed, and then squeezed, and then inched his way up towards your pussy. 
You shuddered in anticipation. You wanted him to touch you in the spot only you had touched. He stopped moving, and you whined in protest. Your arms stayed above your head this time. You looked to him, and his eyes were watching you. 
“I wanna make sure,” he mumbled. “Is this alright?”
“Yes,” you breathed. “But…”
He tensed. “Yes?” 
“I haven't done this—” you started, and then felt yourself hesitating. You felt embarrassed. “—this kinda shit before.” 
His eyebrows raised and he squeezed your thigh. “You're sure you wanna do it with me?”
You didn't hesitate this time. “I do.”
His middle and ring finger brushed up over your folds, palm resting on the junction of your thigh and pelvis. Your eyes closed, and you could feel him lean and kiss your forehead. “Alright then.”
He brought his fingers to your clit, pressing against it in slow circles—testing the water. You gasped, nails digging into your palms to keep your hands from moving. Your thighs shook ever so slightly. Joel's lips found your neck, your head rolled to the side, and he kissed your skin, leaving little nibbles in his wake as he traveled down and then up again. One finger sunk into your entrance, and your thighs jolted closed. 
He waited until your legs fell again to pump in and out, and you couldn't stop the groan that left you. Joel's breathing was loud in your ear. 
He sunk another finger inside of you, slowly stretching you. His fingers were so much bigger than yours, long and thick, and he played you like an instrument. He found which spots made you cry out, and he pushed and rubbed them until you were a sweaty, babbling mess in his hands. You tossed and turned your head, his lips by your ear, encouraging you. 
“Doin’ so good, darlin’,” he whispered. “So wet, so tight. Oh yes, right there, huh? That's the spot. Yeah.” 
Your hips bucked off the bed as he curled his fingers. Your hands shot down to your sides, gripping the blanket underneath you. He chuckled, sending shivers down your spine. You couldn't focus, his fingers driving you to insanity. You knew that this would be bad for you, because you would never stop craving this. Every time you'd see him, you'd want him more than you already did. He knew it too. 
His hand shifted angles, his thumb flicking at your clit as his fingers continued their ruthless assault. “Joel.” 
You whispered it like a prayer. 
“Cum. For me, darlin’, please.” 
He flicked twice more, and everything that had been building in you exploded. Your legs slammed closed around his hand, and he moaned with you as you cried out. The waves crashed into you, carrying you further from reality, small movements of his hands driving you forward into the deep waters you recognized as Joel. You were putty in his hands. Your eyebrows furrowed, your mouth open, and Joel couldn't help but watch as you came on his fingers. He was mesmerized. 
You began to come down, twitching and jerking, and then trying to scramble away from Joel's movements. It was all too much for you. It was overwhelming. Everything was loud, your combined breathing, your heart slamming in your chest and the blood pounding in your ears. You reached to grab his forearm, digging your nails into his skin, and he finally slowed to a stop. You shook like a leaf.
He kissed you then, his lips soft against yours. You realized then that he was still fully clothed, and you reached for his belt. He grabbed your wrist, stopping you from undoing it as he pulled away. You groaned, trying to express your discontent. 
“Patience,” he said, ducking his head to take your nipple into his mouth. He sucked on it, flicking it with his tongue, making your back arch. He pulled away with a ‘pop!’ and you fell back onto the bed. He got up, taking off his shirt and undoing his belt. He kicked his boots off, then his pants and underwear followed, and you saw the sight you had been literally dreaming of for weeks. 
He was a broad and beautiful man, scars and hair covering his body. You followed the trail of hair down from his navel, and your eyes widened at the sight of his cock. It was long, thick, curved up and weeping with precum.  He got back up on the bed.
You felt nervous. Joel could see it. He took his face in your hands. “If you wanna stop, at any point, you just tell me,” he reassured. 
“Okay,” you replied. “I will.” 
He nodded his head, hands going down by your sides to hold himself up as he climbed over the top of you. His cock rubbed against you, your wetness coating him. He trembled. 
His cock pushed into you, and your breath hitched. The stretch of him entering your pussy stung, and your hands shot to his back, gripping him. He didn't say anything, just slowly but surely worked his way inside of you. He sighed when he finally seated himself. You were breathing hard, and sweat had gathered at your temples. 
“I'm gonna move, darlin’.” 
You nodded, opening your eyes to find him staring at you. Something shone in his, something warm and almost loving. You wanted to drink it up, sit in this moment forever. He was looking at you like nothing else in the world mattered to him. He moved then, his thrusts deep and heavy. 
It felt so goddamn good. 
You cried out, and he reached down, encouraging you with his hands to wrap your thighs around his hips. You did so immediately, and it allowed him somehow even deeper access. You moaned, then gasped, then whispered his name. He hummed. 
“Faster,” you whined. He obliged. 
Each increase of pace was followed by squeezing him harder with your legs, or digging your nails into the skin of his back, and you cried out louder each time. 
He wasn't quiet, whispering your name, whispering praises, telling you how good you were for him. He moaned when your hips shifted off the bed, trying to meet his thrusts. 
“Excited, huh? Do you like when I make you feel good, sugar? F-fuck. You're so god damn tight, feels so damn good.” 
“Mhmmm! Yes, Joel! I can't—I can't—” 
“Can't what?” He crooned, brushing a hand across your cheek. “We both know you can cum for me again.” 
That did it for you. You unraveled again. Your hand came up, grabbing onto his hair and pulling him down onto you. His body covered yours, pressing against you, his face tucking against your neck. He moaned loudly, and you shook, unable to even do much as breathe as you tightened around him over and over again. His thrusts became heavier again, more sporadic, and then he was cumming, too. 
He fell against you completely, barely holding himself up. You gulped in the air when you felt like you could breathe again, resting your cheek against the side of his head. Your hands slowly relaxed. 
He moved after a couple minutes of silence, pulling out of you before rolling to lay by your side. You immediately curled up against him.
“Thank you,” you whispered. 
“No no,” he replied. He gave you a smile, a genuine broad grin. “Thank you.” 
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Dinner Mix-Up
Larissa Weems x Reader
This is a super special birthday story for my wifey @funky--lesbian. She was the one who gave me the idea and I'm simply writing it out for her. It was so wonderful meeting you IRL Tuesday <3
Tumblr media
She had been insanely busy. So busy that she was coming home late in the evenings, long after you retired to bed. In the mornings, she left before you woke, needing to get into the office before she had any students cause trouble during the moments she slept. You could tell Larissa was running herself into the ground.
With the arrival of the Addams’ girl and her family, not to mention the beast on the loose, Larissa was at wit's end with the school year. Time and time again, you tried reminding yourself that this semester was one of the worst the headmistress had ever seen, but you couldn’t help but feel forgotten about, in a way. She was always so tired and completely unwilling to share the burden with you, making it nearly impossible to support your girlfriend. 
Two days prior, you waited up for her, watching her trudge into the bedroom, strip herself of her clothes, and crawl into bed. Sleepily, you gather her into your arms and gently dance around your feelings as you pull the pins from her hair, “I missed you so much today, darling. I wondered if you would like to go on a date with me on Friday?” 
“Mhmm... I would love that. I miss you.” Larissa hummed, happy to have her hair loosened and her face buried into your chest. 
“How about that sweet little Italian restaurant that just opened in Burlington?” You scooch yourself down in bed, keeping your arm around her. The two of you had been dating for years, Larissa always keeping you level-headed while you helped her find peace on her craziest of days. 
You could tell she was on the verge of sleep from how her breathing began to slow just a bit, her grip around you loosening a tad, “Mmokay, darling... I’ll call tomorrow for reservations...” 
Pressing a kiss to her forehead, you whisper, “I love you.”
“I love you too...” She mumbled back, nuzzling her face into you before going still. You knew it would be just a few moments before she was sleeping, which made you smile in the fact that she was at peace. Even this short conversation was making you feel closer to Larissa, settling many of your worries about the two of you growing apart.
Well, that was until you got to the restaurant and waited... and waited... and waited. 
You sat in the restaurant like a fool for over an hour. Larissa hadn’t even bothered to call or respond to any of your attempts at communication. 
At first, you drove home fuming, ready to give Larissa Weems a piece of your mind upon returning home, but when you entered and Larissa was nowhere to be found, you broke down. You couldn’t help yourself when you curled up on the couch and wept as Larissa had absolutely broken your heart. 
Was a relationship just too much for Larissa right now? Perhaps Larissa was reminded of her old feelings for her roommate with Parents Weekend two weekends ago? Or maybe she didn’t really mean it when she said she loved you? There was always the chance she was saying it out of habit and it had lost all meaning to her. 
All of your ruminating had you spiraling. Your whole body shook from the sobs and the decorative pillow on the couch was soaked with your tears. How could you and Larissa have fallen this far? You would do anything to make her love you as she once had. 
The front door opened with a jolt, Larissa slamming it behind herself when she saw your form sitting on the couch. With her deep rapid breaths and the way her eyes narrowed in on you, she was in an absolute rage, “Where were you?!”
“Where was I?! Where have you been? What is wrong with me?” You began to verbalize your spiraling, shouting straight back at your girlfriend, deeply conflicted by your feelings of anger and sadness, “I just don’t know what I can do to make you love me! I can- I can be different. I can change. What do you want from me? Do you want me to be more like Morticia? I’ll do whatever you want... Please... I love you...”
“Nothing is wrong with you! I just waited like a fool for hours and you didn’t show up!” Larissa circled the couch and dropped onto the cushion next to you, ready to argue. Her brows furrow at the mention of Morticia’s name, the sight of you weeping so openly bringing tears to the woman’s eyes, “I don’t know why you even mention her! I love you, not her.”
“What do you mean I didn’t show up? You didn’t show up!”
“I was sitting there at a beautiful, romantic, candlelit dinner waiting for you! You are the one who bothered not to show!”
“Candle-lit? The place isn’t that fancy! Don’t pretend you were there!”
“It’s a five-star restaurant! What do you mean it isn’t fancy?” Larissa’s tears were fading into a cry-laugh, her anger fading into an amused confusion. She reached into her coat pocket, pulling a handkerchief to dab at your tears. 
You spoke with a slight shake to your voice, “We went to different restaurants... Didn’t we?” Her soft laughter began to make you laugh, coming to realize that you had been at different restaurants, standing one another up while being stood up. Larissa’s beautiful hand reaching out, coming to grasp your face.
You dove forwards, wrapping your arms around Larissa’s middle, and felt her arms hold you tight. Her tone was thick with regret, “I think we did.” 
“I’m sorry, Riss...” You mumbled into her neck, the floodgates had opened and all of your emotions were ready to come pouring out. There was so much you had kept from Larissa during the previous months and now you were ready to divulge it all with her. 
“Honey, it was just one big misunderstanding...” Your girlfriend attempted to soothe you once more, hand to the back of your head as she cooed to you, worried you still felt guilt for the switch-up. 
Gripping her a little tighter, you crawled into Larissa’s lap, spilling your heart to the woman before you in hopes she could come to understand all that you had been feeling, “No... I’m sorry that life has just been so much recently. I’m sorry you are overworked and that I can’t do anything to help you.”
“Darling...” Larissa gathered your face in her hands, thumbs stroking your cheeks, “You keep me sane. Coming home to you each night... Just seeing you in bed waiting for me is... everything. From all of this, the one thing I’ve realized is how I can’t live without you.”
Her words were an incredible comfort to hear as you returned the sentiment, “I can’t live without you. I love you so much, Larissa.” You turned your face into her hand, pressing a kiss to her palm, your eyes not leaving hers. 
The headmistress chuckled, shaking her head as you hadn’t quite understood where she was going with her thoughts. Her hands on your face dropped, one coming to grasp your hand while the other reached into her jacket pocket, her gaze was more intense this time, “No... Darling... I truly cannot live without you.” 
You finally understood when your eyes gazed down and saw the small box at Larissa’s fingertips. The beating of your own heart became rapid as you could hardly comprehend what was happening in this moment. After all of this, all of the pain and heartache you put yourself through, your girlfriend, your love, your everything wanted to marry you. 
“Rissa...?” You questioned, still not able to fully understand how she could be proposing after all of this. 
“Marry me... Please. I can’t live without you.” Larissa wasn't quite asking as much as she was pleading with you. She needed to know you would be by her side always. To be her peace and bring her sanity in the darkest times of her job. 
You must have confused the woman as you shook your head ��no’ out of pure disbelief, but your words quickly countered your actions, “Yes, yes, a million times yes.” Rather than put the ring on your finger, you dove into Larissa’s arms, tackling her to the couch and pressing a deep, loving kiss to her lips. 
Tonight had been a rollercoaster, but you knew Larissa had been your rock and now she would be until death do you part. 
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Fusillade (Wanderer/f!Reader)
written for @illusory-torrent ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡ – ✧)
It was a favor for a friend to let the Wanderer find himself while meandering with you. Two sets of eyes are better than one, and what's lost isn't so difficult to locate if you know where to look.
AO3 Link
Wanderer/f!Reader(not the Traveler) 4,954 Words - NSFW Vaginal sex, mild breast-play, mild dacryphilia, unrequited(?) love confession, sharin' a bed-ish.
When first meeting the Traveler, they’d been fresh-faced and ready to face the world. Learning their story had been a shock, but not one that you weren’t welcoming toward. Mondstadt was as good a jumping-off point as any, and after a few days together you wished them luck in all their future endeavors as you parted ways. 
In Liyue, they’d been a little more harrowed, a little more hardened. “A lot of things have happened since we’ve met up!” Paimon had explained in lieu of the Traveler’s own words, and you provided a sympathetic shoulder for the two to lean on as you made camp together in the countryside of the Land of Geo. And if they looked a little happier after spending some time talking and laughing with you, then that works just fine, you think. 
Unfortunately, in Inazuma, the two of you were only able to cross paths briefly. With the removal of the Sakoku Decree, it meant you were allowed into the country, and they were allowed out. There’s a certain air about the two - less so Paimon - that leaves you wondering exactly what happened behind the closed borders of Inazuma. 
You find out, much to your chagrin. 
It isn’t until a few months have passed and you’ve meandered your way to Sumeru that you once more meet your good friends - ones you’ve sorely missed. Of course, another catastrophe was narrowly avoided thanks to their intervention, and Paimon was more than pleased to fill in the gaps while you shared a lunch with the two of them at some cafe you can’t quite pronounce the name of. 
In the middle of laughter at something Paimon has said, a shadow casts over the table - similar to an umbrella blocking out the sun. It’s not quite so, rather the wide brim of an ornate hat as a figure approaches the three of you with a carefully neutral expression. First he looks at the Traveler, then briefly at Paimon, before looking to you. 
Before you can even think about introducing yourself, his interest turns back to the Traveler. “Lesser Lord Kusanali sent me to fetch you. Something has come up.”
“Is it urgent?” You know the Traveler is asking only because this means the two of you will part ways once again. Violet eyes dart to you, tensing for just a moment as a thought seems to cross his mind. The neutrality cracks only a little, and he almost looks interested in your presence. It must be an enigma, that you’d be important enough for the Traveler to put off meeting with the Dendro Archon for a little while longer. 
The male moves, placing one hand on his hip as he gives the Traveler an slightly admonishing look. “Maybe I should have been more specific. Something’s come up about that important information you’ve been wandering all over for? Surely that’s not something you want to put off more than necessary. Even for a… friend.”
With a jerk of his chin, he emphasizes that you are the Traveler’s friend in question. Obvious enough, but if he feels the need to make things clear, then who are you to tell him it’s unnecessary?
After a moment of deliberation, and an apologetic expression toward you, the Traveler drops enough mora for all three meals onto the table. “Sorry, this really is important, then. Will you be around the city for a little longer? I’d like to catch up some more.”
“I’m heading out tomorrow morning, but I’ll be around the country - I’m sure you could hunt me down if you really wanted. It’s not like I hide from you.” You lean on your elbows with a grin, pleased at both the prospect of meeting your friends once more, as well as having your meal so graciously paid for. 
The Traveler and Paimon leave with a wave, and the newcomer only gives you an unreadable look over his shoulder as they leave. Only when they round a corner do those eyes finally give you some peace.
You do end up leaving before the Traveler can seek you out again. A trip down to Port Ormos takes a few days thanks to a love of meandering, and how easily distracted you are by every little sight and sound of Sumeru. It’s a beautiful country, and you find yourself quickly enamored with it, despite the persistent heat and humidity. 
After you get your fill of Port Ormos, your trip back up to the city proper is a little longer. It’s nearly a month after your first meeting with the Traveler in Sumeru that the second one comes around. Paimon is with someone named Collei, apparently, leaving you and the Traveler to sit in the grassy hilltops surrounding the city with boxes of takeout settled between you. 
The conversation is easy at first, and then almost as if the entire purpose of this meeting was for something a little more heavy, the subject changes as quickly as you can blink. The Traveler has poor skills in segueing topics from one to another, it seems. 
Picking at the biryani in their lap, golden eyes don’t lift to meet yours as they ask, “Do you remember that guy from last time? With the big hat?”
“He’s not easy to forget, that’s for sure. What about him?”
And then it comes tumbling out. Who he is, what he is, and the biggest puzzle piece of all - why the Traveler is bringing any of this up. “You’re staying in the country for a while longer, aren’t you? Do you think it would be possible to have him tag along with you for a while?”
And there it is. Really, you have no reason to say no, beyond simply not knowing who this guy is. But the Traveler seems to trust him, and you trust the Traveler, so logically you can trust him, right? It’s not the most sound conclusion, but it’s the only one that makes sense, so you bob your head in a nod and laugh at the way the Traveler’s shoulders seem to sag in relief. 
The Traveler is leaving for the desert on an extended trip soon, and the Wanderer - Traveler’s name for him, and yours now, too - was staunchly against the idea of traipsing about in the desert despite being largely unaffected by the traits that make it harsh. 
“I’d rather take a dip in a volcano,” is what he apparently told the Traveler. And while the Wanderer was interested in taking some time for himself, away from the Dendro Archon and away from all the reminders of things you haven’t been made privy to, he doesn’t want to do so in a place he hates. That’s understandable - you plan on steering clear of the desert, yourself. 
And all of these situations are what lead you to this - following a well-worn road North out of Sumeru City, a silent Wanderer at your side as your steps fall into an odd sort of synchronization. Whether he is matching your stride on purpose, or if it’s a subconscious thing, you almost find it comforting. 
From the Traveler’s descriptions, you expect him to be sharp and barbed, but he’s been… oddly polite, if not just a little standoffish. When you explain that you have no destination in mind, he doesn’t seem put off, and when you fall into old habits of becoming distracted, he doesn’t complain when those distractions take you off the path. 
At least, at first. 
Eventually, as the day wears on, it seems as if he grows more comfortable. As you push through the afternoon, his voice grabs your attention. “You should take a break, you know.”
“Hm?” Your steps falter a little as you’re brought out of your wandering thoughts. Absently you answer him, more focused on pulling the lenses from your face to rub a smudge off on your shirt - sweat doesn’t cooperate with glasses, unfortunately. “I don’t really need one.”
“The issue with fatigue in humans is once you start feeling it, it’s difficult to stop. Take a break before you’re tired, so you don’t injure yourself,” Wanderer explains. Just like one would explain that the sky is blue, or that Dendro Visions are green, or that there are a multitude of subtleties that differentiate the two of you when it comes to physical composition. 
The Wanderer isn’t human, but he looks an awful lot like one, and you’ve forgotten until now about that important fact. Beyond that, there isn’t much you know about him, and it’s with a bit of slyness that you try to strike a deal. “I’ll take a break on one condition. Every fifteen minutes of break time, you answer a question of mine.”
And he laughs. It isn’t necessarily cheerful, but it does pull his lips up into a smile that seems unpracticed. Or, perhaps it is practiced, but never in this sort of context. Despite lingering cynicism, he answers, “You could have asked without a break - it’s not like I’m hiding anything. But I’ll accept. Now sit down.”
Once you’re settled in the grass, just off the road and out of the way of any other travelers that might come along, the Wanderer sits next to you with his legs crossed, elbow on his knee, cheek on his palm. “Ask away.”
“Oh, no.” Immediately you deny, stretching your legs out in front of you as you lean back onto your hands. “I’m saving those for while we walk. You dictate the length of the break based on how many questions you feel like answering. I think that’s pretty fair.”
A huff of air leaves him, making his shoulders jolt. It could’ve been amusement, disbelief, or maybe even both, judging by his tone. “That’s how it’s going to be, huh? Fine.”
The sun above is warm on your skin, despite the sweat that just won’t wick away thanks to the humidity. You turn your face skywards, observing the clouds and completely missing the way his head tilts just enough to look at you out of the corner of his eye, calculating and quiet. At least, at first you miss it, but the sensation of eyes on you is impossible to ignore after enough time. 
“Something on my face?”
“Sunburn, if you’re not careful.” Sharp words, but softened by the actual meaning.
With an airy wave toward your bag sitting in the grass, you explain, “I picked up a recipe in Liyue for some balm that helps protect against the sun. I’ll be just fine, don’t worry so much.”
“I’m not worried.” Wanderer responds so quickly that it completely defeats the purpose of his denial. His mouth sets in a line as his brows furrow in irritation that doesn’t quite reach his eyes. “It would just be annoying to listen to you complaining about your face hurting.”
“Mhm.” Is your response as your eyes close and you wait for him to decide that break time is over. It takes longer than you expect for him to get to his feet, and then almost as an afterthought, reach his hand out to help you up. When he looks surprised that you accept it, you don’t remark on that. 
Maybe the astonishment will wear off with your time together. 
“I don’t need to sleep.” Wanderer tells you one day, as the two of you are setting up your tent for the night. When you brought up that he sleeps outside rather than in said tent, he gives you that answer quite easily. “But I can, if I wanted.”
“Don’t you want to? Sounds awfully boring to never dream.” You ask, using the heel of your booted foot to push the last stake into the ground, securing the rain cover to ensure you stay dry in the storm that’s rolling in rather quickly.
There’s no fire to be set up, not while it’s about to rain, so once the shelter is pitched you climb inside and hold the flap open. As he turns around, he starts to speak but then trails off. “That’s two ques..tions…”
Wanderer hesitates. In his eyes, it must be odd - an enclosed room, with someone he likely doesn’t quite trust. But then he looks at you from beneath the brim of his hat, conflicted for only a moment before pulling it off his head and stepping into the tent you offered him. 
It doesn’t take long for the raindrops to begin falling, rolling off the waxed canvas and leaving the two of you safe and dry. Not necessarily warm, but you wrap up in your bedroll’s blanket as soon as the two of you settle in the small tent.  
There’s no extra bedding - he hadn’t brought any, and you’re not about to offer your own when he doesn’t seem to care. As you lay down for the night, he sits with his back to you, cross-legged and leaning back on his hands as he stares at the darkening forest through the mesh of the tent’s doorway. 
That’s the sight you drift off to as you carefully set your glasses to the side and out of the way. A smudge of deep blue and white, the gentle chiming of his vision as he mindlessly runs his fingers along the ornament and feather. It’s almost like a lullaby.
And that lullaby is a stark difference to the smacking of raindrops hitting harder against the tent cover, the thunder rolling above, and the surprising chill in the air thanks to the change in temperature combined with high humidity. You hadn’t realized you were shivering until you woke up to the rustling of your blanket being carefully untucked. 
Immediately, you ask, “What’re you doin’?”
“That’s a third question.” Wanderer murmurs, voice low as if he doesn’t want to wake you further. “You’re shivering so hard you’re going to attract a tiger - they’ll think you’re a wounded animal.”
“Yeah you are. A wounded animal would make less noise. Just go back to sleep.”
The blanket shifts, and your seal from the chilled air is broken just long enough for another body to fill the small amount of space behind you. Squinting into the dark over your shoulder, you're met with violet eyes telling you silently not to say a word. But so far, you've never really been bothered by any of his threats, and you're not planning on starting now. 
If he's going to give an inch, you're going to try and take a mile. So you shift back, aligning your spine with the way the front of his body curves. It's deceptively easy to slot your back to his chest and glean some of the little warmth he gives off. 
Wanderer's chest expands as if he's going to say something, then he holds it back. Rain drowns out the sound of your quiet breaths, your muscles tensed in anticipation for what his next move might be. It's the one you expect the least, but should be most logical. 
Tentatively, his arm snakes around your waist in a quiet acceptance of how his little idea has unfolded. It's thin, but strong enough that he holds you to him with minimal effort. And despite how obviously nervous he is about it all, it doesn't lessen the effect of comfort and warmth he's providing. 
"Thank you, Wanderer."
"Please don't make this weird." His answer is blunt. "I'm not doing this for you."
"It's not like there's anyone else here." Your voice is thickened by your interrupted sleep, and your eyes turn wearily to the dim roof of the tent, occasionally lit by lightning. Wanderer's breath hits the back of your neck as he makes a huff of amusement. 
"I just don't want to drag your body back when you attract some stray crocodile to eat you with all your shivering. The Traveler would never forgive me. And their floating companion would be unbearable."
"Mhm… you're cuddling me because it makes your life easier then? Why didn't you say so?"
The arm around your waist tightens. Wanderer stammers for a moment before letting out an outraged tsk. "That's not-!...You know what? Fine, believe what you want."
And silence falls. Your eyelids droop, your thoughts slow, and you try to ignore the way you're still cold at the front, despite Wanderer's warmth at your back. The sluggish notion barely crosses your mind before he picks up on it and the flat of his hand presses against your stomach. Through the thin material of your shirt, the warmth from his palm seeps through. 
Despite telling you pointedly to go to sleep, he seems almost hellbent on causing problems for you each time you nudge at the threshold of your dreams. When your breathing slows, his thumb starts to slowly move back and forth, just beneath your ribs. And when you get used to that, his whole hand moves instead, caressing circles against your skin that finally have you asking once more, "What are you doing?"
"I don't know." And he means that - he'd hardly admit to ignorance, especially over his own actions. "Want me to stop?"
And what a loaded question that is. Because you certainly don't want him to, but you also don't know where this is going. It's hardly appropriate when his hand raises a little higher, growing dangerously close to the unspoken line about to be crossed. 
Almost as if on autopilot, your brain making the decision subconsciously when your mouth takes a little too long, you say, "No. I don't."
The sensation doesn't register in your mind for a split second. It's only after he lingers do you realize that he's lifted his hand further and cupped one of your breasts in his palm with a tentative squeeze. The two of you pause; you in stunned silence, him in quiet anticipation for what you'll do. 
As your tension starts to release, he gives another experimental squeeze, dragging his palm just enough to rub the fabric against your hardening nipple. A little laugh leaves him, high and breathy, and he murmurs, "You like this, don't you?"
"Don't sound surprised-!" You cut off as his fingers pinch and roll, your voice cracking before you can rein it in. With a spark of annoyance, you rock your hips back and find satisfaction in how he falters. "Ngh-... it's not as if you're not enjoying it, too."
Wanderer's arousal digs into your backside, growing more persistent as you repeat that movement with precision. In return, you get a sharp pinch that makes you whine under your breath. It feels like you've given him a victory, and he gives your chest one more squeeze before taking the prize he feels he's won. 
"On your back." He directs, pulling away enough for you to follow his direction. With both hands, he shoves your shirt to your collarbone, your breasts falling free for only a moment before his mouth catches one, his hand on the other. 
Instinctively, your fingers tangle in his hair, holding him close enough that he couldn't pull away even if he wanted to. With a sharp suck, he takes your nipple into his mouth, rolling his tongue over it in rhythmic motions that match the movement of his fingers on the other. He’s barely even breathing, but rather working himself up into a fervency where maintaining the illusion of being human is pushed away in favor of single-minded desire.
When he gets too rough, you tug his hair, and he lessens the pressure. If he’s lingering too long on one side, a subtle push of his head moves him easily to the other. And all the while, his hips slot against yours, grinding messily as if friction between the two of you is an afterthought compared to how the taste of your skin is making his eyes flutter shut so prettily. His eyelashes brush against high cheekbones, and you fight the urge to sweep your thumb across to see if they’re as soft as they look. 
Instead, you card your fingers through his hair and wonder how it stays so smooth despite how careless you’ve been with it up to this point. In spite of how nice this all feels, it just isn’t enough. And if he’s going to go this far, you’d rather he just go all the way and be done with playing around. 
With a sharp tug, you pull him away from your skin and he looks ruined. Eyes glassy despite his laser-focus on your face, lips swollen, wetness across his lips from how reckless he’d been so far. Before he can question you, your voice comes out - a lower pitch than usual, breathless but still demanding. “I need more, Wanderer.”
Simple enough to fulfill, you think, but his lips twist into a smile that’s almost wry as he answers, “If you hadn’t interrupted me-”
“You know what I mean.” Any annoyance that might have been effective is lessened by the way he’s warmed your cheeks and slickened your skin with his saliva, his fingers still rolling one of your nipples idly. Like he’s not interested in it, like he hadn’t been nipping and sucking and biting you with the sort of abandon belonging to a man starved. 
Starved for attention, affection, simple contact… You’re not quite sure. Maybe it doesn’t matter, in the long run - any of those would be solved if he just stopped fooling around. 
Wanderer does know what you mean, and his tongue darts out to sweep the lingering wetness from his lips before he lifts off you, shrugging enough of the blankets away that there’s room to rather neatly roll yourself once more. From below you, he looks just as pretty as above. Hair against the pillow you’d just been leaning against, skin lit up by the occasional flash of lightning through the trees above, hands digging into the outsides of your thighs as you straddle his lap.
Inhaling sharply, as if he just remembered that perhaps unnatural stillness of a being that doesn’t need oxygen might be unsettling, he takes in the sight of you in the same manner of admiration you’d been giving him. It’ll make more sense in the morning, when the storm has passed and the cover of darkness isn’t enough to hide rational thought. 
Pressing his fingers against your plush skin, leaving little oval marks of red in his yearning, he murmurs, “Take it, then. If you want more, make me give it to you.”
And oh, does that do something inside of you. Setting your stomach afire with a need you don’t bother to control, Wanderer’s challenge is met with your hands on his shoulders, and a slow roll of your hips that wipes the attitude off his face in one smooth movement. 
Arching himself to meet you halfway, he chases the feeling of your heat against his hardness greedily. For someone that wants you to take, he seems awfully eager to give.
But he demanded that you take what you want, that you make him give it to you, so you leverage yourself away to shimmy out of your shorts as quickly as you can. Depriving yourself of his body heat for such a short time shouldn’t feel as desolate as it does, but by the time you return it feels as if those few seconds were the equivalent of a lifetime. 
Despite your partial nudity, you really only give enough effort to reach between your bodies and pull him free. While he’s attempted to seem detached - both in this tent and outside, where the world exists despite feeling as if it’s been reduced to only these four canvas walls - Wanderer’s eyes positively glow with a saccharine sort of longing that threatens to pull you in if you stare at it a little too long, a little too willing.
The first stretch of his cock brings you pause. It’s been too long, certainly for you, maybe for him with how his fingertips grab as your thighs all over again, as if he were searching for something to ground himself in this exact moment. You don’t blame him, gripping his shoulders just as hard; bracing yourself against him, pushing him down into the mess of a blanket at his back. 
“Y-you’re so-!” Spitefully, you cut off his words by sinking just a little further, taking a little more inside. Wanderer learns his lesson, relegating the use of his voice to what could only be considered a whine as you move at your pace, not his. Little by little, agonizingly slow until he has nothing more to give and you’re seated fully on his cock. 
You’re far from unaffected, but a need to maintain the upper hand keeps your face tuned to amusement as you watch the emotions flicker across his face. A great many of them you’re unfamiliar with, but perhaps he’ll give you a chance to learn them after this encounter. Maybe this won’t be the last. 
Finally, he looks at you through cracked eyelids, desperation coloring his voice as he pleads for you to take him. Wanderer tries to spin it as an order, but there can be no authority when he sounds so ruined from simply being inside you - no movement beyond the subconscious way you tighten around him for your own pleasure. 
Taking the smallest amount of pity - and growing impatient with your own teasing - you rock your hips forward, then back, and take note of how his head falls back enough to show the pretty line of his unmarred throat, usually so hidden by the high collar of his clothing. With a shaking exhale, pleased by both the sight beneath you and the sensations inside, you ask, “Does it feel good? You look overwhelmed…”
“I-I’m not, it’s just-...” Wanderer trails off, face twisting in a grimace as you repeat your movements, setting a slow and rhythmic pace that could be enough if either of you had the patience to maintain it. The smallest whine precedes his words, “You feel so good, I don’t think I can… I can’t-”
“You can.” You urge, reaching for his hand on your thigh to pry it loose, bringing it to the apex of your thighs with a purpose he clumsily realizes. Just the thought of having him - normally so composed and closed-off - completely pulled to pieces like this has you thrilled in ways you haven’t managed to feel before. 
That, paired with the obscene feeling of being perfectly filled by him, has you close enough that even if he’s a bit too overwhelmed to be precise with the movements of his fingers, you’re inching closer and closer to what feels like a monolith on the horizon. Swallowing around a moan threatening to tumble free, you turn it into words, “I’m so close, j-just a little more. You’re so good, so good, so-”
“Please,” his begging is hoarse as he tries to match your movements, tries to match the pleasure you’re giving him with offerings of his own, “let me feel you, please.”
Another inhale from him, like something is just on the tip of his tongue, but it dies as you tilt back a little. The change is what you need, the last bit to complement the succession of feelings in every sense of the word, and Wanderer gets exactly what he begs for as you find your release at his behest. 
Your hands lessen their grip on his shoulders as you abandon pinning him in favor of prolonging what you’ve found, and like the snapping of a leash he abandons any sense of submitting to you in favor of gripping your hips and jerking himself sharply upward into you. The sound of surprise you make is undignified at best, downright lewd at its most basic, and that only seems to spur him on as he takes on a short-lived viciousness stemming from unresolved desperation. 
One hand snatches yours, bringing it to his mouth to press a sloppy kiss to your palm - a sudden intimacy just before he takes your fingers past his lips and onto his tongue. A wrecked sound tears from his throat as his tongue twists between your fingers and his teeth graze at your knuckles before biting down with enough force to almost be painful.
By the time you’re coming down, he’s taken your place - pistoning with long, sharp thrusts that are short-lived. The two of you danced on the edge as it was, and he’s freely able to throw himself off of it with reckless abandon and his back arching in such a beautiful curve. His tongue stills, but you’ve gained enough faculties back to drag the pads of your fingers along his taste buds, dangerously close to the back of his tongue where it would make him gag. 
In that moment, his eyes open enough to look at you as he murmurs around your fingers that he loves you. 
Maybe he does, at that moment when the entirety of existence loses its deeper meaning, perhaps Wanderer does feel something strong enough that it could be confused for love. But as you pull your fingers from his mouth and fall to his side, head over his chest where no heart beats, you wonder how he’d justify it if you brought it up in the morning. 
You won’t - and he won’t either, even though he says it the next time, and the one following, each growing more frantic as if he were desperate for you to return the favor. If you do, it won’t be in the throes of passion - you want to mean it. It’ll be said in the sunlight, maybe even spoken with a nonchalance he doesn’t expect. 
His expression of surprise would be rather pretty, you think.
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lovesclinic · 1 day
ྀི ۪  ׂ. ૮ ๑• . •๑ ა ۪  ׂ. ꒰ 𝐆𝐈𝐑𝐋𝐘 𝐆𝐈𝐑𝐋 !! ꒱
꒱ pre! breakout joel x feminine reader
꒱ in which joel learns that opposites attract
Tumblr media
at first joel couldn’t stand his new neighbour.
without even meeting you he knew you as the selfish woman who had taken over the residence of a home of neighbours he already liked. neighbours sarah could spend the afternoon with when he was at work, so he was annoyed.
and even more so when he saw you.
you didn’t exactly.. fit in.
your bows and dresses, smooth unblemished skin, fluttering eyelashes and pink decor. joel constantly complained to sarah and tommy it ‘hurt his eyes’ despite your additions mostly being contained within the confines of your home.
to which sarah told him to shut up and be nice.
you and sarah had a little routine. after school she would ‘help’ you plant you veggie garden out front your house. she called it helping but really you were on your knees huffing and puffing, getting grubby in the dirt while sarah sat untouched in your wheelbarrow gossiping about strict teachers and mean girls at her school.
unknown to joel, you and sarah went on with this little routine for weeks. he was always out and work and sarah enjoyed your company way more than the last residents who were wrinkly old and made her raisin cookies rather than the chocolate muffins from the bakery you and her enjoy on the occasional afternoon.
however, you were unaware that your afternoons with your sweet neighbour sarah were secret.
you knew that her dad worked late so you just thought that was why you hadn’t been properly introduced to meet him yet.
though you do see him often, just looking. though when he realises you are aware of him somewhat staring, he quickly averts his attention elsewhere. Joel would never admit it, but he often dwells on the contrast of him and you. your constant smile and pink against his cold monotone and dark palate. opposites attract after all…
one wednesday night sarah went back home, promising to bring you back a movie to watch after school tomorrow.
two hours later, around 8:30 the familiar girl was standing on your porch knocking wildly.
“just a minute!” you called out, turning off your TV and walking to your door, you silently hoped it wasn’t anyone important as you were currently dressed in a low cut white lacy tank top and some quite tiny pink shorts.
you walk through your kitchen, just noticing your feet, wearing pink fuzzy slides, exposing your pink toenails.
opening the door you see a familiar face, sarah, and surprisingly a scruffy tall man you recognise to be her dad stands behind her. mumbling.
“n- sarah we can le- ACHOO!” he cut himself off from his babbling with a loud sneeze, drawing your attention to his red nose and shivering frame.
“oh come inside, sarah you put on the kettle hon!” you set to work, sarah knew you worked as a nurse in your old town so she was sure you could fix her dad.
he was snivelling and clearly sick. but like the stubborn man he is, he tried to play it off before finally giving in as you were not taking no for an answer. somehow you were more stubborn and headstrong than him.
so there sat a joel, a large burly man seemingly out of place on your fluffy pale pink sofa, a bunny patterned mug of steaming chai vanilla latte in his hands, staring at the women beside him.
“okay, joel, c’mere” you say. when he leans over, he definitely wasn’t prepared for your sudden touch, and he can feel blood running to his cheeks. how could he not?
“g-goodness. you’re burning. you finish up that chai, mkay? m’gonna run the bath for you,”
sarah dipped out the door before you could ask her to take him home and get him in the bath. that stubborn girl, was she really leaving the job up to you?
truth was, joel wanted to be taken care of, and you were happy to do it.
and now joel appreciates every bit of you.
now joel poorly hides a smile as you bounce on his lap babbling excitedly over a new pink bow, your hair flying around you and tickling his face
now he (begrudgingly) allows you to put lipstick and blush on him, and while he hates the feeling of product on his face, it’s all worth it when he sees your eyes light up with joy.
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lemonyko0 · 2 days
Red or Black? - jjk
Tumblr media
"i'm gonna sit on your face if you don't stop talking, actually."
» description: jungkook has made it his mission to annoy you as much as he possibly can, in hopes you'd shut him up just the way he wants you to. established relationship, kinda crack, fluff, smut !!!
» wc: 3.4k
Tumblr media
Red or Black - jjk
jungkook was a color guy, which you knew early on. he was picky, but he’d never admit it. he likes what he likes, and he knows what he likes.
“i told you the black looked better.”
“wrong, red does.” you corrected. he tsks from the bed, watching you get ready with the red dress on instead of the black.
“single girls wear red, you're not single.”
“no one's reserved a color for a relationship status jungkook.” you eyed him and he grinned, he totally made that up. he’d say anything just to get a rise out of you. he’d been feisty all day and as time draws on it just got worse. “you're being cheeky today.”
he falls onto the bed with a dramatic sigh, having been dressed to match your black dress for half an hour. it wasn't your fault he did that, you didn't ask him to. it was the inner workings of his brain. somewhere in that sickly possessive brain of his he thought, surely no one else would look at you if it was obvious you were together, you’d be matching! everyone would have to know, you were his.
“you have a red button up too, koo.” you grinned while finishing your makeup. it was your subtle way of telling him you not only knew what he was doing, but that it wasn't the end of the world, because other colors do exist, even in his wardrobe.
“i don't look as good in red.” you gave him the really? look, and he sat up on the bed. “whatever. wear your stupid red dress, i didn't wanna take it off of you anyway.”
you grab your purse for the night and shake your head, “are you gonna change or not? because i'm ready to go.”
he shakes his head petulantly, “nope, i've been ready.”
you laughed, “alright then casanova, lead the way.”
Tumblr media
as you assumed, jungkook continued his wronged lover act. it was a lighthearted running joke between the two of you, it wasn't like your friends noticed. they were too busy celebrating your friend's 23rd birthday to know or care about anything besides the free food and open bar.
jungkook spent his time at the tables with the other guys/boyfriends. the girls called this “patrolling” or “guard-dogging” since it gave you and your friends all the room to safely enjoy yourselves.
you knew for a fact that his eyes never left your body, even getting up a few times to “get another drink” or “check the game” when his drink was half full and he could not care less about baseball.
you were about two and a half drinks in the third time he did this, moving around to get a better view when you left the crowd to come to him. “you stalking me?” he asked you.
you chuckled, “yeah, it's me staring at you and not the other way around.”
“it's okay, i know i look good in black.” he grinned, sipping on his beer, “for the record, you do too.”
you rolled your eyes, “you’re still going on about that dress.”
“you looked gorgeous in it.”
“and i don't in this one?” his eyes scanned yours, he knows you put him in a trap.
“actually, i like the red one.”
“you’ve suddenly changed your mind?” he hummed, “why?”
he shook his head, “can't tell you here.”
your brows furrowed, and maybe a little tipsy, you draped your arms around his neck and looked up at him, “you can't tell me?”
he shook his head, “definitely not, if you keep looking at me like that.”
you smiled and pulled him close, “do you want me to let go?”
his grip on your hips tightened, “absolutely not.” you thought this was as good a change as any, leaning up to close the gap between your lips and his and he pulls you back with a grin, “you don't wanna do that baby.”
you pouted, “i don't wanna kiss my boyfriend?”
he shook his head, “ask me again.”
you furrowed your brows, “i don't wanna kiss-”
“no, not that. ask me why i like the red dress.”
you blinked, “okay, why do you like the red dress koo?”
he leaned in close, letting his nose flutter against yours, “because i can’t wait to take it off of you.”
you threw your head back and sighed, “jungkook.” he chuckled, “you actually are exhausting.”
“what? was that not where this was going?”
you released him and turned back to the party, “baby,” he held onto your wrist, “where are you going?”
“to dance with the birthday girl, that is why we're here.”
he shook his head, “we’ve been here long enough, let's go home.”
“i can’t leave-”
“we've been here almost three hours, and look,” he pointed to the dance floor, more specifically at birthday girl, dancing very suggestively with some guy, “she’s not gonna be here much longer anyway, why should we?”
that was plenty convincing to get me into an uber and back home in half an hour. jungkook announcing, “okay, i'm tired.”
you blinked twice and laughed, thinking it was a joke, until he b-lined for his bedroom and his dresser.
“are you being difficult on purpose?”
he turned his back to you, “what are you talking about?” he grinned.
you smacked his shoulder, “you are so annoying! what is with you today!”
he faked an ‘owe’ and looked at you, “what's with me? you're the crazy one y/n.”
“now you're just gaslighting me.” he stared, grinning, and shook his head. he turned back to his dresser and unbuttoned his shirt before tossing it into the laundry bin. you had a perfect view of his back muscles and his thin waist. he was totally doing this on purpose.
it was fucking working.
you knew the only way to win was to play into his games. he wanted you fired up, and you’d show him just how fired up you were. he’d see it as winning, but that just meant he’d work harder instead of sulking about caving first.
you pulled him away from his dresser before he could redress himself and pushed him onto the bed, “is this what you were hoping for? wanted me to get mad at you?”
he was surprised, as if he didn't think you’d actually do it, and he smiled while thumbing your cheek, “i would never purposefully rile you up so you'd fuck me like you meant it, that doesn't sound like something i'd do at all.”
you straddled him and leaned in close, “i figured that out this morning. you're not slick.”
he shrugged, “i didn't think i was being subtle, i knew it'd still work.” you felt his hands run up your thighs, one parting at your hips while the other ghosted up your back and to your shoulder, flicking down the strap of your dress, “so you gonna fuck me or what baby?” he grins, leaning in close enough to kiss but not doing it.
“what was all of that about hating this dress so bad you wanted to rip it off of me?”
“well i didn't say it like that-”
“don't you?”
he ticks his head, “i want you to want me to rip your dress off.”
“i do!” his eyes widen and you’ve decidedly had enough of his back and forth. his whole thing was to not initiate, to just keep poking at you until you caved. you grabbed his neck and pushed your lips against his, letting him fall onto his back as you lick at his lips. you try to roll your hips or feel his skin but your dress makes it practically impossible so you part long enough to growl at him, “will you take this fucking dress off now?”
he laughs, “i’ve been dying to since you put it on.” you reconnect your lips and feel his hands unzip your dress from behind you, impatiently lifting your dress up above your hips and over your head. he pulls back to look at you and sighs, “i fucking knew it.”
you furrow your brows and look down at your body where he was staring, “oh shut up.”
he sat up on his elbows, “i knew you were wearing black!”
“you did not know! i changed in the bathroom.”
you pushed him back down and kissed him again but he pushed you away, “i knew you'd have it on underneath. i told you, you look fucking great in black.”
you throw your head back with a sigh, “jungkook.” his eyes ran along your body to your face, “shut up.”
he grinned and pulled you back down, one hand lost in your hair as the other pushed your ass against him repetitively. the silence last for about two minutes before he had to ruin it again, “i don't know if i can take this off of you.”
“i will.”
“it'd be against my morals, you look too perfect.” you found his obsession cute, but he was still testing your patience. you placed kisses along his jaw and on his neck, listening to him hum and groan as you moved your hips, “you’d look good in red too, by the way.”
you buried your fast in his chest and sighed, taking a moment before lifting your head to see him smiling, “i’m gonna sit on your face if you don't stop talking, actually.”
“i thought you liked words of affirmation? i'm telling you you look sexy in everything.”
“i know. tell me later. take your pants off.”
“you're on top of me, you take my pants off.”
you sigh, sinking to your knees and pulling his pants down, “do you have a gag?”
he shakes his head, “not for men.”
you tsk, discarding his boxers as well, “i'll muzzle you.” you place kisses on his strong thighs before gripping his hard on, letting your tongue make stripes to get him wet before moving your hand. he mumbles and moans and you grin, “i like that sound much better.”
his muscles contract with his head thrown back, “yeah and i like the sound of my cock in your throat.”
you grin, kissing his tip and teasing it into your mouth, “we can both get what we want then.”
he looks down at you and has to close his eyes, “jesus, you should've been a lawyer.”
you grin and make him watch you take his length to the back of your throat and out with a pop, and again, and again, and he doesn't speak a single coherent word.
your hands split between stroking what you can't fit and massaging his balls, certain he’ll finish in seconds with the combination. with the way his thighs and abs flex and his consistent moaning, you're sure it's coming. you reach out to touch him like a work of art, you couldn't help it and you know he appreciates it anyway. “i-i’m gonna-”
you hum against him and it only makes it harder for him, digging his fingers in his thighs to distract him but they make no difference, finishing in your mouth with a satisfying groan.
“god, didn't know you planned on milking me dry.”
you chuckled and joined him on the bed, “it got you to shut up, didn't it?”
“yeah i’ll say,” he sits up to kiss your shoulder and neck, “was hoping you'd just shove your panties in my mouth, but that was a better idea.”
you sighed and rolled your eyes, he is just non-stop. “maybe because i was hoping you'd use that mouth for something besides annoying the piss out of me.” you pushed him back against the bed and he looked at you with raised eyebrows, “you're actually gonna sit on me?”
“don't trust you to do more pussy eating than talking if i let you do it on your own, can i?”
he just smiled and pulled you up onto him, more than eager to please and let you use him. jungkook was always determined in bed, getting as much pleasure from giving as he did receiving, so this wasn't the first time you've done this with him. in fact, it's high on his list of favorite positions, even after arguing with him that it doesn't count, he persists.
he flattens his tongue underneath you and grabs at your ass, pushing you forward. you don’t bother hesitating, having been pent up and simmering practically all day long you were craving something, anything. you think at some point you could hear your own pulse as you dragged your clit on his tongue and nose. he couldn't help but give you a little more with his tongue when you’d lift your hips for him, growing eager to hear more of your pretty helpless moans as you get off using him.
you grip onto his hair and feel yourself grow hotter and you know he’s growing impatient beneath you. to no surprise he lifts you off of him and turns you on your back, “sorry baby, i know you were having fun.”
you shook your head and moaned, “please.”
he grinned, already knowing what you needed. he barely wasted a second before attaching his tongue to your clit again and dragging his fingers up and down your slit, “you’re so wet baby, guess it worked.”
you glanced down at him between your legs with a smirk on his face. he watched your brows furrow and get ready to give him some smart ass retort and timed it perfectly to sink two fingers into you and curl them upwards, dragging them back out. “you’re- oh fuck.” you gripped the sheets and felt your stomach tighten and he continued that pattern, working his long fingers in and out of you and licking up whatever spilled out, moaning at the sight of you so turned on by him.
“god baby, you're gorgeous.” he tongued at your clit, “most perfect girl ever.” you felt him adjust the angle, hitting deeper and moving them faster as he applied more pressure onto your clit and you cried out profanities, “gonna come for me baby?” he grinned, watching your hips lift and feeling you squeeze his fingers involuntary as your high came crashing down with a melody of moans, which was truly music to his ears.
you practically had to pry him off of you, “koo, please, christ.”
he looked up at you with a slick face and a sick grin, “done?” he laughed, wiping at his face and coming up to you. “i wish i could live between your thighs.” you stared at him, hardly comprehending anything he was saying, “or listen to you moaning and calling my name and pulling my hair for the rest of my life.”
“you're almost describing marriage.”
“i'm describing much more than marriage.” he reached out and pushed your hair away from your face, running his thumb against your cheek, “but you already know i wanna marry you.”
you chuckle and jokingly push him away to hide your blush, “don't start again.”
“just making sure you don't forget.” he held back a smile and admired you, everything about you was praiseworthy to him, and he wanted to be certain you knew, all the time.
“jungkook,” you called out, he hummed, “kiss me, please.”
your stomach warmed and fluttered when he pressed his lips against yours warmly. three years and you still felt that way every time, even with just a glance from him. you knew the feeling was mutual too, because his rosy cheeks could never hide how he felt about you and his ears would go red if you simply told him he looked good today.
you kissed him harder and he licked at your lips. you felt his hands run up your thighs and pull you closer, skin to skin.
still, it wasn't enough. you craved more. you straddled his waist and hovered above him, hearing him cuss and dig his hands into your thighs just at the thought of feeling you on top of him. “can i?” you reached between you and felt him, hard and leaking pre-cum, you figured he’d be dying about now.
“god, please.”
you smiled and kissed him before turning back to grab a condom out of the bedside drawer, taking it out of its package and rolling it on, “good?” he nodded, directing his length onto your heat, feeling just his head poking was enough for you to clench around nothing and mewl, “fuck.”
he chuckled, “need help?”
you shook your head and began to sink down onto him, letting his hard cock stretch you good and moaning at the way he drags against your walls. he threw his head back with a deep groan and grabbed at your ass.
you spent a moment to steady yourself, using his broad shoulders as your grounding to start bouncing, feeling him drag in and out of you and watching his face contort.
he used one hand to run up your back and unclip your bra easily, watching you intently as you let it fall between you, and he throws it elsewhere on the bed. “god, you'll kill me.”
you don’t hold back your whines or refrain from dragging your nails across his skin, “fuck jungkook, you feel so good.”
you hummed, which didn't exactly sound like a hum, “you’re so big, feel you so well.”
he rewards you with a groan, “god, can we switch please.”
“am i not doing good?” you pouted.
he shook his head quickly, “you're doing too good, i'm gonna come way too quick.” you grinned and nodded, letting him flip you over. you gladly wrap your legs around his hips and pull him closer, he chuckles, “you're dangerous.” you pull him down by his neck and press your lips together and you feel him hard against your heat, allowing him to pull away to line himself up and push into you, attempting to continue to kiss you as he thrusts harder, but your need for air and whining make it difficult. He grins and straightens himself, pushing your legs back against your stomach and putting pressure on your lower stomach as he thumbs at your clit, “shit, jungkook,” you shook your head, immediately overwhelmed knowing the combination would work too well and your clit was still sensitive to the touch, “c-can’t.”
he didn’t relent, groaning as his pace quickened with his eyes glued to the spot where you connected, “yes you can baby, you can take it.” you shook your head again and mewled, “you can come for me baby.”
“fuck, yes.” you whined, eyes screwed shut as you drowned in the scene of it all, hearing him groan combined with the sound of him pounding in and out of you, and the angle he fucked into you had you feeling every inch of him. you were damned from the start, feeling the pool in your stomach flood over you and you came hard, hearing him hiss and moan, having to take a second to drink you in and watch you convulse before allowing himself to let go, filling the condom and leaning over you, before entirely crashing beside you.
you chuckled and cradled his head as he nosed your neck, neither of you able to speak just yet. you twisted and curled his dark hair between your fingers, drinking in the scent of his shampoo and the smell of sex. “don’t fall asleep on me, please.” you told him. he hummed and threw an arm over you, “koo, seriously, i’m not helping you if you fall asleep.”
he groaned, “mean. i’d help you.”
“i’m easier to manhandle than you are.”
he lifted his head and smiled at you, “yeah, you are.” he let his head rest against the bed and sat up straight, discarding his protection and turning back to you, extending you a hand, “bath, m’lady?”
you eagerly grabbed his hand and let him lead you into the restroom, getting the bath ready while you chose a bath bomb. “I’m gonna grab us clothes,” he walks past you and kisses your head. coming back a minute later with a pile of clothes, watching him separate yours and his on the counter, turning back to face you with a satisfied smile.
“all black, really?”
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hi i back :) i know i haven't posted in a while, it'll definitely improve the closer we get to summer! i was wondering, i really only post jjk, should i start writing for taehyung again? lmk if you guys have a preference!
Tumblr media
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𝐫𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭 𝐰𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐞 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐥𝐞𝐟𝐭 𝐦𝐞.          e. williams x reader
summary: yn left town after her and Ellie had an explosive argument. after two years, yn returns, but things have changed. 
word count: 1.9k
proofread? when is it ever.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Smoke clung to your clothing and the hairs inside of your nose. You had chosen the worst place to sit during Dina’s annual bonfire party: On the right, where the breeze pushed the wood debris towards you. It made you smell of barbeque–a smell that would pester you until you bathed in bleach.
You nursed a cup of pineapple juice and tequila and sipped it religiously to take your mind away from the nauseating scent trickling out of your pores. Wood lingered at your feet and trashed your clothes, but you were warm and there was a risk of someone taking your seat if you got up, so you remained planted on the old black lawnchair and drowned in your drink. You had no one to speak to. Dina was off being flamboyant, beautiful Dina, and after being gone for two annual bonfires, no one wanted to speak to you, which added to the list of reasons to fall into the drunk and quiet category.
There may have been other reasons, such as you leaving town with your only excuse being ‘I can’t do this,’ which made no sense to the majority, but made absolute sense to two people, one being Dina and the other being Ellie Williams. Dina was your best friend, and Ellie was the girl of your fucking dreams. She was your girl until you fell into a stupid argument about your insecurities and trust issues and fear of abandonment. She said she couldn’t be with someone who constantly feared their girlfriend would leave them. She said she couldn’t be with someone who took weeks on end searching for trust in their significant other. She said she couldn’t be with someone as insecure as you.
So how did you handle that? You left without a word. A verbal word. You did leave a note, however, explaining how you’d left town to stay with your family. Life had come to be too much and you could no longer do it. So you left. For two years.
And now you were back. Single. Still sad, but confident. Still sad, but trusting. Still sad, but no longer someone with abandonment issues and unresolved trauma. You were a new person, but life was still crashing down on you.
You missed Ellie every day. She used to hold you every night before bed, every morning before you got ready for school, every time you brushed your teeth, dabbed make-up on your face, etc. She used to splatter kisses all over your skin until you shrieked. She would fuck you so well, too. No one could ever live up to how well she was with her mouth and hands. You missed her sweetness, but you could no longer have it back. It had been twenty-four months. Twenty-four months without you, which was long enough for someone to forget and find someone new.
You weren’t being an overthinker, as much as you wanted to be. Your overthinking was finally correct, because according to Dina, Ellie was now with a new girl. A girl with long brown hair and porcelain skin and beautiful brown eyes that looked like honey. Dina didn’t forget to mention her beauty, which shattered your broken heart. She hadn’t realized you still missed Ellie, which wasn’t completely her fault.
After spilling that information, she invited you to her bonfire, which made your insides twist and turn and loop through one another. The thought of her being present at that annual bonfire made you anxious, but it was Dina–and you loved Dina. So you said yes. As long as you were intoxicated, you’d be fine…
You took another sip of your drink and drifted your eyes away from the evergrowing fire after every empty beer can. You glanced over at the people around you: a couple of college girls gossiping, some people making out, some cute couples holding hands as they looked at the orange pit of flames. Then there was Ellie and her girl. They stood next to each other, but they weren’t holding hands or making out. The girl–who was truly beautiful–muttered on and on about something you couldn’t hear, and Ellie was looking at you. You darted your eyes back to the fire and got up as quickly as you could. You swallowed the rest of your drink and jumped out of your seat, moving away from the compelling eyes following you around.
You tried to walk away from the scene as calmly as you could, but you had a couple of drinks and the sadness weighing you down made you stumble. So, you walked as slowly as you could with your eyes gawking into your empty cup.
This failed, however, because you most certainly weren’t paying attention to the right subject. When you walked up the patio steps that followed inside, a stiff body you knew all too well struck yours. You lifted your eyes from your cup and the alcohol you chugged seconds before barrelled up your throat.
“Oh god,” you whispered, to which she said, “Hey.”
You nodded. Your shaky hands tugged your cup to your chest and you continued to drunkenly nod. “Hey,” you returned with a rushing sense of embarrassment kicking your stomach.
“You alright there?”
You swallowed the alcohol burning your mouth and throat and continued to nod. “Yeah. Just gonna go refill my cup.”
Ellie turned her head to catch a better glimpse of you. You hadn’t changed much about yourself since you left, but apparently, there was much to look at. You had dyed your hair blue a couple of times, followed by red, which had faded into a sad shade of purple. You had also gotten a few tattoos that trailed across your skin, but there was little to see from the layers piled atop your naked skin. Besides that, you were the same.
“You look good,” she whispered, like her girlfriend was around, listening to your conversation. Or lack thereof.
“Thanks,” you murmured. “You… too.” She did look good. Her hair was shorter than before, her freckles were more vibrant, like they had overpopulated her face as she’d gotten older. Her body was slimmer, but muscles had now taken over every ounce of ‘childish fat,’ as she had called it. She was beautiful, albeit always being so. She truly was different, but not all of her seemed happy about it.
She nodded. “You were tipping over as you walked over here. I don’t think you should drink anymore.”
You blinked. You regretted telling her she looked good. Or even thinking that she looked fucking beautiful. She was being ugly now.
“And what kind of authority over me do you have?”
“None but no one wants sloppy drunks at Dina’s annual bonfire.”
You scoffed and slid past her, cursing under your breath to distract your mind from telling her to fuck off.
“YN,” Ellie said behind you. You didn’t pay any attention, although Ellie wanted you to speak to her. She was already being nasty two years later, which is something you wished would not be the case. “YN,” she repeated as you slid into the makeshift bar and poured more tequila into your cup. “I’m sorry.”
You grabbed the bottle of pineapple juice and poured some into your cup. You glanced at her and swallowed the lump of cries fighting against your throat. “About?”
“I didn’t mean to say that. I can tell it made you feel some kind of way.”
You shrugged. “Just weird that that’s what you decided to say after I’ve been gone for two years.”
“Yeah well I don’t really know what to say to you.”
“Maybe ask me how I’m doing?” you said as you turned around with your sour drink. “Maybe say ‘Hi, how are you?’”
“I can’t say that.”
“Why not?”
“People who haven’t seen each other in a week or two say shit like that,” she spat. “I haven’t seen you in two fucking years, YN.”
You shrugged. Your heart was already breaking and you had only been speaking to her for two minutes. “Well then I don’t know.”
“How about we talk outside,” Ellie offered, her eyebrows knocking against each other and her mouth flopping down like some imaginary stitches had been ripped off. She seemed hurt, and you were a sad and desperate drunk, so you nodded.
Ellie walked outside–where your seat was now occupied by a hot couple making out–and directed you to a dark corner only lit by the wavering flames many feet away. She leaned against the fence and looked down at you and your shitty purple hair and broken sense of style.
“How are you?”
“As fine as I look,” you answered. Being smart was not on your agenda, but the alcohol partying inside of you was tapping every button it shouldn’t have been touching.
“Well you look fine.”
“You could be a liar.”
“Well I'm not,” she sighed.
“And how do I know that? To me, you are now considered a stranger.”
Ellie sloshed her drink around and threw it into her mouth. She crumpled her cup and threw it into the nearby trash can where it flew right in. The woman was fucking perfect and there you stood, trying to grasp onto life as hard as you could. “I used to be your girlfriend. I am not a stranger, YN.”
“Used to be. You’re now with someone new.”
“And what if she isn’t my girlfriend?”
You sputtered a laugh that sounded like a rotten engine and covered your mouth with your elbow. “Don’t,” you warned. “Ellie, don’t say that.”
“You are not going to leave that pretty girl for me. That is fucking–that is illegal.”
“Illegal?” Ellie asked with a smirk dotting along her face.
“Stop,” you warned once more. “She’s nice from what I hear, Ellie. And I left. I left you and Dina without a word. I’m a shitty person, so please do not include me in the shit you have spiraling in your head.”
“Nothing is spiraling in my head.”
You sighed and bit down on your lip. “Ellie, I know you. I know what you think about. I know that you love people way past its expiration date. And I do miss you but I’m no good.”
Ellie’s eyes lit up for a fraction of a minute. “You miss me?”
You pinched your thighs and shut your eyes. “I am no good for you.”
“And how do you know that? You’re now considered a stranger to me.”
“Ellie,” you pleaded with a hand extending towards her. “I used to tell myself that if I returned, I’d give us a second chance. But I can’t give us a second chance because you’re happy! You have a new girl and she’s beautiful and I can tell that she loves you.”
“But what about me?” she whispered.
“What?” you questioned. The alcohol spun you faster and faster and all you could think about was how nice that bush next to Ellie looked.
“I don’t love her,” she spat. “I can’t sleep, I can’t eat. I think about you every day and I try to get over you, but I just can’t. You’re eating me alive even when you’re not here.”
You wanted to scream and cry and kiss Ellie. But you couldn’t. She wasn’t yours anymore. She was off limits, no matter how much you missed her or how much you wanted to wrap your arms around her.
You opened your mouth to speak, but a pair of footsteps rang in your ears and you turned around to face them. The beautiful porcelain girl stood in front of you, with perfect brown hair and an even better looking body.
“Hi,” you said.
“Hi,” she replied. She extended a hand. “Madelaine. Ellie’s girlfriend.”
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Title: Broken Souls
Character(s): Joel Miller, Reader (female, second person POV) Summary: What happens when you realize love isn’t enough? And when years later, you meet again that all the pain and heartbreak comes rushing back... Like it never left. Word Count: 2,017 Author's Note: This idea has been brewing in my mind for a while now since I wanted to write a very angsty story. For now, this will remain as a one-shot, but I might come back to it later and delve it into a multi-chaptered story. Anyways, enjoy and thank you for reading!  Warning: Angst. A lot of it. Also mentions of alcoholism/use of drugs.
Tumblr media
You knew Joel and Tommy long before the outbreak. Being Joel’s neighbor meant that Sarah was over quite often whenever he was stuck at work, which happened to be most of the time. You didn’t mind though; you had developed a very strong bond with the young girl and a crush on her father. 
It had taken Joel a while before he finally asked you out on a date and it excited Sarah so much to know that her two favorite people were together. She always made it known that she couldn’t wait until you and Joel got married, already looking up to you as a mother figure in her life. Joel always told her it was too early to tell, but he would always spare you a glance as if he was saying…
Not right now, but we’ll get there.
Being with Joel gave you a glimpse of a life you always dreamed of. The fact that his presence always made you feel safe and seeing him with Sarah always made your heart flutter. He was such an amazing dad and despite working so much, he always managed to find a way to make it up to her. 
You and Joel were together for about two years before Outbreak Day. Your lives had changed all in one night and Sarah…
It still hurts to think about that night. Being there with Joel, with Tommy, seeing Sarah take her last breath in her father’s arms… It was never going to be the same anymore. 
But that was twenty years ago. 
And it had been ten years since you last saw Joel. 
No one had ever come close to him. No one had ever made you feel as safe as he did, as loved as he did, and every night, nightmares plagued your dreams. You couldn’t sleep, not after everything you had done to survive. 
Not after your decision to leave Joel ten years ago. 
It was the toughest decision you ever had to make, but it was one where you decided to choose yourself over the man that Joel had become. 
Long gone was the man who was so full of life, of love… He had become a broken shell of a man, putting up walls around himself not even you could break through. And you were tired. Tired of seeing him work himself day in and day out, busying himself of the thoughts you were sure were plaguing him as well. 
But you had enough. You were exhausted, seeing him numb his feelings with alcohol and pills. He hadn’t said he loved you since that night he lost Sarah and while you couldn’t even fathom the pain he felt as a father, it was as if he dismissed your feelings and your pain while numbing his own. 
“I’m tired, Joel,” you said, seeing him seated at the small table with a bottle of alcohol and pills he managed to trade for. While he had done odd jobs in the middle of the day, he was also smuggling every other night, which made his and your life a bit easier than most. 
“Then go to sleep,” he replied, void of any emotion.
“Joel, that’s not what I mean.”
Joel took a deep breath and looked over at you. No matter how hard he tried to hide it, you could still visibly see the pain in his eyes. “What do you want me to say?”
“I want you to tell me that me being here is enough, that you love me, that you’re hurting… I want you to just be open with me.”
“M’fine,” he replied.
“You aren’t!” You stood over him, hands on your hips and tears stinging your eyes. “Why can’t you just say it?”
“This world is fucked and I’m doin’ my best.” Again, no emotion. No reaction. 
“You’re killing yourself slowly, do you realize that?” You said with a shaky breath. “I am watching you numb your feelings every night and it hurts. I am hurting… I was there that night too and–”
“Don’t,” he replied, his jaw tightening. Finally, a reaction. “Don’t say her name.”
“Joel,” you sighed. “I miss her too. You think I just forgot? That I just stopped thinking about her? You aren’t the only one that lost something!”
“She was my daughter.” Anger laced his voice. He was looking at you in a way he never had before and it terrified you. 
“I know,” you sighed heavily. “But I loved her too…”
Joel shook his head. He grabbed the bottle and took a long swig of it, staring up at you. Then, he set the bottle down and stood from his seat. In this moment, you felt so small, so tiny in comparison to him. You had always felt safe with Joel, but not right now. 
“You want to leave?” Joel said. “Then go. I ain’t stoppin’ you.”
“Joel,” you whispered, tears now trickling down your face. “I want you to tell me that you love me, that our love is enough in this shitty world, that we can heal together!” 
“I can’t!” Joel yelled. “I’m not the man I was and I don’t think I ever will be! I ain’t gonna beg you to stay, so if you wanna leave, then fuckin’ go.”
“When did this all change?” You said quietly, wiping your tears away from your face. “When did we drift apart…?” 
“The day the world ended,” Joel replied. And there it was. A slight quiver of his lip. It was barely there, but you noticed it. He was in so much pain and yet, he didn’t want to admit it. He was fine with the way things were, but you weren’t. As much as you needed him, you didn’t want to continuously watch him waste away. You didn’t want to continue to wait for him every night, watching him go straight for the alcohol and pills to help him sleep. 
As much as you wanted to, you couldn’t even blame him for what he was feeling. 
You just wished you were strong enough to stick around. 
“I love you too much,” you whispered. You were staring at him, taking note of every inch of his face because you were sure this was going to be the last time you would see him. Behind his facade was a man who was once happy, filled with so much love. The man you were looking at now… was void of it all. “But I can’t stay here, knowing that one day you might not come home.”
Joel felt his heart breaking. He wanted to give you what you wanted, wanted to be the man you deserved, but he couldn’t. He lost a part of himself when Sarah died and he was sure there was nothing that could help. Not even you. He didn’t want you to leave, but he knew you deserved better. 
Better than him. 
“Then go,” he said quietly, softly, voice trembling just a bit. “Go…”
“After all that we’ve been through?” You replied. You were yearning for him to just say don’t leave. 
But your hope was crushed the moment he replied. 
That was all it took. You weren’t going to beg anymore. As much as you hated him at that moment, you still leaned up to gently peck his lips. You could feel him kissing you back, but you pulled away as quickly as he tried to continue it. You knew that if you didn’t leave now, you weren’t ever going to. 
“I hope…” you said with a shaky breath, tears now falling continuously down your cheeks. “I hope you find happiness again, Joel, because if anyone deserves it, it’s you…” 
Joel stared at you, his eyes softening for the first time in a long time. But it wasn’t enough to make you stay. 
Your love wasn’t enough and it hurt. It hurt like hell. Love was supposed to conquer everything, but right now, it just wasn’t enough. 
“I love you,” you continued, bringing your hand to cup his cheek, feeling his beard against your fingertips. He leaned against your touch, never breaking eye contact. You knew this was it, so you tried to memorize his face, the way his skin felt against yours, and it just broke you even more. “But I can’t do it anymore. I’m sorry.”
Joel then pulled away, walked back to the small table and looked away. “Me too.” 
Ten years later and here you were, at Jackson. You still couldn’t bring yourself up to say his name, but the conversations you had with Tommy about him always left you a crying mess in the comfort of your own home. He even tried to set you up with the many eligible bachelors in Jackson, but they never worked out. 
Because they were never him. 
Since leaving, you had become a recluse, only talking to Tommy and Maria, and sometimes the person you were on patrol with. No one in Jackson fully knew your story, except for Tommy and Maria of course, they just knew that you had known Tommy pre-Outbreak and that you were a good shot. 
Plenty of practice being out on your own, smuggling. Oh, if only he could see you now. 
Time helped, though. It didn’t heal all wounds, but the days got easier, the pain settled, but whenever you thought of him, it came rushing back. Always one step forward, two steps back. 
Today was your day off, but you were helping Tommy with some construction in the main center of Jackson. It was snowing and you were freezing, making sure that Tommy knew of your discomfort. 
“Come on,” he said, chuckling. “You tellin’ me that you’d rather be at home than spend time with me?”
You glared, the tip of your nose red from being out in the cold. Your body always ran cold, so whenever the outside temperature matched, you were ten times colder than most. Luckily, you were wearing a beanie and some gloves. “Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying.” 
Tommy laughed. “And what would you be doin’ at home, hm?”
“I don’t know, maybe be warm.” 
“Alright, alright. You got a point there. But, you’re always at home when you’re not workin’.”
“I don’t see that as a problem,” you replied. 
He gave you a knowing look. “You haven’t made any friends.”
“What? Yes, I have.”
You cleared your throat and lied. “Luke.”
“Who the hell is Luke?”
“Okay, fine. You’re right,” you sighed. You knew Tommy knew everyone in Jackson, so you didn’t see why lying would work. “I just– I’d rather keep my circle small.”
“Jackson is safe,” he sighed. “You’ve been grieving my brother for–”
“Don’t,” you replied. “Just don’t.”
Tommy set down his tools and looked over at you. “It’s been ten years.” 
“Not enough time,” you replied too quickly. 
“He did a number on you, didn’t he?” 
“You’re telling me that if you lost Maria, you wouldn’t act the way I am?” 
He cleared his throat. “Okay, valid point, but you left him.”
You sighed. “You don’t think I regret that decision? You don’t think that I wish I could have been strong enough to just stay? Pretending to be happy is exhausting, Tommy…”
“I’m not sayin’–”
“I’m just gonna go home,” you interrupted. 
Tommy let out a heavy sigh, watching you walk away before he reached out a hand to touch your shoulder. He turned you around, taking note of the tears stinging your eyes. “I didn’t mean to upset you. I’m just–” 
Then, you both heard a voice. 
His voice.
You both turned around, looking at the man who yelled Tommy’s name. He was on one of Jackson’s horses and while he looked older, grayer, he was still the same man you fell in love with all those years ago. 
“Shit,” Tommy whispered. He gave you one glance and ran over to his brother, enveloping him in a tight hug. 
You noticed the younger girl he was with, seeing her glance around the community. 
Then, your eyes met his. 
Joel fucking Miller.
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graysnetwork · 2 days
Can I request a hc of Ghost treating you like a queen, like deeply in love would do anything for you.
This is so adorable omg Ty for the request!!
Tumblr media
This man would move mountains for you
He would literally do anything for you like anything.
He loves you so much, and your the only thing that can have control over him
You’re like the main reason he’s stayed in the military, bc he can’t stand the thought of you living in a world where there’s so much chaos
Your the light of his life, he definitely doesn’t think he deserves you, so you reassure him everyday why you love him
He will go out to the store for you at 3am to go buy you whatever (it does not matter what time it is he’ll still do it)
When your on your period he makes sure you as comfortable as can be, cause that first day is rougher than the other days
But he will get you everything, like chocolates, chips, cookies, ECT.
and if you were to stain the sheets, don’t worry cause he will get it washed as soon as possible
He will fix your car for you, he will wash it, as long as you are happy
He will cook your food, and if you prefer to make food, he’ll take the job of cleaning all the dishes
He’d take care of you when your sick and get you everything you need
And if your exhausted from work but the house isn’t look all to great, he will purposefully give you a long kiss before flopping you on your guy’s shared bed so you can sleep and he can clean.
It also doesn’t matter how long you two have been together he takes you on the most romantic dates ever
It was also a very well thought out way of how he wanted to propose to you
He knew he wanted to marry You. I mean no one else would ever get his heart to skip a beat when they kissed him, and no one else would make him get to work late just because they wanted 5 more minutes of cuddling
But he didn’t know if you wanted to marry him so he asked you several times
“Would you ever marry me?” “Yes Simon, my answers not going to change anytime soon”
So he planned out the proposal very well
He took you out dinner for a date, and then you guys took a nice walk in a secluded park and popped the question while he got on one knee
I’m gonna leave it like that
Cliffhanger 🤫 aka you decide what happens next
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hellooo!! can i request james potter x reader, where reader is meeting euphemia and fleamont (james' parents) for the first time and they love her
yes effie and flea my bbys <33
no warnings all fluff ( like major fluff )
"are you sure you look alright?" you ask anxiously, smoothing out your dress almost aggressively.
"you look great love, i've told you my parents will love you." james soothes, squeezing your hand for emphasis.
"but are you-"
the old wooden door swings open, and a women stands in the doorway, a wide smile on her face. she looks kind, very kind, and although you know shes in her mid-fifties, she still looks thirty.
"james! your late." euphemia scolds, hurrying you both in.
"and you must be y/n. can't believe we've had to wait so long to meet you." she says, offering you a hand. you smile politely, taking it and shaking.
"good to finally put a face to the name. james talk too much about you." a man, who you presume is fleamont, says as he enters the room.
"dad!" james says, flushing red as effie and you giggle softly at him.
"you look gorgeous, has james told you? please tell me my son hasn't forgotten his manners." effie says, hooking an arm through yours and leading you to the sitting room.
"oh he hasn't, the perfect gentleman." you confirm, smiling at effie.
you glance back at james and his father, seeing fleamont pat james shoulder, an act that makes you smile fondly.
"well, i'm not usually overbearing but we'd love to hear all about you-"
"she is-" james cuts in under his breath, and you stifle a laugh.
effie swats his shoulder with a tea towel, though that large smile is still planted on her face.
"do tell us about yourself- oh and about how you and james are! is he treating you right?" fleamont says, and james dramatically sighs, burying his face in his hands.
"well.. i hate to inform you but-" you begin, laughing at james aghast expression.
"lies! all lies!" he cries, pouting at the 'injustice'.
effie calls in some tea, as you sit on the couches of the potters cozy living room, and you feel rather at home in a place you've only spent a few minutes in.
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tvgerl · 3 days
Neteyam fucking his ex bsf out of greed and revenge😫😩
warnings: hair pulling, sucking d, overstimulation, d in v, degradation
notes: reqs are open, likes and/or reblogs are appreciated <3
“So you ended up our friendship for some metkayina dick, huh?” Neteyam found out that you started a relationship with Ao’nung by the time you broke the friendship.
“I—I don’t know what are you talking about Neteyam” Your voice stuttered and you started to feel nervous “Don’t pretend it’s not like that, you know about my bad relation with that guy, and for Eywa’s coincidences you broke our friendship and now you’re his” He grabbed your arm really tight and put your face near him “I can do better than him, you know that”
And fuck, you did know that, you’ve already fucked once.
He grabbed your face and started to kiss you, it feels wrong, but also really good “Net— Neteyam you know we can’t do this” You stopped him and looked into his eyes “Yes we can, who would catch us?” He brought your body closer to his “Honestly i hope that idiot found us, i’ll make you scream so hard girl” You put cero resistance to that, maybe you would never admit it, but Neteyam’s is the boy of your fantasies, even when you did it with Ao’nung, you always thought about him.
He started to put his hand inside your loincloth and touching some parts of your crotch, making you growl for pleasure and beg for more “Teyam please, y’know i don’t like it slow” He wants you to beg him “Oh, so the girl who changed me for a little dick is now wanting more, look at you, needy bitch” He takes your loincloths off, you were now, fully naked.
He does the same to himself “You know what you have to do, suck it and i’ll give you more” You didn’t doubt, you started to suck his dick while massaging it, he pulled your hair to got him more inside your mouth “Gotta make you remember how a real dick feels” You keep sucking till he ordered you to stop “Come here kitten, ride me” You slowly put himself inside you and started to ride him, he started to touch your hips and boobs, and sometimes your clit too, that makes you back arching “Don’t look to another part, look at me, look at my eyes kitten” Looking his expressions of pleasure makes you feel a lot of things, your moans, his moans, the touch of his hands in your hips, and your ass, you are yet to come.
“Teyam, I’m coming” You moaned “Then come, i know he can’t make you do it” You screamed too loud, but you come “Keep riding kitten, i’ll finish soon” You obey and a few minutes later he come, so do you, again.
- The end, hope u liked it.
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ebaylee422 · 16 hours
Decking the Halls
Steve Harrington X Girlfriend!reader
Tumblr media
Author’s Note:�� Angst to cute sex, I’m not sorry. This is post Season 3, pre Season 4. I just love being angsty. I also really needed to clear my drafts soooo X-mas in March everyone!
Summary: Stockings aren’t the only things being stuffed this Christmas season. Steve has never decorated for Christmas, he’s embarrassed and doesn’t want to ruin your sprit by avoiding you. Don’t worry though, he shows you just how appreciative he is after. 
Characters: Steve Harrington, Girlfriend reader, mentions of shitty parents and the rest of the ST nuggets. Best Friend Robin Buckley!!
Warnings/Tags: Smut (Minors DNI!!!) abandonment issues? as an intro, p in v sex, marking kink, praise kink, fem oral (receiving). breeding?
Word Count: 3k
Part One/?
You had tried everything to get Steve into the Christmas spirit: buying decorations for your apartment, getting matching pj’s, going to watch the lights in Indianapolis,  watching Christmas movies, the Ice-Skating was most regrettable because you fell forward and knocked your teeth hard enough to bleed. Even planning a white elephant with him and his friends, sharing hot cocoa and warmth of your space heater. What you didn’t know is as soon as he left your place he was greeted by his parents' empty house. Decorated from some stupid trendy catalog his mother only glanced at before swiping a credit card. His father, not even home long enough to realize the tinsel monstrosity within the living room. The presents underneath were fake, they stopped being real when his father told him to grow up. That Santa wasn’t real, saying he needed to start giving instead of hoping for some joy from a fat man each holiday season. So that’s exactly what he did, the first Christmas he’d enjoyed in a long time was on Christmas of 83’, when he was with Nancy. They’d gotten each other meaningful gifts, it was the happiest Christmas he thought he’d ever had. Even if he went home unable to look at his pool outside for too long knowing his friend had died. Even if there were disgusting monsters trying to eat his friends when they had the chance. How horrible humans were in comparison, like the Russians nearly beating him to death at Starcourt. Instead of celebrating what he was thankful for, he felt immense guilt every holiday. He’d confided in you once about his survivor's guilt, as you had called it a couple months ago during an intense flashback. You’d comfort him, make sure he wasn’t alone. He didn’t want to be anyone’s burden, Steve knew you were worried about him it would show whenever he ‘had’ to leave for work or Robin’s, or get clothes from his place.
It all came to a standstill when you’d asked him if he would come pick a Christmas Tree with you. Wanting to have it up before the kids came over, finish decking-the-halls you’d told him. Only Steve didn’t know what picking out a Christmas Tree was, sure it’s self explanatory but what if he made a fool of himself. With his pretty rich boy ‘I’ve never had to pick one out’, it seemed too intimate. Sure you’d bared your body-mind-and-soul to him, but wanting to do something so domestic together like picking out a Christmas Tree. For your first Christmas together as a couple, it was scary for him. So instead of being a Scrooge so he could work on his feelings, he faked an illness even going as far as calling out sick today. Keith hadn’t been too happy but chopped it up to Steve sucking too much face on the job and gave him the day anyway. And he was back to square one, an empty ugly house with none of your warmth. People would think his middle name was self-sabotage, especially when that door-bell rang. He got up from his cocoon from the coach with a groan, an aching shooting up to his spine when his socked feet hit the freezing hardwood. Shined and renewed for the inevitable party his parents would throw this Christmas Eve for work friends, where they forgot they even had a son. He stopped dead in his tracks shaking the sleep from his eyes when they were met with yours, holding a tote bag while shaking the light dusty of snow off your figure. It melted into your skin leaving you shiny with the dew, nose and ears kissed pink while your chin and neck were tucked tightly with the collar of your coat and scarf. You smiled at him as he studied your form, like an angel sent just for him. He was bundled up in simple joggers, thick wool socks and heavy blanket around his shoulders worn like a cape tucked around his body, but shirtless still despite it being nearly as cold inside as it is outside. Shaking your body of the remaining snow, laying the tote bag of groceries and sick necessities you’d brought over on the stairs so you could slide out of your heavy snow covered boots.
“Hi baby, how r’ you feeling?” you asked him with a voice full of sticky sweetness and adoration. His face changed in that moment from shock to guilty, you felt the change floating in the air like oil through water.
“What are you doing here?” He asked louder than either of you had expected, causing you to turn his way fully as you began to undo the ties of your coat. 
“I came to check on you, bring you some-”
“Why?” He scoffed, tucking the blanket to cover himself from the breezing air flow of the open hall. You were wearing a red corduroy skirt, with black stocking underneath and a cream sweater that didn’t even compare to how soft your hair was laid across your shoulders. You looked at him like he hung up the stars, even though you were the brightest thing about his life.
“Robin called me worried about you saying you called out because you were sick. So I canceled the tree plans to come check on you because you didn’t call me. I even whipped up some Chicken and Rice soup and scrunched up a couple medicines.”
“You shouldn’t have done that, I’m fine Y/N. You should go get your tree and I’ll see you on Friday like you planned.” he brushed off your kindness,
“Well I wanted to take care of you.” you told him shyly, "You haven't been around as often."
“Okay thanks.” he shook his head, body and tone still uncomfortable and unmatched of your own tenderness.
“Do you not want me here or something?” You scoffed with affection grabbing the bag from the stairs, stepping in front of him giddy with untamable affection.
“No.” He answered quickly and when your face dropped, his own heart went with it when you backed away from him. “No, I mean yes but not right now. I’m just-”
“It’s fine, Steve." You cut him off, turning away and grabbing your stuff. "I get it, I’m sorry I could’ve called.” he stopped you putting out his hand as an olive branch. You took it without hesitation, sniffling away the tears that built up for weeks of you arguing and avoiding each other. 
“Don’t you dare apologize, especially to me.” He took your reddened cheeks in his hands as he pressed a kiss to your temple, “I’m just being an idiot, I’m sorry but I’m not even sick so you doing all this nice shit over-” 
“I know you’re not sick, Steve. You’re a terrible faker.” You said factually, with a teasing tone. Still not looking at him but rather at your wiggling toes against the shiny floor.
“Oh really now? Robin didn’t tell you anything.”
“Well the strange, ‘Steve wanted my shift the same day he always has off’ the one day I could go tree picking with you. Then calling out and claiming illness, and not calling me is pretty obvious.” You let the bag fall again, his shoulders relaxed as you tugged on the length of his blanket. “Are you breaking up with me?” you asked with furrowed brows and a whimper to your voice.
“No!” Steve yelled, “No never no, I-I love you so much. You are my favorite everything Y/N.” He wrapped you both in the blanket tugging you flush against him. “I just have a hard time with the holidays, I don’t really know what to do with myself. I didn’t want to be embarrassed, it was a lot of pressure.” You both held each other silently letting the fear wash over both of you, until you giggled into his neck.
“I love you, Steve. Honestly, just talking to me would’ve saved us both a headache.” He sighed heavy as he wrapped his arms tighter around you, head resting on your chin.
“Jeez, what are we gonna do with me?” he whispered into your scalp, the fluffy hair on his chest tickling your cheek as you were held by his heart.
“I can think of one.” You pursed your lips, closing your eyes with your chin held high awaiting a kiss. He obliged you immediately, cupping your cheeks in his hands to accurately press his lips to yours. His hands were freezing, sending a shiver and gasp involuntarily out of you. Steve took the opportunity to lick into your mouth, tasting-ly. Pulling back before you could reciprocate, you whined gripping his biceps accidentally pushing off his blanket.
"I'm sorry." He whispered, nose brushing against yours.
"I didn't mean to pressure you, you just seem so sad."
"You make me happy."
"Yeah, you could meet me in an ice cream shop above a secret Russian base. While enjoying strawberry more than chocolate ice cream and you'll still make me happy." 
"Well, if our circumstances of meeting are the worst part of the relationship, I think that's a pretty good incentive to making better more normal memories, yeah?"
"Maybe." He kissed the tip of your still pink nose.
"Maybe, we could go back to my place? It's always freezing here." You added with a shiver making the hairs on your arms stand up.
"Not when you're here. Just stay here a second longer." His lips moved with their own incentive. It didn't take much convincing on either of your parts before you were upstairs in his room. A path of clothes thrown haphazardly off of each other through broken giggles and soft kisses, until your just in under clothes. He holds you to him as he opens the door to his room, and your feet barely touch the floor as he twirls the two of you around. Bringing you down with him as he falls backward on the bed with a thud. Kissing you with fondness, sweet like the honey color of his eyes. You loved him so much it hurt like the side pains after laughing so hard you teared up. Like when you realize that magic might not be real but people were and kindness. Kindness and compassion were the real magic. People found a reason to be with each other, even if it was once a year. Steve never had that. Everything in his life was transactional, Christmas, school, his parents, most other relationships. Those few closet to him probably haven't ever seen this side either. The checkered boy room with little to no traces of living aside from Steve's nightstand with Polaroids of everyone scattered about. A bin in his closet kept hidden away where he'd kept his Scoops Ahoy name tag, a letter from a pen-pal in sixth grade, ticket stubs of every drive in movie. Some more Polaroids for his eyes only you'd given him after you first started dating, and he'd left his shirt in your room. Even as you lay on top of him now, kisses sucked into your neck, his strong hands massaging your sides in worship. You couldn't help what words came out next.
"Come with me." You begged him breathlessly opening your eyes to see his lips swollen and slick, hair haloed and shaggy around his face and sheets. Like melting caramel against the ugly grey and navy bedding.
"Already babe, I haven't even touched you." He mumbled rocking his pelvis into yours, forcing your legs to accommodate him more with a thigh on either side of his hips. You sat up taller straddling him, a pout etched into your face.
"No, I mean. Come home with me, lets live together. I'll get rid of things you can bring whatever you want, I can dip into my tuition nest egg and buy whatever we need for the apartment. Make it yours too, or we can find another one that you like better. I just want you all to myself." He sat up holding onto your waist so you didn't fall, making you squeak with the shift in position. Your heart sank as his eyes were so wide they could've jumped out of his skull.
“What?” he asked as his breath caught in his throat, a pure swell of undoubtable happiness warming him from the tip of his nose down to his sock covered feet.
“It’s just, I wasn’t lying Stevie. I wanna take care of you, you give so much to every-” He kissed you, desperately. Teeth clashing and tongues forming together making you dizzy enough to loose balance upright on your knees. Pulling back to gasp for air, a string of spit connecting you to him. He wiped it away, tucking his head into your chest.
“You’re perfect. I’ll do anything to make you happy.”
“Even picking out a Christmas Tree with me?”
“I will grow you a damn Christmas Tree, even better I’ll get the kids to help me chop down one in my backyard!”
“Stevie! That’s dangerous.”
“Well, sweets. 
My middle name.” He trailed four kisses down your body, stopping just shy of your covered mound. Hooking his fingers under the band of your underwear, biting your hip making you buck up long enough for him to shimmy them off your legs.
“I thought your middle name was Alexander?”
“You won’t your own name once I’m done with you.” He said sultry, kneeling at the foot of the bed. Yanking your ankles to bring you closer to his mouth, spreading your legs wide and over his shoulders. You were beautiful, regardless what you were doing but letting him take care of you. Make you feel good and be vulnerable, made his head spin. Your lips were sticky with arousal, he could smell your sweet nectar begging for him to taste you. Marks still slightly visible from last time, he started there sucking and biting the mailable flesh. 
“Stevie, please-” You cried out, hands trying to find purchase with his. He stopped sucking a bruise, eyes blown wide when he found yours. Locking your hands to your sides,
“Your so sweet, baby. Asking so nicely.” He chastely kissed on your hood, tongue licking underneath to wet and flick at your clit. You groaned and threw you head back, “So sweet, baby. Keep your legs open for me. I have a lot of apologizing to do down here.”
“Stevie, no I want you. Please.” You writhed on the bed trying to keep your legs spread for him, he blew cool air at your entrance causing you to clench around nothing. You body craved to be filled, senses overwhelmed of one thing: Steve, Steve, Steve!
“Just wanna warm you up, we have all the time in the world sweets. Wanna wreck this bed before leaving.” He was antagonizing you, teasing with his pretty words and slightly movements you couldn’t even respond him. He licked a line from your entrance to your clit, groaning at your taste. Hips colliding with the end of his bed to relieve pressure as he sucked your clit into his mouth. Rolling the bud with his tongue, your nail dug into his knuckles as you shook with ecstasy.
“ ‘S so good, Stevie. Don’t stop-” You were so pent up from earlier all it took was a few more rolls of his tongue against you and for you to fall apart. Concentrating on keeping your legs open for him, as he licked you clean. Nudging his nose against your sensitive clit, he let go of one of your hands tangling it in his hair.
“Hold it out of my face, baby. I want one more before I cum inside you.” He coated his fingers with your release, slowly sliding in one as his tongue still fucked into you. You couldn’t help rocking your hips against his face when he added another finger inside you. Scissoring, stretching you and rubbing against your spongy spot. You tugged at his locks when he came back up to suck at your clit again, you didn’t even notice the heat break in your belly until you gushed and clenched around his fingers. You pushed at his forehead from sensitivity, barely able to catch your breath when you pulled him up to kiss you. lips and chins dripping of you. Trailing your nails down his soft tummy following the happy trail underneath his boxers, you met him halfway stroking his thick cock with your slick. Still coating his hand, pre-cum dripping from his tip making the sounds completely pornographic.
“ ‘m not gonna last baby, want you so bad.” He whispered against your lips, breathing heavy with a sheen of sweat layering you both in the smell of sex.
“Need you too, wanted you ages ago.” You sassed, making him laugh against your cheek as he stood. You wrapped your legs around his waist, his cock twitched when it brushed against the inside of your thigh.
“You gotta big mouth on you, sweet girl.”
“You better do something about it, Harrington.” With a roguish grin he ran his length over your clit once before pushing ever so slightly inside. Taking your breaths away, you were the girl and only girl who could take Steve’s fat cock completely. He just has to ease you into it, inch by inch until his hip bone grazed the back of your thighs. Steve stood tall and far enough away you couldn’t kiss him from where you were sprawled out under him. You pulled and squeezed at your breasts still contained by your bra. His cock glistening with your slick as he pulled his hips back, then pushing deeper inside his sack pressed tight against your ass. Steve nearly loss his balance when you clenched around him, putting his hands under your knees. Folding you in half made it feel like he was in your throat, he leaned over you the pressure of his body as he set a ruthless pace set flames in your abdomen. Pounding his cock into you over and over again moaning out praises as he bullied all the way to your cervix. Punching breaths out of you watching as your tits bounced, you had enough pulling him fully on top you. Hands indenting his shoulders as your hips met his, clit pulsing and with need. 
“You feel so good. Shit, shit- I’m cumming, cumming inside.” Steve’s core tighten as he ran two finger over your clit, heat erupted across your body. You milked Steve dry, his warm seed and your three orgasms dripping from each others groin. You pulled him on top of you, comforted by his weight on you as his cock softened inside you. 
“Do you really want too?” You asked in the post orgasm bliss, running a hair through his now tangled locks. “I don’t want to trap you with amazing sex and joy but it’s definitely a perk.” Steve rose onto his elbows, still seated inside you. Brushing the hair out of your face, with softness.
“I’m sure we can wreck this bed a lot more than just cum stains.” Pushing at his chest, he pulled out of you gently. Scurrying to his bathroom where you listened as he turned on the faucet in the shower. Sitting up, he came back with all his glory. Hand raised for you to take, the same olive branch you’d given him at Starcourt. All this time. “I can’t wait to spend Christmas in our home, together.”
You’d never been so excited to spend the holidays with anyone else.
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maple-seed · 1 day
What Ails You
Loki x Fem!Reader
Content: Pining, fluff
Summary: Loki is your closest friend in the tower, which leaves you struggling when you want something more.
Word Count: 3,448
Author's Notes: A fluffy little oneshot to see if I'm capable of telling a story in less than 100k words. Results are mixed! I'm dedicating this one to my friend @sarahscribbles and her follower milestone celebration. Congrats, Saz! You've earned it. <3
Tumblr media
You had decided to take advantage of the quiet and do some reading in the common room. The quiet never lasted long in the tower, and especially not in the common areas. Still, it was hard to beat the way the sun came through the windows in the lounge, so it was worth the attempt. Even if it was doomed to be short-lived, the quiet was nice.
As you turned your page the exact opposite of "quiet" strolled into the room.
"There she is!" Loki's arms spread wide. "My favorite mortal." You kept your face neutral, without looking up from your book. "What do you want, Loki?" Loki feigned hurt. "What do I want? Why should I want anything other than your company?" You looked up at him now. "You want something. You're trying to butter me up with that 'favorite' line." "Darling, it's true. You're more dear to me than anything else on this planet." Your expression was unimpressed. "Loki, you hate this planet." He smiled brightly, spreading his hands. "All the more reason to rejoice; you have so little competition." You kept your expression hard, though the both of you knew you were going to give in.
When Loki first came to the tower the two of you became fast friends. It was probably easier for you than the others, since you hadn't been around for the whole "world domination" thing. Whether is was that or simply your natural proclivity for mischief, the two of you fell in together almost immediately. Then, later, you did a little more falling on your own. You had managed to keep your feelings under wraps so far, or at least you hoped you had, but every day was a new frustration.
Today it was the way the light hit his cheekbones as he looked down at you, leaning forward onto the back of the adjacent chair.
"Out with it, Laufeyson." You muttered. "Well, if you insist that there must be a favor to be garnered here, there is something that you could help me with." He casually inspected the upholstery, as if anything Loki did could ever be nonchalant. "Oh, is there really? Who could have thought?" "I am wounded. I was simply seeking you out to pass the time. This task was purely an afterthought." You rolled your eyes and closed your book. That was all he needed. "Excellent. You likely haven't heard, but yesterday I was issued an insult of the highest order-" "You once said that about a sandwich I made you." "Yes, and I stand by it. You used cheddar when it clearly called for provolone." You rolled your eyes again and waved for him to continue. "Thor has-" You held up a hand. "Stop. No. I can't prank Thor. He was pretty upset with me last time." He scoffed. "Hardly a concern." "It's a concern to me!" He dismissed it. "At any rate, you will not be committing the trick. In fact, you'll barely be involved at all." You sighed and fell back in the chair. "What do you need me to do?" He grinned, victory in sight. "Very simple. This afternoon after our training Thor will pass through the kitchen for one of those atrocious pastries before heading to his room to shower. Just post yourself in the kitchen and stall him. Distract him for a few minutes. A short conversation is all that's needed." "And what will you be doing during this conversation?" "I will be occupied elsewhere." His smirk told you that he wasn't going to give up anything else. You pursed your lips as you thought it over. Inevitably, you relented. "Fine." "Wonderful!" He stood and rounded the chair, lifting your hand and placing a kiss to your knuckles, which had you scrambling to remember how to breathe. "This is why you are my dearest friend." He flashed you a devastating smile before turning and striding out the room just as he had come.
You watched him leave while the word "friend" settled in your stomach like a lump of lead.
You were perched on a stool in the kitchen with a sandwich that was more of an alibi than a meal. Their training session would be over any minute now and you were peering cautiously down the hall.
"What are you up to, Trouble?" You jumped, nearly falling off the stool, and swung around to Tony. "What? No. Nothing." It was not your best performance. Tony raised a brow at you as he opened the fridge. "Don't give me that. I can tell when you and Prince Harming are scheming. I can practically smell it." You lifted your chin. "I don't know what you mean." "Fine. How about this." He pulled out a Chinese takeout box that was clearly marked "Rhodes" and grabbed a fork from the drawer. "Whatever it is that you're doing, leave me out of it, and I'll keep quiet." He speared a forkful of noodles and took a bite. You watched him for a moment. "Deal." He pointed the fork at you and winked before leaving the room.
You settled yourself back on the stool just in time to see the gods and the super soldiers coming down the hall in their post-workout ensembles. You watched Loki saunter past with his hair tied back, face flushed and glistening, and almost forgot why you were here. The sound of Thor rustling in the pantry brought you back to the task at hand. He had retrieved his pop-tarts and was turning to leave.
"Hey Thor." The greeting was casual. He stopped and smiled at you. "Good evening, my lady." You made a note of the super soldiers rummaging in the fridge. "How'd training treat you?" He grinned and flexed an arm. "You tell me." You laughed and prodded his bicep. "Pretty good. I mean, it's not vibranium, but that's pretty good." Behind Bucky, Steve's eyes widened. He gave you an imploring look and quickly shook his head. "Hah! A measly, metal, mortal arm is no match for a god's physique." Thor shifted and flexed again. Bucky scoffed and turned away from the fridge. "Hey, I gave you a run for your money today!" "Oh, certainly." Thor turned to the super soldier with a jovial smile. "But you are a friend, I didn't wish to hurt you." "What, so you're saying you were going easy on me?"
This devolved in the predictable way. In short order everything was swept off of the breakfast bar and they stood on either side and commenced an arm wrestling match. In the background Steve went about making his post-workout smoothie while periodically shooting them a disapproving look. Loki had said he only needed a few minutes, so when sparks of static began to crackle over their stalemate you stepped forward and placed your hands over their fists.
"Okay, guys, I think you've proven your points." You spoke to them as if they were children. "You're both very strong, I'm proud of you." The situation defused immediately. They reluctantly let go and both grumbled something about the next training session. You took your sandwich and made your way to your rooms.
Loki was already there, which was not a surprise. He often retreated here after pulling off a scheme. As if it were some kind of sanctuary. Maybe it had been at first, but everyone had caught on by now. If someone was trying to find him, his rooms would be the first place they would look. Your rooms would be the second. He was lounging casually on your couch with a book and had apparently used your shower, his dark curls hung damp on his shoulders. You pushed away the mental image of Loki in your shower and took a seat beside him.
"So, are you going to tell me what you were doing?" You asked before taking a bite of your sandwich. "Of course not, darling, I know how you like surprises." "I don't like surprises." "You know how I like surprises." You rolled your eyes. "Trust me, the reveal will be divine." He took the untouched half of your sandwich off the plate and took a bite, immediately frowning at you. "Really? Cheddar?" You smirked and shrugged. "It's my sandwich." He shook his head disapprovingly but took another bite.
You propped your feet up on the table and sat back. The two of you passed the time reading and chatting. It was not much time, the expected interruption arrived fairly quickly.
A pounding fist rang out at your door. "LOKI!" Thor's voice boomed through the wall. You looked to Loki, who smirked and waved you toward the door. More pounding. "LOKI! I know you are in there, you coward! Come out here at once!" You walked to the door and settled your face before opening it. "Hey Tho-" Your words were choked off mid-greeting. A hand flew up to clamp over your mouth as you took in the image before you with wide eyes.
Thor was standing before you, clothes hastily thrown on, it looked like he had showered too. His glorious golden locks had a new color: a vibrant shade of green.
He was wearing a powerful scowl and spoke through gritted teeth. "Where is my duplicitous brother?" You fought back your laughter and dropped your hand. "I'm sorry Thor, I don't know. I haven't seen him since this morning." "Lies!" He boomed. "I know this is his refuge." You stepped back and let the door swing open, giving him a full view of the room. It was empty. Thor scanned the room with a frown, giving you another doubting look. "Maybe check the library?" You offered helpfully. He scowled again, looking across the room one more time before silently storming off.
You closed the door and placed your back against it, immediately breaking into a fit of laughter. Loki reappeared on the couch with a victorious grin.
"Loki! His hair!" You wheezed. "You are awful! He's so mad!" He shrugged. "It was a just retribution." "I doubt that." You wiped away a tear and returned to the couch. "I'm hurt you would take his side in this." "Hey, I'm harboring you, fugitive. That's hardly taking his side." "A true friend wouldn't doubt my motives." That word again. You ignored it. "A true friend wouldn't make me an accomplice." "You would be terribly bored with a friend like that." He stated confidently as he opened his book. "Lots of people like peace." "Not you." You scoffed. "What makes you say that?" "Because you like me." He looked at you, smirking and satisfied. It made you want to grab him by the collar and show him how true that was. Instead you rolled your eyes and crossed your arms. "Barely."
Loki stayed with you until he felt it was late enough to safely return to his rooms. When he was gone you took the throw pillow he was laying on to bed with you. His scent clung to it, and as you fell asleep you told yourself this wasn't pathetic at all.
You arrived in the kitchen early the next morning and made yourself breakfast as usual. Natasha was already sitting at the table with her mug. You took the seat beside her.
"Morning, Nat." "Good morning." She was drinking tea. That was strange. Usually she had coffee, especially this early in the morning. You didn't ask. The others were slowly filtering in and you didn't want to miss Thor's entrance.
You kept an eye on the doorway as you spread jam on your toast, the room filling up with the murmur of quiet conversations. Without notice, Nat reached over and snatched a triangle of toast from your plate. "Hey!" You dropped the knife back into the jar. "You make it so much better than me." She took a bite. You narrowed your eyes. "It's toast." "I know. It's my greatest shame that I can't get it right." She winked. Something wasn't right. You didn't have time to dwell on it, Wanda's gasp told you that Thor had arrived.
You looked up to see him walk through the door, dejected. The green had not faded in the slightest. The room had fell completely silent. Then it exploded with laughter. It blended together into a roar, with a few jibes being thrown here and there. Thor simply stood and took it with a stern expression. From across the room Tony met your eye, giving a silent thumbs-up and sipping his coffee.
"Alright, alright, that's enough." Thor held up a hand to quiet the crowd. "This is not that funny." "It's pretty funny." Clint replied. Thor scowled. "This is a tremendous slight against me." "Come on, big guy." Tony jeered. "Why so serious?" Another roll of laughter. Thor glowered. "Has anyone seen my treacherous snake of a brother?" A murmur of answers in the negative between more laughs. Thor frowned. "I might kill him for this."
The cacophony had dwindled and normal conversation was returning. You took another bite of your breakfast then froze in place.
Natasha walked into the room, making her way to the coffee pot. She chuckled as she spotted Thor. "That's a look."
Every eye in the room turned in unison to the Natasha sitting next to you. She was wearing a very familiar smirk. "Well, you didn't think I was going to miss the show, did you?" A green light washed over her and Loki sat in her place.
A moment later the shape of Thor blurred past and suddenly the chair was knocked to the floor and two gods were having it out in a frenzy of limbs. The crowd watched with mild amusement as the brothers wrestled on the ground, growling ancient expletives at one another.
"And don't think-" Thor dislodged an arm from around his neck. "that I'm not aware your lady had a part to play in this." Your heart skipped a beat. His lady? "Hah!" Loki twisted a leg free. "You're only trying to target my mortal friend because you can't best me!"
Friend. You hid your reaction but it stung. You didn't need to see the rest, you knew how it would end. They would carry on for a bit then Steve would probably break it up, Loki would eventually change the hair back. You quietly stood and carried your plate to your room.
It was irrational, what you were feeling. You like being Loki's friend. You like that he claimed your room as sanctuary. You like that he steals food from your plate. You like that you were the first person he turned to for mischief.
Still, you want something else. You flopped onto your bed, lovesick, and wallowed for a bit. After a sufficient wallowing you decided you needed some time alone to clear your head. When a familiar knock came from your door you remained quiet and pretended you weren't there. He left. You didn't feel better.
Over the next two days you changed your routine. You ate at different times, trained at different times, you avoided the quiet places where Loki would usually find you. You started to think it was working. You didn't feel that lovesick ache in your chest so much. That came to a sudden stop when you turned the corner in your hallway and ran into Loki. Literally. You slammed into his chest and he caught your arms to keep you upright.
His face lit with a bright smile. "Dear heart, where have you been?" That was a new pet name. It had your stomach floating immediately. "Oh, I've been around. Just... busy. And tired. Tired lately." His hands slid down to take yours, his thumbs caressed your knuckles. "I've missed you." You stared, trying to decipher what his expression might mean and how you should respond. "I've just come from your room." Seeming to remember himself, he dropped your hands. "Barton will be hosting one of his... meat festivals." "I know you know that's not what it's called." He waved it away. "I can't be bothered to learn every inane detail of Midgardian culture." You pointed a finger. "It's a barbecue and you know it." He smirked. "At any rate, I wanted to make sure you would be attending. These rooftop events are unbearable without your company." You couldn't deny him, and numbly nodded. "Yeah, I'll be there. Sure." He smiled a gentle smile. "Excellent news." He took your hand again and pressed a kiss to it, like it was nothing, before releasing you and taking a step back. "Are you busy?" You recovered your faculty of speech. "Y-yeah, sorry. I was just about to go take a shower and head to bed." You glanced away. "Tired, you know." His disappointment was visible, but he only nodded and said, "I won't keep you." You managed a quick smile before stepping around him to head to your room. You felt his eyes on you the entire way.
You shut the door and leaned against it, closing your eyes. How did he do that? It was nothing for him, and you barely made it out of the interaction still on your feet. A cold anxiety settled into your stomach. You were going to end up giving yourself away. Embarrassing yourself. It was inevitable.
You hadn't actually been tired before, but you were exhausted now. You dragged yourself to bed, miserable.
It was inevitable, yes, but you decided to delay it anyway. You kept yourself away the next day, shut in your rooms, and when it was time for the barbecue you messaged the team to let them know you weren't feeling well and wouldn't be attending. You curled up on your couch with your book and did everything you could to avoid thinking about dark-haired gods and their perfect faces.
It worked for a while. Then there was a knock at the door. You knew who it was. You remained silent, maybe he would think you're asleep.
There was another knock, then he called your name through the door. You winced, calling back. "Loki, I'm sick. I'm not coming." "Yes, I've heard." His voice came through muffled. "I would like to come in." "You probably shouldn't. I'm sick." "Darling, you and I both know I can open this door." His tone made it clear that this was a courtesy.
You heaved a sigh, trudged over to the door and pulled it open.
Loki stood placidly on the other side. He didn't look upset, but you felt compelled to apologize regardless. "I'm sorry I didn't come, I'm just feeling a little under the weather." "Never mind it." He stepped past and turned to face you as you closed the door. "I haven't been feeling myself either." When you looked up you found he was studying you. You withered under the scrutiny, looking away and rubbing your arm. "I'm sorry, I'm just not up for having company right now." He wore a soft smile and stepped closer. "Surely you don't consider me to be company." You took a step back and hit the door. "No, I'm just... not feeling well." "Yes, so you've said." He stepped closer again, with a knowing look in his eye. "Tell me, what are your symptoms?" There was no space to back away. "Just... you know... tired." His gaze was making you squirm. He seemed to know it. "You did mention that." His eyes raked over you once and a slight smirk pulled at his mouth. "I think I may have the cure for what ails you." You scoffed. "Right. Of course you do." You looked up at him to retort but froze when you found something new in his expression. "Yes." His gaze was gentle and open. "I believe I suffer from the same affliction." You gaped at him, wide-eyed, and no longer felt the need to get away.
He slid an arm around your waist and dipped forward to kiss you as he pulled you close. You eagerly returned the kiss and as your hands found their way to his neck you felt his muscles relax beneath them. You pulled him closer and he hummed approvingly, his other arm finding its way around you. You clung to him, perhaps the only reason you remained upright. He broke the kiss with a sigh, pressing his forehead to yours. "How are you feeling?" You tilted back to see him more clearly. A smile curved one corner of his mouth, you reached up and traced the crease with your fingertip. "Better." You said quietly, looking up at him through your lashes. "But I think I might need another dose."
Okay, I don't have a real masterlist so here's a link to literally the only other fic I have.
Maple's Loki Fic Tag list If you would like to be added or removed from this tag list please leave a comment or send me a message/ask.
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ellegrayarts · 1 day
You guys have probably seen tons of bowuigi fics with kamek and bowser father-son sentimental moments, but what about: Professor E. Gadd & Luigi.
Luigi decides to visit his old man to check up on him and also the status of the reconstructed mansion he took part in a few years ago, (ahem luigis mansion 3) and also to invite the professor to the wedding he and Bowser are about to have.
Luigi now only realizes as he takes a step entering the mansion; he hadn't even broken the news that he and Bowser were together in the first place.
Panicking slightly, he enters the building after being greeted by one of the ghost staff that gave him directions to E. Gadd's whereabouts. He admires the changes around the interior of the mansion, noticing the warm look they intended to go for and loving how everything was placed. It wasn't long until he found the professor's office, politely knocking before allowing himself in.
"Good to see you, sonny!" Professor E. Gadd exclaims, rushing forward to embrace the younger one.
Luigi smiles in return, taking his cap off in respect. He hugs his old mentor back gleefully. "Nice to see you too, Professor!"
Luigi notices the walking cane E. Gadd held in his free hand. Time really did fly fast- the plumber shrunk in guilt. Luigi felt like he should've paid more visits in the past.
"Have a seat, my boy. Yowzers, we need a lot of catching up to do!"
Luigi obliges, now seated on the vintage sofa placed across E. Gadd's work area. E. Gadd slips onto his designated chair, scooting it closer to the plumber. He smiles endearingly, patting Luigi on the shoulder.
"How are you, Luigi?" He starts, adjusting his glasses which seemed to be sliding off his nose.
"Well," Luigi pauses to think. He doesn't want to directly place it out there that he's marrying his brother's ex arch-nemesis. "I've been.... busy."
E. Gadd lets out a hum as he examined the boy's features. "Hmm... your hair has grown a bit longer than the last time I saw you. Do you plan to cut it soon, son?"
Luigi laughs softly, remembering the times Wendy, one of Bowser's adoptive children; had braided his hair and practically begged him to grow it out longer. "No, not anytime soon, Professor."
"Alrighty then!" the professor concludes, "What brings you here, sonny? Came by to visit your old man?"
"Actually, I came to give you an invitation, sir." Luigi pulls out a maroon colored envelope from his satchel, "it's for a wedding. I thought you'd be interested."
"A wedding?" E. Gadd takes the envelope in hand, adjusting his glasses to see where it was addressed from. "The Koopa Kingdom & The Mushroom Kingdom. Huh, I didn't think the big guy could ever pursue the princess' heart. Was the red one alright with this?"
Luigi feels his palms become damper and damper. He nervously chuckles, averting his eyes from his mentor. "It's me who's getting married, sir."
E. Gadd's eyebrows raise in surprise. "Oh? Who's the lucky feller?"
"...King Bowser. Peach approves by the way, with the treaty and all. She says it might be beneficial for the sake of both Kingdoms." Luigi tenses as he speaks, anxiety itching at him as every second passes.
E. Gadd opens the invitation, skimming through the details and laying his eyes upon the picture of the two soon-to-be wedded. They looked really happy; Luigi looked more at peace compared to how terrified and tense he was when hunting around evil ghosts. "That was quite the surprise, my boy-o! You two look lovely in this photo."
Luigi lets out a sigh of relief, wiping the sweat off his forehead with the back of his hand. "Thank you, professor. We'll be looking forward to seeing you there soon!"
E. Gadd smiles, placing a hand on Luigi's shoulder. "Now sonny, I'd like to let you know that if he ever wrongs you, I have a Koopa exterminator machine in the back of my cabinets. Feel free to use it if needed!"
Luigi laughs, unsure if he was joking or not. He hugs the professor once more, sighing into his shoulder. "You're the best, pops. Never change."
E. Gadd laughs along, rubbing his back soothingly. "I've missed this sonny, you should come back more often this time! the piano misses you, ya know?"
if you made it past that, THANK YOU! Thank you for taking your time to read my writing :) This took a while to finish after bring left in the drafts for WEEKS since education got me all busy n such. Hope this made sense because everytime I came back to work on this, it was all written during 1-3 am at the asscrack of dawn. Love ya guys <3
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broflvskis · 14 hours
Could you pretty please write about reader comforting stan and kyle ( separately ) while they have a panic attack? I frequently have panic attacks and it would be nice to comfort somebody else about theirs. <3
— comforting stan & kyle during a panic attack ! ⛧
Tumblr media
gender: neutral ! ⛧
NOTES: god this is so relatable. doing lil one shots for these too ! <3
Tumblr media
⛧ stan marsh
You were sitting on the couch with Stan, watching TV, when suddenly he went rigid. His breathing grew shallow, and you could see the panic in his eyes.
"Stan, what's wrong?" you asked, trying to keep your own voice calm.
"I don't know," he gasped. "I feel like I can't breathe."
You recognized the signs of a panic attack immediately. You'd had your fair share of them over the years. Without a second thought, you scooted closer to Stan and wrapped your arms around him.
"It's okay," you murmured, rubbing his back soothingly. "Just focus on your breathing. In and out, nice and slow."
You felt Stan's body relax slightly as he followed your instructions. It took a few minutes, but eventually his breathing returned to normal, and the panic attack passed.
"Thanks," he said, leaning his head against your shoulder. "I don't know what I would do without you."
You smiled softly. "Anytime, Stan. You know that."
Tumblr media
⛧ kyle broflovski
You were walking home from a movie with Kyle when he suddenly stopped in the middle of the sidewalk. His breathing grew shallow, and he clutched at his chest.
"Kyle, what's wrong?" you asked, trying to keep your voice steady.
"I can't breathe," he gasped. "I think I'm having a panic attack."
You'd never seen Kyle like this before. He was always so confident and self-assured. But in this moment, he looked scared and vulnerable.
Without hesitating, you stepped closer to him and took his hand. "It's okay," you said softly. "Just focus on me. Look at me, and breathe with me."
You started taking slow, deep breaths, and Kyle followed suit. It took a couple minutes, but eventually his breathing started to slow down, and the panic attack subsided.
When it was over, Kyle leaned against you heavily, his body shaking slightly. "Thank you," he whispered.
You wrapped your arms around him and held him close. "Don’t thank me, Kyle. You shouldn’t have to go through this alone."
Tumblr media
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anlian-aishang · 3 days
Could you write a story of Levi meeting his cute s/o’s family at their house for dinner in sina(she’s from Shiganshina but her older sister married a noble so that her parents can live in sina) and her father is like her(cheerful+funny) and her mother is sweet+gentle. But her big sister is reserved and doesn’t approve of Levi because she doesn’t trust him protecting her sister. How will levi react to her welcoming parents and her sister’s bluntness and rudeness towards him? Thank you.
Tumblr media
Thank you for the request, anon! I hope you enjoy ~
Tags: levi x reader, fluff, just a little angst [brief argument], canonverse, food mention, gn!reader
Word count: 1500
Tumblr media
You were more nervous than he was. It was not that you had not told him how forthcoming your sister could be, nor that he was oblivious to the importance of in-law dinners. Levi simply had confidence in himself and in the fact that nothing could be as bad as his times outside the walls. A four-course dinner in inner Sina was a walk in the park no matter who was on the other side of the table, even if it was your entire family.
Despite how many times you had been there, stepping into your sister’s house - mansion more like - never failed to take your breath away. Just the foyer was bigger than your entire suite. The hallway was adorned with paintings, each worth more than either of your salaries, perhaps combined. Gold trim on the ceilings and oriental rugs on the hardwood, her place was a short trek from the Survey Corps headquarters, but felt a million miles away. 
You turned to your side and admired Levi’s shock - lips parted slightly in awe, eyes wide open in an attempt to absorb everything. It was about as bewildered as he ever got. 
Tilting your gaze, you raised a brow, I told you. 
Levi rolled his eyes and nudged your hip with his, Yeah, alright, whatever. 
Still, he was not intimidated. Erwin had dragged him to Stohess palaces plenty of times for fundraising events over cocktails and hors d'oeuvres. Those high-hat bureaucrats could be insufferable, but this was your family, so they were sure to be similar to you: liked by everyone, easily loveable.
When it came to your parents, he was right. Your dad was a welcome opposition to the father-in-law stigma. Not a killjoy, but quick to laugh and laugh hard. A warm, honest smile - could tell where you got it from. Your mother, on the other hand, was clearly the source of your kindness. While listening intently to the conversation, she kept a constant eye on everyone’s drinks and would top them off the second they fell below half-empty. She continuously served seconds of salad and potatoes onto Levi’s plate, not asking, only insisting: eat more, eat more! Levi smiled at the gesture, his mother had been the same. 
It was going well. Your introvert did not magically morph into a social butterfly, but he did everything right. Cordial manners, please and thank-yous, you admired how he kept his swearing under wraps. When your parents asked the tough questions about titan kills and soldier life, he knew exactly the superlatives to emphasize and the low points to leave out. Being respectful made him respectable, and your parents were without any insight as to how rough a hand he had been dealt in life.
There was someone who knew, though, and was clutching their fists in anticipation of spilling. To her, his ironed cravat and pressed pants were a deliberate disguise, trying to throw off the scent to the lowlife he really was. 
Especially in the wake of the king’s overthrow and the subsequent coronation of Queen Historia. Your sister’s husband was a member of the Military Police, and the only reason he was not at the table with the rest of you now was because he was in custody, soon to be investigated for all Erwin had stuck him with: conspiracy, obstruction of justice, and treason. It was nothing personal, for every single member of the branch was being tried across the board. Given humanity’s vast outnumeration by the titans, it was widely understood that no one would be severely punished, a slap on the wrist at most. It was more symbolic than anything else, a message to the public that order was restored, rulers were to be held accountable, and the defining principle of the Scout Regiment: there was truth to be found out there.
That was not how she saw it, though. All she could see was the man from the newspaper’s WANTED section, sat across from her, at her kitchen table, in the spot where her husband would be - if not for that goddamned little runt. She was determined, not only to let him know he was not welcome here, but not welcome in the family. 
Irritated when your father offered him a toast. Irate when your mother showered him with praise. Worst of all was the way you looked at him: absolutely in love, blinded. 
She interrupted Levi’s thanks with a loud, deliberate clear of her throat, “So -” she propped her elbows on the table, silverware clattered, “Mom, Dad, (Y/N), would you mind cleaning up? I was going to show Levi around the gardens.”
Levi nearly choked, Gardens? It really was a different level of luxury. Still, he was keen to stay behind. If anything, cleaning up was where he could really start to impress. “Actually, I-”
“Great!” Interrupting again, she reached over the table and practically pulled him across it. 
You flashed him a look, do you need me to come with you? Because, if not... this may have been a good opportunity to get a read on your parents’ reads and boast about the feats Levi was too humble to. 
Levi raised his palm and waved you off with a few fingers, don’t worry. I’m fine. 
An hour later, he was starting to regret that decision. 
Though it was just the two of them there physically, he knew that he was actually speaking to all your family, including you, for anything he told your sister was very likely to be transmitted. In fact, Levi clenched his teeth, that was probably the whole reason for this “garden tour” in the first place. 
Either that or to fuck with him. She hit all of the targets without hesitation. You mentioned your mother. She still around? What happened? No father but an uncle who passed recently. So no family, huh? 
You used to have a squad, right? What were their names? Been so long since I read their obituaries, it’s hard to remember. 
Levi stuffed his hands into his pockets and stared vehemently at the ground. Was she fucking serious? Some host. 
If this were anyone else, he would have happily told them to fuck off and been on his way, but this was too important. He had tried deflecting, asking about her life, despite how deeply he loathed small talk. He had tried brushing things off and changing the subject, but she never settled for a non-answer. 
Levi shook his head, the last bit of composure wavering until he stopped in his tracks, prompting her to pause as well. 
Tense eye contact, Levi leaned forward, demanding. “What do you want to know?” And in that moment, she understood his title of captain. At a mere 160 centimeters, he seemed to tower like a titan. “Ask me a straightforward question and I’ll give you a straightforward answer.”
Arms crossed, she lowered her brows and raised her voice, “Everyone close to you ends up dead.” Shouting now, “Why?!” 
Levi scoffed, “You ask the tough questions, huh?”
Your sister gave him a two-handed shove. If he was not humanity’s strongest, he would have gone stumbling backward into the hedges. “They could have had a cushy, comfortable life in the capital, but you and your sacrifice squad fucked with their head and convinced them the Scouts was somehow safer.” Fire in their gaze, “How do you sleep at night?!”
A deep breath, but no rile. “Would they be more secure in Sina or in the Scouts? Likely, Sina.” Levi conceded. “But they didn’t choose the MPs, did they?” Given your brother-in-law’s situation, he omitted the obvious: And it’s a good thing they didn’t. 
“I didn’t force them to know the Scouts, either. Where the fuck do you think I met them?” Bye-bye filter. 
“Safer with me or on their own?” Levi hushed beneath his breath, “I think we both know the answer to that.”
Over a hundred titan kills. Dozens of assists to match. Not only titans, but he was capable of fighting humans as well. She kicked the dirt in stubborn admission: safer with you, more than anyone else. 
“Yes, everyone I’ve ever loved has died -” 
Your sister’s jaw fell at the open admission: he loved you. 
“- but I wasn’t there. You asked how I sleep, I don’t sleep. Every night, I’m kept awake - thinking about what I would have done if I was.” 
A healthy handful of seconds that they surveyed each other’s stares. Nothing but the sound of crickets chirping and the trees rustling. Ironically, occasional laughs broke from the kitchen, communicating that the outdoor strife had not penetrated into the happy home. 
Their joy seeped outside, though, and it started to make sense. All this poking and prodding had no ill intentions, only protective ones. She was just worried for her sibling, that’s all. Levi unclenched his fist and rested a soft yet sturdy hand on her shoulder. “I’ll never leave their side,” whether you like it or not. 
Levi spoke the truth, brutally honest yet undeniable truth, they both knew that. Tension defined their gaze until understanding melted it. There was no one better for you.
But you knew that already.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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dr4k3n0 · 20 hours
Drawn to You
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A/n: I've read a few different types of soulmate AU's in the past and I've always wanted to write one.. So this is a soulmate AU and whatever you draw on your skin, appears on your soulmate's skin. Enjoy!
You sat bored and tired in a large tavern. Your friends had convinced you to come with them to a tavern for a few drinks but you didn't have any drinks besides a small glass of water. You watched as the people danced and played poker while your friends sat with these new men they just met. Rolling your eyes, you took out a pen and began to draw a random face on your hand. You smiled at the way it looked, before drawing an outline around it and adding a ridiculous haircut to it. Giving it a name, you rolled up your sleeve to draw more. At that moment, you were very happy that you brought a pen with you. It satisfied your boredom for a bit, before your friends began to stir up trouble and you had to walk them home. 
 Meanwhile, Vash and the crew had just settled in a small town and found a cheap hotel to stay the night. They all split ways and went to their individual rooms. Vash entered his room with a stretch before messily kicking off his boots and taking off his warm jacket. He ran his hand through his hair gently, before noticing the creation you had made. "What the-" Vash said confused. He didn't remember drawing that.. and he couldn't draw that well anyway. He went to the small bathroom and rolled up his sleeve as he went to wash it off. "There's more?!" Vash exclaimed seeing the other drawing going up his arm. He turned on the faucet and began to scrub at the ink but it wouldn't budge.
He scrubbed at the ink for a good 10 minutes before giving up seeing that it didn't even fade. He sighed confused before calling it a night and heading to bed. He thought for a while trying to figure out where these drawings came from, before finally drifting off to sleep. The night seemed to pass by way too fast and the next thing blonde knew, it was morning. He sat up groggily before remembering the drawing on his hand and arm. Sure enough, they weren't there.. Was this all a dream? He thought confused. Seeing a small pen on his bedside table, an idea popped into his head. He decided to draw a very messy-looking flower with a smiley face. He smiled before getting ready and meeting the others.
Now, you had just begun to wake up and decided to start getting ready for work. You worked at a small family-owned business as a waitress. The family was always very kind to you and enjoyed working with you. Stretching, you stood up and got changed. After that, you grabbed a small apple, before putting it in your mouth, and walking out of your house. You eventually made it to work, being greeted by the owner's children and the pleasant aroma of baked goods. You smiled down at the children as they were excited you had arrived. They eventually grabbed your hand and looked at the poorly drawn flower on your hand. "Did you draw that Y/n?" The child said curiously. "What do you mean?" You said as you looked down at your hand and saw the flower. What in the world-? You thought confused. 
Examining your hand, you brushed off the confusion before heading in. You started to work, still thinking about the drawing on your hand. How did it get there? What's happening? That was all you thought. You began to sweep the floor a bit, deep in thought as you worked before being startled by a voice. "Y/n?" A woman's voice said. Snapping out of your thoughts, you looked at the woman who just so happened to be your boss. "Yes ma'am?" You said smiling a little. "How many times have I told you that you don't have to call me that, just call me Jess," She said smiling at you. "Sorry ma- I mean Jess," You said smiling awkwardly. "What's troubling you?" Jess said. Surprised by her question, you reply with, "Oh it's nothing, I just woke up with a drawing on my hand that I don't remember drawing and I'm confused about how it appeared," 
Her eyes widen as she smiles at you. "Y/n I think you found your soulmate!" She said excitedly for you. "What? What do you mean?" You asked confused. "When you reach a certain age, when you draw or write on your skin they show up on your soulmates," She explained. You looked at her confused not sure if you should believe it. "That's how I met my husband," She said happily. "So your saying, my soulmate drew this on me?" You asked confused. She nodded happily at you before a customer walked in. "Oh, let's talk later, we have a customer," She beamed at you. A soulmate..? You thought confused. Taking out your pen, you decided to quickly write a small "Hi" on your hand before hurrying off to take the orders. 
Vash sat in the hot car, with little leg space, trying to sleep away the time before he felt a small itch on his hand. He looked at it confused before seeing a small "Hi" In messy handwriting. He gasped quietly and was confused seeing the word. He pulled out the pen he may or may not have stolen from the hotel before writing a small "Hello" below it. He sighed as he clicked the pen before putting it back in his pocket and trying to sleep again. Soon another itch appeared on his hand and he looked down at it seeing the words: "What the heck-" He chuckled a little bit before writing, "What?". This time he watched as the writing appeared letter by letter on his hand. "This can't be happening-" The words spelled out. 
Looking at the words confused before writing back, "What do you mean? What's going on?" "Is this a real person writing this" Another set of words said. "Yes?" He wrote. The words stopped replying for a moment before saying, "I'll get back to you in about an hour I'm working right now.." "That's fine Cya I guess?" Vash wrote back. He looked at his hand confused before hearing a nosy Wolfwood. "So you got  a soulmate now Needle-Noggin?" Wolfwood said grinning mischievously. "Is that what that is?" Vash asked confused. "Yea that's what it is. You don't know about soulmates?" Wolfwood said laughing at him. "Shut up," Vash said annoyed as he propped his arm up and looked out the window. Soulmates huh?
Pt.2 maybe? Lemme know what yall think. Anyway hope you enjoyed. Thanks for reading!
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