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Asking Too Many Questions — Submitted by nemethos-deamon
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One time when out on a date night a homeless man asked my betrothed and I for money to buy orange juice. I said, “I’m sorry, I don’t have cash, but I do have two oranges in my pocket if you’d like them?”
Both the homeless man and my betrothed stared at me. I pulled out two satsumas and he shook his head in perplexity. We walked on and my betrothed was like, “Why do you just have oranges in your pocket?” And I kinda shrugged like, you never know when you want a little orange treat.
We then realized we were walking the wrong way to the restaurant and as we passed the homeless man on the way back he said, “Actually if you don’t mind…” and I didn’t so I handed him my oranges.
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instagram | darcys_dahlias
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crocheting pumpkins 🎃 by naztazia on ig
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It's Nap Time
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watch me
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... power nap
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now you ...
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Space Catboy
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🐈 | source
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"Sun Queen"
Lionesses are badass and every now and again I want to try doing one justice with a painting.
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Daminette December 2023: 4-Orange (SUB)
Damian sighed as his brothers argued. They all wanted him to socialize more and were trying to figure out the best way to do it.
"Just go up and talk to someone." Jason declared.
"It's not that simple or he would have done it already." Tim stated.
"Tell someone a pun." Dick smiled, "It always works."
"No it doesn't." Jason argued.
Unbeknownst to their younger brother, the all had different goals in mind for him. Yes, the wanted him to socialize more, but for different reasons. The eldest wanted him to simply make a friend. Jason thought it was better if he landed someone's number so that he could communicate through text. It seemed the simplest option. He wouldn't even have to talk in person. Tim was hoping he'd get a girlfriend and would stay out of the manor more.
Damian sighed as he walked up to a girl with sketchbook open at the outdoor café. She seemed really into what she was drawing. She hadn't even noticed him. He quickly cleared his throat. When she looked up, he saw the most beautiful blue eyes he had ever seen and he was surrounded by blue eyes at home.
"Orange you glad you met me?" he quickly spoke, holding up a cup of orange juice.
The girl remained silent and looked at him confused. Embarassed, Damian pulled out the earpiece his brothers had given him and slammed it on the table.
Marinette looked at the earpiece and smiled softly.
"I'm assuming someone was telling you to say that." She spoke.
Damian froze and looked at the girl across from him.
"Yes." he whispered.
"Oh, thank kwami." She sighed in relief.
Damian looked at her in shock.
"If you were serious, I would have told you to fuck off." the girl giggled.
Damian smirked, "Is it okay if I sit here?"
She nodded.
"My brothers are attempting to get me to socialize more." he explained.
"Well, you're off to a good start." she stated, "Puns aside."
"I take it you don't like puns." Damian commented.
She rolled her eyes, "I've heard enough to last me a lifetime."
"Ex boyfriend?" he questioned.
"Flirty guy who wants to date me and thinks flirting with puns is ideal." she commented.
"You've met my older brother?" Damian asked, shocked.
She giggled and questioned, "Is your older brother blonde?"
"No." Damian answered.
"Then there's two idiots like that." she replied.
Damian sighed and rubbed his forehead, making her laugh.
"My father does it as well." she continued.
"My apologies." he spoke.
"Marinette." the girl smiled.
"My apologies, Marinette." he declared, "I'm Damian."
His brothers watched in shock as he took a seat a the table.
"I told you a pun would work!" Dick exclaimed, "Puns always work!"
"Then, why did he take out the earpiece, Nitwit?" Jason asked.
They put their binoculars up and saw their youngest brother smile.
"He better make her a friend, at least!" Jason snarled.
"Why?" Tim questioned.
Jason snickered, "She made him smile."
'Don't fuck this up, Damian!'
The Wayne boys were eager to know what happened once Damian got home. Dick just smiled in anticipation of a thank you. The moment Damian walked through the door, they were by his side.
"So, how did it go?" Dick smiled.
"Did you make a friend?" Tim asked.
"Please, tell me you at least got a name!" Jason shouted.
"It was alright." Damian commented, "I can't say we are friends, but I did learn her name."
"Yes!" Jason cried, "Baby steps!"
Dick smiled joyfully, "See, I told you puns always work."
"They don't." Damian stated, "She was about to tell me to fuck off."
Dick stared at him in shock as the other two laughed.
"You thought you were so cool." Tim laughed.
"She also stated that some blonde continuously flirts with her with puns." Damian announced, "She tells him to leave her alone constantly. Her father uses wordplay as a form of laughter as well, but she only accepts his commentary."
Dick sighed as Damian walked away, leaving the other two to playfully comfort and tease him. Damian walked into his room and locked the door. He pulled out his phone and looked at the new number in his phone.
'Marinette. She's not a friend, yet, but it was nice to talk to her about art.'
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hello me again, can i have a name palette for cosmos this time?
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#nail_garden_by_nene 🖤🧡🖤
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Aim for the Heart - submitted by @meowstic-seer-of-the-future
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Dining room
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@ venajeborec
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blankie ray painting 🛌🧸 by shelbydegarmo on ig
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My geniuses
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