#other places I'm sure
Solidarity with everyone who can’t afford to live where they grew up because it’s all second homes now.
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dumplingsjinson · 2 months
Character A separates from Character B to take a breather from the kiss, only to laugh in surprise when Character B starts pulling them on top of them.
"What are you doing?" they question, straddling Character B; feels Character B pressing against them. They blink, swallowing heavily; it doesn't take much for them to understand what that means, as they cautiously grind their hips down against Character B's, testing the waters.
Character B's hands sneak up their torso, hands cupping their clothed breasts, massaging them gently as Character A lets out soft little sighs and breathy moans, hips quickening with speed; ducking down to bury their face on Character B's neck every now and again out of embarrassment and to muffle the noises they were making.
"Wait, wait, wait," Character B breathes out, holding onto Character A's hips to stop them from moving. Character A sits up, looking down at them, heart skipping a beat at the way Character B stares up at them with hooded eyes. "We shouldn't be too loud, yeah? How about we go somewhere else?"
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poorly-drawn-mdzs · 5 months
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More MDZS and Hollow Knight! The cool bugs I found in my backyard have started to unionize.
Part 1 - Part 3
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sysig · 19 days
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They’re both so cute, what’s up with that (Patreon)
#Doodles#Adventure Time#Simon Petrikov#Betty Grof#Does an almost-married couple need their ship tag? This is canon (loosely) but I mean#Petrigrof#Anyway I love them <3#They're so flippin' cute together ugh they're in the Love Is Real sector of my mind next to Morticia and Gomez Addams#They make me cry they are in love I love them! That's the formula lol#Also them being starcrossed probably adds to it lol I am also a sucker for Love That Cannot Be (for whatever reason)#They're a bunch of goods! And they're fun to draw! What more could I ask for#Anyway lol onto what I actually drew of them <3#I am so in love with AI!Simon letting off love hearts in reaction to AI!Betty inside the crown it's literally so cute#I love when they're so full of ♥ for each other it's so cute ;;#They're both tiny as well but just the way Betty manhandles him haha#Especially when she hops through the portal and just moved him all over the place in relation to the flying carpet#Honestly that whole sequence is so good - Death rolling up and Simon refusing him despite being so ready I ;;;; He has so much faith in her!#They're so cool#I'm also pretty sure I also doodled that before seeing Episode 8 of F&C of the two twirling around where Betty ends up on the lower stair#They give twirly vibes! Pick each other up! Especially Betty tho haha#The only way he can be taller than her: She picks him up lol#Kiss attack because he's cute and he enjoy it <3#And then more very aggressive compliments lol#Who can blame her for getting cute aggression looking at that guy#He'll hug her in revenge later don't worry about it lol
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corallapis · 3 months
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No, never. Missy! I will never stand with Doctor!
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crybabimeiri · 3 months
the pathologic Kin is largely fictionalized with a created language that takes from multiple sources to be its own, a cosmogony & spirituality that does not correlate to the faiths (mostly Tengrist & Buddhist) practiced by the peoples it takes inspirations from, has customs, mores and roles invented for the purposes of the game, and even just a style of dress that does not resemble any of these peoples', but it is fascinating looking into specifically to me the sigils and see where they come from... watch this:
P2 Layers glyphs take from the mongolian script:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
while the in-game words for Blood, Bones and Nerves are mongolian directly, it is interesting to note that their glyphs do not have a phonetic affiliation to the words (ex. the "Yas" layer of Bones having for glyph the equivalent of the letter F, the "Medrel" layer of Nerves having a glyph the equivalent of the letter È,...)
the leatherworks on the Kayura models', with their uses of angles and extending lines, remind me of the Phags Pa Script (used for Tibetan, Mongolian, Chineses, Uyghur language, and others)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
some of the sigils also look either in part or fully inspired by Phags Pa script letters...
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
some look closer to the mongolian or vagindra (buryat) script
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
looking at the Herb Brides & their concept art, we can see bodypainting that looks like vertical buryat or mongolian script (oh hi (crossed out: Mark) Phags Pa script):
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
shaped and reshaped...
#not sure how much. what's the word. bond? involvement? not experience. closeness? anyone in the team has with any of these cultures#but i recall learning lead writer is indigenous in some way & heavily self-inserts as artemy [like. That's His Face used for#the p1 burakh portrait] so i imagine There Is some knowledge; if not first-hand at least in some other way#& i'm not in the team so i don't know how much Whatever is put into Anything#[ + i've ranted about the treatment of the brides Enough. enough i have]#so i don't have any ground to stand on wrt how i would feel about how these cultures are handled to make the Kin somewhat-hodgepodge.#there is recognizing it is Obviously inspired by real-life cultures [with the words;the alphabet;i look at Kayura i know what i see]#& recognizing it Also is. obviously and greatly imagined. not that weird for you know. a story.#like there is No Turkic/Altaic/Mongolic culture that has a caste of all-women spiritual dancers who place a great importance on nudity#as a reflection of the perfect world and do nothing but dance to bring about the harvest. ykwim...#like neither the Mongols nor the Buryats nor the Tibetans dress the way the Kin does. that's cos the Kin is invented. but they're invented.#.. on wide fundations. ykwim......#Tengrism has a Sky Deity (Tengri) with an earth-goddess *daughter* whereas the kin worship an Earth-Goddess mother of everything#+ a huge bull. Buddhism has its own complete cosmogony & beliefs which from the little I know Vastly Differ from anything the Kin believes#like. yeah. story. but also. [holds myself back from renting about the Brides again] shhh...#neigh (blabbers)#pathologic#pathologic 2
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strangelittlelad · 21 days
Bro... When there's a younger couple who just got together and are enjoying their new love and an older couple who are estranged and they mirror each other and by watching the young couple experience their ups and downs while still remaining happy the older couple realise their mistakes and mend their relationship
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greensaplinggrace · 1 year
i still can’t believe hardison and parker babytrapped eliot with a restaurant lmfao
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theotherhappyplace · 1 year
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art for the animatic i am making starring our horrible boy Mr. Smiles. (and poor Vinnie having a very bad time) my friends are voice acting it!!! (it’s not going to be animated, just an animatic/story board with sfx and voice acting! i’ll post the video here when it’s done)
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seven-tastic · 4 months
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technovillain · 2 months
Sometimes I think about the fact that Lucy was married and has never once spoken about it. I wonder about Gelsin Mux every single day actually.... Imagining Lucrecia as young and in love in Grulovia before she got tied up in any sort of crazy Psychic 7 nonsense is so bittersweet to me. I like to imagine her ties to Gelsin as being like her ties to her old life. Gelsin and Marona and Lazarus after a certain point of interacting with the psychics in America become almost like characters in someone else's life to her. I'm really fascinated with this idea of Lucy really losing touch with her old life. It's obvious that she had a lot of love for Grulovia and for her family but what she was doing with the rest of the Psy7 was extremely important to her. I like the idea that maybe she just felt a little suffocated and isolated for a while in Grulovia as a powerful psychic and couldn't find anyone to relate to (I hc that neither Marona nor Lazlo were psychics) so the Gulch became a place of acceptance and self expression that she had never been used to having. But the way that the Gulch made her grow as a person meant that she could never really go back to "the old Grulovia" that she grew up in, especially considering that the country was war-torn upon her return.
Tumblr media
Also realizing that this image here means that it is highly likely that she left Gelsin in Grulovia with it very questionable if she would return. Since it is canon that Gelsin died in the Grulovian war, and not the Deluge.... and Ford met Lucrecia as Lucrecia Mux. I like to think that they fell in love when they were young and back when things were really simple for Lucy, but after she was able to identify how vital being psychic was to her as a person, they lost the ability to relate to one another like they used to could. I don't think she ever really fell out of love with him, they just grew apart in a sad way...
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humming-fly · 1 year
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really appreciate how for the 30th anniversary concert they gave meta knight a fake-out saxophone in the promo art only to reveal during the concert that his suite is composed of 99% electric guitar solos
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front-facing-pokemon · 5 months
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lynxgriffin · 10 months
honestly it might be out of character but i think susie has puppy dog eyes
does she have it normally??? no, not rlly bc she's a tired teenager BUT i think it'd be neat for her to just 🥺
Tumblr media
Threw in the big puppy dog eyes, but mostly this just made me want to try giving Susie different reptile eyes. I like doing the thin reptile slit eyes because I think those can be the most expressive, but it's fun to get weird too!
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wah i looove their designs and animation...
#sketched last night looped ''hot air balloon'' track last night rewatched elemental last night you know just how it is....i love it all augh#elemental#elemental 2023#pixar elemental#elemental fanart#ember lumen#wade ripple#it's so fun how just going w/the flow waviness drawing a wade is Correct. some flamey shiveriness / jaggedness in ember's lines is Correct#and it's all the more fun how it's like oh ofc not quite hitting the mark of how great their designs really are....so so good#and of course the expressive elasticity not only with their faces but the way their bodies ft. respective elements can be expressive#in addition to just usual [assume you have a usual literal human body] expressiveness options in posture / movement etc lol#also was thinking about how like we know everything we Need to know re: wade & his dad but also have so [zero details there]#which is interesting to wonder about. kinda assumed like oh a parent got sick & died but now considering how it could've been an accident..#the tiny layer of A Reaction he has when ember's talking abt parents giving up everything for you: could be nothing much; or Anything#also noting i Didn't note the first instances that they hear each other's names or introduce themselves thusly lol#or at least i sure can't recall it. just start knowing the other's name partway through which Isn't A Problem but it's like#ooh just more to consider & reexamine. i love to pick up More Details & that's helped by my difficulty in catching them in the first place#one thing about me i don't Catch things i don't Notice shit i don't Get stuff. and also of course: i do though lol#always a trip when it's like oh i love this movie i'm seeing it probably the two dozenth time#and then i notice something for the very first time that was clearly straightup meant to be Gotten upon the immediate viewing#even to the extent that smthing later seems to be kinda happening out of nowhere if you didn't. & i'd just rolled with it#like ok i'm autistic ofc that's something i gotta do all the time. & the adhd means i might keep getting distracted around the same pts.
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mattodore · 4 months
morning kisses <3
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