13ag21k · 9 months
What if I was a lonely brooding man but my features softened as I stared at you adoringly?
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rattlebear25 · 2 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Part 2
I think she is like a shark in bed… 🦈🦈🦈
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frownyalfred · 2 years
I love bitches who are single-handedly keeping a pairing on ao3 alive. like you go girl! write that kinktober prompt!!
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bugharvest · 9 months
Tumblr media
My two shmoopsiess
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bliz-lol · 1 month
Well then guys.
As I said, I selected 5 people!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
@captainnait (this is my favorite pairing))
Tumblr media
@thezeepleglobe I guess I misunderstood, sorry for that(
Tumblr media
and my love pairing 👀...
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ridreamir · 1 year
I just want to live out a fantasy of attending the academy alongside everyone tbh so whatever headcanons you have I'd be down for 👍
It seems you've been carving a place out for yourself at Mesagoza's highly esteemed Academy, haven't you?
[Spoiler Warning! Post Operation Starfall and Path of Legends] [Romance/Pining + Possible touch of Polyamory] [Slight Content Warning! Obsessive and unhealthy behaviors]
I went a little overboard with the pairings, very indulgent. You're popular, you know?
Your life at the academy has been a somewhat quiet one, despite the small interpersonal issues that you seem to keep finding yourself in. It hadn't been the worst, however, attending classes at your leisure and having a space of your own. The academy lived up to its reputation, and the studying hadn't felt overly laborious-- if anything, you were worried you were finding things to be a bit too easy.
The faculty have all come to recognize you, from the lunch ladies that Arven spends time with to the adjunct professors that have been overseeing the Star Training Center volunteer efforts, there's probably none in the academy that couldn't recognize you for one reason or another.
Speaking of, the former bosses of Team Star have taken it upon themselves to be your people, self-appointed. They seem almost a little possessive of you, potentially under the suggestion of Penny to keep watch on you while at school. Even though they're not afraid to stick up for anyone who might need it, it feels a little more personal when Mela herself comes storming in at the slightest sign of friction between you and some other student, or when Eri hovers over your shoulder in the cafeteria, sending threatening glares at whoever even thinks about staring at you for too long. You almost feel bad for Arven and Nemona who've begun to be crowded out by the possessive Team Star Bosses-- who have each at some point whisked you away under the guise of needing you for whatever excuses they've come up with in their little book of strategies to steal you away.
Not to mention, one of the Team Star Bosses, Atticus, walks completely silently and lingers whether you're aware of him or not. When you do spot him, he's quick to drag you to somewhere secluded so that he can play with your uniform and tack little dress-code-violating trinkets onto your attire. Miss Tyme has given you some flack for it, but she's a little more forgiving with you than she is with the other students and faculty, which you think might just be blatant favoritism working in your favor. However, favoritism only gets you so far, and Atticus seeks you out often enough that your professor's patience is wearing thin. (She knows, however, that your little team of delinquents are willing to listen if their time with you is on the line.) Ortega and Giacomo are constantly working on their respective hobbies, and come to you for feedback on superficial roadblocks that aren't really a problem, not that you know that-- It's an opportunity for praise, and they live off it. Giacomo seems to be adjusting somewhat poorly to his return to the academy, more so than the other Team Star Bosses, and so he seeks you out when he needs a quiet moment away from some of the other students. He's capable of socializing, but struggles to trust other people outside of Team Star. And Ortega, well, he can be a bit abrasive toward other people, in a way that's witty but also rubs people the wrong way. He doesn't really care about other people and only tones down the sass and sarcasm when he knows you're watching.
He's in actuality the most possessive, secretly. Everyone knows he acts sweet and innocent around you, but the moment you turn your back he becomes an absolute menace... His dapper pastel look only whispers warning to your classmates not to step too out of line. Friendly is fine, but he's a Tinkaton ready to hunt the greedy Corviknight that dare step a toe too close to his treasure.
While they spend a lot of time out in the field doing their community service hours, they've made a point of memorizing your erratic study habits as well as possible, and it's Penny's job to figure out the schedule so they can maximize their chances of running into you. She tries to come across as not as invested in the mission as they are, but she's low-key keeping tabs on you and the others aren't afraid to call her out on it if she acts like they're weird for being so obsessed with what you're doing. Truth is, there's honestly no one out there as pure-hearted as you, as little as you know it. You're a tantalizing thing after all that you've done for a gang of social outcasts without a single thought about what it might do to them. Of course, they have to be careful, or else that battle-maniac student council girl might crack down on their activities. Though it's pretty obvious to them that she's got something going on with you too, as her punishments seem much more targeted when she catches them doing something they shouldn't.
They... Haven't discussed their sensitivities toward you in general, but each of them sort of does their own thing and then they reconvene when it benefits them. It's silently been agreed upon that they each get to take their chances and aren't allowed to sabotage each other on purpose. No hard feelings when things skew in one's favor, not that momentary bitterness can entirely be avoided. On rare occasions, it is you that stumbles upon them while out and about. Atticus especially for some time, when you were out doing research in his neck of the woods. It's Mela that sees you least, despite her base being literally the easiest to get to. She's definitely had a hard time regulating her jealousy since she's the emotionally upfront type.
It's Giacomo that's the quietest with what he's doing, silently observing the others and trying to strategize in secret. The whole not being good with people is a little bit of a stretch, though not entirely a lie. Besides, he's kept it under ropes that you've let him into your dorm room on a couple different occasions now, and the fact that he's writing a song and has a little less than subtly eluded to the fact that it's absolutely about you.
...And it's Eri that's pushing that Arven boy away the most, not that Ortega hasn't been trying to get him to back off. Actually, they've all had him on their radar at some point. There's no denying that you've been friends with him longer than the rest of them, or that there's some strange little secret between the two of you that rubs them the wrong way. Eri's the only one that's physically able to match him, and she tries to eat lunch with you whenever she can because it really grinds their gears when he sneaks off with you to do Arceus knows with his little sandwich picks and baggies of culinary ingredients that you just so happen to like. He's too obvious. Around the school, long before you came, everyone knew who he was and how impossible it was to approach him. In that sense, they suppose they can understand him, but that doesn't change the fact that they're rivals and currently at a disadvantage when pitted against him.
Actually, it's a little crazy how many people are pining after you. ... {Pt. 2?|| Maybe with the Gym Leaders/Academy faculty/League Staff} {Larry, Grusha... I may not like Geeta toooo too much but I definitely see her having an eye for you... Funny Iono scenarios go brrr}
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urban-surfin · 15 days
writing and wronging
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qiqinal · 3 months
I'm going fully mature
Shipping wars us unfortunately happening right now on gobb fandom, why are we doing this now.
Tumblr media
If u guys hate on a ship that isn't problematic or toxic (I'M LOOKING AT YOU TOXIC BITTERTOAD SHIPPERS (some)
U guys are no fun and immature, respect the ship "bbb b b but it makes me uncomfortable "
How is a harmless and unproblematic ship makes u uncomfortable?? I completely get if it's bad memories with a person but bc it's a recent ship u don't see it's very dumb
I have seen how people get mad at really cute ships that doesn't contain problematic interactions, I have now realized people have may blocked me just because I am the most active Jesterban artist in Tumblr, and that is upsetting, if u don't like a certain ship scroll down and put not interested, not make a whole post about saying "I'm blocking any *insert ship name here* shippers" I'm looking at u Small B Carby
Please be mature, we aren't kids anymore and for those who are please be respectful!
Kindness is always important!!
HOWEVER if the ship contains pro ship and is problematic then that is very different because that Is a good reason to be uncomfortable because it has really negative looks to it.
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Reblog to go on a date with Storm
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lafinmp3 · 6 months
Tumblr media
Greasy man with his monochrome french lady
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rattlebear25 · 10 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I finished it finally yay! 😄
Small Comic of 4 pages about Lute reunited with Sinner Adam. They are so cute, i love that Lute is a small birdie compared to her boyfriend ☺️
This comic is based on a hypothetical 2/3 Season of Hazbin Hotel where Lute returns in Hell as the Exorcist Leader to exterminate Sinners like usual. During the hunt, she discovered a pleasurable surprise…
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jilychallenge · 2 months
March Jily Challenge
Tumblr media
Fairy Tales are here! Something you all seem very enthusiastic about, thanks for signing up. Remember this month lasts until the 7th of April (because the Fairy Godmother said so on Discord) Without further ado your partners are here. Find your prompt in your inbox or on Discord (if you would like an invitation please DM us) @fiendishfyre 💞 @jamesunderwater 💞@sapphire1616
@missgryffin 💞 @annasghosts
@wearingaberetinparis 💞@dizzy--bird
@annabtg 💞 @chierafied
@harryissuchalittleshit 💞 @thelighthousestale
@charmsandtealeaves 💞 @siriuslychessi
@constancezin 💞 @abihastastybeans
@kplmbl 💞 @eastwindmlk
@mppmaraudergirl 💞 @petalsinwoodvale
Tumblr media
Remember to tag us @jilychallenge when you post your story! and add it to the ao3 collection. ENJOY
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httplovecraft1890 · 5 months
Twiyor forgive me and I'll have to think up an equivalent for Loid, and viewers at home are encouraged to play along, but I'll go ahead and say that "May I have the honor of taking your wife?" is an incredible slash pickup line for Yor.
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impyssadobsessions · 2 years
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Some fake kiddos for Jazz pairings. Jason and Jazz's daughter would be spoiled and lazy XD with a rebellious streak. Only thing u can really get her to do, without trying to pawn it on someone else, is to figure out how NOT to do something. Also Jaylyn pretends Batman's her favorite hero, one to butter up grandpa B and two to tick her dad off. She's a handful but sometimes that makes life exciting... as if Jazz and Jason need more XD. Her fave hero is her dad though, she only SOMETIMES let him know. Can't be too sappy though, what's fun in that....? (Totally a daddy's girl though) Her and Jazz argue as she aged. Rebellious stages are like that though. but Lynn does come to her mom first ... ok lie she goes to her uncles and then her mom when shit goes down. Except girl talk then its mommy. More so to avoid being lectured. Danny relates. (Also named her jaylyn to keep a theme (Ja theme plus cute to be name similar to dad).. but she goes by Lyn or Lynni spelled with an i to match Dani.)
Now Jazz and Dick's daughter @aryaokayfriend helped find a name, her's Marigold. She's cheerful and chatty, and naive. She very sweet and energetic. Loves to give Jazz a heart attack because she's a natural born flyer... without wings. Dick is proud of his little acrobat. She loves animals and to draw, Damian being her favorite uncle. The only one that can keep her from bouncing off the walls. She would be the type to befriend a random rogue after getting lost and then help them find their way... as if she was never lost to begin with. Everyone has to keep a heavy watch on this one.
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Tumblr media
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zeibei · 9 months
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