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luxthestrange 2 months
TWST Incorrect quotes#332 Debating
Baby: Mah...
Mal*Looking at his child*No
Baby: abUA ama bu!*"Glares at Papa*
Mal: Dont you talk back to me!*Frowns at the baby
Baby *Starts puffing small fire out of their mouth and tail slapping on the ground in a tantrum*ABU!BUH BUH!
Mal: I said "NO" and I overrule you youngling!
Yuu*Knitting their firstborn socks sitting near the fireplace, with a sigh*Would you please stop arguing with our child...
Mal:...I might as well my love, I think they are winning...
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leannerhodes 4 months
Rhodes Fam chat 馃挒
Mom: So... The twins may be joining us for left overs tomorrow. Olivia's been having some intense conractions. Were heading to the hospital soon to get her checked out.
Mom: I'll keep you all updated. Of course this would happen when Anni is out of town. Our family has always had impeciable timing.
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eppysboys 9 months
As they were saying goodbye, John and Paul said, "We're staying at this house on Mulholland Drive, and we'd like to invite you all to come up tomorrow." And Paul looked at Elvis and said, "I hope you'll be able to come." And then he looked at us and said, "But if he can't come, you fellows are welcome." When they left, Elvis said, "I'm not going up there." He said, "I did my duty. I met them, and that's it." The next afternoon, Jerry Schilling, and Richard Davis, and Billy, and I went up to where they were staying. And they were overjoyed to see us. They really were. John Lennon pulled me over by the picture window, and he said, "Last night was the greatest night of my life." In subsequent years, the guys visited the Beatles three or four times when they came over here. Of course, Elvis never went. In the summer of '66, we saw Brian Epstein lying out on the chaise lounge by the pool. He was zonked out of his brain. And Paul and the other guys were sitting by the pool, and there were people all over the place鈥攇irls running around naked, people dropping acid. About twenty minutes later, the Mamas and the Papas showed up. All four of them鈥擬ama Cass, John, Denny, and Michelle鈥攃ame marching in a row, like soldiers. And John and George immediately got up and went into the house with them. I was talking with this guy, Mal Evans, who was the Beatles' road manager and bodyguard. Big guy. And I said, "Where are they going? Are they talking business?" He said, "No, no, they're just going to get blown out of their skulls." It was party time. Just before we left during one of those visits鈥擨 can't remember if it was '66 or '67鈥擨 went in this side room, where Paul was singing songs and playing piano. He looked up at me and he said, "Do you think Elvis would ever cut one of my songs?" The Beatles were the biggest thing in the universe right then. But that goes to show you, they still thought Elvis was bigger.
Marty Lacker, Elvis and the Memphis Mafia
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Ich hatte einfach am Dienstag das beste Telefonat mit meinem Papa.
Er ruft so an und sagt: Ich hab mich das gestern den ganzen Tag gefragt. Warum habt ihr euch ausgerechnet diesen tatort angeschaut?
Und ich war so: 馃槄馃珷willst du den wahren grund h枚ren?
Und er so: Ja!
Hab dann ein bisschen umst盲ndlich versucht das Ph盲nomen des shippens meinem Vater zu erkl盲ren und dass es gewisse homoerotische Spannungen gibt, f眉r die wir uns interessieren.
Und er war so: 馃馃しAch so. Ok, hab ich da nicht gesehen aber ich sehe was ihr meint.
Und dann sagt er: Ich hatte das mit dem anderen tatort verwechselt, wo es diesen einen queeren Ermittler gibt und dass ihr das dann deswegen schaut.
Und ich bin so: asdfghjkl. Mein Papa hat gerade queer gesagt???
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sagexf 10 months
Tumblr media
鈥渆s mi tercero鈥 habla como si tales palabras fueran un justificativo valido para su exceso de tragos. 鈥減ero estoy perfectamente bien, no es como si fuera a subirme aqu铆 a bailar鈥︹ se r铆e con iron铆a mientras sus dedos se tamborilean en la famosa barra. 鈥渁unque鈥︹ 驴lo estar铆a considerando?
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trippingtroll 3 months
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donaldtheduckdad 11 months
it's always "the baby is reacting" ans never "what is the baby reacting to?" any opinions on this topic?
you're so right today we should focus on the ones that cause the live baby reaction
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buttercup-bard 11 months
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Lucas Gregorowicz als Jan Epstein in Papa hat keinen Plan (2019)
f眉r @notajoinerofthings 馃挋
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azikuromi 4 months
Aprovechando que en 4 dias ya es mi cumplea帽os, me puse a hablar con mi papa sobre mi regalo de cumplea帽os y me dijo que me compraria una tableta grafica (de esas economicas de 400 mil pesos o menos) asi que muy probablemente entre el domingo y el martes que viene yo tenga una tableta grafica nueva y pueda hacer mas dibujos a computadora mas rapido :D
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herzlak 2 months
hab dieses bild aus "in der familie" wiedergefunden...
Tumblr media
und jetzt ist alles, woran ich denken kann, jan pawlak, der genau so auf dem boden sitzt, rosa liegt bei ihm mit ihrem kopf in seinem scho脽 und er liest ihr vor, w盲hrend sie sich ein bisschen ausruht. und mit einer hand h盲lt er ihre hand oder streichelt ihr durch die haare.
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gofloresgo 2 years
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letterstotheflre 20 days
no hermano no puede ser realmente los cortes de luz me vuelven la persona mas mierda que existe.
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smalltowngirldhm 1 year
A mi padre:
驴Por qu茅 si no est谩s y nunca has estado, me afectas tanto?
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rayitosdesol 3 months
i liked today a lot bc it was a super hot day and i tried to study but it was v hard to focus and so i shared some mates w mom then i watched a part of the croatia brasil match and it was such an amazing match and the result was great and then it started raining so hard!!!! so i went to the backyard and started jumping and dancing and fooling around under the rain i ended up completely wet and it was so refresing... then it was arg. match and omfg !!!!suffered so incredibly much but we won!!!! cried of happiness lmao but also after shouting and being so stressed i got migraine but i was so happy and now i came to downtown to share pizza w grandma and it's full of ppl celebrating and pizza was so good it was an unusual and happy day^_^
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napo-con-fritas 1 year
Gotta love the Pope implying people who don鈥檛 want to have children are selfish, tipo sin ofender, but is there anything you want to confess, Bergoglio, or are you just being hypocritical?
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futuresabove 1 year
@wayfarers97 tagged me to share my favorite books of 2021! though i didn鈥檛 read much for pleasure or many new books this year, i am excited to share (chronological order, not ranked or anything).
The Blue Between Sky and Water - Susan Abulhawa (tells the story of several generations of the women of a Palestinian family in Gaza, beautifully written and challenging but hopeful as well in some ways.)
I re-read Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre for uni, love the Bronte sisters
Before the Coffee Gets Cold - Toshikazu Kawaguchi (this I found really sweet and reflective but in a rather light-hearted way)
One of Us Is Lying - Karen McManus (I do enjoy a YA murder mystery that i get through in a weekend, what can i say. plus, it got me out of a months-long reading slump)
Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal - Jeanette Winterson (memoirs aren鈥檛 usually my jam, but while this was emotional, it was also a joy to read)
And I鈥檇 like to add my two comfort books from my childhood/early youth that i keep coming back to and that were important to me this year, having listened to the audiobooks again and again and again: Krabat - Otfried Preu脽ler and Momo - Michael Ende. (they just feel safe and like home and i can fall asleep to them because they are so familiar and they鈥檙e just objectively good books and i wont discuss this further. but please tell me if you鈥檙e not from germany but you know them)
I tag: @nar-ankar & @bananensojamilch if you want :)
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