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Oscar Piastri x Autistic!Reader
Genre: Angst
Summary: The fans and media get to Oscar’s girlfriend in a way he’ll never forgive
Warnings: SUICIDE AND SH depictions, toxic media, death threats, lack of communication, anxiety, Oscar is a mess.
Notes: …. We’re not talking about my patterns alright. I swear I’m in therapy.
Tumblr media
Oscar is not normally an irrational person. He prides himself on his calm and collected state. Something that his neurodivergent counterpart loves because it makes him easy to read. Everything is clear to her with him.
He adores his girlfriend. Plans to eventually marry her one day. He doesn’t care that her body isn’t the ‘standard’ for beauty because he finds her stunning. He doesn’t care that she has deep passions for her interests and could talk for hours about it because he loves listening.
So why is it his fans don’t get that same thing? Why do the vultures have to attack her for doing nothing wrong?
He ponders these questions as he sits in the hospital waiting room. Fingers crossed he got to her in time.
She’d turned off all her notifications on social media. She had to. For some reason now that Oscar and McLaren are on track and fighting again, people are seeming to notice her more often.
Gone are the days of sneaking off into the quiet corners. Numbered are the days she’ll be able to spend with him at this rate.
The death threats started a month ago. To many things she’d rather not think about. The name calling is flat out unnecessary and something she doesn’t understand.
She knows logically nothing can come if it. But the nagging at her brain won’t stop for some reason. She hates it, being empathetic. She just feels so extremely that she can’t decipher if the words hurt her or if she’s angry and why she feels this way. It’s to much for her mind to process.
So she turns everything off. No social media for her.
She’d simply told Oscar the hate was to much and she needs a break from the internet. Which isn’t a lie, but she didn’t want him to worry about her and start doing poorly because of it.
Instead curled up underneath her blankets with music and switched off the world.
Oscar is feeling alright with fifth in Hungary. Not exactly where he wants to be, but it’s still considerably better then where he was previously.
As is routine, he gets into the garage as quickly as he can. The one thing he managed to negotiate for with his PR team: the he gets to check in on his girlfriend before he does media duties.
He peers inside. It’s mostly empty due to the incoming podium celebration. But there is no sign of her. Nothing is the garage or his driver room or Lando’s room, or the bathroom.
His heart thuds in his chest. This is routine, and she always sticks to her routine. If she’s not here then something must be terribly wrong. Oscar pulls out his phone to see he has a text from her and the weight on him lessens just a tad.
‘Sorry I won’t be there for the end of the race! I was feeling incredibly sick so I went back to the hotel room! I love you so much! 🧡🖤’
And suddenly that weight is back. If she left then something is clearly wrong. She’s stayed through blurry vision from migraines, endured hours of overstimulation for him, even dealt with his fans pushing her around. Yet she always stayed. If something caused her to leave then it’s definitely something to worry about.
He ended up missing the podium celebration. His PR manager is looking for him. But he could care less and heads straight for Zak.
He gives a brief summary of what’s going on and defines is as an emergency. That word was what made Zak let him go as long as he promised to keep everyone posted.
Then he ran.
Race weekends have come to be one of her favorite things. The consistent hum of car engines stimulates her brain in a way that she loves.
What she doesn’t love is the fans. She wonders for a moment if all the WAG’s have this kind of hate. So she sets off to go find Lily and ask. She’s become close with her over the course of this year. She’s also passionate about things and it’s fun to listen to her get excited over her interests. Something the female can relate to well.
When she neared the Williams hospitality, she saw Lily and waved her over only to be stopped in her tracks by a few fans in McLaren gear. She instantly took notices of the very blatant disregard for personal space and the negative energy they carried with them.
Then they out in some fake smiles and handed her an envelope, walking away without a word.
She was left confused and stunned. But also curious. The envelope in her hands had some weight to it and she can’t help but wonder what’s inside.
She doesn’t hesitate to open it. Her eyes scanning over the contents. Every second she looks at it makes her feel sick to her stomach.
Someone had been stalking them. Not just her and Oscar, but Lando as well. Addresses, pictures, personal information, even images from intimate moments where they are very clearly without clothes.
She could see the possibility of her and maybe Oscar being stalked if these are the same fans who have been harassing her for a couple months now. But Lando as well makes her feel dirty and upset in a way.
It’s to much. She feels to much. It’s overwhelming.
She stuffs everything back inside and finally gets to Lily. A brief excuse leaves her lips that she’s going back to the hotel cause she’s feeling sick. She takes note of Lily’s instant concern and the female does her best to fight back every emotion. It’s utterly draining. She has no energy to sort out her feelings and other peoples feelings when she can’t understand any of them anyway.
Lily lets her go on the condition she texts her when she gets back to the hotel.
She agrees. She'll be messaging everyone when she gets there.
Oscar gets into his car and fumbles around for the keys.
He left them with his stuff. His stuff that he doesn't have. Now he's going to have to run all the way back.
He gets out and heads straight to the McLaren garage. Ignoring the strange looks.
He even tries pulling his phone out to call her. Straight to voicemail. Twenty times.
Halfway there, he runs into Lando. The Brit is winded and carrying Oscar's things.
"I'm driving."
She can't believe she's actually going to do this. It's not that she's never thought about it before. Feeling alien on your own planet will do that to you. But she feels like she has no other choice.
It's too much. The fans want her dead, and they are willing to do horrible things to get it.
She can't handle it. The feelings of all of it are overwhelming. She can't tell where her emotions end and someone else's start. The letter written to her only points out further.
The last few months have been beyond her limit. She doesn't feel safe in her own skin. Everyone is telling her she'll never be enough. That she is not meant for this life.
She'd thought about her friends as she wrote those damn notes. The blank looks when she says something lnnapropriat for the conversation. The times she's had meltdowns and they had to deal with her.
She thinks about Oscar, too. His note is three pages long. It's intimate, and she hopes he can understand it. Words she's written countless times the last months to make sure he understands her decision.
She lays it out where she knows he'll see it and then locks herself in the bathroom. The bathtub is filled with ice-cold water and not filled all the way to the top. Just enough to make things easy.
Is she really doing this because those damn fans are going to leak everything about their lives tonight if she doesn't? Certainly a factor in her decision. It seems the logical solution if she's to fix the problem. She hates herself for this; that she can't just be what everyone wants.
That thought brings the first cut.
She didn't bother taking off her clothes. She hates the feeling. They cling to her skin and it makes her want to peel her skin off.
The second cut is for her clothing.
Then the third.
And a fourth.
The fifth makes her dizzy.
The sixth causes her vision to dance.
The seventh and eighth she can't even register.
Everything is numb by nine and ten.
Then nothing.
Oscar and Lando take three steps at a time.
Apparently, Lando had run into Lily and found out what had happened. The Brit also felt his stomach drop with the feeling something is wrong.
Oscar sprints down the hall when they make it to the right floor. Fumbles around with his key card. Then, finally, he gets the door open.
He scans the room. There is paper stacked neatly on the table. An envelop almost thrown to the side.
He looks at the note addressed to him, and he chokes. Lando is searching for any sign of life but the Aussie can't see past the fact that there are fans asking her to kill herself. And that she felt the need to say yes because now they have stalkers.
He'll think about it later. Right now, Lando is screaming for him.
He barrels to where the voice comes from. Again, he chokes. This time on frantic tears.
Lando is looking like he might pass out, but the Brit is staying strong for his teammate and friend. He tries to get Oscar to help him.
She may be passed out, but the Aussie registers Lando saying she has a pulse. That she's still breathing even if it's shallow.
They work together to drag her out of the water. Her make it so that when they set her down, she immediately is sliding on the tile. They wrap her arm in wash rags. The only thing they can find to slow the bleeding. But the cuts are too deep. It doesn't slow.
So they call an ambulance.
Oscar doesn't register much after that. Listening to Lando instruct him on what to do, including breathing. Riding with her to the hospital. Watching her be taken away. Meeting Lando in the waiting room.
Now he has nothing to do but wait and look through everything he missed.
Her socials are where she's being threatened, sure. But it's the contents of the envelope that got Oscar angry. Way past the point of livid.
"Lan, I- what the hell." He shows everything to his teammate, and terror stretches across his face.
And then she was left with a ticking clock and an ultimatum. Disappear or have all this and more released to the public. What better way to disappear than to do it permanently.
It breaks him. He can't breathe past the thought of not having her around. He can't live knowing she left because the world is suck a cruel place. And he feels utterly selfish for wishing her to stay with him through it.
Somehow, he ended up on the floor, sobbing dramatically into Lando's sweatshirt.
But then others start to appear. It's not just the two of them because there are so many people that care for her.
Max shows up first with a certain Monegasque in tow, followed by Alex and Lily, the latter of which looks about as broken as him. Then George and Lewis appear, followed by Logan.
They explain what happened. Everyone is shocked, and there are no words between them for a few minutes as everyone processes.
"I don't understand why someone would do this." Pipes Max. He knows about death threats fairly well, but this is a new level of extreme.
"We could say something. Make a statement about it and start a suicide awareness campaign." Lewis suggests.
Oscar knows a campaign probably won't do much against whoever sent this, but a statement might. He wants to say everything on his mind.
And that's exactly what he did. His PR team be damned because this takes precedence.
She wasn't expecting to wake up. She wasn't supposed to wake up. So how is she awake?
She cracks her eyes open just a tad to assess her surroundings. Her arm is bandaged and she's underneath some of the worst textures to come in contact with.
The thing that catches her eye is the brown locks of a specific Australian. She moves her hand to them and runs her fingers gently along his scalp.
he shifts around a bit before relaxing into the feeling. At least she could give him this before she ruins his and Lando's life.
She's not sure how long they go on like this until Oscar sits up and yawns. He blinks a few times and adjusts himself to the florescent lights.
She's not sure she's ever seen Oscar cry before. Once at a really sad movie, but even that was just slight. Now he's crying tears for her. The sound makes her tear ducts spring into action as well.
"Please, don't ever do that again." He rasps. His voice crackles with the sound of sobs.
She doesn't say anything. She can't say anything. So instead, Oscar crawls into the bed with her. He just cradles her body into his.
"I'm sorry." Is all she manages to say. And after a few more breathes she continues. "I didn't want to be the reason you and Lando lose your jobs. Or be the cause of your stress. And then everything felt like it was too much, and I just wanted it to stop." She feels pathetic.
"I promise that I will never be upset with you for something like this. The fans pushed and pushed and then drove you into a corner. But in the future, you have to come to me. I can't help if you don't communicate with me."
"What about racing? And Lando? And all your personal information?" The weight she'd had before has made a sudden return.
"Should be taken care of. We beat them to the punch and made a statement about how someone close to McLaren had been threatened and the person responsible would be posting personal information." Oscar explains. She feels better knowing they didn't say it was her name. "I also said I would be taking a break from socials for personal reasons... and also said something about how much I love you."
The news came out eventually. It's not every day that F1 driver's campaign for mental health. But they've all been incredibly helpful. She is on the road to recovery and Oscar intends on being with her through every step of the way.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
** Permission to post it was granted by the artist Do not repost/edit the art without permission Please, support the artist on their page too **
Artist : @PAPAYA69305755
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Tumblr media
Roadside fruit stand on the road close to Villa de San Antonio, Comayagua in Honduras
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Tumblr media
Bug Lesbian Kiss
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utterly in love | ln
summary - in which lando is utterly in love with his girlfriend and lets everyone know any chance he gets
request - no
faceclaim - hailee steinfeld
notes - i had to make a smau on my baby lando 🫶🏻 thinking of making a part two….
Tumblr media
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yourusername lil photoshoot
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user i’m so jealous of lando
lilymhe omg
lilymhe marry me rn
- yourusername gladly my love
user lily and y/n >>
user what i would do to be her fr
danielricciardo lando has been staring at these photos for at least ten minutes now
- landonorris i have not
- danielricciardo hm yeah very quick to reply, almost like you were alr on the post
user tbh i dont blame lando for staring if my gf was this hot i would too
user im so gay for her omg
landonorris wowie
landonorris im so lucky fr
landonorris are you single?
- yourusername unfortunately no
- landonorris 😐
user lando and y/n, best couple ever
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landonorris P2 and a 🏆 at my home race!!!!!!! ❤️ you guys are crazyyyyyyyyyy 💙
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yourusername wanted to celebrate his p2 so i asked him what he really wanted to do and this is what he wanted 😐 anything for my boy though well done baby 🧡🧡
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user the way she asked him what he wanted to do and took him 🥹 my heart
user i want someone to proud of me like y/n is proud of lando
landonorris thank you sm my love
landonorris this was really fun we should do it again
- yourusername you can go by yourself this time
- landonorris i promise i wont let you nearly drown next time
- yourusername pinky swear
- landonorris pinky swear
user they are adorable omg
user why is no one talking about the fact he NEARLY let her drown
- yourusername because everyones mean
- landonorris i saved you in the end
- user wait @yourusername can you not swim??
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landonorris just wanna say thank you to this beautiful human being for supporting me along the way and always being there to either congratulate me or take my mind off a horrible race ❤️ honestly i have no idea why you chose to be my girlfriend but i am so so thankful for you and i love you so so so so much!!! heres to the future my gorgeous girl
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user omg thats so cute
lilymhe y/n is currently sobbing rn
user i will say it again i want what these bitches have
user stop its not even for me and im crying
user “heres to the future” marriage? pls yes
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danielricciardo happy you found someone just as annoying as you
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user parents fr
user i love them sm
yourusername stop it
yourusername im literally crying rn
yourusername my mascara isnt waterproof lando
- landonorris oh damn very sorry
yourusername i actually love you so so much
yourusername chose to be your gf cause your ridiculously cute
- landonorris *happy lando noises*
yourusername heres to the future indeed
- landonorris 😆😆
oscarpiastri the future… yess 🙃
- user oscar 🤨 what do you know
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masterlist ✮˚. ᵎᵎ
copright to @meiscoven 2023
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getting some help
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
While we wait for the special to drop in English, have these screenshot edits I did for Cursed AU
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
First art of Papaya 2021, still kinda epic
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tropical fruit salad 🍉🍌🥝 | source
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Nerospicy has never been so cute
Oscar Piastri x Nerodivergent!reader
Genre: fluff... angst if you squint.
Request: nope but they are open! Max, Charles, Oscar, Lando, George, Daniel and Pierre are on the list. Also open for poly fics if anyone is interested.
Summary: just cute fluff between Oscar and his autistic coded partner
Warnings: idk people who can't mind their own business IG
Notes: This is self-indulgent, and I do not care. I just wanna feel supported, okay? T_T
Also, I've sent up my account to let tips be enabled. I was debating whether or not to say this because i dont want to sound like im begging, but frankly, people opinions do not matter me me. If you like my writing and want to support me, please consider tipping my posts or my blog. I put a lot of effort into my writing, and it would mean the world to me. Obviously, I won't have my feeling hurt if you ignor this but I wanted to put it out there.
Tumblr media
You weren't sure if you'd ever fit in with people. Something about you always felt different from others.
Maybe it was that you didn't understand their antics. Their jokes weren't funny to you, or you didn't understand them. They seemed you as sensitive, but you're really just incredibly empathic.
You were interested in things that they weren't. You hated certain foods, textures, and feeling in general.
Then somtimes it all became too much. Alone in a dark room with headphones in. Attempting to soothe yourself from the overwhelming feelings running through your mind and body.
Your friends wanted to go out of a Friday night. Previously, you were feeling alright and decided to go with. Instantly regretting your decision as soon as you walked into the door of the club.
It was here that you met Oscar.
He didn't really want to be here. He'd given into the pleas of his friends who didn't want to go without him. He liked people and going out to have fun, but he wasn't in the mood right now.
He noticed you sitting at the bar nursing a drink. You looked like you wouldn't bother him, and the bar was already crowded, so he sat down on the stool next to yours.
You briefly looked over at him. Finding your drink to be more entertaining than the male next to you.
You were getting more overwhelmed by the second. The discreetly hidden earbuds only help so much. The vibration of the bass and the lights combined made you want to puke. You wanted to get out of there, but your body was ever so slowly shutting down.
Oscar noticed how your body was shrinking into itself. He didn't want to stare, but it was obvious you were in distress.
"Are you alright?" Asked the Australian.
You didn't look up at him, and words became too difficult, so you settled for shaking your head no.
Oscar thought about it for a minute. "Do you want to get out of here? I'm not in the mood to party, and you don't seem like you are either." He grimaced at how awkward he felt like he sounded. "I promise I'm not a serial killer or something." He laughed but it was more at himself then anything.
Eager to leave, regardless of who the man was, you stood up and made your way towards the door. You didn't have a tab, just water in your glass to make you feel like you belonged.
Once outside the door, you breathe a sigh of relief. Less people, less vibration, and less light.
You wanted to cry, though. Your body still feeling everything.
"Do you need anything? A ride home even? I probably seem like suck a creep right now." Oscar rubs his temples.
For the first time, you fully examine the male. Shocked to see kind features and gentle eyes. He was wearing a plain t-shirt and jeans.
"Thank you." You managed. Not wanting him to feel like a weirdo any longer.
He paused and looked up at you. Wanting to find your eyes but noticing your eyes did not want to find his. "I'm Oscar, by the way." He reached out his hand for you to shake.
Which you did hesitantly. "I'm Y/N."
You had explained to Oscar that you didn't live close to here. Over an hour away at best. You'd been exploring the town with friends earlier in the day when they decided to end the night at the club.
He offered you a stay at his apartment for the night and then he could take you home in the morning.
"Actually, can I take you on a date first?" He'd found you intriguing and beautiful, and he didn't want this to be for one night.
You were nervous, to say the least, but when he offered to take you anywhere you wanted to go, the deal seemed appealing. Furthermore, there was a music store you wanted to look at that your friends had passed by. So when he offered, you pointed him in the direction.
"Can I ask you something?" His eyes never left the rode, and you were grateful for it. It helped the conversation flow easier for you.
"Sure." You shrugged.
"Why are you wearing earbuds?"
Oh. You dreaded this. Talking about the way your body and mind work had yet to end well.
Your hesitancy did not do unnoticed, so Oscar quickly followed up with "you don't have to answer if it's uncomfortable."
"Well, it's just that- loud noise makes me overwhelmed, and things like headphones help drown it out." You fumbled.
"Oh I use those at work too sometimes cause it can get loud."
He seemed so natural saying it. His calm demeanor helping you to read him a bit better.
He then proceeded to tell you about his job and ask questions about you. He was very clear when he spoke. Eventually helping you to wind down.
This guy you just met was taking you on a date. Was it a good idea to out yourself? Probably not, but if you didn't care for people opinions much. "I'm autistic."
"I was wondering that but didn't want to ask. I had a friend in school that was, and in some ways, you seem similar to him." He hit his head on the steering wheel. "I'm not trying to stereotype. I'm sorry that probably sounded rude."
You laughed at him. His response was one of the best you'd been given. "It's alright, it's actually kind of cool that you picked up on it."
When you arrived it the music store it was ten minutes to close. The records lined the walls, and boxes of CDs were packed to the brim. Not many people use them nowadays, but it felt comfortable in the little store.
You and Oscar browsed the music and talked about the different kinds of music you like. It felt natural. Even when you knew you were info-dumping, he just listened intently and asked questions about your interest.
Soon enough, the shopkeeper asked you both to leave. You waved a thank you and slid back into Oscar's car.
"Thank you for indulging me. I really enjoyed this." You were shocked to hear that come from him. Mainly because you felt like you talked his ear off.
The drive to his apartment was quiet, but not the awkward kind.
He opened the door for you when you arrived. His apartment was comfortable. It's not super empty or overly decorated. It's just comfortable.
"Right, so you can borrow some of my clothes for tonight and take the room, and I'll take the couch." He didn't even give you a chance to protest as he sped off to gether the essentials.
You two didn't do much sleeping that night. Wasting away the time. The clock moving two fast for your liking. You two spent hours conversing and laughing with each other.
Somewhere along the line, Oscar passed out on the couch, and you had made your way to his room like he said to.
You two exchanged numbers when it was finally time for you to leave his car. He promised to stay in contact with you.
A promise he followed through on. It didn't take long til you were following him around to races.
You were mostly watched from the quiet places in the McLaren paddock. Sometimes, it even curled up in Oscar's driver room. He didn't mind, though, making it a small game you played between the two of you.
You and Lando got along nicely as well. Oscar only getting frustrated when it comes to both of you and your eating habits.
You were manageable, but Lando was just ridiculous in his eyes.
You didn't actively say your autistic but definitely explained why you are the way you are. Eventually, people came to their own conclusions. The gossip pages included.
You didn't really understand the criticism at first. People had always misjudged and misunderstood. But when they started nitpicking your every move, it became annoying.
The names didn't bother you. It was them saying Oscar deserved someone who wasn't as weird.
It followed you everywhere. These labels that the media had given you.
You were happy with Oscar. He treated you so well, and you were doing your best to support him. You two created your own small routines that you enjoyed.
You couldn't even walk through the paddock without journalists trying to question you. The physical souch of their bodies and shouting so they could be heard sending your body into overdrive. You liked the environment of racing, but this was over your limit.
You were so glad you texted Oscar you had arrived. Him responding that he was already on his way to you.
He noticed the journalists first, then you at the center of attention. Your hands in your hair and your breathing rapid. You looked like you might scream.
His legs moved faster than his mind as he put himself in between you and anyone else. Very gently, placing a hand on your shoulder to try and guide you away.
You did end up screaming. Your body needing to release all the pent-up emotions you'd been wanting to release earlier. Thankfully, it was somewhere private and muffled by Oscar's jacket.
You didn't want the so close like that. They were too much. They questions they asked were incredibly invasive. Some even going as far as to ask about intimate things.
You managed to explain to Oscar what happened. His listening intently, watching you play with his fingers in the pattern your head had come up with.
"I'm sorry. I'm not trying to make things hard for you."
Oscar smiled and simply shook his head. "You aren't making things difficult, and on the contrary, you and your nerodivergent brain have never looked so cute."
"I just got done screaming and trying to self-soothe."
"It doesn't matter. You still look absolutely adorable." He kissed the top of your head, hoping to convey what he was feeling without words.
Am hour later, Oscar had posted to his socials about you. A letter to anyone who wants to form an opinion.
"Leave my girlfriend be. Neither of us likes having our personal lives invaded. You like to assume things but don't have all the facts. I love her very much, and that should be all that matters."
As you read it and looked at Oscar, who was giving you a goofy smile for being proud of what he'd just done. You realized just how much he loved you. Despite your labels, he saw past them and loved you for you.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
** Permission to post it was granted by the artist Do not repost/edit the art without permission Please, support the artist on their page too **
Artist : @PAPAYA69305755
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hopehopever · 1 month
Tumblr media
I've been doing a little Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DND campaign with some pals and I finally made a ref of my little guy I've been playing with 🔥
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idolomantises · 3 months
Tumblr media
New OC
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tropic-havens · 5 months
Tumblr media
Azulejo (​Thraupis episcopus, the blue-gray tanager) and papaya in Panama
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