ysali · 19 hours
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The vibe rn
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nabulsi · 19 days
I've had a chat with a woman named Suad and she's trusted me to share her story with you all.
Suad is a young engineer from Gaza who was excelling in her field, and had recently been told that she is pregnant. She had a bright future ahead of her until disaster struck and Israel and their constant bombings destroyed everything she holds dear.
She and her husband are now living out of a tent like many Gazans now. They have had to struggle to find food and water, and not only this, but Suad is also trying to nurture an unborn baby without access to adequate food and the prenatal care that a pregnant mother needs.
She is fundraising now to get herself, along with her husband and their family members out of Gaza. They require $20,000 to get out of Gaza and an additional $8,000 for transfer costs and living expenses in Egypt.
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(ID in Alt)
As of right now, they have made only $2,732 of their goal and their situation is urgent. Suad is now nearly 9th months along and will be giving birth to her child very soon in very dangerous conditions for both herself and the baby.
Please donate whatever you can to this fundraiser, and if you cannot donate, I urge you to share!
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ava-du-mortain · 12 days
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this option is the closest to how nayzak feels but does not capture the sheer magnitude of feral energy i am bottling in rn
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sunshineandviolets · 1 year
PLEASE the idea of the du Mortain castle becoming a haunted castle and being in like those tiktoks with the scary stock music talking about how the ghost of the youngest daughter still wanders the ground. and some YouTuber with an undercut and yeezys is joking with his dude bro friends about whether Cecilia du Mortain was hot
haha!! yes - you get me!! 😭🤭
ah the du mortain castle - what once was a home to an esteemed family is now the grounds for people trying to ghost hunt and making tik tok dances in the ruins .
omg the youtuber guys - yeah, theyd probs end up playing smash or pass with Cecilia and A.
speaking of A, i imagine they end up becoming a sort of cryptid mystery since they were known to be the only one who survived the attack. Wouldn't be surprised if when the detective was researching into A - ends up finding a 4 - 8 hour youtube video about the mysteries of the castle and du mortains.
There is probably like one person on reddit that was completely correct on their guesses, that was them joking thinking what if the eldest du mortain was a vampire or something lmaoooo
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grapecaseschoices · 4 months
GRAPE MY BELOVED ANGEL. I hope you have a wonderful fantastic birthday. You are such a wonderful presence in my life and I am so fortunate to have you as a friend ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
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Hdu come for me like this 🥺😢🤧
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vakarians-babe · 1 year
every day u are on my dash flexing with how good u are at drawing hands. every DAY
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nat-seal-well · 5 months
Aaaa it's your birthday? Hope you have a wonderful day full of love and hope this year brings you joy and prosperity <3
Thank you so much!! You are so sweet 🥰💙💙 It’s been a wild ride of a year but also a good one and I have a lot of hope for this new one too haha
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bansheeheart · 1 year
2, 10, 13, 21, 29, 30 for Greer 💖💖
2. How do they look?
Her current face claim is Miya Folick! I struggle a lot finding a good fc for her because no one really fits my vision exactly. Short black hair, dark eyes, and has several tattoos and piercings.
Tumblr media
10. What about their hobbies?
She loves painting and art. She's a very artistic person and it's a good outlet for her.
13. What do they think of the Agency?
She's suspicious of any and all government agencies. So....not a fan, especially considering how shady they are.
21. What does their apartment look like?
Dark! Dark colors, dark wood, etc. It's a bit messy and has a bit of a punk vibe.
29. If they could have chosen a different profession, what would it be?
A mortician. I've always imagine that she went and got her degree in human biology and got the certificate to become one.
30. Any fun facts about them you'd like to add?
She's gone through SO MANY REVISIONS!!!! I've never been fully satisfied with how she looks or her personality. Her current personality has stuck the longest though.
The Wayhaven Chronicles Ask Game
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mistyeyedbi · 1 year
u are the sweetest and i hope your day is full of joy ily 💖💖💖💖
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Aw, thank you ily!! I hope your day is as amazing as you are, hugs hugs hugs🥺
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nabulsi · 4 months
just popping in to say that while the watermelon 🍉 symbol is important, it is only spread because of the censorship and banning of the flag. but when you are not being censored or otherwise silenced you should be saying PALESTINE. you should be using our flag 🇵🇸
you shouldn't really be commenting or tagging as 🍉 when you are able to say Free Palestine or posting our flag 🇵🇸. by all means use the 🍉 in addition to our flag if you like to use that symbol but don't let it replace the flag
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nabulsi · 4 months
ok can i say something bothering me real quick. uh. Palestinians don't need to be seeing the violent fantasies u got for zionists and iof. like. wishing death upon them is one thing but sometimes non Palestinians put such visceral things in the tags of our posts that are uncomfortable and disturbing to read. can you please not do that?
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nabulsi · 4 months
apparently Israel is throwing a tantrum about not being allowed to submit a zionist anthem October Rain into the Eurovision Song Contest. They're threatening to withdraw because the EBU has told them the song is too political and that it would be disqualified.
You should still boycott Eurovision even if Israel withdraws! The EBU's refusal to take a stance against Israel on the grounds of the ongoing genocide is reason enough to boycott the contest.
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nabulsi · 18 days
I'd like to bring your attention to a campaign by Shahd Abu Mousa, a passionate dentistry student in Gaza whose studies were cut short by the violent ongoing genocide, and whose dreams were dashed when she and her family lost everything they own.
Shahd is trying to raise funds to save her family's lives, including her older brother, her parents, and her 3 younger sisters. They are a loving family, just trying to survive these horrific circumstances.
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(ID in Alt)
In addition to raising funds for her family, Shahd has been conducting the important and heroic work of acting as a volunteer dentist during the war, at great risk to herself, just to provide healthcare to her fellow Gazans at a time when resources are scarce and the medical infrastructure of Gaza is completely gone.
Being forced to constantly evacuate from area to area under threat of bombing and gunfire, as well as the scarce resources is no way to live. And this family needs your help. They are requesting $40,000 and have only reached $4,811 as of now. Their donations have gotten slower, and as tumblr continues to shadowban Shahd's accounts, she needs help spreading the word.
Please donate if you can. Any amount would make an impact.
And please share!
You can reach follow Shahd on tumblr where she's posting a lot of updates, information, and photos around her experiences during the war @shahdhatem and also on instagram @/shahdmosa24
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nabulsi · 21 days
I want to bring another fundraiser to your attention. In the link above, Fadi Ayyad has told the story of his family, who lost their home in Northern Gaza and have been forced to evacuate to the south.
Fadi is a high school student who wishes to graduate and further his studies. And his father, Ayman is a well-respected and known Gazan educator, who has lost his source of livelihood during this war.
Their lives have become a constant struggle for survival, from trying to secure what food and water they can to the constant bombardment and raids by the Israeli military which threaten to take their lives at any time.
Their situation is dire. They require $35,000 to evacuate their 8 family members and after 1 month they have not even gone over $1000 yet.
Help this family reach their goal and evacuate to Egypt, where they can get back a semblance of stability and safety. Donate if you can, and please share!
You can also reach Ayman on tumblr @aymanayyad81
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nabulsi · 6 days
Update on my friend Amani from Gaza! Things are getting very dire and she has asked me once again to relay her story to you in the hopes that you will be able to help her and her family.
Amani is a 32 year old mother of 3 boys. Originally from the north of Gaza, their home was completely taken away from them by Israeli bombardment and they were forced to evacuate to the south.
Currently, Amani's family has had to evacuate 5 times and is forced to live in a tent with even the barest necessities unavailable to them. Her children are deprived of nutritious food and clean water as well as medicine and healthcare. And everyday they are at risk of losing their lives whether it is to illness or to the Israeli heavy artillery.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
(ID in Alt)
Amani needs to evacuate herself and her children across the Rafah border. She is asking for $17,732 and has gotten very few donations so far!
Please help Amani get her boys to safety and out of harm's way! Every moment they spend in Gaza their life is at risk and the trauma they gain is lifelong. Donate what you can and please make sure you share!
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nabulsi · 16 days
I'd like to talk about a 17 year old girl called Tala Nassar @talanassar. She urged me to share her family's story.
On Oct. 7th this family lost everything they own. They were forced to evacuate several times and now they are currently in Rafah. And things in Rafah are worse than anyone can imagine right now.
Tala's father has gone missing. They haven't been able to reach him for 2 days now. And Tala's mother, Rania Shaqqoura, who is now without her husband and caring for her 7 children, is 49 years old and was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago. She is without treatment for her illness as the medical infrastructure is completely gone in Gaza.
Additionally, Tala and her siblings are suffering health issues due to the environment they are forced to live in and the unimaginable pain both physical and mental they are affected by.
Everyday they fear it is their last day, and they urgently need your help to evacuate Gaza and get to safety.
They have a goal of €30,000 and their donations are very low right now, sitting only at €1,441. It's urgent that you donate whatever you can and please share this!
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