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ahn1zos · 2 days
Midnight Confessions (pt4/?)
Tumblr media
I made zero effort in coloring this one, i’m sorry lol
i didn’t made justice to this page
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desib717 · 3 days
Tumblr media
I was bored and felt like drawing the other day so I decided to just try to make the most self-indulgent post-revival redesign for Penny I could manage (Which mostly just meant making her as unapologetically and visibly robotic as I could lol)
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notmaplemable · 3 days
Jaune: Penny.
Penny: Yes, Boyfriend-Jaune?
Jaune: I want to kiss every freckle on your body.
Penny: ...
Jaune: ...
Penny: ...Well, go ahead.
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howlingday · 19 hours
Jaune: I wouldn't trut them. Their priorities are about as straight as my sex life.
Penny: There are approximately two ways to interpret this joke.
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Bracket 1, Round C, Attack 8
I'm sorry no clever Joke they were one of the last 4 sorted I'm sorry
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Durandal Propaganda
Penny Propaganda
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wu-sisyphus-gang · 2 days
Jaune: People don't think quantum randomness can bubble up to our reality. We will now demonstrate that it does. One for chicken. Two for beef. Three for pork. Penny give me a quantum random number between one and three.
Penny: Two.
Jaune: Beef it is. *buys ground beef* I'm having a quantum cheeseburger tonight. The opportunity cost and butterfly effect of this decision will have countless affects. Not just on my life but the lives of thousands of others.
Ruby: Jaune what the fuck?
Jaune: People are predictable in large groups but the individual is a quantum question that can never be answered. People predicted search engines but not Google. People predicted operating systems but not Microsoft. If you want to shake a basilisk on your tail use a quantum number generator. Become ungovernable.
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rwby-encrusted-blog · 6 hours
A few Frostknyte things.
Weiss usually gets carried by Penny or Jaune.
Jaune carries Penny sometimes, but not for too long because she's metal.
After becoming organic, Jaune carries penny a lot more often.
They all ride the Giant Arma Gigas summon, but that's more of a "Whole Group" deal, so Penny and Jaune get first picks.
Weiss and Jaune constantly kiss Penny's freckles. It is as annoying to everyone else as it sounds.
Whenever Penny starts to feel overwhelmed They lend her a hem of their clothing, or Weiss lets Penny play with her hair. having something ran through her fingers calms Penny down.
Penny missed Jaune's pre-volume seven hair, but genuinely enjoys his new do.
Nap Piles. Constant Nap piles.
Jaune and Weiss go out of their way to make sure the first piece of food Penny gets to taste is perfect. Penny has zero comparisons, but she loves it anyway. They made it particularly special for her, she's endlessly grateful.
Penny learns to sew. She likes it best out Fabric work. She Mends Jaune's hoodie and handcrafts Weiss' dresses and skirts for them. She'll do it for others, but they take priority.
Penny loves to fly Weiss around. Let her see the world from different angles, and heights. When hovering at a high altitude Weiss will sing for Penny. It's bright and clear, and too far for anyone else to hear. It's for Penny, and Penny alone in those moments. (Weiss also sings for Jaune, usually when he's playing guitar.)
Speaking of Singing, Karaoke. It's a weekly to Monthly Thing for them. Weiss is godly, Penny is adequate, but Jaune shouldn't quit his day job. Penny and Weiss don't mind.
All of them are lightweights when it comes to alcohol, but that doesn't matter too much. Penny and Jaune don't like how it tastes, but Weiss will enjoy a glass every now and then. She knows how to be respectful with liquor, courtesy of her mother.
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rocknroll7575 · 1 day
Thinking about a Rusted Knight Penny AU where jaune took the hit for Penny and pushed her off to protect her.
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A lot of these characters have songs so I thought I should make a post sharing them with you all. These are just the ones I’ve been made aware of so feel free to add your own!
I tried to find versions with lyrics.
Penny Crygor (WarioWare)
Penny Lamb/Jane Doe (Legoland / Ride the Cyclone)
Penny Polendina (RWBY)
Penny (Pokémon)
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hadesisqueer · 10 months
“this character is dead” to you maybe. I don't know where y'all live but I live in denial
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ahn1zos · 1 day
Tumblr media
Gfs watching their gf train ❄️🌹🎀
I wanted to illustrate this moment in a simple way so yeah
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chantaldraw · 2 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
"...because you did start something."
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xebime · 27 days
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howlingday · 20 hours
Ironwood: And the winner of this year's most technologically advanced student of Atlas is... Yang Xiao Long!
Penny: (Pouting in her seat) This is bullshit!
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crystal-fox2197 · 3 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Artist: Chantaldraw
The rest of the pictures are in the reblog.
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wu-sisyphus-gang · 2 days
Penny: I read about a mom who's daughter walked up to her, called her Alexa, and said 'play twinkle twinkle little star.'
Jaune: Uncle Ted was right.
Penny: The Unabomber?
Jaune: The same.
Penny: What about me?
Jaune: You legitimately terrify me. Your modality of consciousness could be totally alien to us humans and faunus. If you evolved on another planet you'd be less alien. At least aliens would have crawled up and out of Darwin's ladder so we'd have that in common. You're also somehow undeniably a person on top of that and have rights. I legitimately have no idea how to categorize you. What's your brain look like?
Penny: I have five billion nodes each with five synapses. So I'm different from you Cetra.
Jaune: How did your father solve the alignment and vanishing gradient problems?
Penny: I... I don't know.
Jaune: You horrify me. I'm your friend. But you horrify me.
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