#people are so afraid of upsetting loud romy fans that they keep these two characters stagnant in the background
thevulturesquadron · 22 days
Thoughts probably no one is interested in, but I need to vent into the void of tumblr:
I am still pretty annoyed that in recent comics issues we got to see absolutely zero reaction from Rogue both during Magneto’s death and his return. Even the smallest panel for any of the events would have been sufficient.
Not to mention she was practically nonexistent in the whole Krakoa run (with both Mystique and Destiny being right. there).
It’s like she’s being held hostage in that marriage, locked away from any character development. She’s not allowed to even spare a look at anything and anyone (not even her family!!!!) without Gambit breathing down her neck.
That marriage was a mistake. There, I said it. It boxes both Rogue and Gambit into such nothing characters that aren’t allowed to have meaningful connections with anyone else.
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Release my darlings at once! She-Hulk bring the divorce papers!
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