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cirifiona · 2 days
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The Complete Vox Machina Set
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aspen43 · 3 days
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i am so in love with this silly little man
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totonieee · 2 days
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white haired bad bitches
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your-turn-to-role · 2 days
is there a canon reason why percy and vex broke up? did tal or laura ever say why exactly?
not to my knowledge? they mentioned a lot about the secret wedding, but the break up was mentioned offhand in the campaign wrap-up talks machina, when they were asked if there was anything anyone did during the year off that never came up in the campaign
i will say though that in quite a few talks machinas tal and laura talk about perc'ahlia like a celebrity relationship (or specifically say "yeah we're one of those couples"), and that's a thing you tend to see fairly often with celebrities that end up in tabloids - they have a complicated life, they break up and get back together quite a bit, so i think part of it is tal and laura having fun playing that drama and letting them be those disaster celebrities
if you want my speculation on an in-canon reason though? i think the commitment freaked them out
like vex has always had issues surrounding stability, she's not had it in her life since she was a little kid, and she's just made excuses to herself her whole life that she's fine because she doesn't want stability - she just wants her brother and to keep moving and to never have to worry about putting down roots or forming emotional attachments because it hurts less that way. it's why she gets so jealous and snippy when vax starts showing interest in keyleth, and why she keeps shutting down his attempts to tell her he's moving to zephrah - she can't keep being flighty and only attached to her brother if he wants to settle down with someone else
as much as she loves percy, and they're good for each other, we know from the grey hunt trial that the idea of settling down with him scares her, because it's new, and because it means for the first time in a long time she has something to lose
percy is almost the opposite, he lost his entire family once already and he doesn't ever want to do that again. it's why he gets so vicious when scanlan leaves, because vox machina is his new family, and no one's allowed to tear that apart again (also why we get the really tentative "i know we don't always agree and i know i can be unkind, but... you know you're family, right?" to grog immediately after)
but a relationship is a whole new step, he trusts vex about as much as he does anyone, but this isn't just trusting her with his anger issues, or trusting her with his city, this is trusting her with the future, with his future, with always being around. i don't think he's confident enough to believe she loves him that much, that anyone could, and if he lets himself take that step fully, he has so much more to lose if something happens like it did last time
so it's all well and good when the relationship is new, when they're still trying things out, when it's flirty and it doesn't have to be serious if they don't want it to
even in moments where it's emotionally heavy, like percy's resurrection, it's still new and in the moment, they're not looking past what's immediately in front of them
(and even after that heavy moment, vex got nervous percy didn't like her back and decided to push it all to the back of her brain and not think about it - vax straight up told her to go chase him bc she deserved to be happy and she instead got drunk and changed the subject)
but then the fighting's over. they're not worried about their lives every day. no one died, they're both still here. and it starts to sink in with them that this isn't going anywhere. that this can be their forever, if they choose it. and that scares both of them, and when they get scared they tend to either wall themselves off or lash out, and both would cause a schism in their relationship. and then one day it turns into an argument and in the heightened emotion one of them says they should break up and the other agrees
and now they're emotionally safe, because if they cause the relationship to end on their terms it can't be pulled away from them unexpectedly
but they're not actually happy
and maybe they come to that realisation on their own, more likely they talk about it with their friends and vax and keyleth tell them they're being idiots
and then the question is what to do about it
it's possible they went slowly back into it
or, since we know their first marriage proposals were a dare, maybe they weren't even together again yet
i could see that being exactly the sort of thing they'd do if they wanted to get back together but they didn't want to be the first one to admit that they wanted to
skip the dating phase we already did that i dare you to marry me
and maybe they talk about it much later, maybe they don't
but i think by the time they got to the marriage, they'd realised they wanted this to be more than a casual thing, and it's still probably scary, but there's no one else they'd trust to get them through that fear and come out the other side
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A reminder that Percy came up with the idea for the pepper box way before Orthax came in, and while it helped him perfect the design, Percy got really close and did nearly all of it in his own.
The guy is a genius. A bit unhinged, but a genius.
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critical role campaign 1 spiderman au
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ghostofwhitestone · 2 days
For some reason I am simply plagued with Leona de Rolo thoughts.
I headcanon that she’s an inventor of some kind, much more bookish than her brother and always happy to spend time in her dad’s workshop with him.
So, she hears all the stories about what she shouldn’t be, terrible creations of legend that left a complicated legacy.
Also, she’s the de Rolo’s female twin, attached to her brother at the hip in her youth in a way that her mother finds way too familiar, and yet endlessly comforting.
She loves her parents dearly. Looks up to them for what they did and how they continue to love her and her siblings.
But at the same time, they are her walking worst nightmares.
Her father, a mind brilliant like her own walks around with the guilt of making destruction beyond comprehension, the bringer of death as much as of light.
And her mother, a twin alone. Separated from the person that no doubt was just as important to her as Wolfe is to Leona.
Thinking about how Leona desperately wants to be like her parents.
Except for in all the ways that idea terrifies her.
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essayofthoughts · 1 day
what do you think percy and vex's favorite food(s) are
Well for a start on that we'd have to think about what the cuisines of Tal'Dorei are like, especially the cuisines of their homes. Then we'd have to think about their formative influences and traumas and how that might intersect. Let's start with Percy.
Given Whitestone is located in the north, I imagine they tend to hearty food, especially in winter - plough puddings and beef stew with dumplings and hefty roasts. Stodgy foods meant to line your stomach and keep you cosy. Of course, the wealthy can afford to heat their houses better and provide better food, but I imagine the underlying principle wouldn't differ too much. They might show off by importing some things, but usually that would be fruit and spices more than a lot else, at least based on history. With teleportation, of course, one could import a great deal else, but I think the ease of magic would also have a messy effect on pricing and value.
Besides which... I don't know that the standard winter foods would be Percy's favourites. Winter would be when everyone's stuck inside and likely when he would be most expected to interact with his little siblings and cousins; I think he'd prefer the lighter summer foods when the castle has more visitors, certainly, but also fewer people inside constantly - with the better weather, more cause for people to be out in the gardens or down in town.
I think Percy retains a fondness for good butter shortbread, the sturdy kind that isn't so flaky you can't dip it in your tea. I think it was a preferred favourite for him when he was studying or experimenting and I think he would have rather an emotional response to getting to have it again once returned to Whitestone.
Other Whitestone foods I don't think he terribly appreciated growing up, simply because they were always there. And, of course, after the Briarwoods' feast, some almost certainly have very bad memories attached for him. I think returning to Whitestone would give him cause to appreciate the old dishes again, and while I don't know if any of them might be his favourite I think he'd be glad to have them again.
After the Briarwoods, he was canonically a mess for several years, then made the List, tracked down Ripley and got himself locked up, starving to death in a cell. I don't think he really remembers what he first ate when he was freed by Vox Machina (I think he was too out of it still, thinking it was all a near-death fever dream), but I think he remembers the general tenor of his first meals with them: a mix of field rations of dried meat and fruit, and occasional stews made of what the twins could hunt and the twins and Keyleth could forage up and whatever Pike and Grog could turn that into it. Game stew I think is something he associates with Vox Machina and a sense of place and security, and is a comfort dish for him.
So, there's Percy. I think his favourites are a good butter shortbread for dunking in his tea as he works, and a game stew that fills him with nostalgia and feelings of security.
Now: on to Vex.
I know a lot of people associate Byroden with the Southern US states and while I don't know if I wholly agree (given Syngorn, and the general riffs on medieval Europe for fantasy worlds I might take a pinch more from Southern Europe) it's certainly not a bad place to take a culinary cue from: no one can deny there's several distinct cuisines through that region. We also have snippets of details from EXU and Kith & Kin.
I think Vex has deeply fond memories of fresh fruit (peaches and apples especially, perhaps at times stolen from orchards they weren't meant to be in) and of her mother's cooking. I feel like they made the most of every bit of food they had so there would be lots of leftovers - cook some chicken one evening, have it cold in a salad the next day, for example - and I think there was some Elvish influence in the area just due to Syngorn's proximity. Given the twins' history, I think the things they recognised as having Elvish influence have rather soured the memories later - fruit pies and turnovers I could see as often having Elvish influence - but I can see Vex having deeply nostalgic memories of her mother's breaded chicken and a stew made from a mixture of vegetables and what fish they could get from the local waterways.
I honestly think Vex also has a nostalgic fondness for game stew. Partly due to her frugality - even as head of the Hunt in Whitestone she'd have access to game meat and likely wouldn't want it to go to waste - and also because... she and Vax had game stew when they got free of Syngorn and Syldor. They had game stew when they got Trinket, and Vex realised she could save others. They had game stew when they met the rest of Vox Machina and built a new family.
I think it's at times hard for her, with how tied it is to Vax, but I think it's also important, if that makes sense? And the fact that she and Percy both like it means it's something they might occasionally cook for themselves (singed bits of meat and veg, and a slightly charcoaled taste is de rigeur and just means they got it right, after all).
Thinking further, I'm inclined to say that Percy is... not picky, exactly - after everything he's been through I think he eats what's put in front of him and I think his upbringing taught him not to complain (much) - but I do think he's very very selective of what he actually likes. This plus his privacy makes pinning down what his favourite foods might be a bit difficult. I can't really think of anything, fancy or not, that he'd be so delighted by he'd call it favourite and seek out, and given how he tends to avoid being overbearing or even weighing in unless he thinks it matters (and remember, for a long time he's not so sure he as a person matters. As a de Rolo or a member of Vox Machina, certainly, but as a person? Not so much) I don't think he'd necessarily give away any favourites of his easily.
Vex, meanwhile, likes what she likes and as long as she's not being made to feel ashamed of it, won't really care much. I can see her having a moment of thrilled delight at an early meal at Greyskull, after they employ Laina as a cook, perhaps some kind of herby chicken pie with savoury scone topping, and frequently wanting more. However, I suspect she'd rarely ask for it until much later - after she's titled, perhaps even after Percy get together. After being so convinced her own wants and desires are secondary to everyone else's, I don't think she'd want to request it if she wasn't sure the others would want it too. I can also see her having a particular fancy Elven foodstuff as a guilty pleasure, one she avoids due to cost, bad memories, and worries of what Vax might think, but which she finds too delicious to not enjoy any chance she gets. I'm thinking some kind of ludicrously fancy Elvish patisserie with fresh berries, probably, but could be convinced to something else.
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the-herdier · 2 days
Percy de Rolo 🤝 Roberto de Niro
Wanting others to think they are the only functional adult in the room when in reality they are probably the *least* functional
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keyleth-clay · 2 days
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Critical Role Ship Moodboards: Polymachina
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otterlyart · 4 months
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From Table to Screen: Percy’s first act of love
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ghostpainters · 2 months
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Vox Machina Plays Mario Kart 
Vex’ahlia is obviously winning. Keyleth is better at this game than she gives herself credit for and isn’t doing half bad. Grog is being a little too aggressive with the turns and keeps crashing into things; and yet somehow, he’s still a place ahead of Scanlan. The game is clearly rigged! 
Vox Machina House Rules: 1). No loud music before 9 AM 2). Butter knives are NOT weapons 3). PLEASE try the doorknob first 4). Whoever breaks the door down, pays for it.
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aq2003 · 2 months
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grog's favorite color (x)
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crithaus · 23 days
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POV: you and your wife are the hottest, smartest people in the room and that is but a cold comfort cuz none of these assholes know how to do their jobs and thus, the shit-talking is the most you'll get done today
guys i did it it took forever but i did it
theyre gonna go home and bang and then be responsible realm saving noblefolk after this mark my words
also some more doodles and the timelapse under the cut, if you like please GOD tell me in the tags i beg of u. pretty pretty please, also if you rly rly like the tip option is open, slide ya girl a dolla if u so choose
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yknow maybe theyll bang here who knows , who could stop them tbh, decorum??? maybe
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shorthaltsjester · 2 months
the reason critical role is so good is because every campaign features at least one cast member creating a character that they intend to be doomed by the narrative and matt and the rest of the cast going don’t be an idiot, Our Love Will Undoom Them. like in the explanation of percy’s final playlist, taliesin wrote, “Cheers to a happy ending for a character intended by his creator to be karmically irredeemable. May we all be so fortunate.” and just, Yeah.
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