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He鈥檚 so dear to me, so i had to give him the maximum honor a character can have; 聽to draw them doing some kind of gymnastics
i really hope you like it, i had to learn how to really use tumblr for this ..
Submitted by @carnelianeye
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lesbian-deadpool 22 hours
Y/N: I just watched Peter and MJ try to cross a street and almost get hit by a car.
Y/N: When the driver honked Peter yelled, "SORRY" at the same time MJ yelled, "FUCK OFF".
Y/N: I want what they have.
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Spidey's little problem
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Tony: Have fun at your party
Peter: Thanks
Tony: You know what they say: 鈥淟iquor before beer, never fear. Don鈥檛 do heroin鈥
Peter: It鈥檚 a pizza party for the Academic Decathlon I鈥檒l be back before 9
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incorrectquotesmcu 3 days
Wade: Oh my god, a roach! A roach!
Peter: Well, take your shoe off and kill it!
[Wade takes his shoe and steps on the roach with his bare foot]
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Love Unlimited: Infinity Comics #40 (2023)
written by Fabian Nicieza art by Salva Espin & Israel Silva
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web of spider-man #33
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normal positions to kiss your boyfriend in
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mamaspidershit 3 days
Natasha: Why shouldn't you put a toaster in a bathtub full of water?
Peter: Because your toast would get soggy!
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marvel-lous-guy 3 days
Peter: Hey Tony, what are you doing for Peppers birthday?
Tony: Dinner!
Harley: where?
Tont: here
Harley: are you at least cooking it?
Tony: I quite like the tower not in flames thanks
Peter: So you did nothing?
Tony: I got her a card too. Here, look
Harley: *reading aloud* Roses are red, violets are blue
Peter: *reading aloud* whiskey costs less than dinner for two
Tony: *holding up a bottle of whiskey* I also got this
Peter: Pepper is gonna be so mad
Harley: Friday, save all recordings of Tony and Pepper interacting for the rest of the week
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wazzappp 13 hours
Oh baby. Peter 鈥淏ug eyed鈥 Parker AKA Spider-Man wif big 鈥榦l goggles
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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PETER PARKER by lpasotf Follow the link and give them some love.
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SpideyTorch Commission completed for @call-me-kayyyyy !
Created during the 2022 Marvel Trumps Hate auctions. @marveltrumpshate
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idk-bruh-20 2 days
Irondad fic ideas #119
We've all seen the fics where the Rogues return and immediately assume that Peter is Tony's son, leading to a "prank" where Tony and Peter "act" like father and son (they soon realize they barely have to act, cue feelings)
Now, a fic that is a twist on that old favorite.
The Rogues return, and they quickly figure out that Peter is not Tony's biological son, that he started as an intern and as Spider-Man but the two have grown closer since then.聽The Rogues assume that Tony has never told Peter how much he cares about him. They believe Tony is too emotionally constipated, and that Peter must still think he is "just an intern"
However, in assessing the situation, the Rogues have failed to account for some pretty vital facts: 1) the amount of time that has actually passed, and 2) the fact that Tony Stark would do just about anything, even face and overcome his childhood programming, for Peter Parker
Peter and Tony have known each other for聽two years聽now.聽They have聽already had聽all the emotional conversations.聽Peter sees Tony as a father, and Tony sees Peter as a son, and the whole Ironfam knows it. No one is in the dark about what's going on.
...except the Rogues.
When Peter and Tony realize that the Rogues immediately assumed Tony is emotionally incapable, they decide to聽prank them by seeing聽just how long聽they will keep believing that
Around the Rogues, Peter calls Tony "Mr. Stark," and Tony pretends to be a stone cold bitch (even while "subtly" remaining a helicopter parent). Back on their own floor of the tower, Peter switches easily between "Tony" and "Dad," they have movie nights where they fall asleep on the couch together, and dinners with Pepper, May, Rhodey, and Happy.
The Rogues decide they need to help Tony and Peter realize their feelings.聽This goes on for a聽long time.
Then, one day, Peter gets hurt. Bad. Maybe he gets hurt as Spider-Man, maybe it's a kidnapping or hostage situation. One way or another, he ends up calling out for his dad.
The Rogues all hold their breath, expecting Tony to be stunned, to freak out and go hide in his lab.聽But Tony doesn't even blink.聽He comforts Peter, holds onto him, promises that he's safe
Finally, it becomes clear that the Rogues... might have misjudged the situation. Just a bit.
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incorrectquotesmcu 2 days
Wade: You know what they say: if the feather fits.
Peter: Wade, it鈥檚 the shoe, if the shoe fits.
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