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Okay, I’m just all up in my Hale Family Feels™ today, apparently.
In “Magic Bullet,” Derek says he and Laura were at school when the fire was started at their house. Eleven people were trapped inside. Peter survived, so that makes ten. Mark off Cora, too, since they thought she died, that’s nine, and of course, Talia. Which leaves eight more. Who are the other eight people??? And it was also said some were human. And that there were children. Plural. More than one. 
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steele-soulmate · 8 months
Tattooed Wings, CHAPTER 2, Peter Steele & OFC, Soulmate AU
WARNING: mentions of child rape (nothing graphic) PTSD
WORDS: 2762
Tumblr media
Peter woke up the following morning to his phone vibrating. He blindly reached out his hand and swiped his cellular device off the bedside table to see a text.
Good morning! It’s 5:49 and I’ve just woken up. I’m going to get ready for Friday mayhem and then go poke my sisters awake. If I don’t respond back soon, THEY STARTED IT (I swear)
 Anyways, the three of us will be leaving the apartment a little before 7, so if you want to follow Sammi’s car up or meet us at the faire grounds, let me know!
 MC out
 Peter chuckled, feeling his heart swell at her adorable sign off. He stretched his arm above his head, his other hand still wrapped snuggly around his dick from the night before.
 I have enough time for one more round, he thought as he tossed his head back, his hand already pumping furiously at his shaft.
 I was towel drying my curls when my phone buzzed, indicating that I just received a fresh text. I finished dealing with my untamable corkscrew curls and crossed over to glance at my phone.
 Good morning sweetheart, I hope you had a good night’s sleep. I think it’ll be better if I follow you to the faire grounds- I looked up the directions on Google and I think I’ll get lost, even with the others with me.
 I wrinkled my nose.
 The others?
 Josh, Kenny, Johnny- I assume the invitation to help is open to them as well?
 Of course- the more the merrier! I grinned, tossing my phone down on my bed as I retreated to my closet to get dressed. I reemerged a few minutes later, dressed in cherry red high waisted shorts and a pink and blue gingham top. I tied my curls up in a messy topknot before I grabbed my phone and left my room.
 Twenty minutes later, Sammi was driving, Jackie was in the seat behind her and I was in the passenger’s seat. I had texted Peter with a confirmation that we would meet up at Diffy’s Diner and from there we would go to the venue.
 “So, tell us more about Peter!” Sammi bubbled as she came to a stop at a red light.
 “We’ll take the next right onto 8th blvd,” I directed her before turning back to the subject. “Well, what do you want to know?”
 “What does he look like?” she asked. I didn’t have to look in the back seat to see that Jackie was half awake, trying to hold onto the conversation at hand.
 “He’s tall- not quite as tall as Gideon, but he’s like six feet eight inches, I think? Dark hair, green eyes, strong as all get out,” I described him, purposefully leaving out that Peter was my soulmate and that he was a member of Type O Negative.
 Sammi snorted as she went at the green light.
 “No one is as tall as Gideon,” she muttered, hooking a right. “Our brother is a fricking giant.”
 “Seven feet three inches,” I answered, giggling as I remembered when it would storm outside and the three of us would crawl into bed with him for a cuddle. We stopped sneaking into his bed a little before our tenth birthday, when he went off to law school in Texas. Mom and daddy had tried to put a stop to it, but he told them it was fine, that he loved the three of us and to let us be kids for a little while longer. “The youngest son is taller than the others.”
 “Kinda funny, if you ask me,” she giggled. “You may want to text Peter- we’re two minutes away!”
 Two minutes away- are you inside getting grub?
 My phone sounded barely a second after I hit send.
 We already grabbed some food on the way over- we’re in my truck. You’ll know old the old doom buggy when you see her.
 I raised an eyebrow but didn’t say anything as we pulled into the parking lot. Sammi stopped the car next to an aggressive looking pickup truck. I eyeballed the truck as I took a picture of it and hit send.
 Barely a second later, the driver’s window rolled down to show Peter, who looked confused.
 “I didn’t know you were a twin,” he commented, seeing Sammi’s face.
 I chuckled as I tucked my phone into my bra.
 “I’m not,” was all that I said. “We ready?” I handed him a two way walkie talkie. “Green Man, do you copy? This is Celtic MC, over.”
 He only looked at me with clear amusement on his face.
 “It’s for better communications on the road,” I explained. “Cell reception is almost nonexistent, unless you have your own personal cell tower.”
 “The three of us have our own names,” Sammi interjected. “I’m Celtic Baby.”
 “Celtic Ring,” Jackie called out, shaking herself awake. “Are we there yet?”
 “Nope- we’re at Diffy’s, picking up the men,” I answered. “Alright, we ready? Onward!” I did a lame bugle call as the van moved and I could hear laughter coming from Peter’s truck.
 “Celtic MC, do you read me? This is Green Man, over.”
 We pulled into the parking lot of the faire ground and I opened my door to get out. I waved Sammi on and I walked to where Peter and the guys were waiting.
 “Hey, I think you’ll have to park and then hike- I should’ve told you the height limitation due to the trees,” I called out in a cheery voice. “Come on, I don’t mind any!”
 Peter got out first and immediately came up to stand next to me, seemingly taking care as not to stand too close. The other three members of Type O Negative got out as well, followed by a girl who looked to be about twelve or thirteen years old.
 “Okay, this everyone?” I asked, placing a fist onto my hip. “Great, follow me, then!”
 “Mary Claire, I hope you don’t mind, but my wife is sick so I bought Sophie with me.” I spun around to walk backwards at Johnny’s voice.
 “It’s nice to meet you, Sophie!” I greeted her cheerfully.
 “So you’re my Uncle Pete’s soulmate?” she asked me, squinting her eyes as she took me in. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Peter shoot her a look and shift on his feet. “How tall are you?”
 “I’m a wee bit under four ten,” I answered, spinning once I came to the bridge that separated the modern world from faire. I got up onto the railing and began to skip my way across. Suddenly, Peter was at my side, one hand behind me his other gripping my arm. “I’m not gonna fall, I swear!”
 “Humor me,” he begged me softly. I only smiled at him as I walked the rest of the way across before turning to jump off, but Peter picked me up and set me down onto the dirt with all the gentleness of a newborn kitten.
 “Gramercy,” I murmured, looking into his green eyes before turning away, my face beet red. I took his hand and began to lead the way through the trees. “We’ll come up to the entrance to the venue…”
 “Mary Claire!” I turned my head and grinned at James, who came bounding up to me. “Good’ morrow, my lady!”
 “Good morrow to you, Jaques Ze Whipper!” I immediately adopted my Irish lilt, giggling as he swooped down and kissed the back of my hand. I heard Peter growl out a low warning. “Are you and Aaron excited to be daddies?” I pressed my hands to my popped out stomach.
 “Oh, yes!” he perked up before dropping to a knee to lift my shirt up a bit.
 “Excuse you…” Peter snarled, shoving James away from me and tugging me into his body.
 “Peter, it’s fine- I’m a surrogate for him and his husband,” I said, switching back to my New York accent. “Besides, he’s gay as all get out.”
 “And who might you be, my good lord?” James asked, lifting himself from his position on the ground and dusting himself off.
 “This is Peter,” I introduced them with a smile.
 “Nice to meet you, Peter!” he said. “Hey speaking of which, will you be stage handing for the show tomorrow?” he asked me.
 “Do you even have to ask?” I snorted, waving to Aaron as he popped out from behind the stage, “Can we do Titanic tomorrow?” “Anything for you!” he responded just as Aaron came up to stand besides his husband.
 “Hey, MC,” he greeted me. “How’s our little girl treating you?”
 “She’s a ballerina, for certain!” I giggled, leaning into Peter and placing an arm around his hips.
 “Yeah hey, do you guys think you can help for a moment? I grossly underestimated how heavy the banners are…” Aaron grumbled, pointing up to the stage, where there were multiple giant rolls of fabric laying underneath the bans.
 “Do you mind?” Peter asked me, moving away from me as I motioned for him to go help. I stood off to the corner with Sophie as we watched the men work. Ten minutes later, the stage was looking very festive, decked with banners of red and gold, blue and silver, emerald and black.
 “I thank thee, kind gentlemen!” Aaron called out, wiping his face with his shirt. “Oh Peter? Don’t make MC cry.”
 “Good bye, Aaron,” I said, taking Peter by the arm and leading him away, closely followed by the others. “Sorry about them- they’re a bit protective over me and their daughter.”
 “You’re their surrogate?” Peter asked as we passed the entrance to the marketplace. I nodded, ducking my head as I led them over to a half hidden path that led through a thick covering of trees.
 “Come on- I’ll take you guys through the shortcut!” I called over my shoulder before I stepped through. I closed my eyes and took a deep inhale of air before walking forward, my hand still in Peter’s. I turned around and saw that he had his phone out. He smiled sheepishly before showing me the picture he took. The first thing my eyes landed on was my head of red curls, thrown on top of my head in a messy bun. Then my eyes caught sight of my grip on his wrist. The picture was both innocent and provocative at the same time.
 “You gonna post this to Instagram?” I asked him, giggling as he leaned over to avoid getting hit in the face by a branch. “Sorry, I wasn’t thinking…”
 “I won’t post anything until you’re ready,” he smiled, letting me take the lead once more. “It’s fine- I rather much like nature.”
 “Then you’ll quite enjoy faire,” I smiled before coming to a fork. “To the right is the shortcut to the food court. To the left is the shortcut to the archer’s encampment. We’re going to the left, come on now!”
 Peter chuckled at the excitement in my voice. I turned my head to beam up at him and I saw the others a little ways back, clearly giving us privacy to talk without being overheard.
 “Just up there!” I pointed to where there was a curtain of green and Peter pulled aside the foliage for me to step through. “Merci.”
 “Hey, Mary Claire!” I looked up and smiled at Jojo, the camp cook. I waved my hand at her, leading Peter through the Friday morning set up chaos. Peter walked behind me, our hands still clasped together as I half dragged him over to where Sammi had parked her car.
 “Hey!” I returned the greeting to Jojo with a hug.
 “How’s your wee jellybean?” she asked me, falling in step with me.
 “Well, she’s either going to be a ballerina or a kickboxer,” I commented, rubbing my hand against my belly, trying to get her to stop wiggling around.
 “You did kickboxing, right?” she asked just as Sammi and Jackie came up to us.
 “I did regular boxing sixth grade, seventh grade and eighth grade,” I recalled. “Hey girls- we ready?”
 “Yup!” Sammi was eyeballing Peter as the others came up behind me. “You weren’t kidding, he is huge.”
 “But not as big as Gideon,” Jackie mentioned, her hands on her hips as she craned her neck to look at Peter fully. “Brother number seven is a freaking giant.”
 “You’re telling me,” I snorted. “Come on, I’ll introduce you lot to da- he’ll put you up to work.”
 As I led the group away, I caught Peter switching between myself, Jackie and Sammi.
 “You certainly look like sisters,” he commented. “Who’s the oldest?”
 “I am,” I answered. “Jackie is nineteen minutes younger than me and Sammi is forty three minutes younger than me.”
 “Triplets?” His eyes bugged out.
 “Yup,” I popped my P. “The only real noticeable difference between the three of us is hair color- I’m a redhead, Jackie is a blonde and Sammi is a brunette. We would have so much fun screwing with people when we were younger.”
 “That’s good- hold it there!” yelled Tony as the ropes were pulled and the support went up.
 “You got it?” I whispered to Peter, who was almost singlehandily holding the support beam for the big tent up.
 “Yeah, I got it sweetheart,” he grunted, the muscles in his arms bulging as he stabilized the post. I had insisted on helping, saying that I was pregnant, not dying.
 Peter had long since rolled up the sleeves of his shirt, showcasing the soulmarks that bounded him to me. I had decided not to say anything, removing my leather jacket to display my tattoos as well.
 I looked up at the yell and felt my heart literally stop beating as the support beam slipped from Peter’s arms. He pushed me to the ground, using his body as a shield to stop the heavy weighted canvas from crushing me.
 “Are you alright, sweetheart?” he murmured gently, tracing my cheek with his nose. It took me a moment to realize that he was on his knees, one arm on the ground for support, his other cradling the back of my head to keep it safe from hitting the ground. I nodded, taking a deep breath in shakily collecting a fistful of his shirt and burying my nose into his neck.
 In any other situation, I would be having a massive panic attack, but with Peter, I felt…
 “Go raibh maith agat,” I murmured softly into his neck, inhaling his unique manly scent of pine, campfire smoke, and male musk.
 “Hmm?” he hummed, rubbing his nose through my curls.
 “Thank you, in Irish Gaelic,” I whispered, curling my knees together and resting them in his lap.
 “Mary Claire!” Sammi screamed just then and I tightened my hold on his shirt with a little whimper.
 “She’s alright!” Peter called, not moving. “I got you, you’re alright. My sweetheart. Are you injured?” I was shaking my head before he had finished speaking. “Nothing is gonna hurt you.”
 “You promise?” I mumbled as the canvas was being lifted up.
 “With my everything,” he replied and that was all the reassurance I needed to snuggle deeper into him. The little human in my stomach kicked just then and I could tell that Peter felt it, judging by the way his fingers shifted in my hair.
 “You’re not mad that I’m a surrogate?” I squeaked.
 “Oh sweetheart, no, I’m not mad,” he hummed. “It’s your body, you do as you like. Though I am jealous- I want you to bear my kids and my children only. I love how selfless you are, how compassionate you are. Christ- I’m so happy you are mine.”
 I didn’t have any time to respond, because at that moment, the canvas was dragged off of us and I took a shuddering breath of air in through my lungs.
 “You’re alright Mary Claire,” he murmured once more, standing with me in his arms. “You’re alright, my sweetheart.”
  Gramercy, thank you, Old French?
Go raibh maith agat, thank you, Irish Gaelic
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erhiem · 2 years
Hey Millennials: This Year Was Started no statement made Reboot makes you feel old? Maybe it feels like only yesterday that you were hooked up with Nickelodeon Drake and Josho; Today, Drake Bell Making headlines for allegations of endangering children. Or maybe it’s hard to believe Jamie Lynn Spears– known as high schooler Zoey Brooks – is the mother of two children.
Which is to say, we can’t believe how much time has passed since we first met these child stars. And it’s equally unbelievable that after all these years, they continue to make headlines (some for better reasons than others.) Take a trip down memory lane and find out where all your favorite exes are. Nickelodeon Stars are now.
Victoria Justice
(s_bukley/Shutterstock.com, Ron Adar, Shutterstock.com)
what are they most famous for
Victoria Justice made her TV debut in a 2003 episode Gilmore Girls, but children’s channels are where he got fame. after three seasons Zoey 101 and appearances on shows like Zack & Cody’s Suite Life And no statement made, Justice earned top billing in sitcoms victorious. For four seasons, she won over millions of teens with her role as aspiring singer Tori Vega. The series earned two consecutive Kids’ Choice Awards (2012 and 2013) for Favorite TV Show.
what are they doing now
Now 28, Justice is an all-around entertainer who divides her time between singing and acting. One of her major projects included starring alongside Laverne Cox in 2016 The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let’s Do the Time Warp Again. She also self-released two singles this year: “Stay” and “To F-Kin’ Nice.”
She has not forgotten her roots either. In 2020, he hosted a virtual edition of the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards.
Drake Bell
(Featureflash Photo Agency / Shutterstock.com, David Livingston / Getty Images)
what are they most famous for
Drake Bell was 13 when he first appeared on Nickelodeon amanda show; Five years later, he and co-star Josh Peck earned their own spin-off. Drake and Josho. NS odd Couple-esque sitcom ran for four seasons between 2004 and 2007 and spawned three full-length TV movies. Bell also found success as a musician, writing and performing the series’ theme song, “I Found a Way”. His role helped him win several Kids’ Choice Awards for Favorite TV Actor and Favorite TV Show.
what are they doing now
Bell had a successful career following Nick, voicing Spider-Man in various TV series: Avengers Assemblehandjob Hulk and SMASH . agent of, And ultimate Spider Man. They have also released a total of five studio albums, including one in the U.S. Board 200.
But recent legal troubles have put his career and reputation at risk. In early July, Bell pleaded guilty to charges of attempt to endanger a child in relation to an incident involving a 15-year-old girl. He was sentenced to two years’ probation and 200 hours of community service.
Jennette mccurdy
(Tinseltown / Shutterstock.com, Janet McCurdy / YouTube)
what are they most famous for
Janet McCurdy is best known for playing Sam Puckett no statement made. After running for five years, she starred in two seasons of the spin-off Sam and Cato. He also showed promise as a musician, landing on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart for the 2012 single “Generation Love”.
what are they doing now
But McCurdy didn’t capitalize on his teenage fame the way his fellow Nickelodeon peers did. He eventually quit acting and also recently declined the opportunity to appear in no statement made reboot.
Earlier this year she said, “I’m annoyed with my career in many ways.” “I feel so unfulfilled by the roles I played and realized it was the sweetest, most embarrassing.”
McCurdy revealed that his acting years had hidden personal traumas, including a history of eating disorders and a toxic relationship with his mother. Today, she has changed her life and focuses on work behind the camera. She has written and directed three short films since 2018 and currently hosts the podcast empty inside.
Keke Palmer
(Jaguar PS/Shutterstock.com, Theo Wargo/Getty Images)
what are they most famous for
Keke Palmer was a promising star with an impressive resume (akila and beehandjob Tyler Perry House of Payne) long ago Nickelodeon scooped her up to play the lead True Jackson, VP. Palmer’s role on the sitcom made her the fourth highest-paid child star of 2010; She also linked her success to a fashion line she runs at Walmart.
what are they doing now
True Jackson, VP lasted three seasons and ended in 2011, but Palmer continued to work on other projects for Nickelodeon, including voiceover work. Winx Club and a starring role in the film rags. However, she didn’t trust the teen demographic forever. In 2019, he co-hosted the daytime news program GMA3 (Or Strahan, Sara, and Keke) with Sarah Haines and Michael Strahan. She also had a role in Lorraine Scarafia hustler.
Palmer, who has one studio album and four EPs, has also continued to pursue music. (The Twitter controversy doesn’t seem to have affected his career.) In 2020, he hosted the MTV Video Music Awards, where he performed the single “Snack”.
Jamie Lynn Spears
(s_bukley/Shutterstock.com, ViacomCBS)
what are they most famous for
Jamie Lynn Spears was not one to live in the shadow of her older sister, Britney. From 2002–2004, he starred in episodes of the sketch comedy show all that. The following year, she created her own show, Zoey 101. The series ran for three years and was one of Nickelodeon’s highest-rated shows of the 2000s. In 2006, Spears won the Kids’ Choice Award for Favorite TV Actress.
what are they doing now
Spears became pregnant during the final season of Zoey 101 And is currently the mother of two children, Maddie Brian Aldridge and Ivy Joan Watson. She dropped out of the limelight for a few years to focus on motherhood, but in 2019 she was cast in the Netflix series sweet magnolias. The following year, he confirmed that a Zoey 101 Reboot in progress after cast reunion all that.
All eyes are currently on Spears as her older sister is fighting for her independence. Perhaps she will provide more details in her memoir, which is set to be released in January 2022.
Amanda Bynes
(Featureflash Photo Agency / Shutterstock.com, Instagram)
what are they most famous for
Amanda Bynes was Nickelodeon’s golden child in the 1990s. His natural comedic talent in sketch shows all that Make your own popular variety led series amanda show. From there, he spent four years starring in the WB comedy what I like About You While working on his budding film career. with positive reviews for she’s the Man And spray, fans and critics see a promising future for Bynes.
what are they doing now
In 2010, Bynes announced his retirement from acting after filming his final film, easy a. After a string of disturbing and controversial behavior, in 2013 her parents for stereotyping. She turned a new leaf as a student at the Los Angeles Fashion School, graduating in 2019. Bynes continues to struggle to restart a stalled career, but worried fans on social media are in favor of a comeback.
Miranda Cosgrove
(Everett Collection/Shutterstock.com, Paramount+)
what are they most famous for
Miranda Cosgrove Showed Promise Ever Since She Played Sassy Little Schoolgirl Summer Hathaway school of Rock. But it was his lead role on Nickelodeon no statement made Which made him a household name. In addition to starring in six seasons of the teen sitcom, she also starred in other shows for several channels (Drake and Joshohandjob Zoey 101handjob all that) and had a starring voice role in despicable Me film series.
what are they doing now
Cosgrove releases studio album Sparks fly in 2010, but it seems she prefers acting over music. Most recently, he received two Daytime Emmy nominations for his CBS series Mission Invincible with Miranda Cosgrove. And earlier this year, he starred in the reboot of iCarly on Paramount Plus. Cosgrove also served as an executive producer on the series—a reminder that she’s come a long way from being a beloved child star.
josh peck
(Featureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock.com, Matt Winkelmayer/Getty Images)
what are they most famous for
Like Drake Bell, Josh Peck Got His Start amanda show Before transitioning to my own sitcom Drake and Josho. Since then, his varied career has included indie films, voice roles for the Ice Age animated film series, and primetime network series. His role on the short-lived Fox comedy grandfathered He even received a 2016 People’s Choice Award nomination for Favorite Actor in a New TV Series.
what are they doing now
In 2017, Peck made an unusual transition from acting to vlogging. He started out as a regular member of David Dobrik’s vlog squad and then set up his own YouTube channel.
But he has not stopped acting completely. In July, he returned to the screen as the star of turner and hooch on Disney+. He is also currently filming 13: musical, co-starring Peter Hermann (Small, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit) and Rhea Perlman.
Devon Workheiser
(s_bukley / Shutterstock.com, @devonwerkheiser / TikTok)
what are they most famous for
Devon Verkheiser came to the senses of children after playing Ned Bigby in the popular Nickelodeon sitcom neds declassified school survival guide. The series ran for three seasons between 2004 and 2006, after which the young actor started working in musicals. Between one-time spots on various TV shows (2 Broke Girlshandjob Greekhandjob criminal mind), they released their 2016 studio album Proposal and three EPs.
what are they doing now
In 2019, Werkheiser appeared in the film crown vic, starring Bridget Moynahan and David Krumholtz. The following year, he starred in 10 episodes of the Twitch original series. Synthetic. He keeps his fans busy these days on TikTok, where he has 1 million followers.
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weclassybouquetfun · 2 years
It’s Disney’s Investor’s Day and news of their projects just keep rolling out.
Tumblr media
Disney bought LucasFilm for $4 billion so it’s no surprise they are going to exploit that IP the way Darth Vader....honestly, I don’t know. I’m not a “Star Wars” fan - I have nowhere to go with this analogy. 
Just know they’re going to use it. Besides the STAR WARS-verse series previously announced like Ewan McGregor’s Obi-Wan Kenobi series -
now complete with Hayden Christensen.
Tumblr media
I hope he didn’t compel his daughter over to the dark side. 
Tumblr media
and Diego Luna’s ANDOR
Tumblr media
is the announcement of 10 more Star Wars and 10 more Marvel series including two THE MANDALORIAN spin-offs  RANGERS OF THE NEW REPUBLIC and AHSOKA.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The Acolyte is a mystery-thriller that will take viewers into a galaxy of shadowy secrets and emerging dark-side powers in the final days of the High Republic era.
Tumblr media
A Lando Calrissian limited series, LANDO from Justin Simien (DEAR WHITE PEOPLE). 
Tumblr media
Film ROGUE SQUADRON helmed by WONDER WOMAN and WONDER WOMAN 1984 director Patty Jenkins. 
Tumblr media
The animated film RAYA and THE LAST DRAGON will have a day and date drop with a theatrical release and Disney+ Premier Access drop (like they did with MULAN) on March 5th. 
IDisney and Pan-African entertainment company Kugali’s science fiction series Iwájú. 
Tumblr media Tumblr media
- FOX / FX news: Four more seasons of IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA and a new season of the Ron Howard produced GENIUS; this time focused on Martin Luther King Jr. 
Tumblr media
An ALIENS series from Noah Hawley (FARGO, LEGION) set on Earth; and early talks about a series about the formation of The Rolling Stones focusing on the group from the 1960s to 1972.
Tumblr media
A final INDIANA JONES film (and I hope they kill that miserable bastard off). Directed by James Mangold, at least it will look good.
Tumblr media
NatGeo unscripted series from The Kardashians, Chris Hemsworth and Will Smith.
Two series involving director Jon Chu (CRAZY RICH ASIANS). He and Ron Moore are conceiving a series based on THE SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON and Chu will direct the first episode of the series WILLOW based on the Ron Howard film. Warwick Davis returns to the role. 
Tumblr media
More sequels and retreads: PETER PAN & WENDY starring Yara Shahidi (Grown-ish) as TinekerBell and Jude Law as (sexy) Captain Hook; live-action PINOCCHIO with Tom Hanks a Gepetto and directed by Robert Zemekis; THE MIGHTY DUCKS: GAMECHANGERS with Emilio Estevez returning as the coach and a Josh Peck led TURNER AND HOOCH reboot. HOCUS POCUS 2 directed by Adam Shankman (HAIRSPRAY: THE MOVIE MUSICAL); SISTER ACT 3 with Whoopi Goldberg returning and produced by Tyler Perry; a prequel to THE LION KING from Barry Jenkins (MOONLIGHT) with music from Hans Zimmer, Nicholas Brittell (SUCCESSION) and Pharrell Williams;  THREE MEN & A BABY starring Zac Efron; a CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN reboot from Kenya Barris (black-ish). An animated DIARY OF  A WIMPY KID, an animated  NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM, a hybrid live action CHIP & DALE: RESCUE RANGERS film starring John Mulaney and Andy Samberg, 
Tumblr media
series focused on TIANA and one on MOANA; a BIG HERO 6 continuation series BAYMAX; and ICE AGE: ADVENTURES OF BUCK WILD featuring the voicework of Simon Pegg.
Say what now?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Final confirmation of THE LITTLE MERMAID live-action cast.
Tumblr media
The one I’ve been waiting on: a sequel to 2007′s ENCHANTED starring Amy Adams. But it is titled DISENCHANTED which doesn’t bode well for the relationship between Adam’s Giselle and Patrick Dempsey’s Robert.
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wellntruly · 3 years
The Exorcist - Re. 2.01-2.05
Oh, we’re still going through it over here.
Tumblr media
Well to start with the start, the first few episodes of this season’s UTTERLY abandoned and only ever half-hearted attempt to turn this show into more of the “propulsive” action thriller series Fox had been pitched, is only getting funnier on round two. Car chases! Ego-driven conflict! Punching! But just as soon as you’re starting to wonder what is going on with your sad priests show all of a sudden, as if to say hey sorry, don’t know what came over us, the series slides out of that and just gets more tender and gay than ever, and doesn’t look back.
I mean, if I really applied myself maybe I could come up with some internal apologetics for the beginning of this season, but with the speed and completeness of both Tomas’s pivot back to confessing to Marcus that he is lost and needs him, and Marcus’s prickly doubt in Tomas’s visions transforming into faith and support, frankly I’m most behind my theory that the reason why everything was off for a spell was that Tomas wasn’t wearing his priest outfit. Like a miracle, once he puts it back on the energy begins to right itself, with only a couple more brief twinges like aftershocks.
--- It must be said though: character conflict really is the driving force of so much storytelling, and it still is here! There’s just different kinds of it, and where the conflict of characters spitefully telling each other they’re reckless or jealous is uncomfortably painful, the conflict of characters having a crisis of their calling and the other wanting so much to help them but being unable to because they’re not God and that’s what he needs, is wonderfully painful, and THAT’S what this show is ABOUT babey!
This show is also about Marcus’s ever lingering fear that the demons will take Tomas, something he has been worried about since the moment he met him, and only escalates this season. “Sometimes they just want to hurt something that’s good and pure,” he tells Cindy, shortly after her demon has taunted Marcus that it doesn’t matter if he tries to keep Tomas away, “I’ll have him.” Shudder. Marcus also explains to Cindy that demons tempt you with what your heart wants most, and we see that bear out with Tomas time and again. But you know what’s interesting? We’ve never seen the demons offer Marcus what he wants, not once. They never try that with him, they only tell him what he doesn’t want to hear, what will hurt. Tomas falls for the good things but not the bad (c.f. Marcus v2 versus v1)---does Marcus only fall for the bad, not the good? Do the demons show him something nice and he just goes, naw that can’t be right? God that is so sad probably.
I wonder if that’s related to how sweet Father Marcus is with people struggling with possession, calling them by little terms of endearment and warmly reminding them that they’re strong. He experiences so much harshness from the demons that perhaps his retaliation is to be just as soft as they are hard. And to make little jokes---the demons generally aren’t funny. Maybe that’s how Marcus knew Harper was okay, because she’d been quietly laughing when he joshed with her. Marcus, right after dropping an uncle joke: This girl can’t possibly be possessed, she’s got a great sense of humour. Tomas: ….
Speaking of my adorable daughter Harper, we’re in season two now and have a whole new gang of cuties to fall in love with! Starring John Cho as single foster parent Andrew Kim, still wearing his wedding ring. :( But look how cuuute:
Verity: “Dude we got this.” Andy, pointing jovially: “Hey don’t call me dude, bro.” Verity, hiding a smile: “This place is crawling in dude-bros. I’m gonna tell social worker lady that it’s a hostile foster home environment.” Andy, calling after her as she heads out the door: “Love you, Verity!”
I love her too. I love her with her hands out to catch Caleb even as she “tests” him with her dare to stand on the well cover. I love her camping in a miniskirt and tights over her punk ass boots---we have to respect this dedication to the #aesthetic. And I love Shelby, who also hates camping, and was so freaked out by a demon ghost lamb that he smeared its blood over their front door for protection. From the makers of “he’s a little confused but he’s got the spirit,” comes “he’s got the spirit but he’s a little CONFUSED!”
And I love Truck and Caleb’s double-act routine (“Hey, tell him why you’re always cleaning your eyes.” / “So I don’t give people dirty looks.”), how Truck described Marcus to Caleb when he arrived with Tomas (both that he did it, and the manner in which he did it), and how Caleb teased Harper that there’s hungry bears on the island but then spent the evening toasting her perfect marshmallows, free of charge.
Anyway, that megawatt dad Andy Kim has so many kids that you don’t even notice one of them isn’t real for four episodes, is still just magnificent. I think the little girl playing Grace is possibly better at playing an über creep than she is a sweetie pie, which is just fun. And it’s really neat re-watching the first half of this season and seeing how much Grace’s behavior is kind of just an off-shoot of what Andy is going through. The house is like a shrine to Nicole, Rose says, and Grace is too afraid to leave it. But, after Andy starts to open up to Rose and they kiss in the kitchen, the next morning Grace is ready to go outside and run around in the fresh air. It is also pretty funny in retrospect that in the second episode, the reason why every time Andy leaves a room after a tense conversation Grace is there, is because Grace is just: Andy’s neuroses.
Season two also adds a number of cool new adults, like Rose, with her dedication to soft drapey blush-colored tops that belie her will of fucking steel. When Mrs. Graham tries to tell her Harper is still contagious so she can’t see her and Rose just goes “Oh :) I’ve had my shots :))” Ha ha Rose! I’d also missed the first time that it was actually Rose who saved their asses in that house by conveniently showing up at the right moment with her own law enforcement backup.
And it is nice being reminded of how much I liked Mouse right off the bat. It is clear that Marcus teaches his protégées one thing every time and it is: We Require Ambiance. No one took this lesson to heart as much as Mouse!! She has SO many candles in that crypt!!!! She has fucking like, femurs and skulls and shit just lying around. She has a bone resting in a bowl like a pestle, I think for grinding up more holy ash? Peak Goth, None More Goth. Mouse gently takes Formerly Sister Dolores’s face in her hands (other Marcus lessons) and whispers to her: “God forgives. I don’t.” PEAK AMAZING.
Meanwhile, lawd I forgot that Peter is introduced getting very serious about global warming. We stan, we stan this kind distinguished lumberjack-looking mlm who’ll drink anything as long as it’s not an IPA! I just, I get emotional just thinking about Peter, taking one look at Marcus Keane and seeing another traumatized veteran, and thinking “I would like to help him.” WE DON’T DESERVE PETER. Only that’s wrong: we do deserve Peter. We all deserve this grace in our lives. Ugh, Peter, my flannel angel.
Anyway, in rereading my first-round notes after I watched these episodes, there were two moments where I was like well would you look at that!!
2.01 Janus: “I can’t believe the emotional weight this is setting up so far is that Marcus is scared that not just God, but Tomas doesn’t like him anymore. If this means eventually there’s gonna be a scene where Tomas is earnestly trying to convince him that he does, I’m gonna lose my mind” -- there was and I did!!!
2.03 Unclean: “I’d like to place a spiritually horny bet that at some point Tomas will be seeing more things and he’s like ‘I don’t know what to trust!’ and Marcus grabs his arm or his head and is just like ‘trust This, trust me’” -- well fuck I got this twice
Miscellaneous notes
- It’s nice that the Witch House windows come pre-boarded—gonna save them some time later on
- Oh my god wait the song that Caleb is slowing down and distorting on his record player is the same song that plays on the radio when Marcus & Tomas drive out of Montana two episodes later!!
- After I made the dire mistake recently of celebheights.com’ing them, I am now enjoying quietly calling out the shots where Alfonso Herrera is standing on something
- One thing that is super nice is that this show does not scare me at all this time, not one bit
- The demon cardinal just dabbed the remainder of his fake holy water on his neck like perfume and winked at Father Bennett—ONLY DRAMA QUEENS IN THE VATICAN
- “This city’s only currency is patronage”—just filing away tidbits for my no demons, all Catholic espionage au
- Them in a nutshell: Marcus: “How do I get in touch with ye?” Bennett: “You don’t.”
- The first time I watched this I genuinely could not catch the tune any time Tomas was singing ‘Walkin After Midnight’, but had it as soon as Marcus did. I call this: Ben Daniels is trained in musical theater
- Genuine dialogue: “You’re not a priest.” “No, not anymore. But this is my associate, Father Tomas Ortega.” “Hi.”
- Why is Everything six months, have we talked about that? Six months since the incident in Chicago, six months since the Vatican has approved an exorcism, six months since Mrs. Graham got on her demon kick. The first two have a clear possible connection, but the last? 
- Tobias is a really good evil frog name, big ups to my sweet sunshine Harper
- God, for the rest of the season Tomas is gonna be like “I almost killed her!” Honey. You laid out a jar of water and a Bible. You didn’t even begin.
- Honestly speaking of what really could have killed someone: that hammer blow Tomas takes to the head. I’m actually finding it very surprising he doesn’t have a skull fracture. At the very least he should be outrageously concussed. All the acetaminophen for you, Father!
- Oh, oh no, I just found an emosh lining of Marcus teasingly swapping chip bags after Tomas picks the one he wants: he’s holding out food to him because that’s how he knows to offer forgiveness
- “At least with a demon you know where you stand. There’s a…purity to the design. A logic, and form.” oh was I just cribbing Marcus last time
- Ohhh, Demon Dolores called him Devon! “Dance with me, Devon.” Well, that’s eerie. Also I can tell you right now that I would FOR SHORE use Marcus calling him Devon at some point in The Exorcism of Father Bennett in my season three, but I would only get to use it once and it’s gotta count, and I haven’t committed to how I want to use it yet...
- “It was a really rough night, she kept asking for the two of you. And she wouldn’t even leave the hospital until I told her we were coming to see you.” m’duck has imprinted on her new fathers
- John Cho’s British accent is still like, weapons grade
- That Marcus gives off such clear gay energy that all the gay guys in his radius are just assuredly like “hi!”, while meanwhile he has no idea how or why he has this effect or what to do with them when they show up, is beautiful
Tumblr media
Oh my god like do I want a family
- I definitely thought Andy’s suggestion of chocolate was going to be hot cocoa, but no he busts out pudding cups. Also, I have since shown that screenshot of John Cho in a WSU T-shirt to a fellow Washingtonian friend as well as my WSU alumni parents, and every one of them freaked absolutely out. My parents don’t even know who John Cho is and they freaked out.
- Tomas like this seems like a good moment for a declaration of love: I will always be here for you Marcus: [actually startles] Marcus: usually I’m not the object of devotion
- Marcus this backpack…I got questions
- “Shot old Glenn dead.”
- Mrs. Powell: “I lost a lot of friends because I wouldn’t change my story.” Marcus “That’s something I understand.”
Tumblr media
Ben Daniels looks really cute in this scene I don’t know what to tell you
- Andy: “There’s a lot of bears on this island.” Me: “Ha ha ha”
- I just love so much that Marcus is out here having emotional healing times with Peter in a boat, while Tomas is being terrorized in a haunted house. This episode is such fan service, for the fan that is me.
- Now that I know I’m not going to see something horrible jump out at me, Tomas muttering a stream of Spanish prayers as he carefully walks around in the dark is my aesthetic
- I do wish there had been a way to keep the upturned, out held hands thing in all three of these visions, it’s so strong and striking to repeat it. Tomas could have put his hands up to shield himself from the chain and taken the next phantom blow there, then looked down at his battered broken fingers.
- Peter handles Marcus cutting this kiss off right when it was getting going with regret but lovely understanding, and is rewarded for his good nature by Marcus doing that thing where he touches your face intently and ur just like ….yeah everything is okay
— — —
The Exorcist The Show
Season One Part 1, Part 2 Season Two Eps 1 & 2, 3 & 4, 5 & 6, 7 & 8, 9 & 10
Season One again: Part 1, Part 2
7 notes · View notes
I promised
Summary: Shawn has to try to relax his kids on their graduation day because their mom is being held back at work.
Word Count: 4764 words
Warnings: none
A/N: I suck at writing summaries, but here it is.
When the call for the urgent heart surgery came in, she cursed under her breath. She can’t believe that, on the one day that she needs to be home early, her patient, an 18-year-old girl, needs the surgery she’s been trying to avoid for weeks. Jane shakes her head as she’s scrubbing, trying to keep the negative thoughts out of her head.
She finds that complicated, as today’s Rose and Peter’s graduation. Shawn has planned the year around today, knowing that the twins would be crushed if they don’t get to spend their graduation with all the family. Her eldest daughter Leah is coming in from college in New York, Jane’s parents and her sister and her family have flown in from England, Karen, Manny and Aaliyah and her family are going to be there. And she won’t make it, she realizes. This is a very complicated surgery, they won’t be done in 2 hours, which is by the time the graduation starts. Even worse, if she gets out in less than 3 hours, she can’t even go home and change or be in the family pictures.
She looks at her colleagues and sighs. It’s time for them to get inside the OR and do their work, and now their personal lives don’t matter.
Shawn dials Jane’s number for the fifth time, looking at his daughter, who’s getting more stressed by the minute because her mother’s not there to do her make-up. He checks the time as he hopes, almost prays, to get her on the phone. Their guests are going to arrive in less than ten minutes and he hasn’t heard a word from his wife for the past 2 hours, when she said she was going to make a last round to check on her patients. He checks on the location she shared this morning so he could estimate how long she would be away, and sees the last signal came from the hospital, 15 minutes ago.
“Rosie, I’m sure mummy will be coming home any minute now. Just go and put on your dress and shoes.”
“Dad, she won’t get home in time, and you know it as much as I do.” She’s trying to hide it, but Shawn sees her eyes watering and her lower lip trembling.
“Go on and get dressed, Rose. I’ll go check up on you in a few minutes.”
Rose starts walking upstairs with her head down, muttering something Shawn can’t understand. Shawn starts to walk towards Peter’s room when he hears the front door bell, announcing the arrival of the first family members. He rushes to the door, knowing already he’s going to find Aaliyah, Josh, Kate and Jonah behind it. Kate is complaining about something Jonah is doing, as usual.
When Shawn opens the door he immediately rushes to his sister. “Liyah, I need your help. Jane’s not home, according to the last shared location she’s still at work, I suspect in the OR, ‘cause she hasn’t checked her phone in two hours. I need you to help Rose to get her make-up done. And I’m guessing she needs some girl talk, so you might have to do that too.”
“Aye, aye, captain.” Aaliyah mockingly salutes her brother and leaves to complete the task she’s been commanded. Shawn welcomes his brother-in-law and his niece and nephew into the living room. “I’ll be back in a moment”, he says before walking away. He knocks on Peter’s door. “Peter, can I come in?”. He hears a distant “Yeah”, so he opens the door and walks in. Peter is standing in front of his mirror checking the knot of his tie. Shawn feels his heart swell with pride and his sight starting to get blurry because of the tears. “Hello, dad”. Peter greets him looking at his emotional father with a smirk on his face. “Is mom home?”. Shawn wants to kick himself on the head with the question. Of course, mummy’s boy is going to wonder where she is. “She’s been held back at work, but she’ll be here soon. Peter, you, you look so grown in that suit.” He tries to change the subject to avoid further questions. “You sure, dad? She’ll get here?” Peter asks, sceptically. Shawn’s heart hurts a bit when he sees the look on his son’s face. He realises that, even though their three children are loved, and they know it, they’ve always been very busy parents, and Leah, Rose and Peter haven’t gotten all the attention they would’ve wanted to give them. “I hope so, son.” Shawn responds truthfully. The singer walks towards his son, who’s a spitting image of him, and hugs him tightly. As Peter starts to release, they hear the doorbell ringing again. “I think your sister’s there.” Peter smiles widely and runs to greet his older sister. “Leah! I’ve missed you!” Shawn walks relaxed behind him, and sees that Rose is already opening the door. Before Leah can say anything, the twins hug their sister saying how much they’ve missed her. Leah looks at her father and instantly notices her mother’s not there. She mouths towards Shawn “Where’s mom?”, to which Shawn simply shakes his head, meaning “I don’t know”. Leah lets out a sigh. She separates from her baby siblings to look at them. She immediately sees that Rose’s make up is not done, so she leads her towards her room, leaving the suitcases in the entrance of the family home. “Come on, Rosie, let’s get you ready.” The door is left opened, so when Manny and Karen arrive, they enter the house directly. “Where’s Jane?” Karen asks her son. “She’s still at the hospital.”, he answers, checking his phone for the umpteenth time in the past hour. “Liyah and Leah are upstairs prepping Rose, and Peter’s been ready for ages.” He responds to his mother’s unspoken question. That moment, his phone starts to ring. He checks the caller anxiously, but he’s let down again when he sees it’s not his wife, but it’s his sister-in-law instead. “Hello, Claire. No, Jane’s not home yet. Okay, we’ll meet you guys at the gate of the school. Great. See you there.” He hangs up and turns to face his parents. “They’re stuck in traffic, they’ll go straight to the school so they’re not late.” He sadly smiles.
In Rose’s room, piano music is playing in the background while Aaliyah is painting her niece’s toenails and Leah is putting on lipstick. Rose’s eyes are fixated on the pictures on the wall. Her mind is racing, but she can’t get herself to talk. When Aaliyah’s done, she looks up and recognizes the look on her face, so she stands up to leave the sisters alone. “I’m going to check if Peter’s all set, okay girls?” The two Mendes girls hum in response and are left alone in the room. “You know, it’s hard to think that we won’t be living here anymore in two months’ time.” Leah sadly chuckles, recognizing her own worries from three years ago in her little sister’s words. “Think about it like a new experience. You know this’ll be your room forever. Mom and Dad never moved anything from my room, right? You’ll come back during breaks and this room will still be you. It will still be baby blue, and you will still have your books stacked by alphabetical order, and the pictures on the wall will still be hung up in the shape of a heart.” The two very similar girls look at each other with tears in their eyes. “I’m going to miss Dad so much.” Rose whispers, but then immediately chuckles. “I’ll miss Mom too, don’t get me wrong. But Mom’s always been stricter, and we always had such a good time with Dad.” Leah laughs. “I thought the same thing when I left. But you know what? Sometimes, I miss Mom more. Even though her schedules have always been messed up, she was here always. Dad sometimes left to record for a week, or he went two or three months on tour. Of course Dad wanted to be the cool one. But you’ll miss the way Mom prepares soup when there’s a cold around, or how she always complains when it’s cold outside and we’re not wearing sufficiently warm clothes. It’s the little things you think about when you’re away.”
What the two girls don’t know is that their father is listening attentively to the memories they’re recalling. He smiles. His wife is strict, yeah. She has to. And yeah, he has always wanted to be the “cool Dad”. Still, he’s happy to hear that Leah appreciates the little things their mother has done for them during all these years. Thinking about her, he looks at his phone longingly, waiting for her call.
“I was looking at the pictures of us five when you guys were preparing me. Do you remember that time when Dad was playing in Rome and we snuck out with Uncle Brian?” Rose laughs. “I do. Mummy and Daddy were so angry when we got back!” Leah remembers with a smile. This is what she did hours before graduation. “But we got some delicious ice cream, didn’t we?” A tear inadvertently rolls down both their cheeks. “And that time when Louis came to the show here in Toronto and you guys wanted to go out afterwards!? Dad went crazy, and I think Mom pinched him, so he would just shut up. I felt so much embarrassment, but I laughed so much that night!” Rose laughs out, trying to breathe normally to control herself. Leah just looks endearingly to her younger sister, who’s about to start a whole new chapter of her life.
Shawn hates himself for doing it, but he realises that, if he doesn’t tell the girls to leave, they won’t get to graduation in time, so he knocks on the door.
“Girls, we need to get going.” He says.
“Is mummy home yet?” Leah asks.
“No, sweetheart. She’ll just go to the school when she’s done.” He ruffles Leah’s hair just like he did when she was little. “Let’s go!”
Leah goes ahead, not wanting to interrupt the father-daughter moment she knows is about to happen.
Shawn just stands in front of Rose, looking at her with endless pride. “You look gorgeous, sweetheart. Just like your Mom.” He kisses her temple and whispers “I’m so lucky to have you guys.” “Thank you, Dad.” She whispers back.
They walk down the stairs, where a real mayhem is occurring. Jonah is crying, claiming that Kate hit him on the head, and Aaliyah is comforting her boy while Karen is lecturing Kate. Leah just laughs, remembering that’s just how the house was when the twins were little.
Shawn has to yell to get everybody’s attention to leave. As they’re all getting into their respective cars, Shawn stays behind and tries to call Jane one more time, but it’s left unanswered.
In the hospital, Jane is washing her hands, having just finished one of the most stressing surgeries of her career. She gets out of her robes and sighs. She feels like a heavy weight is off her chest. If Sam’s recovery goes alright, she’ll be out of the hospital in less than a month. When she gets into the locker room, she groans, knowing that her family must already be at the school, as the twins’ graduation starts in ten minutes. Her colleague and best friend since college Olivia hears her. “Why are you upset, Jane? The surgery went well, Sam will be okay.” “It’s Rose and Peter’s graduation, and I’ll never get there on time. And even if I could, I can’t go change.” Olivia doesn’t answer, she instead opens her locker and picks a red dress and a make-up bag. “You’ve got 5 minutes to change and get the hell out of here.” Jane looks at her friend with gratitude. “Why do you have a dress in your locker?” She laughs as she’s already taking off her clothes. “Just in case I get late to a dinner date with James, you know?”
In 4 minutes and 20 seconds, Jane is ready to leave. She rushes to the exit but stops to greet her friend.
When she gets in the car, she quickly calls Shawn to let him know she’s going.
When Shawn sees Jane’s picture light up the phone, he smiles. “Love, where are you? Why didn’t you answer the phone?” “I’ll tell you tonight, Shawn. Are you guys already going to the school?” She asks, even though she knows that Shawn is very capable of getting the kids ready. “We’re here already. Rosie and Peter are already inside. Where are you?” Aaliyah is the last one in the line to get into the theatre, so she turns around to signal her brother to get inside. He simply shakes, while he’s pointing at his phone. “I’m 5 minutes away. Go inside and make sure I can sit next to you.” She’s about to hang up when something else comes to her mind “Do you have the gifts with you?” “I do. We’ll give them during dinner.” “Okay, I love you.”
As she’s approaching the school, she starts scanning the area anxiously for a spot to park the car. Like a miracle, a car leaves right before her, so she hastily parks and starts running to the doors, mentally cursing Olivia for having smaller feet than her. She gets to the door right when the guard is about to close.
“I’m Rose and Peter Mendes’ mother. I’m sorry, I know I’m late.” She explains, out of breath. The guard, recognising her face, simply nods. She’s always been the mother who came in running last minute to see the shows or to drop the kids at any event. She gives the guard one of her charming smiles and runs into the theatre. She starts looking for her tall, curly-haired husband and sees him immediately between the people. She thanks him to be sensible enough to sit in a row where she doesn’t have to bother everybody, but close enough to the stage so their children can see them. When she sits next to him, she quickly kisses him on the mouth. “Thank God I got here on time.” Shawn tangles his fingers with her cold ones. When he notices the difference of temperature, he knows she’s been in the OR for a long time. He smiles at her, knowing that, if she was late to her children’s graduation, it must have been something very urgent. He scans her face, looking for a sign to tell him how it went, if he’ll have to give her extra cuddles tonight because she’s sad or if she’ll be tired but happy.
While he’s getting lost in his wife’s features, which are slightly different from when they met 30 years ago, but as beautiful as ever, the lights turn off and he hears the principal start her speech.
Jane wants to pay attention. It is, after all, her son and daughter’s graduation, but the thoughts are racing through her head. She looks to the side and sees her huge family there, all supporting her babies. Her mother and Karen are blinking back tears, probably because of something nice the principal is saying about the activities the graduating class have organized through their 4 years. She remembers with a smile the International Fair, when Rose was in the Organisation Committee, the various musicals and shows for various charities in which her mini-Shawn played the main role. She thinks about the strikes for climate, for equality, against racism and sexism. She reminiscences the smiles on her children’s faces when they talked with so much passion about what they thought was right in this world. Rose is so passionate about fairness that she’s decided to make a career out of it.
She feels tears forming in her eyes, so she slightly squeezes Shawn’s hand. He turns his head to face her, a question obvious in his eyes. His eyes are about to start to spill tears, just like hers are. When the first tear falls and starts rolling down his cheek, she gently rubs it away with her thumb. They look at each other with pride, knowing that, somehow, they managed to raise three incredible children, despite their crazy jobs and crazier schedules.
While they’re waiting for the principal to call out their names, Rose and Peter are trying to find their parents in the sea of heads. “Do you think mom is there?” Rose asks. “I mean, she promised, didn’t she?” “Yeah, but didn’t she have this patient who was in a critic condition? What if she got worse and she had to stay there?” Rose, always more sensible than her brother, wonders. Nevertheless, she’s hoping that her fears are wrong and that she’s there. Peter shrugs, hoping the same thing.
When they call “Martínez, Carmen” to get on the stage, Jane and Shawn feel the excitement building. Behind the curtain, Rose and Peter are practically crushing each other’s hand in anticipation. “I’ll miss you, Pete. Class won’t be as cool as it’s always been without you.” “You’re such a dork.” Peter teases. “But I love you, and I’ll miss you too.” They look at each other with watering eyes, when they hear “Mendes, Rose Claire” from the stage. “Go get it, Rosie. I love you.” Peter quickly kisses his sister on the cheek, before he nudges her to get going.
Jane gasps when she sees Rose getting on the stage. She has been dress shopping with her, they’ve chosen the shoes together, but she hadn’t seen the look as a whole yet. Her long dark blonde hair falls around her face in waves, shining. Her green eye shadow makes her honey-coloured eyes stand out, and her lips are a light shade of red. As she looks at her, she’s reminded of herself at 18 years of age. Shawn looks at his wife and immediately knows what she’s thinking, so he whispers, “She’s a young Jane Smith, isn’t she?”. Jane turns around, smiles and nods.
On the stage, Rose is desperately looking for her father’s curly hair and tall figure and her mother’s blonde short hair. When she’s about to lose hope, she sees them, looking at her in awe. The tears she’s been holding back threaten to fall this time for real. She smiles widely as she sees her Dad giving her a thumbs up. She gets her diploma from the principal, who mentions she’s graduating with honours and that she’s going to attend Stanford.
“Mendes, Peter Manuel” is next. He comes into view, looking as worried as Rose was when she came up. Rose sends him a smile, like telling him “Don’t worry, mummy’s here.” Peter’s shoulders visibly relax, and he immediately sees his parents in the audience.
This time, Jane is full-on sobbing. She’s seen Peter so many times in a suit (the entire family has accompanied Shawn enough times to be familiar with dressing up), but now, he looks so much more mature. She realises that in a matter of two months, her three babies will be gone, and it’ll be like in the beginning, when it was only Shawn and her.
Shawn, on the other hand, smiles proudly while he thinks about the first time he played a full song on the guitar he got when he turned 5. When he sang along with his father in the studio and Andrew decided to give them the contact of a music and a voice coach, so he could develop his clear talent. And when he was 14 and joined him on stage during tour to sing “Treat you better” together. And now, he’s going to Julliard School. He couldn’t be prouder of his little boy.
When the last alumni get their diploma and their valedictorian finishes his speech, they’re all free to go. Rose and Peter run towards their large family and start hugging and kissing Jane. “We were so worried you weren’t going to make it, mummy”. Peter sighs. “I was worried too, but I promised, didn’t I?”. Peter turns around and winks at his twin, leaving Jane confused. “Why did you wink at her?” “Nothing, Mom. You just said the exact same thing he told me before, so he’s all cocky all of a sudden.” Rose rolls her eyes, but she’s smiling.
The entire family kisses the newly graduates as they start heading to the cars to get to the restaurant. Leah and Jane stay behind, closely watched by Shawn. “So, how are classes going? You still want to do neurology, right?” Jane questions her first-born. “Yeah, they haven’t ruined that for me yet.” She answers with a smile. Jane laughs, knowing that med school is demanding, so she can’t blame her daughter for joking about that.
Shawn lets them catch up and takes a few big steps to get to his sister. “Hey, are you mentally prepared yet? This will be Kate in two years.” He looks lovingly at his big, rare and caring family. “I know, right? She’s so much like you, you wouldn’t say she’s 16 already!” Aaliyah jokes. “I’m confused. Should I take that as a compliment or…?” “You take that however you want.” She laughs malevolently. “Okay, so you’re obviously talking about how I’m so handsome and charming that I look younger.” He says with a hint of cockiness in his tone. “If you say so!” His sister nudges his arm playfully.
The group has been becoming smaller, as small parts of it have been getting to the cars and have been leaving already.
“So, kids, who’s going to the restaurant with Mom?” Shawn asks. “I think I should go home and change into something that’s mine.” Jane chuckles. “You guys can come pick me up at home, okay?” Shawn nods, and Peter and Rose shout at the same time “I’m going with you, Mom!” Jane shrugs in response to her husband’s questioning look. “You guys can help me choose something decent to wear.” “You look good, Mom!” Their three children protest in chorus. “I may look good, but these shoes are killing me. Olivia’s feet are smaller than I remembered from college!” Jane gives Shawn a wink, remembering the crazy nights they lived when she was still in college. “Off you go, then! Leah and I will go pick you guys up at home, we don’t need to go to dinner in two cars.” Rose looks at her father approvingly.
When they’re all set in the car and Jane starts the engine, Rose considers she can ask the question that’s been bothering her for a couple of hours. “What happened at the hospital, Mom? You promised you would come and fix my make-up but didn’t come.” “Sam’s surgery became urgent suddenly, and I couldn’t leave the poor girl like that, right?” Rose nods, knowing that her mom doing what’s right is way more important that having her to do her make-up. Jane looks into the rear mirror to look at Peter, who has been quiet for a while. “Everything alright, Peter?” She questions. Peter lifts his head, and silent tears are rolling down his cheeks. “I’m going to miss you all so much.” “He says he’s going to miss us, but it’s Tess who he’s going to miss.” Jane whispers, teasingly. “I heard that, you ass!” Peter protests. “Where’s Tess going to school, Peter?” “She got into Harvard.” His head drops again. “I’m going to be in California, further away from New York than Boston, and you’re not crying about that? I’m hurt.” Rose is teasing her brother, but Jane sees her smile isn’t as bright as it usually is. Her kids are as sensitive as Shawn, and she loves them for it. “Guys, stop it. We’re home. I’m going upstairs. Do whatever you need to do, we’ll meet downstairs in 5 minutes, okay?” Rose and Peter look at each other and immediately know they’re both thinking the same thing. They walk behind their mother and enter their parents’ room. They lay down on the bed and look attentively at the opening of the walk-in closet. Jane, being used to the characteristic rush that her life is, picks a pretty pink dress (yes, she’s 48 and pink is still her favourite colour) and black heels. She’s carrying a jewellery box that once belonged to her grandmother and starts putting on the necklace. She’s having trouble, so Rose quickly stands up to help her out. In less than the programmed 5 minutes Jane is ready to go.
Shawn is pacing up and down the hall waiting for his wife, feeling like an 18-year-old waiting for his prom date. Peter is the first one to come down the stairs, followed closely by his sister. “She’s taking her clutch.” Peter says. “Wait till you see her, Dad. She looks gorgeous.” Rose adds. His children’s words enhance the “waiting for prom date” feeling, so Shawn can’t help but check in the mirror if his hair and his tie are still okay. When he hears the clicking of her heels on the stairs, he lifts his head to be greeted by an angelical view. Without realising he is doing it, he’s walking towards the last stair to take her hand and help her, which makes Jane giggle. She won’t admit it, but having Rose help her made her think about the day of their wedding, and she’s feeling jittery because of it. “Would the beautiful lady like me to escort her to the car?” Shawn says, half mocking, half serious. “I certainly would, sir.” She does a little curtsy, playing along with his little act.  
The three Mendes kids look at the scene with a smile plastered on their faces. Their parents may be the busiest people in the world, always running around to get them to all the activities they could, but the magic is still there. This is the same magic that they always see in the videos and pictures. This is why the Mendes Army has always loved this couple. They’re a living fairy-tale.
They quickly get into the car, knowing the other guests are already in the restaurant. Wanting to recreate the 10 years ago vibe, Shawn chooses the same playlist they heard every single day while going to school. They sing to “I Knew You Were Trouble” while Leah tells them a funny story that happened during a party she went to with Jimmy, Taylor’s son. In what seems no time Shawn pulls over in front of the restaurant. They’re greeted by their annoyingly loud family as they occupy their places.
The night passes quickly, everybody catching up and remembering stories. It’s already 1 am when they’ve finally toasted, and everybody has finished their speeches honouring the newly graduates. The Smiths are heading to their hotel, the Mendes are heading home, and Shawn finally goes to pick up the presents from the car. Leah knows exactly what the surprise is, as she’s helped to get them assembled. Jane is waiting anxiously. She knows they’ll like them, it’s a family trait to like them, but she’s still a bit nervous that they might be expecting something else.
Shawn enters the restaurant again with two identical wrapped gifts with their names written on, in what they recognise as their mother’s writing. They both open their gifts at the same time, fully concentrated on the package in front of them. They both reveal a thick book with the words “My first 18 years” written on the cover. They smile two identical smiles and open. They see millions of pictures, serious and funny, together and separated, with their family and with their friends. They all start to comment the pictures between laughs and tears. The last picture-clad page is one of Peter’s last recital, and many empty pages with various headings follow. The twins look questioningly. “You aren’t 18 yet, are you?” But Leah takes out two Polaroids she made tonight and sticks them on the page titled “My Graduation” in both books. “This story’s not done yet.” She tells them, smiling with nostalgia.
Leah hugs her baby siblings, and Jane and Shawn move a bit further away to give them some privacy. Jane gives her husband a watery smile. "We did well, don't you think?" She says. "I promised you we'd be alright, didn't I?" Jane hides her face in Shawn's chest, smelling his cologne. "You did. Thank you. I love you."
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another big old fuckin rape warning jfc
incest warning too i guess? lmao this book
four days after the first encounter and kate hasn't made another move - "But she hadn't moved from the lifeguard perch all week, hadn't even spoken to him. She'd just watched him like a hawk, gaze trained on him, as he'd stroked through the water. One by one the other swimmers had left, and he'd remained behind, torn between disappointment that she hadn't done it again, and complete and utter relief that she was staying away from him."
and then she does: "He swam lap after lap beneath her scrutiny. Then, just as he did one last flip-kick and headed for the stairs in the shallow end, he felt the vibration of her approach in the water. And then she was swimming alongside him. He couldn't believe it. He didn't know what else to do except to keep swimming. What was he supposed to do? ... He thought about all those human, adult things that he hadn't done, that she obviously had—get a job, have a car..."
so then they stop swimming, and she takes his hand:
She smiled at him, much more shyly than he would have expected. She looked down, then peered up at him through her lashes.
"What you must think of me," she murmured.
His heart was pounding so hard he was sure that she could hear it. He had no idea what to say to her, and he also had no idea how to get out of the pool without embarrassing himself.
Except . . . he didn't want to get out of the pool. He wanted to kiss her.
"There's something about you," she whispered. "I've been thinking about you all week. I tried to stay away. I mean, you're a student and I'm . . . well, I'm not a teacher. But I'm close. To being a teacher."
She swirled her fingers through the water. "And this really isn't my style, you know? I don't come on to men like this."
Men. She thought of him as a man. He licked his lips, completely tongue-tied.
what kills me about this is that this is what he does in the show when confronted with kate, or other things that make him uncomfortable (jennifer) - when derek can't think of the right thing to say he goes dead fucking silent. he just plain stops talking. & i'm like devasated at the idea that it's a lifelong habit 
and then, this is the most manipulative part:
"I wish you'd say something," she murmured. "I'm kind of dying right about now. I'm sorry if I misread your intentions. I won't bother you again."
His intentions? Misread them? He was baffled. But then he thought about all the looks he had thrown her way. How he'd glanced up at the lifeguard tower every time he'd made a turn to head down the lane. Maybe he had been sending out signals.
it gets worse! she "assumes" he has a girlfriend and pretends to be all shocked when he says he doesn't because he's "so handsome and all" and then says "look this is happening in such an awkward way i dont mean to crowd you im just drawn to you i cant rly explain it" exCUSE me oh my god and then adds "but i don't want you to think i'm just after, well, YOU KNOW" THAT'S WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE but he's sixteen and never had a girlfriend so he doesn't know any better!!!!
so she asks if he wants to go for coffee and show her around and then adds "we'd have to be careful bc outsiders wouldn't understand" i'm pretty sure they'd understand just fine :///
like i knew it was like this but im still so outraged on his behalf jesus
and he's thinking about how he doesn't know any coffee places in beacon hills bc he spends most of his time out of the community but SHE says:
"I think we're both having the same thought," she murmured. "Privacy."
Privacy, as in being careful not to be seen together while they were hanging out? Or privacy as in . . . oh, God, was she serious?
"So we can get to know each other." She pondered a moment. "Would you think I was too forward if I invited you to my apartment? Just for coffee?"
and he's like panicking running through his options bc he wants to go but he's supposed to meet laura and there's only one car - she offers to drive him home, and oh, wouldn't she just love to know where the hale house is - but eventually he just says he needs to check in with his sister first - and she's like, "laura hale? oh dont be startled i made some discreet inquiries about you" and it doesn't trip his creep radar bc he doesn't have any life experiences but holy fuck that's like right next door to stalking
as an aside i don't like how they use wolf as a verb in this book it's weird - he began to wolf, his eyesight wolfed - like nah. no thanks
uhhhhh so derek asks laura to pick him up in 3 hours and she's like "whats in it for me" and he's like "i wont tell dad i saw you frenching josh" JOSH THEIR COUSIN??
the exact words were josh was peter's sister-in-law's kid
that's, uh
i mean that means peter's brother's kid, then, right? which means laura and derek's blood cousin???? alright then
oh god kate came in the locker room in JUST A TOWEL while he was talking he can't get a minute away from her
laura's like "ur gonna go do something slutty with a human aren't you" THIS IS CONTRADICTING SEASON 1 CANON LOL derek never told anybody about kate! laura is super weird in this book if my 16yo little brother was about to go sleep with a teacher i would never be so chill about it
Oh, sweetie, getting your attention is like shooting fish in a barrel, Kate thought as she drove Derek in her car to her apartment. It was across the street from a bar, which, from her point of view, was convenient for when she wanted to hang out with the grown-ups. She was wearing a pair of jeans, heeled boots, and a black low-cut cashmere sweater. I can practically hear you slobbering. It's like you're a big puppy dog and I am a juicy steak.
this dialogue.......
i wasn't like, having the worst time reading this book, it wasn't actually that bad, but jesus
oh my god
"The thrill of this new hunt raced through her. The euphoria of the chase. She never, ever got tired of dangling herself in front of males of all kinds. It was no accident that in ancient Greece, the deity in charge of the hunt was a goddess—Artemis. Beside her, Derek "Aquaman" Hale had his head resting on the back of the seat and his eyes closed. He was really good-looking. This was not going to be the most difficult thing she'd ever done in her life."
good GOD 
so she offers him a drink, and starts with coffee, but quickly escalates to wine: "I like to have a little something to unwind after I'm at the pool, you know? Lucky thing I live across the street from a bar." She said that to goose him a little, remind him she was a woman, with a woman's needs.
and that he's sixteen.
now she's talking about how she doesn't even know if derek and the hales are the wolf pack she's looking for: She had her orders, but she had to be sure. Kill werewolves, and you were a hero. Kill people, and you were a mass murderer. The group she was involved with had detected werewolf activity in Beacon Hills, and she just had a feeling about the Hales. Of course, there were several other large families in the area that might make up the pack she was seeking. Derek's furtiveness and hesitation might have nothing to do with her assignment. There were reasons other than being a werewolf for not wanting to bring home someone who was way too old for you. It hadn't dawned on him to question the motives of a pretty woman who was coming on to him. He believed what he chose to believe.
apparently she has some tragic backstory w/ this? "Menwerewolves and humanswere so simple. They always assumed you wanted them. Some fat man on a couch burping and watching cage matches? Oh, yeah, you wanted him. A guy who threw you around the room and accused you of cheating on him? Oh, yeah, you wanted him. Like a hole through your heart. But the good one? The one that you really did want? A flash of rage roared through Kate, but she kept it at bay. She could feel it trying to take over, like a wolf scratching at her door. Rage was not her enemy. Rage got the job done. In ancient Greece—land of Lycoan, said to be the first werewolf—men who pissed off the goddess Artemis were ripped to shreds by her hunting dogs. Several times a day, Kate dreamed about ripping various people to shreds. Of course, she never acted on it. She left that for others much less able to control their savagery." see, like, if derek wasn't 16, i could buy bad men in her life leading her to want to use men like this, but derek is a boy and she talks continuously about how innocent he is, so like...no slide
i know i'm just doing a lot of copypasta rn but it speaks for itself: "She watched as Sweetie Derek politely moved a packing carton off her sofa and sat down. What a body. Still boyish, but with the sweet promise of a truly splendid man. If she was right about the Hales, Derek would never become a man. Just as he wasn't really a boy. He was a monster hidden inside a human disguise." that aligns pretty well with the "they're all just a bunch of dumb animals to me" shit she talks in 1.11, also, "Sweetie Derek," this is so horrible
she finally pours them wine and leans against the counter to "give him a view" - "She waited for his response. He was staring at her body. Wanting her. Intimidated by her. She loved it." like this is SO BAD AND EXPLICIT she really does just love that he's young and unsure it's FUCKED
so then we switch to derek pov, and they eat like a light lunch of sandwiches with a long awkward silence, and he does a lot of internal monologuing about how cool it would be if she could come home and meet his family and be her mate
which like...i know how teenagers are but he met her five days ago. tbh real grooming, which is definitely what she's doing, takes longer than that, but i guess we were going for brevity here lol
(in this book derek's dad is the alpha? but in season 3 talia is, so i guess they changed werewolves then to be matriarchial like hunters)
like, she's asking him questions about himself - lucky number, favorite color - she asks him if he believes in fate. he keeps clamming up and she keeps trying to get him to talk so she finally asks about his swimming and he blurts out that there's just so much pressure, even though he can't really tell people about his "double life" and she like IMMEDIATELY responds with "yeah ofc there is hs is so rough like the ppl you have to hang out with some are still like babies and some are all rown up and ready for the real world like you" like...this is classic grooming techniques
and he's like flattered and think she's mega hot but he's also really nervous, and when she leans into his space and asks if he's ready: "He set down his sandwich. His heart was about to burst out of his chest. His body was quivering and trembling. He felt as if he were burning up." and he does say yes so i assume they banged but THANK god the chapter cut to black
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some fun while holidaying there
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Jersey accommodation is world class and you can really unwind yourself and have some fun while holidaying there. If you are a history lover then it would be one of the best places to visit. It was Hot Wheels cars from the first few years of issue and they were still in the package. They had never been opened, like 1969 through 1973. I actually bought those sight unseen. The Surf City ruckus began in 2004, when the Huntington Beach Conference and Visitors Bureau trademarked the words "Surf City USA" to attract more visitors. In 2006, Noland stoked the fight by selling T shirts that read "Surf City, Santa Cruz, California, USA" for $17 at the shop his family has owned on the wharf since 1960. Shortly after the shirts started flying off the shelves, the family received a letter from a San Diego law firm demanding they stop selling the apparel. 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