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The Civilian Ally Guide
[A Danny Phantom / Batman crossover]
(Follow-up to “Been There, Done That” and “On Thin Ice”)
Notes: Thank you so, so much for reading, for your lovely feedback, and encouragement. So, I did find time (discord sprints are amazing btw) and decided to add a bit more. There will be one more chapter after this one to give this story some closure, and then I promise this is finished (for real this time).
HUGE THANKS to the amazing @crowswithize, @night-wilf,  and @dead-bouquet who helped beta this chapter 💚
Summary for this chapter: Now that the ‘bat’ is out of the bag, Danny must follow a few ground rules.
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The Civilian Ally Guide
Tim would need at least two more cups of coffee to have enough energy to get through with tonight’s damage control. Probably more.
Already dressed as Red Robin, he stationed himself alone at the meeting table with his laptop, where he was doing last-minute adjustments to a few slides in his presentation as if he were preparing for any given Wayne Enterprises meeting.
The group of vigilantes, minus Dick and Duke, had already suited up as well for the eventual patrol. Everyone was restless after Danny’s concerning revelation, no doubt revisiting every previous interaction with him and trying to figure out if there was something else they had missed during their initial background checks.
Only Bruce and Jason were still wearing civilian clothing as their verbal confrontation dragged on near the Batcomputer. The other Batkids surrounded them as their captive audience, waiting for some relevant piece of information to drop that they could use either for research or some sibling shenanigans.
Not that they were getting anywhere with this interrogation.
“Oh, for fucks— are you even listening? I already told you what you need to know,” Jason grumbled, a heavy glare focused on the original bat looming over him as he kicked back in his chair.
Bruce pinched the bridge of his nose. “We need to know if there’s anything else we should worry about or prepare for. You know the case we’re building against Masters is still weak. If you want to help Danny, as we all do, we need to know everything you know.”
Well, at least B was changing tactics and now appealing to Jason’s promise to keep Danny safe. The past five times he had asked the same question in the last hour, Bruce had almost painted their newest unofficial sibling like a liability and not like a victim who needed protection.
Because that had been the whole point from the start of this mission: to keep a vulnerable kid out of a bad situation at the hands of a suspected criminal.
Sure, Danny proved there was more to him than meets the eye, what with the whole interest in advanced astrophysics, hinting he had at least flirted with vigilantism in Amity Park, and figuring out their secrets.
The most surprising part of it all was how he had earned the trust and loyalty of Jason Todd, of all people, who was now smirking at Bruce’s frustration. “I’m not your informant, old man. Get your own sources, like I did.”
Huh. Had Jason found something in his research they had somehow overlooked?
Thinking back at what they learned tonight, Jason had been aware of Danny knowing their identities. He also admitted he didn’t tell anyone because he was giving Danny a chance to come clean about it on his own. It all pointed to Danny figuring out their secret “a while ago”, though that didn’t give them enough of a timeframe to work with.
A wave of nostalgia made Tim smile, trying to imagine Danny in his shoes a few years back, following Batman and Robin around. It was funny to see all the checkboxes filled for a more official addition to the family.
“What were you guys thinking?”
Those who were already set for patrol perked up at the sound of Babs’ voice from their comms.
“What do you mean, O?” Tim asked. Maybe two cups of coffee wouldn’t be enough for the crazy night they still had ahead.
“You left Nightwing alone with Danny,” she replied with a deadpan ‘are you seriously asking?’ kind of tone. At least there wasn’t any real hint of danger in her words, though his looming anxiety would beg to differ.
Tim frowned. “Signal went with them.”
“He left less than a minute into their conversation,” Barbara replied annoyed. “He said, and I quote, that he’s not paid enough to deal with this shit.”
Aside from the fact that he doesn’t really get paid… What the hell?
There were so many possibilities of what could’ve come out of Dick's and Danny’s interaction. Even Tim had trouble deciding which was the most worrying scenario: Had they started a pun war? Did they bond through their painful experiences? Did Danny drag Dick for his decisions as a vigilante?
Cass got up from her position next to Damian and Steph by the Batcomputer, and strode across the room toward the exit. “On it,” she quietly said into the comms as the elevator door closed.
Tim could see Robin’s scowl from across the room, even behind his mask. “If he hurt Richard in any way—“
“Danny’s traumatizing him at this point,” Babs interrupted. “Someone should give him a hug after this. Either of them, to be fair.”
That wasn’t comforting at all and it was not good enough to narrow the possible scenarios.
“Please tell me Danny made fun of his Discowing era,” Steph added. 
Despite the movement and giddiness, the conversation between the younger members of the clan still went unnoticed by Bruce and Jason, who were now talking about…trust and boundaries? Nah, that didn’t sound right.
“Worse,” Babs spoke again. “Let’s see… So far, Danny has called Nightwing out for being on babysitter duty, suggested that babysitting was a good retirement plan for someone as old as him, guilt-tripped him because he’s rarely around and shouldn’t be surprised that they haven’t gotten to know each other, bombarded him with puns to emphasize his point, and then layered some heavy existential crisis on top of it all.”
Tim blinked and stared at the next slide on his screen. He probably needed to reconsider a few things written on it from the sounds of it. “How did we miss what an absolute troll Danny is?”
Steph muttered in her comms. “You mean, like when he made jabs at all of us that one time in the living room?”
Shit… Had Danny known then? There was still so much they didn’t know and Jason hadn’t volunteered any helpful information. It would make sense but, three weeks was a long time to keep quiet with something this big.
“On the bright side, we got more intel on Masters that I’m still verifying, so I’ll keep you posted on that soon.”
“Did Fenton reveal how long he has known? Todd is not giving a straight answer,” Damian muttered into his comm, echoing Tim’s concerns.
“Ah, yes. I think he’s set a record at two days after moving in,” Babs replied with a hint of amusement.
Wait, but that meant this had been going on for…
“FIVE MONTHS!?” Tim screeched, his chair hitting the floor when he stood up, effectively breaking the discussion between Bruce and Jason, who stared in confusion at the outburst. He turned to look at Todd with an accusatory glare. “He has known for almost half a year and neither of you thought to tell us!?”
Bruce’s glare was hard to read, but Tim noticed he was hurt. While things with Jason had gotten better, they still weren’t in the most trustworthy zone yet.
Todd had the audacity to look smug in response. “Told you he could be discreet. You got nothing to worry about.”
B’s scowl deepened. “We’ll be the judge of that.” With a tap on his ear, Bruce turned on his communicator. “Oracle, tell Nightwing to bring our guest down to the cave.”
Spoiler approached the fuming bat with a placating gesture. “Whoa, already? Shouldn’t we let Grandpa Wonder handle this for now?”
Bruce sighed tiredly. “We have a case to work on and a new possible rogue in Gotham. If this has been going this long and Jason is adamant about protecting Danny, we’re better off talking to him about the consequences and not about the details,” he exclaimed, before turning with a more stern glare at Todd. “For now.”
“He’s a good kid,” Jason added with an eye-roll. “A huge superhero fanboy like him won’t let our secrets out that easily.”
Tim frowned. “Wait, I thought he didn’t want anything to do with being a hero.” He still cringed at the memory of some of the things Danny had said back then.
Jason’s snort was not at all reassuring. “And you believed him? He’s just too shy to spill his secrets. He read so many comics that he knew what to look out for when figuring out heroes and whatnot. He’s probably treating this like some undercover mission, for all I fucking care.”
With so many things the rest of the family hadn’t known about Fenton, Tim wasn’t sure he could take Jay’s word for granted. There was something playful about it. Was he messing with them somehow?
Or was he messing with Danny?
Damian almost stomped in front of Jason. “Are you telling us we were recognized by a fantasy enthusiast?”
“You can call him a comic book nerd, Damian,” Steph supplied. A look of horror crossed her uncovered face. “Which means, he probably has it all wrong. I mean, no one magically becomes a superhero like in those stories. Or comes back to life out of nowhere. Or finds clones trying to kill them.”
Before Tim could add time travel or dimension jumping to Steph’s “crazy” list, Bruce spoke first. “We can’t risk it. He needs the talk. Red Robin,” he called out and leveled his no-nonsense stare on his protégé. “Make sure you have your presentation ready.”
“Why does he get to give Fenton the ground rules?” Damian argued with a pout. An added sense of pride filled Tim’s chest.
Bruce placed a patient hand on the brat’s shoulder. “Because he’ll be more receptive to someone his age.” Damian grumbled something inaudible and Bruce looked pointedly at everyone in the room. “Don’t forget: he’s still a possible victim and we still haven’t ruled out Vlad Masters’ involvement in the explosion that killed his family.”
The sour reminder of their original mission, plus why they had given Danny enough room to be left alone, felt like a punch in the gut. Fenton did say he was trying to get back on his feet. He had even thanked them all for helping him get closer to his dreams. And had apparently respected their privacy enough to not spill their secrets for so long while steering away from anything dangerous.
Almost half a year… Tim still couldn’t wrap his head around that single fact.
How had they missed that?
Maybe there was more going on. This felt like just the tip of the iceberg, but he would rather look into it first on his own instead of raising more concerns.
“Nightwing and Danny are on their way now,” Babs said into the comms. “Also, fair warning: Danny’s sure you’ll kick him out.”
The concern on Bruce’s face made him look much older. Tim sometimes imagined every new line on his forehead represented each new kid under his care. “We should quell those fears, then. For better or worse, he’s part of the family now.”
Drake didn’t miss the way Jason’s shoulders relaxed. That’s how he knew Danny had already been a closer part of the family way before any of them had realized.
The sight of the Batcave was much more impressive once you could actually use the official entrance, which made the hideout look way bigger than Danny had explored the first time he got there by accident.
The mystery before reaching this place was what built up the exciting reveal: from the hidden code to open the clock’s secret door, the overwhelming darkness at the start of the journey, the echo of bats (both the chittering and the chattering type), the increasing chill… It all set an eerie mood before they finally reached the main room, full of sophisticated tech and weird trophies that broke any illusion that this was just some ordinary cave.
The cherry on the top was the sight of THE FREAKING BATMAN and some of the heroes he worked with in Gotham. While Danny had known who this cave belonged to a long time ago, it was a different experience now that he was invited to enter their sacred space. It made it real.
Part of the team had already gone out to patrol from the looks of it. He hadn’t seen anyone in uniform up so close before, except for maybe Jason, so it was kinda exciting to see both Robins in uniform. Kinda.
He was too exhausted to show any of his genuine excitement.
After the nice little chat with the oldest Wayne sibling, Danny was honestly ready to crawl into bed for the next 24 hours. Or if he had to stay up late any longer, he would rather sneak out to release some of the ice while he figured out how to control it more efficiently.
He just hoped this was the last part of the endless interrogation.
Jason better appreciate all the effort…
“Welcome to the Batcave,” Dick said and motioned him to sit at the front of the meeting table, which was closest to the huge computer where they probably did all their high-tech research. Tucker would’ve been drooling at the mere thought of this setup.
“Are we calling it a day and finally watching the rest of the movie on this much larger screen?” he asked the group.
Dick frowned and the kicked-puppy face from earlier returned. “Wow, that sure was an underwhelming response to the Batcave.”
Oh, right, they didn’t seem to know Danny had already been there (accidentally) in the past. He should probably thank Jason for not giving too much away.
Danny tried not to cringe and managed to show his most innocent smile. “Trust me, it’s not the weirdest thing I’ve seen in a basement.” Which was totally true if one considered a portal to another dimension or the fruit loop’s evil lab.
“We’ll unpack that later,” Tim replied, taking a couple of steps to stand between Danny and the Batcomputer. “We’re here because we want to avoid having another Robin running around without our knowledge.”
Danny stared in confusion. “Wait, you were eager to bring me here all those months ago to…stop me from coming here in the first place?”
Bruce— no, BATMAN, approached him with a stern look. “We need to make sure you don’t accidentally reveal anything to others and to avoid any repeat from past experiences by setting some ground rules.”
This was overkill. What had Jason told them to make everyone think he couldn’t handle secret identity shit?
Danny pointed his thumb at Red Hood. “I could’ve just asked Jay. Plus, it’s not like I’m going to go out to fight crime and evildoers or whatever. You know this already. We even had a memorable dinner about it. Remember? Where we bonded over angst and Alfred’s special pesto sauce?”
“Jason is not the right person to walk you through the rules,” Tim argued and turned to Hood with a grimace. “No offense.”
 “Fuck your rules. Full offense,” Red Hood replied.
Danny snorted. “Fine, lay them on me, Red. Er… Tim.” Why couldn’t they choose names that weren’t so similar to each other? At least Nightwing understood the assignment.
Red Robin nodded and turned on the giant screen, where they were all shown a very formal presentation cover slide, titled “Do’s and Don’ts” in yellow letters over a black font. The “Batman Inc.” logo looked so professional there, it was hard to think this was happening in the Batcave and not in some fancy meeting room at their Fortune 500 company.
Danny tried to cool his patience before he cooled everything around him in the more literal sense with his new power. He knew he should’ve expected Batman to tell him in detail all the ways he would make his life a living hell if he messed up with their secret. He even prepared for the worst scenarios, like being kicked out of Wayne Manor. But a slideshow?
What kind of weird torture was this?
Taking a deep breath, he focused on just getting this over with. “Okay, so is this the ‘don’t go heroing’ anti-pep talk? Or is it a down talk?”
“In a way,” Red Robin replied. “I’ve compiled a list of guidelines for civilian allies that will help you know how to respond to different circumstances.”
“Hold on, civilian ally? I’ve been promoted to an ally? You’re really not kicking me out?” Danny didn’t get them at all. He knew Dick had reassured him Bruce would rather adopt him than let him go back to Vlad, after hearing how he was trying to keep away from the fruit loop. But it felt too easy. Had Bruce been that lenient with the others when he took them in?
“Red Hood has vouched for you,” Bruce said in his trademark rough voice, the implied ‘you better not mess this up’ clear enough in the tone.
Red Hood, in all his menacing glory, pointed a finger and poked Danny’s chest. “You still have to watch your back, twerp.”
Wait, what? Why was he even mad?
“But I got you off that stupid bet, didn’t I?” Danny’s high-pitched tone sounded almost pleading. “Plus you got what you wanted, anyway,” he muttered.
Hood was probably glaring beneath his helmet if his arms-crossed posture was anything to go by. “Yeah, still not feeling any less vengeful, Bill.”
Danny scoffed. “That was a low blow.”
The other bats looked at each other, probably in confusion (it was so hard to read their expressions with their masks on). “William?” Damian asked and somehow managed to make the two syllables sound extremely threatening.
“Wasn’t your middle name ‘James’?” Dick added.
Of all the things Jason used to get back at him… “It’s a dumb nickname, ok?” Danny huffed in annoyance. “One that you don’t want to know about. Ever.”
Dick grinned. “Now I want to know more about it, Billy.” Danny could only groan.
Bruce cleared his throat, shutting everyone effectively. “We’re wasting patrol time. Red Robin, continue.”
“Right, so these are crucial rules to follow, Danny,” Drake said in a serious tone that didn’t match how ridiculous this whole situation was. “If you don’t, it could compromise all of our identities and even our lives.”
The slide changed to a different subtitle: “Rule #1: Do not talk about Bat Club.”
Danny snorted. “You don’t seriously call yourselves the Bat Club, do you?”
“No, that’s just there for the cultural reference,” Tim tiredly replied. Using a pointer laser, he directed everyone’s attention to the ‘#1’ portion of the text, making circles around it. “This rule is the most important one and will probably make some of the others sound repetitive, but safety measures can sometimes be redundant like that.”
“Right, so this means I can’t talk about anything related to this—, “ Danny made a gesture to signal everyone in the room, ”—outside of the cave?” The former ghost hero felt utterly offended by how obvious these rules were.
“Exactly,” Dick chimed in as some of the spark he lost while talking to Danny returned. “We wouldn’t want any leaks, even if we do have a Spoiler out there.”
While the others groaned, Danny ignored the pun and took in a slow breath. “Riiiight, and it’s not like you would, let’s say, talk about a case or a recent patrol situation at the manor, or school, or the library, or…”
Batman frowned when he noticed some of his sons glancing anywhere but at Danny (or him). “You shouldn’t,” he emphasized.
For all the rules they wanted to pull on him, they were the first to break them. Maybe they thought Danny was too clueless to piece anything together from their comments, but he knew there was patrol talk around him all the time.
“Unless you’re a vigilante that sorta, kinda does this without batting an eye. Got it,” Fenton replied with an innocent smile.
Tim seemed to be fuming. Good. Ok, probably not a good idea to piss off the bats, but Danny was too tired and the Waynes had no reason to kick him out according to Bruce and Dick’s reassurances. 
They also had no reason to be so…condescending. That’s the word he was looking for! They were totally looking at him like he was some dumb and scrawny kid who was out of his depth. 
That only cemented his decision of keeping the Phantom part under wraps for a while longer. If only out of spite.
The rest of the formal induction to the “civilian ally” life only fueled Danny’s annoyance further. He never got a chance to do this kind of ritual with Jazz to welcome her to Team Phantom, but he knew it wouldn’t have been fair to treat his sister like she had no clue what she was doing. She had kept his secret for who knew how long behind his back, after all.
At least Danny didn’t wait for a life-or-death situation to do the same with the Bats.
When they finally got to the last slide, he realized why Tim had said their rules would sound redundant. Because they were. It was all awfully repetitive! And for a family of detectives, they weren’t great listeners. Or maybe they liked overexposing irrelevant things. Hadn’t Danny already stated time and again that he just wanted to mind his own business? That he didn’t want to become a hero, or a vigilante, or a villain, or whatever? And just because the previous Robins had sneaked into Batman’s roster one way or another, it didn’t make every other black-haired boy an instant magnet to kevlar and spirit gum.
Danny tried not to comment more than what was necessary. He reviewed the list later in his room, once they had finished the session and excused themselves to join the others in their nightly patrol. Danny would have asked what case they were working on, out of sheer curiosity, but that was against their rules. Besides, it would imply he wanted to do hero things, something that was surprisingly frowned upon in a family of 8 (EIGHT) vigilantes.
Jason was spot on with his opinion of the Bat Rules…
Fortunately for Danny, he had experience from his unlucky confrontations with rule freaks like Walker, so this opened up a new opportunity for him to have a little bit of fun and maybe even teach a valuable lesson to the Batclan in the process: rules always have exceptions. There’s always a loophole. 
And Danny knew he could definitely work with this shiny, new list.
Getting back at Danny had been like watching a slow-burn revenge story unfold.
Jason only needed to give the other Batkids the wrong backstory (comic book nerd was not far from the mark, anyway) and the right nickname (“I call him Billy, the Kid since he’s already like an honorary Outlaw”) to make the little ghost troll squirm.
Despite that petty revenge, Jason wasn’t a total asshole. He kept his watchful eye on Danny, making sure he didn’t feel pressured to go back into being a hero and checking in on his developing powers, which the kid claimed to have now under control.
And he tried to just be there for him. Opening up was not something either undead boy felt comfortable with. But the longer Danny interacted with everyone after the Bat secrets were revealed, the more he started sharing details from his past life with some of them. Especially with Jason.
Having a brother who felt so close was…nice.
As part of the new revelations in the Wayne household, Bruce had insisted on having everyone train Danny in self-defense, which included ways to counteract truth serums and mind control, what to do in case of being kidnapped, how to stay safe online, and how to activate the defense systems in case of an attack at Wayne Manor (which happened more often than they would like to admit to the kid).
Danny had joked to Jason how this felt like being back at home, surrounded by strange new weapons every time he went down to the Batcave, feeling everyone’s out to get him, facing badly named contraptions (“they called everything “Fenton”-this or “Ecto”-that. Pretty much like your “Bat”-everything.”), and even learning to survive the house defenses. Riveting memories from the sounds of it.
So today, after a week of teaching Danny different techniques down in the cave’s training room as a family, Jason decided to give the kid a small respite: a chance to stop holding back and show off more of his energy against someone who was aware of his abilities and wouldn’t call him out.
That’s how Jason ended up offering to spar with him to celebrate his mini-graduation as a civilian ally. It felt like a good closure to their mutual pranks.
Drake, Stephanie, and Cass were already there just to celebrate the occasion. Even Damian, who still didn’t trust the new member of the group, had shown up with the idea of testing Danny himself.
Fenton, wearing a sweatshirt and jogging pants, dragged his feet into the underground room and set his bottle of water and towel next to Jason on the bench, sitting far away from the other teens already stretching and chatting.
“How’s it going, Bill?” Jay teased and received the expected toxic-green glare from the half-ghost.
The kid’s venomous look soon turned into something more playful. “Pretty good, actually,” Danny replied with an unnerving smile. “I got a meme to trend on Zomblr today.”
Jason raised an eyebrow. “I knew you were a damn troll, but never pegged you for being one online.”
Tim, who had given a speech on web safety just the day before, apparently overheard and walked towards Danny with what had to be his best attempt at Bruce’s disappointed glare. 
It was not effective.
“You shouldn’t attract attention to yourself like that,” Drake said.
Danny’s amusement didn’t falter. “Dude, relax, it’s just Zomblr. Besides, I’m using Tucker’s old server. It’s self-sustaining and still brilliantly guarded against all kinds of hacks.” Something almost feral crossed Fenton’s face, as if an idea just struck him. “I bet not even you could crack into it.”
Damian approached the group with his arms crossed. “Tt. If you are looking for a real challenge, Drake’s skills are subpar for the task. Test Oracle, instead.”
Jason shook his head and chuckled. “Trust me, you don’t want to make any fucking bet against Fenton.”
Steph and Cass paused their conversation to see what the commotion was about. “Oooh, are we starting a bet?” the blonde asked.
The bait and the jabs made Drake scowl, but he managed to resist the challenge. “We’re not betting because his setup isn’t safe, anyway.”
Danny raised an eyebrow. “Says who?”
Tim narrowed his eyes in warning. “Don’t make me go through all the digital protocols again with you, Danny.”
“Sorry,” Fenton replied. “I guess I just don’t remember when we covered casual shitposting in your protocols.”
Jason had to hand it to Danny: he knew how to get under people’s skin without overshadowing anyone.
The kid got up from his seat and stretched, popping his back in the process. “Anyway, are we going to talk all day or will I finally graduate from your little summer camp?”
Once they all resumed the warm-up exercises, the conversation switched to mild ribbing about some misstep during last night’s patrol and sharing whatever mundane shit they had done earlier that day. After a few minutes of getting ready, Jason and Danny stood on the mat to start their sparring. In this so-called graduation, they would try to assess how much the kid had learned about physical defense, with and without weapons.
Danny’s smirk was almost electric, taunting, silently letting Jay know he wouldn’t downplay his abilities against him. This filled Jason with enough adrenaline to make him grin back despite himself.
For the first part of the encounter, Danny had to respond to a sneak attack from behind, which the kid effortlessly achieved while making Jason almost trip.
“Oops, watch your step, Jay,” Danny exclaimed not-so-innocently.
Jason swore under his breath. Those had been some really stealthy moves; he suspected a little intangibility was involved. He doubted the others would turn a blind eye to that.
For the next part, they would assess his response to armed threats. Jason took a knife he intended to hold against Danny’s neck in a headlock, but the teen managed to dodge the grabbing arm and kick the weapon swiftly out of Todd’s hand. Jason smirked and tried a low kick of his own at the last minute, only for Danny to push against Jay’s shoulders, flip over his head, and land gracefully on the other side.
“Missed me, Gulliver,” there was that taunt again, but he was not going to call out the pun when the others hadn’t noticed it.
Most of the bats in their small audience clapped. Even Drake, despite his earlier differences with Danny, complimented the kid. “I hate to say this, but you passed. And looks like you’re a natural, too.”
“A natural pain in the ass,” Jason muttered while Danny offered a hand to lift him from the mat.
As the kid’s laughter filled the room, Damian narrowed his eyes. “You did not exhibit those skills all week.”
Danny shook off the comment with a shrug. “Maybe I just wanted to learn from you first. I didn’t think my mom’s training would be useful against experienced fighters like you.”
Cass, who remained seated on the floor, tilted her head. “Wushu?”
Fenton brightened up at the recognition. “Yeah, and other martial arts, I think. Nothing too fancy. She was a black belt and a good shot, that’s all.”
“Why do you keep dropping these breadcrumbs at us?” Steph asked while dropping her head in her hands. “Not all of us are birds you need to feed, you know? Some of us need more substance.”
Jason wiped his face with a towel. “We did find out his mom was a badass, remember?”
When they were about to take Danny in, they had researched what they could about his family and found Maddie Fenton had the skills Danny mentioned, two PhDs, and several published works on alternative energy based on what was likely ectoplasm in layman’s terms. Nothing they could associate with the kid immediately back then.
Drake furrowed his brow as he probably considered all those previous details. “Is that why you wanted to be a hero?”
Danny’s smile was the poster image of innocence. “Oh, I thought you had me all figured out as a, what was it?” He turned to look pointedly at Jason. “Comic book geek?”
Ah, so that was what this was all about. He couldn’t believe that would strike a nerve so effectively.
“Nerd,” Jason replied with a smile of his own. “Comic book nerd. I had to get back at you somehow.”
There was a brief glimmer in Danny’s eyes, the threatening glow of ectoplasm faintly visible. “Oh, trust me,” Danny said in a friendly but borderline mischievous voice. “I know.”
All of a sudden, Duke ran alarmed into the room and everyone turned to face him to figure out what was the issue. “Guys, did you see what’s going on in Zomblr?”
“Tt. Not everyone is interested in some mundane social communication platform, Thomas.”
“It’s okay to say you didn’t pass the under-13 lock, Dami,” Steph said with a smile, making the demon brat glare daggers at her back.
Duke scrolled on his phone slowly, as if searching for something specific. “Someone made memes about us.”
“What!?” Came the collective reply as some got closer to Duke and others pulled out their phones.
Or that was almost the collective response. 
Jason noticed Danny’s amusement was left undisturbed by the news. He shot him a questioning glare, but the kid only shrugged innocently.
The other Batkids scrolled frantically through the content and Jason figured he might as well go take a look at what had made them lose their shit. When he saw Duke’s screen and caught sight of a seagull screaming bloody murder with a red filter, he turned to shoot Danny an equally murderous look.
The fucker had the audacity to smile in response.
“They have this whole series of relatable memes. Like, look at this one…” Duke said as he scrolled down to another image, now showing a bunch of copies of Spider-Man pointing at each other. “They’re making fun of your names, Red.”
Tim looked up from his phone to ask. “Red Robin or Hood?”
Steph snorted. “Oh, no, the Robin Hood meme is a whole different category.”
Jason decided he wasn’t as angry as he thought he would be. If this whole thing made the other Batkids suffer in embarrassment, it was a good prank in his book.
Serves them well for giving him so much shit for the Red Gull thing.
“Danny…” Drake suddenly turned to the only teen not staring at a phone, his voice dripping with suspicion. “Did you have anything to do with this?”
The kid gasped in the most obnoxious way possible. “What? I thought we couldn’t talk about ‘the thing’. Rule number one and all that.”
That only fueled Tim’s annoyance further. “You obviously can talk about the whole Bat secret if we’re in the freakingBatcave.”
Danny looked lost for a moment, his hand rubbing his chin. “Oh, but in that case, it goes against your other rule. Because you’re trying to figure out another hero’s ID. Also, that counts as doxing, right?”
Okay, so maybe Danny wasn’t as angry at Jason as he thought. Maybe he didn’t like being treated like a random civilian by the other bats. His fault, honestly. No one had connected the dots yet between the ice at the docks and an obscure ghost-themed superhero from Amity Park who disappeared right when Danny lost his family and friends.
Tim pinched the bridge of his nose and huffed in exasperation. “I just asked if you had anything to do with these stupid memes, not about some superhero or whatever.”
“Well, you see, there’s this username attached to it,” Danny said as he pointed it out on Tim’s phone. “That is a secret ID. And it looks like some sort of hero. It could be a real one, you know? With a kick-ass name like Meme Titan?”
Damian tutted next to the boys. “That is not a secret identity.”
“It looks like one to me,” Danny argued.
“Danny, you confessed to having a meme trend and also using your friend’s old server,” Tim pointed out.
Jason snorted. “Busted.”
“Oh, I did?” Danny asked with fake innocence. “Because if I was the Meme Titan, then you’re using a vigilante name while I’m dressed like a civilian, right? That’s against your rules, Mr. Timothy Drake-Wayne.”
The others stopped staring at the memes and turned to stare at the confrontation at the right moment Drake’s brain stopped working. “Why?” he asked in a broken tone.
Danny smiled. “Why are your rules so complicated for a lowly civilian like myself?”
“No, why are you trolling us like this?” Tim desperately asked.
The kid patted the other exasperated boy on the shoulder. “There, there. It’s not your fault that your rules are so hard to follow, you know?” He stopped to consider this for a moment. “Well, maybe it is. I mean, on the one hand, you tell me to not use official channels for chatter, but then you ask me to keep my personal chats clean. So where am I supposed to upload the memes I come up with?”
Jason shot him an unimpressed look. “So you used your friend’s supposedly secure server just to shitpost?”
Talk about wasting his backup resources on stupid shit…
“Hey, two birds, one stone,” Danny joked but soon scrunched up his nose. “Uh, pun not intended. See, if I get any suspicious messages, I’ll be doing my job of keeping an eye open for anything weird, right? That’s on your rules, too.”
“Please take them down, man,” Duke pleaded with a tired tone. “Some of us are having enough trouble making our names known, okay?”
Danny grimaced and sucked the air between his teeth. “Sorry, I can’t do that. I’m following the ‘don’t be a hero’ rule by heart. Trying to take down something from that server would involve hacking it and sneaking into Tucker’s house to pull the plug or something, and I think that’s engaging in vigilantism.”
Damian pulled one of his swords and pointed it at Danny’s face once he was close enough in his personal space. “Father will know about this.”
“Calm your katanas, Malfoy,” Danny replied, not at all bothered by the threat. “Your rules also said we can’t talk about this outside the cave, so the dinner table is a no-go. Also, if you tell him about it here and the account is of an undercover superhero, I’m guessing that implies you can’t use my name to address the situation. Hero ID and all that, remember?”
Steph stared at the kid in awe and amusement. “Jason was right. You really are a little shit.” 
Danny’s friendly smile shifted to something almost triumphant. He turned his back on Damian’s sword and walked towards his belongings on the bench. “Me? I’m just some dumb kid obsessed with superheroes, right?”
He finally turned to look at the others on his way out of the training room. “What would I know about keeping secrets?” With one last wink, their so-called civilian ally left the group in stunned silence.
After a beat, Jason picked up his duffle bag over his shoulder to follow the kid who had a death wish. Tim opened his mouth but didn’t get a chance to get a word out. “No,” Jason snapped. “Don’t look at me. I did tell you where to shove your rules.”
Edit: final part here
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Danny infiltrates the GIW?
Some DP X DC. For anyone to use just give me credit! If you do use it feel free to play a game of shuffleboard with my idea.
Danny could not stop his parents from teaming up with the 'Ghost Investigation Ward.' He tried but frustration with their lack of progress on catching Phantom, the money the GIW was offering, and the amount of research they could do sold the deal for them. He couldn't stop it, at least not in the position he was in. So, he did the next best thing. He decided to stop it from the inside. Join his parents in the Ghost Investigation Ward.
It was a risk. He was half dead, and as Phantom, he had a huge target on his back. He also leaked ectoplasm. A very inconvenient thing to hide when living with ghost hunters but he would manage. The real issue would be trying to help other ghosts escape undetected. Vlad and Jazz tried to talk him out of it. They even brought in Dani, but Danny was committed to the idea. He almost caved when they pointed out he couldn't go out as Phantom. If he wanted to take out the GIW from the inside he couldn't be Danny Phantom, he needed to be Danny Fenton. He ended up by some means getting his normal enemies to stay in the zone and out of Amity. (Or he destroyed the portal whatever you want to come up with)
The point is Danny had committed. He spent a long time protecting humans from ghosts. Now it was time for him to protect ghosts from humans. He was going to protect his people no matter what.
When he finally started working with the GIW he was surprised. Now don't get him wrong, he didn't expect to be high a ranking scientist or anything, especially right off the bat. However, he WAS expecting to be out in the field catching ghosts. After years of going on hunts with his parents and the last year as Phantom, he was used to being on the front lines so being put on "lookout" left him salty. When he voiced that he wanted to be out there, he only got a "No children are permitted on the hunts." Apparently, the same organization that experimented on ghosts and hunted them down every chance they got, suddenly had a code of ethics.
So he got stuck to a dumb investigative team as 'an assistant' because apparently, he was 'too young' to be out catching ghosts or to be in the lab. It was the team's job to look for, track and identify ghosts. Reports of ghostly activity, people back from the dead, and strange sightings. Anywhere a possible ghost could be lurking. Then if it was determined that there was a ghost, the team would report and send out hunters.
Their current case? Jason Todd, the son of the millionaire Bruce Wayne. You know the one who was thought to be dead.
At first, Danny was confident that Jason was not a ghost. He had a body, and Danny would have known of another halfa. At least that was until he met the guy. They had to follow him around and the second Danny laid eyes on Jason it was clear as day that he was among the living dead. Not a ghost but he sure as hell had ectoplasm running through him.
He knew that he just had to warn Jason.
Jason knew the second someone was following him. Whoever they were, they were amateurs. Risking a glance he saw, 5 people in white hazmat suits?! In Gotham?! That spelled trouble if he ever saw it. They disappeared 10 minutes away from his apartment.
He played it off well enough and slid into his apartment. As much as he didn't want to he decided to call Bruce. Whatever was happening it was all hands on deck "B there were some really obvious people following me. White suits and everything. Would you happen to know anything about that?" Jason asked as he loaded his guns and got his gear ready.
Jason was almost 100% sure they were not with the Bat, but it never hurt to ask. Jason was still going to shoot them. With B or not. Following him in Crime Alley? Unacceptable.
"Jason what? What is going on are you okay?" The worry in his voice made Jason's skin crawl.
"I'm fine!" He didn't mean to snap at him, but it happened. It would be a cold day in hell before he apologized to Bruce of all people. "I would be more worried about them."
"Are they still there?"
"No, they stopped about 12 minutes ago."
"Come to the Manor, we can debrief there."
"Absolutely fucking not." He snarled out. He hated being there, in the cave, in the Manor.
"You are a part of the team, and it sounds like a team emergency. That's why you called. Be there in 30."
Jason was going to shoot if B kept pushing him. Looked like he was going to the Manor. No sign of weird guys in hazmat suits on the ride over. Which was weird because they followed him for over an hour, until 10 minutes before he was home.
He rode up to the huge Wayne estate, put his bike in the garage, and made his way to the cave. He hadn't even been down there for a minute before an alert popped up on the system. Someone was at the gate. Bruce and Jason looked at each other, When they turned on the camera the last thing Jason was expecting to see was a teenage boy who had all the makings of a Bruce adoptee.
"Another fucking one? Are you kidding me?"
"He isn't mine Jay!"
"I swear!"
Then the boy turned to the camera, he must have noticed it was recording, and said, "Hello? Not sure if you can hear me. I'm Danny and I need to speak to Jason Todd. It's really Important."
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phantomskeep · 2 months
Odd question for the Tumblr void, but I'm currently writing a dead on main fic and was wondering if I might be able to find either a beta reader or someone to help me with it? Im not the best with anything besides descriptions and I am on the struggle bus for how to play out fight scenes.
Basically the concept of the fic is Danny gets crowned king of the GZ and some of his first royal actions are to go into a different dimension to take back ghostly artifacts and stop leaks of ectoplasm from the GZ. He gains the title of "Ghost Thief" from the heros of the DCU and he ends up meeting a certain someone along the way.
The title for the fic? Putting the "Fun" Back in "Funeral"
I don't want to spoil too much but I have a lot of plans for this and have been doing a bunch of research into various DC rabbit holes for this. Im so excited to finish writing the first chapter and post it!! But, like I said, I struggle with writing sometimes due to only being really good at descriptions.
Have a cool link to lil bits of the fic uwu
I've also heard about a DP x DC discord server?? And I was wondering how one goes about joining it ;w; hahahah I found the page that runs the discord. let's go for googling things >:)
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joelsgeetar · 9 days
Erik Destler Jealousy HC's
Tumblr media
Erik is a very sensitive person. He is needy, somewhat greedy when it comes to having your attention. Small things can set him off. Not looking at him when he's talking? He sighs. Not listening to his newest song? He is frustrated and shows it. He craves your attention. Validation. He needs everything.
If a person is the cause of his jealousy then you'll probably see a side of him you don't like.
Erik is a control freak by nature. (When it comes to you) He rarely feels comfortable with you leaving his lair. On the times you do leave - you can bet he is watching from the shadows.
He is insanely protective. This adds to the jealousy.
He can't control his impulsive behavior. Both of you hate that. The amount of deaths caused by his jealousy is honestly embarrassing and sad.
Sex with Erik can go two ways. He isn't really in the mood often (most of his moods are depressing) but if he feels like he is losing you to someone else he'll use his typical tactics from the past to seduce you.
One way sex can go with Erik - soft and sensual, careful and passionate. The other way sex can go with Erik - rough and fueled by rage and/or jealousy. Both are satisfying in the end.
It doesn't matter how the sex started. At the end he acts the same. He is emotional and clingy. Very good with aftercare. He adores taking care of you. And if you return the same treatment he'll probably cry.
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[Part 1]
Vlad tensed up with his hand up to knock. There was a ghost around his people. His hackles rose. How dared they?! Who dared?!
In a move that was instinct than choice, Vlad turned himself invisible and walked the perimeter. He couldn't find whoever or whatever it was that triggered his ghost sense, but he still felt uneasy.
He returned to the door, fixed his hair and knocked. Jazz opened the door with a smile and gave him a hug. From the basement came loud, indistinguishable sounds, but those were indication enough that Maddie and Jack were down there. Vlad looked around for his little badger, but didn't find him.
"Where's your brother?" Vlad asked. Jazz stiffened at the question and looked uncomfortable, and Vlad's uneaseness grew, "Jasmine, where is he?"
"He's in his bedroom," Jazz said and looked nervous, "he's not feeling well today."
Vlad raised an eyebrow and asked, "Is he sick? Does need to go to the doctor?"
Jazz huffed, exasperated, "I've been trying to convince him to go for days, but he won't listen! The only people he talks to now are Sam and Tucker ever since-"
Jazz stopped herself and looked at Vlad with wide eyes. Clearly, she didn't intend to say something that had slipped out.
"Since when, Jazz?" Vlad asked, concerned.
"Mom and dad said we didn't need to worry you," Jazz replied, instead.
"Let me decide if whatever happened is worth worrying about by myself," Vlad snapped, losing patience. Jazz seemed taken aback by it, but cowed enough to spill the beans.
"Danny had an accident down in the lab a few days ago," Jazz confessed. Vlad froze. Of course Danny would have an accident the week he couldn't be there. Worry gnawed at him.
"What kind of accident?" He asked.
"We don't know!"
"What do you mean you don't know?"
"No one was home when it happened. My parents finished their stupid portal but it didn't work. Or so we thought. When we came back it was working but Danny wouldn't come out of his room. It wasn't even him who told us something happened, but Sam," Jazz ranted and her worry was evident.
"And what did your parents do?"
"Nothing! Said he must be fine if he was able to walk up to his room! I tried to talk to him but he won't talk to me," Jazz replied and tears formed in the corner of her eyes. Vlad hugged her briefly, hoping to comfort her. He didn't know what was going on. The portal shouldn't be working at all, so he'd have to threaten Technus again, but that was after he found out what really happened to Danny. Vlad was hoping for a laceration that could be stitched up.
"I'll go see him. Maybe he'll talk to me."
Jazz huffed, but agreed, "Maybe."
Vlad walked up the stairs and stood in front of Danny's door. The hairs on his arm stood on end, and his ghost core flared up. Something was wrong, it screamed at him. He knocked. No answer.
"Little badger?" Vlad asked as he knocked again. This time he heard a rustling sound, but the door didn't open and Danny didn't call out. "Jazz told me what happened. I'm worried about you. Can I see you?"
"Uncle Vlad..." Danny's voice came from the other side, muffled, but Vlad was happy to get any verbal response, "go away."
"No can do, Little Badger. I want to make sure you're ok."
"I'm fine."
"You don't sound fine."
The door was yanked open, and Vlad had to stop himself from reacting outwardly. Danny was most definitely not fine. He had deep, purple bags under his eyes, which were bloodshot, and his hair was disheveled as if he hadn't bothered with it for days. And he probably hadn't. Not when he had more pressing matters to attend to; matters that now Vlad knew because his core resonated and told him that there was another ghost in front if him.
"See?" Danny said with a glare, "I'm fine. Now leave me alone."
Danny went to close the door but Vlad wasn't above using his extra strength to push through anyway. Danny yelped, clearly surprised. Vlad rounded on him, seeing red. His core didn't like a strange ghost near his people, but it didn't seem to realize that the ghost was one of his people, yet.
"Uncle Vlad?" Danny asked and he sounded scared. It echoed some long buried memory of waking up in the hospital, afraid and alone, forgotten and abandoned.
"What have they done?!" Vlad exploded, unable to help himself. Danny closed the door quickly, as if that could muffle Vlad's voice, or as if Jack and Maddie could hear all the way down to the lab and give a fucking damn.
"What are you talking about, Uncle Vlad?" Danny asked and Vlad couldn't decide if the boy was trying to play dumb or if he was genuinely confused.
"Don't lie to me, Daniel. What happened in the lab?" Vlad demanded, though he already had an idea.
Danny flinched. If Vlad was calling him Daniel it meant trouble.
"Don't lie to me," Vlad repeated.
"What makes you think it's their fault anyway?" Danny deflected.
Because it always is, Vlad thought, but said, "Because this wouldn't be the first time something like this has happened!"
"And what does 'this' mean, exactly?" Danny replied, crossing his arms and attempting a glare. But Vlad recognized the bait for information for what it was and felt a vein pulse on his forehead.
"That's not how it works, little badger. You want information? Then tell me the truth. All of it. And then I'll tell you what I know," Vlad said. Danny clammed up. Vlad noticed his fists clenching where they were crossed. Vlad pinched the bridge of his nose and forced himself to take a deep, long breath. Then another one. And another one. Until he felt he wouldn't blast Jack and Maddie Fenton to Mars if they knocked on the door right then.
Then he looked at Danny, who seemed to have realized that while Vlad was angry, furious really, it wasn't at him. Now, Danny just looked scared, and a bit lost.
"Danny, I want to help you," Vlad said, struggling to push his anger away to be dealt with later, "and I know you must be scared. However, I also know something happened to you, something that changed you, so lying is only wasting both of our times."
Danny met Vlad's eyes, only to turn away. The crossed arms in front of him turned from a shield to a hug to himself as Danny drew in on himself. For the first time, Vlad was seeing how Danny really felt and his heart went out to the teen.
"You're going to hate me," Danny said, and turned away from Vlad.
"Oh, little badger," Vlad said and took a step towards Danny with the intention of doing... something: a hug, a comforting pat on the shoulder, something, but Danny recoiled and flinched and Vlad stopped with his hand still hovering in the air, "I could never hate you."
"Your best friends are ghost hunters," Danny spat, and then paled, as if he had said something he shouldn't. If Vlad was someone else, perhaps, but as it was, Vlad thought he knew exactly what was wrong.
Vlad realized that demanding answers would get him nowhere with Danny. Neither would intimidation. Danny was scared and probably wanted to feel safe. If Vlad wanted Danny to trust him, Vlad had to show Danny that he could.
Vlad sat on Danny's bed and tried to make himself look as unthreatening as possible.
"Do you want to know why I stopped ghost hunting?" Vlad asked. The question took Danny by surprised and intrigued him.
"Twenty years ago your parents and I went to college together," Vlad answered, "we began working then on a prototype for the ghost portal your parents are so obsessed with today."
"Twenty years ago?" Danny asked, flabbergasted.
"Twenty years ago."
"But they didn't succeed."
"They kind of did," Vlad reluctantly admitted, "I want to clarify that I'm not saying this so you'll think bad of your parents Danny, but so that you understand. What happened then was an accident that could have and should have been prevented with the right safety measures, and it makes me furious that in the twenty years since they haven't improved in that regard."
Danny uncrossed his arms and sat down next to Vlad. Vlad could tell he was listening intently.
"There was an accident," Vlad continued, "and I received a lot of ectoplasm and radiation to my face. I spent the following months in the hospital, but I had... changed."
Danny kept his eyes on Vlad when he asked, "Changed how?"
"I became this," Vlad said and transformed into Plasmius in front of Danny. Immediately, Danny transformed into a ghost, too. Whether it was the resonance of their core or a voluntary transformation was unclear.
"You're a ghost, too?" Danny asked, his voice whispy and small.
"Half ghost," Vlad clarified, "what happened little badger?"
Danny's eyes teared up and he looked away, but he answered this time, "It was a dare."
"A dare?"
"The portal wasn't working. It was supposed to have failed! Sam dared me to go inside and I thought it would be okay because their inventions never work but..."
"But this time it did, didn't it?"
"It was so stupid! Who even puts the on switch on the inside of the machine?! I tripped over something and turned it on and then... and then..."
"Oh, Danny," Vlad said and brought Danny close. This time Danny allowed himself to be held as he began to cry and sob.
"It hurt, Uncle Vlad," Danny said, "it hurt so bad, but I couldn't tell my friends, or Jazz, or my parents. My friends already felt so guilty, and Jazz would only worry, and my parents... they would want to... to... I'm scared, Uncle Vlad."
"You are allowed to be scared, upset and angry. Just know that you don't have to do this alone, okay?"
Danny was quiet for a moment, sniffled, and then quietly said, "Okay."
"Can you change back, now?"
"I-I'll try..."
"Focus on your core, Danny, and will it to hide," Vlad said and tried to be encouraging.
"I don't know what that means."
"Close your eyes," Vlad said and Danny did so, "is there a part of you that feels hotter or colder than the rest of you?"
Danny's brow furrowed as he focused, and then he nodded.
"You're going to give it a little push, just enough so that it hides and lets you revert back to human," Vlad continued.
Danny's face scrunched up, and soon the familiar rings of light washed over Danny and he was human again. Danny opened his eyes in awe.
"I did it!"
"You did," Vlad agreed, feeling pride welling up in his core, "for the record, I am sorry this happened to you, Danny. This is in no way your fault, and I'll help you through this."
"Can I go live with you?" Danny blurted out.
"I wish you could, but I believe that would arouse more suspicions than we want at the moment."
"But my parents..."
"They won't touch you, okay? I promise you that I'll do everything in my power to keep you safe," Vlad interrupted.
"But you aren't here half the time... you were gone one week and now look at me!"
"I know, and I'm sorry Danny. I'll try to come by more often, but even if I'm not here, I'll make sure you have the means to get away if you feel in danger, okay? I'll also give you a key to my house, so you know you always have a safe place to land on," Vlad insisted.
"Good. How about we go out for dinner, then? I think we deserve it," Vlad said with a grin.
"Burgers?" Danny asked in return with small smile of his own.
@akikoyuii @aikoiya
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feitans-sweet-lover · 9 months
Would Feitan Ever Leave The Troupe?
Overall I think no, but there are always exceptions aren’t there? I think there would be two he definitely would though.
1. If his partner got murdered or he had to murder them (more likely because of the latter). Depending on how it goes down he would stop altogether or go on a more reckless killing spree.
2. Something breaks him. This is what I think it would be (set a few years after the current arc)
Imagine Feitan has a little girl. Cute, quiet, innocent with big eyes. The perfect mix between his s/o and him. Every time he looks at her he feels undeserving to be her parent. He tries to avoid her at times because of the way she always seems to want him. Want his approval, to babble nonsense and talk about how to get away with murder (I mean common, it’s his daughter 😂). She looks at him like he’s her hero but he's a monster. He knows this. She knows what he is. Who he is. Yet that has never changed her opinion if anything making her more fascinated with him. (He’d probably think something along the lines of ‘Just like her mother, terrible taste in people’)
It would be a random mission. It's not supposed to be anything big. They just needed information. Phinks already has them in the room they think Feitan would prefer. He never knows who he has to torture on missions like this. However, when Feitan walked in he didn't expect this. A little girl his daughter's age, same mannerism, same bright eyes, similar appearance. Similar everything. It was as if she was copied and placed in his torture chambers. It was unnerving.
He tried. He truly did. It never bothered him before. Age, gender, power, etc. He hadn't cared before. He could do it all without a second hesitation. He could feel the frustration seeping in. The little girl was insightful, she told him she was dying and her father was a bad man who hurt people too. She smiled sweetly up at him reassuring him she didn’t hate him, that she understood why he had to do this. She always knew this would happen—it wasn’t a big deal.
At that moment Feitan could feel the crack. He recognized this in his daughter too. Her ability to smile through it all. Knowing who he was and that if anyone found out about their ties she would most likely be tortured and murdered in the worst ways. Yet her refusal to hate him, to still want to be around him, running up to him every time he went home asking what he brought her this time while begging him to play swords with her (‘little brat thinks she’s owed a good life ’). Too curious for her good and not afraid to ask him anything, to run to him for protection and safety. That he was home to not just his s/o but his child that couldn’t defend herself just yet but sure as hell had the spitfire to get there.
The way the little girl told him exactly what he wanted to know on the promise he’d read her favorite book to his daughter. That he’d play her favorite game with her and let her die with “Mr. snuggles” ( an ugly little yellow bear) in her arms. Honestly, he’s not positive what broke. Maybe it was his heart. Maybe his inhumanity.
Either way, Feitan wasn’t the same. Maybe he messed up and let her go. Maybe he killed her. It honestly doesn’t matter. Feitan would never be the same. He would never find the same joy once held in torture and killing as he once did. Something just dissatisfied him and made him uninterested in it. He couldn’t put his finger on the exact emotion but he couldn’t do this anymore.
He saw his daughter in his chair, life in his hands and he broke. He flatly laughed, how ridiculous is this twist of fate. From having nothing to having something he never wanted to be taken away in the ways he’s taken so many.
He didn’t have the heart for it anymore, he knew he couldn’t do this job anymore. One little misstep would cause the others their lives and he wasn’t willing to do a job he knew he wasn’t suited for. It was always a tell. One misstep would lead to another one and another, skills slipping, mistakes left and right, tracks left undone, a mess that would only lead to death (the troupe, his s/o, his daughter, maybe all). He hated messy. He hated not doing something right. He hated that in less than a day his whole ideology had fallen apart. Yet that was the path he was forced to face.
Wordlessly he walked back to the spiders.
“Quite”. Was the only word he said dropping his knives in front of Chrollo.
Chrollo confused accepted his resignation without question. An understanding smile creeped on his lips. The others were pissed. Hurt. Confused. Yelling profanities and threats ensued. Spiders demanding an explanation they’d never get.
He turned around walking out. “Where will you go!” Phinks yelled, slamming a fist into the wall.
Stopping slightly Feitan looked back and for once the troupe could see a hint of a smile. A true genuine smile, “home.”
That was the last time they saw Feitan.
Feitan would never be the same but maybe, just maybe, he was ok with that.
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ishouldgetatumbler · 9 months
There had been 14 ghosts between Amityville and Gotham. Four-fucking-teen. Danny was tired before he started his two hour flight. But he was home. These streets knew him. He tucked into an alley to transform back into Danny Fenton, tucking the fenton thermos away finally.
He walked the streets of his home. He hadn't been gone for long, but somehow he'd missed it anyway.
As he walked, he found himself favoring one foot, his heel bruised and ankle twisted on one leg. He moved through town, watching the night turn to dawn as he moved in through the edge of Amityville. It was quiet, empty and cool as the humidity hung at the edge of fog.
Danny stopped walking, and turned to face the way he had come. He could hear something, something odd. There were the sounds of amityville: humming streetlights and AC units, distant traffic where the interstate buzzed, but this was different. It grew and shaped into a rumble, deep and fast approaching.
A car, loose edges and harsh black tears up the road. It's long and flat like a limosuine, but the back flows into wing shaped fins, cutting the air in its wake. The batmobile speeds out from the pine woods around Amityville and then shrieks to a stop maybe 10 feet from Danny.
Bat-Freaking-Man steps out.
"Danny!" Batman sounds alarmed, "are you okay?"
Batman withdrew a cellphone with two small pointed ears at the top. He pressed a button and put it to the side of his head.
"I found him. He was just trying to go home."
Batman paused, and motioned danny towards him. Danny, limply, walked towards him. Once within range, Batman squatted to be eye level with the boy and shone a small light in one of his eyes.
"I know, it's not your fault. Yes, thank Mr. Wayne for his help on my behalf. Yes I-."
Batman flashed the light, then switched eyes.
"Thank you Mr. Pennyworth, I'll be in touch."
Batman hung up, and then looked back at Danny.
"No concussion, but judging by the limp, you may have sprained something on the hike here."
Danny nodded dumbly.
"Must have."
"Does anything else hurt?"
Danny shook his head.
Danny looked at Batman. His cowl covered the top half of his face, but his eyes shone through the mask. He had a nine o clock shadow, and smelled like new cars. He wasn't smiling, but he wasn't angry.
"Are you hurt?"
"Bruises and scrapes." Danny admitted.
"From the hike." He added quickly.
This seemed to relieve Batman, he slouched slightly.
He straightened up and offered Danny a hand. They shook hands.
"Uhm, how do you know my name?"
Batman cleared his throat and ended the handshake.
"Bruce Wayne informed me you went missing from his estate at least an hour ago."
The word hit him funny. 'Missing.' like there was a hole in reality shaped like him at the manor.
He hadn't seen his mom in almost two weeks. Had she noticed?
"I'm sure he wouldn't be hurt if you'd rather be with your parents once all this is over."
Danny scowled.
"I don't want to go back."
Batman hummed, acknowledging this.
"Would you like to stay with me for the time being?"
Danny froze. What did he want?
His stomach gurgled in wailing distress, a furnace want of fuel.
"Have you tried nasty burger?" He asked Batman.
"Nasty burger?"
Batman's stomach, somewhat sympathetically, warbled for food. He gripped it self conciously.
Batman tutted and peeled back part of his glove, revealing a wrist watch. He grumbled something to himself and covered his wrist again.
"Do they have a drive through?"
Danny leaned around the superhero's cape to look at the batmobile behind them. Mentally he pumped his fist.
"Yes they do."
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digimonandpokemon · 9 months
Clearing out my drafts a bit. Enjoy.
Dp × SCP
Another thing Dr. Bright is not allowed to do is let SCP-4304 write his reports for him. Dr. Bright, we understand that writing reports is a very long and daunting task, but letting SCP-4304 write your reports is very unprofessional. Keep in mind SCP-4304 is a fifteen year old boy and does not have the language suitable enough to be writing reports for the SCP foundation. Not only that, but it is Dr. Bright's responsibility to be doing these reports in the first place. We were lenient with the "Safety Dance" references in your reports but there is a line that can't be crossed.
Allowing SCP-4304 to write "ussy" at the end of certain words describing an entrance, has simply gone too far. If foundation researchers have to read another "doussy" when describing a keyhole, there will be many negative consequences.
Also, allowing SCP-4304 to "Rick Roll" fellow researchers in reports has gone too far. Especially after leaving coded messages that made some personal researchers think they were on a cusp of a breakthrough. Dr. Heisman has not fully recovered once he realized the words he decoded were meant to be a prank. Especially after it took three sleepless nights to break them.
If you are to allow SCP-4304 write your reports for you, Dr. Bright, at least attempt to proofread them. Letting SCP-4304 write "it was scary as fuck man D:" in documented reports is entirely unprofessional and puts a bad name on our foundation.
This will be your first and final warning Dr. Bright.
The o5 council
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esmiephan · 19 days
(Possibly) Unpopular opinion: we need more NSFW/smut fanfictions/fanarts about Leroux Erik. Or Lon Chaney Erik. Enough of sexy-muscular ALW Erik.
Fight me.
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sansxfuckyou · 6 months
(I started watching Invader Zim, time for DP fanfics)
"My such plentiful organs." The doctor states after pressing on Dannys abdominal area, a slight fear had caught Danny.
"Like, the normal plentiful, right?" Danny asked, both Maddie and Jack giving him a side eye.
"Aside from the secondary liver and somewhat medium intestinal tract, I'd say your as normal as could be for a boy your age." The doctor said, putting his hands in his pockets absentmindedly.
"Doctor what could have possibly caused such abnormalities?" Maddie asked cautiously, the doctor opened his mouth and before he could speak, Danny overshadowed him, a silent snarl escaping his parted lips and teeth sharping with a bit of lengthening as well, eyes glowing a neon green.
"Perhaps the elongated exposure to ectoplasm throughout phase of his life, including fetal phases, its a shame really, his entire life has been screwed because of your ghostly way of living." The doctor said, Danny contorting the voice to match the best of his ability, his parents gasped.
"I highly doubt you have the rights to make such comments." Maddie said, reaching for the anti ecto gun in her waistband.
"Mom, dad, we should really get going now, before either of you blow a gasket." Danny said, half dropping the over shadow, hiding his hands in his pocket, they gave a half hearted green glow.
"Yes, I agree son, lets go." Jack said as he and Maddie left, Danny slinking out before dropping overshadow, staying back to wait for his teeth to shrink down again and his eyes to stop glowing and his hair to darken just a bit.
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phanfictioncatalogue · 2 months
The Hat Fic - Origins
Someone sent an anon about the hat fic and was curious about the origins of it, and I was curious so I've gone down the rabbit hole to try and find the origins of it. 
We all know that this.. infamous fic has been posted across almost all platforms, but where did it come from? With a bit of detective work, I have found the origin of the hat fic. Or what I believe to be the origins of the hat fic. 
It was originally posted to DevianArt on November 21st, 2012. I personally believe at least, this was the oldest post I could find on the internet. So, this fic just a bit over 10 years old. On DeviantArt you can no longer access the fic, I assume it was deleted. I had to use the Wayback Machine to get this information. What I can see however, are a few of the comments on the original post, the date it was submitted and the views. It won’t however let me read the actual fic, as it had a “Mature Content Filter” on and you had to be logged in to see the actual contents of the fic. On January 30th, 2013 it was sitting at 13,683 views. However it was cross posted by a different individual two days later, November 23, 2012, onto Tumblr, where the post currently has over 3k notes. This post is still up and available to be looked at. The person who originally posted this to Tumblr said she got it from DevianArt. But, I currently cannot find if she posted what account she found it on. The person who cross posted it from DevianArt seemed to have gotten hate for doing so, as I saw some posts where they mentioned that they did not mean to cause issues, as people thought that they stole this fic. 
I believe I have also found the origins to possibly 7 other infamous “The __ Fic”, if anyone is interested. 
But, the question of “Where did the hat fic come from?” can officially be laid to rest. TLDR; The Hat Fic was originally posted on November 21, 2012 to Deviant. 
- Alex
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danhowellz · 17 days
would it be okay if i came home to you: part 2
summary: dan comes home after the final tour date
words: 1.2k
read on ao3
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joelsgeetar · 1 year
Erik Destler (The Phantom)
— headcanon.
Tumblr media
☆ dating erik would include. . .
* nsfw at the end but not really descriptive.
protective & obsessive.
Erik is madly in love, very possessive and will do anything to keep you safe.
This side of him is all you saw before you even started dating-- as "friends", he'd make sure no one messed with you in the opera house or even dare look at you the wrong way. They'd be silenced immediately.
His possessive behavior caused the need to teach you how to sing. Yes, he knew you had the ability to sing, but he also used this as an excuse to be around you more.
Erik hates not knowing where you are, what you're doing, who you're with, etc.
He's insecure and shows it negatively but really, deep down, he's just afraid to lose you, his angel.
Whenever you're in the opera house, you can always guarantee that he is watching and protecting you from beyond the shadows. He stalks you-- but in his mind, it's all he can do that's acceptable.
passionate & gentle.
If you take away his temper and tantrums, he is actually a very gentle lover to have.
His touches, if accepted, are so sweet.
Erik is only rough on accident when he's stuck in his emotional distress.
He is extremely passionate! Like-- with everything. Music, you, the relationship.
Erik loves singing to you at night or anytime you're feeling down/stressed.
He isn't perfect with words (face to face, that is.) but he will not shy away from writing things out, eventually letting you read whatever it may be.
Very doting in general.
He cares for you so intensely, especially after working on his music. He knows he can ignore the world with ease whenever stuck in his phase of creating. So he makes up for it when he is done or taking a break.
physical touch & praise.
He is touched starved and only knows for human touch to hurt. So please give him time to get used to this aspect of the relationship.
Once he is comfortable, he is always yearning for your touch. Innocently and sexually, it doesn't matter. All he wants is for you to be close to him.
He will caress you with slight hesitation only because he is inexperienced. After he learns what you like or don't like, it's very natural for him to touch you, reading your body language like the back of his hand.
Praise is also natural for him!
He will praise you with many things.
Singing, any art you create, if you reached a personal goal, etc.
He is a teacher, after all.
When you praise him, he will bask in it like no other. Erik won't necessarily ask for your praise but he truly craves it.
who says "i love you" first?
Most likely, he will say it after an intense episode of rage or something. But he is genuine with his words.
This man loves you, and even if he doesn't understand the ways he shows it aren't exactly healthy- erik will try to do better at explaining himself.
Whenever you say i love you to him, he will definitely get teary eyed. Those pretty blue eyes so full of emotion; hope and adoration.
showing you his face.
This takes so much time.
It's the ultimate challenge and the most vulnerable moment for him.
After you see his face and truly accept him, Erik is very clingy and feeds off the way you love him so strongly, so genuinely.
Don't rush into touching his face though. It might scare him off. but eventually, please caress him. It'll melt his broken heart into a puddle of unknown sensations.
kisses & cuddles.
Kisses with Erik are always passionate and drawn out, he hates small pecks tbh.
If you were to pull away too soon, he'd grip your wrist and ask for more.
He likes to hold your waist and/or face when kissing you, pouring all the love he has for you into that moment as if tomorrow isn't promised.
Erik is a dominant person but when it comes to to laying down and sleeping, he will silently plead for you to hold onto him.
It doesn't matter if you're on his chest and squeezing him or playing with his hair, Erik loves it very much. He won't deny you affection (unless he is busy composing music, of course) he knows what it feels like to be shunned and denied of love. There's no way in hell he would treat you like that.
Erik thinks you're adorable when you cling to him for whatever reason; you feel safe enough to run to him, and that's all he could ask for honestly.
Erik is gentle when it comes to sex, he often times asks if you're okay, if you're sure, etc.
Won't fuck you- he makes love to you, you are his one and only true love.
Sweet praises will always be whispered into your ear, hands roaming your body as if you're a god/goddess.
You finish first, every time. Your pleasure and comfort is way more important than his own, in his mind.
Aftercare is perfect.
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ladylynse · 19 days
Summary: The Fenton Ghost Portal in the basement lab is empty, broken. Instead, the portal is inside Danny–and now he has to contend with what’s come out of it.
Chapter 14
Danny didn’t know what Kitty was going to do, but he also knew he didn’t want to stick around to find out.
So, like a normal person, he bolted.
 A quick glance over his shoulder mercifully told him that the attack—it had to be an attack; it looked like a giant lipstick print passing through where he’d been—wasn’t swerving to follow him, but—
 Something rippled, something Danny couldn’t see, and he tripped.
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enigmawritesstuff · 5 months
Guys. I found a real life example of Erik's eyes.
Tumblr media
We are validated.
I can now describe in peace, knowing it is physically possible to have amber eyes y'all.
I cannot tell you how ecstatic I am.
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princessfanonanona · 1 year
A video on youtube entitled: A Fenton's Uncovering of Phantom
Danny stands in front of a cemetary holding a strange white box-ball-thing facing the camera. "So here we are in the cemetery, and we're going to be using this funky thing my parents built to try and locate phantoms grave."
-insert several scenes of Danny tripping over nothing, running around ahead of the camera, Sam holding the white thingamajig while Danny is in a hole at her feet, and Danny walking head first into things-
Danny walks backwards ahead of the camera, the doodad in his hands beeping ominously, "alright its been an hour-"
Sam, offscreen, "2 hours."
"It's been two hours since we got here so it's pushing the fabled witching hour," Dannt continues.
Off screen, Tucker is making a bad impression of a ghost, "OooooOOooOoOOooo spooOOooOky~"
Danny rolls his eyes, "What that means is that all the spooks come out."
-Scooby-Doo movie soundtrack plays in the background, chorus repeating 'the freaks come out, the freaks come out'-
"Get to the point," Sam says.
Danny holds up the contraption with excitement. "This thing is finally working!"
"Yay," Sam and Tucker say monotone.
"Let's see where it leads us," Danny turns and promptly trips over a headstone.
2 minutes of video of Danny tracking in circles around the cemetery pass. They stop in front of a small grave out of the way of everything.
"Is this it?" Tucker asks, sounding louder than before.
Sam moves into frame to rub the face of the headstone. "I can make out half a name?" she says.
Danny also stares at the stone, "It's dated 1894...or is that a 7?"
Tucker giggles, camera shaking.
Sam, turning and exposing the Headstone to the camera.
"What?" she half snaps.
"That's Abigail Flints grave! Phantom was a girl!" Tucker practically crows.
Sam and Danny look at eachother
"I guess dying is the best hormone treatment you can get," Danny shrugs.
"Good for him," Sam says holding a cupcake.
A video on youtube entitled: A Fenton's Uncovering of Phantom Take 2
Danny bounces into frame wearing an oversized trench coat, top hat, and what's obviously a napkin stuffed into the neck of his nasa shirt. He is holding a tiny pink magnifying glass.
"Well howdy-doody-there-" he smiles bright.
Tucker and Sam off screen, moaning in despair, "Oh Ancients."
"-so my last video got real popular and a lot of arguments have started up about whether or not Phantom was once Abigail."
"Danny!" Sam says off screen, "you can't just live-name a ghost!"
"Factz!" Danny finger guns to her. He turns back to the camera, "Ghosts have a very strict rule about live-naming them. So, in today's video, we're going to prove Phantom was [dolphin noises]."
Danny turns dramatically so the coat flutters.
"We're going to do research!"
The screen rolls with the batman theme song.
Danny stands in front of a library table with what appears to be the biggest, dustiest tomb of a book in the world. He peers at the fine print with the pink magnifying glass held to his face.
"Danny, we're recording," Tucker hisses.
"Yeah yeah, I know, but this is fascinating!" Danny doesn't look up, instead gently turning a page. A cloud of dust pools on the table.
"Want to tell the audience what your doing?" Sam asks.
Danny looks up, "Oh yeah, so this is a book that a friend of mine lent."
He turns back to the book, "Did you know the Lunch Lady was actually [internet dial-up tone]?"
"What was that?" Tucker asks.
"The lunch lady, the ghost who-"
"We know who the Lunch Lady is, Danny."
"Oh well she was [glass breaking]."
"How are you doing that?"
Danny looks up confused, "Doing what?"
"That thing with your mouth! You're not making human noises!" Tucker half shouts.
"But I'm just reading...Oh!" Danny hefts the book up to show the inside print to the camera. "Can you read this?"
"I can," Sam says.
"I can't," Tucker answers, the camera shifts, frame drifting to the side and down. "Now I can, dude what?"
"It's spelled!" Danny says, glee in his voice. "To keep people from using it wrongly."
"Oh!" Sam exclaims, moving into frame and looking through a few pages. "The Box Ghost was once known as [cat yowls]."
She blinks.
"What does it say about Phantom?" Tucker asks.
They flip back and forth before settling on a page with a blurred painting, and a long description that glitches through various hieroglyphs and runes.
"Well that's impressive, I like the [monkey call]," Sam says.
"Shut up, you think anyone [rain and storm noises] is hot." Danny elbows her.
"It's a fact and you should admit it."
"And his human name?" Tucker presses.
"It's [snapping bubble wrap]."
"What, it clearly says [wombat scream]," Sam points at a blob of ink.
"No it says, [dog barks]."
"[Bird song]."
"[Wood breaking]."
"Ancients," Tucker cuts in, "It clearly reads as [wolf howl]."
"What is that racket going on over here?!" The librarian shrieks coming around the corner.
The video cuts off in a blur of motion and scrambling.
A video on youtube entitled: A Fenton's Uncovering of Phantom Take 3
Danny sits at a table with Tucker. A ouiji board in barbie pink sits between them.
"Hello and welcome to part three of my uncovering the identity of Phantom!" Danny waves at the camera.
"I'm still-" Tucker cuts off, pulling his shin up. "Ow!"
"We figured we'd try doing a Q and A this time," Danny continues. "Except no one knows how to summon him or contact him outside a ghost fight. And then we remembered Tucker's mom had an old ouiji board from college-
"Thanks Mrs. Foley," Sam joins Danny in saying.
Tucker crosses his arms and slumps in his chair.
"I think having an older board will mean it will work better," Danny continues.
"Solid logic," Sam agrees.
"C'mon Tucker," Danny puts his hands on the little pink stone.
"Ugh," he jabs a finger at the camera, "I want it on record that I opposed this whole thing."
"Sam isn't joining me because she's allergic to pink," Danny adds.
"Such a shame," Sam says in monotone.
Tucker makes a noise that's a cross between a laugh and a cough.
He places his hands on the pink stone.
Nothing happens.
A solid two minutes pass where nothing happens.
"Are we supposed to...I dunno, ask for a visitation?" Tucker asks.
"That's asking for trouble," Sam says.
"Well if we made a blind call for any spirit, we might just end up with Skulker or Desiree," Danny says.
"Maybe we should ask for Phantom?" Tucker asks.
"Oh, great and powerful Phantom, please hear our plea and answer our call." Danny shouts at the ceiling.
Tucker drops his head into his bicep, shoulders shaking. The camera wobbles as half wheezes is heard from Sam.
"Please, Phantom," Danny continues.
The board gains a very faint green glow.
"We beseech you to grace us with your presence."
The glow gets brighter.
"We desire to ask you a few questions."
The glow condenses on the pink stone, shining bright ectoplasmic green.
The stone jerks across the board pulling Tucker and Danny.
"Oh my fucking-"
"Y!" Danny shouts as the stone jerks again.
"You?" Tucker chimes in.
"You're a?"
"You're al- you're all?"
"You're all dweh?"
The stone wiggles but stays on the letter.
"Another E?" Danny frowns.
It jerks across the board.
"You're all dweeb-" the tile slides to S.
"Hey we're not dweebs!" Tucker exclaims.
A white haired head with green eyes pops up through the table.
"Yes you are," she says.
Tucker yelps, falling out of his chair as Danny breaks into giggles.
Dani floats up out of the table to hover over it. "What are you even doing?"
"Trying to summon Phantom." Sam answers.
"Oh," she blinks, looking at the camera. She makes a little bow, "Phantom at your service."
"But you're a girl!"
"Duh," she rolls her eyes, "I'm Dani with an I, Phantom's sister."
"Oh good, here I thought [dolphin noises] had another gender change," Danny says. "You're smaller though."
"Those sound like fightin' words," she smiles, hands taking on a bright green glow.
The video cuts to black.
The video resumes with Danny, Dani and Tucker sitting on the couch. Danny holds a very blue snowball to his face. Dani is wrapped in a towel and very obviously cold and wet. Tucker's hat is sideways and glasses crooked. He looks very lost and confused.
Danny and Dani point at each other.
"He/She started it!" They exclaim in unison.
"Okay, okay," Sam says trying to gain some order. "Ms Phantom-"
"Call me Dani," she says immediately.
"I'm Danny," Danny says.
"So?" She asks.
"I'm older than you, pick a different name," he says.
"You are so not," she exclaims.
"I know on good faith that you're not even 11 months old."
"That means you're old!" She crows.
"Beats being a baby."
"Hows your back, old man? Did you forget your cane?"
"Sam, it looks like the baby needs a nap," Danny turns to the camera. He puts a hand to the side of his face to stage whisper, "She's getting cranky."
Dani lunges at him knocking them both of frame.
"Can we be done now?" Tucker asks.
"Yeah, I think we're done here," Sam agrees.
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