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walkingtall296 · 2 days
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tmnt-event-blog · 3 months
Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Trick or Treat Exchange! (2023)
Hello fellow turtle enthusiasts.
Welcome to the 2023 rottmnt secret Halloween, or as I'm calling it: the Trick or Treat Exchange!
I saw the idea from @ abbeyofcyn (Forgive me for the random @) and decided "Why not? It can be fun!" And so here we are.
To make sure this exchange goes well, this shall be the master post for the Trick or Treat Exchange 2023
Introduction of the dumdum running this
I am Strangermask, Mask for short. I am the only one running this event. If you have any questions or issues, you are free to send any asks or a private dm.
Form for sign up
*Sign up ends on September 23rd 11:59 PM Mountain time*
EDIT: It has been pointed out that is a wording problem with the form of “on the table” and “off the table”. I apologize for that inconvenience and will be explaining what those mean.
On the table: What you would like on your gift.
Off the table: What you wouldn’t want on your gift.
Please be respectful
Do not do any nsfw. If you wouldn't want your boss to see it, don't make it.
For the all loving mother Mary of god, no Tcest. You will be blocked from the blog and immediately kicked out of the gift exchange.
You are allowed to draw or write the gift you're making!
Make sure your gift does have what your secret Halloween person has list for on the table (If you are having difficulty including everything they want on your gift, you are okay to compromise.)
Please be mindful of what is not on the table for your secret Halloween person.
For now, ships will be allowed HOWEVER please be mindful of those who don't like certain ships (If this becomes an issue, I will change this rule.)
Deadlines for gift exchanging will be between October 29nd to 31st. If you need extra time, please inform me immediately so I can inform the person you are gifting.
When the gifts have been exchanged, please @ your secret Halloween person, this blog and use the tags: "#rottmnt trick or treat exchange" and "rottmnt trick or treak exchange 2023"
Have fun with this!
And of course, most importantly...
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midnightmoons14 · 5 months
Pin possstt
Hello all! Thought it was time I should set up my bio 💕
You can call me Des or midnightmoons, I go by she/her pronouns.
I'm bisexual and I have a male partner, but I am open to dating women as well (v needy hehe).
DM's are open to flirting for she&them identifying folks but men please respect my boundaries around messaging- you can message me but I'm not going to have a convo with you. Thanks ily
I post almost exclusively NSFW content so you must be 18+ to follow and reblog. Blank blogs and blogs without age clearly stated will be blocked.
Cash app <3
Wishlist <3
Twitter <3
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wingedcat13 · 1 year
Pincushion Post
With my one-off dabble in posting fictional works expanding, it's probably good to be organized.
Whomever you are, welcome! Most of this blog is just me aggregating content I enjoy. However, I also write things, on occasion. To cut through the nonsense and memes (which, I mean, I enjoy) you can find quick links and brief explanations here.
This one began with a response to one of Writing-prompt-s's writing prompts, which I have since titled 'Call Me Menace.' Written in second person, you are Synovus, a villain of significant renown. You've kidnapped your rivals' child... and you may be the best parent they've ever had.
'Call Me Menace' is here on Tumblr and here on Ao3, if you prefer the formatting over there.
The sequel, 'Villains Never Retire,' was planned to be a two-parter once it got long, and is now going to be at least three actually four parts. You can find all of it on Ao3 here.
Otherwise, Villains Never Retire (1) and Villains Never Retire (2) , Villains Never Retire (3) and Villains Never Retire (4) are here on Tumblr!
In progress: Siren Call (1) is a third person expansion, taking place after VNR, and following Minerva as she navigates the fallout. Part two is now available!
Synovus: A Wishing Star. A terminally ill child wishes to meet Synovus - for reasons Synovus doesn't anticipate. Heed its warnings. Prequel to 'Call Me Menace'
Additionally, you can search the tag #synoverse on my blog for any asks I've answered about the universe, commentary, or the occasional sneak peek at the next installment.
Who the Hell Are You?:
Starting with a tagged prompt from writing-stuff, WtHAY is written in third person! Join a huntress of things that go bump in the night and her forcibly deputized changeling ally as they seek revenge for an attack on Navi's life - as soon as she can get up off of this couch.
Part one Here on Tumblr, and here on Ao3!
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oldguardmaxismatchcc · 6 months
Tumblr media
if maxis match is your sim style and if you like to discover pieces of maxis match custom content (mmcc) that are not the last trend or no longer appear on your dash because they're forgotten somewhere in the simblruniverse - then, this little simblr is your place! follow #oldguardcc to keep updated :)
Tumblr media
if you're looking for some specific lost cc and all the links you find to it are broken, feel free to send me a wcif, an ask or a message and i’ll try to help. happy simming!
Tumblr media
search by categories
search by years
(these links should redirect you to a page in your browser)
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weepinglilvessel · 3 months
New Introduction
Tumblr media
About Me:
She/Her/They/Them☁︎︎Stel or Stella (Weeping if you wanna be silly)☁︎︎Minor
I am ur average neon digital artist who draws and post almost every day. My hyperfixations are currently Rain World and Hollowknight (mainly RW at the moment) Sometimes I do animation but that happens every once an a blue moon.
Other Socials:
Instagram: Weepinglilvessel
Artfight: Weepinglilvessel
Slow come back
Commissions: ✔︎(will take Cashapp or Nitro <- nitro with mutuals only)
Ask box: X on hold(General ask, Request, RW and/or HK ONLY pls, do not ask me to draw your oc)(if you are rude in any way your ask will be deleted, I shouldn’t have to put this here but hhh)
DMs: ✔︎( I may not answer them right away, I’m socially awkward)
Art Trades: mutuals only
Extra info:
Proshippers, incest, homo/transphobia and any other horrible crap DNI! Stay away from me.
My tags:
#rw eclipse au (On going AU at the moment)
#rw chaos au (Pops in every once in a while)
#WeepingArt (My art in general)
#WeepingAsk (Stuff from askbox)
#Weepingfanart (fanart from you guys ❤︎︎)
Eclipse AU Ref
Murky Luminescent Seas Refs
Stare of Thirteen Stars Refs
The scugs Refs
Distance Blooming Aura
Devoid in Golden Trails
Five in Foliage Growth, Lead Within Ref
Time of Spiraling Essence Ref: Soon
Recent Comics:
Sig and Pebbs: 1
Sig and Pebbs: 2
Sig and Pebbs: 3
Moon’s Rage
Moon Being an Ass
Suns Mockery
Pebbs Rage
Programs I Use:
IPad Pro (12in gen6)
Apple Pencil
Brushes I use
Hope you enjoy it here!(メ﹏メ)
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so-emo-i-fell-apart · 8 months
In honor of lab week imma tell you which lab position I think each member of mcr would fit best in
Gerard: Urinalysis. I don't think I need to further explain
Mikey: Hematology. He's in the faggot cell.
Frank: Phlebotomy. That man likes to cause issues that result in blood.
Ray: Chemistry. Probably the busiest place in the lab, and he's very good at doing 2 things at once.
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tokogung19 · 4 months
Gonna make the pin post cause why not?
• The name is Arthur! You can also call me Toko/Eg if you like idm :]
• Pronouns he/they and I'm gay 🏳️‍🌈
• I draw everytime and everywhere whenever I want, mostly draw muppet stuffs and fav' characters from other fandoms
• Fandom I'm in: FNAF, Welcome Home, Good Omens, TF2, The mandela Catalogue,... (I'm multifandom)
• Nationality: 🇻🇳 (100%vietnamese but I can speak English, It's just that I don't speak English fluently...)
✩Social :
Twitter: @Toko_gung19
Instagram: @arthur.toko19
Facebook (mostly use): Arthur Haru
(Commission art now open only in Viet Nam because I still don't have paypal :,[ )
( !Also ask box opened y'all can ask me anything! 🌈🌈)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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toothflowers · 4 months
Hiya and Welcome to my Page!
Tumblr media
I'm an autistic trans puppet-coded artist interested in horror, psychedelia, and weird queer media :-P
Support me on Patreon!
Buy some of my art on INPRNT!
Check out my Commission Details!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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booyakashapizzaguy · 2 months
Tumblr media
『 ↳ What i’m all abt yo!
talking abt cartoons! my favorites are Bradford and His 2 Ruff Krew, Crognar the Barbarian, and Space Heroes!
love ranting abt my day and stuffz just cuz it’s nice getting off my chest and stuffz ^^
i like taking rlly bad photos of my bros cuz it’s funny >:))
showing the world my cute lil kitty cat (=^‥^=)
『 ↳ Boundries Below Dudez!!
don’t comment or tag any of my postz with ‘t-cest’ or anything ‘nsfw’ it’s nasty and yucky and i don’t appreciate it :((
don’t repost my art or sell it off as posters/stickers/ect. it is not cool!!
u can use my art as pfp’s just credit me plz!!
don’t treat me like a baby i will and can kick your butt, plus i’ll just block u
just don’t be weird and a creep it’s not rlly funny or cool, plus it makes me uncomfy
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cutiexhanami · 2 months
Tumblr media
🌸 ℍ𝕖𝕝𝕝𝕠 𝕖𝕧𝕖𝕣𝕪𝕠𝕟𝕖 ~ ! 🌸
A lot of you asked for 𝐮𝐧𝐜𝐞𝐧𝐬𝐨𝐫𝐞𝐝 𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐬𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐬 of my pictures or more types of photos/gifs! So I'm just letting you know that...
✨ I have a Patreon page! ✨️
10 $ per month including : ✿ Uncensored photos ✿ Gifs ✿ Sexting ✿ Voice messages
🩵 ↑ Here's my Paypal! ↑ 🩵
✨️💕 For more 𝐢𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐦𝐚𝐭𝐞 𝐯𝐢𝐝𝐞𝐨𝐬 and 𝗰𝗼𝗻𝘃𝗲𝗿𝘀𝗮𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻𝘀, I give the Subscribers my Snapchat and very soon Discord ~ ! 💕✨️
Tumblr media
✨️ Please support! It's so appreciated! 🥺✨️
Tumblr media
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walkingtall296 · 2 months
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tmnt-event-blog · 16 days
I present to you: Holiday Bingo!
Now, if you all remember: I made a poll with two options of team vs and decorate a thingy. The latter one won, and that results in this!
Tumblr media
Holiday Window! For every bingo spot that gets filled, I will add a small decor to the window. For every blackout, there will be a big decor added.
Now, you may ask: “What about a bingo?” Well since December is famous for being the busiest month ever, I made the boards 3x3 instead of the regular 5x5 to make it easier to participate.
Speaking of the boards, I have designed four different boards for everyone to do! Here is a preview of them:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The boards with the prompts will be released this Friday, November 24th! Each will be on a separate post, so look out for that!
Now, time to lay out how this works:
Holiday Bingo FAQ and Rules!
Q. How do I participate?
A. When the official bingo cards go up, you can reblog the card you’re gonna use. After that, you just fill out the prompts with either a drawing or writing. Once you are done, post the board you’re using with the prompt you chose crossed off along with what you made for that prompt (edit: please also @ this bling when you cross a prompt)
Q. What if I make a blackout on my bingo board?
A. If you end up getting a blackout but still wanna do more, then grab another bingo board! Ex: If you blackout on Peppermint Lane, you can fill out the prompts on Candle Night. If you blackout on Candle Night, you have two more options. If you get a blackout on all four… what in gods name is fueling you? (/silly)
Q. Do I draw or write?
A. You can either or both!
Q. What if I only do one prompt and can’t do anymore?
A. Completely chill! Everyone has something going on, I ain’t gonna chastise you for only doing one prompt on your bingo board.
Q. Can I do [insert ship name here]?
A. Unfortunately for this event, ships are not going to be allowed this event. I apologize for anyone who is upset at this, but considering this is a more free range event, I want to stay clear of harassment that could possibly happen due to ships.
Q. Can I do [insert tmnt iteration here]?
A. My gay companion, you can do any iteration. You wanna do Bayverse? Fuckin go for it. You wanna do 1987? Hell yeah, you do you. You wanna do IDW? Slay.
Q. Could I use my au for a prompt?
A. Hell yeah you can!
Q. Could I use my oc for a prompt?
A. As long as they’re with any tmnt character, sure!
Q. Is this an angst event or a fluff event?
A. Both. Both is good.
Q. What’s the rule on NSFW?
A. The same it was for the Halloween gift exchange. If you do not want your boss or teacher to see it, do not post it.
Q. Does it have to include a holiday?
A. It does not! If you don’t celebrate any of the holidays in December, you do not have to include those in what you create. On that same note, if you would like to include a holiday, go for it! Whether it be Christmas, Kwanzaa, Chanukah, Yule, or any other holiday in December! Do what you enjoy and will make you happy.
Q. When is the deadline?
A. This event will stay live from November 24th to January 1st. January 1st will be the last day to post any prompts on your bingo board.
Q. Why did you choose a window to decorate?
A. There are some times where I can’t draw for shit, and this is one of those times.
If there are any questions you have for me, feel free to send them my way!
Until then
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dellphie · 2 months
Tumblr media
Nav | OC Art | DoL Fanart | Ask-box
Hallo! This is Dellphie, a chimera of Sparrow and Springbok. I wasn't expected to receive so much likes and reblogs from making arts of DoL. All of these are whole new exprience to me. Thank you so much. I'm encouraged by them a lot, a lot. Although I'm not good at making connection with people, I still looking forward to meet and make friends here. Um, please.🥺❤️ English isn't my first language, but I'll prefer to use English more at least everyone can read it.
Of course, for your reference, here is it: Cantonese A* | Chinese A | English B | Japanese C | Indonesia D
Just in case if you want to know my other social media account: twitter(i will never call it X) | bilibili
Since I'm really not so good at communicate, may i introduce some of my OCs at a glance here:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
And finally:
Tumblr media
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mobiitez · 4 months
pin post (remake) 📌
I’m Mo! But you can call me Dee (or any variation of my username, I don’t really mind)! I’m a queer, black, transmasc fan-artist 🌈
Tumblr media
Being a fan-artist than account is fandom focused (mostly tmnt atm, currently entering a trolls phase lol ) but I will sometimes post about my own things! This is my main social media account and basically the only one I use (besides the occasional YouTube video and popping into discord every now and then). I do not have a tiktok or a fandom related twitter account. Any other socials besides the ones listed is not me!
more info under the cut ⬇️ (warning long)
Tumblr media
🌺 my art tag: mob’s art (it’s relatively new and I forget to use it sometimes…)
⭐️ lists of masterposts for AUs:
-> Future Leo gets sent back too far into the past via Future Mikey’s portal and is now surrounded by baby versions of his brothers and himself.
DISCONTINUED | Winged turtles
-> The turtles are half bird.
-> Personal TMNT iteration.
Glass Memories (coming soon)
Finding Our Way Home (coming soon)
there might be some I’m forgetting…
🐢 art status:
commissions | open!
art trades | closed
requests | closed
🪼art boundaries:
• please do not repost/use my art without my EXPRESSED permission (this does not extend to commissioners).
• please do not use my art for commercial use unless you commissioned a piece for it.
• I allow my art to be used as pfps — just please give credit!
🍓 some frequently asked questions:
art program? ibis paint! flipaclip for the occasional shitpost
when will you update [thing]? when I can! i apologize for the long periods of time between updates, my brain likes to work on what it likes to work on!
what happened to [insert AU]? most likely got bored of it and moved on to certain things… sorry!
are you a furry? absolutely uwu
why didn’t you respond to [thing]? It’s hard for me to be social online because I often overthink my interactions with others. I like to leave as little as a trail of myself simply because it makes me feel better. If I don’t respond/interact with you in the way you hope I’m sorry, but that’s just how I am.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Thanks for reading and stopping by :3
Tumblr media
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rp-academy · 14 days
Hey there, and welcome to RP Academy! 🎉 📚
This blog's sole purpose is to help those who want to integrate themselves into the rp community here on Tumblr, but aren't quite sure how to go about it. I am Fledermaus (he/him), and I am happy to answer any questions anyone may have.
Most posts will be tagged according to the following categories: #dictionary , #info , and #resources !
NOTE: This blog supports the LGBTQ+ community, the disabled community, and POC!
If you have any suggestions to help improve this blog for better use, please feel free to slip in a message or ask. ❤️ It's okay to reblog any of these posts!
Tumblr media
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