#pink and blue forever with the bi colors <3
goldensatellite · 2 months
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She's driving me craaazy!
LA Night 15 (1/29/23)
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fantabulisticity · 1 year
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On a happier note, my hair absolutely fucks! The back section was supposed to be more aqua, but the purple streaks in it turned it into a dark blue (which looks great also).
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mogai-pride-flags · 5 months
Presenting My hoard (1,736+ terms added, 2,654+ terms in total. 851 are in limbo and waiting to be archived)
(Not sure how to describe this, sorry! But basically each term is a dot and each dot has a color as a start.)
Tumblr media
(Now with only 850 missing terms that I need to still add!)
Green - Alterhuman
Pink - Pronouns
Dark Blue - Health (Physical/Mental disorders & symptoms I have)
Purple - Vesility
Magenta - Altersex
Cyan - Gender(s)
Blue - Termcollector/Hoard Terms
Lavender - Attraction
Chartreuse - Othellic
Light Blue - Misc. (Combo flags, terms that are identity wide, etc)
Grey - Needs Formatting (A process where I take a terms coining post after being pasted in and modify it so it's like a wiki post!)
White - Needs Sorting (The process of tagging and moving files into their respective areas)
Each of these terms is also a term that has been forever archived by me. I back this database up Bi-weekly/Monthly to Onedrive. It's all organized to be as if it's a wiki, except personalized and I made it ground up! :3
(Not releasing the file publicly as some of the terms include NSFW things to do with myself and I am a minor (This hoard is for me and I am 16 so shut the fuck up /nbh), especially in the attraction section (For the purposes of remembering due to memory issues), and others are very personal due to being trauma related. Thank you for understanding.)
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the-frog-in-the-bog · 6 months
you dont actually hate pan people right. right?
This ended up being longer than I expected but I didn’t want to have to clarify a bunch of stuff later in the replies. The only thing pansexuals have done is spread biphobic and transphobic misinformation. Bisexuals have been saying forever that we’re attracted to all genders (bi= attraction to 2 groups of people: those with the same gender as my own and those with a different gender than my own), but some people who couldn’t be bothered to learn a single thing about LGBT history decided “well bi means 2 so that means that bisexuals are only attracted to cis men and women, so we’re gonna create a more inclusive label.” Unfortunately, it took off. And I’m not just making shit up. this is the first modern definition of pansexuality, and two examples of what kind of comments were under the post:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Notice how they classify trans people as separate from men and women. For the majority of its lifespan, every single definition of pansexuality revolved around a biphobic stereotype. pansexuality exists only to paint itself as a more progressive and inclusive version of bisexuality. And yes, the mere existence of pansexuality spreads harmful stereotypes, bc when you recognize “attraction to all genders (even trans people)” as different from bisexuality, it enforces the untrue stereotypes that 1) bisexuals can’t be attracted to all genders, 2) bisexuals have to have a gender preference, 3) only people of a certain sexuality are attracted to trans people. so I won’t be listening to anyone who says “let people ID how they want, it’s not hurting anyone, everyone is valid!” A personal anecdote: I’ve noticed that the “attracted to two or more genders” definition of bisexuality only started being used as pansexuality became more popular. Meaning… we didn’t pick that definition ourselves. At the very least, it wasn’t a popular definition.
Every pan person I’ve known irl has had a biphobic reason for choosing pan over bi. “I love all genders, not just two!” “Bisexuality enforces the gender binary.” “I don’t have a gender preference!” “All the slutty girls in high school were bi, and I didn’t want people to think I was like that, so I picked pan.” and my personal favorite: “I’m pansexual bc I’m attracted to women and trans women!” But if that’s not enough to convince you, here’s some numbers:
Tumblr media
Not to mention the creator of the pan flag used the bi flag as a template but couldn’t even be bothered to learn the meaning behind each stripe. Here’s the meaning of the bi flag:
Tumblr media
And the pan flag:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Yeah. Literally blue for boys, pink for girls, and yellow for trans and non-binary people. The only reason pansexuals modified their definition and color meanings was bc they were getting a lot of (justified) criticism from the bi and trans communities, but that doesn’t mean pan people themselves changed their way of thinking. So many trans people have talked about the fetishization they deal with from the pan community.
All that being said, I do recognize that a lot of pan people are just misinformed bisexuals with internalized biphobia. So no, I don’t hate them. But the people who knowingly throw the rest of us under the bus and pick a holier-than-thou label to distance themselves from biphobia instead of standing with their community? Yeah, I hate them.
Btw, everything I’ve said also applies to all the other bullshit mspec labels like omnisexual/polyselxual etc. I only focused on pansexuality bc that’s what the question was about. there’s no one way to be bisexual, and saying shit like “I’m attracted to women and non-binary people” is stupid bc non-binary isn’t a third gender, it’s a wide spectrum that includes transmascs, he/they AMABs, intersex people, and genderfluid people who are men some days and not others.
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chevvy-yates · 16 days
4 & 9 for Thyjs, but also 11 for the 3 others ^^
Tumblr media
4. How do they act around a crush?
Nervous, a bit shy and denying his own feelings at first. As a true raised soldier, Thyjs didn't have discovered much of the love-life the casual guy probably does. He can't cope with these sudden feelings at first since he was taught to fight and not to love. Finding someone, marry and have a family was always present in his mind though but never important since he put all his passion into serving the military a.k.a. Militech and Benelux Union in the first place. So, having a crush on Ryder now is entirely new to him – especially crushing on a man* – and he tries to hide it by just acting like always: be reserved, showing coolness only, smile less. With Ryder around this doesn't function so easily anymore though. He feels more and more nervous and just hopes nobody will notice when heat is rising into his face (because Ryder said something nice to him). To Thyjs' luck his cheeks already have a natural light pink tint, caused by his albinism, so nobody would probably notice. He may want to escape some situations where he doesn't know how to act/behave but he's not the type to exactly run away from problems forever. At some point he'll get himself together and confront Ryder about his 'weird' and 'unexplainable' feelings for him (fyi: Ry is also literally pining a lot for Thyjs not daring to take action either until both of them eventually face it). *he finds out that he is gay very late. I thought about making him bi at first but he's not exactly the bi type so I go with the late gay discovery instead. He has had some flings with women before but it was just one-night-stands with no feelings – just vent offs.
9. Do they have a word or phrase that they tend to overuse?
Thyjs happens to answer a lot with "Ja meneer!"/"Yes sir!" due to his time in the military when someone of the team asks or commands him to do something specific. At first it's weird for everybody because he mostly say's it in his native language Dutch, but they get used to it. There's also moments of constantly returning Dutch words and phrases Thyjs uses automatically because it's daily life for him. Words like 'dag' (bye) or 'totziens' (see you later). 'Lekker' is also of constant use. He uses it not only for telling the food is 'delicious', no; one time Ryder asked him if he slept well and Thy's answer literally has been "Oh, ik heb lekker geslapen." (I slept well.). He frequently overuses some curse words as well. 'Godverdomme!' (goddamnit!) is his favorite. "Hou je bek!" (Shut your mouth!) is also very likely to roll from him lips when he gets angry. He's not the extreme kind of curser tho, so he doesn't wish anyone typhus, cancer and co., if you know what I mean. FYI: I don't speak any Dutch btw, so excuus if I did something wrong (please, correct me if you like to) – I just spent a bit time looking these things up (and it was fun). Maybe he will say more over time.
Tumblr media
11. What color do they look strikingly good in?
Black. There is no other option than that for Ryder. He's adamant about it anyway. Vijay thinks he would look suprisingly good in purple though.
Tumblr media
11. What color do they look strikingly good in?
Yellow. Vijay looks surprisingly good in yellow if he doesn't wear purple, pink and blue tones combined with black.
Tumblr media
11. What color do they look strikingly good in?
Vermillion Red. Like the Japanese torii at shrines. Get up the contrast and it's almost neon orange.
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rostomanologist · 23 days
Noerren for the ask meme?
thx for the ask ! <3
01. Full name: Noereen
02. Best friend: Pryman (@el-is-away) and Hoaxer (@mithosis)
03. Sexuality: pan or bi i dunno
04. Favorite color: pink, black, dark blue, white and violet
05. Relationship status: taken by Pryman and Hoaxer
06. Ideal mate: objectively, anyone who can put some sense into her and keeps her sane. subjectively, anyone who fights good and spars with her
07. Turn-ons: heftiness, Deep Secrets ™️, ability to fight with her (and letting her dominate)
08. Favorite food: meat. raw, in soup, roasted, baked - doesn't matter. prefers grilled moa, tho
09. Crushes: her boys, ofc
10. Favorite music: anything that keeps her energised
11. Biggest fear: The Final Death, submission to Mallyx (in the past)
12. Biggest fantasy: therapy to live and have fun forever
13. Bad habits: she is a one big bad habit in general. but the worst of hers are leaving ppl "for a short time" and getting her ass in trouble (too confident to not go alone) and inability to calculate risks. she has NO brains
14. Biggest regret: not saving her friend in the Mists, which turned catastrophically. also killing a whole nightmare court outpost (small tho) in attempt to flee from there. she DOESN'T like getting people killed.
15. Best kept secrets: her own fuckups, times when she was close to death
16. Last thought: i have zero brain
17. Worst romantic experience: a one-night-stand so bad she doesn't even remember that
18. Biggest insecurity: UNRELIABLE. sometimes has temper tantrums. too unpredictable. jealous and paranoic
19. Weapon of choice: huge ass greatsword or two swords/sword and an axe
20. Role Model: none and that's a pity
i don't have proper screens of her atm, so have hee hee scribbles instead
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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ikingsley · 2 years
Ina x MC: Proud 🏳️‍🌈
Ina x MC: Proud 🏳️‍🌈
Summary: Ina and Luna celebrate pride.
Warnings: Fluff! And slightly jealous Ina.
Tag: @samanthadalton @domakir @kulaykape @hellyeah90sbaby @dopeyouth @kwaj05 @thedaft1​ @swimmingshoebakerydreamer @kaitlynliaofanxx @barnibumblr
Let me know if you want to be added or taken off the tag list.
Author’s Notes: I haven’t been writing as often as I used to, but I realized how much I’ve missed it. A bit late, but happy pride everyone.
Dedicating this fic to all the wonderful people I’ve met here, especially those that I’ve been simping over Ina with. Thank you all.
“And why exactly have you done my makeup so that I look like unicorn barf?” Ina questioned as she gawked at herself in the mirror. Ina’s cheeks were decorated with a thick rainbow and sparkles all over.
“It is most certainly NOT barf! I am deeply hurt,” Luna feigned offense. “But to answer your question, we’re going to a Pride parade!”
“Ah,” Ina slowly nodded. “I see you’ve brought out the cuffed jeans once again.”
Luna smiled at Ina as she rolled up her jeans. “What kind of bi are you if you don’t cuff your jeans and make bad puns.”
“An intellectual bisexual,” Ina responded wittily. “Hey! That rhymed.”
“Nerd. But name one bi that doesn’t fit those stereotypes.”
Ina racked her brain and sighed. “Don’t say it-”
“That’s what I thought. It’s quite accurate.”
Ina huffed but sported an amused smile. She had never actually gone to a Pride parade before, despite being very, very gay. She often watched through her window and vowed to go the following year, but alas, her work always took precedence.
“Can I at least do your makeup?” Ina gestured towards the chair in front of their bedroom mirror.
“Of course, honey. Do your worst.”
Ina first grabbed the purple, drawing a thin line down the middle of Luna’s cheeks. 
“Oh. I see,” Luna said as she realized what Ina had been attempting to draw.
“Umm,” Ina began awkwardly. “What’s on top-”
“The sheer amount of responses I have to that...”
Ina rolled her eyes. “But seriously, is it blue or pink?”
“I don’t know honestly. Look it up, babe,”
“Seriously? You, the living stereotype of bi culture doesn’t know if blue or pink is at the top of the flag?” Ina teased.
“All I know is that purple is in the middle.”
“And that you’re a chaotic bi.”
“That too.”
The two laughed at and with each other until Ina figured out Luna’s makeup. They made their way down the street hand-in-hand, just to join right in the middle of the parade.
“This is nice. I wish I had attended before.”
Luna stopped in her tracks and whirled around quickly. “Wait- You’ve never been to a Pride parade before?”
“Never really had the time, I suppose.”
“But...but you’re gay! Gays always find the time, especially to be dramatic. After all, what is Pride if not dramatic?”
“I know, you’re the one that taught me that.”
“Oh hush. You’re dramatic too.”
“Give me one example.”
“Babe, I could name more than 3 right off the top of my head.”
Ina raised her eyebrows in question. “Go on then.”
“The one where the supermarket didn’t have those chips you like to binge and you whimpered all throughout the store. Then you made us search every grocery store on the way back home until you found them. The one where you made a tiny typo when misspelling ‘anthropological’ on one of your papers and ranted about how it would cost you your career. And from there on out, you make me proof-read all your papers. The one where they delivered the wrong color bike for Charlotte and you cried because you thought she’d hate you forever, but really she was just happy to get a bike. The one where-”
“I get it! Okay. Maybe I am a tad bit dramatic.”
Luna held up two fingers close to each other. “Just a tad.” 
“As fun as that conversation was, why don’t we stop and get some drinks.”
“You and your old-fashioned cocktails,” Luna shook her head. “I’m gonna go to our favorite Thai place across the street. Do you want your regular?”
“Yes please. No snow-”
Ina was cut off by Luna’s hysterical laughter. “Luna...” she grumbled.
“You’re so bloody predictable, but I know. No snow peas.”
“Thank you. I’ll be over there, you know, drinking my usual, being predictable and such.”
“I’ll meet you there,” Luna said as the two went their separate ways.
Luna was fully turned around when she heard her name. She whirled around, smiling from ear-to-ear as she recognized her girlfriend’s welcoming voice. She saw Ina checking her out and smirked. Her skin-tight jeans and crop top made Ina go red. Once Ina finally met her eyes, Ina mouthed “Damn, Lu.”
Somehow, her smile widened even further and a rosy blush crept onto her cheeks. This damn woman could fluster her from a mile away. Luna gave Ina a small nod and pointed finger guns at her. Ina’s eye roll did not go unnoticed, but she returned Luna’s wide smile. With that, they parted.
Luna entered the Thai establishment where she was greeted with a warm welcome. Luna and Ina were both busy women and takeout was the most convenient. The two loved the hole-in-the-wall, family restaurant that knew their orders by heart. The restaurant was recently taken over by the founder’s son and daughter-in-law and they had a small toddler-age daughter. 
“LUNA!!!” screeched the deafening voice of a child. Ellie clambered over to Luna and wrapped her tiny hands around Luna’s legs. 
“Hi, Ellie!” Luna said excitedly, matching Ellie’s energy. “What have you been up to?”
“Soccer camp!”
“That’s awesome! Do you score a lot of goals?”
“Yeah! I kick it in super hard and it hits the net and we win!”
“You’re gonna be a soccer star! Great job. Give me a high five!”
Luna put up her hand and Ellie giggled.
“Luna! Good to see you.”
“Hey!” Luna waved at the couple. “Can I get a chicken satay with that super spicy chili sauce and Ina’s regular with no-”
“Snow peas.”
Again, Luna laughed at the hilarity of Ina’s pickiness. “Yep, she’s quite adamant about it.”
Luna played with Ellie as her order was being prepared. It was these short but meaningful interactions with little kids that fueled her love for medicine. She wanted to make a difference in their young lives. She wanted to help fight disease, find cures and keep kids happy.
Luna grabbed her takeout and found Ina sitting alone at the bar across the street. She had a pensive, reflective look on her face that Luna easily recognized as the same one she had first seen Ina with all those years ago.
Ina turned around, slightly startled after being in the zone. Her heart melted as Luna gave her a quick peck on the forehead. 
“Do you want to go back out there?”
Luna nodded and grabbed Ina’s hand, motioning her to leave and follow the seemingly endless parade.
Ina got off the barstool quickly. “Hold on, I’m gonna use the bathroom.”
Luna plopped herself on a bar stool, her eyes wandering around the establishment. She pulled out her phone and turned to the selfie camera, wanting to see if her makeup had lasted. She smiled at herself, happy that her bisexual flag was still intact along with all the glitter that accompanied it. Ina had really outdone herself on the makeup. 
Just as she was putting her phone back, a young woman around her age tapped her shoulder. Like Luna, it was evident that she had just come from the parade. She wore a tie dye t-shirt and jean shorts that allowed her to sport the rainbow paint that adorned her legs. If that didn’t give it away, she had a rainbow flag draped across her shoulders as if it were a blanket.
“I won’t waste my bad, punny pickup lines on you, so I’ll be straight-forward. What’s your name?” she asked.
“Luna. And for the record, nothing about me is straight.”
The mysterious girl laughed a little too hard at the joke as she flashed her pearly white teeth. Was she flirting with her? Luna was extremely sociable, but when it came to if someone was flirting with her, she could never tell. She’d need it laid out bluntly to discover that someone was coming onto her.
“I’m Bianca. Nice to meet you.”
Someone behind Bianca cleared their throat. “Is it? Is it really?”
Bianca turned around and cowered while looking sheepishly at Ina green with jealousy, her arms crossed and staring intensely at her. 
“She,” Ina said as she waltzed over to Luna. “She’s with me.” She then wrapped her arms around Luna’s waist.
“Oh...uh...sorry,” Bianca said and she fumbled away back onto the street.
“You know she was hitting on you right?”
“But...I just told her my name.”
“Oh, Lu,” Ina chuckled. “I love you, but sometimes this is quite hilarious.”
Luna grumbled incoherently at Ina’s teasing.
“You know you’re mine right?” Ina whispered in Luna’s ear in the most sultry voice she could muster.
Ina traced her finger around Luna’s jawline and placed a few gentle kisses along it.
“And did I tell you how beautiful you look today?”
Luna blushed again. “You say that every day.”
“And I’ll say it every day forever.”
“How do you always do that to me?”
“Do what exactly, my love?”
“Get your head out of the gutter,” Luna laughed. “Make me swoon over and over again.”
“I just say cheesy things with my very smouldery voice in your ear. Gets you every time.”
“Ina...you know damn well that I’m a sucker to that voice.”
“Come on, let’s get out of here.”
Luna followed Ina out of the bar and onto the overpacked streets. The two marched down with the crowd, taking funny pictures at all angles. At some point, Luna picked up a mini rainbow flag and waved it around as if it were her most prized possession.
They were just outside a small store where a rainbow flag hung proudly and Luna saw a few more inside the store.
“Hold on, I’m gonna get you something.”
“Lu, I don’t need anything. Just be here with me.”
But Luna had already wandered inside the store. She bought the flag and met Ina at the entrance.
“Close your eyes.”
Ina did as she was told and Luna wrapped the flag around her.
Instantly, the two were brought closer together and Ina smirked. “Thank you. I’m going to hang this in the living room,” she whispered against her and Luna looked up to meet Ina’s lips. They melted together, slowly feeling that the world was disappearing around them. Luna could feel Ina smiling against her lips as she finally pulled away to catch her breath.
“That was...”
“Wonderful,” Ina concluded. “Thank you for taking me here, Luna. I see I’ve been missing out on a lot.”
Ina wasn’t the only one having a great time. The lively ambience of not only the parade, but the street and city could be felt by every New Yorker. Pride always brought out a spontaneous, lively energy that reverberated throughout the community. No one could truly feel weighed down when the streets were flocked with people celebrating themselves. It was quite the scene to watch and partake in. 
Ina stepped onto the pavement, wanting to absorb her surroundings. The vast amount of flags being flown was all-consuming. Not only rainbow ones, but those that represented so many more of the community. Almost every person that passed by had some sort of colorful decor, either on their clothing or plastered on by paint or makeup. Cheers echoed throughout the city’s back alleys, them too hearing the cries of happiness, joy and pride. 
This is all she had ever wanted. 
The love, acceptance and support of other people that not only acknowledged who she was, but embraced and cherished it. And what better way to spend it than with Luna. 
“Ina?” Luna asked, her voice full of concern as she looked up to see Ina’s glazed eyes. “Are you-”
“Overwhelmed. But in the best way possible,” Ina said as she quickly dabbed at her eyes. “All my life I’ve been looking for a home. People who accept for who I am, even with my many, many flaws. People who don’t judge me on who I love, but rather my character and personality. And this Luna, this is who I am. I’m unapologetically attracted to women-”
“I know.”
With that, Ina let out a quiet laugh and shook her head. “There’s one woman in particular actually,”
“Really? Do tell, Doctor,” Luna smirked.
“Well she’s really smart. She loves kids and wants to be a doctor-”
“Pediatric neurosurgeon.”
“Excuse me. Yes, a pediatric neurosurgeon. She’s extremely witty and kind and funny and incredibly good looking. What more could a woman want?”
Luna grinned and stood on her tippy toes to reach Ina. Just as she leaned in, her stomach grumbled ferociously.
“Great. Way to ruin the moment, stomach.”
“Come on, let’s go home and eat,” Ina chuckled.
The two walked hand-in-hand until reaching the apartment. Sometimes Ina would stop in her tracks just to admire her girlfriend. While everyone else blended into the lively crowd, Luna always stood out to her, amplifying Ina’s very own love and happiness. Just by flipping her long, dark hair, Luna caught the attention of all the people nearby. It was in these moments where physical affection meant the world to Ina. She could show others that Luna was her girl and hers only.
“God, I’m starving,” Luna said as she sat her meal down on the dining room table. 
The two sat across from each other, laughing endlessly about their adventures earlier that day. 
Luna nodded her head and she and Ina traded meals. 
“God, how do you eat this! It’s burning!” Ina poured herself a glass of milk as she had discovered the spicy peanut sauce that accompanied Luna’s chicken satay. Ina’s spice tolerance was by far lower than Luna’s.
“I like the spice of life!”
Ina let out a quick breath, but Luna could still see a faint smile on her face. “You and your horrible puns. But I wouldn’t trade them for anything. I love you, Luna.”
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mooifyourecows · 1 year
Moo’s OC Bios- Scarlett Edition
Tumblr media
Name: Scarlett Cox
Nickname: Scar, Scrat (by Sebastian)
Age: 18
Birthday: August 7th
Gender: Female(cis)
Sexuality: bisexual
Race/Ethnicity/Nationality: Caucasian American
Place Born: Topeka, Kansas
Place currently living: Muskegon, Michigan
Religion: atheist
Job: none
Education: high school senior
Disabilities/Mental Disorders/Illness/etc: bipolar 
Positive Attributes: affectionate, athletic, bold, driven, extroverted
Negatives Attributes: aggressive, short tempered, dense
Physical 💪
Height: 6′1″ (185 cm)
Weight: 171 lbs (77.5 kg)
Body Type: long legs, strong trunk, good muscle tone, curvy
Eye Color: blue grey
Hair Color: blonde
Accent: midwest accent
Notable Physical Features: heart shaped birthmark on right bicep
Tattoos/Piercings: no tattoos yet but is brainstorming with Link. Maybe a sea turtle on her hip 🤔 for piercings, she has her lobes, daith, and helix pierced. also belly button and nose (left side)
Shoe size: USA womens 9 (eu 39)
Fashion Sense: scar is a classic bimbo. She loves pink and glitter and faux fur, leopard print, lace, etc. She is super confident in her body and likes to feel sexy so she wears very tight and revealing clothes that are constantly getting her in trouble with the dress code. But she's also not afraid to turn it all off, dress comfortably in some baggy, form concealing clothes with zero makeup and messy hair. She dresses for HERSELF and so reeeeally doesn't care what other people think
Common types of outfits you can see them wearing in an average week:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Go-to jacket type: she’s the type of dummy that doesn’t wear coats/jackets that often but when she does, she chooses something leopard print or sparkly and totally impractical
Scars: she has a bite mark scar on her left shoulder from a fight she got in with a fuckin biter, some other scars here and there from fights or accidents, burn mark on inside of left wrist from time she tried to cook
Jewelry: yes all of it. she’s always got bracelets and rings and necklaces and earrings and anklets and toe rings all the time babe, a dragon could kidnap her to add to his treasure pile and be satisfied for a hundred years
Nails (length/color they paint): long fake acrylics, always painted really elaborately with lots of bright colors and glitter and shit. she usually gets them done professionally but she can do them herself in emergency situations (and yes, needing new nails IS an emergency, shut up)
Body Goals: she wants a six pack but she loves food too much so it’s never gonna happen, probably 😩
Allergies: seasonal allergies are a BITCH
Bad Habits: god where do i start. picking her split ends, gossiping, starting drama, ruining relationships, talking too damn loud, challenging authority over literally anything, making a mess, never wearing weather appropriate clothing, the list goes on
Interesting Talents/Skills: she’s a cheerleader so she can do lots of cool cheerleading shit like the splits and backflips and shit. she’s also a master at hunting people down, like give her a name or description and thirty minutes later of online sleuthing and phone calls, she’s got an address and full medical record. oh and she’s amazing at blowing bubbles in bubblegum. like they can get bigger than her head
Past injuries/illness: broke her arm fighting with some bitch at a skating rink
Are they ticklish?: supes ticklish, especially her thighs and stomach
How clumsy/graceful are they?: she’s like Ryker in that she’s super graceful when it comes to her sports/cheerleading, but she absolutely breaks chairs by sitting in them too hard or just eats SHIT trying to do something unnecessary in six inch heels. like she’s too confident in heels and will try sprinting or kicking or dancing and it’s like watching someone walking on a tight rope across a canyon man, nerve-racking
Pain Tolerance: pretty good. will whine for attention though
How do they act when sick?: she never gets sick so who knows?
How do they act when injured?: she usually gets kinda angry before finding someone to coddle her, then she lays the pitiful act on real thick. honestly the way she goes from shouting angry expletives and breaking things to crying on Mili’s shoulder is just impressive
How seriously do they take fashion/skin care/etc?: Supes serious babe. she’s got a huge wardrobe and tons of makeup and skin/body care stuff. she does face and hair masks multiple times a week and takes way too damn long to get ready in the morning
Worst physical pain they’ve ever been in: her appendix burst one time but she thought it was just period cramps, went through an entire football game cheerleading until the pain made her pass out and an ambulance was called
Interesting physical quirk: she can wiggle her ears and flex her boob muscles and make em dance like Terry Crews does ya know
Mental/Emotional ��
Weaknesses: being quick to anger means she doesn’t do well when presented with conflict, she’s pretty airheaded so studying/homework/school in general is a totes weakness, she’s also a total romantic so shes absolutely weak to any sort of romance, she’s also very sexually driven so she’s weak to hot guys and pretty girls and sexy nb people
Strengths: bold, determined, sweet, empathetic, strong, free-spirited
Phobias/Fears: she’s not scared of very many things. though like a deep fear/concern of hers is losing her self confidence and self worth. also her bipolar makes her kinda recklessly spontaneous at times and she worries about doing something as stupid as her mom did and hurting her dad or other loved ones 😭
Vices: sex, occasionally weed 
Pet Peeves: when guys refer to women as “females”, people telling her how to dress and act, girls who blame HER when their boyfriends hit on her, when boys think that just because she’s bi she MUST want to have a 3-some
Motivation: pleasure and freedom
Mental Age: she swings rapidly between 25 and 12 on an hourly basis tbh
Insecurities: she doesn’t think she’s all that interesting and knows she’s not smart, feels like people will grow out of her if she isn't constantly making trouble and tricking them into caring about her
How are they under pressure?: she tends to make really rash snap decisions when she can’t think of anything rational to do. then things go horribly wrong and she gets mad because HOW WAS SHE SUPPOSED TO KNOW THAT WOULD HAPPEN? HUH? SHE’S NOT A FUCKING BRAIN SCIENTIST!
How do they respond to criticism?: she will erect a grudge against anybody that criticizes her and never ever forget it for as long as she lives. Like who tf are you? Hm? Brad Pitt? As the great Shania Twain said, “That don’t impress me much.”
How do they express their anger?: lots of yelling and/or silverback chest beating violence. Or she will treat you very very coldly for just about forever and ever
How do they express their sadness?: bro she just cries and cries and wails and falls dramatically into people’s arms and snots and drools all over whoever is close enough to fall victim to her dramatics
How do they express their happiness?: she’s very shrieky and squealy, but she also dances at literally any small burst of joy
Earliest Memory: the night her mom walked out on her and her dad, she could hear her dad yelling out on the front stoop as she climbed into a car and sped away. Scar came out of her bedroom to ask her dad what was going on, but he was sitting out on the grass, face buried in his knees. the house was a mess and, wanting him to cheer up, she did what she always saw her mom do and started cleaning. Her dad came in to see her sweeping, grabbed her and held her tiny face in his hands, made sure she was paying attention and he said, “You should be the one making the mess, not cleaning it up.”
Worst nightmare they’ve ever had: this bitch is a LUCID DREAMER, so every nightmare winds up turning into a sex dream instead 😋
Most embarrassing moment of their life: she shit her pants at a semi classy, crowded restaurant. She cleaned herself up in the bathroom but then a lady walked in when she was drying her undercarriage with the air dryer machine and the lady ran to complain to the manager. Roy had to give her his hoodie to wear as a skirt as they made a break for it without even paying their bill. Unfortunately, Scar's wallet fell out of her purse in the grand escape and the cops showed up at her house later that day and she had to admit to them and her dad that she had shit her pants and then flashed her hoo-ha at some middle aged Karen 🤦‍♂️
Hardest day of their life: junior year of high school, she got in a feud with some girls who somehow got ahold of some... indecent images (nudes) of Scar and sent them around to everyone in school and even printed some off and taped them up. It was a huge scandal that got the cops and even lawyers involved. Normally she doesn’t let that kind of stuff bother her, she’s always been really open and free about her body but the lack of consent and the fact that literally EVERYONE saw the pictures... it sucked major ass, man
Best day of their life: her sixteenth birthday because her dad bought her a pink vespa 😍😍
What phases did they go through?: she went through a skater girl phase in junior high but the other skater girls didn't like her because she was also really into the Malibu barbie aesthetic and that was against their edgy emo all black and studded belts on ripped skinny jeans look. She also stole all of Mili's attention and THAT pissed them off too because Mili was like the George Clooney of the middle school skater kid world
Guilty Pleasure: gossip, trashy reality shows, candy
Life Motto: "What, like it’s hard?"‐ Elle Woods
Describe their laugh: she has a horrible, loud, ugly laugh. Like she just "HAAAAAAAAA HAHAHEHEHUHUHOHOHO AFSGSHDJDH" and its always terrible but also kinda cute and hilarious. Like its sooooo infectious. no one is safe once Scar gets laughing
Worst emotional pain they’ve been in: her cat died when she was fourteen and it was literally the worst and she is a little traumatized now and is scared to get a new pet
Relationships 🤜🤛
Mother (or parent #1): Denise Larsson
Father (or parent #2): Silas Cox
Siblings: none
Other Notable Family: grandparents on mother's side- John & Cecilia Larsson, and two uncles and one aunt also on mother's side- John Jr., Maxwell, and Tina
Friends: Ryker, Mili, Roy, Sebastian, Kamaria, Shayla, Kayla
Mentors/etc: na
Enemies: too many to list
Idol: Dolly Parton, Lizzo, Elle Woods
How did they meet each of their friends?:
Emiliano&Ryker- she moved to Muskegon when she was seven and started going to daycare while her dad worked. Ever since her mom walked out on her, she had developed some spiky attachment issues and tended to scare most kids away with her intensity. But at daycare, she stumbled into a game of pretend with Ryker and Mili. Ryker was patient and sweet and Mili was firm and calm and they completely evaded her bad attitude and boom, bond forged forever
Kamaria- she didn’t like her at first. Ryker and then Mili started hanging out with her at school when they were like 10-11-ish and Scar was a little threatened by her because she was super smart and crafty and Scar thought maybe the group would kick her out as if there was a “only one girl buddy allowed at a time” rule or something. but kamaria clearly didn’t have the same thoughts and made scar her friend basically by ignoring her shit attitude
Royal- she and Ryker both had a little bit of a crush on him when he first moved to their school in 7th grade but she sat next to him in math and he was a total dick who scoffed at her every time she tried to flirt with him so they had a little bit of an antagonistic relationship for a while before they realized they’re like... super similar and had the same interests (fashion, being hot, gossip)
Sebastian- she knew of him for a while, because he was hot and tall but also really weird, but they didn’t officially meet meet until he and Ryker got in trouble for the science fair thing. after the unfortunate event, he started hanging out with them officially
Shayla&Kayla- they met at cheer camp in eighth grade. They are both really girly and so they’re who Scar hangs out with when she’s sick of all the testosterone of her usual group. (Kamaria is super not girly so she doesn’t count)
Have they lost anybody close to them?: her mom walked out on her and her dad when she was little
Story their family tells to embarrass them in front of others: she has a billion embarrassing stories but her dad only praises her like she’s a goddess when he talks to people about her. her FRIENDS on the other hand... they love bringing up the shitting her pants thing
Favorites/Likes/Dislikes/Interests 💃
Hobbies: dancing, singing, cheerleading, long boarding, shopping, make-up art
Interests: fashion, design, artsy fartsy stuff like movies or art galleries that really say something
Sports: cheerleading, softball
Favorite Song: Love Like Mine- Stela Cole
Favorite Movie: Legally Blonde
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Animal: leopard
Favorite Food: her dad's spicy chili and cornbread 🤤
Favorite Smell: ... weed and Mexican food shut UP
Favorite gum flavor: hubba bubba babyyy, she eats this by the TRUCKLOAD
Favorite candle scent: apple pumpkin
Favorite candy bar: KitKat
Favorite cryptid/mythical creature: unicorn!!!! 🦄
Favorite school subject: biology or art
Favorite chore: she likes doing outside chores like mowing the lawn or pulling weeds because then she gets to wear something cute and get seen by the neighbors 💕 also she gets tan in the sun 🌞
Least favorite chore: anything involving the kitchen ew
Favorite type of weather: hot enough that if she wants to wear just a bikini top out, she could, but not so hot that she’s constantly having to hydrate and thus peeing like a friggin racehorse
Favorite videogame genre: dungeon crawlers
Favorite holiday: Christmas 🎄
Favorite superhero: Harley Quinn (yeah she's not technically a superHERO, but close enough)
Favorite genre of movie: horror or art films
Food 🍿
How big of an appetite do they have?: its pretty big. She expends a lot of energy throughout the day so she's always refueling 💪 also she's not the type to get overly concerned about her weight and she's actually really into how big her boobs and ass are getting soooo 👀
Controversial food opinion: she hates gravy on most things, especially mashed potatoes, like uhm no, just butter is enough. occasionally cheese. but gravy? ewwww no
Weird food thing they do: she picks everything apart into tiny pieces before she eats it, usually with her fingers, and then stuffs multiple pieces into her mouth so its like... why tear it up if you're gonna eat too many at once and have to chew a lot anyway... but if you ask her why she does it, she says its because if she choked, tinier pieces are easier to cough up than one big chunk and wow that makes a lot of sense actually
What do they eat/like to eat for breakfast: yogurt, oats, toast with butter and mint jam, iced coffee, AND an orange banana smoothie
Best thing they know how to cook: mmmm no, Scar doesn't cook. The closest thing to cooking she does is mix foods together. She DOES have a good eye for adding seasoning though. Like, she somehow always adds the perfect amount of butter, salt & pepper, jam, hot sauce, sour cream, etc to her food. her friends sometimes ask her to season their food for them because she can just eyeball it perfectly
Food they HATE: anything sugar free, fat free, gluten free. Also anything with some kind of alternative ingredient to accommodate sensitive or vegan diets. she can taste the difference and she can’t STAND IT
Could they be vegan if they tried?: no she HATES alternative milks (coconut, soy, almond, etc) and other foods that substitute the normal ingredients for vegan alternatives. "Tastes just as good as the real thing!" No the fuck it doesnt!!!!! Eat them side by side!!!! The vegan option is worse!!! Admit it you lying liars!!!
Coffee/tea/hot chocolate: iced coffee or boba
Do they like celery?: mmm its okay, but only if she can drown it in ranch
Blue cheese?: so long as its not too much
Spice tolerance: she eats the hottest cheetos with hot sauce on them for a light snack. She has her photo on the wall of their local Buffalo wings restaurant for eating their spiciest recipe without tapping out
If they could only eat one meal for a month, what would it be?: Mili's chicken enchiladas 🤤
Romance 💋
Have they ever been in love?: yes duuuuh
First love/crush?: her swimming instructor when she was five. He was 20 years older than her but he was a hunky Latin man with puppy dog eyes and bouncy curly hair and he called her "my dear Scarlett" and that was the most romantic shit she had ever experienced in her five short years and she was IN LOVE
Current love/crush?: Mili but omg don't tell him, seriously
What’s their type?: literally anybody hot. They don't even need a good personality for her to be interested in them. At least sexually. Romantically.... her type is Prince fuckin Charming and nothing less
Are they good at flirting?: abso-fuckin-lutely. No one is safe. Hide your wife AND your mom and also your dad and your brother and... you get it
Past romances/relationships?: well first was her daycare boyfriend Justin, then her 3rd grade boyfriend Connor, then her 3rd grade(2nd semester) girlfriend Cassie, then her 4th grade girlfriend Bianca, then her 6th grade boyfriend Grayson, then her 7th grade boyfriend D'Angelo (he lasted the longest, 2 years), then her 10th grade girlfriend Farah. She's also had many flings lasting from a single day to a few weeks scattered around in there
How do/would they react to a breakup?: she's had many many breakups. Sometimes she is very dramatic about it, sometimes she makes it a big explosive fight, sometimes she moves on in an INSTANT
Who was their first kiss?: her 4th grade girlfriend Bianca 💜
How would they react to catching their partner cheating on them?: if they were cheating with someone hot... she'd be open to joining in, but would then have a firm talk with her partner about how if they wanted an open relationship then all they had to do was ASK, but going behind her back was bullshit so they gotta break up. in the case of her not feeling like joining in, she would make a fucking SCENE. There would be YELLING and SCREECHING and BREAKING STUFF and IF I SEE YOUR FACE AROUND HERE ILL FUCKING KILL YOU.
Celebrity crush: Megan Thee Stallion, Ezra Miller, Manny Jacinto
How many times have they been confessed to?: oh like a million times for sure
How many times have they confessed?: oh like a million times for sure
Love language (how they show their love): Physical touch
Love language (how they prefer to be shown love): gifts
When/where did they lose their virginity?: her first time was with her 7-9th grades boyfriend D'Angelo when she was like 13, in D'Angelo's bedroom when his parents were out of town
How was it?: she was so young that it was fucking awkward and not really pleasant at ALL but at the time she was like "we are in love so everything is perfect". She does kinda regret not waiting until she was a bit older but oh well, water under the bridge
Would they fuck their clone?: oh hell fucking yes she would, are you kidding? that’s the dream
What do they think is the sexiest part of the body?: the ass 🍑, everyone's got one and all of them are great 😙👌
Are they a monster fucker?: heeeellll fucking yes
If so, what monster would they fuck or what monster attribute do they find sexy?: almost anything is sexy to her. like tentacles? Fuck yeah. Horns and a tail? Fuck yeah. Sharp teeth and claws? Fuck yeah. Scales and spikes? Sign her the fuck UP
Do they watch porn?: yeah like all the time honestly
Kinks: hmmm light bondage, role-playing, power play, impact play
Stance on recreational drugs: she partakes in cannabis when with friends
Tits or ass: Ass but she thinks its kinda mean to make her choose ☹
What are they like when they're drunk?: she's exactly the way she normally is (loud, energetic, physical, emotional, lovey-dovey, ready to fight) except ramped up to level 100
Ever been in trouble with the law?: uhm yeah duh
Fun Miscellaneous ⛱
Would they pick up a hitchhiker?: yes! So long as they don't give her the creeps. Bonus points if they sexy 💦
What would they do if they were in a horror movie?: depends on the type. In a slasher she would totally kill the killer. In a ghost/demon movie, she would be the one that gets possessed. Other horror movies: she'd probably either die really early or chop someone's head off in a bloody rampage
Could they kill someone if they HAD to?: yup!
What would they be like in a zombie apocalypse?: she would go full on Xena: Warrior Princess
How do they respond to someone else crying?: she, like Ryker, has empathy through the roof so seeing someone crying either makes her cry too or she gets super angry and protective and tries to fight whatever made them sad. even if you guys kinda hate each other, she will suspend all bad thoughts about you until after she’s beaten up the cause of your pain
How often are they late?: all the time always always always
What’s their meme knowledge?: she's pretty up to date on internet stuff but doesn’t get the really long and in depth stuff
Would they let a little kid paint their nails?: only if she doesn't currently have fake nails on, or if she's about to get new ones on soon anyway
What would they do if a little kid wanted to play dress up with them?: yes yes yes but she wants to be the princess
Favorite position to sit in on the couch: she just FLOPS and takes up way more space than she needs, or she picks someone to snuggle. Even Roy, who seems allergic to physical affection from everybody, has gotten used to her crawling into his lap and hugging him while watching movies and such
Character song: Clementine- Halsey
Preferred method of travel: sitting in the tie dye beanbag in the back of Mili's van
Which social media do they use?: Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter
Driving habits/type of car they drive: she's a terrible, inattentive driver with major road rage so she's kinda banned from driving big vehicles and on the highway/interstate
Sleeping Position/Habits/Wardrobe: she's a chronic sleepwalker/talker and flopper, she sleeps like a LOG and drools and snores like crazy. She can sleep in anything and sometimes just passes out in whatever she was wearing out that evening. Sometimes she sleeps in whatever shirt/hoodie she's recently borrowed (stolen) from Mili because they're really baggy and smell really good but its not like weird or sad or anything like that so shut up
Do they believe in any legends/cryptids/aliens/mythical creatures?: yes yes yes she believes in aliens and Bigfoot and ghosts and demons and mermaids and anything sea monster related
Music taste: hip hop, pop, death metal, classic rock, alternative, indie, kpop, bluegrass, blues, country.... everything I guess
Funniest/Favorite joke in their repertoire: she’s the queen of super inappropriate jokes but her fave is: “What does the horny frog say? Rub it.”
If given the chance, would they fly a plane?: yes but she would crash it so it’s best if she doesn’t
Are they a good singer?: she’s ALWAYS singing, so yeah she’s pretty good but she goes way too hard on the runs and stuff so she sometimes sabotages herself
Singing habits: everything is a singing opportunity, she’s like Linda from Bob’s Burgers, always singing something. Except she gets really into it in a sexy/sultry way instead of a shouting, theater kinda way like Linda
Can they fight?: yes she's been fighting since she was in diapers babeyy
WILL they fight?: yes, she is always ready to throw down
What bug/animal do they have personal beef with?: as much as she loves unicorns, she has real beef with horses. They just don’t like her and therefore she doesn’t like them. it’s probably because she’s too flashy and loud and heavy handed and it freaks them out
Dumbest thing they’ve ever done: some idiot decided to ride her bumper while she was driving her dad’s car so, in her anger, she slammed on the brakes and made them crash into her, causing a big ruckus that shut the street down for over an hour. she then proceeded to verbally abuse the other driver until the cops showed up and made her sit in her car and wait for her dad
Smartest thing they’ve ever done: she will let you know when she does something smart
How rebellious are they?: i sincerely think that there might be ZERO people more rebellious than Scar
What’s the most rebellious thing they’ve done?: she once chucked two whole fistfuls of lit firecrackers at a group of cops loitering around the skatepark trying to bust teens for smoking weed. she then led the cops on a car chase all over town before just driving home and lying that she didn’t even know they were after her. *bats eyelashes* Silas was like: “You heard her. she didn’t know. come back with a warrant.” the cops left and didn’t come back
How do they respond to cold/hot: she can withstand quite a bit of heat, but if it gets too much and she’s already removed as many items of clothing as she’s allowed without being arrested for public indecency, she just MELTS and whines and sits in front of whatever AC she can find or jumps into the nearest water source. she’s much more sensitive to cold but she’s also a dummy who dresses too light during cold days. she hates admitting that she didn’t dress appropriately because uhm she looks CUTE and that’s all that matters... so she ignores the cold even when she’s shivering and her teeth are clattering. until eventually somebody bullies her into wearing their coat. Usually Mili but everyone has had their turn of giving up their clothes for Scar’s comfort
Are they good at videogames?: she’s SURPRISINGLY good at videogames
What genre of videogames are they best at?: dungeon crawlers and bullet hell gungeon type games
What genre of videogames are they worst at?: puzzle games. she doesn’t GET IT
Thrill seeker?: absolutely
Would they bungee jump?: absolutely
Sky dive?: absolutely
Do they enjoy rollercoasters?: hell yes
What would they wear to a fancy event?: oh man the options are limitless. probably something like this though:
for parties-
Tumblr media
For more classy/professional events:
Tumblr media
Have they committed any crimes?: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaahahahahaha
Worst crime committed: grand theft auto
Exercise of choice: dancing or acrobatics
Sportsmanship: she’s the worst sport. she will 100% rub it in your face if she beats you and she will be angry and bitchy if she loses to you
What’s a lesson they learned the hard way?: don’t go commando in a skirt on a windy day
What thing accidentally traumatized them as a child?: porcelain dolls
Family traditions: it’s just her and her dad and they have a billion traditions. It would take forever to talk about ALL them, so here’s just the holiday ones:
they always go to the same pumpkin patch and carve pumpkins together the week before Halloween. Also, her dad lets her pick out a costume for him and style him however she wants. After she gets back from trick or treating or partying, they watch horror movies together
for thanksgiving, they have a big dinner and watch all three Lord of the Rings movies
for Easter, Silas makes her a basket and includes a nice gift with all the chocolate and treats, like a new makeup palette or pair of shoes. He also hides plastic eggs around the house with extra candy in them for her to find over the week preceding the day itself
on the 4th of july, she spends most of the day and night with her friends but always comes home early enough that they can shoot off some small fireworks in their back yard and eat strawberry shortcake
For valentine’s day, she breaks her “I don’t cook” rule and attempts to make her dad his favorite apple brown betty. He of course buys her way too many gifts but its okay because she deserves it. Scar has had a Valentine’s date every year since she was twelve so they don’t do anything at night, but Silas is sure to stay up until she comes home so she can tell him how it went
They always decorate the house together for Christmas. And they really go all out. Lights everywhere. They even have a bunch of reindeer that Scar ALWAYS positions so that they be humpin. Which leads to the stuck up Karen neighbor coming over to demand they change it, which leads to Silas getting annoyed and running off to the store to buy MORE Christmas yard installments that he can then position into exceedingly inappropriate poses until the cops are called by the karen. They also love to go walking through the neighborhood looking at the Christmas lights, since they live in an area where everyone goes all out. (Hence the angry karen) Christmas Eve, they go to Roy's home for his family's Christmas party. After the party, Scar is allowed to open one present. Christmas day, Silas wakes up and fills Scar's stocking with a bunch of sweets, fidgety toys, cheap jewelry, hair accessories, and skin stuff like lotions and balms and exfoliator type things. After presents they just hang out together all day nibbling on the charcuterie board Silas prepared, setting up their new things or playing videogames together in their new matching pajamas, really cute shit tbh
Lucky ritual/item: her friendship bracelet is lucky, she’s sure of it. Also before doing anything she’s nervous about doing (tests, cheer routines, softball games, etc) she dances the nerves out. Its kinda like a ritual because it calms her down. She swears it makes her do better than when she doesnt do it
Superstitions: She’s REALLY superstitious. Just tell her “hey its bad luck to [insert weird thing]” and she will 100% believe it. The only common superstition she rejects is the “black cats are bad luck” bullshit. 
Things they consider a good omen: rainbows, butterflies, bumblebees, finding coins face up on the ground, plants growing over something (like vines crawling over the side of a building, she considers that building blessed)
Things they consider a bad omen: her makeup turning out bad, bad hair days, zits, being pooped on by any animal
Random goals they have that are NOT about education/romance/career: she wants to find her mom someday. ask her if she found what she was looking for
What was their comfort item as a baby?: a cute, floppy, stuffed hippo and a rattle with a little knitted octopus on it
If they could only have one sense, what would they want?: touch~
First pet: a black cat named Slinky her father got her when she was five
Current pet: she has a big fish tank 👀
Future pet goal: she wants to get another cat or even a dog but she’s scared of them dying 😭
Dog person or cat person: cat person but she adores dogs too
Mistake they made as a child they still remember/regret: one time when she was like 8, she stuffed her pockets full of stuff at the mall and tried to steal it. She was caught by the mall cop and her dad was called in and scolded for her behavior. people looked at him like he was a bad dad and it pissed Scar off. From that day on, she vowed to never get caught stealing again. she’s basically a pro at it now
Piece of media they were obsessed with as a child?: American Dragon: Jake Long 👏👏👏 she had posters of him all over her room and even drew some fanart, cuuuute
What’s one thing that they Just. Don’t. Understand.?: ugly fucking luxury brand clothes. okay listen, Scar loves fashion so much but she would rather gargle pool balls than wear the ugly shit gucci and other luxury brands are passing off as clothes these days. even worse is when its something that has the brand name plastered all over it EW THAT’S SO FUCKING UGLY. who the fuck is out there paying 600 dollars for a white t-shirt with “GUCCI” printed on the front like lmao if she sees you decked out in a luxury brand, she will drag your ass through the mud and sewage before bragging about how everything she’s wearing cost less than 100 bucks altogether
How do they play Minecraft?: she is a chaos queen and just runs all over the map getting lost and killed
Movie/TV quote they say all the time: she can and does quote the entirety of Legally Blonde like... all the time. Her faves include: “Whoever said orange is the new pink was seriously disturbed.", “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands, they just don’t.”, “I’m Elle Woods and this is Bruiser Woods and we’re both Gemini vegetarians.”
Do they like talking on the phone?: yessssss yes yes she can talk for HOURS. she and Ryker or she and Roy will run their phone batteries down chatting on the phone all fuckin day
Go-to karaoke song: Man! I Feel like a Woman- Shania Twain
How long does it take them to respond to texts/messages?: She either replies immediately or she opens it, forgets to reply, and then realizes it several hours later when she gets pissed about how the other person hasn’t responded to her yet
What would their hoard be if they were a dragon?: clothes and makeup
What material would they be made of if they were a golem?: sequins and glitter
Do they go out of their way to step on crunchy leaves?: depends on what shoes she’s wearing. Sneakers? Yeah sure. Six inch heels? No, because sometimes they are slippery or they get pierced onto her heel and she has to pull them off
How do they decorate a snowman?: you know my girl is out there making snow penises and snow boobs, pissing off the neighbors as usual 
Strangest thing they do: she... has to sit/lie down to sneeze... like when she feels a sneeze coming, she’s like “hold up hold up hold up” and either finds something to sit on that has head/neck support, or she just lies down flat on her back on the ground, regardless of whether she’s in public or private. The reason she does this is that her sneezes are like, SUPER strong and one time she sneezed so hard while standing that she literally gave herself whiplash so bad she had to wear a neck brace for a while. if she has something to rest her head against though, it’s much gentler
Are they proud or ashamed of it?: she is neither proud nor ashamed. it’s just a Thing she does for her own sanity/health. it kinda embarrasses others when she’s in public and just fuckin flops down on the ground just to sneeze, legs popping up in the air like a fucking cartoon character, but she doesn’t care baby she doesn’t have time for neck injuries
What weird/unusual thing would they name their hypothetical child if they could?: Bubby, because it’s cute af
Sport opinion/bias they inherited from family: she is 1000% on the side of whatever sports team that her dad supports. if they watch sports together she’s always like, “Alright who do we want to win?” Oh and she and Silas both wholeheartedly believe that men’s soccer and men’s tennis are fake sports and only women’s soccer and tennis are worth watching
At what percent of battery left do they charge their phone?: this bitch’s phone dies like every day because she uses it until it literally perishes mid phone call or youtube video
How do they act around authority?: authority better watch the FUCK out because she will be testing them at every turn
Are they good at small talk?: no, she’s terrible tbh. she’s so no nonsense like if you’re not going to tell her about some deep intimate drama or your interests then she doesn’t want to talk to you
Niche thing they can talk about forever?: bro, drama. she knows EVERYBODY’S drama. both fictional tv/movie drama and real life drama. Just get her going like “did you hear about...” and she will be like “Yes omg listen to this...” and you will not get her to shut up for the next three hours
What types of videos are recommended to them on their YouTube home page?: lots of make-up tutorials and gossip/drama/commentary videos. Also cheer routines, skate boarding tricks, and lots and lots of music videos
What do they bring to a party?: her fine ass self, at least half an hour late
Can they tie a tie?: yes of course, if it’s fashion related, she’s a pro
How do they clean their room?: poorly. honestly it’s a pigsty. clothes and candy wrappers and makeup and jewelry EVERYWHERE. she does like, bare minimum cleaning most of the time and then every once in a while does a big massive cleaning day where she gets rid of clothes she’s grown out of or no longer wants and removes all the empty makeup/skin/hair care palettes/bottles/jars/etc that she’s been just tossing to the floor instead of throwing away once she’s done with them. sometimes her dad will go in there and do some cleaning while she’s not home but he’s learned his lesson not to poke around too much in her things.... 🤦‍♂️
What would they change about themselves?: baby she’s perfect (no but seriously if she could make herself a little more responsible and smarter then she would.)
And that’s Scarlett! She’s a good girl and she will probably someday eat the patriarchy with a dollop of Deal With It on top and I just love her for that. Please care about her, she deserves it 🥺
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i have some snazzy little opinions, so let’s just go down the line: 
!!Really long post under cut!!
-Makoto is a basic bitch, always and forever, and we stan that -Taka looks like a Penguin and you cannot change my mind -Byakuya is just trying to look rich- -Mondo’s outfit is so extra i love it- he even added some probably temporary dye to his pompadour that was hard to see due to the lighting in the group pic -LEON! everyone was calling his fit ugly in the group pic and honestly i’m salty because he and i have the same sense of formal fashion. work it king! -Hifumi’s honestly suits him just fine, i was iffy when i saw it in the group pic but it doesn’t look too awful in full -Hiro..... buddy- i- i mean- what do i say??? it’s ugly as shit and really nice at the same time?? -Sayaka’s formal wear is a massive step up from the outfit she wears in her splash art- i never really liked that dress that much- even if it does have a cultural significance the design the picked felt cheap. But this one is really nice, and i dig it way more -Kirigiri looks pretty, it looked waaaay more purple in the group pic, but looking back the whole thing was over saturated for the lighting affects they did, so i shall forgive. she looks oddly nice in blue actually.  -AOI LOOKS LIKE A BETA FISH AND I’M LIVING FOR IT! GO QUEEN!! -Toko’s dress looks way better in full than i expected, because so much of it was covered up i kinda didn’t like it all that much in the group pic, but i’m really digging it now -QUEEN SAKURA! BEAUTIFUL!! A DAMN SUNSET OF A DRESS!!! i love seeing her indulge in being a gorgeous queen despite people’s remarks on her physique -Celeste! also beautiful, but girl are you a vampire?? the layers on that dress- and that’s a massive veil- she’s gotta be overheating in that thing.  -JUNKO! Fashionista know’s what’s up! it’s alot less gaudy than some of her casual outfits, but in a way that’s actually pretty good. i love the masquerade mask, it’s a nice touch -Chihiro....... Lucky Charms-
-Hajime’s outfit actually looks better in the group pic than here, i think it’s cause the yellow is more vibrant due to the saturation filter, so it stand out more -Nagito’s outfit is great honestly, i love how they put the shirt design on the sleeves, and i love the half-up hair, and the crooked bowtie- it’s great! -Twogami is a king, all he did was invert Byakua’s outfit and he just pulls it off so much better -Gundham’s is honestly underwhelming. This is Gundham Tanaka for fuck sake! Junko’s is more in character than this. where’s the drama sir???? -Kaz... buddy..... the colors look nice on your jumpsuit, but not an actual suit. I love the suspenders though -Teruteru’s outfit actually make him a bit cute. i’m about 80% sure the brown is suppose to be mud as to reference the fact that he’s characterized as a pig in more ways than one, but i’m choosing to call it a cola pattern ‘cause fuck you i’m going to be nice to him for once -Nekomaru’s suit is... it feels like a cursed amalgamation of a noir detective, a car sales men, a mobster, and a casino owner- and i just works so well on him -Fuyuhiko! i love it, fits him well, but the rolled up slacks are odd and kinda distracts me from the rest of the design- showing off some Bi pride there boss baby? -AKANE IS A DAMN QUEEN!! GOD PLEASE SHE COULD STRIKE ME DEAD IN THAT AND I’D THANK HER -Chiaki’s is simple, but it looks really nice on her -SONIA MY QUEEN! the oversaturation in the group pic did her dress dirty! i saw the blue originally and went “that isn’t her color”, but now seeing it without all the lighting crap she looks alot better.... and also a bit Elsa-ish -Hyoko’s in a lovely Kimono, but she’s always wearing pretty Kimonos, so it’s somewhat underwhelming compared to the rest -MAHIRU YOU SUMMER QUEEN! Mahiru has the best sense of fashion in the whole series imo, her wardrobe’s vibes make me so very happy. I grew up in a christian household (i’m not religious anymore btw) and use to be brought to services, and her dress gives me mad Easter Sunday Potluck nostalgia that i just can’t un-notice -Mikan looks too much like a hooker- i’m sorry, they really just went with the fan-service crap here and i don’t like it at all. Even if it wasn’t meant to be fan service, the dress looks tacky and has a shine on it that signifies it’s latex, so that’s just gotta be uncomfortable as hell- and for a clumsy character like her to try and survive a party in??? -IBUKI LOOKS LIKE FANCY RAVE COTTON CANDY!! THAT’S ALL!!! -Peko’s Kimono looks surprisingly nice on her, she wasn’t a character i’d assume to look good in a checker pattern but damn. i also appreciate how she still has the sword, bet- Fuyuhiko tired to convince her to leave it behind but failed
-Rantaro looks like a Used Car Salesmen. -KOKICHI MY BELOVED!!! i already voiced how much i adore his outfit when the group pic came out, so instead might i point out that he’s wearing high-water slacks and tall socks? it’s just as jarring as Fuyuhiko’s bi-slacks, but this is Kokichi so i feel like he did it on purpose. -Kiibo??? he dead ass changed his plating i-???? idk what i’m feeling towards it, but boy howdy am i feeling -GONTA!!! i love his suit, it’s out there in a good way, and i also love how he’s holding what looks like his casual coat. -Shuichi looks lovely in that suit, and i’ll never forgive everyone ever for saying he looked like a grandpa in it. It make him look a bit more Sherlock-esque and i love -3- -KORK IN A DRESS EVERYBODY MOVE!! i love how Androgynous his outfit is, both in gender and in time. like- is it feminine? masculine? modern? 1800′s england? who the fuck knows! -Ryoma looks good, but the fedora- who tf on the design staff decided to get cheeky?? eh- he’s vibing, doesn’t look too bad so long as you don’t hyperfixate on the pointy groin-stabber fedora -KAITO YOU SNAZZY GALAXY PATTERN SNORTING BASTARD! i swear he’s allergic to putting his right arm in it’s sleeve-. anywho, i love how even his dress jacket has a galaxy lining in it, i think it would have been funny if he was wearing galaxy dress shoes too but Maki would have chopped his dick off for that one -Kaede looks like her dress was inspired by one of those cinnamon peppermints- ya know the ones, they have the pink center and all that jazz? -Miu looks like she’s ready to hit up a casino in LA and honestly that’s such a good vibe! her skirt is a bit funky so it took me a hot sec to realize it was indeed a pencil skirt and not a fancy jumpsuit. -Tusmugi’s looks nice, i don’t have much else to say- kinda fitting considering her Plain Jane shtick -TENKO LOOKS LIKE SHE’S THIS CLOSE TO BREAKING OUT INTO A TAP DANCE AND I’M SO FUCKING HERE FOR IT!!! GO QUEEN!!!! -Kirumi is- well- i don’t go to Genshin Impact, but she looks like that one Genshin character, you know the one right? i think their name was a Starbucks drink size- they have a harp?? yeah -Maki’s dress is really pretty, it is a bit odd for her to wear that considering her character, but i can’t say she doesn’t rock it like the queen she is. -Himiko would be nicer without the transparent extra part- it make her looks like one of those half sphere popper things my friends terrorized me with in middle school. Other than that, you go you cute little magical girl you! -ANGIE OH MY FUCK!!! i love- i- dfj;adgad;jdgd!#2342nh;werkw??? i have no clue at this point what culture she’s suppose to be from, but that definitely looks like some traditional garb she’s got going on and holy crap is is pretty
Over all, i think the staff did a great job with this, i love a good lot of the outfits alot more than i though i would from the group pic. I do wish they would have added at least Komaru and Mukuro though- gimmy my queens yo!
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thatnamelessbutler · 1 year
(OoC: So, what's the AU thing about?)
((ooc: Okay so basically I got an idea form a song completely unrelated to the fandom and long story short, Bi n Bu are no longer able to escape from the Egg except through a very specific method, and then Karl comes back along and bippity boppity your body is now our property!
So, yeah. Body-swap AU except Karl kinda dies because to get the swap to work everyone's body had to die. Karl's gets healed afterwards through magical time shenanigans-
So Billiam and Rune(Bu's new name in this AU) wake up in the library, in our current DSMP present, in the weird body of this weird guy who's apparently a weird color-shapeshifter.(yeah, i'm going with the cryptid creature Karl for this one because. it's cool as heck and I never see this anywhere)
a little while after they wake up in the present, karl wakes up after being dormant because he literally died and it's like "HEY WAIT WHAT THE HECK YOU STOLE MY BODY" and everyone else goes "shit shit shit shit"
p.s if you're wondering where hubert is he's dead. the egg killed nearly everyone except billiam and butler because bi is its main caretaker and bu will never leave his side
(more under the cut please there's so much and i actually love this au so much)
Now I'm not a system but I imagine these four(yes, four; Billiam, Rune, Piam(Billiam's Piglin side), and Tune(Bu's Other) operate kind of like one. They have an innerworld and everything, they aren't just all constantly crammed into the front. That would get confusing, stressful and difficult to manage overall. Bu's usually the one fronting because no one else wants to; Billiam doesn't wanna do it because he doesn't wanna mingle with the "poor", Tune doesn't wanna do it because it always gets tripped up with literally everything about the body, it's not even dangerous enough to protect now, and Piam doesn't wanna do it because he's kind of scared of the Overworld someone that doesn't know how to be a Human Person
Oh yeah and I've also talked about all this and more with my bestie so here's a copy-paste of that conversation-
I think an encounter with Sapnap and/or Quackity would go terribly too, until they sit down and explain things as best they can wait no actually "So basically, we killed your fiancée so we could inhabit his body and escape from a really bad situation. sorry" Acid Sapanap would go feral and I can't even begin to conceive what extremely destructive thoughts Quackoty would start having Me MHM Sapnap probably pulls a sword on them and they automatically reach for their own before remembering "Oh shit, we don't have it. OH SHIT-" and then they just gotta r u n Butler's trying desperately to teleport but without a pearl, eeeeeh that's not gonna do anything buddy I'm not sure if Karl has armor in his inventory or not but either way they wouldn't have the time or coordination to equip it Acid they just immediately die it'd be so funny Me "NOT AGAIN, WE JUST GOT FREE- death" Now lets hope either Karl has some extra canon lives, or those lives Billiam bought carry over Acid PFFFFT, BILLIAM'S LIVES GET CARRIED WITH THEM AND IT'S JUST revives ok listen we don't gotta dies revives please let's just dies revives why do you do t dies revives this is just gonna last forever isn't it? dies rev- Me wheeze YEAH "GET OUT OF KARL'S BODY!" "We can't!! It's already been done!! dies" "WHY WON'T YOU DIE!!?" "We are!!??" ohhh, bonus angst points if every time they die, Butler goes a little more dormant- Butler was only meant to have one life, he never got any Totems and his soul cannot take this in the way Billiam's can After about 15 deaths, Billiam gets Sapnap to stop for about five seconds, and in those five seconds he realizes that he can no longer hear or feel Butler Acid oh god Me If he manages to get far enough away and find someplace to hide(perhaps the library again), he dips into the headspace and finds Butler just gone. He looks around for a while and finds them far away from where they were, collapsed on the ground, flickering slightly, and entirely unresponsive. And no matter how much he tries, they just won't wake up, and their Ender half has disappeared completely. He can't do anything except wait for them. Acid fjsjdj oh my god imagine Billiam just goes feral after that he's like "what did you do to m y B u t l e r" and just jumps on Sapnap with his bare hands Me Oh absolutely, he will Murder Sapnap without a second thought and he doesn't care how many deaths he has to go through to do it even though dying more will make it take longer for butler to wake up, and then afterwards he'll be pacing around random areas stress-stimming intensely and waiting for his child to wake up Acid yeap Me Somehow he finds his way to Kinoko Kingdom and is like "oh, this looks like a good place for a walk" and then spends the entire time not actually looking at anything and drowned in anxiety
Anyway, Rune was fronting when they fell asleep and then their chronic nightmares came back. Sapnap wakes up(or was he ever really sleeping?) to some almost animalistic gasping in the other room and runs in to find Karl Karl's body curled on the bed, barely humanoid and random flashes of color spiking over him in waves and clawlike hands digging into his head
So he tries to wake him up, and when he does Bu's first reaction is to scramble away in pure terror because he's not fully out of the nightmare yet, there are even tears running down his face that just get absorbed back into the mass of color. Sapnap tries to calm him down, and eventually succeeds enough to ask him what the hell happened, and who's fronting once he remembers that that is a thing-
Thing is, Bu's gone nonverbal, but hey at least Karl was some sort of shapeshifter so they can just shift blobs of color into the air to answer Sapnap's questions
He very quickly learns only to ask yes/no ones because he can't read Galactic which is the only thing Bu can respond in, but that whole night ends on a pretty good note :3
Acid IS KARL IN THE SYSTEM CANON? HE'D BE THE MAIN FRONTER IF IT IS I THINK Me After that nightmare Rune finds himself trusting Sapnap a little more but also not as able to front, he's just so tired of it. No one else wants to front, he always has to stay there and he never gets a break. At least before, Tune had control during the night and he got to rest some. Now his sleep schedule is just as abhorred as before and no one else even comes near the front. He tries as long as he can, for everyone else's sake, but after weeks of fronting alone he just can't anymore. So he finally leaves the front and just collapses face-first into idk a patch of grass in the innerworld or something, and he's so exhausted of being a person that he can't even think straight, He doesn't want consolation, he doesn't want promises, he doesn't even want cuddles he just wants someone else to take over for a bit. Me OOH MAYBE He wakes up and wanders around the innerworld figuring out what the heck is going on and wondering why he can't see the outside anymore and oh god is he dead, are they all dead maybe they're all dead and none of them know it, and then Rune comes out of front and practically begs to not have to be a person anymore, he tells Karl "please i just want a break, just go out there or get someone else to go out there for a while please" and, well, Karl takes a chance and goes out to front and holy shit is this the real world, holy shit are those his fiancées, holy s h i t Acid THAT'S THE BESR OUTCOME ACTUALLY Me YESSSSSSSSS MASQUERADE SYSTEM + KARL THE MAN HIMSELF JACOBS Acid YESSS Me Karl and Rune are now host and co-host, because. no one else wants to front Acid Karl tricking Billiam into fronting.mp4 Me GSHDFGBSGDHFBSF Rune and Karl lock him into front and Rune proceeds to lean against the nearest flat surface, slide down and then dissociate for the next couple/several hours Karl makes sure no one disturbs him, even if Tune and Piam are Very Worried about their exhausted Human hybrid Acid them taking care of Rune (affectionate)
Acid OK WAIT I WAS THINKING AND IN SYSTEMS PEOPLE USUALLY MANIFEST SO I WAS THINKING HOW THAT'D WORK IN THE MASQUERADE SYS AND I REALIZED THAT EVERYONE IN THERE IS TECHNICALLY DEAD IN A WAY WHAT IF THAT'S THIS AU'S LIMBO? ONE DAY WILBUR POPS UP AND COMMITS MULTIPLE CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY Me HOLY SHIT OH SHIT EVERYONE THAT PERMA-DIES JUST ENDS UP AS AN ALTER IN KARL'S WEIRD COLOR-SHAPESHIFTING BODY XDDD You can always tell who's fronting by the colors, as long as you actually know them enough to know their colors- Acid Wilbur: hello Quackity, I am BAC- Karl: oh my GOD Wilbur shut the FUCK UP we understand it you're gay now please get out of front I have a date in 10 minutes Acid OOOOO YES Me Like Rune is purple/pink(mainly pink) gray-red/dark purple/orange/green eyes(right/right/left/left, respectively), and then he has some other colors sifting through, like a dark indigo-blue and a yellow the color of Endstone Tune is all of that but some of it is darker(the pinks/purples and Endstone color), some of it's the same(the eyes, except they have a light pink shine over them) and some of it is inverted. Clouds will waft around the body when it's fronting and whenever you look through the clouds you'll see the colors inverted Billiam is solidly pale pink except for his eyes(maroon) and his hands and feet(gold, with veins streaking out and tapering off at about the elbow) Piam is a slightly redder pink, with spots of a Netherrack color here and there, and his gold is more orangey, like there's fire reflecting off of it karl is just. karl. Of course he's got the signature swirls in bright violent and teal but other than that he's just a smorgasbord of color, usually bright and neon. When he's near/thinking about Sapnap and/or Quackity, little hearts start popping off him
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katymacsupernatural · 2 years
Not My Reality Part 3
Jensen Ackles x Reader
Story Summary: Y/N wakes up in a nightmare. Is it her new reality, or can she figure out how to fix it. How can she get pack to her husband Jensen?
Catch Up Here: Part 1, Part 2
A/N: There is going to be 1 more part.
Tumblr media
Jared excused himself for a phone call with his wife, leaving you in awkward silence with Jensen. You opened your mouth to speak, before deciding not to. Jensen kept rubbing the back of his neck, clearly as uncomfortable as you.
Finally, after the silence was unbearable, you gave in. “Can I ask you a question?”
“Yeah,” he answered, seeming slightly relieved that you had spoken first. Sinking down onto the low, cream-colored couch, his body was still tense as if he was waiting for the other bomb to drop. 
You carefully sat down across from him, wishing you could reach out and thread your fingers through his. To feel his strong arms wrapped tight around him, his voice deep as he told you everything would be okay.
“What’s the question?” He asked, pulling your attention back to this Jensen. The one who could barely look at you, and when he did it was with contempt.
“What happened between you, and the...real Y/N? I can tell something happened.”
His jaw clenched and he looked away for a moment. “Listen, it doesn’t matter. I can just tell you’re not her, and we need to figure out how to fix this. It makes me feel like I’m in an episode of Supernatural. Not just filming it.”
“Please, tell me,” you insisted. “I’d like to know.”
“Our Y/N, she’s gone through some troubling times,” he started slowly. “She’s been into drugs, alcohol. You name it, she’s probably tried it. She’s talented, but she lets things get in the way. We’ve tried to help her, but she’s so needy. And then, one night after a long night of filming, I came back to my trailer, and she was laying on my bed, completely nude. I tried dressing her in one of my shirts. Tried pushing her out the door, but her hands were everywhere. Then Dee walked in, and well...it took me almost a month before I was out of the dog house.”
You could see the hurt still in his eyes, the anger at being manhandled like that. His marriage had almost been ruined by your alter ego. It made sense why he was a little mad. “I’m so sorry. I promise I’m nothing like that.”
“I’m beginning to notice,” he answered. “But I think we need to keep moving. If Dee knows you’re here, things might not go well.”
Jared had just finished his phone call, coming back into the room. “Then why bring me here? I don’t want to cause any more trouble for you.”
“Gen was back,” he explained. “And I really didn’t want to explain you.”
“What the hell are we going to do?” You had no idea where to even start. “Do we travel up to Vancouver, and see if that changes anything?”
“It’s our best bet,” Jared agreed. “I can have my plane up and running in around an hour.”
He left again to make plans, and you sat there with Jensen nervously tapping your leg. “I can’t believe this is really happening,” he muttered. “And in your...version of the life, you’re married to me? But we both still work on Supernatural?”
“Yeah,” you answered. “Happily married. Jared’s both of our friends. And you and I...well we just getting ready to start the next chapter of our life together.” 
“Hey guys, have you heard?” Jared came rushing back into the living room, his phone in his hand and his eyes huge. “When I went to call for my plane, they said that all flights are grounded for right now. Because of the craziest electrical storm.”
“So we’re not going to Vancouver?” You asked, disappointed, wondering what was going to happen next.
“There’s more!” Jared insisted, handing the phone to Jensen, leaving you in suspense. “You’ll never guess where this storm happened.”
You quickly left your chair, sitting down beside Jensen, trying to ignore the way his leg tightened and he pulled away from you. You looked over his shoulder, seeing the article on the screen, your mouth dropping in disbelief. 
“No way. Lawrence Kansas. That has to be some sort of sign. Right?” You couldn’t believe it. Your life had been turned upside down, just like an episode of Supernatural. And now this freak storming was happening right above the birthplace of Sam and Dean Winchester. Things had to be connected. 
“I think instead of flying maybe we should be driving through Kansas. Maybe we can get some answers,” Jensen finally spoke up. “This all has to be related somehow.” 
“Roadtrip!” You all three exclaimed. “But first, some explaining to the wives,” Jared sighed. “We’ll leave in five.”
You anxiously waited outside by Jensen’s SUV, and soon enough both men exited the garage, a duffle bag in Jensen’s hand. You sat in the backseat, letting both men sit upfront. Staring out the window as they talked quietly, you couldn’t help but wonder. Is this what had turned your life upside down? A freak storm. And maybe, heading to Kansas would get you back to your life. And your Jensen. 
“You okay back there Y/N?” Jared asked, more comfortable around you than Jensen. “At least we have a lead.”
“Yeah,” you answered, yawning. “How far is the drive?”
Jensen was the one to answer this time. “9 hours or so. Why don’t you try to get some sleep.”
You didn’t have to be told twice. Stretching out in the roomy backseat of his SUV, you nestled your head against the window. Closing your eyes, you let your mind relax. This day had been nothing but traumatic, and you were exhausted.
“Y/N wake up,” Jared gently shook your shoulder, waking you up. “We’re stopped for food and gas. Now’s the time to use the bathroom.”
He left the door open, and you slowly climbed out of the car, yawning and stretching as you did so. The brilliant blue sky had long since darkened to a deep teal, and you wondered exactly how long you had slept. 
“We’re not stopping for dinner so I suggest getting enough snacks to tide you over,” Jensen startled you. He was leaning against the side of the SUV, waiting as it slowly filled up. 
Before heading inside to take care of business, you stayed beside him, enjoying the cool night air. “How far are we away?”
“Another three hours maybe,” he answered. “It won’t be too long now. But please don’t be too disappointed if this Lawrence thing doesn’t work out.” 
“I’m just grateful for you, and Jared, for helping me out. You could have just thrown me out, let me fend for myself,” you awkwardly patted his shoulder, wishing he was yours. At least for a moment so you could feel his arms around you. Holding back tears as your heart ached to be home, you rounded the SUV, heading into the small convenience store. 
After using the restroom, you piled your arms full of snacks. Things for you, along with a couple of items for Jensen in case he didn’t make his way inside. Jared paid for the snacks, and you followed him outside. Silently climbing in the back of the SUV, you couldn’t help but feel your nerves start to rise as you Lawrence grew ever closer.
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so i may have rambled... and poked every hole (that i could think of off the top of my head) in the “straight” narrative...
this is basically the same kind of bullet point thing that antis did for us, and if someone could actually like send this to an anti, i really do wanna get answers to these questions...
just another thing, this isn’t meant to be rude, or insulting, but i figured it was our turn to ask questions. 
and again, if i didn’t mention something here it’s because i didn’t think about it as i was writing this... but if it gets pointed out i will happily add it (as long as it has facts or is so inherently gay that it doesn’t even exist within a million light years of straightness)
i tried to leave folklore off as much as possible, because i honestly think taylor’s not done with that but i couldn’t resist putting a few folklore questions. just the obvious ones i promise
okay anyway...
the "dark jeans and your nikes" line from delicate? joe was only seen with dark jeans and nikes like 3 days before delicate came out. what’s up with that? like correct me if i’m wrong, but that was the first time, right?
the invisible string could've been that joe happened to audition for tay's fav movie but it was something about a yogurt shop shirt that was teal, but then we figured out it wasn't actually teal because joe worked there before they changed the shirt color from black to teal. so, like why not use the love actually thing? especially if she knows we become detectives when she puts out music and we would figure out that the color was wrong? the only explanation i have is that she wanted us to see that
and then there's the fact that london boy is satire... i mean she writes about beautiful skies the entire lover album but writes about stormy london weather in london boy and how much she loves it. why would she write about gorgeous skies for the rest of the album, but about gray ones in london?
speaking of beautiful skies, she literally said the bi flag in order... "gave me the blues and then purple-pink skies". (no joke, even tho i'm bi, i remember the order of the colors on the flag with that lyric, but that’s just me). 
then there's cruel summer. which garden gate did she sneak in through? which summer? the one she spent galivanting around with tom? and no offense to taylor, but if she had been with all the men she had supposedly been with, why would a man's body be new? 
and why is he gold? or her "angel bf"? i mean, karlie was an angel for years and i’m quite sure she returned in 2017 for that year only... and then there’s that one outfit where she had angel wings that are gold...
and why does taylor sing "our country guess it was a lawless land" if he's from england? 
why does she always sing about nyc? why is she (nyc) her lover's fav town if he said in an interview he preferred london? and why is her lover the west village? 
why did she parade around in pride flags to the point where lgbtq+ celebs would usually say "you support us and that's great but that's cultural appropriation" and yet get no backlash from them?
then there's the references to religion, falling from grace, all of that. nobody says that a woman and a man can't be together. literally nobody. so why the heck does she need to fall from grace for her lover? i know from personal experience that it’s hard to grow up surrounded by people telling you that being gay is a sin and it gives you a certain sense of hopelessness. just the other day my dad referred to straight couples as “more normal” and called trans people “those people”. that’s what it’s like living in the south
why did she confirm delicate was for the gays by wearing a rainbow dress on tour, singing it with “lesbian jesus”, and later liking a tumblr post about it? 
speaking of “lesbian jesus”, why'd she perform curious of all songs in that surprise performance with hayley? i mean... look at the lyrics and tell me performing that, along with the “SOUNDS FAKE” caption isn’t jealousy
why do they (taylor and joe) only show up together right before or after one of them releases something? 
how did they even meet? i know there’s the whole “your buzzcut my hair bleached” line, but if we have pictures and videos of taylor dancing with tom and karlie at the met, why aren’t there any of her with joe? and let’s say they met by the bathroom or something away from the cameras... how did she have time to apparently become best friends with him (to then be able to say she didn’t want him like one in several songs) while being with tom, juggling kimye and the horrible rumors?
speaking of tom again, why did she even get with tom? it’s not like she was thinking “i’m so taken by this guy that when i met him it was love at first sight, but i’m gonna travel the world with this other guy for three months instead of being with the guy i’m in love with”.
who is so it goes... about? like, calvin? i mean, the guy who she collaborated with said he had just become a father, which implies it was his first kid. as in march 2015, possibly prior to her dating calvin.
what is DWOHT about? (and please not that crap about it being about sex, i don’t think i could take people reducing such a beautiful song to a song about sex.)
what is the ...ready for it? mv about? the way i interpreted it was her breaking her glass closet with her voice (her lyrics that are, in my opinion, blatantly gay)
what are all of those pronoun switches live about? she definitely knows the words to her own songs right? i mean she knew the words and choreo to a different artist’s song (hello curious and hayley!)... or a few different artists’ songs I guess...
why would she make fun of a british guy’s accent if it most definitely was not her first british guy? just a thought
i’ve been refraining from putting folklore stuff on here, but are the characters in the teenage love triangle based on blake and ryan’s daughter or not? and if they are, why aren’t they all girls? or at least james?
if the gp started putting james as a “they” in articles, why can’t you guys stop bringing up the time she said it was from a guy’s pov? and just saying, that’s the same time she contradicted herself in one breath by saying the names were those of her friends’ daughters...
and since i’ve talked about folklore a bit anyway, I might as well bring up seven. what do you guys think that song is about? because for me at least, it pretty much encapsulates being gay (not straight) as a kid, whether you knew it or not. to paraphrase some amazing tumblr bloggers, seven is that one friendship that was short and sweet, and for some reason you remember it forever. you remember days spent in the park, braiding hair, playing hide and seek etc. but if you saw that person fifteen years later, you probably wouldn’t know who they were. regardless, from time to time, you look back and think, “i was so gay and i didn’t realize. all those times I convinced myself that we were cuddling in the same bed because we were cold, I just wanted to be close to her. and when a boy would be mean to her and I would get defensive, it wasn’t because I thought she needed protection, I was just trying to impress her. i told her she was pretty after someone told her she wasn’t, but I said it because that’s what I felt, not because I wanted to make her feel better. but then we grew apart, and while I don't know who or where she is now, I'll always remember all those things we did and who we were together.”
why does taylor constantly write about kissing girls? since pretty much the start of her career, she’s been singing about kissing girls, and proposing to them etc. why?
what the heck is HYGTG about? because as far as i can tell, it’s taylor bragging about how good she is at getting girls.
and speaking of bragging, why does taylor specifically say, “what’s it like to brag about getting bitches and models”? the wording (and any fan who denies that taylor is particular about that doesn’t pay attention) implies she is getting bitches and/or models, but doesn’t know what it’s like to brag about that because she's not “the man”
why is it that you guys constantly say that folklore is, well, folklore, but it suddenly isn’t when it fits your narrative? that’s like saying cheese is only butter when you put it on pasta (sorry i'm hungry)
has taylor ever said she’s straight? because as far as I know, she never has. and how many times has she actually confirmed that she is currently dating a guy? not an ex, but a current boyfriend by name
why does she look perfectly content holding hands with her female friends in public, but she looks miserable when she’s with joe? 
i understand that she’s allowed to be touchy with her female friends, but you can’t deny that some of her big sur pics with karlie were couple poses... and then there’s the time she  sat on karlie’s lap... or the vogue photoshoot...
why would she write a song like IKP and then shove calvin in everyone’s faces to the point that the birthday post she made for karlie in 2015 had non-kaylors riled up too? (the one where karlie was literally in the background and we mostly saw calvin) and then those three months with tom where she flew him around the world super publicly?
do you guys really believe that 1989 isn’t about a relationship?
what is this love about? is that really not a love song?
why’d she move to nyc? and then include a line like “and you can want who you want, boys and boys and girls and girls” in WTNY? if she was really straight, why would she include something like that in her song about new york?
why describe joe as a killer, ghost, and a jailer? and after doing all that with “he” as the pronoun of choice, why switch to you in the chorus, and say all these wonderful things?
joe isn’t younger than all her exes.... (hi harry!)
was 2016 really the worst time for her publicly? or was 2011-2013? i personally think that it’s still up for discussion.
why would she write about a long term relationship on reputation after being with joe for a couple months? or even less tbh?
and if scott swift told fans that the trial pushed back the release of rep by a few months, when was it supposed to come out? and going back to so it goes... if people are going to say that it was written just a couple months before rep was released, how could that be possible if it was originally supposed to released months earlier?
third floor on the west side... karlie’s master bedroom anybody?
did you guys picture a girl in the beginning of INTHAF and then switch to a boy? because it’s kind of the classic best friends to lovers theme, but the way she described it, i definitely imagined two girls, even before i thought taylor might have liked girls. 
why does she keep writing songs about marriage, but then deny all the rumors that she’s engaged to joe, and say she isn’t ready for that in miss americana?
and because i want to end on a note of unity, can we all agree calvin was an asshole?
why the heck are there so many coincidences if they aren’t together? don’t you think taylor would have kept the interactions to an absolute minimum if they really were feuding?
why is it that on at least two occasions, taylor’s lyrics have echoed one of their instagram captions, almost word for word? on the way home anyone? motown beat?
and i can’t believe i didn’t put this in there before, but where was joe’s big reputation? i mean, before he starting stunt- i mean “dating” taylor, barely anyone had heard of him. you know who’s got a big reputation and has for almost as long as taylor? karlie sunshine kloss
what the heck does the line “you try on calling me baby like trying on clothes” mean for joe? because karlie definitely has to try on a whole bunch of clothes, being a model and all. plus, there’s that stereotype that girls change clothes a million times before leaving the house, and that we try on a billion things at stores and end up getting lipstick or whatever
and just to build off the last bullet point, in the line before, taylor sings “we met a few weeks ago”. however, according to your timeline, they met at the met, and then she flew around with tom like a week later. so when would he have called her baby? while they were supposedly best friends? just saying...
thank you to the lovely @shugbayr for pointing out that yes, taylor said during 1989 promo that 1989 wasn’t as boy-centric of an album because her life had been less boy-centric. why the love songs then? I have an idea that starts with a g and ends with an l
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