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would-they-survive · 2 days
Hi! We're a new Fandom Game blog where we let people submit their questions to our inbox before we post them anonymously!
The rules are as follow:
1. You send us the character and the fandom they're from.
2. In the ask, you'll ask us if people think this character will survive in *the situation of your choice.
*the situation of your choice can be anything, it can also be what happen in other movies/shows that the character isn't from (for instance, you can send us a question asking if Dean Winchester from Supernatural would survive the canon event that goes on in The Walking Dead.)
3. We will make a separate poll in response to your question to let people decide and vote if they think said character will survive.
4. Other forms of questions are also allowed if they follow the theme; for instance, you can give us a list of characters (they may or may not be from the same source material), and ask which of them would die first, which of them would survive in the situation of your choice, etc.
5. They must all be fictional characters in situations that aren't connected to any specific real-life events.
6. Have fun!!
If you have any further question, please don't hesitate to reach out to us!
Our inbox is always open!
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urlknight · 2 days
Tumblr media
Hello there! This is the protagonist of my game. She's a customizable character who lives in a dinosaur world. More to come, follow me if you enjoy 3d art, animation, anime people/dinosaurs, and game dev. :)
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thevoiceofkrys · 2 days
Hello everyone! I'm Krys, and I'm working on becoming a voice actor! I'll be voicing silly memes and posting them here, both memes sent to me and memes I've made myself! Some things to know about me;
I'm transgender, she/they
I'm 27 years old
I am for hire! If you need freelance voice work, we can negotiate a price!
You will find any memes I voice under the tag #voiceofkrys
Hope you enjoy!
You can also find me at the bird site, the clock app, and the tuber!
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[Introduction :)]
Greetings. This is @another-delta-lover 's first RP blog... And he doesn't know how this works at all...-
{{Stuff you should know:
DNI If you're transphobic, homophobic, zionist, proshipper, or anything that harms others and educate yourself better please.
This isn't a 100% serious rp blog, so don't expect anything really good/of good quality- xD
Be respectful with the interactions and be patient, it's hard for me to... Understand all of this-??
This blog mainly ships HeavyMedic, so that will be the most interactions you'll see.
**I don't have any rules for asks or interactions, but I won't answer anything that makes me uncomfortable.**
That would be all:) have fun! (I'll have more fun ehehehehhe)
[tags under the cut]
Reblogs- #Misha's reblogging
{Roleplay related}
Letter answering /srs- #Misha letter reading
/Srs rp- #Misha's rp
Ocs /srs- #Misha's other stories
Heavymedic/Fritz related- #Misha's blueberry
/Not srs
Letter answering /not srs- #Misha's jk answers
/Not srs rp - #Misha's JKJK
Ocs /not srs- #Misha's fanfics 🙏
Fritz /not srs- #Misha's husband😩
MOD talkin- #hey vsauce! Delta here
MOD important stuff- #Deltas talkin pay attention
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kyracooneyx23 · 4 hours
Tumblr media
° *₊ ° . ° .• MASTERLIST and WIPs •. ° . °₊* °
⋆ ★ Kyra Cooney Cross ★⋆
Missed You More - It's your first camp back after your ACL injury, but you best friend Kyra's acting strange
 ↳ Best Friends Again? - You finally find out what's caused Kyra to act so weird
Friend of a Friend - Charli introduces you and Kyra, and the two of you end up getting along a bit too well [aiming to post it around late July]
Forget About it - After avoiding her for as long as possible you have to play against the girl who broke your heart so many years ago. [aiming to post it around late July]
You're My Little Secret - Kyra and you have kept your relationship a secret for a very long time, but it's a whole lot harder now that she's playing with you at Arsenal [aiming to post it around 25th of June]
•.¸¸☆Sam Kerr☆¸¸.•
6ft 5 - You're filming a tiktok and Sam wants everyone to know your hers.
 ↳ 5ft 8 - After signing a contract extension with Chelsea, you can't help teasing Sam over a lie she tells in a video [aiming to post it late July]
✧ ✦ ✧ Caitlin Foord ✧ ✦ ✧
Caitlin x child!reader series (coming soon)
Squirt - You're meeting the Arsenal girls for the first time
Popular - You find yourself the center of attention when all the girls are fighting to be your favourite
But you're my mumma? - Caitlin starts spending more time with Katie and less time with you
•♬✧Leah Williamson✧♬•
Enchanted - You write a song about England's captain after meeting her briefly at an event not expecting her to share your feelings
 ↳ You are in Love - After back and forth messaging and a few dates you and Leah begin to go more public with your relationship causing the fans to go wild [posting date tbc]
Crossing Loyalties - Leah's a red, you're a blue and you 'hate' each other. Well at least that's what the fans think. [aiming to post it late June]
⋆ ★ Katie McCabe ★⋆
Snapchat - Katie accidentally leaks your relationship on snapchat with all the fans [posting date tbc]
St Patrick's Day - You're first time meeting Katie's family is on Saint Patricks day and it's a bit overwhelming [posting date tbc]
∘₊✧ Lionesses ✧₊∘
Winners are Grinners - You've just won your first major tournament with your country (teen reader) [posting date tbc]
•.¸¸☆ Matildas ☆¸¸.•
No 1 trio - It's a fight to see who the better trio is - Macca, Alanna and Caitlin or You, Mini and Kyra [posting date tbc]
Little Menaces - You and your best friend Harper Gorry are bored and decide to annoy all your aunties. (part of the Caitlin Foord x child!reader series) [posting date tbc]
⋆ ★ Alexia Putellas ★⋆
First Camp - It's all to much for you on your first ever Spain camp (teen reader) [posting date tbc]
La Reina - You finally shoot your shot with the queen of Spain [posting date tbc]
✧ ✦ ✧ Niamh Charles ✧ ✦ ✧
I wanna ruin our friendship - Niamh wants more than anything to tell you how she feels but she's to scared to lose her best friend [posting date tbc]
Let's tell the world - you and Niamh decide it's finally time to go public with your relationship [posting date tbc]
•♬✧ CWFC ✧♬•
We made it - After battling injuries, sicknesses and mental health problems for years, you finally made it all the way to the final day
Go away - (platonic) You and Kyra are always up to no good, but one day it gets all to much for your Arsenal teammates.
✧ ✦ ✧ Lucy Bronze ✧ ✦ ✧
Don't be sorry - the matildas lose to england in the semi final of the world cup and you take the blame
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First things first: I am not deactivating. Just. Taking a break.
Mututals: You can get my discord if I don't ask for yours before I leave in a couple days. You can also give me a snap though I may be worse at responding to that.
This is my reasons for leaving so no one thinks I do anything crazy, or if anyone has their own gripe they can take this as a sign to take a mental health break of your own.
The Racism on this site remains unchecked, and the agression against black user who call it out should absolutely NOT be that high. You adore recreating the racist systems that got us here in the first place. You think your lense on how we experience opression, even the theories we wrote, are better and clearly so much superior.
Exorsexism is disgustingly rampant. We are a jokes to people. We are fakes to other. We are a convenient argument about people passing. We are "dangerous" to a preciously protected set of binaries that do nothing to help any of us.
Lesbophobia across the site has no reason to be so high on a site with so many Lesbians and yet!! We treat labels like they're more important than lives. People act like a personal interpretation of the idenity is an attack. We go "Being a Lesbian is so complex. It's intricate and special" And then when a butch takes t, or a femmes uses he and maybe even gets top surgery, or someones attraction isnt the simply wlw Lesbianism they're told they're doing it wrong and that it's not fair to try and over complicate being a lesbian.
Transandrophobia and Transmisogyny against me and other trans people on this site is out of control. People are infighting and people are lashing out laterally and comparing it 1:1 to the opression the system holds against all of us.
Intersexism continues to be like, so easy for you guys to commit no matter how many voices speak up about how best to be aware of intersex issues.
You guys adore ableism just as you have for years and years. You're obsessed with degrading people who do mental illness or disability "wrong." You see someone stuggling with illness and you don't wait to tell them your personal opinion on their experience. Adding ocd triggering guilt tripping to post. Refusing to hear out people about adding image ids/alt images and how screen readers work.
The Antisemitism I was seeing well before 10/7 was gross. It only increased as people scrambled not to be associated with "the bad jew." People had mutuals and friends for years that abandoned them at the first chance. They spread lies or twisted truths in order to chose Jewish bloggers off the site. I DO notice that when people make post on antisemitism there is often more Jewish people than goy in the notes acknowledging it. I don't think I've seen one without horrid Antisemitism in it's own notes in months. Multiple people have told me to leave my heritage out of pride in their attempts to keep out Jewish people.
Voices from Palstine are only used when they support certain ideas. You all turned supporting people into a fucking witch hunt against profiles on the Internet. You reblog a post of Palastine joy and then reblog an unsourced tweet about something Palstinians have said isn't true, that slanders Jewish people unprompted. For a long time some of you weren't even sharing the right sources for helping them bc you couldn't fact check before sharing?
And then there's fucking STAFF. They couldn't stop themselves from banning trans blogs if you paid them. They couldn't keep harassment campaigns at bay if it killed someone.
They used us to coax queer people here for years by sharing that they support queer identities and even at one point let our porn exist here! And then it was all fucking wiped off the map. Now one mass reporting of an untrue claim can get an minorties blog permanently removed.
They say "We need money!" but when people gave it to them this site got w o r se. They use distractions and try and make stuff around the fun shit we came up with to keep us from fussing.
They mute and remove users who make a loud enough point to sway people. They mute and removes uses that are so quiet no one would notice.
Minorties inboxes are a headache.
So I'm out. I'll probably be back at some point because I have things I DO enjoy here.
But for mental health I just gotta catch my breath.
This will be my pinned until I get back I guess im case anyone wonders where I went.
I'll have a queue going of a few last minute things i want on my blog but when it runs out thats it for a while until I return.
Thats all
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askxisumachc · 2 days
Acting Camp Counselor Here.
NOTE: I'm not the real Xisumavoid! This is a roleplay blog based off the Hermits and The Olympians AU created by @ahllohehn.
Find the others' blogs on this post by @gem-the-oracle!
About Me:
-- Athena Cabin counselor -- Legacy of Poseidon -- One of the few people keeping the camp together
#Hermits and The Olympians : General tag for this AU! Created by @ahllohehn
#HaTO Xisuma : Character's general tag!
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dsm--v · 12 years
Tumblr media
maci :: he/they :: minor :: alt blog :: intro
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cptapathy · 1 month
We have all been saying this was coming for years now. The UK is now introducing a new section 28.
This is a direct attack on the queer Community, stop accepting it.
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We’re fanfiction writers, of course:
We’re going to use song lyrics as titles.
We’re going to check for comments 30 seconds after we post something.
We’re going to have more WIPs than days of the month.
We’re going to use any excuse to post snippets.
We’re going to use ask box games to procrastinate.
We’re going to hype up our writer friends.
We’re going to scream, cry and throw up reading our friends’ work.
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wh0re-behavi0r · 3 months
Tommy and Buck talk 7.04
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Welcome to tumblr's own AITA!
The askbox is currently: CLOSED
Please submit your own stories to be judged by the court of tumblr! Each story will come with a poll, judgements are as follows:
YTA=You're the asshole NTA=Not the asshole (the other party is) JAH=Justified asshole (you’re an asshole, but like, I get it) NAH=No assholes here (everyone is some level of justified) ESH=Everyone sucks here (you're all assholes) INFO=Not enough information to judge (answer questions via reblog or reply, NOT my askbox please!)
Ready to submit yours? Read the FAQ first! (If it doesn't open for you on mobile, try opening it in your mobile browser instead of the app)
I've been talked into making a ko-fi, no pressure but if you want to throw me a couple bucks for keeping this train running, feel free to buy me a coffee! Never expected, always appreciated
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akonoadham · 3 months
Tumblr media
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evan-is-tired · 2 years
Tumblr media
made by yours (un)truly
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hellsite-detective · 7 months
me? i'm just a private eye trying to make a difference here in this hellscape we call a city. folks come into my office, beggin' me to track down some long forgotten shitpost. and it's my job to oblige. my name is Hellsite Detective, Tumblr Private Eye.
you lookin' for a post? whether it's a recent post, or a long forgotten cold case from a decade ago, anything goes in this business. so long as you provide me with a lead to follow, be it a quote from the post, a detailed description, or a screenshot, i'll do what i can to chase leads and track that sucker down.
for any of you saps that can't figure this one out: send in an ask requesting a post to be found, and include a quote, description of the post, or a screenshot, and i'll find it and tag you with the results
disclaimer: i'm only takin' on one case at a time. so you fellas are gonna have to wait your turn.
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hollytanaka · 12 days
📌 Mutual Aid, Fundraisers, and Actions
a white heart "🤍" denotes GFM campaigns who have reached out to me via in my inbox
I will be updating this as frequently as possible with new information, campaigns, and forms of supporting displaced and vulnerable folks in Palestine, Sudan, DRC, Ukraine, and elsewhere.
Tumblr media
Palestine 🇵🇸
🤍 Donate to Khader and Ragheb - [€708 raised of €55,000 goal]
🤍 Donate to Amira - [€5,118 raised of €20,000 goal]
🤍 Donate to Fadi Ayyad - [$9,530 raised of $35,000 goal]
🤍 Donate to Hani Al-Sharif [$445 raised of $50,000 goal]
🤍 Donate to Mohammed Alanqer [€18,196 raised of €38,000 goal]
🤍 Donate to Ahmed Alanqer [€16,338 raised of €35,000 goal]
Donate to the Palestinian Red Crescent Society - humanitarian org serving the health and welfare of the Palestinian people
Donate an eSIM for Gaza - helps Palestinians to connect to the outside world
Donate to Gaza Direct Aid - small volunteer-run program funding humanitarian aid in Gaza
Donate to Care for Gaza - supporting displaced families in Gaza
Donate to GazaFunds - find a struggling fundraiser to support
Tumblr media
Sudan 🇸🇩
Donate to the Sudanese American Physicians Association - provides critical medical aid, food, and water
Donate to Sudan Solidarity Collective - provides direct financial assistance to civilian-led groups
Sudan Diaspora Network's Sudan Benefit Fundraiser - supports displaced Sudanese by providing medical equipment and food
Fight Hunger in Sudan: The Khartoum Kitchen appeal - feeds the hungry, up to 1,250 people daily, in the greater Khartoum area
Help Sudan- Sudan Relief Fund - helps people on the ground with immediate needs such as food, water, shelter and medication
Tumblr media
Congo 🇨🇩
Donate to Focus Congo - partnerships with local grassroots organizations and access to resources necessary for survival
Support Friends of the Congo & the Basandja Coalition - provides food, delivers reporting, rescues children from the cobalt mines and supports diggers and miners demanding accountability, combats sexual violence and provides care for women’s health
Action Kivu - dedicated to repairing the harm done by years of violence and neglect in this region with focus on women and children.
Mutual Aim team fundraiser for Congo, Sudan, and Tigray - campaign collecting money that will be will be divided between the DRC, Sudan, and Tigray
Tumblr media
Ukraine 🇺🇦
United 24 – main venue for collecting charitable donations in support of Ukraine
Come Back Alive – provides support to service members in Ukraine
Prytula foundation – provides support to Ukrainian Defense Forces and affected civilians
Dzyga’s Paw – provides Ukrainian Defenders with high-tech equipment
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