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midnightmah07 1 day
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More pirate au! A bit meh about this small comic but it is what it is; more info about Isabelle and Leona in this au
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spoofyleaf 3 days
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Yeah Wukong, what happened about being honest?
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karo-li 1 day
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another for sskk pirate au 馃悪馃
i just imagine them being sent on some island bc of dazai, wondering how they even ended up there in the first place lol
akutagawa being like: dazai-san said-
and atsushi: yeah, i don't care, this is sus
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Pirate! Adam: No. I won't love you. I despise you if anything!
Sea monster Lucifer: But I love you as we used to love each other back in Eden! (Country)
Pirate Adam: That was before you cheated on me and blinded my eye. And even before I found that you were nothing but a monster.
*Lucifer looks hurt before Adam pulls his sword on him and makes Lucifer let go of him. Adam runs off to his ship and sails away immediately.*
Lucifer watched heart broken as his love sails away in his ship. That's okay, he just needed time. Time the king would allow him to have.
Adam just needed to realize what happened was an accident, regarding his eye. As for Lilith..... Well, that was poor lapse of judgement in Lucifer's part.
He will see his crowned jewel again. When he did he would be sure that he won't get away. Never again.
Not if Lucifer had anything to say about it.
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"You look lonely. I can fix that" but it's siren Rain trying to lure someone toward the water in my Ghost pirate AU.
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elwenyere 2 days
Seven-Sentence Sunday
Just a wee, out-of-context snip in celebration of the fact that progress was made on the Codywan Pirate AU this weekend (thank the Force).
鈥淥ur paths rarely crossed after that: the odd occasion, usually at a distance or in company. Then one day, years later, we were both in Alderaan, waiting for our ships to be careened. We passed on the street, and he pulled me aside by the sleeve - urged me to change the course we planned to take to Corellia. I鈥檇 heard of his recent victories - two ships captured in as many months - and was surprised to see how little his good fortune seemed to have eased his cares. I asked after his sons: he said his oldest had just been made yeoman of the sheets. His face made me swallow my words of congratulation. He looked like I鈥檇 asked him to stir his guts with a knife.鈥
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puntastic-artist 1 day
Hiii may I feed you some Pirate AU doppelgangers? :)
CW: Body horror and Trypophobia
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Anyway here's Hoon Man, Eyes, and Hole Face :)
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reploidbuddy 2 days
Post #2 of the remaining pictures I have to upload back in the fic: new outfits and the final colored art <3
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cindernet-explorer 3 days
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How did she get there indeed?
Continuation of this post.
[ft. Flidais from @selnyam]
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unboundprompts 1 month
Pirate Terms and Phrases
-> Pirate Lingo
-> A Pirate's Glossary
Batten Down The Hatches - tie everything down and put stuff away for a coming storm.
Brig - a prison on a ship.
Bring a Spring Upon 'er - turn the ship in a different direction
Broadside - the most vulnerable angle of a ship that runs the length of the boat.
Cutlass - a thick, heavy and rather short sword blade.
Dance with Jack Ketch - to hang; death at the hands of the law (Jack Ketch was a famed English executioner).
Davy Jones's Locker - a mythical place at the bottom of the ocean where drowned sailors are said to go.
Dead Men Tell No Tales - the reason given for leaving no survivors.
Flogging - severe beating of a person.
Gangplank - removable ramp between the pier and ship.
Give No Quarter - show no mercy.
Jack - flag flown at the front of the ship to show nationality.
Jolly Roger - black pirate flag with a white skull and crossbones.
Keelhaul - a punishment where someone is dragged under the ship. They are cut by the planks and barnacles on the bottom of the ship.
Landlubber - an inexperienced or clumsy person who doesn't have any sailing skills.
Letters of Marque - government-issued letters allowing privateers the right to piracy of another ship during wartime.
Man-O-War - a pirate ship that is decked out and prepared for battle.
Maroon - to leave someone stranded on a. deserted island with no supplies, typically a punishment for any crew members who disrespected the captain.
Mutiny - a situation in which the crew chooses a new captain, sometimes by forcibly removing the old one.
No Prey, No Pay - a common pirate law that meant crew members were not paid, but rather received a share of whatever loot was taken.
Old Salt - experienced pirate or sailor.
Pillage - to steal/rob a place using violence.
Powder Monkeys - men that performed the most dangerous work on the ship. They were treated harshly, rarely paid, and were expendable.
Privateer - government-appointed pirates.
Run A Shot Across the Bow - fire a warning shot at another boat's Captain.
Scurvy - a disease caused by Vitamin C Deficiency.
Sea Legs - when a sailor adjusts his balance from riding on a boat for a long time.
Strike Colors - lower a ship's flag to indicate surrender.
Weigh Anchor and Hoist the Mizzen - an order to the crew to pull up the anchor and get the ship sailing.
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unleash me ( wizard's tower as a prison)
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habken 6 days
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turned the boys into birds for @/deepseasbkdk !!
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youhalfwit 2 months
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If you go, I want to go with you
And if you die, I want to die with you
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sonicmarinermay 3 months
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A New Adventure Awaits!馃彺鈥嶁槧锔
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yakowo 4 months
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One more Price commission! Pirate Captain this time 鉁煫娥煆烩湪
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cndarts 1 year
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captain lupin got in trouble
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