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realpokemon · 1 day
Tumblr media
Hyper Potions are trending on twitter. Any idea why? Was there a recall or something?
people keep poisoning themselves by drinking hyper potions as a trainer challenge. this is a PSA.
they are SPRAYS. not DRINKS. do not DRINK THEM
they do not work on YOU. they work on POKÉMON. do not drink them x2
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agardevoir · 2 days
A strange blonde-haired man was rescued from the distortion world.
I have offered to house him for a while.
He is on his way. You may hear more about him.
I think his name starts with a V…?
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Another very normal day of refurbishing Team Skull's headquarters, which is definitely going to be filled with reupholstering this couch and building a bookshelf out of the scrap wood that guy was throwing out, and nothing weird! If you don't hear from me tonight, the danger of having my soul stolen was higher than advertised (but honestly I think I probably lost it in Galar anyway).
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explou-ordinary · 1 day
As I am learning about life outside team rocket im super confused. Things I’ve learned about in the past few days;
Apparently we’re the bad guys????? I though we were ok?
Taxes? You have to pay the government??
Everyone has last names (manager still says I don’t have one and says she’ll take my phone if I keep asking)
There are Pokémon made of metal
Apparently boss’s boss is a gym leader
Stealing is sometimes really bad
And inkay get really big after they evolve
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ranger-crow · 1 day
Tumblr media
‘Bout time I got around to posting this-
We got six healthy chicken nuggets! In order from oldest to youngest we have-
Jovi: Female, March 11th
Halen: Male, March 12th:
Chili: Male, March 13th
Pepper: Female, March 13th
Fleetwood: Male, March 14th
Roxie: Female, March 16th
I will definitely be breaking into the daycare over the next week to see who opens their eyes first! I’ll try to get some better pictures of them later ‘cause these guys have some very pretty colorations and spots starting to come in that isn’t done justice under the heat lamps. Fleetwood has a very heavy melanin pigment and pepper is a reddish purple that seems to grow deeper each day.
I’m holding Roxie- I ended up giving her shell a little crack since she was struggling to get a start and she’s very reactive to my voice. Despite her late start she’s easily the chunkiest of all her siblings and a lovely rosey purple color with some larger splots of white. Don’t tell anyone but I definitely have a favorite <3
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pokemoncenter · 1 day
He knew the whole time.
If I had the energy, I might start screaming right now.
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foxfires-curse · 3 days
What am I to do now...
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frostbiteyinny · 9 hours
Who would you drop Giovanni for? I'm asking for science
But if he bores me in the future; Cyntia, Archie and any butch woman who can bench press me are my top 3 :D
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cosmospkmn · 7 hours
Tumblr media
what in the world
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lavender-radio · 26 days
Is your refrigerator running?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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klangking · 3 days
i almost got hit by a car today.
Tumblr media
my klang toyotathon jumped in the way and saved me. hes a very good boy.
(art by @realpokemon )
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realpokemon · 2 days
Tumblr media
long awaited bart in a cereal bowl. he doesn't fit very well.
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ame-abandon · 2 months
diffrrence in pokemon trainer love
charizard owners: this is maximillion, he has won every trophy in our region, he has perfect evs, and we are going to take over the world together.
venasaur owners: this is bong rip hes an idiot
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underfundedpokeprof · 28 days
Tumblr media
Here's Lala after his bi-annual checkup! He's wearing the ribbon because it's his favorite!
((made by the very sweet and talented @realpokemon))
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pkmnprofloblolly · 2 months
Tumblr media
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drill-peck · 2 months
Paldeans will be like "behold the cuisine passed down from my people for generations" and then make the worst fucking sandwich you've ever seen in your life
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