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litbowl · 1 day
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Congratulations Sierra on the release of Ephemera, out today with Button Poetry! Get a copy here.
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laila-thingss · 3 days
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Herkesin hakettiğini yaşadığı bir dünya yok fakat hakettiğini yaşayamıyorsan şartlarını iyileştir...
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honeyknome · 3 days
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Witchin’ hour
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soulwr1ter · 3 days
I love you for you. Your weird, your tough, and your sweet. All the  beautiful parts of you that hold space for me. The tenderness that you offer me. The dark of you that melts me, the light of you that sees me. All of you is what makes my heart happy. The patience with which you cradle me. The strength of you that steadies me. The scars that are woven together that I kiss with every breath. You are deserving of love. You are not exempt from deserving softness in your life and I do not restrain from offering it to you as easily as it comes. I am so much myself with you and take joy in every moment that I am allowed to be so. I am grateful for the day you took me by the hand. What I have in me is yours and could never be given to anybody else because I am so much yours that I could never be anybody else's. I see you completely and revel in the art that is you. Nothing can change how truly beautiful you are in my eyes.
-J.Wool, Art of You, Breaths of Love
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esuemmanuel · 2 days
Déjame darte un consejo, no seas como yo; no sientas con el alma ni leas con el corazón; no escribas bajo la influencia de los sentimientos ni de la verdad que palpita en tus entrañas, porque, la gente... ésa que se atreve a mirarte, no lo entenderá y, aquellos que dicen que lo hacen, algún día, por lo mismo, se irán, diciendo que vales lo poco que das, que no eres lo que escribes, que mientes... y nada más. ¡No seas como yo jamás! No te partas el corazón con el cincel del amor que enmarca las palabras cuando se dan sin esperanza, tampoco transcribas los versos de tu alma ante los ojos prejuiciosos de los que señalan con el vilo de la envidia barata. Guárdate las manos, amárrate los dedos, muérdete la lengua y calla... ¡No seas como yo, camarada! Mejor llénate de pretensión, de ostentación, de realidades vacuas... y mata, así como son capaces de hacerlo los que desbaratan al que vuela por los aires cuando tiene fe en el alma; así serás capaz de ganarte sus favores y ser el héroe de sus sinsabores. No acabarás solo ni roído, como yo, por haber sido franco y haber amado con todo lo que el cielo te dio.
Let me give you some advice, do not be like me; do not feel with your soul or read with your heart; do not write under the influence of feelings or of the truth that beats in your guts, because people… those who dare to look at you, will not understand and those who say they do, one day, for the same reason, will leave, saying that you are worth the little you give, that you are not what you write, that you lie… and nothing more. Do not be like me ever! Do not break your heart with the chisel of love that frames the words when they are given without hope, nor transcribe the verses of your soul before the prejudiced eyes of those who point with the vile of cheap envy. Keep your hands to yourself, tie your fingers, bite your tongue and keep silent…. Don't be like me, comrade! Better fill yourself with pretension, with ostentation, with empty realities… and kill, just as those who thwart those who fly through the air when they have faith in their souls are capable of doing; thus you will be able to win their favors and be the hero of their sorrows. You will not end up alone or gnawed, like me, for having been frank and having loved with all that heaven gave you.
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Hey there, you look a little bruised
Your eyes so shadowed and confused
Come slide your hand into mine
Let our fingers intertwine
In a meadow full of sky
We'll sing a cloud-shaped lullaby
Supine into a soft sunset
Find a way to just forget
Hey, love, let's look for your smile
No need to rush, I've got a while
In fields of flowers we'll be reclined
Let's reinvent a world that's kind
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mujhe-pyar-hua-tha · 3 days
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When someone understands you, it's like they hold a piece of your soul in their hand...
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dobaara · 1 day
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victormalonso · 2 days
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I miss you | victor m. alonso
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mermaidteeth · 1 day
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serena crane, mermaid in miami
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laila-thingss · 2 days
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Hayatta her şey bir sınav. Bazen kazanırsın bazen öğrenirsin...
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honeyknome · 19 hours
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judas-redeemed · 1 day
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love like a prayer breathed back into you by judas h.
transcript: [ say that we will do more than just survive. say that we will laugh with full bellies and warm hearts. say that we'll leave the window open to let the golden light pour into the first place that's really felt like home. say that we are finally home.
say that you'll tend to my bloody knuckles, and you'll let me tend to yours. say that all of this holy. say that there is a divinity in our chests the people screaming for our damnation will never understand. say we don't need them to understand. say our love is enough. say our love is more than enough. say we will never be left starving like we were before. and the people like us that came before.
say we will dance under the starlight, and i'll sing the name your mother does not know. does not want to know. say it and kiss me. and kiss me. and kiss me. say it and know that your lips are the only church i need to feel welcome in. say we feel welcome and holy in the arms of one another, the way we always dreamed we would. we're the people we always wished we had the freedom to be. forever and ever. amen. ]
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soulinkpoetry · 2 days
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You have a better chance of staying together if you try to understand why they are the way they are, instead of trying to change them. Instead of pointing out their weaknesses, celebrate their strengths. People don’t change. (Well, they change, but not much and only if They want to.) You can either learn to love them for who they are, or you can inspire them and give them enough support to want to better themselves.
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poppiesandpromises · 2 days
It's not that I don't love you
I just don't love anything
I'm painted now the darkest hue
Flayed with wicked wounds that sting
It's not that I do not care
Or that I shove you away
I'm just drowning in despair
In the things that I can't say
I wish that I could hold your hand
Warm and strong to come ashore
This grief and terror both unplanned
They've left my soul so sore
I am blood in a formless sea
A shark-infested trap to flee
I deserve no sympathy—
There is nothing left of me
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thepersonalwords · 2 days
Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside while still alive. Never surrender.
Tupac Shakur
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