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optional: tell us where you’re from in the tags!
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just pick ur favorite again because, once again, these are some of the best characters ever
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PLEASE reblog, I have heard it on a couple of podcasts now and I'm genuinely curious how common it is! Also, if you feel comfortable with it, let me know what your accent normally is (Midwestern, Southern, New Englander, New Yorker, Minnesotan, whatever).
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Reblog after voting for bigger sample size is highly appreciated :)
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Iconic Homoerotic Betrayal: Round 2
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Round 2 Directory
Summary by Anonymous Contributor
szll is already iconic but I'm just going to list all their betrayals (and perceived betrayals) as a refresher:
(first, for context, one thing you gotta understand is lelouch, leader of the rebellion who believes ends justify the means, is also the discarded prince of the empire he's fighting against. suzaku, rising knight of the empire who believes means have to justify the ends, is the son and killer of the prime minister of the country being oppressed. this is PEAK narrative foils and enemies-to-lovers recipe right there.)
- lelouch and nunnally were sent to japan as political hostages. britannia takes over japan quickly after and lelouch, knowing how much japan means to suzaku, promises to destroy britannia. suzaku should be angry at britannia! lelouch will free them!! except years later he learns that suzaku is now WORKING for the empire? he's becoming a KNIGHT for the empire, betraying his own country and their shared hatred for britannia. what the fuck, what happened to principles, suzaku? this is lelouch's first (perceived) betrayal.
- lelouch (accidentally) kills euphemia, the only princess who's trying to make peace with the japanese, the princess that suzaku is knight of, the princess suzaku LOVES and lelouch adores. now yes, this was an accident, but lelouch ROLLS WITH IT and lets suzaku and the rest of the world believe that it was intentional, thus fully driving that knife deep. he never tells suzaku this was an accident. this is suzaku's most painful betrayal.
- suzaku finds out lelouch is zero, leader of the rebellion, and turns him in to his evil dad, emperor of the empire, in exchange for becoming a knight of round (the highest military status). now if you count akito the exiled as canon, this also means sending lelouch to be BRAINWASHED into serving the empire as a master tactician before R2 happens. suzaku monitors him all throughout, watching lelouch destroy nations and praise the empire against his own principles.
this is just season one of code geass. this doesn't even touch how suzaku is also forced to betray his own loyalties/principles sometimes whenever the "live" geass that lelouch condemns him with acts up. how suzaku would monitor lelouch and keep deceiving him that rolo is his beloved sibling, not nunnally. etc etc.
AND YET despite all of this, code geass culminates with them SWEARING LOYALTY to each other, with lelouch becoming the demon emperor and suzaku becoming his right-hand man, the knight of zero. lelouch becomes a tyrant that suzaku is destined to kill. lelouch brings peace to the world but will never be able to live in it. he will always be remembered as the dictator, the scourge of the world. suzaku atones for all his sins by being reduced to a heroic symbol, by being punished to kill his best friend and never becoming suzaku the person ever again. with the "live" geass, he is cursed to never die, never to escape, always bearing both of their sins -- the eternal punishment he has been seeking. and by killing lelouch, he is able to avenge euphemia in the end, and bring the peace all three of them desired.
code geass is a hot mess but there is poetry in their betrayals. they are thematically bound to live this tragedy, and that is why they are iconic. the ending of code geass is well-known and highly regarded as one of the most iconic endings ever, and it can only ever be so because it stands on the love and loss and betrayals of suzaku and lelouch.
Summary by @sing-the-beginning-of-moana
it was love at first sight. they got together and were happy for a while until erik caused charles to feel the excruciating pain of dying (without actually dying), tried to kill hundreds of people, accidentally paralyzed charles, and then abandoned him altogether. and that's just the first movie. repeat with the same sort of behavior and constant breaking up and getting back together for the next several decades.
See other descriptions of Suzululu or Cherik
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good use for polls actually,
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Myriapoda Poll Round 3
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32 33 combatants. Weeks of grueling tournament. The redemption of a century. And it all comes down to this, our final match. Shigeo "Mob" Kageyama, Donatello Hamato, and Papyrus will all battle it out for the throne, and only one can come out on top.
In less than 12 hours, the voting will begin for the final time. And a huge thank you to every last one of you, for spreading the tournament and making fanart or even just voting to begin with. Truly, the positive reception is overwhelming, and I couldn't be happier.
For the final time, I will see you all later.
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The right side of the journal is the cover, while the side with the white band is the back.
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*reading a fic for x reader with no warning of physical descriptions*
“slim figure” “turned red” “[insert some texture/color/length] hair” “pale as snow”
y’all it’s not x reader if you have descriptors that exclude people, especially when it’s cutting marginalized groups from enjoying it.
if it’s an oc with no name say that.
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