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crazycatsiren · 22 hours
Me to my heart: Jesus girl settle the fuck down I only vacuumed one room!
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1980s-slasher-film · 1 month
Accommodations are not special, they’re not a leg up, they’re not a benefit. They’re not putting anyone ahead in the race, nor are they taking anything away from others.
They exist to put us on a level playing ground to everyone else, and nothing more.
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pots-plus-pans · 2 months
destigmatize having a body/body parts that look “gross”
destigmatize having a reoccurring rash that you can’t control
destigmatize “strange looking” veins
destigmatize “gross” scarring
destigmatize having bodies that are broken and express that
destigmatize being disabled and having “atypical” physical manifestations of said disability
disabled bodies are beautiful
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autisticbokutoenjoyer · 5 months
they should invent joints that dont hurt
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thelupuslady · 2 months
Tumblr media
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disabledprincesses · 10 months
As a disabled person, I'm telling you right now:
Act disabled.
Stop telling yourself you're acting more disabled than you are.
Crawl to clean your room, use a wheelchair when you're "only" at level 3 pain, wear all the wraps and ice packs
Allow yourself to act disabled and you'll see that it helps you a whole lot when you allow yourself to use any and all tools
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thebibliosphere · 27 days
Something I've been recommending a lot to my fellow MCAS + POTS-sufferers at the moment, has been investing in a soup blender.
Apart from beta blockers, the primary treatment for POTS is increasing salt and water. A really good way of combining both and upping your nutritional value is by drinking things like bone broth or veggie stock.
But if you're like me with a ton of allergies (so you can't buy anything premade🙃) and bone broth raises your histamine, then you're left with the energy sapping task of making your own.
And I don't know about any of you, but when my nervous system is throwing a wobbler, the last thing I am capable of doing is standing up for long periods at a time over a hot stove.
Some people get around this by using a slow cooker, which is great if you can. I personally can't because slow cooking raises the histamine content of food (especially meat) and also, the clue is in the name, it's a slow cooker and sometimes my POTSie, ADHD butt needs food now-ish or as soon as possible and not 8 hours later. Instapots can be good, but they take up a lot of counter space and also I don't know if you've ever tried to release a pressure cooker valve when you can barely stand, but I genuinely think that's the closest I've come to dying and I've experienced both megaloblastic and hemalytic anemia.
Which is why we got a soup blender. They take up less space, are generally easier to clean, and also easier for me, at least, to use. All you need to do is roughly chop your ingredients up, dump them in the jug, add seasoning, fill the jug with water, hit the soup function and then sit your ass down for the next 20 minutes while this magical fucking thing both cooks and blends you some liquidy goodness.
I will say, don't invest in the instapot one. It's not worth the price point, and the motor burned out on mine after about six months. It was also a pain in the ass to clean. (The self clean was more of a "swish water around for 30 seconds" function and I can't tell you how many times I hurt myself trying to get gunk off the bottom.)
The one I currently have is a Ninja HB152 Foodi Heat-iQ Blender, which was a little more expensive, but in my opinion, far superior and better made. It's faster, makes either chunky or smooth soup, really good consistency dips, ice cream and smoothies. I've also used it to make alternative milks like oat milk and it didn't jam the blades.
It also has a great cleaning system that actually takes a full 6 minutes to run and really gets any residue off the base, and it also alerts you to things like the jug or lid not being secure, which is great when I'm brain-fogged and try to blend things without the lid on.
Anyway, this post brought to you not by Ninja but by @mothman-etd making me some leek and potato soup laden with enough salt to make this POTS episode manageable.
Tumblr media
Just throwing the info out there. Hope it helps someone.
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slayturn · 3 months
Okay listen I’m all for people doing their part to be more environmentally conscious but one thing I really wish was talked about more is how ableist vegan and zero waste communities can be.
A lot of disabled people NEED single use plastic straws. A lot of disabled people NEED precut, packaged vegetables. Same with veganism. I have severe anemia to the point where I have to get iron infusions because my body doesn’t absorb it properly. I tried being vegan but it was not sustainable for me because it made my health issues a lot worse. Veganism is not possible for a lot of people.
And it’s not just physical disabilities either. If your depression prevents you from cooking your own food, go ahead and get the pre made meals. Doing what you can to make things more accessible to you does not make you a bad person. This is not even getting into the financial privileges needed to have an “eco friendly” lifestyle.
If you’re zero waste or vegan that’s great, I’m happy for you but please do not try and push other people to do the same. No one owes you an explanation on why that lifestyle isn’t for them, and no one is a bad person for having a different lifestyle than you.
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potsiepumpkin · 2 months
Tumblr media
I love to seeing my friends prosper but I wish with all my heart I could join them.
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thatchronicfeeling · 3 months
DISABLED PERSON: I was treated terribly by a medical professional today. OTHER PERSON: Oh. Doctors are under so much pressure, though. I feel sorry for them.
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gender0bender · 4 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pages from a zine I made about disability. You can view the full zine on my itchio as well as download your own prinatble copy! Payment is optional but I would appreciate it.
ID: an illustration of the wounded man standing almost naked, impaled with multiple weapons. His body is coloured in red while the ground and weapons are black. His face looks tired.
The second image is black text with red ornate letters are the start of each paragraph that reads “You have to imagine that the wounded man is happy. That he has friends and family who love him, that his lovers taste his blood when they go down on him and don't flinch from how the swords slide in and out of his body during sex. You have to convince yourself that after he has broken down and sobbed from the pain and fear that he picks himself and his wounds up off the floor and continues onwards. You have to make yourself believe that it is better to bleed than to be dead. You have to believe that this life is worth living too.” ED.
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crazycatsiren · 6 months
My dear followers who wear compression socks: Not Your Grandma's hands down got the best selection, if you happen to be looking to add more pairs to your collection!
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coldbuckys · 7 months
Hey, hi, hello!
Do you have Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS)?
Have you ever experienced Medical Gaslighting (a healthcare professional ignored your symptoms, belittled your symptoms, or told you that everything was just 'in your head')?
If you answered yes to both or either of these questions, or if you know someone who would, please inbox/DM me on here! I am a nurse and a PhD student who is studying medical gaslighting, and I am looking for any interest in a potential study! I am currently looking at POTS, but I am always looking for other individuals who have been effected by Medical Gaslighting that have other diagnosed chronic conditions.
Thank you for reading, and I appreciate your consideration.
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98lindsey · 4 months
I was out with my family for my birthday at a restaurant when I started having an allergic reaction. So I pulled out my IV stuff to give myself something to stop it and my dad asks:
“Do you want to go in the bathroom and do that”
I laughed a little “um, not really”
I understand it’s a little strange for me to pull out needles and meds and everything in public, but the restaurant bathroom is the last place I want to be when setting up something to inject into my blood stream 😬
Can we normalize people having to regulate their bodies with medication in public please?
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impotsiblelife · 9 months
Don't feel bad if you haven't recovered from a condition your doctor says is "very treatable." Doctors and society in general often underestimate how debilitating pain, physical illnesses, and mental health problems can be. Don't listen to anyone who insinuates that you don't want to get better or aren't committed to your treatment because your symptoms haven't improved much. Take as long as you need to heal.
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