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Surprise Visit
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detailedart · 2 years
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Powers of thunder, fire, water, darkness, light and air. There are many ways to ponder your orb. Edits 1,3.
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yandere-3-sagau · 4 months
Tumblr media
Yandere!SAGAU x Secret!Creator!Reader Part 2.5
Short Summary: After encountering a group of hilichurls on your way to Inazuma, you discover the benefits that come with being the creator of Teyvat. (i couldn’t sleep so i decided to keep my flow of thoughts going.)
characters: Xiao
warning(s): blood, violence, heart attack, ooc characters, xiao being weird
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 2.5
─── ・ 。゚✧: *.☽ .* : ✧.───
You’re on your way to the harbor, pushing Grandpa Fuyi in his wheelchair. The grass crunches beneath your feet as you put a bit more force in pushing him. The two of you travel on the outskirts of the town away from the dirt path that leads to the main town.
Not long ago, a deep feeling told you that if you were to enter through the main town you’d definitely run into Zhongli. Just the thought of it sent shivers down your spine. To avoid being seen, you decided to take a detour.
As you’re walking, you see a group of hilichurls resting with their weapons laid by their side. You slow your pace, being very careful with your movements…but as your eyes scan the area, you feel your heart drop in your chest. Not far from the group of hilichurls, you see the large figure resting against a tree beside them… a mitachurl.
It’s your first time ever coming across one and even from a distance away you can tell how large they really are. Their size in real life is incomparable to the size you’ve seen on your screen. The sheer size of the monster makes you freeze in your tracks. Sweaty hands tightening on the handles of Grandpa Fuyi’s wheelchair, you slowly begin to back away. However, the squeak of the wheels, albeit quiet, is enough to wake them.
They, jump up, alert. Their eyes immediately turn to the two of you, snarls echoing into the air. The mitachurl wakes as well, the ground shaking as it jumps up. Their loud roars wake Grandpa Fuyi up. He realizes the situation you are in and you can feel how hard he’s shaking through the handles of the wheel chair. You too, are filled with terror, not only in fear of your life but for Grandpa Fuyi’s.
Despite his fear, he yells at you.
“R..Run… run away!” His voice finally snaps you out of your trance and you quickly begin to wheel him away as fast as you can. But your pace isn’t fast enough and Grandpa Fuyi knows this as well.
“Child… leave me…”
Your eyes widen and when you process his words, a tear falls from down your cheek. The glittering crystal falls to the ground as you continue running.
“No!” you tell him. Your voice is shaky, a stark difference to Grandpa Fuyi’s which is surprisingly steady. It’s as if he’s accepted his fate.
“It’s alright… I’ve lived long en-“ you interrupt him immediately.
“Are you insane?!”
You keep on running. You hear a low hiss in the air and you stumble, cursing when you feel a sharp pain in your back. You head twists, glancing down behind you to see golden blood dripping from your clothing and an arrow sticking out from your lower back.
Your pace slows from the pain, sweat dripping down your face. You can hear the footsteps grow louder and the ground shakes heavily from the mitachurl’s stomps. A slight turn of the head tells you that it’s too late to run as the mitachurl has caught up.
Unable to run any longer, the gears in your head turn fast as you think of way to get out of the situation. The mitachurl is only a few feet away from you, your body now filled with adrenaline.
The mitachurl swings his club, you can feel the wind as it comes down towards the two of you. As a last attempt to protect him, you shield Grandpa Fuyi with your hands up, hoping to take the majority of the blow.
Just as you feel the club collide with your arm, a golden light blinds you. The light clears and all of a sudden you see the monsters launched away from you, slamming into the ground, their bodies slowly disappearing.
Who… who saved us?
Your eyes scan the surrounding area for your hero, until you realize that it’s only you and Grandpa Fuyi. Realization sets in and you stare at your hands in shock.
Did I… was it me?
You’re snapped out of your thoughts when you hear Granda Fuyi gasping. You turn to see him grasping at his chest. It seems like the weight of the situation finally weighed down on him as his face is scrunched up in pain.
“My chest…” you kneel by his side, eyes wide. You panic once more, not knowing what to do. He’s having a heart attack.
Amongst your racing thoughts, an idea flashes in your head.
I-I’m the creator, you think.
You stare at your hands before placing them on his chest. A few seconds pass and nothing happens. Grandpa Fuyi’s groans of pain continue, frail hands clawing at your hands on his chest.
Your pillar, the one person to help you, is dying and you can’t do anything about it. Your hands shake, tears falling down. The tears harden into crystals, some bouncing off onto the floor, the others piling onto his legs as you lean over him. Grandpa Fuyi is too dizzy from the intense pain that he doesn’t even notice.
The time you spent together flashes through your head. You think of the times he helped you, the times he stayed awake late at night to comfort you when you couldn’t sleep from the fear of unfamiliarity. His kind smile and his corny jokes that took you a while to even understand.
As you’re lost in your thoughts with your crystal tears still steaming, a small light suddenly flashes from where your hands are placed against his chest. Letting out a gasp, you wait for the light to die down.
Grandpa Fuyi begins to relax and his eyes flutter shut. Your heart drops in your chest. It isn’t until you hear the soft sounds of his breathing that you realize he’s fine. You let out a cry of relief, resting your head on his knee.
Finally, you start to calm down and your breathing evens out. However, as the adrenaline leaves your body, the pain starts to sink in. You reach for your back, flinching as you feel the wooden arrow stick out. You curse, unsure of what to do. You know if you pull it out, blood will rush out like a champagne bottle with the cork popped off… but if you try and get help, your identity as the creator will be revealed.
Your eyes squeeze shut for a moment before you open them and grab a shirt from your bag. You rip the shirt into strips and roll up one of the strips into ball. With a deep exhale, you reach for the arrow, hoping for the best. Your hands pause, scared of the pain that is soon to come. However, with no other options, you force yourself to build up courage.
Finally, you rip it out, the pain of your skin tearing causing you to cry out. You can feel the blood pour out of you so you quickly press the cloth ball to your back and apply pressure to the wound. You wince and bite your lip to silence the scream you want to let out. Using the other strips from the ripped up shirt, you clumsily wrap the wound as best you can.
Finally finished, you let out a sigh, the pain still radiating from your body. After a bit, you realize you’re still out in the open with the sun almost completely set. The danger starts to sink in again, so you stand up, ignoring the pain. You wipe your hands, thankful for your black clothes that hide the golden blood stains before rushing Grandpa Fuyi to the harbor. As you rush, you forget to clean up the crystal tears and puddle of golden blood you left behind from the disaster you just experienced.
Filled with desperation and the need to leave Liyue, you don’t notice the figure standing on a hill not far from you, watching as you leave.
Xiao was doing his nightly rounds when he heard the echoing stomps of a mitachurl. He quickly rushed over to the danger, spear grasped tightly in his hand.
He arrived just as the mitachurl attacked you. Xiao cursed, seeing the mitachurl’s club collide with your arm, thinking he’s too late.
However, he’s shocked by the golden light that erupts from your form, knocking back the monsters and destroying them with a bright flash.
Xiao’s feet are locked in place as he finally takes a good look at you. At the golden liquid that seeps from your body and the crystal tears that pile on the ground. His heart is pounding in his chest so hard, he swears he can hear it.
Is he hallucinating?
He’s trying to make sense of what he saw but by the time his racing thoughts slow down, you’re gone.
Dazed and unsure of reality, he slowly shuffles over to the place you were just at, the scent of blood growing stronger as he draws near. Xiao drops to his knees beside the puddle of blood and tears. His hands shakily touch the heap you left behind. A choked gasp leaves his mouth as looks at the warm, golden liquid on his hands. Just by touching it, Xiao feels like his karmic debt has somehow lessened just a bit.
It’s you… it’s really you…
He’s delirious, unable to control his actions as his hands scoop up more of your blood, bringing it close to his face as if he wants to cover himself with the proof of your existence.
Xiao wrestles back his self control and his rationality returns. Though he’s able to calm down, the need to see you remains. Xiao jumps up to his feet, ready to chase after you but he stops in place.
What would he say to you?
That he knows you’re the creator?
What would you think of him?
Surely you’d be disappointed with him for not coming in time to stop you from getting hurt. Xiao doesn’t think he can handle it if he saw you stare at him with disappointment. Just the thought of it makes his heart clench.
Although he’s reluctant, he fights the urge to follow you. It takes a while and several deep breaths but he’s able to tame his impulsiveness. Now, somewhat calm, he bends over to collect your tears, very carefully placing them in his pocket like they’re his most prized possession. After collecting your tears, Xiao leaves, intending to share the news of your arrival with the other adepti.
You arrive at the harbor, breathing heavily. Grandpa Fuyi is still fast asleep. With a slight limp from the pain, you go around asking each of the ship members which boat you can take to Inazuma. However, each of the ship members give you the same answer.
The only ship leaving for Inazuma is the Crux. Despite it be being black, your clothes are still soaked with golden blood. You’re unsure if you can handle the chance of meeting both Beidou and Kazuha without them noticing anything. You want to give up but the radiating pain from your wound fills you with a sense of urgency that forces you to accept.
That’s how you find yourself in the lowest deck of the Crux, surrounded by sleeping ship members. Grandpa Fuyi lays on a cot by your side, not once waking up from his deep sleep.
You wait for a while, making sure every one is asleep before heading to the small bathroom. There, you take the time to thoroughly tend to your wound as well as wash out the golden blood from your clothes. As the last of it slips down the drain, you stare at yourself in the mirror, thinking back to all of the events that occurred.
You start to wonder, what other powers do you have?
You decide to experiment. Thinking back to aspects of the game, your thoughts land on one of the most useful devices… waypoints. The traveler is able to use waypoints to go anywhere they want in Teyvat. Deciding to put your powers to the test, you think of a place you want to go to. You rule out Inazuma, since the Crux is already on its way there.
Still unsure of any limits you may have to your powers, you decide on somewhere nearby, hoping that if it does work, you’ll still have enough juice to teleport back. Although you feel a bit wary on entering Liyue again, there’s a part of you that doubts the teleportation would even work.
This doubt allows you to close your eyes and concentrate. Your mind forms the image in your head and you feel a sudden rush of power. When you open your eyes, you’re exactly where you imagined, inside the Wangshu Inn.
You smile widely, excited over having discovered a very useful power.
“Y… Your grace,” a voice full of wonder calls out to you from behind. Your head snaps to the side, all excitement draining just as quickly as it came.
Xiao’s yellow eyes are wet as if he’s about to cry. A loud thud reaches your ears as he drops onto his knees in front of you. Ever since he saw you, your image was constantly on his mind. Because of your sudden appearance, he thinks that truly heard him, his desire to see you so deep that you decided to answer his prayers. His eyes are filled with an intense admiration and a twisted sense of worship.
“I-I… It’s an honor-“
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one-time-i-dreamt · 4 months
I had to bring a piece of toast with bright yellow butter bowling with me so I wouldn’t lose my magical gay powers.
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whumpypepsigal · 3 months
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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 (2023)
“You removed Adam from his cocoon early. He’s still a child.”
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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seraphinitegames · 2 months
Regarding N's "other side", in the books that are already out in the world have we glimpsed this side at all? Or has that still not shown itself?
There is the smallest hint of it during the auction scene in Book Three (which I was SUPER excited to add in, hehe!)
If your MC is captured and auctioned and N comes to rescue them, then you will see N confront another supernatural who is bidding on the MC. That moment is a real hint of what N is capable of!
Hope that helps!
Thank you so much for the ask :)
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winters-dream · 6 months
Villain bursted through one of the many side doors to the hero agency’s headquarters, turning down the many hallways to find Hero. Panic rose in their chest as they dove through the utter chaos the facility was under. Heroes and sidekicks were scrambling everywhere as an alarm blared through the intercom, alerting everyone of a great danger.
Villain paid no mind, slipping through the corridors unseen. The heroes finding out about their whereabouts was the least of their worries. Their number one priority was Hero. Finding them, freeing them of their confines, and taking them home. 
They looked down at their phone, double checking the cell number Hero’s sidekick had sent them. They leapt down staircases, not concerned with their own safety, just trying to get to Hero as soon as possible. It didn’t take long, Villain spotted Sidekick rather quickly, racing towards them with a blinding speed. 
They stood before a thick metal door with a small window to peek through. Villain looked inside to find Hero sitting on the cold concrete floor, staring into nothing. Villain let out a sigh of relief, seeing Hero with no visible injuries. 
“How did they get here?” asked Villain. “Imprisoned by their own agency.”  
Sidekick shook their head and they typed in the pass code to get inside. “I can’t tell you, they won’t talk.”
Villain gritted their teeth together. “How long have they been here?”
“A few weeks—”
“And you’ve just now decided to tell me?” Villain wanted to scold the sidekick some more, but the sound of footsteps coming their way along with shouting was getting louder. 
Villain pushed into Hero’s cell, kneeling before them in the cramped space. “Hero.”
The sound of Villain’s voice seemed to pull Hero out of a trance as they looked up at them with surprise and relief swimming in their eyes. Villain brought a hand up to cup the side of their face, then sliding down the length of Hero’s arm. The touch was gentle but Hero still flinched away, a grimace distorting their features.
“Villain?” they rasped out. They reached a hand out to touch Villain’s face, like they couldn’t trust their sight to tell them the truth. 
“Yes, baby, it’s me,” Villain held their hand over Hero’s, their other hand grasped onto their arm. “I’m here. And I’m going to take you home. Can you stand?”
Hero nodded and let Villain pull them up. As soon as they managed to stand on their feet, their knees buckled, vertigo hitting them like a truck. Their vision blurred as they grabbed onto Villain’s jacket to stop themselves from falling. Villain caught them before they could hit the ground, allowing Hero to use them for support. Hero wrapped their arms tightly around Villain’s neck, leaning onto them like their life depended on it. Which it probably did.
“S-sorry,” the hero stuttered out. “I—you’re gonna have to—”
“It’s okay,” said Villain. They slipped a hand under Hero’s legs and hoisted them up into their arms. “I’ve got you, it’s okay.”
They glanced at Sidekick, who kept glancing back into the hallway with a nervous glint in their eyes. 
“Villain, you have to hurry,” they said. “The others will be here soon. They can’t know I let Hero out.”
They glanced at Hero, who seemed content with staring at the center of Villain’s chest. Though they seemed more or less  looking through the villain. The footsteps of the oncoming heroes invaded Villain’s ears like a clap of thunder. They spared one last glance at Sidekick and vanished. They found an emergency exit at the end of the hall and silently thanked whatever god that was up there that this building had so many exits. 
They raced through the streets, being as mindful as possible of the barely conscious hero in their arms. They slowed to a walk once they gained enough distance between them and the agency’s building. They looked down at Hero, their eyes blank and unreadable. 
“Are you okay?” they asked, earning a half-assed shrug from Hero.
“‘M just tired,” they whispered. They dug their head into Villain’s shoulder, Villain’s heart breaking at their weakened state. Villain planted a firm kiss on their forehead, seeing the roof of their home peeking through the other buildings. 
“You can sleep when we get home,” they said. “We’re almost there.”
And Hero did. They fell unconscious before their head hit the pillow, pulling Villain down with them. Villain didn’t mind for once and crawled under the  covers with Hero. 
They used this time to really examine the state Hero was in, relieved that they didn’t seem to have any major injuries. A few scratches and some bruising, but otherwise perfectly uninjured. They pull Hero close to them and plant another kiss on their forehead. 
“I’m sorry,” they whispered. “I should have found you sooner.”
As expected they received no response and sighed. They knew that they’d have to wait until tomorrow for some answers and that didn’t make sleep come to them any easier. 
They woke with a start, finding sunlight streaming through the window and Hero’s side of the bed empty. They sat up instantly, throwing the covers off them as they searched for Hero, their search coming up short when they spotted the door to their balcony slightly ajar. 
They looked through the glass to find the hero curled up on one of the seats, wearing their favorite of Villain’s hoodies. They wore a blank expression, paying Villain no mind as they stepped out onto the balcony and took the seat next to them. Their eyes were void of the usual light Villain had gotten used to seeing. Hero sat motionless, still as a statue. The only indication that Villain wasn’t staring at a Hero-shaped statue, was the subtle movement of their chest as they breathed. They looked dead. 
“Hero,” Villain called out softly. They received no response, Hero’s eyes moving millimeters in their direction before going back to staring blankly ahead. So unlike the Hero Villain knew. Nonetheless, Villain tried again.
“Hero, are you okay?” 
Villain reached out and took hold of Hero’s hand, rubbing the back of it with their thumb. Hero didn’t respond right away but eventually mumbled out an ‘I'm fine’. Almost subconsciously, Hero adjusted their hands so it was Hero who held Villain’s hand. The force in which Hero held them was more than enough indication that Hero was most definitely not fine.
Questions burned at the back of Villain’s throat, begging to come out. The most prominent one, and possibly the most important one, was why Hero was locked up by their own agency. They longed for answers that they knew would be difficult to say. But seeing Hero like this was torture. 
“Hero,” they said again, their questions obvious by the tone of their voice. 
“Not now,” whispered Hero, with a simple shake of their head. “I’d rather not talk about it now.”
Villain was at a loss of words. They’ve never seen Hero like this before, this was a completely new Hero. One that Villain didn’t know how to act around. 
“Do you want some coffee?” they asked, settling for tending to any physical needs Hero might have. Emotional support had never been Villain’s strong suit. 
Hero shook their head again. 
“Okay, well I’m going to get some,” said Villain. “I’ll be right back.”
Only that didn’t work out like they planned. As soon as Villain stood up, Hero’s grip on their hand tightened painfully. Though Villain didn’t think Hero was aware of that. They began muttering something, too low for Villain to hear. Though they did pick up on the words ‘best friend’. They sat back down in their seat hopeful, that they might get something from the hero.
“Hero?” They mentally jumped for joy when Hero looked at them, their eyes finally focused. 
“I was betrayed by my best friends,” said Hero. “Everyone at the agency, we basically grew up together. We trained together, fought together. We were like one big dysfunctional family.”
Tears welled up in their eyes and they made no move to wipe away the ones that fell. “And they betrayed me. There’s a mole in the agency and they thought it was me. They threw me in that cell and tortured me for information I don’t even have.”
Villain sat and listened as Hero went into horrible detail of everything they did to them. The agency didn’t hurt them physically, but the psychological damage they’d done was far worse than any broken bones could do. And only in a span of weeks. Villain could only hold Hero’s hand and stroke their arm as a form of comfort as they spilled everything that happened to them. 
“They took my powers,” said Hero. They were fully crying at this point, clinging to Villain’s hold on their arm. “And Sidekick—they just stood there and watched—”
They cut themself off with a broken sob, their breathing picking up quickly as they began to hyperventilate. Villain knew what was happening; Hero had a long history of being prone to panic attacks and this was no different. They jumped into action quickly, pulling Hero into a hug and softly swaying back and forth. 
“It’s okay, Hero, I’m here,” they whispered into their ear. They rubbed Hero’s back in a soothing manner and used their other hand to keep Hero’s head on their chest. Both things they’ve learned helped Hero with calming down. “Breathe with me, okay? Match your breathing to mine.”
 They took a deep breath, prompting Hero to do the same. They continued like this, whispering small praises in their ear form time to time. And slowly Hero calmed. It could have taken a few minutes or a few hours, Villain didn’t care how much time passed. All they cared about was the now calmed Hero, who’s breath now only hitched from the occasional sniffle. 
“I’m leaving,” they whispered.
“What?” asked the villain. They adjusted their position so they now sat in one chair with Hero snuggled into their lap. They held them close as they waited for Hero’s clarification. 
“I’m leaving the hero agency,” they said. “After everything they did, I don’t want to see any of them ever again. I won’t be able to do hero work anyway, since they took my powers from me. I’m leaving.”
“I’m sorry, baby,” whispered Villain. They tightened their hold on the hero, pulling them closer. “I’m so incredibly sorry. Is there anything I can do?”
Hero shook their head, a pained expression coming over them. 
“Just hold me,” they whispered. 
And that, Villain did. They held Hero all day until the day turned to night. It would take years of therapy for Hero to feel like themselves again. And Villain would be there every step of the way.
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gingerly-writing · 18 days
Prompt #3473
"I know it's not much-"
"It's stunning," they insisted, eyes lit by the reflection of her glowing powers. "Absolutely gorgeous. I've never seen anything like it."
"Not much use in a fight-"
"Why does everything have to relate to fighting? Why can't your powers just be beautiful?"
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faulty-rob · 4 months
Tumblr media
Shadowmancy Virgil :P
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whumpster-dumpster · 9 months
Hi Red! I hope you’re doing okay! I wanted to ask you what are the kinds of Whumpees, like “Stoic Whumpee”, for example. Can you make a short list?
There are many kinds of whumpees because every one's personality is different, but some of the community's general favorites are:
Stoic Whumpee, who may be more reserved and internalize or suppress their emotions
Defiant Whumpee, who holds onto their anger, spite and snark to stay strong
Soft/Cinnamon Roll Whumpee, sweet, kindhearted, possibly naïve, a contrast to the cruelty they endure
Comic Relief Whumpee, the one who uses lightheartedness and humor to hide the pain
Pet Whumpee, treated like they're meant to owned, made to act like they're beneath others
Nonhuman Whumpee, who could be anything from a mercreature to an angel to an alien to a mutant to a robot, etc.
Magic/Superpowered Whumpee, who may be exploited and exhausted for their special abilities
Tiny Whumpee, who, true to the name, is smol and typically has a tol counterpart caretaker or whumper
Broken Whumpee, who has given in, given up, who feels hopeless, unsure if they have the strength to survive
Caretaker-Turned-Whumpee: the usual helper and healer ends up needing someone else's aid
Whumper-Turned-Whumpee: the usual bringer of pain ends up getting a taste of their own bitter medicine
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p0ssym1lker · 4 months
Danny trying to keep up with his powers is like someone trying to put a bunch of kittens into one box without them running away
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idolomantises · 13 days
Tumblr media
Stretch Goals
[Patreon / Webtoon]
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sunflowerluka · 1 year
If evil why hot? 🤕🤨
Tumblr media
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timelord-emmet · 2 months
Lord of Time :
Part: 1
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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one-time-i-dreamt · 1 year
I was a teenage boy in a school for kids with superpowers, but I got bullied because my superpower was to create apple sauce, so my dad who also had apple sauce powers became an apple sauce-themed villain and destroyed the school.
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whumpypepsigal · 2 months
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The Witcher s03e06: “Make a friend of this pain, Geralt of Rivia. Today you begin your new life, as my warning to the Continent!”
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