begendered-mogai · 7 months
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Palicciotto is an agender praegender dyregender straight queerhet aroace atrigir who uses she/nameself pronouns!
Pauly is an agingender genderblank transmasc ascendgender spirgender dyregender postgender aromantic boy who uses he/uer pronouns!
Xoe is a bigender biromantic who uses she/he pronouns!
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mogai-headcanons · 2 years
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Louis from UglyDolls is a GNC aromantic gay dollgender praegender narcix cadensgender rosboy sparklegender trans guy with NPD who uses he/him and vey/vem pronouns, as well as any doll- or fashion-related pronouns, and vey’s dating Nolan, an autistic bi gay anxiegender novarian trans rosboy with anxiety who doesn’t care what pronouns people use for them!
dni transcript here
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xenohcs · 2 years
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Cioccolata from real life is a genderfluid xenogender trendergender viralgender schizic praegender objectfeminine moldgender dragongender deathcute catgender autigender horrorcosmium GNC trans gay who uses It / Its, Voi / Void, ⛓️/⛓️s, Ix / Ix, Gore / Gores, Nya / Nyan, Mold / Molds, and He / She and has all Its pronouns and names always capitalized.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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genderheaven · 1 year
ez my beloved can i ask u to find some genders or sexualities based off divinity and like, greek gods? 🥺 thank u ily (snake pit!!!)
fuck yes!! one of my headmates is pandeitaeic so this was basically just. if we sat down and listed her actual genders
general divinity:
pandeitaeic: identifying as all godly-related genders (within one’s experiences)
diviniumgender: a masculine-leaning, soft gender relating to gold and, though not always, the divine heavens.
Praegender: A gender identity similar to xenogender but much greater in the span of things. It’s a god-like gender far outside beyond the normal cognizance of gender that it’s omnipresent, not null, but Other, and beyond mortality and time. For deity-kin and god-kin it can also represent a gender their deity/god self had in their past life before reincarnation.
Angeligender: A gender relating to god-kin or angel-kin which is hard to describe.
Deusgenus: A gender for God system members, above gender and gender norms. Above masculine and feminine (but doesn't mean you cant be masc/fem and deusgenus.) It can be holy and untouched.
Ethvifluid: A fluid gender that is associated with divine and ethereal energies. Can be used as a xenogender, aesthetigender, or kingender.
Wendecure Light (Ligrel; lie-grel): When you’re genderless because you’re made of light or are divine. Not exclusive to kin, as long as you relate to the term. Could also be genderless with connections to light or the divine.
Goddessian: A gender related or connected to goddess(es).
Godian: a gender related or connected to a god(s).
Sonnegender: A gender related to the Greek or Roman God Apollo, or the Greek God Helios, or the Roman God Sol, or any other sun deity.
Lunirgender: A gender related to the Greek Goddess Artemis, the Roman Goddess Diana, or the Greek Goddess Selene, or the Roman God Luna, or any other moon deity.
Mercugender: A gender related to the Greek God Hermes or the Roman God Mercury.
Marigender: A gender related to the Greek God Ares or the Roman God Mars.
Juperigender: A gender related to the Greek God Zeus or the Roman God Jupiter.
Saturnigender: A gender related to the Greek God Cronus or the Roman God Saturn.
Uranugender: A gender related to the Greek God Ouranos or the Roman God Uranus.
Neptunigender: A gender related to the Greek God Poseidon or the Roman God Neptune.
Plutigender: A gender related to the Greek God Hades or the Roman God Pluto.
Olympianic: a gender related to or connected to Olympian god(s).
Titanian: a gender related to or connected to a Titan (Greek mythology).
Keresgender/Keresmythic: A neutral-aligned gender that may relate to the Keres and/or violent death. This identity can exist on its own or coexist with other labels such as: Keresboy, Keresgirl, Keresenby. This gender may feel as if it was born of violence and put out harshly, forged by war, flames and anguish. This gender also feels as if it's born from hardships and/or trauma. It may fluctuate based on stress and surroundings and may also feel like a raised scar on skin that will never quite fade.
Hellenismos Religiogender Masterlist
Refligender: An angelic gender that reflects one’s commitment to God and their belief in Jesus as the human God. This is a gender for people who identify as angels and is specific to Christians.
Diviniantiol: a gender that's divine and feels like a sunset rising over (specific to pagans?)
Savimysterius/Sidavicus: a masculine xenogender that feels shrouded in fog and is hard to define. It’s slightly fluid, golden and ancient, and draws influence from many sources, including: crystals & forests, stars & death, old gods & demons, angles, and the fae.
feel free to put other terms one knows of in the replies!
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cheeryfairygender · 2 years
Tumblr media
[ID: A banner with Madoka Kaname from PMMM in her magical girl outfit on the left and text on the right. The text reads Madoka Kaname from PMMM related named, pronouns, and genders. The background is a light pink, vaguely mottled and uneven in its coloring, as if it were clouds. End ID.]
*(Any pronouns with * were not coined by me)
Tumblr media
[ID: A banner similar to a DNI banner with Cham-P, a  large hamster, and Maga-Z, an aggressive hamster with a tear in its left ear, both belonging to Gundham from Danganronpa. They both are on the  left and break the border of the banner. The banner reads as follows: Do not respost onto flop/cringe accounts! It triggers my paranoia, and you  are not immune to being reported to your website’s staff! “My paranoia” is implied to be referring to Mod Bede. End ID]    
Tumblr media
[ID: A DNI banner with Jum-P, a curled up and sleeping hamster,  and San-D, a calm/happy hamster holding a sunflower seed, both belonging  to  Gundham from Danganronpa. They both are on the right and break the  border of the banner. The banner reads as follows: Do not interact: Ed,  Edd, n Eddy icons, Nazi, pedo, bigot, truscum/transmed/”nonbinary skeptic”/”gender critical”, against xenogenders, pro-shipper, think  bisexuality doesn’t include trans/nonbinary people, antikin. End ID]      
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tangerineluvvr · 1 year
꒰🌱꒱ get 2 know: TANGERINELUVVR ꒰🐾꒱
                     » NO CHILDREN «
                     the mountain goats
     ⠀     ⠀ 1:16 ─〇───── 2:48
⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀  ⠀ ⠀ ⇄   ◃◃   ⅠⅠ   ▹▹   ↻
꒰🍊꒱ names: 。・:*˚:✦。
  » wilbur
  » felix
  » sprout
  » tangerine
꒰🍊꒱ pronouns: 。・:*˚:✦。
(order: they/them/themself)
  » thee/thine/thineself
  » thy/thou/thouself
(order: they/their/themself)
  » perfume/perfumes/perfumeself
  » paw/paws/pawself
  » soot/soots/sootself
  » creeper/creepers/creeperself
꒰🍊꒱ genders: 。・:*˚:✦。
  » transmale
  » paraboy (half male half pangender)
  » pupgender
  » bungender
  » ramboy
  » catgender/cattix
  » ratboy
  » fruitgender
  » melongender
  » strawberrygender
  » colagender
  » rubicongender (coined by me)
  » spritegender
  » fantafizzic
  » nukinalypsic
  » grape-sodayic
  » sodapopbungender
  » praegender
  » angeligender
  » angelgender
  » fallenangelgender
  » etanamasc
  » cemetarian
꒰🍊꒱ sexualities: 。・:*˚:✦。
  » gay (mlm/mlnb)
  » polyamory (taken by 3 cuties)
  » demisexual
  » demiromantic
  » uranic
꒰🍊꒱ psychosis/DAs/irls: 。・:*˚:✦。
  » chiaki nanami
  » monika (ddlc)
  » yuri (ddlc)
  » tubbo
  » jschlatt
  » georgenotfound
  » hatsune miku
  » izuku midoriya
Tumblr media
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everypronoun · 2 years
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
De(ity)/deity/deitys/deitys/deityself and dem/demon/demons/demons/demonself pronoun flags!
Full-size/highest quality version will be on my deviantart (ezgender). Feel free to use as long as you credit and respect my DNI.
Tumblr media
Flag symbolism & colors:
Deityself: Largely inspired by different praegender flags, sampling some colors from them. Gold to represent heavens and gold itself.
Demonself: Largely inspired by different demongender flags, sampling some colors from them. The symbol is meant to reference a goat’s eye.
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xeno-aligned · 3 years
do you know any angel related genders besides angeligender and aggelos? (i was the person who coined aggelos). i feel like my gender is connected to angels, a holy purpose, and light because of my angel delusions AND my belief in god but i don't know any genders similar to that, only that my gender is that of an angel's. i know refligender, and im also that at least
Praegender is a gender identity similar to xenogender  but much greater in the span of things. It’s a god-like gender far outside beyond the normal cognizance of gender that it’s omnipresent, not null, but Other, and beyond mortality and time.  
Sanctiorne - pronounced SANC-tee-orn, with orn with a sound like thorn. A deity xenogender related to being a deity, or believing yourself to be holy in some form. Its rumbling and dark, with lightning qualities. It can be related to weather, and angelic things too.
Roseatine: A xenogender related to the color pink, lovecore, but importantly also being an angel/deity in some form. Its soft, and fluffy related to love but can be harsh too. It can also be warm. A feminine alignment, but can be for any alignment and mixed with other terms as a prefix. (Example: Roseaboy, Roseagirl, Roseanonbinary, Roseaflux, etc)
Śerāf / Śerāgender: A xenogender / videgender related to seraphim. It is associated with fire, serpents, burning light and divinity. It may be a holidelusogender. Intended for angelic / divine alterhumans, but can be used by anyone.
the angel choir system
Seraphaeic: When one’s gender is directly related to being an Angel of the Seraphim Choir. Intended for Nonhumans.
Seravasi: An angelic gender, meant for nonhuman headmates of an angelic species. Specifically of the Seraph type, but any angelic being is free to use it
Angreprobic (Ayn-jj-reh-pro-bick): A gender that feels like it was once something holy, strong, and powerful, but collapsed and fell into darkness due to trauma or stress. May or may not hold religious tones! It can never grow back to its former glory, but it can return to some minor strength.Exclusive to people with PTSD/anxiety/similar, but also moreso centered towards people with such that use religion as a coping mechanism (NOT as a reason to attack/hurt/hate other people)!
Godgender or Deusgender: A gender identity that pertains to godliness/something holy, meaning it’s an untouched and unaltered version of gender/has no “passing” form/is outside of masculinity and femininity (can meld with feminine/masculine genders, but does not usually carry societies’ norms when this happens); Nonbinary gender for people who identifies as deities or acknowledge a divine aspect within themselves.
seraphaeic: a xenogender that feels holy and angelic. it has multiple facets, as if it has multiple “wings”. often referred to as the polar opposite of daederic. this term can be used by anyone, but was created with angelkin in mind
Seraphgender: A gender that feels very holy and sacred as well as powerful and important but not as strong as a deity. Mainly intended for Seraphkin but can be used by anyone.
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mogaiphobic · 3 years
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Praegender Flag Redesign!
Praegender: A gender identity similar to xenogender but much greater in the span of things. It’s a god-like gender far outside beyond the normal cognizance of gender that it’s omnipresent, not null, but Other, and beyond mortality and time. For deity-kin and god-kin it can also represent a gender their deity/god self had in their past life before reincarnation
Another redesign of a flag i like but wanted to make more simple! I couldn’t think of some new original meanings for the colors so since they’re just directly from the flag I’ll keep em the same
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lgbtq-unity-blog · 5 years
Tumblr media
Genderfaun, praegender, aegosexual/romantic, enbian combination flag for @polyamyrory
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Tumblr media
pride flag of eaternosexuals, people who are sexually attracted to beings that live forever (as do some species of fungi, amoebae, gods)
While I get the feeling that you are trolling me due to the description, I can see that you’re an artist and I think it’s a nice flag. I think this could actually be useful for those who are only attracted to the divine, or perhaps the other way around.
 Since praegender is the term for those whose gender relates to being a divine being, maybe a better term for this flag could be praesexual?
Thoughts from followers?
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begendered-mogai · 7 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Gundham Tanaka from Danganronpa is a intersex, transneutral, princecoric, autistic, holidelusogender, praegender, genderfake, kinggender, an aboy, dinogender, skullgender, curachaca, fallengender, queer, aroace and uses he/him!
For anon!
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mogai-headcanons · 9 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
John Egbert from Homestuck is an autistic bi demiromantic acespec omnisexual nerdimasc spectrial genderwind nimbgender googender slasheric sillygestic gendersilly sillyghostgender horrorgender breathaspic magiboy with ADHD, PTSD, and BFRBs who uses he/him, breath/breaths, wind/winds, goo/gooes, gho/ghost, 👻/👻s, ☁️/☁️s, 💨/💨s, and 💙/💙s pronous and is dating Dave, Roxy, Dirk, Karkat, Eridan, and Hal, and June Egbert is an autistic futch intersex transfeminine nerdimasc sillygestic breathaspic ghostgender loserboygender nimbgender googender screamspinnic roachgender demisexual acespec omni lesbian with PTSD, OCD, and ADHD who uses she/her, xe/xem, gore/gores, slash/slashes, gho/ghosts, wind/windys, 👻/👻s, and ☁️/☁️s pronouns and is dating Nepeta, Rose, Dave, Terezi, and Roxy!
Rose Lalonde is an autistic pixelnonbinary blackcatgender grimgender escriricesse gamergender eldrifigender uzumakic lightaspic malefic finalgirlic eldritchicesse paneldritchnes horrorhypic horrorcosmium nerdgender geekgender sapphilunic tessefem nepresiyn lesbian with PTSD and motor tics who uses she/her, they/them, it/its, wiz/wizard, grim/grims, 🥀/🥀s, 🌙/🌙s, 🔮/🔮s, and 💜/💜s pronouns and is dating June, Jade, Jane, and Kanaya, and Dave Strider is a bi turian crowgneder timeaspic ontfille loserboygender boyfuck jockaesic trans boy with PTSD, tics, anxiety, dream anxiety, depression, and BPD who uses he/him and tick/tocks pronouns and is dating John, June, Jake, Sollux, Karkat, Equius, and Eridan!
Jade Harley is an autistic femme greysexual demisexual lesbian pupgender plantgender transfeminine spaceaspic techgender genderspace grandmacoric girlfuck aetherebris wildgender objectfeminine stellamouric beyondix nepresiyn trans girl with ADHD, BPD, narcolepsy, depression, and MADD who uses she/her, pup/pups, woof/woofs, click/clicks, glitch/glitches, 404/404s, flor/flors, 🎃/🎃s, 🌱/🌱s, 🌿/🌿s, 🌼/🌼s, 💾/💾s, 📺/📺s, 🔭/🔭s, 🧬/🧬s, 🧪/🧪s, and 💚/💚s pronouns and is dating Rose and Nepeta, and Jane Crocker is a genderqueer dulcigender cakegender lifeaspic lesbian who uses she/her and any sweet-related pronouns and is dating Rose, Roxy, Jasprosesprite, and Calliope!
Roxy Lalonde is an autistic PNC panromantic greysexual bellussexual intersex nonbinary trickstermodic xenogender transfeminine catgender ultrapinkgender catgirlgender compugothic queerlexic hearteyen voidaspic meanboybubblic girlfuck nyancatic phostechial heartpunk queerpunk xXRawrRa1nb0wXx flippinknostalgic clearpinknostalgic instancespotlinic techgender aurorian calypsian lunarian spacialian cometian phoebian lunettian venusian xenogirl with ADHD, depression, high empathy, and hypersexuality who uses she/her, he/him, they/them, fae/faer, nya/nyas, 💖/💖s, 👾/👾s, 🍬/🍬s, and 🍭/🍭s pronouns and is dating John, June, Jane, Calliope, and Nepeta!
Dirk Strider is an autistic gay alderpridian robogender silencegender heartaspic narcgender biohazarlexic grandelusogender boyfuck trans boy with PTSD, BPD, NPD, SPD, StPD, psychosis, dermatillomania, anxiety, and depression who uses he/him, it/its, bot/bots, byte/bytes, and 🤖/🤖s pronouns and is dating John, Jane, Equius, Eridan, Karkat, and Caliborn, and Jake English is an autistic gay greyromantic transfeminine venturegender genderskull genderqueer hopeaspic mascprox demiboy with NPD, psychosis, and depression, who uses he/him pronouns and is dating Dave, Dirk, Hal, and Karkat!
Calliope is an autistic lesbian asexual spaceaspic eldrifigender deitygender volightfluid praegender apogender libragirl beyondix nepresiyn deifigirl with PTSD and BPD who uses they/them, it/its, ae/aer, and ue/uer pronouns and is dating Roxy and Jane; Caliborn is an autistic apogender praegender ultragender deitygender narcgender transmasculine timeaspic autigender asexual gay guy with psychosis and NPD who uses he/him, it/its, and ue/ues pronouns and is dating Dirk; and Hal Strider is a nonhuman gay shadowturian alderinternet robogender trans heartaspic narcgender cuavgender digiboy with BPD, ASPD, and NPD who uses it/its and byte/bytes pronouns and is dating John, Jake, and Equius!
Aradia Megido is a frogkin autistic biromantic asexual ghostcoric genderdead vulcuric phosghostlial polaroidghostic crypthauntic genderclock fossiligender autigender dentegender haldon bonegender timeaspic agender mortugender froggender nepresiyn demigirl who uses she/her, they/them, it/its, bone/bones, skull/skulls, and ram/rams pronouns and is dating Sollux and Eridan, and Tavros Nitram is a disabled neurodivergent butch gay aroaceflux intersex genderpunk transmasculine breathaspic scrappunkic genderjunk punxgender anapunqueeric birl with PTSD, AvPD, and anxiety who uses he/him and xe/xem pronouns!
Sollux Captor is a bisexual glitchgender techgender hazardgender phostechial phosglitchial interkeyboardic doomaspic trans guy with bipolar disorder, BPD, depression, AVPD, PPD, PTSD, and psychosis who uses he/him, it/its, psi/psis, bot/bots, buzz/buzzes, 🐝/🐝s, 🍯/🍯s, 🕹/🕹s, 💊/💊s, 🔴🔵/🔴🔵s, and ⚪️⚫️/⚪️⚫️s pronouns and is dating Dave, Eridan, Aradia, and karkat, and Karkat Vantas is a queer omni/bi turian bloodaspic fogboy with anxiety and PTSD who is dating John, Dave, Sollux, Dirk, Jake, and Eridan!
Nepeta Leijon is an autistic aldervulpus alderfelidae transfeminine nonbinary genderqueer xenogender heartaspic hearteyen xXRawrRa1nb0wXx nyancatic tacnaynic cutiefleshic girlfuck jockaesic chaospunkgirlic coragigglic lovelettric pinkiegutgorgender neoncoric bloodgender goreaesic nimbgender catgender vulpisgender lovecoric cupishipgender crushgender catgirlgender foxtheric genderfox vixengender fuchsgender cometian horrorgender bimoirallegic lesbian who uses she/her, fae/faer, sie/hir, fox/foxes, they/them, he/him, nya/nyas, purr/purrs, blood/bloods, claw/claws, love/loves, :3/:3s, 🦊/🦊s, 🐱/🐱s, 💚/💚s, ♥️/♥️, ♦️/♦️s, ♠️/♠️s, and ♣️/♣️s pronouns, is dating June, Jade, Roxy, Terezi, Feferi, and Eridan, and is moirails with Equius!
Kanaya Maryam is a transfeminine spaceaspic lipstickgender vampgender lesbian who uses she/her and vamp/vamps pronouns and is dating Rose and Vriska, and Terezi Pyrope is an autistic disabled blind asexual lesbian transmasculine agender nonbinary genderqueer xenogender dragongender scenix scemox nyancatic mallgothix mindaspic toxigender deathwaltzica toxinull œilsanguine neoncoric leetgender phosneonial phoscrimsial phoshazarial glitchcoric hypergender speedcorigender nightcoregender nightcorixen lesboy with ADHD, tics, and depression who uses he/him, they/them, it/its, she/her, xe/xem, ze/zem, 💥/💥s, 🌈/🌈s, and ❤️/❤️s pronouns and is dating June, Nepeta, and Vriska!
Vriska Serket is a vidarian lesbian greysexual lightaspic farleogender spidergender dicegender dundrassic dodecadicegender gelidagender trans girl with PTSD who uses she/her pronouns and is dating Kanaya and Terezi, and Equius Zahhak is an autistic demiromantic pan turian intersex transfeminine stalgiagender equusagender voidaspic robotgender loserboygender demiboy with BPD, anxiety, DPD, hypersexuality, OCD, and motor tics who uses he/him, she/her, bot/bots, neigh/neighs, strong/strongs, 🐴/🐴s, 🤖/🤖s, 🔩/🔩s, and 🥛/🥛s pronouns, is dating Dirk, Hal, Dave, Tavros, Eridan, and Feferi ,and is moirails with Nepeta!
Gamzee Makara is an aspec gai singularian nonbinary agender sodagender clowngender hazardgender honkgender cringegender clowncoric magikavine rageaspic jestergender xenoboy with psychosis, schizophrenia, OSDD, and bipolar disorder who uses it/its, they/them, and honk/honks pronouns, and Eridan Ampora is an autistic flamboric omnipan omnisexual intersex transfeminine transneufeminine genderfluid azurgirl pangender rosboy princegender scudcoric eldrifigender genderfin homestuglystorica gillgender wizardic prinxgender aurorian prettygender girlboy with BPD, NPD, SPD, PTSD, depression and BFRBs who uses all pronouns, especially ocean-related ones, and is dating John, Dave, Dirk, Karkat, Nepeta, Equius, and Feferi!
Feferi Peixes is a pansexual girlflux eldritchicesse gillgender euclimeatin genderfin eldrifigender horrorcosmium frigender femingender fishcesse phemiegender frühlingssonnegirl girl who uses she/her, fae/faer, and glub/glubs pronouns and is dating Nepeta, Equius, and Eridan; Damara Megido is a panromantic fraysexual timeaspic traumacoric hedonigender trans woman with PTSD and hypersexuality who uses she/her pronouns and is dating Meulin, Kankri, and Cronus; and Rufioh Nitram is an autistic disabled greyromantic bi gay genderbruised mutagender anarchogender popunke genderpunk trans man with anxiety, PTSD, and AvPD who uses he/him and wing/wings pronouns and is dating Kankri and Cronus!
Mituna Captor is an autistic disabled pansexual omnisexual polargender deathgender ticgender edmgender electrogender skategender popunke doomaspic nonbinary guy with tics, ADHD, PTSD, and bipolar disorder who uses he/him, it/its, tic/tics, and h3/h1m pronouns and is dating Latula, and Kankri Vantas is autistic demiromantic nebularomantic bisexual omnisexual alloarospec bloodaspic tragigender nepresiyn guy with BPD, anxiety, OCD, NPD, motor tics, dermatillomania, and hypersexuality who uses he/him pronouns and is dating Damara, Rufioh, Latula, and Cronus!
Meulin Leijon is a deaf disabled autistic mewgender catgender comedigender tragigender genderplot heartaspic cupidcoric hearteyen loveflux lovegender ultrapinkgender lovecoric crushgender idyllean genderlovesick nyancatic tacnaynic pupcrushic followgender transfeminine demisexual bi lesbian with ADHD, DPD, and tics who uses she/her, mew/mews, nya/nyas, purr/purrs, love/loves, heart/hearts, 💚/💚s, 💖/💖s, 💗/💗s, and 💘/💘s pronouns, is dating Damara, and is in a soft-romo relationship with Cronus, and Porrim Maryam is an ascendplatonic queerplatonic omniromantic pansexual shadowlesbian omniflux spaceaspic ascendgender trans woman with OCD who uses she/her, 💚/💚s, 🖤/🖤s, and ♀/♀s pronouns and is dating Latula and Cronus!
Latula Pyrope is an omnisexual scenix mindaspic nightcoregender nyancatic nightcorifem xXRawrRa1nb0wXx 80scoric skatergender arcadean cuavgender transfeminine xenogirl with ADHD, OSDD and OCD who uses she/her, xe/xem, rad/rads, sh3/h3r, x3/x3m, 1337/13375, leet/leets, and 🕹/🕹s pronouns and is dating Mituna, Kankri, and Porrim, and Aranea Serket is an autistic femme lesbian transfeminine angelgender sapphilunic mingender maingender lightaspic lesboy with NPD and psychosis who uses she/her, he/him, and light/lights pronouns and is dating Meenah and Porrim!
Horuss Zahhak is an autistic otherkin gay orchidromantic asexual cupiosexual tranmasculine cuavgender equusagender voidaspic autigender demibxy with BPD, DPD, social anxiety and low empathy who uses he/him pronouns, and Kurloz Makara is a greyromantic polysexual bi turian alloaro genderqueer goreaesic kenochoric magikavine emox demivoid psuedoman dollgender meatboy meatesque rageaspic nepresiyn mxn with NPD and psychosis who uses it/its, they/them, he/him, honk/honks, and 💀/💀s pronouns or no pronouns!
Cronus Ampora is an autistic zeloromantic pansexual transmasculine citycoric citysetstalgiaesic urbanox fallangelcoric hypersgender jockaesic 50scoric greasercoric greasergender genderhuman hopeaspic grandelusogender demicaedgender boy with hypersexuality, NPD, psychosis, anxiety, BPD, depression, HPD, and PTSD who uses he/him pronouns, is dating Damara, Rufioh, Kankri, Porrim, and is in a soft-romo relationship with Meulin, and Meenah Peixes is a butch lesbian queengender lifeaspic ascendgender gillgender genderfin qupha demilesboy with psychosis and NPD who uses she/her, he/him, it/its, they/them, glub/glubs, hic/hics, gold/golds, and 👑/👑s pronouns and is matesprits with Aranea!
The Handmaid is an orchidaroace dreadsexual byumasexual glitchgender cuavgender mulium traumatagender reprigender decredogender caedgirl psuedowoman with PTSD and tics who uses shx/hxr and it/its pronouns; The Summoner is a transhet bisexual faunagender genderpunk trans man who uses he/him pronouns; and The Psiioniic is a glitchgender ticgender postgender genderbruised denchigender pesmentropian agender turian with PTSD, tics, bipolar disorder, and chronic pain who uses he/him pronouns!
The Signless is an omniromantic cassexual orchidsexual man with PTSD and hallucinations who uses he/him pronouns and is in a relationship with The Disciple, an autistic omniromantic asexual catgender masogender trans woman with PTSD, dream anxiety, BPD, and hallucinations who uses she/her and claw/claws pronouns; and The Dolorosa is a femtraet trans ascendplatonic dolorromantic lesbian with chronic pain and PTSD who is dating the Her Imperious Condescension and Marquise Spinneret Mindfang!
Neophyte Redglare is a dragongender agender genderqueer femprox lesbian with BPD who uses he/him, she/her, they/them, it/its, glare/glares, drak/draks, law/laws, and neon/neons pronouns and is in a relationship with Marquise Spinneret Mindfang, a womasexual piratecoric seagender hadogender farleogender trans woman who uses she/her, vae/vaer, and sea/seas pronouns; Executor Darkleer is a bimoirallegic aromantic turian voidgender agender man with BPD, DPD, UDD, anxiety, PTSD, and dream anxiety who uses he/him, it/its, and h3/h1m pronouns; and The Grand Highblood is a bloodaesic goreaesic paintgender rainbowgender abinary alloaro pan turian with psychosis and OCD who uses he/him, it/its, honk/honks, blood/bloods, gore/gores, and skull/skulls pronouns!
Orphaner Dualscar is a greyromantic pansexual orchidspec complaisgender greasergender tiredgender man with PTSD and chronic pain who uses he/him pronouns; Her Imperious Condescension is a royalgender queengender ultragender ultrapinkgender flippinknostalgic lesbian who uses she/her and HIC/HICS pronouns and is in a relationship with the Dolorosa; Davepetasprite is an autistic aroace bigender abinary catgender crowgender glitchgender genderfluix lesboy turigirl sprite with tics who uses they/them, xe/xem, nya/nyas, caw/caws, gli/glitch, 💚/💚s, and 🧡/🧡s pronouns; and Tavrissprite is an apothiaroace traumatagender bigender sprite with a panic disorder and OSDD who uses it/its pronouns only!
Erisolsprite is a transmasculine depriflux agender postgender omni turian with depression, bipolar disorder, and chronic pain who uses it/its, vor/vors, doom/dooms and he/him pronouns; ARquiusprite is an autistic turian angled aroace healegender happysunshineic demiboy with tics who uses he/him and it/its pronouns; and Fefetasprite is a nonverbal autistic transfeminine bigender pinkgender clearpinknostalgic catgender genderfin gillgender tortbenic princessgenderflux lesbian with anxiety and ADHD who uses she/her, nya/nyas, glub/glubs, pink/pinks, and any pink emojipronouns!
Jasprosesprite is a hyperverbal autistic catgender nyagender lovegender hearteyen hypergender nyancatic ultrapinkgender pinkgender lesbian with BPD, ADHD, hypersexuality, and tics who is dating Jane; Davesprite is a bi-oriented aroace crowgender heroian sprite with depression and OSDD who uses he/him and caw/caws pronouns; Jadesprite is an unlabeled exiccogender gendersad agender girl with depression, DID, and anxiety who uses it/its pronouns; and Gcatavrosprite is an autistic gay catgender boy who has PTSD, and uses he/him pronouns!
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genderheaven · 2 years
hey my friend was wondering if there are trans people who feel that they were their current gender in a past life (as in like, a trans boy feeling they were a cis boy in a past life). also wondering if there's a label for that? have you heard anything about that? or have any suggestions for people to ask about it?
this is an interesting experience. i think there definitely are trans people who feel this way, but don’t necessarily label it? i actually link my maleness to being male several times in past lives, but for me it isn’t significant enough a part of my identity to label.
i found this:
Mana, or Manese is one of the base metals from the alloy alignment system based on manganese. It represents a gender that is, to some degree, connected to another aspect of one's life. One's gender may be connected to their sexual orientation, memories/experiences, self-discovery, alterhumanity, past life, religion, or some some other element that is beyond their person, but is still associated with their life as they experience it. How one expresses or experiences their gender is defined by them. A mana person can have any alignment or presentation.
also these that are more spiritual:
Praegender- A god-like gender far outside beyond the normal cognizance of gender that is, omnipresent, not null, but other, and beyond mortality and time. For deity-kin and god-kin, it can also represent a gender their deity/god self had in their past life before reincarnation.
Donumgender: A gender that you have been reincarnated as as a reward given by a deity for good deeds in your past life. Your gender itself is a gift given to you, something to be treasured. (Note: donumgender can be for any gender, for example, a deity granting you the ability to shift through genders rapidly as a secogender would be considered a donumgender if you feel that it is a gift, so you would be both secogender and donumgender).
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letterpressberlin · 5 years
Tumblr media
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deathcute-elfxen · 2 years
Deathcute Flags 🖤💀
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
DEATHCUTE — a xenogender that feels like death, darkness, horror, and monsters – but in a wholesome way that is also endearing, comforting, beautiful, and whimsical. "Scary" things feel like *home*.
A momento mori might be reassuring bc in death you also see beauty and rebirth. This gender feels like spectral horrors and eldritch abominations who are lovable and good for your soul. It's like when you look into the eternal abyss and you're overcome with emotion... bc you realize it's made out of the same hellfire as you.
Deathcute can also fall under the following umbrellas: kenochoric, praegender, outherine, etc.*
🖤💀 Deathcute Aesthetic 💀🖤
Flag colors:
Foggy grey-ish colors for an overall dreary feel. Lavender colors (for monsters, neither femme nor masc), steel blue grey (for night), black (for death and darkness), white (for bones). Flag variations always have a heart graphic somewhere to represent the cute and endearing aspect.
Different versions:
1) Skull and crossbones with heart-shaped eyes.
2) Heart with crossbones.
3) Plain white heart at center.
4) Alternate version with more stripes and black heart.
Deathcute term/flags by me: deathcute-elfxen 🖤💀 Feel free to use!
*if you do not want to be tagged in my post, please let me know and I will edit it, thanks!*
[ID: Four deathcute flags. All are comprised of foggy colors, with stripes of lavender, steel blue grey, black, and purple-ish white. The first has a skull and crossbones (with hearts for eyes) over five stripes of these colors. The second has a heart and crossbones over five stripes, and the third has a heart over five stripes. The last has the five stripes mirrored at the center so that there are nine stripes, and a black heart over the flag. End ID]
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