#pregnancies of all kinds used to freak me out lol
woetoy · 2 months
hey thanks for being obsessed with boy pregnancies!!! I felt dyphoric just thinking about it until I found you... just unapologetically enjoying yourself!!! ty ily have a great day :]
MY PLEASURE!!! :D glad I could show a fun side to it
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goldenhourwriter · 6 months
•✮🕷️𝐧𝐞𝐰 𝐤𝐢𝐝🕷️✮•
part one (you are here) • part two •
⋆pairing: miguel o’hara x wife!reader
⋆warning(s): i guess just fighting and some cursing. and threatening to bite someone lol. also i got translations from spanish dict, if i did something wrong, please correct me. i tried to use the right definitions/context to use those definitions in! also pregnancy.
⋆a/n: this was so fun to write! requests are open, and i am new to this blog, so hang on while i get this all figured out. requests are open, and this will be a mini series i am continuing!!
Tumblr media
It’s not usually this quiet at the Spider Society.
It’s nice.
I walk around, humming softly to myself as I munch on a banana, a craving I usually get. I let my hand rest on my slightly swollen belly, my suit especially made to let it stretch and give the baby some room.
Yeah, ever heard of a pregnant Spider-Woman?
It happened a couple of months ago, as married couples tend to let happen. It’s twins, actually. One boy and one girl, but, my husband doesn’t know yet. Doesn’t want to know. I called the doctor anyways, and even though he threw a hissy fit that could rival a toddler, he relented and said it was fine.
And, it was kind of nice being alone. A lot of the spider-people tend to do things for me, think I’m incapable of doing things now because I’m pregnant. Even the ridiculous Spider-Man T-Rex gave me a ride through the halls. I snort at the thought, gaining some weird looks.
Obviously, I didn’t refuse. Who would pass up a ride on a freaking dinosaur?
My few 30 minutes of bliss, however, was interrupted by the beeping on my watch. I tap on it and smile when I see Lyla. She gives a wave.
“Hey, big wifey,” she teases, pushing up her pink, heart-shaped glasses. I roll my eyes. Everyone knows I hate that name. It doesn’t make me feel fat, it just makes me very aware of the two babies living inside of me, and how very uncomfortable life can really get.
“Hey, algorithm girl, what’s up?” I shoot back with sarcasm. I am met with satisfaction as she gives me a dead-pan look.
“Haha, very funny, love that,” she says sarcastically. “Your husband is struggling with an anomaly. Earth-65, some kind of Renaissance bird-man.”
I giggle at the thought. I can imagine his annoyance. “Gotcha, and did he actually call for back up?” I ask, but i already know the answer. I take another bite of my banana, shifting my weight onto my right leg. I can never stand still for too long, luckily, being a super hero can keep me moving. Keeps the babies satisfied.
She snorts at me, like i was making some hilarious, un-heard of joke. I relent, sighing and preparing my bracelet to go to the universe she said he was in.
“Alright, alright. How long do you think until he actually asks?”
“I’d give you about two minutes. He’s getting really thrown around with this one. And there’s another spider person, trying to ask him too many questions.”
My eyes perk back up to the hologram when she mentions this. “I haven’t heard of a recruit from Earth-65, is she new?” I ponder out loud. I cock my head to the side, adjusting my mask. Well, half mask. It really only covers my eyes. Lyla nods. “Yup, she’s a new one. She’s a nice kid, too.”
I smile.
“I’ll be there in a minute.”
Lyla logs off and I sigh, patting my baby bump. “Alright, you guys,” I whisper to my belly. I stick out my hand and the portal opens, and I jump in. I shout with joy, flying through the portal, and as I practically fall to the other end, my hair whips around.
I fall on the other end, and I groan as my hair blocks my vision. I hear grunting, crushing, wings flapping, and snappy remarks being thrown about, but I can’t see anything. I flip my hair over my head, shaking it out.
“I need a hair tie on these things,” I mumble to myself.
I look over, and I see a feminine-looking spider-hero staring at me. I give her a small wave. Her eyes are wide, I can tell. I examine her suit, which seems like it holds up pretty well. It has hood, which is new to me, and she’s wearing…are those ballet flats? I smile
“Hey, babes! You look cute!” I compliment to the get up.
She waves back again, and she looks down at my stomach. “Are you….?” She trails off. I look down, and put a hand on my hip. “Yep, I am. It’s twins, but don’t tell my husband the sexes yet. He wants to wait.” She nods, but seems to remember that she doesn’t know just who my husband is. She takes a step towards me.
“Who are you married to? Are there even more people like us?” I nod.
“My husband’s right….” I don’t even flinch as he gets thrown into the wall right in front of me, and I smile. “There.”
He groans as he slips to get up, his mask eyes squinting at me. I squint my eyes right back.
“Don’t give me that look. I’m carrying your children,” I scold. He gestured to the giant creature that hurls towards us. “I need help here!” He shouts at me. Lyla puts up on my shoulder, and we both cross our arms. He sighs, looking down.
“Please, Y/N? Sabes que no me gusta mendigar,(You know I don’t enjoy begging),“ He pleads quietly.
Vulture screeches at us. “Love truly makes me sick,” he narrates out loud, and he reaches his talons out for me. I stuck out my wrists and web up one wing, so he goes sideways, just barely missing me. He breaks free, but I web up behind him again.
“Your attitude makes me sick!” I shout at him. “You seem like the Beethoven of your area, jerky, cold, and not the greatest people-person!” I struggle to speak as I try to web him up again, but it doesn’t work. He barrels towards me, and grabs me in his talons. I hear Miguel growl and leap off the ground, landing on his back. He tugs on the man’s feathers, making him spin around to try and find him. I take the opportunity to web myself away from his grasp, kicking him away as I do so.
“Is this guy made of paper?” I ask, rubbing my hands together as I take a moment to actually register what just happened. Miguel grunts, and yells as he speaks to me from the bottom of the building. “Honey, I love your voice, but I really need you to use your actions right now!”
I spot a few witnesses trapped behind some rubble, so I shoot off the side of the wall to swoop them up. They scream, clutching onto me, and I drop them off right by a big police officer. He gawks at me, and I give him salute as Miguel webs me up again. I twist up, getting wrapped in his webbing, and I break free using a kick, hitting Vulture square in the jaw with my foot. He grunts in pain, squeezing his eyes shut, and Miguel uses this moment to try and guide him down, so he won’t escape.
I land right next to, what’s her name? I’ll learn it soon enough. I land right next to the teen as she stares at me. I smirk at her.
“What, never seen two married spiders?”
She swallows. “Can you adopt me?”
“What? Nothing! Nothing!”
Miguel groans, and I can tell he’s growing tired. “¡Por Dios! ¿Puedes dejar de hablar por un momento? (Oh, my God. Can you stop talking for a moment?)” He calls out to me. I let out a heavy sigh, putting my hands on my knees. “I’m sorry, but your babies are making it hard to move right now!” I shout at him. Gwen webs away from me, and Miguel lands right next to me again. “Last time I checked, it took two people to make those two babies,” he grumbles. We take a moment and watch as Gwen tries to take down Vulture by herself.
I look at Miguel, and raise my eyebrows. “Did she call ya ‘Dark Garfield?’” I ask. He groans, and I can tell hair eyes shut as his head falls forward. “Yes.”
I giggle. “I like her. Maybe we can recruit-“ “No. No, we can’t, and you know why.” My somewhat playful attitude disappears with a frown, and I nod in compliance. He grabs my waist and he swings us up, and then we fall onto the Vulture back again. I scream through gritted teeth as I try to hold him down on the ground, but he flings me off, a sudden, new found strength in him.
“What the hell?” I curse. “Not cool, man!”
“This ends now,” he says to me, and he springs upward. I curse under my breath again, but it seems Miguel is on top of it. Literally.
“If he gets out, this whole universe will collapse!” He shouts, mainly at Gwen. I know the risks involved, having to save almost every universe from them every day. I shoot my wrist out, but I groan. I hit my web shooters, but nothing comes out. “Fuck-Miguel! I’m out!” I try to jump from floor to floor, but I quickly get nauseous while doing that. I look down at my stomach again, poking it. “So web slinging is fine but jumping is what doesn’t please you guys?” I ask the unborn babies. I get a mere kick in return. “I know that was the girl. That was way too sassy,” I grumble to myself.
Spider-Girl lands right beside me, and she looks at my husband and he battles Vulture. They both crash right through the glass ceiling, and we shield ourselves from the shards that could possibly cut us. She looks at me.
“What is he gonna do?” She asks. Miguel takes the Vulture’s face in his hands, and opens his mouth, wide, baring his fangs and giving a loud roar. “Oh snap,” whispers under his breath. But, he’s cut short, when a helicopter shines a light on him. He yells at the helicopter, his mask coming up again to cover his face.
“I’m a good guy! I’m here to help!” He desperately explains. My spider senses then go off, and I scream up to Miguel.
“Miguel! Watch-!“
I’m too late. Vulture throws two weapons at the helicopter, and then the helicopter starts to spin, going down, and fast.
“Shit.” All three of us say in unison.
I look to the kid, and she’s already looking at me. I nod towards her, and she returns the gesture, and we both know what that means. She launches off the floor, and she begins to web a net. I take a deep breath. “Alright, babies, don’t make me throw up,” I say sternly to my unborn babies.
I leap off the ground, and I fly through the middle of the helicopter, grabbing the two pilots and landing on the fourth floor of the building. I grunt as I roll on the ground with them, and we writhe in pain.
I turn to the both of them, checking on them, and I run to the edge, well, the mess that made the edge. I look down, and the teenage girl is flying through the air, webbing up a net. And just as the helicopter is about to crash, she flies right underneath it, just barely getting nipped by the chopper.
She lands, breathing heavily.
“Wow,” I whisper. Miguel hops a bit in front of me, landing on some rubble.
“I was gonna do that,” he says quietly to himself. I can tell he’s thinking her, thinking about her hard. Miguel and I share a glance at her, and she nods. She turns and hops down from the huge rock, and goes back towards the wall, out of sight. I turn and see the two pilots staring at me. I smile.
“Yeah, I know, there’s lots of freaky spider people, that was my reaction too. Cmon, let’s get you two a medic.” I reach down and offer my hand to them, which they take, one at a time. I help them to the big opening in the building where the door used to be, and I hand them over to some officers.
I sigh, turning around to find my husband surveying the area.
I walk up to him, putting a hand on his back, feeling his tense and rigid muscles, alert and still in attack mode. He seems to relax a little at my touch, and he lets his mask down. I grin, amusement
“Your hair is all messed up.” “Can you and I have one good moment after a battle where you don’t make fun of my hair?” “Absolutely not.”
He lets out a low growl, rolling his eyes. I walk a little in front of him, and stare at the place where the teen escaped to, hearing some grunting from there. No doubt she’s recovering on her own. My hand comes to rest on my stomach, my thumb running over the bump. I turn back to Miguel, my mouth open to speak, but he beats me to it.
“I said no,” he rejects me as he leans down to pick up some broken machinery. He scoffs at some poor excuse for art. “I’m starting to think Vulture did everyone a favor by destroying this place, this art sucks-“
“Miguel O'Hara, no cambies de tema,” I say sternly. He lets out a sigh. Spanish isn’t even my main language, so when I speak it, he knows I’m not messing around. He spins around, holding a figurine of a balloon dog in his hand. I would find it comedic, a big guy like him holding a small thing like that, but not when he’s trying to avoid my questions.
“You know we can use her. I’ve never seen anything like her, and she even beat you to one of your moves. You have to agree with me on this!” I gesture out in front of me, as if the conversation is laid out in front of us. Miguel sighs, walking up to me with his hands on his hips. His expression is hard, but his eyes give it away. He’s considering it, it helps if I’ve spent about a couple years with him now.
He brings his hand to my waist and another to my hair, leaning down to press a kiss to my forehead.
“Te amo demasiado a veces,” he mumbles into my hair.
Okay, that gives me absolutely nothing.
His hand travel down to my stomach, and his two very large hands splay over my tummy. His lips quirk up a bit as one of them kicks against my skin. “Did you do okay today?” He asks quietly, referring to my very pregnant self. I nod, but it doesn’t seem to reassure him.
Vulture struggles next to us, but we just give him an annoyed look. “I’m done with your attitude!” Miguel tells him, pointing at him. He sighs, turning back to me, grabbing my waist and pulling me impossibly closer, so we’re basically sharing the same breathe. My stomach flutters. Even after marrying him, he really can have the same affect on me from when I was a new recruit.
“You know you can always opt out whenever, I can call for other backup,” he says quietly. He’s trying to spare my feelings, not letting others hear so I won’t get embarrassed. I’m never embarrassed, it’s life, I got pregnant, but I appreciate the sentiment. I lean up and kiss his nose.
“I know, thank you, but really, I’m fine.” I stick a hand up as he begins to protest. “At 7 months, I will take maternity leave. I’ll rest and just be the desk person, okay?” I ask. He debates it for a moment, and lets out a grunt and nods. We stay in our somewhat embrace for a bit, when we hear a gun shot. My head whips to where Spider-Woman went and hid, and I look at Miguel.
His mask forms again, and he kicks Vulture, telling him to be still as he picks him up. Miguel picks me up with his other arm and swings to the opening as we fall in.
“Dad, please!” She begs the cop standing across from her. Miguel shoots a containment pod at him, and she runs towards him. I grab her by the shoulders, trying to use my softest voice.
“Hey, hey, kid. Hey, it’s okay, we’re here, we got you,” I say quietly to her. She’s crying as she clutches onto my arm, staring at her dad. Miguel opens a portal, and I give the kid one more pat and walk over to him.
“What are we gonna do?” I whisper to him. He looks at me. “What do you mean?”
I roll my eyes.
“We can’t just leave her here!” I get a bit louder, but he shushes me, putting a finger up. My jaw drops.
“You did not just shush me,” I growl.
“Oh, I think I did.”
“Oh, I know you didn’t-!”
Miguel and I bicker back and forth, and at some point, Vulture voluntarily hops into the portal, all tied up, not wishing to stick around. I stick my finger up as I try to argue with him, my hand coming to my hip, and he towers over me, but that never took away my edge.
Then, some sniffling gets us to shut up.
The kid looks at us, her eyes watery and wide. She looks like what she is…a teenager who’s lost and alone. She opens her mouth to speak. “I-I don’t know what to do.”
I look slowly at Miguel, and he lets his head hang forward.
“Yeah, well….”
I raise my eyebrows at him.
“Join the club.”
🕷️ 💍
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silentcryracha · 4 months
Hey 🌷 so I was absolutely smitten over the Hyunjin Baby fever series and would like to request some headcanons for all skz as new dads 😩
Hi love <3 Thank you so much for reading! Apparently a lot of people got a soft spot for that 'series', and it makes me so happy lol
Of course, dad! skz coming right up!
warnings: afab reader, term wife is used, mention of pregnancy, mention of pain and giving birth (no graphic/descriptions), the gender of the babies is never specified
word count: 3.5k
Chan - From the exact moment he knew you were pregnant you became his number one priority. I mean, you already were, but things could always go south in a marriage/relationship. But he would never, ever, let things go 'south' with his kid. Absolutely not.
He was attentive and very helpful thought the whole thing, including the actual birth, to which I'm sure he would've been in the room for. He'd 100% cry as soon as he holds his baby. He probably wouldn't even try to hold in the sobs as he leans down gently to kiss your forehead, showering you with praises and love.
'You did so well, my love, you're so strong' 'I love you so much, you know it right? You were so brave, my baby' . Would also thank you for giving him such a precious gift any chance he gets.
I feel like he'd take a hiatus for a while. Of course he would've done it anyway to be at home with you and help you, but he also wanted to be present as much as possible.
I feel like while he basically needs someone to drag him away from his work generally, in this case the decision would be the easiest of his life. He could almost be scared to get sucked in his overworking and not pay enough attention to you and his child, so he'd just take both a physical and mental hiatus.
But, I do think that he would feel very inspired especially lyrically, and maybe keep tabs and notes of inspiration that he would use later on. He'd be so inspired by this new kind of love that he's feeling.
Would absolutely be the perfect dad and husband. Taking turns both day and night to change diapers, feeding, bathing, dressing, playing with the baby and so on. I can't help but imagine him constantly having to cuddle his baby :(
He would pick them up, lulling them into his arms to make them stop crying or to sleep. He'd love to just hold them and walk them around showing them new things, like looking out of the window, or some mundane action like preparing their own milk/food. That's his new best friend for sure.
He would also love, safely, to let the child either rest or play on your shared bed, with their mom and dad at each of their side to watch over him :(
He'd sing to them, play the guitar and piano for them, and generally would try so bad to get the baby to enjoy/recognize his own music and voice.
The members would become instantly the privileged uncles. And I'm pretty sure that at least two of them would be named the kid's godparents. My bets would be on Minho and Changbin. Maybe Felix.
Minho - Minho starts behaving like a father way before the baby is born. Because now, his job would be to baby you. He'd make sure that you rest as much as possible, but also try to make activities that would help you physically. Absolutely he's the one that signs you up for prenatal classes, and would make sure to not miss a single one.
He's the kind of man that would rebuild his whole life and routine just to serve you. He'd become your personal driver, shopper, cook, exercise buddy, cuddler and motivational speaker. You need something? Just say it and he'll make it happen.
Now, of course he'd be in the delivery room. Of course. Because I also would imagine that you'd feel lost without him at your side after all those months he spent with you and taking care of you. He would be freaking out inside but he'd keep it cool for you, trying to help you breathe properly, checking in with the medics to make sure that everything was going smoothly, and encouraging you a lot.
'Okay kitten, you heard the doc, right? It's 7 centimeters of dilatation, so you just gotta hang in there for a bit more.' 'I know it hurts my darling, I'm so sorry, if I could take all your pain I would'
When the time comes he'd hold your hand, or better, he'd let you squeeze it, without saying 'ah'. He'd also peek once in a while to check the situation, out of concern and curiosity, which made you scold him for embarrassing you. But he'd say that it's nothing he hasn't seen before or something like that lol
Lee Minho never cries. But not even he could resist getting chocked up when he first heard his baby's cries. He watched quietly as the nurses brought it to your chest, caressing your hair gently and kissing your head and temple while he quietly praised you. 'You did so well, kitten' 'You're the strongest person I know, I love you so much'
The silent tears that he kept hidden at the beginning, couldn't be saved anymore the first time that he actually held his baby in his arms. You knew better than tease him in such a vulnerable situation, and you didn't even want to. You just watched quietly with a tired smile as he had his own little moment with his newborn baby.
He'd also be the perfect husband/dad. Everything was split 50/50 and even 70/30 for all he cared. He was always down to do whatever needed to be done, both around the house or with the baby itself.
Minho is not someone who usually expresses his feelings openly, which is why I feel like small moments of bonding with just him and his baby would be fundamental for him. He'd sing to them, play with them, take some walks with that chest carrier for babies. Yes, he'd love to bring them with him on his fishing, camping adventures. He'd bring them to the beach, around the city and so on.
Of course he'd love to spend time together as a family, especially knowing that you wouldn't have judged him for handling things as he saw fit. You'd organize movie nights, picnics, aquarium dates and so on, as a little family.
Changbin - The sweetest husband and daddy. So emotional too. We all know Binnie is such a sweet man and isn't afraid of showing this softer side, but he doesn't go as far as crying. Seeing Changbin cry isn't an easy occurrence, but you bet this man WILL be bawling his eyes out in the most important moments of his life.
From the time in which you confessed that you were expecting, to the first ultrasound scan, to the first time he noticed your belly showing, the first time he felt the baby kick. It was like putting down small green flags at each step.
His number one priority was your and his baby's health. He'd make sure that you're as comfortable and peaceful as possible during the pregnancy, and wouldn't hold back on expenses either. You'd have the best food, best maternity clothes, best doctors, baby supplies and essentials and so on.
He'd talk to your belly all the time. Sing to it, rap to it. You'd swear that the baby's first word out of the womb would be the whole Thunderous intro mentioning his name. Binnie would be obsessed with the idea of teaching them to rap, for real.
He's the type that would act all brave big and strong but would lowkey faint in the delivery room just from the though of pain. Yours, of course. Of course he'd be there to hold your hand, giving you kisses on the head and caressing your hair, offering words of comfort and encouragement but God forbid if he even as much gazed south to your belly.
Absolutely bawled shamelessly when he heard the first cry, and was so so gentle while holding them for the first time :( He was lowkey afraid of hurting them because his baby is SO tiny :( He'd keep repeating it like a mantra, 'They're so small, how can they be this small?'.
Changbin wouldn't let you lift a finger, for anything that didn't specifically require your attention, like breastfeeding for example. That would be his way to bond with the baby too. Quality time with daddy Binnie since the start aw :(
He'd love to show his baby off. Like literally. 'They got their looks from us, that's why they're stunning' 'This Dolce & Gabbana jacket would look so cool with the Celine cap and the Gucci shoes wouldn't it?' 'Did you see how they looked at me? They already understand so much, my little genious' . Would absolutely be his mini me, doesn't matter if it's male or female.
Hyunjin - As soon as he heard the news, he was over the moon. Truly. And even more because I imagine that you and him were actually trying for one. He seems like the person who likes to do things in steps, or 'traditionally' if you will. So of course there was the dating, then marriage and then babies.
I also don't feel like he'd settle down too early or when he's still got an active and busy schedule like the one of a young idol. I imagine him still working but being comfortable enough to take some time off to focus on his family.
I feel like he'd take care of you well during the pregnancy, but aside from that his priority would be creating as much memories as possible, hopefully to show your children one day. He's the type of husband who would organize maternity photoshoots, both for you as a solo and with his 'little family', or paint on your belly, take SO many candid pictures.
He'd love to make you as relaxed as possible. He'd run you baths with bubbles and oils and candles, cook whatever you wanted for you, massage you when you were sore, spread creams and oils on your belly to keep the skin hydrated and soft. He'd pamper you, okay? You were about to give him the best gift of his life, you were about to make him a father. He worshipped you.
In the delivery room he'd definitely have to distract himself to not get too anxious, to be strong for you. Otherwise if he actually let any of the ugly and painful reality of it sink in his mind he would've not managed to be calm, and therefore he would've made you anxious too. He did feel like throwing up a few times from the anxiety of hearing you in pain, the doctors talking, and overall the ugly situation.
So instead he just focused on you, holding your hands, kissing them, kissing everywhere he could reach and would be comfortable to you. He'd also repeat til nausea how much he loved you, how strong you are, how amazing and magical you are, how you're going to be the best mother, and how lucky he was to be by your side.
He'd absolutely get ten times more relieved as soon as he hears the cries, because the worst part is over. But would actually get emotional only when you manage to have an intimate moment within you three. He'd fall in love instantly, feeling such a strong sense of responsibility and affection that he hasn't felt before. He would also bond with the baby by spending quality time with them, walking them around, taking care of them, playing instruments and singing for them. He'd absolutely encourage them to draw and paint, and would save every single Picasso style artwork (lol).
Jisung - Han is an anxious person who loves a lot. Which of course will influence his mood and behavior in such a situation. Regardless of the type of relationship that you have, married or not, for how long etc... when you tell him you're pregnant he'd almost have a heart attack. There's no other way to say it to be honest. He could be (and probably would) the happiest man on earth but could as quickly let his brain overthink, killing a little of his enthusiasm.
Mainly because he'd start questioning himself. 'Will I be a good father?' 'Am I mature enough?' 'Will I be able to care for them as best as I can?' and stuff like that. You'd eventually calm him down, so he'd just focus on starting to 'practice' by taking care of you. Whatever you need, you have it.
For the love of God don't let one of those hormonal crisis go around him or he'll just panic. You keep telling him that you can't quite control it and that he didn't do anything wrong but for some reason he'd just blame himself regardless and feel guilty. But he would truly be the best at taking care of you, and you'd make sure to remind him and thank him for it every chance you get, because he need to hear it.
In the delivery room, he's the kind of man who gaslighted himself on being mentally prepared but at your first hiss of pain he feels his legs go jelly. You'd probably have to calm him down and tell him to focus on you because one of y'all needs to make it out alive anyway lol. So he tried really hard, to the cost of going on autopilot and dissociate for the whole thing, but he pulls through.
Would absolutely need to sit down when he finally has the confirmation that both you and the baby are fine, otherwise he'd fall to his knees. Then he'd calm down, telling himself that he needs to be calm and strong for his baby. 'If I'm nervous he'll feel it and cry' 'Is this shirt too rough?' 'What if I hold them wrong?'
And once again you'd have to guide him through it and reassure him. 'See? They love you already. You don't have to worry, baby. Everything will come naturally' , you'd say as Jisung hold his child in his arms gently and sheds a few tears.
After the first few experiences he'd get the hang of it so he'd be way more calm and confident. The only things that would make him panic are the 'unexpected' things. Are they hungry? In pain? Is it the air in the belly? and all that. I feel like he'd never get rid of it truly.
But he would spend as much time as he can with the baby, taking small steps. For example, he'd start by hanging out with them while they're in the cradle, then on the (protected) bed, then on a soft rug and so on. He'd love to sing and play for them, and try to get them to watch his childhood cartoons and anime so that he could grow up with his same core memories.
Felix - A ball of sunshine that was gonna have another small ball of sunshine in 9 months. Of course he was beaming at the news, getting emotional and everything. He'd be the type to organize a whole list of creative ways to tell your loved ones the news and then shamelessly film their reactions.
He'd be your source of comfort and support thought the whole duration of the pregnancy and beyond that. Felix would take such good care of you, only letting you do whatever you felt like doing, not pressuring you on maintaining routines or stress you out at all.
His social media would immediately turn into a baby fever/daddy/family type of content, and he'd probably would try out some funny or sweet things. But he'd also get a lot of useful content, about pregnancy advice, facts and scientific informations and even some practical and medical videos.
By the time it's actually the time for you to give birth he'd be really excited but also quite stressed out, mainly by seeing you in pain and worrying about the baby's health even though (probably and hopefully) the doctors assured you both multiple times that they're fine. He'd hold your hand and support you through it but I feel like he wouldn't be able to look further, may even sob a little but desperately try to hide it.
Would definitely cry in your shoulder and hug you when it's over. But then he'd have the biggest sweetest smile on his face as he holds his baby for the first time. Would spend a lot of time with them and try out all thgarlice advice he gathered in the preparation months. To him it would be super important to make sure that he creates a strong bond with them.
Definitely the type of dad to take a shit ton of pictures and post them everywhere, not to show off but genuinely to share the immense joy that his little one brought him :(. Would probably make so many posts both with you alone, thanking you for this gift that you gave him and to tell you how much he loved you, and with you, him and the baby as a happy family.
Seungmin - Would be overwhelmed. He gives off a similar vibe to Jisung I think, in the sense that he'd feel a lot of pressure on his shoulders to be the best father for his child. He'd be extremely happy (and emotional, you can't tell me that he wouldn't fold and cry at the news) but also super nervous :(
Seungmin is another one of those who'd take it as a job to basically learn everything that he can before the time comes. How to take care of a baby, of you during the pregnancy, how to be a good father in general.
Like, one day you could be just chilling and he'd go 'You know that garlic can help cure fevers?' and you'd just look at him confused, 'Okay? Why are you telling me this now?' 'I mean I imagine sooner or later the baby will catch a cold'. The baby in question literally still being in your belly lol
He'd also be really attentive and do everything around the house, no questions asked. Not that he wouldn't do them normally, but of course he wouldn't want you getting fatigued. He's not the best on the emotional side of things but he'd try really hard to support you (and himself) through it.
In the delivery room I feel like the adrenaline and extreme pressure would make him act way cooler on the outside than he would be feeling. He'd be really grounded and so good at also keeping you sane and spur you on, encouraging you. As soon as he'd hear the first cry he would be almost in shock, struggling to believe that his child was just born, but probably allow a couple of tears only in private afterwards. He'd be the type to be super formal and thank the doctors for their work lol
As a new dad Seungmin would have to learn how to let himself be vulnerable sometimes. Not because he'd a cold person, the opposite. But because he seems like the person who'd want to be strong and balanced in the eyes of other people AND for his loved ones, so you'd have to help him with it. But in general he'd be the perfect husband, super helpful and willing to do what needs to be done. He'd like to play and hold the baby a lot, probably sing him lullabies too.
Jeongin - He'd a hundred percent a green flag, change my mind. That babysitting video just showed to me how good he'd actually be and how happy he could be. Jeongin would be overjoyed at the news, mostly because he's also another one of those who (to me at least) looks like the type that if he had a kid, it's only because he'd be actively looking for it. Otherwise he doesn't seem the risky/irresponsible type at all.
He has experience with a younger sibling so he wouldn't be totally oblivious to how to take care of a baby, which would make him way more confident and let him enjoy his happiness more. I feel like the happiness and excitement would overshadow any self doubt. Would announce the news quite privately and probably be careful for the first months, as people usually do.
Jeongin would do so so well I feel, both during and after the pregnancy. He'd take care of you, do chores, help to take care of your body, lighten your mood if you needed it and so on. In the delivery room his job would be to reassure you and calm you down. He'd probably be sick with the adrenaline of the moment but wouldn't let it affect him on the outside.
I don't see him as the type who cries easily, but I think that he would tear up as he hold his child for the first time. He'd be all smiles and giggles constantly, holding the baby and rocking them in his arms while he sings softly to them. He's another one who'd be big on play time, but would also just genuinely enjoy taking care of them. Like giving them baths, feeding them, dressing them up, would bring him such joy.
He'd be the silly type of dad that would buy funny toys and onesies for their child but also like to play with them like little dolls to dress up. That baby would have so many unique and high fashion items and accessories, I just know.
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maggiedanikka · 1 year
Let Me Go
Pairing: Hangman x f!reader, (eventual) Rooster x f!reader
Warnings: none, very brief mention of sex, Angst, pregnancy
Word Count: 2.4k
Summary: Reader is married and shares a child with Hangman, Life and circumstance drives reader into Rooster’s arms, but Hangman isn’t giving up that easily
Tumblr media
Author’s Note: Hi y’all, I am back from the dead. Truthfully, I haven’t written anything fiction for a freaking long time. I’m a political science major so I have been writing only research papers and journals for the past 3+ years. Please bear with me here, I don’t have an  editor or anything, will probably just make my little sister read it (but she’s the meanest person ik so it would basically be like having an editor). Anyways, I have recently become OBSESSED with Top Gun: Maverick and basically fell in love with the characters and their universe. This idea came to me as I was getting ready for work and I disassociated the entire drive thinking about this specific plot/story. Next thing I knew I was at work with no recollection of driving there lol. But I am deciding if this will continue to be a one-shot or if it should be a little mini series, let me know!
Rooster Playlist:
Hangman Playlist:
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9
Italics is past
“Mommy! I can’t find my dress!” Your 4 year old daughter screams from her bedroom.
“Sweetheart, you have plenty of dresses, just pick one!”
“Not just any dress! I want the dress with daddy’s planes on it!”
You walk into her room, covered in pink pastel wallpaper with a gigantic pile of dresses greeting you and a missing 4 year old.
“Astrid! Where are you sweetie? Your dad is gonna be home soon and we need to clean this mess up.”
You see your daughter planted face down on the floor of her closet.
“Daddy is gonna hate me forever, if I don’t wear my dress!” She cries with a muffled voice.
You laugh as you shake your head, your daughter may look like you but definitely inherited her father’s flair for the dramatics.
You pick her up and sit on the ground, placing her on your lap.
“What makes you think your dad is gonna hate you if you don’t wear the plane dress?” You ask your daughter as you wipe the tears from her face.
“Because Daddy loves planes! That’s why he goes away all the time, so he could fly in the air! If I wear the plane dress then Daddy will want to stay here with us.” Astrid pouted.
Your heart breaks for your little girl. Jake’s job often took him away for sustained periods of time, often not knowing when or if he’s coming back. You never wanted to stand in the way of his dreams, and the arrangement was fine for a while. You kept busy with your job as an attorney at a large law firm, trying to pay your dues and work up to a partner. Then, on the special occasion that Jake would come home the reunion was always explosive.
What you had with Jake just worked for both of you. You were both deeply passionate and ambitious about your careers and it was comforting to know that you found someone who understood your drive. Most importantly, you loved Jake so intensely. Being with him felt like being on fire. It was the kind of love that had you screaming at each other at the top of your lungs at 3am, cursing his name, only to end with you under him as he fucked you on the nearest surface.
Getting pregnant changed that dynamic. Your mind wanders to when you first found out about your daughter.
The 3 ClearBlue Pregnancy tests sat on your bathroom sink, all adorned with the same terrifying word, “Pregnant”.
Your best friend breaks you out of your lull. “So no doubt, you are definitely pregnant, what are you gonna do?”
“That’s what I’m trying to figure out,” You reply. “This is coming at such a bad time, I’m up for an important promotion at work… and then I'm gonna have to go on maternity leave…and I can't drink alcohol or coffee!! I LOVE COFFEE. I can't stop drinking coffee! And then-” My bosses will NEVER Your best friend interrupts your tirade, “Okay (y/n) you need to breathe, stress is bad for the baby.” She says jokingly. You glare at her in response.
“Besides, you’ll have Jake right?”
“Oh shit, Jake. I forgot about that. What am I gonna tell him? This was not at all part of the plan. Kids were not even on the table!”
You suddenly hear the front door open and Jake’s booming voice as he travels up the stairs. “Hey sweets, I’m home!”
“Oh shit I forgot that he was coming back today. Quick! Hide the tests!” You toss the pregnancy tests to your best friend who fails to catch them.
“Eww no, I’m not touching those! You peed on them!”
“Come on work with me here! I don’t want Jake to see them!”
“What’s going on here? What don’t you want me to see?” You freeze as you hear your husband’s voice behind you. Jake looks on the ground to see the three discarded pregnancy tests scattered on the floor. He furrowed his eyebrows.
“Are those pregnancy tests?”
“Well this signals my exit, call me later (y/n). Jake, always a pleasure.” Your best friend says as she leaves the room.
Jake looks back and forth between you and the tests on the floor, you stand frozen in front of his gaze. Both of you break out of your daze when you hear the front door close.
“Jake…” You begin to say
“(y/n), please tell me those pregnancy tests aren’t yours.” Jake interrupts.
“Well I can’t because they are…” You reply with a sigh.
“So you’re… we’re pregnant?” Jake asks.
“Yes…” You respond meekly, bracing yourself for an argument and possibly a yell. Instead you were surprised to feel a set of strong arms around you.
“I can’t believe it, Sweets! I’m gonna be a daddy!” Jake smiles into the hug.
“You’re…happy?” You were very, very, confused. “I thought you didn’t want kids?”
“I know we haven’t talked about it, but I want a family with you (y/n). And I know that things are hard because I’m always away and you’re busy kicking ass as a lawyer, but I think we’re ready” Jake admits, giving you a soft smile.
“Jake, I’m scared. What if I’m not a good mother, I’m too career focused and I can’t be the doting wife and mother that you and our future child deserve.”
“Don’t say that (y/n) you are the smartest, most passionate, caring…” “And the hottest woman I know.” Jake adds with a smirk “You have been an amazing partner and I know you'll be an even better mother.”
You smile as you embrace Jake and pull him down for a kiss. “I love you Jake.” You tell him after you pull away. “I love you too Sweets.” He replies “And I promise I will be around more, even if it means saying no to missions. I wanna be able to see our baby Hangman grow up”
Except he didn’t keep that promise. He did take a leave after finding out you were pregnant and was home throughout most of your pregnancy and the birth of your daughter. But when he got called back to Miramar for a special detachment, he couldn’t say no. He came back from the mission still the cocky and self assured man that you loved but something had changed. After not being chosen to fly the mission and left as reserve he felt like he had something to prove. So every mission, every detachment, anything the Navy would give him he’d ship out. He had to prove that he was a better pilot than Rooster. Bradley Bradshaw, of course you knew your husband's rival, but that’s something to think about for later.
This resulted in huge rifts in your marriage. You were passed on for promotions and big cases because you had to miss meetings and retreats to take care of your daughter. Everytime Jake promised you he would come home, a new mission would come up that he couldn’t pass up. He missed out on Astrid’s first steps, her first words, the first day of kindergarten. So when he told you a month ago that he was coming home you honestly did not expect him to actually come.
You were used to Jake not coming home when he said he would, but your daughter whose eyes were full of hope and adoration for Jake still believed his empty promises and you did not want her little heart to be exposed to disappointment just yet. So if Jake bails again, you will actually kill him.
You pull yourself out of your thoughts and reply to your daughter.
“Sweetheart, your daddy loves you too! Not just planes, and you know all he wants to do is spend all of his time with you. Your dad just has a very important job and he does it to keep you safe.” You tuck your daughter’s stray hair out of her face.
“Now no more tears, you don’t want your daddy to see you crying and think you’re not happy to see him right?” You teasingly say to your daughter. Astrid gets up with the renewed energy only a toddler could have.
“No! Of course not mommy!” She screams as she runs back into her bedroom.
You pull yourself off the ground and follow your daughter into the room. You spend the next 20 minutes folding the giant pile of dresses and your very eager daughter putting them back in the closet. This pays off because you eventually find the infamous plane dress. Your toddler breaks out into squeals after seeing that you found her dress.
“THANK YOU THANK YOU!! I'm going to put it on before daddy gets here!!”
You smile to yourself as you watch Astrid run to change.
You walk downstairs to make sure that the rest of the house is in order, while Jake never complains about the mess, you know as a Navy man, cleanliness and order is hardwired into his brain. When you see that the house is to your standard, you sit on the couch, happy for a minute of peace after a busy morning.
After a few minutes you hear keys unlocking the front door signaling Jake’s return. You watch as Jake pulls his pack into the house and takes off his shoes, he stops as he feels your gaze on him. He gives you his signature cocky smile “Sweets!”
You were about to reply but instead was interrupted by the loud boisterous yell of your daughter.
Astrid runs down the stairs and throws herself into her father’s arms.
Jake catches Astrid and spins her around in his arms.
“Well hi there Pixie! Did you miss me?” Jake smiles at your daughter.
Jake had a big sweet tooth, he loved chocolates and candies like he was an 8 year old boy. It was something you noticed when you first started dating, which is why he gave you the nickname “Sweets”. He couldn’t resist a Hershey’s bar when he was on leave and his love for Reese's cups was unmatched. You later found out that his favorite candy (for the life of you, you could figure out why out of all the candies in the world this was his favorite) were pixie stix. He always told you that he avoided candy whenever he was on mission, leaving it as a sweet treat at home after a job well done. But you couldn’t help but sneak a pack of KitKats and of course Pixie Stix whenever he left for deployment, staying true to your nickname.
When Astrid was born, you couldn’t believe how much love he held in his eyes for the little pink bundle, and you knew that she would have him wrapped around her finger forever. He nicknamed her Pixie, after his favorite candy.
“Look at my dress daddy!” Astrid exclaims as Jake places her on the ground. She twirled and ran around the room and you wondered how such a small human can have this much energy.
“Are those F-18s?” Jake asks you. You chuckle while nodding your head. “Where the hell did you find a dress with F-18s made for children?” Jake asks amusingly.
“I think you seem to forget how good I am at online shopping.” You reply with a smile, “and your daughter here INSISTED that she just HAD to have a dress with her daddy’s planes on them.”
Astrid smiles as she hugs her father’s legs. “Well you have a good eye there (y/n)”
“Thanks Jake.” You reply before sitting up from the couch and patting down your work skirt.
“Well I have to head out to work, I have a big case with lots of depositions to go over so I probably won't be home until after 7.” You inform him.
You crouch down to your daughter's level. “You’re gonna spend the day with Daddy. Remember to not let him eat too much candy, and make sure you don’t mess up your room again, okay sweetheart?” Astrid nods in response.
“Why aren’t you spending the day with us mommy? Daddy just came home!” Jake gives you a sad look.
You open your mouth to reply but before you could answer Jake tells your daughter “You know how daddy has to go away for his job sometimes? Well mommy also has an important job defending good guys so she has to go away for a few hours, but she’ll be back in time to tuck you in.”
Astrid looks down in disappointment but nods. “I just want to be with both of you, it’s been a long time since you’ve come home daddy.”
Your heart stings in pain knowing that your daughter didn’t know the rift that is currently between you and her father.
“I promise, after I go to work today, I will spend the rest of the week with you and your dad, okay sweetheart?” Astrid’s pout finally turns into a smile “Okay mommy! And we could all play and watch movies and bake cookies…and-”
You laugh as you pull your daughter into a hug. “Of course! I love you and I will see you later okay baby?”
“OKAY!” Astrid screams as she runs to her room to get her toys to play with. You and Jake watch her run up the stairs and disappear down the hallways.
You start to give Jake instructions
“All her snacks are in the pantry, there’s some chicken nuggets and fries in the freezer, but if she doesn’t want that you can always get her pizza or get a can of chicken noodle soup, she loves soup for some reason..” You stop your monologue when you notice Jake staring at you.
“I missed you Sweets” Jake says softly looking at your face.
You finally stop to look at him, still handsome as ever with his muscles apparent under his white shirt. He looked good, a little sadness in his eyes but you remind yourself that it would be a mistake to ask any questions.
You offer him a small smile as you put on your work pumps.
You open the front door and walk out of the house. You hear him ask a question that stops you in your tracks,
“You’re going to see him aren’t you?”
You feel a heavy weight settle on your chest, tears welling up in your eyes. Gathering just enough strength to look back at him,
“I’ll see you later, Jake.”
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the-moon-lullaby · 8 months
Hi! It's so great to see someone writing for good old mc. Can I get the boys (by that I mean Nathaniel, Castiel, Lysander, Kentin and Armin but feel free to left some out if that's too many characters) talking to Candy's pregnant belly? Ofc feel free to ignore if you are uncomfortable with topic of pregnancy or kids. Also have a great day!
The HSL boys talking to Candy’s pregnant belly
N/A : Heyy! Thank you for being so considerate in your request, it's lovely of you ! It was fun to write ! Thank you for your request and have a great day as well darling !<3
Tumblr media
He would totally sing to Candy’s belly. Whether it is a Crowstorm unreleased song or a little lullaby, he’ll do it and you can’t convince me otherwise. Perhaps at the beginning it would be at Candy’s demand and he’d act annoyed/bothered but don’t let him fool you : he loves it. At some point, he’d just do it. Like if he’s writing a new song or anything, he’d sing it to Candy’s belly (and to Candy as well ofc). Double audience for my guy now
However better not tell anyone about this or he’ll get a bit embarrassed. He likes the fact that these moments are just between him, Candy and their baby. It’s just so intimate to him so he feels like this would ruin it a little if Candy starts to tell or brag about it to other people (as if she would tho)
Not but for real, just picture him singing Hakuna Matata to Candy’s belly (PLS this is so wholesome and funny at the same time, I CAN’T)
Also I think he would be the type to randomly interact here and there with the baby like, for example, when complaining about people (‘cause we know he does that sometimes) « God, people sucks ! Not you though, mate. » Cute 
After a while, when he feels completely comfortable with talking to the baby and that you’re both used to it, he’d be more emotionally open and would say things like « Can’t wait to meet you mate » or if it’s this kind of day when he doesn’t want to come off as too sentimental he’d go for something like « You’re gonna love Pancake » or « Pancake is so impatient to meet you buddy ! » (the dog is a good cover, right ?)
That said, I just know that Castiel would always refer to the baby as « mate » or « buddy » (any nicknames like that honestly) even if you guys already choose a name. Why ? Well because he believes it makes the situation less cheesy but (in my humble opinion), it just makes it even more adorable
He secretly wishes for his baby to be able to recognise his voice but pretend that it’s not that important to him (it is). As if he was trying to bond with his child even though they’re still in the womb lol. So behind this chill facade that he keeps on, if the baby moves or kicks while he’s speaking or singing, he’ll instantly get so excited (forget about being embarrassed, he’s to thrilled for that at the moment) and it would be the cutest thing ever. Ofc Candy would tease him a bit about it but bold of you to assume that this is going to stop him
He might even break his own rules and go brag about how his baby reacts to his voice.
And now he can’t wait to hear them in return.
Oh Lord ! This man, I can’t. Lysander talking to Candy’s belly would be the sweetest thing ever. 
Just imagine : Lysander reciting the most heartfelt, passionate and soul-stirring poem (that ofc he wrote himself because this man has it all y’all) kneeled in front of Candy’s belly. 
Honestly Candy would be tearing up at this sight (just as I am imagining it, Lysander truly is a gift) and when he notices that he would just place a kiss on Candy’s belly before kissing her forehead and take her in his arms. So freaking sweet. 
Lysander’s poetic (rizz) talent isn’t just a myth. He’s the embodiment of poetry if you ask me and he certainly has a way with words. 
Between him and Castiel, it’s some creative boys that we have here. How lucky
That said, be prepared for him to constantly write poems about Candy and their child. He has now two muses so his inspiration is doubled
Also, I feel like when it comes to choosing the baby’s name, he would just say the names in front of Candy’s belly and see if there’s a reaction inside. Just because he kinda wants his baby to choose their names somehow
Ofc he would sing to Candy’s belly. I mean with his angelic voice (as it was mentioned more than once in the game), how could he not ? 
I think Lysander would not feel ashamed to talk to his baby (unlike most of the boys at some point). Not in the slightest. And it make sense because since when Lysander care about what people think ? The only persons that matters to him are the persons he loves and they would never make fun of him or judge him for that. 
And of course, he'll be the greatest dad ever (his kids won't ever relate to Daddy issues by the Neighbourhood or Family Line by Conan Gray, that's for sure)
 Ok so with Armin if you expected heartfelt speeches or sentimental words from him, you’ve come to the wrong place. We don’t do that here lol (However, out of topic, I think Alexy would do that for him though as the invested uncle and the drama-queen he is, and ofc Armin would laugh at him)
Don’t assume he doesn’t talk to the baby though. He does and does it a lot. 
I don’t know why but I can picture him telling Candy to sit next to him while he plays LoL ( for example) and explaining how to play a game to her belly or tell everything  about the Zelda lore (idk about you but that’s funny to me)
Candy might even get annoyed at some point but Armin will joke saying that they need to educate their child as soon as possible (little does Candy knows that Armin is only half-joking lmao)
He is totally the kind of guy that will address to Candy’s belly without explicitly showing it just to mess with Candy. Let me clarify : for example he would say something and it could be anything really and Candy would go « huh ? » and « I wasn’t talking to you, I was talking to them, duh. ». But it’s all fun and games, nothing mean obviously
Or also, when Candy curses for whatever reason, he would act so shocked « Oh my God ! Have you heard what Mom said ?! » (pls someone stop this guy)
It still cute because, Armin’s playfulness is part of his charm and more than often it makes Candy smiles so everything’s alright and the baby could hope for a cooler dad.
Over protective dad. I won’t argue with anyone about this, I just know
You know these « dad-like speeches » where they swear they’ll always be there for you and protect you with their life ? Well that’s Kentin on a daily basis
And keep in mind that for now, the baby isn’t even out of the womb yet. My guy is rea-dy to deal with it lol
It’s actually very sweet and knowing how Kentin always felt ignored or despised by his father, it is very important for him that his child knows that they’ll can count on him no matter what
He wants to be someone they can rely on and that’s why he says it often to Candy’s belly. That way he’s sure that they know (well not really but you get the point)
I don’t see him speaking with a baby voice though because he’ll feel a bit shy about it (it’s actually sad when you think of it but most guys are embarrassed about doing things like that. That’s a shame if you ask me but let’s go back to the Headcanon before I start ranting about societal issues and how Toxic masculinity ruins lives)
But when Candy is asleep, that’s another story 
He’s just so happy that he and Candy get to have a family of their own after all this time
I mean, this boy has been in love with her for so long so the idea of having a little one as a result of this unconditional love ? My boy is over the moon right now so let out the baby voice 
That was before he got caught by Candy one night and he became so red that it looked like he got instantly sunburned
But let’s be honest, he can’t stay embarrassed in front of his girl for long because he knows she loves him as much as he loves her. Therefore, he never shied away talking to his future child from now on. 
So, we know that Nath doesn’t want children. That’s canon. However for the sake of this request, let’s say that he reconsidered and changed his mind (probably after months and months of therapy) 
I think of all the guys, Nathaniel is least to be talking to Candy’s belly and there’s multiple reasons for that : First, he would be embarrassed (yeah, again). Even if he knows he can be vulnerable in front of Candy, he would cringe at himself if was to do something like that (why do I get the feeling that Nath is so easy to cringe lol ?). The other reason would be that he’s still processing and that the baby’s arrival feels so far away yet (forgive him for that, he’s not exactly known to be in touch with his emotions)
But then, as the fateful moment approaches, all his attempts to gaslight himself into believing that everything will be perfectly fine seem to fire back at him
That’s about when he starts to get insomnia. Most nights, he would be just laying in bed, tired and ready to meet Morpheus with Candy already asleep by his side when this chest-crushing anxiety would take over him. « Will I be good enough ? Patient enough ? Caring ? Will I be enough ? ». Really these thoughts terrify him and slowly drive him crazy (add to that the sleep deprivation)
He categorically refuses to tell Candy about it because he knows she has enough to deal with (pregnancy is a trial of life, so I’ve heard) and he doesn’t want to be a burden to her (poor baby). And it’s not like he’s gonna ask life advices to his dad because this man might be one of the worst father figures you can think of and Nathaniel want to be the opposite of this man in terms of parenting. Candy can tell something is bothering him but getting this boy to talk is far from easy
So, one night when he’s laying wide awake in the middle of night, he can’t help but to stare at Candy’s belly and instinctively, puts his hand over it. A so gentle move that it could barely be felt, as if he was scared to wake the little one (and Candy as well). 
Then without knowing why  he wants to tell his future child that he’ll do his best so, in a whisper, he makes this promise. And then he makes another one and keeps going naturally. All whispers. He asks himself if these promises are for the child or for himself until he feels something timidly moving under his hand.
He could barely feel it. To the point he thought he imagined it. But it didn’t matter. Somehow, he felt relieved. About what ? He couldn’t be sure about this but maybe it was a sign that his baby knew that he was trying.
After that, it would become a habit. Every time he would struggle to fall asleep he would whisper to Candy’s belly, hoping that the baby hears (even if sometimes he tells himself that it’s ridiculous but who cares if it is after all ?)
He’ll never tell Candy about it or not before a while as he likes the idea that this is him and his kid’s secret and he know can’t wait to meet them because he doesn’t want to let fear keeps him from being the father they deserve
(𝖮o𝖿, 𝗍𝗁𝖾 𝖺𝗇𝗀𝗌𝗍 𝗐𝗂𝗍𝗁 𝗍𝗁𝗂𝗌 𝗀𝗎𝗒 ! 𝖡𝗎𝗍 𝗐𝗁𝖾𝗇 𝗒𝗈𝗎 𝗍𝗁𝗂𝗇𝗄 𝖺𝖻𝗈𝗎𝗍 𝗂𝗍, 𝗐𝖺𝗌 𝗍𝗁𝖾𝗋𝖾 𝖾𝗏𝖾𝗋 𝖺 𝗍𝗂𝗆𝖾 𝗐𝗁𝖾𝗋𝖾 𝗁𝗂𝗌 𝗋𝗈𝗎𝗍𝖾 𝗐𝖺𝗌𝗇’𝗍 𝖺𝗇𝗀𝗌𝗍𝗒 ? 𝖭𝗈𝗍 𝗌𝗈 𝗋𝗈𝗆𝖺𝗇𝗍𝗂𝖼 𝖻𝗎𝗍 𝗋𝖾𝖺𝗅𝗂𝗌𝗍𝗂𝖼 𝗂𝗇 𝗆𝗒 𝗈𝗉𝗂𝗇𝗂𝗈𝗇. 𝖧𝖾'𝗌 𝖺 𝖻𝗂𝗍 𝖾𝗆𝗈𝗍𝗂𝗈𝗇𝖺𝗅𝗅𝗒 𝖼𝗈𝗇𝗌𝗍𝗂𝗉𝖺𝗍𝖾𝖽 𝖻𝗎𝗍 𝗁𝖾'𝗌 ���𝗍𝗂𝗅𝗅 𝖻𝖻𝗀) 
Tumblr media
And there you go ! Hope you enjoyed it ! there might be mistakes but I wrote this at 4am instead of studying for my Italian exam because why not eheh (this was much more fun to do) This is a first (and I am struggling) but I think it's pretty okay
See y'all soon and wish you the best ! <3
PS : Here's a little song recommandation ‘cause I can & it’s a good song ! It's called Run Away to Mars by Talk and I thank my labo teacher for recommending it, she's a sweetheart !
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wannab-urs · 6 months
The Spreadsheet Digest - Fic Recs | Vol 4
Hi lovely followers! Here are all the fics I read this week with my attached notes!
As always, you can find the full spreadsheet here! This week I decided to keep my new fics separate from the list AND I added some fics from before I started doing the digest (these won't have notes because I didn't used to do that lol).
Remember to check warnings on all fics before proceeding! I read a wide range of ratings...
Begging a Dieter one shot by @absurdthirst
-> Subby Dieter is my favorite thing on the planet and this is just... so fucking good. The whimpering and whining and absurd bargaining? Gimme gimme.
KitKat in the Minibar a Dieter one shot by @sneetsnootyoit
-> Dieter eating pussy in various situations inspired by an ask I did for someone else!! It's so cool that someone saw an ask I did before I started writing and turned in into a fic.
Watch you watch him f*ck his wife a Javi G one shot by @toxicanonymity
-> What if Nicholas Cage actually watched you fuck Javi G? Why am i into this? Why is Nick into this? What is wrong with us collectively as a species? brb reading again
Left in Lincoln a Joel WIP by @toxicanonymity
-> I usually don't go for super innocent or virgin reader fics because I uh... cannot relate. But I am really really into Joel in this. I want him to teach me everything. Also Bill and Frank being your dads is so fun
The Things We Do For Love a Frankie one shot by @beskarberry
-> I am aggressively not a breeding kink girlie and can occasionally get a little freaked out by fics that discuss pregnancy.... BUT!!! Someone sent this to me and I saw that it was supposed to be a realistic and funny fic. Perfect for Frankie and I love funny sex... and I adored this. I kind of scrolled past or ignored all the baby talk, but the actual sex reminded me of ya know... actual sex. So breeding kink girlies this one's for you!
Cherry Flavoured a Dieter one shot by @pedrito-friskito
AH my favorite kind of Dieter! Pathetic druggie asshole. I wish I was kidding, I am so down bad for him. This would make an excellent series...
Satellite a Javi Pone shot by @jksprincess10
-> You try not to fuck your boss Javi Peña and like obviously you fail at that. And it's really hot
Dressed For Revenge a Joel WIP by @jksprincess10
-> Listen I happen to know this fic is going to blow your fucking mind. So read the prologue + first chapter, follow, turn on post notifs, and wait to be obliterated.
A kiss before dying and in death we combine a Joel one shot by @oonajaeadira
-> Stumbled across this because someone reblogged it gushing and then obviously I reblogged it gushing. Major Character Death warning but if you're going to read a fic where it happens, this is the one. I sobbed in my bed at 3 am and it was WORTH IT
Good. Things. Take. Time. a Pedro ATS complete series by @oonajaeadira
-> A mutual sent this to me because they know I love Adira's work. I haven't even seen Calls, had to google what Pedro Across the Street was, etc. But as far as I know this is an AU? Idk it doesn't matter. I love a smut marathon. A smut marathon with a beautiful story arc and the smut never gets boring even though it's over 20 parts? sign me up.
Chest Press a Joel WIP by @toxicanonymity
-> Dark!Joel/personal trainer!Joel getting a little too handsy at the gym. You pretend you aren't into it but like... who are we kidding it's Joel Miller. You're into it. And he can tell.
Night Shift a Joel one shot by @beskarandblasters
-> Based on Nightshift by Lucy Dacus (of boygenius). This is so good. Sadness/Angst/Heartbreak for like a couple thousand words but you're rewarded with smut... and we all know I love angst anyway lmao
Tommy's Hard Day a Joel/Tommy one shot by @toxicanonymity
-> Tommy had a hard day, so Joel asks you to help him feel better... Let's take a trip to Paris babies
Red Lace a Javi P one shot by @jksprincess10
-> This is hitting on so many of my fantasies rn... we got bondage, thigh riding, office sex, dirty talk... and more. Kill me I could die happy
------- Fics that I read a while ago -------
All our candles are burned out a Dieter/Frankie one shot by @psychedelic-ink
The Ethics of Forging Masterpieces an Ezra one shot by @write-and-buried
Good Soldier a Frankie one shot by @mishasminion360
Reflective a Max Phillips one shot by @prolix-yuy
Palomino a Jack WIP by @fuckyeahdindjarin
Spent a Din one shot by @joelscruff
-------- My New Fics ---------
Burn Slowly / I Love You - a smutty and angsty Frankie WIP
Perfecta, mi amor - soft dom!Javi one shot
Thunder Buddies - a fluffy joel one shot
Anything for you, babe - a smutty Frankie one shot
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jerzwriter · 7 months
We're Having a Baby... 2/2
Tumblr media
Book:                   Open Heart (Post Series)
Pairing:                Tobias Carrick x F!MC (Casey)
Featuring: Bryce, Jackie, Sienna, Ethan
Rating:                 Teen
Warnings: Pregnancy/Childbirth
Category:            Fluff
Summary:   The gang gathers at the hospital as Casey and Tobias get ready to welcome their little one. But there are still a few issues to work out before Baby Carrick officially arrives.
Words: 2.1 K
A/N: According to my HC, baby Samantha enters the world on 4/20/2023. My goal to have this up by that date was not met, but stuff happens. lol @choiceschallenge-may2023 - baby, holding hands, love
Part 1: Ready or Not
Tumblr media
“OK, that’s $5 on Tobias was right… it’s a girl and $5 on time of birth 8:07 PM,” Bryce handed a first-year resident their change with a nod. “It’s been a pleasure doing business with you. Results will be posted in the fourth-floor nurses' station as soon as we have them!”
Jackie shook her head with disgust as an oblivious Sienna nervously paced nearby. “Do you even feel a little guilty sitting out here profiting while our friend is in there pushing a St. Bernard out of a doggie door meant for a tea-cup poodle?”
“Ouch!” Bryce winced. “When you put it that way…. But I’m not profiting. Running illegal gambling, perhaps, but not profiting. 50% of the pool goes to the winner, and the other 50% to the new parents.”
“That’s even dumber!” Jackie balked. “Tobias is loaded! They don’t need the profits! You should give them to me.”
“Well, I kind of will be, wiseass! Tobias told me to divvy their winnings up amongst anyone who bet and still has student debt. So, you’ll get your share.”
“Hmmm,” Jackie grinned, “and just like that, I love this idea. Let me get $5 on birth time of 9:15.”
“Absolutely,” Bryce grinned, tossing a cigar Jackie’s way. “And now we celebrate.”
“This isn’t a cigar,” Jackie protested. “It’s chocolate!”
“So, we don’t smoke? And are you saying we don���t celebrate with chocolate?”
“Good point!” Jackie had barely begun to unwrap the pastel-foil overlay when Sienna rushed her way, knocking the celebratory confection from her hand.
“What are you doing?” Jackie wailed.
“What am I doing? What are you doing?” Sienna demanded. “There will be no celebrating until the baby is born, and we know mother and baby are fine! No champagne, no chocolate cigars, NOTHING! Am I clear?”
Shrinking under Sienna’s gaze, Bryce quickly put the box of cigars into his backpack. “Geeze, fine!”
“Chill, Si!” Jackie commanded. “We’re worried about Casey too, but I’m sure she’ll be fine. And this is a monumental moment. The first person in our crew is having a baby!”
“Yeah, and a full decade before anyone in Tobias’s crew had one! Which proves we are superior.”
“We are Tobias’s crew, meathead!”
“Well, I meant Tobias and Ethan… they’re like their own little crew, right?”
“No, we’re not,” a voice barreled.
“Ethan!” Sienna greeted.
“Now it’s a party,” Bryce grinned.
“I can assure you, it’s not. Any word on Casey?”
“Not since Tobias arrived,” Sienna shrugged. “And I’m getting worried!”
“Sienna, you’re a doctor,” Ethan frowned. “Casey’s in excellent health, she’s had no complications, and she’s being treated by some of the best doctors we have. There’s no need to worry.”
“Are you trying to convince us of that?” Jackie smirked. “Or yourself?”
“Me,” Ethan sighed as he fell back into a waiting room chair. “Definitely, me. Are they chocolate cigars?”
“You bet!” Bryce grinned. “Hand rolled them myself.”
“That wasn’t funny,” Jackie whispered.
“Yes, it was,” Bryce replied.
“No, it wasn’t,” Ethan confirmed. “Can I have one?”
“NO!” Sienna scolded. “Not until after the baby is born. What’s wrong with you people! Besides, aren’t you a health freak?”
“Contrary to what some of you believe, I am human. A real heart beats beneath my chest, and when I’m nervous, I stress-eat chocolate. All right?”
“Yes!” Bryce raised a fist in victory and lifted his bag until he was met by Sienna’s death stare. “But I mean… we still have to wait.”
Jackie shot up from her seat with determination. “In that case, I know what we have to do. Come on, Si….”
“Where are we going? To the gift shop… we have to get supplies… chocolate, cookies; it might be a long night. The cigars may be off limits until Baby Carrick appears, but that doesn’t mean other stress treats are.”
“Baby Carrick….” Bryce repeated. “Do they have a name picked yet?”
“If they do, they haven’t shared,” Sienna replied. “Now, excuse us. We need to get provisions.”
Tobias scrunched his nose.
Casey rolled her eyes, “Let me guess? More exes?”
Tobias looked away with a sigh before offering up a suggestion of his own. “Lillith?”
Shifting in her bed, arms cradling her swollen belly, Casey shook her head.
“There has to be a suitable name for someone born in this millennium that did not belong to someone you banged before me.”
“Hey!” Tobias protested.
“Is that why you suggested Millicent when I found out I was pregnant?”
“You know why I suggested Millicent, and you’re one to talk, didn’t you offer up Pocket? Pocket Carrick. Imagine explaining that one to my mother?”
Casey chuckled softly but wasn’t about to be defeated. “And you suggested Genoa!”
“Did I really?” Tobias laughed.
“You sure did.”
“What was wrong with us?”
“We don’t have that much time, baby. But I blame my lack of common sense on hormones. But you? I have no idea!”
“No idea!” He astounded. “I had just found out the love of my life was having our baby; I was all over the place. It may not have had hormones issues, but I wasn’t exactly… stable.”
“When have you ever been stable?” she laughed.
“Point taken! But we need to name our little girl… fast… and don’t say we don’t know that we’re having a girl because we’re very close to learning I was right all along.”
The doctor entered the room to check on an increasingly flustered Casey. She dilated from zero to five centimeters without even knowing, but now hours passed by with precious little progression.
“There is no need to worry,” Dr. Garcia assured. “Sometimes labor slows down. But we aren’t at the point where we need to think about induction.”
“I’m at the point where I don’t want this to drag on endlessly,” Casey groaned.
“On that other hand," Tobias inserted. "We could use some extra time to figure out a name.”
Casey looked at her husband with contempt. “That’s nice, dear. But how about we hope to stall progress and drag things when you have a bowling ball trying to creep out of your penis?”
Tobias looked at Dr. Garcia, distressed. “Every time she says something like that, her push present gets bigger.”
“Keep it up, and pretty soon, even you won’t be able to afford that gift,” the doctor laughed.
“Dr. Garcia,” Casey asked, her tone becoming more severe. “I know I can’t walk now, but is there anything we can do to help this progress.”
“You may be in luck. We have a pilot project working with some holistic methods, including acupressure. The acupressure technician happens to be on the floor; if you’d like, I can send her in.”
“It can’t hurt,” Casey smiled. “Let’s give it a shot.”
Fifteen minutes later, the technician entered Casey's delivery room during a tense moment. A clearly apprehensive Tobias was clutching his wife’s hand and offering encouraging words as he did his best to keep himself together for her sake. Her moans filled the room as she hunched over in pain.
“Oh my,” the technician interrupted. “The chart said she had an epidural….I didn't expect to find you in this much pain.”
“She did have one,” Tobias spat. “But it needs to be topped off. We’re waiting on the anesthesiologist who has less than five minutes to show up, or his life is in jeopardy.”
“Well, we don’t want that,” the older woman empathized. “Honey, if you like, I can come back after ….”
“No,” Casey insisted, leaning back into bed. “It’s passing… don’t… go….”
Tobias took out his phone and dialed Ethan. He asked his friend if he’d handle finding the missing anesthesiologist, as he didn’t want to leave Casey’s side.
“Tobias, you can go check if you want," Casey advised. "I’ll be OK alone for a few minutes."
"I’m not leaving you!” Tobias pressed.
“That’s right, you’re not!” Ethan demanded on the other end of the phone. He was already walking to the nurses’ station, nostrils flaring.
“Tell Casey if she needs someone to rant, scowl, and threaten... she won’t do any better than me."
"She was your intern once, I'm sure she's aware."
"You stay where you belong. I assure you, the anesthesiologist will be there in no time.”
“I knew we could count on you, buddy,” Tobias smiled. He returned to his wife’s side where the technician was already working on her. “How you doing, baby?” he asked.
“Peachy. Ducky. Never been better. I want to give birth every day for the rest of my life,” Casey sneered. “You did this to me! If this gets any worse, you lay down next to me and get a Brazillian wax. I'm sorry, but you should have to feel some of this."
“If it helps, Case, I’ll call the spa and have someone sent up right now.”
“Oh no,” the technician chuckled, “if you’re going to do that, can you at least wait until I leave the room?”
“Of course,” Casey chuckled wearily. “And since studies show it doesn’t really help the birthing mother, Tobias… you’re off the hook.”
“You two are adorable,” the woman grinned. “Keep this sense of humor, and you’ll do just…. Wait a second… did you say, Tobias?”
“Yes?” He replied. 
“Don’t tell me he once dated you too….” Casey bemoaned.
“For heaven’s sake, no!” She chortled. “I’m not a cougar, dear. But I knew I recognized you two from someplace! I was your waitress on one of your first dates! Do you remember? At City Tap House.”
“Wait, you’re a waitress, too?” Tobias asked.
“I’m a single Mom with a child in college,” she groused. “It takes more than one job to pull that off! I remember you two coming in! You were so completely in love! I asked if you had been together long, and this one,” she tapped Casey’s shoulder, “insisted you were just friends. But I knew better!”
“I don’t know if remember… oh my God, yes!” Casey gasped. “I do remember you! Do you remember Tobias? She kept telling us to come back once we were engaged because she knew we would be soon enough.”
“That’s right!” She grinned. “If my current gigs don’t work out, I have a future in matchmaking. I’m never wrong, and love was written all over the two of you, no matter how much you denied it.”
“Oh, yeah,” Tobias grinned as it came to him. “I do remember! And for what it’s worth, we were madly in love… this one here just needed to drag her feet to get us to the punch line.”
“Well, considering that wasn’t all that long ago, it looks like you two made up for lost time pretty quickly.”
“We did,” Casey beamed.
Just then, there was a knock at the door, and the anesthesiologist entered with a slightly traumatized look on his face.
“Hi, uhm, Dr. Carrick, I hear you needed more….”
“Damn straight she does!” Tobias barked.
“Well, I’m done here,” the technician grinned. “It sure was lovely seeing you two again. It’s always nice to see when the magic works!”
“Wait… are you still at City Tap?” Casey asked. “You know, we’ll need a date night soon enough.”
“Sure am! Call in advance and tell them you want to know when Samantha is working. But bring the little one with you. I want to meet her, too.”
“HER!” Tobias shouted. “See! Her! She knows it, too!”
Casey rolled her eyes. “Yes, dear. It was lovely seeing you again, Samantha.”
Shortly thereafter, the anesthesiologist finished up. He jumped as he exited the room, finding Ethan standing outside, still watching him with a steely glare. Tobias and Casey snuggled close and recalled that night back at City Tap and other early days in their relationship until it was time to push. Casey finally acquiesced. Tobias was right. They were “together” long before they were together… even if they didn’t fully comprehend it at the time.  
A couple of hours, a few phone calls to relatives, and a lot of pushing later… a tiny cry filled the air and filled their hearts. Their lives were forever changed.
Tobias finally left Casey’s side… rushing out to the waiting room to make the announcement to their friends who had never left.
“It’s a girl!” He beamed as everyone broke into celebration.
“A girl!” Sienna cried. “You were right all along!”
“I usually am,” Tobias winked. “People need to start paying more attention to me.”
“Oh, brother….” Ethan flinched, pulling his friend into a warm embrace. “Tobias Carrick… father. I still can’t believe it.”
“Me either!” Jackie agreed. “I won’t believe it until we see her!”
“Her?” Bryce asked. “Does she have a name?”
“She sure does! Samantha Rose Carrick! And you’ll get to see her and her gorgeous Mommy very soon! And speaking of her beautiful mother, I told Casey I’d come to tell you, but I’ve been away from my girls for five minutes now, and that’s four minutes too long. So, if you'll excuse me...."
“Yes! Go! Go!” Sienna insisted, shooing him away. “Tell Casey I love her and can’t wait to hug them both!”
Bryce threw his arm over Sienna’s shoulder as they watched Tobias rush back down the hallway to Casey's side.
“Our babies are all grown up now, Si,” he teased.
“Yeah, it looks that way!” She chortled.
“And that can mean only one thing..."
"What's that?" Sienna asked.
"It's finally time to break out the chocolate cigars!”
A/N 2: I HC that Casey and Tobias stopped by City Tap a few months later with baby Samantha in tow, leaving a very hefty tip to help the elder Samantha with her child's tuition.
If you wish to read more about Tobias & Casey's first hours with their baby girl, you can do so here:
Thanks so much for reading! :)
Tagging separately.
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whatislovevavy · 11 months
Hi, Soph. Coming to you with some questions about Mustang and Hangman, because they are so freaking cute.
How do you think they would handle a pregnancy scare pretty early on in the relationship? Would Jake be scared shitless or hoping the test will be positive, just because he's so whipped already?
I have sooo many thoughts about them, so I might be spamming you with these, get ready.
Ah yes Sisi, I was thinking about this the other day. Honestly it's bound to happen given how much they've been going at it lol.
Like if it happened a few weeks after getting together and after the mission, since the relationship is still pretty fresh, I think he'd be more scared than anything, for mustang and her naval career as well as his own. But he'd have a little voice in his head saying "but would having a baby with mustang be so bad?" And I feel it in my bones that he would support her for whatever decision she made, if she turned out to be pregnant.
Imma roll with this for a sec, it's after the uranium mission, mustang was hella stressed and her period is late, so she waits a bit more, maybe 2 weeks and still no monthly visitor. She's starting to get a little nervous:
Can you come over tonight ?
Jake reads over the text smiling to himself, excited to spend another evening with you, quickly responding as he puts on his shoes to walk down the hall to your dorm.
Cowboy 🤠💕
Sure honey ;)
You read over the text. It doesn't help to calm your nerves of your current situation, the thought of possibly being pregnant 3 weeks into a relationship? It terrified you. How would Jake respond ?
You're broken from your thoughts by a soft knock on your front door.
Opening it you find Jake leaning against the frame with a soft smile on his face that drops when he sees your tense features and glassy eyes.
"Sweets, what's going on," he closes the door behind him. You wrap your arms around him to bringing your face into his chest. He wraps his arms around you, feeling kind of bad that he thought you were just horny.
"baby, talk to me..." He leans his head down to look at you. You lifted your head, tears rimming your eyes and wet patches formed on his shirt.
His heart aches. Who would hurt his sweet little Mustang?
"Jake... My period is late."
His heart stopped for a second, his face blank as he processed what he was hearing.
"late.. are you sure?"
You nodded, sniffling.
He continues to hold you, as he thinks of what to do next, based on what he remembered about his younger sisters pregnancy.
"Have you taken a test yet ? Have you felt sick ?"
He asked gently. You shake your head.
"Ok baby, here's what I'm gonna do... I'm gonna run out and pick up a few tests, get you some of those chocolate mints you like and you get cozy and put on that documentary you like, the one with animals at night ."
You sniffled, nodding, letting out a meek "ok".
He kissed your forhead, "it's gonna be ok sweetheart, whatever the test tells us... I love you so much and we'll handle it together. Ok?"
You felt tears start to rush, nodding your head, "I love you too,"
"you go get cozy now, I'll be back before you know it."
On his way to the pharmacy and while he looked through the aisles, his thoughts were swimming with anxiety. What if you were pregnant? Would you still be able to fly even after the baby was born? Did you want to become a mother? How would his career change ? Would he be able to continue flying, knowing he had a baby on the way?
These were expected. A few surprised him: would it be so bad having a baby with you ? Having a perfect mix of you and him around so early in your relationship? And to all of them, no.
He hadn't really thought about having babies with you till now, surprisingly. But he loved the idea. He knew he loved you deeply in such a short amount of time and the idea of kids was growing on him.
His two younger siblings had kids of their own and certain part of himself yearned for that too.
He waited outside your bathroom as you took the tests, lost in his thoughts. Mostly about whether the baby would have your eyes or your hair, if they would do the nose scrunch you do when smile and laugh. He had to rein himself in, you didn't know if you were pregnant after all.
He heard the lock click, you exited the small tiled room. Eyes puffy and hair strewn about.
"we have to wait about 10 minutes," you said, your voice tinged with worry.
He led you to your bed and under the covers, resting your head on his chest. Paying attention to his steady, soothing heart beat as his fingers curled through your hair.
"Would you want to become a mother someday ?"
You looked up at him surprised, "Yeah, I'd like to someday... I just... I'm not ready right now, ya know?"
He hummed in understanding.
"how about you?"
He looked down at your eyes looking up to his.
" yeah, I've thought about it. And I understand the not ready part, but someday."
You hummed, looking at him with a foreign expression he couldn't place.
10 minutes had passed, and you and Jake were in bathroom ready to unflip the numerous tests.
He squeezed your hand, "you ready?"
You nodded, giving him a small smile.
"Ok on the count of three, we flip each test, sound good?"
You nodded, letting your fingers run over the plastic of one of the tests, as she grabbed the other two.
"ok, three...two....one....flip"
You looked at all the tests, feeling yourself able to breathe fully, embracing him in a hug.
All negative.
Jake was relieved to see the worry leave your face, but he wouldn't admit this to you now, but his heart sunk a bit at all the negative results.
As you both laid in your bed, your sleeping form resting against his own, his thoughts were occupied with a future with you and starting a family. Little did he know, your dreams consisted of the same.
So yeah anyways, this was what went through my mind at this ask :) feel free to send as many asks as you want :) my inbox is always open ❤️
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panlight · 1 year
Anon if you don’t mind! Most of us agree that Breaking Dawn was way too easy and happy and Bella didn’t have to really give up anything.  How would YOU have ended the story? Personally I probably would have killed off Edward, hahaha.
Here’s the thing: I’m a sucker for a bittersweet ending. Especially when we are dealing with a topic like vampires. Like, idk, I just don’t think ‘happily ever after’ and ‘eternally doomed to thirst for blood’ really jibe together. Vampires are only interesting to me as a topic if there is something aspect of a ‘curse’ to it. Perfect Piece of Forever is just Not For Me. 
If I could just throw out the whole concept of Breaking Dawn and make my own ending from scratch, Bella might choose not to marry Edward OR Jacob and like go live a life. That she realizes while she loves Edward, committing to literal eternity as a vampire right after graduating high school is . . . a lot and she needs more time to really think this through. That the idea of having this eternal, burning, painful thirst that can never be quenched but temporarily with the blood of human beings might be like, I don’t know, MORE OF A PROBLEM/FACTOR here than it is in the book. She goes on to live her life and then when she’s an old woman in hospice Edward and Alice show up to bid her goodbye. She tells them of the life she’s had, her loves and losses and adventures and everything, and they get a little taste of living vicariously through her and can let her go (I am ignoring the canon of vampires literally cannot go on without their mate or whatever but I don’t care for it lol). 
If I have to give it a happy ending, then Edward goes to turn Bella in BD as agreed (no pregnancy/baby) but it doesn’t work. After freaking out and getting Carlisle (and Rosalie) involved, they realize that the James bite and Edward sucking the venom out worked kind of like an inoculation: Bella’s immune to vampire venom now. She can’t be turned. She’s devastated but Carlisle and Rosalie are intrigued and somehow use her blood to craft a antidote to vampirism. A cure. A way back to humanity. Edward’s thrilled, Bella’s still kind of lowkey disappointed. But he becomes human and they have a long and happy life together (Rose and Emmett become human too and have a gaggle of kids; Alice and Jasper stay vampires. I could go either way with Carlisle and Esme [being able to ‘protect’ their human kids + eternally helping as a doctor vs the human life I think deep down both of them would like). For me you just can’t have the ‘oh woe is me’ style vampire she has with Edward and Rosalie and all the quotes she chose for the books (do not eat from the tree of knowledge, violent delights have violent ends, etc) and have it be a HAPPY FAIRY TALE SUNSHINE VAMPIRISM in the end. The over-the-top happy ending she is seemingly setting up here is Edward becoming human, not Bella becoming a vampire. 
But if I HAVE to stick to the basic Breaking Dawn stuff then Bella IS turned into a vampire after their wedding night (no pregnancy/baby) but it’s HARD. It’s a STRUGGLE. She has to learn how to handle the new abilities, the new thirst, she has to let Charlie go, Jacob is upset, it’s not just the “wow I’m strangely good at all aspects of being a vampire I was born for this!” and getting to keep Charlie and Jacob around. A girl who loves the sun and warmth and passes out around blood does not sound like a natural born vampire to me. It’s hard, there are accidents, there is angst and regret but it’s WORTH IT in the end because she gets to be with Edward forever and that’s what she really wanted (again I’m sticking closest to canon here). 
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weebsinstash · 7 months
the overturning of Roe v Wade happened and pregnancy felt disgusting and a physical threat to be defeated
I felt that. I an asexual person with zero intention of getting married or having a baby but seeing Roe v Wade, I just... feel the need to have my tubes tied? Which should not even be a thing I consider since I have no plans to have sex. Those radical religious/misogynisitc views that are popping up nowadays just make me feel very disgusted at things that are... Really not horrible. Nothing wrong about being a housewife, or getting pregnant, but the way those incels with a mic talk about women in their podcasts just create very unhealthy relationships between women and "womanhood"/traditionally feminine things.
What's so fucked up is like the exact same people saying shit like "oh these gross LGBTQRSTUV alphabet mafia freaks are trying to groom and molest our kids! How dare they try to say kids need to learn about safe sex and periods and not to send nudes or address sex in any way other than abstinence!" will then turn around say "wow, asexuals? How UNNATURAL. You aren't PROCREATING like GOD INTENDED. You're ALSO somehow grooming our kids" and it's just like. Fuck. Leave people alone about their fucking sexuality and gender presentation.
And then sometimes I try to discuss this with my mom because like we discuss politics a lot and she's, you know, a woman and has raised me and ill seek her perspective as my mom and a woman and an adult, and sometimes she'll just be "oh don't read all that, youre getting upset over trolls, people are just stupid" ok well these stupid people can VOTE and sometimes these stupid people ARE the ones we're voting for!!! Like! I'm so tired of seeing bullshit like Americans saying "haha good on Country XYZ for making it legal to beat those t slurs in public, this is just MODERN WESTERN PROPAGANDA" and I want to scream shit like "India has recognized trans people for over 3000 years you fucking bigoted moron"
Like!!! Ugh!! Should I be furious or sad!!! (Putting the rest under a rm because this gets a little long and I also discuss abortion/miscarriage)
Fucking idiots saying shit like "oh just use birth control there's like 30 kinds" and guess what motherfucker literally the only 100% effective ones involve SURGERY. Even my OWN MOTHER got pregnant on a diaphragm. Fuck you! Fuck you! You think abortions are being used as birth control? I know at least two people who've had them and they can be ABSOLUTELY EXCRUCIATING, I am talking SCREAMING TO STOP THE PROCEDURE KINDS OF PAIN. "Oh women just want to avoid accountability" bitch some of them don't want to DIE, some of them can't raise a disabled child, some of them have diseases and conditions that can't be passed on
I... may have had some risky sex a while back with, minor precautions, ok I'll be the dumb irresponsible slut and say the pull out method was used, and while nothing came of that, obviously, literally my game plan after it happened and post nut clarity hit was "ok well I know if I need an abortion there are people who literally terrorize you outside the clinics so maybe I'll just kill myself". And you know what, I wasn't even intending to do that kind of thing, the unsafe sex, it was just, you know, happened fast and in the heat of the moment, and it happened briefly. Even I, as someone who has never wanted children and FEARED motherhood all my life, made that kind of mistake. And I spent the following three weeks in absolute TERROR waiting for my period, thinking of all the people who would happily force me to carry a child that would no doubt inherit my physical disability, my genetic disorders, and wouldn't be wanted by me or the father (and im not saying that as anything against him we are both very anti kid lol)
It's so upsetting because like, people have different opinions, and in some cases can you really say if an opinion is right or wrong? But so often do I see things that are inhumane, grotesque even. I was reading a story of a woman who was forced to carry a malformed fetus to a full pregnancy where it passed that same day. Here you have a woman who was forced to deliver what was essentially a corpse, the trauma that must have caused her, not just in mind but also in body. 9 months, 9 months of knowing it was being born just to die. And. People were legitimately replying "better that than to be ripped limb from limb inside the womb" that's a specific form of third trimester abortion which wasn't even what she was asking for you fucking idiot. "Better for the baby to know its mother's touch" it literally didn't have a properly formed brain and we don't even know if it could have even SENSED anything besides agony. "I would have wanted to hold my baby before it passed" you would have let a fetus which had abnormalities discovered in the first trimester to fully develop into a child so it could die in horrible pain just for your moral closure?
I read a comment just a few days ago that was legitimately one of the most disgusting things I had ever read and dear God I hope this person was lying but they said "I know a catholic woman who was pregnant and found out her baby would be born terminal and die shortly after birth. She carried it the full pregnancy so she could baptize it" THAT'S ABHORRENT. For you non religious folk, which I am too but I have some secondhand knowledge, the point of baptism is the idea that we are all born into sin and must be like cleansed to be children of God or something like that. And to be blunt I consider this woman an absolute monster and I replied as such.
"She let a newborn baby suffer in agony just so she could dip it in her magic fairy water? And she thinks she's the GOOD GUY?"
It's just. Ugh. I don't even know. I use culture and country as an excuse for religious freedom and sexual and gender expression (ie. Banning trans people from being visible is prejudiced to Indians, Native Americans, Samoans, Judaism, etc) but then people turn around and say "but it's my culture or religion to be homophobic/not allow abortion" and then I just want to say "well you're just an idiot who can't think for themselves then and you need to get with the fucking times :)" like obviously I am not perfect but I believe basic human rights transcends borders and beliefs. Like for example, similar but different, Malaysia is about to literally hang a man just for having a kilo of weed and people are happily saying "don't do the crime if you can't do the time" and its like do you understand it's inherently problematic to just say "their country, their rules" right. Like some places use that as an excuse to keep forms of slavery. Like to circle the argument back around states rights was an argument to try and keep slavery and now states rights is being used as an argument to criminalize abortion?
Like I try not to bring the vibe here down too often but these conversations are important. We as human beings should be helping and protecting each other and I feel a legitimate fear of society approaching some sort of social collapse or civil war. Like even if you're opposed to abortion you should actually still be voting in favor of keeping abortion because, if abortion is outlawed on moral and religious grounds, it will start the ball rolling for banning other medical procedures out of opinion and not fact. You know we already let the insurance companies do that right? Tell people their life savinf treatment isn't covered because they don't deem it medically necessary even though insurance agents arent doctors? Even on my main blog I boosted a post about a person with severe endometriosis who is being denied a hysterectomy because of their weight by the NHS but a private clinic will save them for a price, and meanwhile the endo is impacting organs outside their reproductive system
It's just. God. I'm sorry I guess I went all over the place in this post but everything is so scary now. Transphobia is on the rise, homophobia, racism, gun violence, they keep finding horrible child labor shit like 15 year olds cleaning slaughterhouses, even in my current blue state, red senators are arguing we should let young teens do construction, they're changing legislation on healthcare, on the internet, on student loans, inflation is HUGE NOW, rent is skyrocketing, homelessness is rising, just
It can be hard to keep your head up you know? I try not to be a doom and gloomer but there's legitimately scary shit happening? Like I didn't even touch on climate change and how all of these issues are going to intersect and snowball until our entire species is fucked. I know what I'm voting in 2024 but, it doesn't make anything less terrifying. If we weren't protected before, if we still really aren't now, can we really trust it to happen in the future?
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bridgeportbritt · 24 days
Use the OC list you made earlier and answer the following:
1 and 3 are in charge of arranging a general house party. How does it go? 2 appears in the news broadcast. What has happened? 4 and 5 need to buy a birthday gift for 6. What do they get? 3 asks 6 to teach her/him/them something. What is it and how does it go? 1 finds a seemingly lost cat. What does she/he/they do? 5 has to buy a quick snack for her-/him-/themself, what is it? 6 uses a search engine (Google or similar) and searches their own name. What are the top results? 4 has to take one of the other numbers to a date. Who's the lucky(?) guy/gal/other? 2 invites all the other numbers to a party - except one. Who's left out? 3 learns a dirty secret about 5. What is it and does she/he/they keep it? 4 has lost a bet and must get a tattoo. What will she/he/they get? 1 and 3 are stuck in an elevator. What happens?
You can answer with simple text, or take a picture or write a short story if you feel more inspired.
Okay, this seems like fun! Here we go lol
1 and 3 are in charge of arranging a general house party. How does it go?
LOL! Well, we are basically in that scenario now and let me tell you, Grayson is stressed lol. Bria's having a great time taking over. This about to be the best party ever, but at what cost? haha
2 appears in the news broadcast. What has happened?
Diana is pretty much always in a news broadcast. Either for her fashion, her policies, or performing her duties. Right now, every outlet is on pregnancy watch as she nears the end!
4 and 5 need to buy a birthday gift for 6. What do they get?
Omg this just excited me because if Jennifer and Gianni last, Olivia and Jennifer would be sister in laws!!! Well, I think Olivia and Gianni would work together to get her something she'd really like. What if they worked together to get her an engagement ring??? Okay I need to stop answering this question before I get to into this concept lol
3 asks 6 to teach her/him/them something. What is it and how does it go?
Aw, well if Grayson asked Jennifer to teach him something, it wouuld probably be how to be more outgoing. Grayson kind of keeps to himself and needs to branch out more and make friends vs Jennifer who makes friends everywhere she goes!
1 finds a seemingly lost cat. What does she/he/they do?
I hate to say this, but Bria is not a cat or really any animal person. So, she'd probably just leave it! lolol
5 has to buy a quick snack for her-/him-/themself, what is it?
If he's going to buy a snack, it's going to be something over the top/expensive/high quality. He doesn't really do junk food.
6 uses a search engine (Google or similar) and searches their own name. What are the top results?
To her surprise, Jennifer would start seeing articles about her and Gianni! I do want to address this in their relationship eventually since Jennifer is not at all famous, but is now in a relationship with a pretty famous guy. At this point, she hasn't done much googling.
4 has to take one of the other numbers to a date. Who's the lucky(?) guy/gal/other?
Well, of course Olivia would take out Grayson on a date. But I think it would be cute to have a sister in law date with Jennifer to get to know her!!! Ah I'm getting ahead of myself with this one lol
2 invites all the other numbers to a party - except one. Who's left out?
Well, I would say Jennifer would probably be left out because Diana doesn't know her lol. At this point, no one knows about her. But she'd want to leave out Bria since things are so tense between them lol
3 learns a dirty secret about 5. What is it and does she/he/they keep it?
Grayson knows there are plenty of dirty secrets about his brother. He'd probably find out about his body count, but he'd keep it so to not ruin his relationship with Jennifer. Don't worry, Gianni's past sexcapades is something I plan on addressing lol
4 has lost a bet and must get a tattoo. What will she/he/they get?
Aw, Olivia would freak out. Tattoos is not something her dad would've ever allowed! But, if she had to, it would be something sweet like a matching one with Grayson, something about their cat, or a flower or butterfly.
1 and 3 are stuck in an elevator. What happens?
They would freak out for a bit. Bria would be so mad and Grayson would try to calm her down. Then, they'd just hang out and talk. Probably having some deep conversations about marriage, their family, and past.
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georgiapeach30513 · 2 years
We all know Ransom and Kitten jump on the bed still and what if they have a pregnancy scare. Lol just a thought.
OH MY GOSH!! So Ran did get fixed after Lucy BUT he never went back to make sure it took, and of course why would he tell Kitten? But could you imagine that this scare happened while James was MIA, because somehow Kitten and Iris switched pregnancy tests?
Summary: You're about ready to kill Ransom
Pairings: Ransom Drysdale X Kitten!Reader
Rating: Mild
Warnings: mentions of pregnancy, implied sex, implied Viagra use, mentions of James being missing, 18+ ONLY
Word Count: 1.1K
Desperate Lives AU Masterlist
Desperate Love Masterlist
Tumblr media
You walk back into the bathroom to check on the test, not believing what you see. Your kids are too old, Lucy was supposed to be the last, and then Ransom was supposed to be fixed. Supposed. "Son of a bitch," you know he's the problem. "Hugh Ransom Drysdale!"
"Kitten? Why are you..." he stops seeing you hold that test in your hand and he starts to freak out a bit, but is also okay with this. He gives a warm smile, and you shove at his shoulder. "What?"
"You saw it," you hold out the test to show him, and get even more pissed off with that smirk. "Are you fucking kidding me?"
"What? It's not like that we can't afford it."
"Lucy is six years old. Iris and Aster are twenty. We don't...stop that," you push him off you, but only slightly when his smiling face starts to wrap his arms around you. "We don't need another child."
"Why not? This is great."
"Ran," your voice so whiney, but it actually turns into real concern, "You're almost fifty."
He pushes himself off of you to look at your face, seeing the tears, "Hey, it's okay. So what I'm almost fifty. I'll celebrate my fiftieth with my hand resting on another bump."
"But you're fixed. You don't think..."
"Eh, we were extra careful that time. Not possible," Ransom's hand smooths down the side of your face. "But you're fixed," he looks up at the ceiling twisting his head back and forth. "You're fixed right?"
"I got snipped yes."
"There's a but somewhere. But...what?"
"I never went back to make sure that it took," you smack at his shoulder again. "Ow, that hurt."
"You asshole. Ransom, we've been having unprotected sex for the past six years, and you don't even know if it took? You did this on purpose."
"It's been six years, Kitten. Look, I would never do this on purpose, I just didn't think it was that important to go back. Hey, look at me," he lifts your chin up to look at him, "Even if you are pregnant, we'll get through this. Another kid isn't going to hurt us financially, we've done it a few times before. At this point you're a pro. How about, instead of being pissed off at me, we make an appointment and go to the doctor, okay?"
"You are being really sweet baby, but I'm still mad at you."
"Later I'll let you ride me so you can take your frustrations out on me."
"You're ridiculous!"
Ransom pulls you into his lips, but before he kisses you, "You love jumping on the bed with me. I'll be kind and make it last longer with that blue pill."
"I love getting old with you, baby."
Iris falls down on the bed with Aster, and she looks at her twin traumatized, "You're going to hurt the baby!"
"Would you shut up! I'm not pregnant. The test was negative."
Aster turns to look at Iris like she gave her the biggest lie. Smacking at her boob, she laughs when Iris grabs it wincing dramatically. "Uh huh. When was your last period."
"You smacked my tit," she smacks at the other one and Iris groans more. "Ouch."
"I barely touched those big ole titties. They were never that big," she pulls up her shirt and sees the bloated belly of Iris. "Let me guess, you ate a big lunch."
"I did."
"You didn't. In fact, the smell of the avocado made you sick. Av-o-ca-dos, that's not known for a strong smell. And you love them. Wait!" she stands up to walk in her bathroom and pulls out her stash of pregnancy tests, throwing one to her. "Take another."
"You just have pregnancy tests laying around?"
"Well, I've had a lot of sex and partners," she shrugs, "I wanted to make sure. They were always negative."
"Mine was too," Iris throws the test back at her. "Don't you have a boyfriend or something to go to?"
"No. Take the fucking test Icy." Iris starts crying, her hands rubbing along the swelling. "Quit torturing yourself. If you're pregnant, it's James', the love of your life."
"But he's..."
"He's coming home. And when he does, you can tell him you're pregnant. Take the test," Iris takes a deep breath but goes into the bathroom. Excited, scared, and saddened all at the same time. Laying down the test she goes to walk away, not even wanting to see the negative symbol. She almost wants it to be positive, wants to share this with her sister, because if anything happened to James, she would have a part of him in their child.
Aster grimaces at her sister when she stands, even she isn't sure what the best outcome would be. She gasps when she sees the positive sign, and Iris's hands go to rub along her stomach, knowing what that gasp is. "He's here with me."
"You're okay?" Iris just nods her head through her tears. "You gonna tell mom and dad?" again she just nods her head.
"I need to tell them all. Pops, Steve, and Marta too."
Dr. Fisk looks between you and Ransom shaking his head, "It must have been a false positive. They're not impossible, not as likely as a false negative. And tell me why you didn't go back and check to see that the vasectomy took?"
"I mean, she's not gotten pregnant in six years. I'd say I'm good. We have sex regularly."
Dr. Fisk looks between the two of you knowing that you two are almost always drowning in the other. "I still need a sample. Just to ease your wife's mind. I'm sure everything is fine."
He walks off to get a cup, and Ransom gives you a look, "No. I am not giving you a hand job for your sample. You're going to a different room."
"You ruin all the fun, Kitten."
You can't help but thinking that the test wasn't a false positive. Your mind running through all the possibilities. Overthinking that where you found the test wasn't where you had left it. "Did you see the test?"
"Yeah, when you handed it to me."
"So you didn't move it?"
Ransom gives you a dramatic questioning look, "Why the hell would I do that? I would have been screaming, you know I would. My goal was to always keep you full of me."
"You've done a very good job of that, baby," still something feels off. You would never voice to Ransom that you had thoughts of it being one of the twins. Iris you wouldn't be surprised about, and it might actually be nice to bring some happiness, especially since the baby would be James'. Aster scares you. Her living with her boyfriend terrifies you. She's had worse boyfriends than Scott, but you know nothing about him, other than he's a lawyer and you don't have the best opinions on them.
"Kitten, what's wrong. You're in your head."
"Nothing, just thinking of how it might not have been terrible, if I was pregnant."
"I mean..."
"If you say that you can fuck a baby in me, I'm smacking you again. No more babies, Captain."
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kyriolex · 1 year
I'm sorry if this might come off as crude but I really wondering about this for a long time...
Do you have any headcanons on how Aubrame Reproduction might work?
Like we know Aubrame carry Insects inside them and all around them and it obviously passes onto their offspring...
But it also makes me wonder... What would happen if a Non-Aburame married into the Clan?
While a Female Aubrame and a Male Non-Aburame probably wouldn't have too many problems copulating, how would the other way around work? 🤔
But if a Male Aubrame (Let's just take Shino for example)...Uh.. Does the "Deed" would the Insects transfer over to the Woman's Womb? Or would insects just mysteriously form inside? 🤔
Would the Woman become basically a living "Hive" while she carries her Baby?
Again, I hope I didn't make you feel uncomfortable with this Ask. 😅 I'm not asking this to sound crude or nasty or anything. Just genuine curiosity on a scientific level lol
But you can still ignore this ask if this kind of discussion ain't up your alley lol
I appreciate the respect for boundaries Anon. I normally keep things PG-13 on this blog, but I think I can answer this scientifically without getting too graphic.
We know from canon material that Aburame get their hives at birth. The infants are offered up to several species of bugs, at least one of which forms a pact.
So from this, I think we can rest assured that there aren’t bugs chilling out inside the mother’s womb. The hive can’t make a pact unless it is inside you, and bugs aren’t going to set up shop inside a fetus halfway through construction. This is probably a good thing, since pregnancy is hard enough without a semi-conscious fetus performing jutsu inside your torso.
I get the feeling that an Aburame’s hive is its own contained biological system, like your blood vessels or lymph nodes. The hive is present all throughout the body, but it’s typically not going to be involved in sex any more than your stomach acid would be. (I say “typically” because you know at least some clan members are going to get kinky. It’s statistically inevitable that someone is going to get their freak on behind closed doors.)
But like you said, there is clearly some inheritance going on. After all, Torune is the only member that can use rinkaichu, solely because his dad was also a rinkaichu host.
My theory is that the Aburames have some gene that makes their bodies receptive to bugs. Almost everyone can host kikaichu, but other species seem to be pickier about who they’ll bond with. Like blood type, you inherit a certain level of compatibility from your parents.
Some people, like Shino, are compatible with almost any species, while others like Torune are highly specialized to bond with one niche species.
We also know that Shino added species to his system as he got older. Given that fact, it’s clear the bonding ceremony in infancy isn’t the end all be all. An Aburame who never got a hive as a kid could conceivably get one later in life, albeit with a lot of catch-up training. But like learning a new language, it’s probably a lot harder for an adult brain to learn InsectSpeak than a child. And they would probably never be as in tune with the hive as someone connected from birth.
I don’t know whether it would be possible for someone with zero Aburame genes to host their own hive. I don’t think many people would be willing to try. Even if someone loves bugs, it’s probably a huge health risk for them to introduce a parasitic animal to their system, so I can’t see the Aburame just handing out hives to partners as a romantic gesture.
I could see the bugs in the hive getting attached to a host’s spouse though, maybe buzzing over to say hello or defending them in an emergency. I don’t think the hives are “adoptable” though.
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survey--s · 6 months
Tumblr media
What was the last liquid that you choked on? Probably coffee.
Did you or have you had sex with the last person you slept with in bed? We’ve had sex, but we didn’t the last time we shared a bed.
When you sign your name do you use your middle name? No, just my first initial and surname.
Do you dry off in the shower or out of the shower? Outside on the bath mat as I can’t reach the towels from the shower lol.
Was your last kiss initiated by you or the other person? I honestly don’t remember.
Whan getting dressed do you put your pants or shirt on first? Normally pants but generally whatever is closest.
Who was the last person you saw totally naked? Mike.
Is your toilet paper on the right or left side of the toilet? On the left as you sit down.
Name all the cards that you carry in your wallet. Zero. I just carry my bank card in the car and that’s about it. I don’t really need ID for anything else.
Do you use a handrail on stairs if there is one? Sure.
What is your favorite drinking game? I’m not really into drinking games.
Do you have any tattoos that you don't like anymore? No.
Who was the last person to sleep in your bed? Mike.
Do you have a shower curtain or door? We have a screen - our shower is over the bath so it’s just like a glass screen that goes alongside the bath if that makes sense.
Who was the last person from your high school graduating class you saw? I couldn’t even tell you. I have no desire to ever see any of them lol.
Favorite farm animal? Pygmy goats, for sure. I look after some occasionally for a client and they are SO cute and love a cuddle lol.
Have you ever been sedated or put under anesthesia? No.
Have any of your friends ever cheated on somebody? Sure.
How many instruments do you own/have you owned? Uh, various keyboards, a recorder, a cornet and a guitar. I think that’s it.
Do you own or rent your home? We have a mortgage.
If you have a significant other, how old were you when you first met them? Twenty six.
Have you ever felt like you were someone’s rebound? Yeah.
Who is the first person who broke your heart? HIs name was Joshua.
Who would you want to be the flower girl at your wedding? I didn’t have or want a flower girl.
Do you know anyone with a service dog? No.
Who is the most important person in your life (besides yourself)? My husband and my parents.
If you have pets, are any of them rescues from shelters? Purrlock is a rescue but not from a shelter. Toby was a farm kitten and Archie was from a breeder.
When was the last time you talked to your most recent ex? About two years ago.
When was the last time you kissed someone who was younger than you? A long time ago.
Would you have sex with someone of the same gender as you? Yeah.
Were you born with hair on your head? Yeah, I was quite a hairy baby lol.
Would you rather have a home birth or hospital birth? I don’t want ANY kind of birth thank you. Pregnancy and babies really freak me out lol.
Who were your best friends in high school? Becca, Kirsty, Linnet, Agnes, Jimmi.
Have you ever dated a twin? Nope.
What was the last food or drink you made for someone else? I have no idea. I don’t really ever make food for other people.
Have you ever auditioned for something? What was it, and how did it go? Yeah, school plays and stuff. I always got in.
Have you ever seen your ex’s new partner? If so, what do you think of them? Yeah, we were friends so I mean, she’s nice enough but I feel horrendously sorry for her being saddled with him lol.
What was the last piece of candy you ate? A Tunnocks teacake if that counts.
When was the last time you did something “meant” for children? Do you think it’s okay for adults to do these things (ie. watch cartoons, have stuffed animals, dress in cute clothing, etc), or do you think there’s an age beyond which it becomes unacceptable - and if so, why? I sleep with a stuffed animal everynight and no, people should just do what they want IMO. It’s nobody else’s business.
Do you believe there used to be dragons? No. It’s a neat idea though.
Who was the last friend you saw, and what did you do together? Susie - we went for coffee with the dogs.
Who tends to show up in your dreams? Do you ever wonder if you appear in anyone else’s dreams? Random dogs I walk, clients and friends/family. I don’t really think about other people’s dreams, to be honest.
What is something you do to feel better when you’re scared? Comfort watch my favourite TV shows.
Do you have someone who is protective of you (father, brother, etc.)? Nope, thankfully not. That would really bug me tbh.
Where was the last place you went, that you hadn’t been to before? Err I really couldn’t tell you.
When was the last time someone surprised you with their reaction or behaviors? Again, I couldn’t tell you.
Have you ever reached out to a crisis center for mental health support? If so, how was the experience? No. Thankfully I’ve never needed to.
Describe the last thing you reblogged? How many posts do you tend to reblog during a day? I don’t reblog stuff on here.
Whose house did you visit last? Ollie’s. Ollie is a dog lol.
Have you ever played Geoguessr? Yeah. I was absolutely rubbish at it lol.
What is your favorite way to eat chicken?  I love chicken goujons.
What style of pizza do you prefer (thin crust, stuffed crust, deep dish, Detroit style, etc)? Stuffed crust or Italian.
Can you see your favorite animal from where you are sitting? (on an article of clothing, a figurine, a stuffed animal, etc...maybe even alive?) I can see a beagle painting.
What was the last celebrity gossip you got sucked into? I have no idea, I don’t really follow that kinda thing.
Do you own any merch from concerts/comedy shows/broadway shows, etc? No.
What was the last bug you killed? I don’t remember, a spider.
Who is your favorite Star Wars character? I’ve never seen a single Star Wars movie in my life.
What kind of cheese do you put on your sandwiches? It depends on the sandwich.
Who was the last person to give you a gift? Errr, I don’t remember.
If there was a real Jurassic Park, would you visit it? YES. Absolutely. Not gonna lie, it really sucks that that isn’t a thing lol.
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theeuropeanidiotverse · 11 months
I am the "love Daryl's social justice side" anon!! and honestly I get what you mean because it works so well.
Just saw the one about Daryl and Avery discovering that they are going to be parents and the one about Declan and it made me wonder: since it's kind of a similar situation (not a very serious relationship at the time of the surprise pregnancy, even tho Declan and Lauren's had already ended) will Declan and Daryl bond a little over that?
Otherwise I am very curious about, now that they both have something else going on dating wise, how Daryl and Patti feel about each other (more like remember each other I guess lmao) Do they want to be friends still? Do they think about the other at moments where they shouldn't... ?
So happy to have you back so soon, hi! :D
Yep, both boys are going to bond a little over this! The entire situation will humble Daryl quite a bit, too. He used to be one of the loudest when the gang was making fun of poor Declan (who was 21 at the time) for his little "accident", y'know, as in "LOL you should know how to not let that happen?!" and whatnot. Granted, Declan and Lauren were actually pretty careless back then about their fooling-around and they didn't really manage to keep that to themselves once they dropped the news, so the jokes were on them, in a way. 😅
This is not me saying that I personally approve of such commentary, though, because it's grating and doesn't help anyone… and that's what Declan thought as well. xD He (and Lauren) understood fine that they brought that little mess upon themselves but getting ridiculed really didn't sit well with him after a while sooo yeah. He'll give Daryl a bit of the same crap, just because he can and thinks he deserves it, but things will be good between them and Daryl won't have a whole lot to argue anyway. 😂 He has long realised that things like that happen, and that there is always at least a very tiny chance for them to happen, unless one completely abstains from sex.
But yeah, while Daryl appreciates the input from all his friends (each one has their own expertise after all!), Declan is the only one of the gang who truly gets this particular situation and how overwhelming it is, even now that they're all almost a decade older, more settled and more mature in certain ways. And he has been through quite a lot with Ash, too, especially when the little one fell gravely ill in late 2019.
Daryl saw all that happen, so a bit of the humbling has already happened on the way, so to say, just by watching his friend going through the trials of fatherhood. And while he doesn't necessarily expect to go through the very same, he's still freaking out. He has no idea what exactly he's in for, but he knows it's new and HUGE. He knows he'll need Declan. And Declan is happy that he can help a friend out a bit, in his very own way.
As for your next question… I actually put Patti and Daryl completely on hold for now! 😅 Story-wise and also brain-wise. Entirely on purpose, otherwise I wouldn't be able to move on with either of them. They don't see and don't really hear from each other for the time being and right now I'm not thinking a whole lot about what kind of duo they might become one day.
They sure think of each other at times, though, absolutely. They still hold each other in high regards, they spent some amazing quality time together after all, and what they had was real, regardless of the extremely stupid way it found its end. The distance between them is good, though. Both are able to move on that way, both can leave some old wounds behind. I can totally see them becoming friends at some point, though! Their paths will cross again, I'm just not sure in which way. It will still take a bit, I think, but I'll definitely keep you posted about anything that happens. :D
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kisa-rae · 2 years
Angsty Question Ahead! 💖
so as previously stated you let Kisaki reproduce (willingly) and then solidify you're a "one and done family"
what happens in the circumstance that you guys don't really want or plan another kid. But through some less than safe sex means (y'all aren't wrapping it up smh) you find out there's some second hand fertility issues? How does Kisaki handle it? How do you handle it? How do you handle it as a couple seeing as you agreed on no #2 but find out that in fact having a second kid wouldn't be as easy as having the first.
I'm curious about yours and Kisaki's reaction to the idea that you really can only have one kid (easily) and the second is kind of taken out of the equation not just by you both but also due to some fertility issues. Does anyone care? Does it weigh a little bit on either of you?
Oooo this one is good! Okay here we go!
Tumblr media
Okay let me see if I got this correct lol...I hope this makes sense and isn't just word vomit lol
So one kid with Kisaki is what we both settle on. Like we don't really care to have another child. Especially with Kisaki still in the gang world. Sure we might have enough funds for two children but its always flat out discussed that only one child would happen. That being said. I feel like the first -and only child we have- takes a while to happen. Like we had unprotected sex once and then freaked out. But then thought about it and just decided not to bother with condoms or anything, in the thought that if we have one kid it's fine. Especially with where we were at the time. But neither of us think of fertility issues because we aren't expecting to get pregnant, we just aren't taking precautions. Ya know? We were just waiting for it to happen. But it takes a while.
Knowing about infertility would probably be on me and getting further along in the pregnancy. My dr told me the pregnancy could happen successfully, but it might get hard. It's during the pregnancy that we're basically told that my body shouldn't handle another baby.
With this, it's nerve-wracking because all we can think about is our unborn child having a successful birth and getting them to the healthy amount of weeks.
I think that it hits Kisaki a little harder than me thinking about the fact my body probably can't handle another child. And of course he's worried about our child coming out healthy as it stands the first time.
I would be upset, but more upset as in I would think that my body is a failure and I didn't even know if I could have a successful first child. Which of course weighs heavy on me and the baby. And we all know baby's don't do stress well.
Kisaki does everything he can to push emotions aside and be there for me any step of the way. As I am him. There's many soothing trips and days off.
Though in terms of knowing that we can't really have any more children after the first one, we are okay with it. We're just lucky we got to have one without any issues and born healthy.
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