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Flames | Firefighter!141 x Reader
A/N: This is based off the fact that I was watching the firemen today while waiting for my bus (which was late and annoyed me). You can read this as anyone as I didn’t say who they were so this is any of the 141 x Reader.
They’ve been at this for hours and you watched every second of it.
You didn’t know why it was so satisfying watching them climb up and down the ladders over and over again. Their thick, fit bodies were covered by the heavy material of their jackets, boots and helmets. You couldn’t wait until they were finished.
One of them saw you sitting there under the tree of your back garden and gave you a wave. You waved back and you could hear the shouting of someone to get back to training.
You bet they were soaking wet under all of those clothes. You imagined them peeling their tight shirts off over their heads revealing their glistening skin underneath. They could be toned or have a dad bod - both were great either way.
You continued to doodle in your notebook of the sexy firemen who were simply doing basic training. The fake houses aligned at the back of the yard were smoking and you were picturing yourself being the damsel in distress and being dragged from the flames by the strong hands of the sexy firemen. They could even hold you close to them as they said that everything would be okay.
You looked up and saw one of the men were standing on a ladder on the other side of your fence. You stood from your spot and smoothed out the sundress you were wearing and walked over to the only thing that was keeping you apart.
“You want a closer look?”
“Excuse me?”
“A closer look of the training, saw you watching from afar so figured it would be better up close”
You stood there for a moment in thought and nodded your head “Okay, yeah I would love to” you beamed up at him and he soon passed you a ladder over and helped you over the fence, grabbing onto your hips as you came down and placing you onto the safe ground.
“Now you have the best seat in the house, little lady”
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In need of 'Correction'...
Summary -> You were working for the other side, and while trying to plant bugs to gather information you end up getting caught, and while you thought you would end up dead... It somehow leads to something else... It seems the ones who caught you deem you in need of correction... A sweet doe-eyed thing like you wouldn't have done something like this on your own, you've clearly been manipulated... Don't worry, they'll help you.
⚠️warnings: porn w/ little to no plot, Non-con/Dub-con, forced orgasms, squirting, double penetration, anal (reader receiving), manipulation, mind break (?), yandere behavior (if you squint), ooc task force 141, I tried my best to keep reader GN! Read is called Pretty and has a vigina, reader is smaller than tf 141, readers codename is "Powder", smut, slapping, being held against will, forced kissing, forced touching, forced oral (giving and receiving), interrogation, threats, dark content, violence against reader, might make a part 2 if you really like it, let me know if I missed anything!!!⚠️
Characters include: John Price, Johnny Soap, Simon Ghost, Kyle Gaz, Alejandro
A/n: I'm not the best at writing in Spanish, correct me if I write something wrong or incorrect, also I've been gone for a while so I'm a little rusty, please forgive me if it's shitty, ESPECIALLY the smut. If you have any tips I appreciate it, likes and reblogs are welcome!
Tumblr media
You woke up with a throbbing in your head, your vision slightly blurred and your skin felt gross with the amount of dried blood that had been caked onto your face under your mask. You looked around, you were tied to a wooden chair and pushed into a small table, a single bright light illuminating the small room. an investigation room?.where were you? You don't remember much but you do remember being sent to plant bugs where the information is sent and getting information on some files...
You held onto the rafters crawling across as quickly and quietly as you could. Trying to reach the vents to crawl through and get right into the main office, you needed to plant a few bugs to get important information about some files and documents.
When you got into the vents you crawled around for a while trying to remember the layout you saw on the map. But you stopped when you heard voices. "-not sure, but whoever they are, they're smart. We gotta find them. They could be useful." another voice. "Maybe they can be persuaded to join our side? Money?" another voice. "tsk- shouldn't give money to a waste of air. How the hell sells out for money?! A disgrace if you ask me." they were talking about you. they wanted to get you on their side? Why? What for? Information? Skill? Or- oh shit.
The vent creaked.
All hell broke loose. Everyone in that room from what you heard got up and scattered to block off your only exits. You had to move fast.
You thought for a moment and chose to take the long way. You kicked open the grate beneath you and drop to the floor below. You ran out of the room. Taking turns. Trying to remember the way out.
Then your luck ran out and you slammed into someone's chest. You might know all their names, but you would be an idiot to not know him.
Then after a moment, he held you tightly the mask over your face becoming suffocating. And your vision began to blur.
He let you go and your head hit the wall, and you finally blacked out.
You didn't have more time to think before the door slammed open and a group of men walked through. They were all eyeing you. A dark hunger in their eyes.
One takes a step forward. You assume he is Captain Price. You try not to flinch as he rips the mask from your head. You still flinched. Some parts of your hair stick to your face. You fight the urge to try and wipe it off. Not wanting to risk taking your eyes off of the group of men that stood in front of you.
"hm-" a man huffed looking at you "When I pictured you, I didn't think you'd be so... Pretty?" a man with a Scottish accent thought out loud, the man next to him chuckled. "Soap, Gaz. Please. Keep it in your pants... For now." Ghost sighed.
Soap. And Gaz. That was their names...
You looked back to Price, he pouts in mock sympathy. Before pulling over a chai and sitting across from you.
"what's your name." he wasn't asking. He was giving you a command. His voice was deep and dripped with authority. In other circumstances, you would've felt flustered. But at this moment you were just scared. You weren't an idiot. These men were all bigger than you. You were a good fighter. But you knew if you tried to fight you would lose. And you didn't want to die here.
You looked up, making eye contact with Price. "I... I'm Powder." you tried to hold eye contact but it was difficult. It felt like he was looking into the depths of your soul. You looked at your feet. Only to jump when his hand slammed on the table.
A faint, "aw" could be heard. You felt pathetic. "well. Powder. You don't seem cut out for this kind of work. Too soft. Too jumpy. I don't wanna have to hurt that pretty face. So why don't you just tell me what you know? Confirm who you work for, and why you are on their side. And I might think about letting you go without a scare on you."
You look from him to the men behind him, back to your feet. You couldn't tell them anything. Even if they let you go after this you'll be tracked down. From where you sit. Both end in death. You didn't know these men well. But you knew the men you worked with. They were cruel, and unforgiving, and would skin you alive and leave you for the rats to pick at. You chose to take your chances with these men.
"oh? No longer interested in talking? Fine. But you asked for it. Alejandro. If you wouldn't mind?" Price stood from his chair. And the man Alejandro walked towards you. Your heart rate picked up.
You didn't get a moment to think as a hard smack was sent to the side of your face, fuck did it hurt. You tried to hold in the tears as a whimper escaped you. Blow after blow to your ribs, cheek, legs, and hands. All dealt with the same amount of unforgiving force. Ten minutes in you were a whimpering tear-stained mess. Small gasps of "stop." and "please." you were never cut out for this pain. You had always stayed in the shadows away from the fire. Now you curse yourself for not training your body and pain tolerance.
The strikes stopped and the man named Gaz took a step forward, his hand coming up to your face and you flinch away. He coos at you. Mocking you.
"you poor thing. You just want this to stop." you lightly nod your head as he takes a rag that he dipped in a bucket of freezing water - was that bucket always there? - he softly runs the rag over your face cleaning you of the blood and sweat. Using a hand to move hair from your face. The softness makes you mean into his touch. No longer wanting the painful touch.
"If you want this to stop, all you have to do is tell us what you know. What they know and why. Okay?" your lip trembles, "I can't." you whisper. "It was just meant to be a quick cash grab. I needed to help pay off a debt and this money was meant to help. If I tell you I either end up dead or tracked down and beaten to death later." Gaz looks into your eyes for a moment before they shift to the other men. They all seem to nod their heads, having a secret conversation with themselves. "we can protect you. As long as you work for us instead."
"b-but I don't know anything important about the people who hired me. I-" he and the rest of the men let out low chuckles, "no, we don't mean that kind of work. Just, allow us to show you how you've been wrong and do some... Physical work for us."
"physical work? But I'm not as strong as you guys and I don't have that much pain tolerance when it comes to this stuff and-" you were cut off, "don't worry, you'll get more of a tolerance and you being weaker is just how we like it." you were so focused on trying to put the pieces together to notice the rest of the men closing in on you, "I can see in your pretty eyes that your confused, allow as to make it nice and easy for you to understand."
The ropes around your hands and legs were snapped and you were lifted onto the table. Soap and Alejandro held down your legs, as Ghost and Price help your arms, Gaz worked on unbuckling your belt. After a moment of shock, the pieces finally fell into their place.
You began to struggle. "wait! I- you can't! Let go! Let me go!" Alejandro laughs at your cries, "More vocal now, aren't you pequeña? Just enjoy it. It's better than the pain before isn't it?"
Your pants are now around your knees, you wish you could close your legs or cover them but you can't. "don't worry love, I'll be nice. I'll prepare you a little." Gaz smiles at you as he lowers his head. Pressing a kiss to your clit before taking a long and slow lick up your cunt. "no please!" you struggle to keep yourself composed.
He kisses and sucks lightly on your clit, coaxing more sweet slick to drip from you. You don't wanna like it. You've never felt such pleasure in this way before. You didn't have sex a lot with your job but when you did it was rushed and didn't focus solely on you. But at this moment that was the only thing happening.
You felt him push a finger in, searching for that sweet spot that would make you cry out. And after a moment a gasp from you told Gaz that he had found it. He then pushed in another finger, both pushing against that spongy spot within you, sucking your clit at the same time. Your back arches. Stop it! You don't want this. You don't want to like this. This was wrong. Gross. So why did your body respond so willingly to him?
"she's fighting it." Ghost groans out. Clearly enjoying your sounds of struggle and strangled whimpers.
"awe, com'on hen. Let go. Enjoy it."
You gasp as you feel the knot start to tighten more and more. Don't. Don't you dare. If you do they'll win! You can't! Don't!-
You gasp. you feel a gush of liquid as the knot pulls tight and snaps. You look up, your vision around you blurring as you look into the one light above you. After a beat, you look down between your legs. Gaz's lips, chin, and even his nose were covered in your slick. You felt your face go warm with embarrassment, you had never done that before.
"oh fuck yeah-" Soap groans out and the others make a sound of agreement, all of them now all over you. Your body feels numb and you don't know if you have it in you to struggle. Soap kissed his way up to your chest playing with your chest, Alejandro kissed and left marks on your hips, Price and Ghost kissed your neck and collarbone.
You heard the sound of a belt buckle before feeling something warm, soft, and round rubbing against your entrance. You whimper knowing what's coming.
"oh lovie don't whine like that, you'll almost make me feel bad." Gaz teased slowly pushing in with a soft sigh as you clench around him. He leans over careful of the others and kisses you. The kiss is sickeningly sweet and soft. The soft whine he makes also does no favors in helping you keep your composer.
Soap pulls away with a light, "fuck it" as he makes his way over to the other side undoing his belt, "Hen, mind given me a hand?" you don't really get to respond as he takes your hand and wraps it around his cock, using your hand as a fucktoy the precum oozing and making your hand slick and sticky. "oh, yeah hen~ such a good little pet~" he sighs Alejandro soon joining his making you use both hands, both men grinning as they chase their pleasure.
Gaz thrusts a few times testing to see if you've relaxed a bit more so he could slide in and out easier. Once he was satisfied he pulled away making a motion towards the other men, they all move to the side. Soap and Alejandro stroking their girths, Price and Ghost finally undoing their belts.
You were now laid onto of Gaz as he pushed himself back into your dripping pussy, Soap and Alejandro taking your hands to stroke their cocks again, Price and Ghost finally picking their spots.
Ghost pushes his angry red tip against your plush lips, his eyes giving you a warning to dare and disobey the Silent order. And Price made his way behind you with Gaz, he wasn't as kind as Gaz was he simply spreads your ass apart before spitting and letting his tip do the work of spreading the makeshift lube.
You lick your lips nervously as you slowly open your mouth for the man looming over you. He wastes no time pushing his way into your mouth and thrusting his hips making sure to touch the back of your throat each time. And Price simply pushed in, no warning, no stretch, the burn was painful. It made you whine and sputter around Ghost who was starting up an unforgiving rhythm that would surely leave your throat raw.
The mix of Pain from Price, the pleasure from Gaz and his perfectly arched cock hitting the most sensitive part inside of you, and the lack of oxygen due to Ghost's unforgiving thrusts and the dirty words in your ears from Alejandro and Soap was overwhelming. But fuck was it good.
All these feelings, the fear inside of you, the lust. You just couldn't take it anymore. Fighting would be useless at this point.
You start pumping Soap and Alejandro faster, they both let out a surprised sigh but quickly allow themselves to be taken care of.
"that's it hen, be a good little toy for us~ fuck your so hot hen~"
"Sí, así como así mi amor. Esa es una buena chica, sigue acariciándome así."
Ghost groans with a smirk, you can't see it behind his mask but if you could you'd melt.
"That's it dear, focus on sucking that cock. You like taking my cock, don't you? You'll swallow it all right baby?"
Gaz and Price fucking into you.
"Fucking Slut, you like taking cock huh? you like the way I fuck you? Fuck your tight, never taking it in the ass before huh? Well, you're gonna have to get used to it my little slut."
"Fuck lovie, you're so good for us. You'll be good, right? You'll stay and be our little cock slut? You'll play nice right? Can't wait for the others to see you like this. Such a perfect little pet for us~"
You whimper and moan, Fuck you're gonna cum again. And from the sounds around you, so are they.
In a few moments, Soap lets out a sweet moan and paints the left side of your face white with his cum. The sight made Alejandro groan, you looked so pretty, covering the right side of your face with His cum too. They pull away admiring their work.
Ghost's hips pick up in spread before he slams down holding your head in place, your nose against the ash-blonde happy trail. Cum flowed down your throat, swallowing all you could. He pulls back as you cough and suck in as much air as you could.
Your hands shoot down to hold onto Gaz's shoulders, your moans now free for all to hear. You moan as you feel yourself squirt again all over Gaz's thighs, a moment later feeling both men fill you with their cum. Price was the first to pull out with a low chuckle.
"so what do you say Lovie? Wanna stay with us? I promise we'll give you lots of orgasms~"
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for the 400 follower event (congrats btw!!!) could i request “stop hogging the blankets” + “do you want to stay in tonight? you don’t looked thrilled at the prospect of going out, and i only want to go if you want to as well.” w/ price??? (:
400 Follower Celebration
—“Do you want to stay in tonight? You don’t look thrilled at the prospect of going out, and I only want to go if you want to as well.” + “Stop hogging the blankets.”— With John Price
Tumblr media
Summary: After John being gone for so long on deployment, he finally is able to take some time to be home with his partner. He promised you a date night, but he sensed you weren’t feeling up to leaving the house.
A/N: thank you so much <3 also, we are nearing 600 followers now!! i cannot thank you guys enough.
[WARNINGS: sensory issues, fluff.]
Tumblr media
It had been 8 months and 17 days since John had last been able to stay home with you. The day he left, he promised a fantastic night with you the night he returned. At the time, he wasn’t sure when he’d make it home—or if he would’ve made it home at all. John returned extremely fatigued and late at night and after a tearful reunion, you ran a warm bath for him and went to bed together.
You couldn’t help but stare at him while he slept when you—surprisingly—woke up before him. Your eyes traced the way his eyelashes flowed, traced every worry line in his face; you reached out and gently traced them with your fingertips instead. His eyes fluttered open after only seconds, which prompted you to retract your hand and softly apologize. John hummed and reached for your hand and guided it back to his head, so very easily drifting back to sleep after knowing it was only you touching him.
Later that night was your date night and you had your outfit laid out, but you already felt uneasy as you eyed the fabric. You felt as if it would bother you, like what if you felt the seams? What if there’s loose threads and they tickle you, and they’re the type you can’t just rip off with no problem?
John comes up behind you, his hand coming up to rest on your lower back. “Feeling alright?”
You turn your head to look at him and he’s looking back at you, his eyes tracing your lips, your eyebrows, your forehead, admiring you as well as trying to figure out how you’re feeling through your expression. You try to put on your brightest smile and because you feel if you were to ask to cancel this—he’s been so excited. “I’m fine, John.” You murmur, leaning over to his cheek and pressing a kiss against it. You watch his nose scrunch up for a moment, a low hum coming from him. His arm wraps around you and holds you close, back to chest. “I know you well enough to know you aren’t, love.”
You go silent for a moment as you aren’t aware what to say as a rebuttal, but John gets to it first. “Do you want to stay in tonight? You don’t look thrilled at the prospect of going out, and I only want to go if you want to as well.”
Your lips curl up into a soft, real smile but at the same time; your face falls. You have a gritting guilt in your gut and you open your mouth to apologize, but John silences you by pressing his lips against yours. His lips move against yours slowly for a few seconds before he breaks the kiss, looking at your lips for a quick second then at your face. “None of that, okay? I already know what you were about to say and I’m saying it’s alright.”
Your smile widens into a grin because he knows you so well, so you lean forward and give him a peck on the cheek. “We could rent that movie you’ve been wanting to watch?” You suggested. “What was it, ‘The Patriot’?” John scoffs, letting you go so you can put away your clothes. “I remember you wanting to watch that one, hm? Too many inaccuracies for me,” He retorts, watching you folding up the clothing on the bed. He leans against the wall with his arms crossed, watching your every move.
“Fiiine, fine. I’ll spare you some horror for one night.” You laugh, opening your dresser drawer. “I have a movie we can watch. That one with Stephanie Hsu in it?” You suggest, closing the drawer then looking at him. John shrugs, uncrossing his arms and pushing himself off of the wall. “I don’t mind. Why don’t you..” He trails off, gently grabbing your hand and pulling you towards him while interlocking your fingers together, then pressing a quick and soft kiss against your lips. Your other hand comes up and rests on his shoulder to steady yourself, and you’re smiling into the kiss. “..make some popcorn and I’ll get the movie going, some blankets, too.”
You can’t help the soft laugh that leaves you, and you lean forward to give him another peck on the lips. “Only if you promise to stop hogging the blankets.”
“No promises, darling.”
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This is so funny to me
141+Los Vaqueros with a fem!reader who is used to her partner slapping her ass as she walks by him and one day he doesn’t so she turns to look at him like >:( and he’s like “what???” “You didn’t smack it 🥺”
ghost, soap, gaz, alejandro and valeria are the ones who tease and poke fun at you. the ones to trap you against the wall and make you explain why you want it so much. they just love seeing how flustered you get.
price, rudy and graves are the ones who are confused, but then proceed to tease you. the ones to turn you around mid sentence to give your ass a sharp smack followed by a kiss on the cheek and they move on with their day.
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Tumblr media
opposite occupations
┊ ⋆ ┊ . ┊ ┊┊ ⋆ ┊ . ┊ ┊┊ ⋆ ┊ . ┊ ┊┊ ⋆ ┊ . ┊ ┊┊ ⋆ ┊ . ┊ ┊┊
summary: all the 141 boys have different plans while on leave, each having their own idea of how to spend the time. but when they run into a lovely civilian, they realize that all the long hours, deployments, and trainings worth it.
pairing: 141 x civvie! afab!Reader
warnings: swearing, all fluff :)
a/n: I love me a good little meet cute
┊ ⋆ ┊ . ┊ ┊┊ ⋆ ┊ . ┊ ┊┊ ⋆ ┊ . ┊ ┊┊ ⋆ ┊ . ┊ ┊┊ ⋆ ┊ . ┊ ┊┊
Tumblr media
price - florist
Everyone knew that the minute Price went home, he would be making the trek to his favorite cigar shop. It had been one he frequented for years, the familiar sign welcoming him home. Most shops on the street stayed the same. He liked the constancy, the familiarity.
As he rounded the street corner, he noticed a new shop had filled the unoccupied next door. The pale pink awning and rose-tinted glass were a new sight to see. "Sentiments of Carnations" he read as he walked past. He could see through the window that the shop had not yet been opened, noting the smell of fresh paint and empty displays. He wondered what grandma had put their retirement money into this florist shop.
He continued, opening the cigar shops store and smelling the musk of smoke and tobacco. "Ah John, I have your regulars set aside," the old shop owner said with a smile. "Back again for long?" he asked upon his return with a dark oak box. "Just waiting for another phone call from his majesty," he joked and slid over the usual bank notes. "I'll be seeing you," Price said as he opened the door and exited with the familiar chime of the bell.
As he embraced the warmth of the summer England weather, he pulled out one of his fresh purchases, excellently wrapped and balanced. He flipped open his lighter from his pocket and sat down to have his first smoke at home. He closed his eyes and savored the notes of espresso and hickory. As he sat in his small nirvana, he heard the florist's doors open.
He turned as he saw you, a flower behind your ear and a pink apron that perfectly matched the outside of the shop. You were not the grandma he had expected and instead were beautiful, the sun catching your lovely features. You had placed an antique table outside, along with a bucket of a colorful array of flowers adorned with a handwritten tag. You hung a small sign on the table that read, "Take one for a friend, family member, or loved one." You smiled at yourself, proud of the little display. You turned your head and noticed the mature man enjoying his smoke only a meter away from you. You picked out a scarlet carnation and walked over to the man, handing it to him.
"Here, you go," you said as his calloused fingers held the flower delicately. "A flower to brighten someone's day," you said with a smile. "Thank you, although I am not a man for flowers," he replied and extinguished his cigar. "Well, flowers can be for a variety of reasons, a friendly gesture, a gift for someone you fancy, or even something to brighten up your flat."
You ended with a sweet smile and he could feel himself melt on the spot. Something about the floral aroma emanating from the flower behind your ear along with your soft voice and pleasantries added to his current state of nirvana. You were so radiant in this light and he appreciated the kind gesture, especially upon his return home.
"No one to give a romantic gesture to, but thank you," he replied. "Well if that ever changes, my shop opens later this week! The shop's number is on the tag" you said before giving him a small wave and wink. He could hear the shop's door close as you began to set up your display and paint a mural on one of the walls. As he twisted the carnation in his hand, he knew he would be adding your shop to his routine becoming your most frequent customer.
Tumblr media
soap - tattoo artist
Soap looked at his phone, making sure he was in the right place. His favorite tattoo shop near his Scottish home had closed and he was taking a recommendation from Ghost.
"She's got an attitude but her work is amazing," Ghost had said before Soap's deployment. He couldn't deny the craftsmanship of her work on Ghost's arm. He marveled at the attention to detail as Ghost proudly shoved off his ornate sleeve.
Soap had an appointment for today, previously approving of the artist's rendition of his vision. A black-and-white thistle, a charm his mother had said. It was commonly known to keep its owner away from danger and bad acquaintances. Something Soap needed on the battlefield.
He pushed the maroon door open, admiring the many gold frames with what he assumed were some of the artists' work. He let out a light chuckle as he noticed a framed sketch of Ghost's sleeve. He was just about to snap a picture when a voice called out, "Hey Mohawk, this isn't a museum."
He turned around to see a woman, a gorgeous one at that. You were wearing a tank top that showed off a collage of various tattoos in different styles. You had been taking a break and relaxed, sitting behind a desk, feet propped up.
"Actually, lass, I'm here with an appointment," he said, walking over to you. "Name's John MacTavish." he finished with a cheeky smile.
"Ah MacTavish, one of Riley's military boys I'm guessing. How's that masterpiece of mine doing?" you joked, Soap didn't know what to say. Were you and Ghost a thing?
You laughed at his pause, "My tattoo, Mohawk. There's no way I'd be shagging his Halloween-looking-arse." Soap appreciated the heads up about your attitude and knew this was gonna be a fun session.
"Looks gorgeous, Sweetheart. Just like yourself," he poked back and you let out a loud laugh, almost doubling over. "Don't flatter yourself, you can go make yourself comfortable in my station over there. Looks like you're only getting a bicep tat, so I better not see your shirtless arse back there."
Soap made his way to where you motioned, sitting down in the black velvet chair. You came in a few minutes later with your sketch and supplies. You closed the scarlet curtains behind you before walking over to prep his arm.
As you sat in relative silence, Soap asked, "So what do the tattoos mean, Lass?" You finished your prep work and were working on the correct tattoo placement. "Travels from around the world. I took it upon myself to get a tattoo in every new country."
With that, you offered him a mirror so he could approve of the sketch and placement. The tattoo rested on his right bicep and he made sure to look at it at every angle and made sure to flex for your enjoyment.
"Alright, muscle man, this should only take a few hours as long as you don't pass out on me," you said and began to tattoo your next masterpiece. During the next two hours, you made conversation about the tattoos meaning, his life in Scotland, and you even shared more intimate details about your travels.
The hours flew by like minutes to Soap as you let him know you were finished. He admired the detailed flower and you handed him some care instructions with some cream. "And your buddy paid for you ahead of time, so you're all set, Mohawk" you replied and Soap got off of the chair.
"See you around, my world-class woman," he joked as he exited the door. You slightly cringed, wondering if writing your number on the tube of aftercare cream was a good idea or not.
Tumblr media
gaz - primary school teacher
Gaz looked at himself in his flat's mirror. He brushed a hand over his freshly cut hair and evened out his dress shirt. "Just a favor for a friend," he said to himself as he walked to catch the next tram. Two days ago, an old colleague during his days working with the metro police force had reached out to him. They called in a favor, "Kyle c'mon it's just a couple of primary students, all you need to do is give a little talk about stranger danger." Knowing he had nothing else better to do, Gaz agreed.
As he signaled the tram to stop, Gaz looked at the brown brick building reminding him of his younger days. Gaz walked in, checking in with the receptionist who directed him to the classroom where he'd be giving his talk. He was early, the school had not yet opened but he was asked to have the presentation at the beginning of class before the children's lessons. He admired the walls filled with the artwork of the students, silly attempts at drawing their families. He finally reached your classroom, noting the smiling sunflower on your opened door. He knocked softly and he saw you lift your head to greet him. If he had known you would be so beautiful, he would have not needed his friend's encouragement.
"Ah you must be Sgt. Garrick," you said, beginning to get up from your desk to greet him. You smoothed out your skirt and placed your glasses down. "It's just Kyle," he said and returned your friendly smile and warm handshake.
"Well Kyle, the children should be arriving in a few minutes. I'll get them settled and introduce you for your small talk today," you said with a grateful nod. You motioned for him to sit at your desk as you stood at your door to greet your excited second-year students. Gaz played on his phone and smiled as he heard you return the children's happy good mornings with a similar high-energy one. The students began to file in, placing their bags in their cubbies, and sitting with their friends. You heard small whispers from the children, wondering what you were doing at their teacher's desk. He let out a chuckle when he heard one boy whisper, "Is that Miss Y/N's husband? He's sitting in her chair."
Finally, with all the children in their seats, you walked to the front of the classroom and greeted your students warmly. "Good morning everyone, today we have a very special guest with us. This is our friend, Kyle, and he's here today to tell you all a little something before we start our lessons."
Kyle knew this was his cue, he rose from your desk and swapped places with you at the front of the room. "Hi everyone, today I'm going to teach you smart kids about something called 'Stranger Danger'." The children oohed in response as Kyle waved his hands in a fake menacing manner. You smiled as he was a natural. The children were attentive, writing down the information as he spoke and working together with their classmates to fill out the worksheet answers. Kyle ended his talk and asked if anyone had any questions. One child raised her hand and Kyle called on her. "Is Miss Y/N a stranger? I'm confused."
"I'm your teacher, Amelia. Teachers that you know aren't strangers," you responded and Kyle nodded in agreement. Another kid raised their hand and asked, "But you aren't Kyle's teacher, so you're a stranger to him."
Before either one of you could respond, his friend boasted, "It's because they're married, your Mum and Dad aren't strangers to each other." Both you and Kyle shared a look and he saw the soft blush rise to your face. "Ah we're just friends," he said and saved you the embarrassment.
Little did Kyle know, his email would chime that night with a thankful message from you along with your number at the bottom asking him to breakfast that weekend.
Tumblr media
ghost - veterinarian
Unlike most people, Ghost loved the quiet ambiance of London's rainfall. The streets were empty and peaceful as people were cozying up in their homes with a blanket. Enjoying the evening air and cold, he walked with an umbrella in one hand and a warm cup in the other. His boots resounded on the cobblestone street as he sipped his Earl Grey tea. His chest was warm from the bold citrus and bergamot liquid. This was, in his opinion, an ideal leave well spent.
The rhythmic rain fell and his walking was interrupted by a soft mewing. Simon hurried down the street to find the source of the noise. In front of a grocer's, he noticed a small cardboard box being drenched by the unrelenting rain. He placed his cup down and gently lifted the box. Underneath was a small grey cat, cuddled into a ball to experience some semblance of warmth. Simon placed his umbrella to shield the box and lifted the tiny meowing animal into his hands.
As he cradled the cat to his chest, he heard a click of heeled boots behind him. He turned his now-drenched head to notice you walking up with a bright orange umbrella adorned with cat paws. "Excuse me, Sir, but is he yours?" you asked gesturing to the ball of grey that laid meowing in his arms. "Uh he's not, I found this little fella underneath this box here."
"Ah a Good Samaritan, I see. Well, I own the veterinarian shop down the way, I can take him off your hands if you'd like and make sure this little lad gets the care he needs," you said and offered a hand to hold the kitten. You noticed his slight hesitation and said, "If you'd like, I'll give you my card so you can take the little one home when he's all better."
"That would be nice," he smiled underneath his black face mask. Simon loved animals, never being permitted to have one as a child. As you held the kitten in your arm, you handed him your umbrella. He initially tried to refuse but you insisted saying, "You're soaked, I'll be alright." You ended with a small giggle which made Ghost warmer than his now cold cup of tea.
"The least I can do is walk you back to your shop," he replied a little too quickly. He instantly realized the surprising force he had said that with and followed up with, "You know, just so you and Earl Grey can make it there in this weather.
"Earl Grey, I like that. That's my favorite order, especially on days like this." Simon moved slightly behind you, holding the umbrella to shield the three of you on your walk. The air was filled with the familiar scent of rain and the notes of your floral perfume. "I'm Dr. L/N by the way, but most people just call me, Y/N," you said as you continued on your way. "I'm Simon, a pleasure to meet you doc."
Three weeks later Simon's house was filled with all the necessities for a new cat father. As he grabbed his coat, he pulled out a water-stained business card with the vet's office address and your number written on the back. He smiled to himself as he traced his fingers over the small handwriting saying, "To Earl Grey's owner, fancy a cup of tea with me?"
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Price being so needy that he just picks you up and eats you out against the wall just holding you up. He just needs to taste you so bad.
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andreas-river · 6 hours
I request a clumsy!Reader that literally fell (tripped) by the Boys feet and in turn the boys ‘fell’ for the reader when they met eyes to make sure they were okay. Feel free to skip if too much :)
Warnings: none, a lot of fluff, no body description so gn!reader, including only Ghost, König and Price.
A/N: hello anon! I really hope I met your expectation for this, but lately I've been feeling extremely burnt out. Hope you'll enjoy!
Tumblr media
It wasn't new for him to seeing you like that: being tired from a mission, losing all you grace and precision, becoming extremely clumsy and distracted, your focus now gone for good.
Everyone was walking out from the briefing room, eager for some food or rest: you didn't realize the presence of Ghost at your side, or the fact that you literally tripped on his boots, losing your balance - and being sure that you were gonna hit the ground like a sack of potatoes.
But a pair of hands held you even before you realize, your face turning so fast in his direction that black dots filled your vision for some seconds.
At that moment - when he see your beatiful eyes, he realizes that you aren't the one who almost fell to the ground. He almost loses himself in your gaze, a grateful smile adorning you face, thanking him for the help.
Seeing you walk away after that, he's now pretty sure that he really fell hard, and only for you.
Tumblr media
You were always a bit of an clumsy person, from your mannerisms to your habits: one was to never look where you were walking.
Many times you would trip over objects on the floor or the edges of furniture, and König had by then developed the habit of checking you out - and always being ready to hold you in case you lost your balance.
Yet that night, you hadn't really paid attention to how he was sitting on the couch, ready to sleep on it - since you didn't have another bed available in your apartment.
Tripping over him was exactly the kind of thing you didn't want to do, and ending up on top of him was just too weird.
König had reacted immediately, grabbing you by the arms and keeping part of your balance for you, ending up with your faces very close, your eyes lost in each other.
His blue eyes remained locked in yours, for seconds that seemed countless. He was lost in the shades of your irises, sinking into you and swimming in something that, to him, felt like heaven.
You were smiling, your cheeks tinged crimson red up to your ears, yet seeing your eyes so close to his, bathed in your scent so familiar, he came to think that it was not you who had fallen, but him - and far more than he thought.
Tumblr media
Price had been genuinely surprised at how clumsy you were outside of missions: it was as if you were turning into another version of yourself, and deep down he could only agree with you: it was kind of your way of blowing off steam, often from the adrenaline left in your system.
Lately, you had noticed that the best place to relieve yourself was at the gym, and with a pair of headphones and some music you had been immersing yourself in your own world, not paying attention if anyone approached you.
Lifting some weights, you hadn't heard Price calling to you, but as soon as you felt someone touch your shoulder, you instinctively turned around, dropping the weights on the floor, and your feet tripped over his, sure that you would fall weightlessly to the floor- but it didn't happen.
"Music too loud?"
Hearing his voice you realized that one of the earbuds had fallen out, your eyes fixed on his: blue as the sky, and somehow, brighter than usual.
And realizing that you were held tightly in your Captain's arms.
On the other hand, Price couldn't help but look at you in turn, not even paying attention to your attempts to apologize as your cheeks turned red.
He helped you to your feet after a few seconds, but he knew that if he could, he would remain immersed in your eyes forever.
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konigsblog · 7 hours
It's thundering and raining heavy. So soft, lazy side sex under the cover with a lot of touching and kissing with price. He built a roof with large windows in and under one of them is the bed you both are occupying at the moment. So it's kind of dark because of the weather and just perfect
definitely spoon fucking :( i usually write more aggressive kinks but i love thissss;
sucking brusies onto your neck, slowly thrusting himself inside you, his cock aching and hard, drooling into your wetness. your slick coating his length, soft moans and whimpers running through your lips, grasping at the bedsheets whilst, your other nestled in his chestnut locks.
you can feel how gentle he is with you, his body pressed snug against your own, moving his lips and kissing you deeply and adoringly. slipping a tongue in, repetitive soft and affectionate kisses placed around your lips, neck and cheeks, causing you to smile with adoring eyes :(
the rain splashing against the window, it's so peaceful. the dark night sky showing off the light and bright stars, the moon radiating a cold glow. the thunder snapping loudly, your body jumping and cuddling closer into him, his hand palming and pawing at your soft breaths, the other wrapped around your stomach. broad, soft hips stuttering inside your hole, releasing his potent semen and filling you until it seeped and oozed out of you. :((((((
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xyziiix · 3 days
Please send me smutty Price requests! Going through a price phase rn 😮‍💨
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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d0youc0py · 9 hours
Omg hi!! Could you do make a pt 2 of fights and fast cars?... Maybe the reader divorcing John Price and well... not forgiving him for what he's done?
Tumblr media
If you asked anyone what Captain John Price was most proud of in his whole life, they knew without a doubt his answer would have something to do with you. He took such pride in you and his relationship with you. He lived off of the way you looked at him. The way he was able to keep that lovestruck glint in your eye no matter how long the two of you had been together. He reveled in the feelings he got when someone asked him how he was able to keep someone like you so infatuated with him. He couldn’t help but puff his chest when someone came to him for relationship advice, because there was one thing no one could ever deny:
John Price was a fantastic Husband.
He was a fantastic husband.
That night changed everything. He took the easy way out. Leaving an ‘I’m sorry’ note on the fridge before he left for three months. The first week he was away he had the chance to call you. Pour his heart out, beg you for forgiveness. Remind you how much he loves you. How he would kill and be killed for you in a heartbeat. Yet he just stood there. Staring at the small burner phone in his shaking palm.
He hated himself enough for the both of you.
Everyone quickly noticed the shift. The always present loveglow he had was completely gone. He was a ghostly color- besides the red the that never left his eyes. He was completely dead. Only speaking to bark something out. They didn’t know the pain he was in. His heart constantly constricting in his chest. He wasn’t able to sleep because all he could think about was the sobs that left your body that night. He could hear them all the way from the living room. The look of complete and utter heartbreak as you watch the love of your life beat you down with words. He had shattered your world completely. He knew the comfort you found in him. He was a natural protector and he scared you more than anyone ever had. It was the most torturous experience of his life. Yet all he did was sit there and let silent tears roll down his face.
He hated himself enough for the both of you.
That still doesn’t mean he was prepared for the sealed envelope on his desk. He shook his head choosing not to believe it even as his eyes skimmed over the words: Petition for Divorce. He calmly got up and locked his office door- spending the rest of the day getting drunk and sobbing in the dark room.
He ended up throwing the papers away.
Another envelope arrived on his desk exactly five days later. The same contents inside.
He threw those away too.
He thought maybe if he ignored it it would go away. You were upset at him- rightfully so- and this was your way of getting back at him. Threatening to take away the most important thing in his life, you. It was five days later when a man appeared standing outside his office.
“John Price?”
“No.” He responded quickly.
“You’re not John Price?” The man’s brows furrowed.
“I don’t want whatever it is you have.” John growled, unlocking the door to his office. The man followed him inside not waiting for an invitation. The room smelled heavily of tobacco. Cigarettes and cigars had been put out all over the room and dodging empty bottles was a workout in its own. The man looked around the room like he was collecting evidence against John. Maybe he was.
“You’ve made that clear.” The man sighed. “I’m Henry Sullivan of Sullivan and sons”-
“Are you a Sullivan or a son?” John sneered, leaning back in his desk chair. Henry offered him a curt smile.
“I know this is a rough time for you.” Henry empathized taking another slow look around the room. “This is what your wife wants though.”
John’s face curled, he jaw clenched tightly. The tears seemed to be never ending as his eyes welled up again.
“No she doesn’t.” John responded. “She’s punishing me- which I deserve. But she doesn’t want this.” He spat.
“John.” Henry sighed. He took it upon himself to clean off a seat and sit across from John. “Your wife describe to me what happened that night. I think she’s being very generous in her asking for alimony given how things ended. If you don’t take this deal then we’ll have to take another course of action that’ll cost you much, much more.”
“She can have it.” John sighed. “I’m not signing the papers.”
Henry sighed and nodded his head.
“You’re just going to hurt her more John.” Henry groaned, standing up. John shooks his head, continuing his streak of denial. “You still have seventy days to sign those papers before she is automatically granted a divorce.”
John’s head snapped up.
“How can she get a divorce if I don’t sign it?”
“You can’t force someone to be with you John.” Henry closed the door behind him.
You can’t force someone to be with you.
Those words rang over and over in his mind. A dark cloud of shame fell over John for what seemed like the millionth time in the past three weeks. A pained groan left his lips. His head was throbbing, his eyes burned and he had forgotten how it felt to not have a wince worthy ache in his chest.
He meant it when he said you could have everything. All he needed was a hundred a week to spur his addictions. You could have all the money in the account- and any money that would be deposited in the future. He could live in his office.
Maybe he could get your wedding album. He doubted that you would want it anyways. It would just be a reminder of how he let you down.
There was a knock at the door. Groaning he stood up, his feet kicking bottles across the room as he walked.
“For you Captain.” A mail girl held up a neatly sealed envelope for him. He didn’t bother any pleasantries and shut the door.
“It never fucking ends.” He grumbled. Yet he didn’t want it to end. That would mean you were gone. No return address. He ripped it open.
When did you give up so easily?
Your handwriting. He sunk to the ground, catching himself enough to stumble to the couch.
I really mean that little to you?
You meant everything to him.
Please sign the papers so we can both move on.
He would never be able to move on.
He placed the paper gently on the desk grabbing a pen and paper of his own.
Three hours and twenty seven pages later- he was finished. He had poured everything out. Tears stained the paper- showing his sincerity. Spelling mistakes and messy handwriting a sign of his urgency. You had been right. He’d been treating you like you were the one who was in the wrong.
He sealed the papers, brushing past people as he made his way down to the mail room.
He didn’t know if this would fix anything.
He couldn’t bear the thought of you thinking you meant so little to him.
Even if you divorced him and this letter didn’t change anything. He would spend the rest of what little life he had making sure you knew how much you meant to him.
Part One: Here
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mangowafflesss · 9 hours
TF141, LV and König with a s/o who babbles all the time 👉🏻👈🏻 I'm alone at home most of the time, so babbling myself become my habit...
◈ Doesn't really realise you're just talking to yourself
◈ Answers you while reading his book
◈ When you said something weird he finally realised you were talking to yourself and not him
◈ Chuckles to himself and keeps an eye on you
◈ He walked passed your room and he stopped when he heard you talking
◈ You were mainly saying nonsense but he was deeply confused
◈ Were you talking to someone else?
◈ When he finally put two and two together, he figured you were just babbling to yourself
◈ You were sitting next to him on the sofa and he heard soft talking
◈ Kyle turned to see your lips moving while you softly spoke some words
◈ He disrupted you and your cheeks heated up in embarrassment as he caught you
◈ Thinks you are so cute
◈ He knew you straight up spoke to yourself at random points of the day
◈ He thought it was weird at first but then when he heard what you were saying he left you alone
◈ Its just background noise to him now
◈ Finds a small amount of comfort knowing you're somewhere close just babbling away
◈ He totally understands
◈ When he grew up he didn't have many friends so he also spent most of his time babbling to himself
◈ Often listens and smiles at you from afar
◈ If anyone thought it was weird, he would use his scary presence to make them say sorry and run away
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d00bmiee · 18 hours
John Price Brain-Rot Head Cannons
(so so so so sorry I haven't been uploading as much, I've been really busy recently but I'll try to post over the weekend ♡)
He would honestly love to take you on a fancy dinner date. He wants to take you to the opera and then take you to most expensive restaurant he can afford. He knows nothing about opera but thinks it would be fun to attend with his S/O. He'd trim his beard, get in the closes thing he has to a tuxedo (a dress shirt, tie and trousers that he hasn't worn since a family friends wedding) and give you a necklace which he decided on buying with the help of Kate.
He loves making dinner with you. Helping you cook as much as he can, though you both messed up dessert but it tasted good. He genuinely loves spending time with you in a domestic way or in any way in general.
I feel like he has either the neatest most 18th century type handwriting or just 4 year old scribbling doctor like handwriting. No one else can decipher his writing but him, though sometimes he cant even understand it.
He gives his S/O pet names like darling, honey, sweetheart and even on the one occasion "hot stuff".
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mockerycrow · 9 hours
Hihi, okay, I have a request!
Can I request how 141(mostly ghost & price but whoever you want) + König would react if their s/o has scoliosis? But it's a really, really bad day, and every subtle movement is nothing but pain? And could you possibly add their back seizes so bad they can't breath or move for like a few minutes? That happened to me earlier in a pizza joint 😣
I've cried so many times today from pain, and I can't stand up straight, and I'm leaning sideways leaning tower of fxckery over here
Please and thank you!
Ghost + Price Comfort GN!Reader With Scoliosis
Tumblr media
cod masterlist
A/N: I only did these two, i hope that’s ok! also, warning—i do not have scoliosis, so i did some quick research for this. please let me know if it’s inaccurate and i will immediately edit this <3 i’m also sorry youre in so much pain!!! “birdie” is not a callsign, just a nickname to switch it up!
[WARNINGS: physical pain, military inaccuracies, hurt/comfort.]
Tumblr media
-> John Price
Price is aware that you have scoliosis and he knows that it can be quite painful, but he hasn’t gotten the chance to witness how truly painful it could be for you. He’s seen you wince and sit down in unconventional locations in an attempt to alleviate the pain radiating in your back, your braces, everything.
Today is a day where he hasn’t seen you all day, besides in the morning to collect the paperwork that you needed to do by the end of the week. He found it odd when you collected it all at once as you usually space it out between days, but he didn’t stop to think about it.
He hasn’t even seen you leave to get anything to eat or drink and it’s 1100, and you got up at 0600. That’s when John decides to grab you a cup of your favorite drink from the common kitchen area and head to your office, as well as a cup of tea for himself.
John manages to get the door open with both hands full—somehow—and that’s when he finds you hunched over your paperwork, your thumbs digging into the inner corners of your eyelids, pressing until those large block splotches appear behind them. He pauses for a moment, noticing the way you didn’t even perk up at the door opening.
“Y’alright?” He asks in a slow tone, watching the way you jolt from your position. Your eyes open and they land on John and you look miserable, cold sweat dripping down your temple from pain. “Mhm, just.. a flare-up.” You wave your hand in air as if to dismiss your pain, causing him to walk over to your desk.
John places your cup down—thankfully in a blank spot that isn’t covered by paperwork—and he stares at you for a moment with a non-believing look. “Is there anything I can d-“ He’s cut off by a low, pained whimper from you; you shove your face into your hands, as if to hide from him.
Your breath hitches, like you can’t breathe, and John begins to panic. He puts his cup of tea down somewhere on the desk and puts a hand on your back, speaking lowly and gently. “Darling, I need you to talk to me before I drag you to medical..”
You take a deep breath, sending sharp pains shooting through your body. You manage to push out “muscle relaxers” and “NSAID”. John processes your words and his shifted to something serious, like he was on an actual mission. He goes around to behind the desk and finds the bottles in the upper right-hand side drawer.
John opens both bottles and grabs the correct amount of medicine, and he grabs your cup. “Open,” he murmurs, planning on feeding you the medicine. You take a quick breath and open your mouth and John swiftly feeds you some of your drink, pops the pills in your mouth, allows you to swallow and lets you drink some more.
“Good.” His voice is low and comforting, and he presses a kiss against your tear stained cheek, his thumb coming up to wipe your tears away. “When you’re ready, lovie, let’s move you to your couch. Heard hold and cold things may help, too.” He feels terrible as he watches you struggle to breathe, your muscles spasming terribly, sending excruciating pain through your muscles. John wishes he could take this pain from you.
-> Ghost
You’re moving supplies for the base, big crates full of food, MRE’s, medical supplies and more when you feel the familiar pain begin your back and radiating down your leg. You wince from a spark of pain settling into your joints of your leg. You, being stubborn, refuse to sit down at first; “work through the pain” is your motto most of the time.
And most of the time, that does not work at all. Johnny, who is unloading the crates with you along with two recruits, notices your pace slowing and you only slow when something is up. He watches you closely for a moment before he speaks up, walking next to you as you carry a crate to the loading area. “Y’know, bonnie, ya can take a break? We’ve got it.” He insists, watching the way you bend down slower than earlier to place the crate down.
“I’m fine.” You respond—if you don’t think about it, it’ll go away.. right? That was your second mistake, the first being offering to help when your back was already aching a bit earlier. Johnny sighs and grabs the next crate you pick up from you, causing your eyebrows to furrow. “Go rest, you need it.” Johnny says, pausing for a moment with a smirk. “Don’t make me get the L.T.”
You mimic his voice childishly “dOn’T mAkE mE gEt ThE L.T.” before picking up another crate, securing your fate. Johnny texts Ghost and within a few minutes, he walks into the loading area and you make eye contact, groaning half with annoyance, half from pain. “I’m fine.” You try to insist, but your tone is a bit weak, and you wince from the pain—a nerve in your spine is probably being pinched by this point.
You lift a crate and Ghost swiftly snatches it from your hands, and your jaw drops and you look up at him to argue, but his gaze is intense, silently telling you to listen. He protrudes authority with just his presence, much like his captain. Ghost has seen you have scoliosis related problems before, so he places the crate down on the ground and he grabs your hand. He doesn’t yank you along in fear of hurting you further, but he does guide you to your office.
“You need to start taking better care of yourself, birdie.” He eyes you as he has you sit down on the couch, walking over to your desk and opening the drawer he has memories your medications stay on. You grumble and attempt to adjust your position to feel more comfortable. “I do take good care of myself.”
“I said better, yeah?” Ghost pours the medications into has hand and walks over to you, dropping the medicine in your out-stretched palm. You want to be stubborn and snap back at him, but at that very moment, a sharp pain shoots through you and your muscles begin to spasm. You whimper and you blink, within a second, Ghost is sitting next to you, pulling you against him. “Shh, let it pass..” He mutters, his voice unnaturally soft, but still rough around the edges. “I’ll grab you some water soon, birdie. I’ll stay here as long as you need.”
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empresskylo · 2 months
can you do something with the cod men when you're mad at them? like how they would react to that?
includes: simon, könig, johnny, price, & alejandro. afab!reader; referred to in feminine terminology. nsfw content! a/n: i got a little carried away with ghost's so his is quite a bit longer than the others. my bad.
♡ he doesn’t like when you’re mad at him, but he also doesn’t let it bother him too much. he’s glad you care enough to actually get mad at him. it’s a weird way of him knowing you care deeply about him. but it only infuriates you more when you’re cursing him out and he’s just standing there smiling at you.
♡ ghost likes to think that sex is the answer to everything with you. and i mean…. i wouldn’t complain.
♡ you were sitting down on simon’s bed, annoyed and pouting. you had rehearsed what you were going to say to him over and over in your head as you waited, pissed.  the anger inside you skyrocketed the second ghost appeared at his door. he sauntered over to you, clearly seeing the ire spreading over your features. “what’s wrong, pet?” he asked you, his hand reaching out and skimming your chin softly. he tilted your head up with one bent finger so you were looking at him. “you mad at me?” you could hear the playfulness in his tone. god, his voice was so attractive when he spoke lowly like that. you momentarily forgot the entire reason you were sitting here waiting for him.  “I think that’s quite obvious.” you scoffed, shaking your head out of his grip.  “mmm. want to get it out of your system then, yeah?” he asked. you knew he didn’t mean letting you curse him out while he sat there and took the beating. he meant fucking you. you clenched your fists as ghost stroked his fingers through your hair, twirling the end of a strand absentmindedly.  “simon,” you began, ready to chew him out. before you could finish your sentence, simon was hunched over, his hands on his knees, level with you, placing a kiss on your jaw, his hand somehow grabbing your rising wrist without looking as you reached up to push him away. then he kissed your neck, and back up to your jaw. he saw the goosebumps rise on your flesh. he hovered his lips above yours. you could feel them ever so slightly as you spoke. His hand still clutching your wrist in his.  “we can’t just fuck every time we’re mad at each other,” your voice was much less confident now compared to mere moments ago.  ghosts eyes darted between your own, kissing just below your lips then hovering above them again. “sure we can." you gulped as simon pushed you back on his bed. you gave such little resistance that you wanted to scold yourself for being so weak. You saw ghost smile, knowing you were succumbing to him, barely able to even put up a fight. It was so fucking easy for him. You wanted this as much as he did. his hands teased the hem of your shirt as he finally connected your lips together. his tongue entered your mouth as his hands moved south, slowly unbuttoning your pants.  you groaned into the kiss, ghost’s fingers teasing your slit over your underwear. He pulled away and yanked your jeans the rest of the way off.  he left kisses along the inside of your thigh, stopping at your clothed core. he hooked his fingers along the hem of your panties and pulled them down painfully slow. he settled himself back between your legs, his hands sliding up to your waist and yanking you closer to the edge of the bed making you gasp. “m’sorry, pet,” he cooed, his voice laced with lust. you whimpered as he attached his lips to you, and began sucking and licking. your hands gripped the bed sheets as you felt one of his fingers slide inside of you, his mouth working your clit simultaneously. “m’sorry,” he mumbled against you.  you could barely hear him as you let him pump his fingers inside you, his mouth making obscene noises as he devoured you.  right before you were about to come, he paused. you whined as a now shirtless simon hovered above you. He pried the shirt from your body and leaned his head down to place kisses on your neck as he mumbled apologizes. “m’sorry. m’sorry. m’sorry. ” he whispered against your skin. he kissed your nipple then sucked it into his mouth. you groaned when he released it with a pop. “do you forgive me, pet?”  his hands came up to knead your breasts. you tried to clear your head as you spoke but it was hard when simon was sending waves of pleasure through you, making you arch your back into him.  “you don’t even know why i’m mad,” you said breathlessly.  you cried when ghost pulled away from you, a fist on either side of your head holding himself up. he looked you up and down before he spoke. “do you forgive me?” he asked again, ignoring your previous comment. god, why did he have to be so difficult sometimes? 
you sighed, most of your anger washed away the second he started kissing you anyways.  “yes. i forgive you.”  he smiled, “that’s my sweet girl,” he cooed before entering you without warning. you gasped, your hands immediately reaching up to hold on to him, nails digging into his back. “that’s right, pet. show me how angry you are.” he began to ram into you, your nails scratching and clawing at him, drawing blood, your head lulling in pleasure. ghost kissed your collarbone, then up your neck, then your lips. He groaned at the pleasure mixed with the pain from your claw-like fingers on his back. “Jesus. fuck—simon,” you mewled. his hips rocked against yours at a steady pace.  “tell me why you were mad at me.” you noted how he used the past tense and mentally rolled your eyes. “what?! now?” he didn’t slow his movements, giving you a serious look. he always wanted you to soften and forgive him before he even found out what it was you were pissed off about. He had a backwards way of looking at things. you told him through moans and gasps why you were mad. it sounded silly now that he was balls deep inside you. he didn’t stop rutting against you the entire time you talked. he laughed as you struggled to get the words out in coherent sentences, losing your place multiple times as he ground his hips rather harshly. “m’sorry,” he said again, but for an actual reason this time. he placed a soft kiss on your lips. “forgive me?” he asked, his eyes looking between your own, his hands pulling your hips up so he could hit you deeper. you basically screamed “yes! yes, i forgive you.”  simon groaned loudly, your walls fluttering around him, both of you orgasming in sync. he spilled inside you, his seed overflowing as he continued to pump lazily into you, every move making him growl before collapsing on top of your body. he rolled over so you lay on top of him now, his hand stroking your hair as he held you, a large, self-satisfied smile on his face as he looked down at you.
Tumblr media
♡ he hates when you’re mad at him. he can read it so easily on your features. it hurts to know he somehow hurt you. “what did i do?” he’d ask the moment he saw your brows furrowed and nose scrunched.
♡ he makes up for it by apologizing and promising to do better. promising to fix whatever it is you’re upset with him about.
♡ and he likes to drown you in sweet gestures. he’ll give you your favorite flowers, make you dinner, swoop in to lift something heavy that you were trying to life on your own, offer to carry you if you look even the slightest bit tired. and that’s not to say he doesn’t do that kind of stuff already, but he goes overboard when he knows you’re mad. he does it to the point that you finally break, usually laughing. 
♡ “i got that,” könig mumbles as he takes the heavy box out of your hands and sets it on the table. you scowl at him but say nothing. he watched you as you tried to grab another box from up high. he beats you to it, “got it,” he says. you turn to stare at him. “i can do this myself,” you mumble like a child. “i know,” he says softly. you roll your eyes.  later that day, he’s already stolen the dirty dishes from your hands and washed them, tied your shoe you when you started to reach down, grabbed a mug from a high cabinet and handed it to you. you were slowly breaking. when you began pulling off your hoodie, hot from all the running around, you felt two large hands slide over yours, stealing the hem from you and pulling it off. you couldn’t contain your giggle. “jesus, könig.” he smiled at you once the material was shed and began folding it in his arms.  he nudged you and you rolled your eyes playfully, letting him wrap his arm around you and kiss the top of your head.
Tumblr media
♡ doesn’t like when you’re mad but also never thinks he’s wrong. however, my guy is smart enough to never admit that. he’s happy to admit to any fault, it’s almost infuriating how much of the blame he’s willing to accept. you even tried tricking him once: pretending to be mad at something you knew he didn’t do. he apologize immediately, pulling you into him and kissing the top of your head. you didn’t have the heart to tell him this was all a trap.
♡ he thinks it’s funny when you’re mad. even though he’ll take the brunt of your anger, he can’t help but chuckle. “what’s so funny?!” you asked in the midst of ripping him a new one. “just like the way your face gets all scrunched up when you’re mad,” he said before booping the top of your nose. “can we focus here, please?!”  “right, sorry, love. back to it then,” he said waving his hand in the air, encouraging you to continue your scolding.
♡ it makes it hard to stay mad at him for long. you always fold. he just accepts his wrongs to easily when it comes to you. “i’m still mad,” you mumble after letting your anger go as price took your words to heart, saying he was sorry, and promising to not hold back secrets from you.“yeah?” he asked a bit cheekily. he sauntered over to where you stood and wrapped his arms around you so your back was pressed to his front. he leaned down and kissed your cheek before talking softly. “and what could i do that would make you less mad?” his hands slid across your abdomen and down to your waistband. your instinctively fell back into his touch making him chuckle in his chest. “let me take care of you then, love.”
Tumblr media
♡ johnny hates when you’re mad at him, especially if he knows its something he did really wrong. He gets so stressed out when he knows he did something to piss you off. And of course, the guys–knowing how much it bothers him–like to tease him about it. 
♡ “uh oh,” gaz snickers. “She looks fucking pissed,” price remarks, crossing his arms, enjoying the panic that is rising on soap’s face. “Good luck, amigo,” alejando pats soap on the back as you approach.
♡ he’s such a soft himbo, i imagine it’s hard to stay mad at him anyways.
♡ soap runs his hand through his hair as he gazes down at you. “Shit, baby. I didn’t think that’d piss you off so much.” you scowl up at him. “I’m sorry, lass.” he dips his head to try and kiss you but you turn your head to the side. Pain fills johnny’s eyes as he sighs. He scratches the back of his neck, hating that you won’t even look at him. He falls to his knees, grabbing your attention. He grabs your hands, “i really am sorry, love,” he pleads.  You look at him with slight panic on your face. “Johnny!” you hiss. “People are looking! Get up! Please!” you plead, trying to pull at his hands to get him to stand.  “No. I deserve this. I have to pay for my sins,” you can hear the teasing tone in his voice. You roll your eyes, subduing a smile.  “You’re such an idiot,” you say laughing, still yanking at his hands. Soap takes that as his moment to stand up and bury his head in your neck before you have the chance to switch back to angry mode. He pulls you into him, kissing your neck and up towards your lips making you giggle with a hand on his chest.
Tumblr media
♡ kinda likes it when you’re mad at him??? He likes arguing with you, its fun getting you all riled up. He thinks its hot when you know what you’re talking about and you’re telling him whats what. And he loves the heat that sparks between the two of you were you’re both fuming and yelling at one another.
♡ “You got to be fucking kidding me, Alejandro.” “¿ahora que?” what now? he whined. He spun to face you, raising his brows and crossing his arms as if he had better things to do than put up with this right now. You were fuming with rage as he looked at you so expectantly. If your skin could turn the shade of a cherry tomato, it would have by now. You cussed Alejandro out, your hands raising and moving in the air as you yelled. Alejandro cursed back at you in Spanish, looking down at you with fire in his eyes. Finally, you both took a breath, your faces inches apart from one another having moved into each other’s space the more you argued, both of you having scowls plastered across your faces. You could practically feel the steam pooling out of your ears. “You have never been hotter to me than you are right now, mi amor,” he rasped out, his breath fanning across your lips. “God, you’re so infuriating!” He leaned into you, his hand snaking up and fisting your hair, pulling your head back so you had to look up at him. He gave you a devilish grin, “te encanta, bebe” you love it, baby. You let out a frustrated puff of air before your hands went up and grabbed the lapels of his shirt aggressively, yanking him down with all your strength to crash your lips together. He pushed you back so you slammed up against the wall, biting your bottom lip, drawing blood. You moaned, he grunted. You tore at his shirt and he slid his hand up to rest on your neck, putting just enough pressure to make you wet between your thighs. By the time this was all over, you would both be littered with bruises and scratch marks.
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141 and König crying in front of the reader for the first time? Can be angsty, can be sweet. Just how would that look like? Short lil blurbs would be MUCHOOO apriciated! ☺️
Hey! I can do this. I did a little mix of both. Hope this is what you were looking for😊🩷
141 + König Crying For The First Time In Front Of Reader
Warnings: crying, swearing, slightly angst, fluff
Tumblr media
Simon Ghost Riley-
You and Simon were taking a bath together, enjoying each other's company after a long week. You were facing him, legs planted firmly around his waist as you ran a bar of soap along his body.
Your eyes followed the bar as you began to observe the various scars that littered his torso. You'd seen them in passing, but your eyes never lingered on them like they were now.
Simon's breath hitched slightly as the feeling of the bar was soon replaced by your fingers, tracing over one of the larger scars that marred his skin.
Your fingers traced thoughtfully any scar within reach, and Simon watched how you admired each of them. Your bottom lip tucked in between your teeth as you traced a particularly large one.
"There is nothing ugly about you. You're so beautiful, Simon." You murmured, your eyes still transfixed on his scars, your fingers continuing to dance on his abdomen.
"You tryin' to memorize them?" He teased, his hands falling to rest on your arms gently.
"I want to know everything about you. Down to the last scar." You spoke, your eyes not lifting from his skin.
"They are the ugliest part of me."
Simon's world came crashing to a halt the moment those words left your mouth. Beautiful? You thought he was beautiful? Simon had been called a multitude of things, but beautiful? Never.
When you finally lifted your eyes back up to him, you were surprised to find a few stray tears rolling down Simon's cheeks. 
"Simon? Are you alright?" You asked, your voice dripping with concern. You'd never, not once, throughout your entire relationship seen the man cry and it broke your heart. "I didn't mean to make you cry."
Simon said nothing, only pulled you into his chest, pressing a soft kiss to your hair. Before you, he'd never had anyone touch him like you were just now. The gentleness of not only your voice but of your touch had Simon's cold heart thawing rapidly. You made him feel unequivocally safe, safe from the years of torment that followed him, and loved beyond a shadow of doubt.
"You make me feel like I'm worth loving." His voice came barely above a whisper next to your ear as he continued to hold you.
"That's because you are, Simon. More than you'll ever know."
Tumblr media
König awoke with a start, his heart stammering out of his chest. He looked over to you, in hopes to find some solace, but it did little to ease his racing mind.
You awoke moments later to the sounds of slight sniffles and heavy breaths from next to you.
"Kö? Honey, are you okay?" You asked, rubbing the sleep from your eyes as you sat up.
"You were…you were gone…and there was nothing I could do." He breathed out, his chest rising and falling rapidly as he struggled to regain his composure. He was sitting upright, and his grip was iron tight on the sheets in front of him.
Panic attacks weren't an uncommon occurrence for König, but this seemed to be taking a heavier toll on him than normal. 
"König, baby, what happened? Did you have a nightmare?" You asked as you gently cupped his cheek, turning it so he was facing you.
Your heart shattered as you took in his tear stained cheeks, something you'd never witnessed on him before. "Kö, talk to me."
"It felt so real, Maus. You were..you were dead. Right in front of me. And I couldn't save you." His body racked slightly with silent sobs as he threw his head into his hands. "They killed you. You were dead."
"Honey, I'm right here. Come here." You spoke, pulling your large husband into your arms. He laid his head against your chest, and you began to thread your feelings through his light brown locks, soothing him gently. "I'm not going anywhere, I'm right here."
You could feel Königs breathing begin to go back to normal, but he continued to cling into you as if you'd dissapear if he let go.
"Don't ever leave me, Maus." He spoke, his voice shaking slightly. "I can't live without you."
"I'm not going anywhere, Kö. I'm yours." You continued to massage his head soothingly before feeling his chest rise and fall deeply, signaling he fell asleep.
He awoke the next morning to find that he was still tucked into your chest, your arms still firmly wrapped around him. He decided it wouldn't be such a bad idea to sleep in, just a little longer.
Tumblr media
Kyle Gaz Garrick-
"You don't have to go on this mission, Kyle. Even John said that it's optional. Our anniversary is next week. Does that mean nothing to you?" You felt tears beginning to form in the corner of your eyes as you watched your husband pace the kitchen.
"Y/N, you're not listening to me. It's not like I have a choice. It will make me look bad if I say no." Kyle exclaimed, throwing his hands up in frustration.
"We always have choices, Kyle." Your voice was eerily calm, and it scared the shit out of him. "It's obvious I'm not yours."
"Babe, please don't make this out to be something it is not. You always do this. My job is important to me."
"And I'm not?" You asked, your voice shaking. "I..I can't do this anymore."
"What?" His heart dropped into his stomach at your words as he made his way toward you. "Don't say that."
"I'm going to go out for a bit. Clear my head." You gently pushed him away as you made to grab your car keys.
"Y/N, wait we need to talk about this." He rushed toward you, grabbing your wrist gently. "Please."
"There's nothing to say that hasn't been already said. I just need some air." You pulled your wrist away from him, and left the house.
You came home a few hours later, after some much needed alone time to parse through your thoughts.
"Kyle?" You asked, walking through the front door. "I'm home."
You made your way into the living room and found Kyle on the couch, his face stained red with tear marks.
"I…I thought you left me." He spoke, aggressively wiping away at the remaining tears. "I didn't know if you'd come back."
"Oh Kyle, I wouldn't have left you, not like that." You said, sitting next to him on the couch. "I just needed some air before I said something I'd regret. I just don't want to fight anymore."
"I don't, either. And I really, really don't want to lose you Y/N. I can not imagine my life without you." He grabbed your hands gently, holding them in his as he spoke. "I'll call of the mission. I was so wrapped up in impressing Price I didn't give a second thought to our anniversary, I'm so sorry."
"I know your job is important, but sometimes it feels like it's all that matters to you." You said, your eyes flickering down to your joined hands.
"That's not true at all, and I'm so sorry you feel that way. I'm going to do everything in my power to prove otherwise. I love you so much."
You gave him a warm smile before engulfing him in a tight embrace. "I love you too, Kyle."
Tumblr media
John Price- 
John's heart was leaping out of his chest. He'd just gotten a call from Simon while he was driving home after a mission, letting him know the base had received a ransom letter, saying that they had you in their custody.
John had never driven so fast in his life, his hands white knuckling the steering wheel as he drove well over the speed limit to get to your shared home.
"Y/N?" John called out, barging through the front door. His heart dropped when he heard no immediate answer. "Y/N, where are you?!"
He sprinted across the entire home, frantically looking for you, to no avail. He felt tears begin to pool at his eyes as he dropped to his knees on the floor. He'd never be able to live with himself if you'd gotten hurt because of him. You were his everything.
It was a few moments later when he heard the front door opening, and the sound of rustling bags.
"John! Baby, I didn't know you were coming home early. I would've been here!" You called out, walking through the front door, your hands filled with grocery bags. "I was just out doing some grocery shopping."
John felt the immense weight on his shoulders immediately vanish upon hearing your sweet voice and quickly turned to validate that you were, in fact, here, right in front of him. 
"Sweetheart?" You saw a few tears fall down his cheeks as he huffed out a deep breath in an attempt to compose himself. 
Your heart shattered as your eyes fell on his face. You'd never seen him cry before and didn't know what to do as tears continued to pour down his cheeks. "John, honey, are you okay?"
He stood and ran toward you, wrapping you in the tightest hug he could, his mind still not comprehending that you were there, that you were safe. "I thought they had you."
"Who? I'm safe, John. I'm here." You spoke, wrapping your arms around your fiancees' shoulders. "I'm okay."
"I was told that a group of mercenaries took you for ransom. I thought you were gone." John stood like that for some time, his firm grip not easing up in the slightest. "I'd do anything for you, you know what right?"
"I know. And I would do anything for you." You said, pulling away slightly to wipe at his wet cheeks.
"Let's go away this weekend. You and me." He set you down, watching your brows furrow at his words.
"John, I'm okay, we don't have-"
"I want to. I want to get away from the world, from this place. Just be you and I. Let me have that. Let me at least have a few days where I know you're safe." He pressed a kiss to your temple before smiling down at you. "Please."
"A weekend away with you doesn't sound so bad." You giggled, laying your head back down onto his chest.
"Damn right, it doesn't."
Tumblr media
Johnny Soap MacTavish-
"Quit jittering MacTavish, you're even making me nervous." Simon teased, shoving the groom playfully.
"Away an bile yer heid. What if they changed their mind?" Johnny couldn't control the anxiety he was having. He'd heard of wedding day jitters, but swore he wouldn't have them. How wrong he was.
"They love you, Johnny. I know they'll be here." Simon patted his shoulder reassuringly. "Don't know what git in their right mind would marry you, but what do I know."
Johnny's retort died in his throat as the music began, signaling your arrival. He clasped his shaking hands together in front of him, his eyes making their way to the aisle.
Johnny felt his breath hitch in his throat as you made your appearance, you looking as beautiful and radiant as ever, making your way down the aisle toward him. 
Unable to control his array of emotions, he felt tears begin to pool in his eyes as he kept his eyes locked on you. You'd never looked more beautiful than you had in that moment, and the fact that you were about to commit yourself to him and him alone for the rest of your life had Johnny nearly in a fit of tears.
Your smile was lighting up the entire room, and he was unable to keep his eyes off of you. The whole moment felt surreal to him, and he couldn't possibly think of a moment where he'd been happier than he was right now. The tears continued to stream down his face as you made your way down the final bit of the aisle to him.
When you finally made your way to him, the person who walked you down the aisle gave your hand to Johnny, and he swore he felt his heart stop beating at the way you looked at him.
Johnny had been through hell and back in his life, and the one constant beacon of hope, of light, was you. He'd never made any better decision, than the one he made to marry you.
"You look so beautiful, sweeheart." He cooed, a few final stray tears running down his cheeks. "I can't believe we are getting married."
"No cold feet?" You teased, your smile still melting his heart.
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sweet-as-an-angel · 2 months
MW2 Reaction to You Having an OnlyFans
Warnings: 18+, Non-Explicit Implied Sexual Content, Implied Sexual Imagery, Territorial MW2 👀, Possessive MW2  👀👀, MW2 having a Crush on Reader, Petnames, Profanity, No Pronouns used for Reader except ‘You’.
Tumblr media
Initially, he was in disbelief.
Denial, even.
But when you accidentally sent him a link to your OnlyFans instead of a link to the website of the restaurant you were visiting, Simon’s heart almost stopped.
You deleted the link immediately after, but it was too late.
The tab was already open on his browser.
Despite his agility and lightning reflexes, this situation is not one he’s going to be able to bounce back from quickly.
Will just stare at his phone for a minute or so before eventually starting to understand that yes, you did just send him evidence of your goings-on online.
And yes, you had just confirmed that you made intimate images of yourself accessible to whoever wanted them, though for a hefty fee.
You know your worth; you charge above average.
For days afterwards, the idea of you compromising yourself haunts him.
He doesn’t condemn you for your actions. Far from it !
He’s just surprised he hadn’t found out sooner. That he’d failed to read you well enough to know that this is what you did for work.
And, trying to justify to himself that it’s ‘just out of curiosity’ and ‘a need to confirm that it is actually you’ who is featured on the account, Simon buys a subscription.
He’s glad he waited a while since the appearance of a new subscription days after the incident is much less suspicious than receiving one right after.
Let’s just say, whatever morbid fancy Simon had before seeing your work transformed into a ravenous appetite after he’d seen what you had to offer.
Can’t see you the same way afterwards. But in the best way possible.
When he looks at you, he feels like he knows a secret.
Sure, he does feel creepy when you look at him, not knowing that he’s beaten himself off to videos and pictures of you approximately eight times that week.
But he tries to justify it. Again.
He’s supporting your business, he’s being a good friend (he winces when the word passes him by like a phantom), he’s…
He’s absolutely eneamoured with the way you look.
And the fact that he knows you personally – that he can (and has) heard you call his name – makes whatever little fantasy you’re acting out feel that much more real.
His favourite image of you is one where you have your arms bound above your head.
He always finds himself coming back to it.
Until one day he realises…How are you tying those ropes by yourself ?!
It’s impossible. Simon knows because he’s tried it on himself (don’t ask). So now he’s faced with the burning question of: Who is helping you with these shoots ?
And why isn’t it him ?!
Tumblr media
Didn’t realise what he’d stumbled upon at first.
One minute, he was checking your socials to see how you were doing while he was away.
The next, he was at a sign-up page for something he’d never heard about.
The fact that it asked for his bank details left him somewhat suspicious, but your endorsement of the site – your claim of it being ‘The best investment of your life &lt;3’ eased him into a false sense of security.
Oh, how König condemned his trusting nature.
Past the paywall, König didn’t know what to expect.
Whatever he could have dreamt of, he never expected it to be…this.
You in the most indecent images he’d ever seen.
Yes, König did scream when he realised what he was seeing. Yes, he did close the tab out of sheer panic.
After a minute, then two, he found the ability to breathe again.
His phone quivered in his hand, his grip a python about its glass neck.
Sighing shakily, König dared to unlock his phone.
Swallowing thickly, he approached the OnlyFans tab.
Opening it, he gasped, your likeness filling his screen and his mind once again.
“Oh, (Y/N),” he said, nobody else about to hear him save for himself. “What have you done ?”
After the aftershock fizzled out, König’s cheeks warmed.
Though, whether of anger, disappointment, or something else, he could not be sure.
He’d enjoyed thinking of the two of you as more than friends. For a while now, too.
And you hadn’t helped: not with how you took to his lap as if it were your throne, how you’d bend and hit him at just the right angle when he was behind you, reaching up for something.
Not with how you clung to him and whined his name at night when you slept over, always a doe-eyed look accompanying whatever minimal favour you were about to ask of him.
So to see you capitalise on yourself like this before he’d ever even seen your bare torso made him…
“I can’t let you get away with this, Engel,” he promised. Your smiling face was oblivious to his threat.
He palmed the bulge in his pants, his grip on his phone tightening.
“One way or another,” he found himself smiling. “You will be mine.”
Tumblr media
Buys a subscription immediately.
He genuinely only did it as a joke to embarrass you. At first.
A rather expensive joke, mind you.
He almost choked on his energy drink when he saw your lowest monthly rate.
He bought it.
And his mind promptly went blank.
When seeing a friend in a compromising position, one typically tends to look away, either out of respect or embarrassment.
Soap didn’t.
He couldn’t.
He just stared at the image of you with your legs spread and your face the image of viscous lust.
Only after every pixel of that image was burned into his memory could Johnny look down.
And there, between his legs, sat a growing, pulsing, aching problem.
One which he had been vaguely aware of yet entirely unwilling to accept.
Every time your likeness throbbed in his mind, he felt himself twitch.
He sighed, his hand a resting place for his face as a dark dawn of realisation washed over him.
For what was unlikely the first time, Soap dealt with himself to the image of you, a euphoria he’d never known before shooting through him now he had you to look upon in such delicious detail.
At first, guilt impeded him, strangled his chest, propelling the likelihood of you walking through his door at any minute and catching him like this.
But all caution threw itself to the wind as the promise of release clouded his judgement.
“Besides,” he told himself. “You let other guys do this. So why not me ?”
After he finished, post-nut clarity settling over him, Johnny couldn’t help but feel dirty.
Getting off to the image of his best friend in such gruesome detail while they were completely unaware…
Sure, he’d done it before, but the fantasies had been vague enough for Soap to evade guilt.
Until now.
But, even so, with the weight of his actions on his shoulders, Johnny couldn’t bring himself to loathe his actions.
Not when you made yourself up so pretty for him.
Something tells him that this won’t be the last time he visits your page.
Tumblr media
This woman is already possessive to the max, so to see you posting content of yourself at your most intimate angles is nothing short of infuriating.
Regardless of whether you’re hers yet or not (you already belong to her, Valeria just doesn’t have the official title of ‘girlfriend’ yet), she will have something to say about your page.
Of course, she’s upset. Angry doesn’t even begin to cover it.
But more than anything, she’s…
Hurt that you never told her about your little account. Hurt that you didn’t trust her enough to let her know that this is what you did for work.
You weren’t obligated to, but where Valeria is concerned, there is no excuse.
Will drive up to your house in the dead of night and interrogate you.
And when she’s got you crying and shaking and apologising for having a career, she consoles you.
“I’m not angry,” she says, her arms crossed over her chest. Her eyes are hard; black pearls. “Just disappointed.”
Female manipulator 100%.
She’ll tease you every now and then because of your account, nothing but playful banter (as she calls it). But you can tell there’s venom to her words.
Especially when she refuses to let you pursue it as a career anymore.
“Your body is for me to see alone, Mi Amor.”
Tumblr media
This DILF may not know how technology works, but he does know that he likes what he sees when a grotesque little picture of you floods his screen.
Don’t ask how he got here; that’s not important.
What is important is how full of you his mind is both during and after the initial discovery of your OnlyFans.
All he can think about as he’s scrolling through your portfolio is how devilishly sly you’ve been as to keep such an impressive career a secret from him of all people.
Like some kind of secret.
He’ll definitely tease you about it – drop eerily familiar turns of phrase into conversation with you, ones which you’d used on the captions of your pictures.
Calls you things which you refer to yourself as online: “Prince/Princess”, “Puppy/Kitty”, an extremely specific nickname that you’re certain you’ve never mentioned around him before.
He just loves watching you squirm under the false scrutiny in his eyes as you question yourself as to whether he’s found you out.
Little do you know that he’s your most generous benefactor, tipping you most ardently on your posts where the angle of the camera gives him a glimpse of what lays beneath the thin layers of your robe.
Comments something like ‘Fucking beautiful, Love. Keep up the good work for Daddy x’
And, when he’s ready to let you know that, yes, he has been following you for months, he’ll repeat that same sentence as his mouth is to your ear, his head just over your shoulder, as he guides your hands as he teaches you how to defend yourself.
And the feeling of your body stiffening, stepping back into him in disbelief and rubbing him just right is enough to send him over the edge, his breath shuttering, his hips pressing into yours.
Tumblr media
Despite the disciplinary values the military taught Horangi, nothing can restrain the sheer carnality brewing in his lower half as the video of you bent over a desk, an unknown antagonist taking you from behind filled his computer screen.
If it weren’t for your breathy, whining moans, your glassy eyes and the overwhelming fact that the person I like most is literally on full display in front of me, Horangi may have been mad enough to question who was railing you right now.
That, and why did one of his associates have a subscription to your OnlyFans ?
Better yet – since when did you have an OnlyFans ???
So many questions, and Horangi can’t focus on any of them.
His first instinct is to close the tab – to preserve your privacy, your dignity
But…something stops him.
Call it logic. Call it a sick need to fulfil his own desires, but Horangi stops just short of exiting the tab.
You’re putting this online with only a paywall to separate you from the common man. So why should he feel guilty for seeing it ?
Long story short, Horangi’s shame dies, and there is little that can resurrect it or stop what’s coming next.
For the rest of his mission, his mind drifts back to you – in that position – more often than he’d like it to.
Granted, his mind had wandered to such places long before now, but he’d never had anything so visual to fuel his fantasies save for a time or two when you bent over and your underwear peeked out from beneath your shirt whenever you slept over.
When he gets home – his long-awaited reprieve – he purchases his very own subscription to this newly-found slice of Heaven.
And he gives no indication that he knows of your activities, instead waiting for the day that you ask him for his help in filming your latest masterpiece.
Tumblr media
He may not look like it, but Alejandro is lowkey an internet sleuth.
I’m talking, you mention a YouTube video you watched once when you were younger that’s since been removed, based off a blurry thumbnail and Alejandro will finish your sentence like: “Oh, the one with that cat who steps on that leaf and jumps up its owner’s leg,”
So, finding your OnlyFans account isn’t exactly detective work for him when, after an outing with the boys™, he sees you get particularly jumpy when you pull out your phone.
Through the process of elimination, Alejandro concludes that you’re pursuing a more adult career.
And since he follows all your socials, he knows what your handle is likely to be.
And when he finds you in some rather compromising positions on your beloved little app, he can’t help but crack a smile.
“My, my, mi Corazon…What have you been up to ?”
He takes a leisurely stroll through your portfolio, makes a note of some noteworthy posts. Then, he makes a decision. An investment.
He purchases a subscription.
Sure, he could feel guilty about doing so – feel ashamed of his deep-rooted desire to see someone he’s seen as more than a friend exposed in ways he’s only dreamed of so far.
But he takes comfort in the fact that he’s admiring your artistry for what it is; hard work, dedication, and beauty.
Yeah, he still gets off to the stuff you post, but unlike the basement-dwellers who’ll pop a shot to a lewd picture of you and then go upstairs for their dino nuggies and their off-brand energy drink, Alejandro takes time, care, to really analyse your work – to see the colours you’ve used, the camera angles.
And to try and capture even a reflection of the guy who seems to “help” you in your productions.
Tumblr media
Screamed out loud the first time he caught sight of your page, which was open on Alejandro’s phone.
To be honest, he was too dazed by the risque picture of you in a very frail-looking swimsuit to consider the implications of Alejandro having access to your OnlyFans.
At first, he did the only thing he could think of – the gentlemanly thing to do.
Which was to look away; to grant you your privacy and pretend he’d seen nothing.
At first.
Rudy managed to make it a whole 24 hours before, after fighting a losing battle of wills with himself (one which he put little fight into the longer that image of you stewed in his mind), he found himself on your page. Again.
Shamefully, one might add.
And, much to his chagrin, he didn’t hate it.
Nor did it satiate his growing hunger for you.
And, considering how he already liked you well before making this discovery, Rudy is…conflicted, to say the least.
On one hand, you’re letting whoever has an internet connection and a bank card see you in ways that, even in his wildest imagination, Rudy never had.
Conversely, you’re letting whoever has an internet connection and a bank card see you in ways that, until now, Rudy never had.
Two sides of the same coin. Identical outcomes. It just all rested on how Rudy wanted to view the situation; as a hurdle, or an advantage.
A loyal follower of two months now, his evenings spent worshipping the visage of you in what one could barely consider clothing, Rodolfo chose the latter.
And you have no idea. And Rudy is going to keep it that way until he feels you’re ready to learn that your top contributor is the man who’s sat beside you right this second as you stay at his house for a sleepover; one upon which you rest your head and listen to the deceptively steady beating of his heart.
Tumblr media
Not that he would admit it, but he felt somewhat offended the first time he found out about your OnlyFans account.
Bruised his ego considerably ☹️
He took your self-sufficiency personally.
Did you not believe he could provide for you ? Is that why you turned to…adult practices ?
He sulked about it for a little while – about a day or two – before the fact that the person he’d been – dare he say it – crushing on for the last few months had an ONLYFANS ACCOUNT.
Needless to say, he hopped right back on his computer and got to buying your most elite subscription available.
Yeah, perhaps the idea that a couple thousand or so other weirdos were ooglign your body aside from himself bothered him. But he wasn’t exactly whiter than white himself, so he dropped the subject (with himself).
However, his jealous tendencies do lead him to some rather unorthodox places.
Has genuinely, seriously considered acquiring OnlyFans to try and get you scrubbed off the platform.
His accountant managed to (eventually) convince him otherwise after drilling it through his skull “How questionable this would look on your company record, Sir.”
And then, obviously, Graves decided to just try and buy the internet.
Bless him, he may be a CEO, but he isn’t a boyboss. Or tech-savvy.
Regardless, he eventually cools off and actually sees this situation as playing to his advantage.
He could already feel the cogs in his turning as he realised that you didn’t know he’d seen your account, nevermind contributed to it.
And thus began Philly’s plan to make you so financially dependent on him through anonymous donations and financial contributions. A hostile takeover, as it’s known in the trade.
Tumblr media
Since he is both the youngest and the most tech-savvy of the 141, he knows what he’s doing.
He’d heard a whisper while traversing your socials that you owned a fabled OnlyFans account.
And, like the good friend he was, instead of embarrassing you and asking you directly, he went on the hunt for it himself.
Okay, maybe he didn’t do this without your knowledge out of pure chivalry – rather a need to see if there was a possibility that, yes, you posted yourself online for money.
And, perhaps, a need to see if he can get his hands on some of those images himself…
Eventually, ever the internet sleuth he is, Gaz found your account.
And boy, did he underestimate what he thought he’d find.
“Jesus, (Y/N)...What have you been doing ?”
But that isn’t to say he didn’t like it.
On the contrary; he couldn’t help but feel drawn to it.
Especially when, in one of the pictures, he saw you drenched in a shirt of his he’d lent to you months ago. One which he still hadn’t gotten back.
He doesn’t pester you about it anymore. Even jokingly.
Though, he is somewhat envious that his shirt gets to be that close to you, especially in those conditions.
That, and…
Wait, who’s taking these pictures ?!
Not that you’d know this, but, his chest alight with the need to identify this mystery victor, those dark rings under Gaz’s eyes when you meet for lunch the next day are for you.
“Gaz, Sweetie, did you get into a fight or something ?”
And Gaz can’t bear to tell you how much an effect the jealousy you’d inadvertently inflicted on him has had on his psyche – had on his sleep schedule as he burnt through the night trawling every image and video of you for any identifying feature of your work partner.
As evidenced by the crusted tissues piling up in the bin beside his desk, to dry his tears and…other fluids.
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