meatferal · 3 days
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Rainbow Trout Sticker!
Available here!
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sazandorable · 2 days
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Just got my deck of the @prideknights' playing cards and they are SOOO nice! I knew I loved the art back when I placed my preorder, but I hadn't fully realised until thumbing through them just now how prettily the colours of each suit go together, and the rainbow effect on the backs is so damn classy.
Another banger, guys, thank you so much for making these with so much care. I also have one of the LGBTQubes and it brings me so much joy.
(NB: the washed out effect on the Clubs is just my lighting and bad photographing skills, the art & printing quality is totally good!)
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blairpfaff · 3 days
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Andrew Scott as Gethin in PRIDE (2014)
We don't have maps, Mark. It's a gay bookshop, people ask for the poems of Walt Whitman.
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geoztinker · 2 days
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malewifecastiel · 2 days
Cis people think being genderfluid means being a girl on one day and a boy on the other when in reality it's pretty princess (he/him) and mad scientist (they/she) two hours later
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lunap95 · 2 days
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Yay! They arrived! I still have to write "Pride Knights" at the center with some glitter pen but I will leave it for another day. Astonishing work @prideknights!!!
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ellaomens · 3 days
poll for… research :>
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vroomvroomwee · 15 hours
God the queer experience of meeting wonderful people who are actually kind, compassionate, and thoughtful. Becoming close friends. But still feeling this deep sense of otherness. This deep dissonance between you and them that stems from the fact that they have no idea who you are.
It fucking hurts to have these people hang out with you and like you, and knowing deep down that they won't like the REAL you, but instead this masked persona that you put up for the sake of your own safety. It hurts knowing that every time you talk to them, you know that they're talking to someone else. That someone else is pushing you back and making conversation with your friends. Stealing them from you.
And it's not like we have much choice. People constantly say oh find other queer people, oh just make trans friends, oh you need a community. As if it's that easy. As if we don't already desperately long for some form of recognition, of connection. As if we don't claw our hearts out every night because we want the space next to us to be occupied. To be understood. To be valued. To be worth a damn. To be loved. Some of us just don't have that choice.
It hurts that I can't be friends with these lovely people because of the hand I was dealt. And yeah, I'm ready to hear the "if they don't accept the real you, then they were never lovely people to begin with." True. That's true. But I'm not oblivious to the fact that if I was cishetallo then I would actually have friends. And feel known. And feel seen.
I know we're supposed to love ourselves no matter what and these days you'll basically be torn apart if you so much as insinuate that you're not proud of your identity. But goddammit I'm not. It's hard. And I know trans is beautiful. And queer is beautiful. And it's liberating. But I just wish they knew it too. And it's fucking lonely
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slimestra · 2 days
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ace pride ball python~ on redbubble
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ahoneesan · 2 days
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nerdykeppie · 9 hours
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Scrambles doesn't like her sweater as much as she likes the attention it gets her.
If your outfits aren't getting the attention they deserve, refresh your Tops & Bottoms with the NK Holiday Tops & Bottoms sale! Buy 2 items from the Tops & Bottoms collection & get the 3rd for 69% off with code HOLIDAY69.
(Yeah, we know. You laughed, though, didn't you?)
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Westlock voters will be going to the polls Feb. 22 on a bylaw that would ban the town’s rainbow crosswalk, along with any other political, social or religious decorations on town crosswalks or flagpoles. Town of Westlock councillors passed first reading of the bylaw, created in response to a petition submitted under the Municipal Government Act (MGA) at the end of September, and set the vote at their meeting Nov. 27. The petition asked for a bylaw that would mean the town will be able to fly only its own flag, the provincial and national flags in public spaces and at town facilities. As well, crosswalks will only be painted with the traditional white laddered design, with no grandfathering of any existing crosswalks or flags that would contravene the bylaw.
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Les beaux mecs sexy du jour by lagaylife.fr
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• Stupid Wife
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vitamin dick
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