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this is nothing. just 2.5K words of me fantasizing about phh/lhh harry as a dad. ignore my delusions— or not, reblog and like:))
imagine!!! the baby is like one when harry has his long hair and lhh being a dad to a little baby girl GOD HEAR ME OUT!!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
i so imagine y/n finding out she’s pregnant at the beginning of phh’s era
“I’m pregnant.”
The words left her mouth quickly. Sick of the anticipation, she sucked in her breath looking up at her boyfriend.
Harry sat there with his fingers intertwined, mouth gone dry from being hung open for too long. His brows are furrowed, his mind trying to translate the words said. “I— Uh—” The only syllables he was able to get out. He cleared his throat vigorously.
“I—I’m—I’m going to be— Are you sure?” His eyes piercing up into hers, stinging with tears. She chuckles, suddenly feeling relief that his reaction seemed a little on the bright side. “Y-yeah,” She pulled out the two ClearBlue test with the clear words Pregnant written across.
Harry’s breath hitches in his throat before he’s able to comprehend anything. His mouth is dry, hesitant, he turns the rest towards him to clearly see it.
“I’m going to be a dad?” He breaths out.
Y/n’s eyes lightened after her whole demeanor had been tense due to the anticipation of his reaction. “Yeah, you are,” She let out a breathy laugh as she tried not to cry. Trying to read his expressions— Harry’s lip eventually twitches into a small smile. Disbelief and happiness all in one. “W-we’re going to be parents?”
Y/n pouts towards him coyly, nodding before pulling him in an soft hug. Harry’s slow to respond but he eventually does. Wrapping his arms around her torso tightly, letting the built up tears of happiness drop on to her t-shirt that she most definitely stole from him.
“Are we ready for this?” She whispered in his shoulder.
They were only twenty. Fresh out of their teen years, nervous as hell, but they made it work.
omg don’t even get me started when they find out the gender!!
Harry would lay down on the bed, resting his head on Y/n’s chest softly just like he’d always do before she was pregnant and caress her bump.
“‘Dats my baby girl in there,” Harry whispered in disbelief. Caressing her bump so ever softly.
“Don’t forget about me,” Y/n pouted softly, joking of course. Harry huffed out a soft chuckle, pressing a passionate kiss to his girlfriend’s cheek. “How could I? I love you, always, my love.” He reminded her kindly of his love her before resuming to the view of her glowing stomach. Treating her like the queen she deserves to be treated like, he was always so soft and gentle when he spoke and touched her.
Y/n’s fingers tangled in his tight curls that went all the way down to his shoulders and caressed his scalp softly. Getting his attention by calling him with a small “Baby.”
“Yes,” He answered lowly like he was going to awake the baby.
too cute too cute too cute
“Not trying to push you or anything. But inside that head of yours were there any names that came to you? Or not yet?” Y/n couldn’t imagine that he didn’t think of any names yet.
Harry sucked in a sharp breath before turning to Y/n and saying, “Yes, plenty, but i feel like the perfect one won’t come until she does, you know what I mean,” He said. “I need to see her first, you know,” He looked back down at her belly then at her.
“Well it’s nice to have ideas. Can I hear what you got?”
“Really? Are you sure?”
ima explode
“Throw em at me,” She smirked.
“My first thought was, Rosie.” He said simply, looking up at Y/n, hesitance in his voice. A large smile grew on her face at the sweet soft name. “Go on,” She urged.
He smiled lightly. “Lily, Maeve, Lucy, Ellie, Hailey— like e y or l e e,” Every name out in a blink of an eye. Y/n couldn’t help but let out a little chuckle as he continued naming names like he had a list engraved in his brain.
god i so believe that he’d lay back next to her and just rant about baby names and go, “well yeah there’s mine. yours?” :(( so baby
I also feel they would hide the whole pregnancy from the press. At least try to. Many fans would be suspicious on why they don’t see Harry and Y/n together as much— many would think they are just not spotted. But really Y/n is trying to hide her growing fetus.
ugh!! imagine how thrilled he’ll be to be a father:((
hes def the type to adress y/n and the baby as two.
“I’ll be right back,” Pecking his girlfriends lips and letting his two hand lay up on her belly. “I love you… both.”
i’m going to cry
Tumblr media
♡♥︎♢♦︎♡♥︎♢♦︎♡♥︎ ♢♦︎♡♥︎♢♦︎♡♥︎ ♢♦︎
—One Year Later—
Tumblr media
fuck ima scream. imagine lhh about to go on stage and can’t leave the baby alone:(
Lily giggles as her father blew into her soft belly. Kicking her little chubby legs as if it’ll fight him off. The little airs hitting her stomach tickling her. She laughs ridiculously hard at her dad’s actions.
Fifthteen minutes before the concert starts and Harry can’t get enough of the little chubby baby. Her laugh was so contagious, her beautiful smile. Teething, baby. Two teeth at the bottom, two at the top.
Y/n sat next to her baby as Harry cooed to her sweetly. “Argh! You’re just the cutest arent ya’” Harry cooed before pressing his lips against his daughters cheek, giving her a sweet kiss.
Dressed in a simple black long-sleeve shirt, with matching skinny jeans and his favorite boots, Harry swore to himself he was going to get up and go with the boys soon but every time he would kiss Lily and Y/n goodbye and try to go for the door, he swore the baby called, “Da da,” and came back for an extra five minutes.
“Harry you have to go,” Y/n chuckled.
“I know I know. It’s time she naps anyway, huh?”
Y/n nods sweetly at her fiancé before taking her baby in her arms. “You might as well take one with her, lovie.” Hoping his girls gets some much needed-rest while she could. Harry presses a kiss to each of their foreheads before stepping out of the dressing room.
Harry would come back to his dressing room, sweaty, bottom of water half-empty, hair falling out of bun. But all exaggeration leaves his body when he spots his two girls passed out on the long sofa of his dressing room.
and then just imagine when they get a chance home. the baby would be about 14 months now. harry has come home from tour, the band hit its hiatus. imagine lhh with a baby at home! ima cry fr
Harry would wake up in his L.A home. His fiancée by his side and his baby fast asleep.
“Da da!”
Harry’s heart beams every-time he hears it come out of her squeaky small voice. So cute, so small, he was going to explode. “Yes baby, Da Da,” Pressing pepper kisses on her nose, as she let’s out a little giggle.
“Okay let’s get you fed, yeah?”
Harry placed the tiny plastic green spoon against his daughters lips. Her favorite flavor ever, Banana.
“Mmh,” She shook her head.
Harry pouted, “No? This is your favorite, darling. At least try it,” He placed the spoon between her sealed pink lips, getting them to slowly pry open.
She begins letting Harry place the banana flavored liquidated mush in to her mouth. He sooner earned a, “Mmhm!” Harry chuckled fondly as she squeaked to the delightful taste of her favorite flavor.
“Mmh!” Harry mocked his daughter playfully, impersonating her reaction to delicious food. “More?”
She scrunched her face up she proud took another spoonful, Harry wiping the dripping banana mush off her chin with her bright colored bib.
nah because that baby is his and he’s gonna do whatever to protect her. that’s his ‘princess.’
“Good morning, princess,” He greets quietly as he steps into the nursery. Loud babbling alarmed him to step into the room, telling him she had awoken.
When he bent over the crib, he was met with her big wide colorful eyes. Babbling to her father, arms stretched, hoping to be held. Her lip quivers scared who wouldn’t get the message, “Da Da,” she’d whimper.
“O-oh my baby!” He’d coo babyishly. Tending to his daughter, Harry would pick up his baby up, setting her on his hip as she clings to his shirtless body. “Don’t cry m’pretty girl. Don’t ye’ cry.”
He bounced her in her arms, giving her soft kisses to her temple.
The fact the baby would probably be a daddy’s girl would be so !!! like when the baby is like 18 months and they’re able to say simple, “mommy,” and “daddy”’s
“Daddy,” Her lip would quiver after watching her Daddy leave the room and Harry would immediately revert his tracks. Harry shirtless with his hair tied up and just into his shorts as he was about to jump into the shower. But immediately making a 360 turn to his fiancée and daughter on the large bed in their bedroom.
“I’m right here baby,” He said walking back to his daughter. Hand out to her, she’d wrap her little hand around his two fingers.
“Daddy's going to shower he’ll be right back,” Y/n promised, holding her. The child tried to move towards the edge of the bed to crawl towards her father but Y/n held her hold.
“I’ll be right back, baby, promise,” Harry pouted.
please i just know he hates leaving her!!
When he’d walk away, again… Her lip would tremble and her eyes would swell with tears, “Da-Daddy,” She called silently.
Harry’s quick to look back her watching him walk to the bedrooms master bathroom.
“Oh baby, come here,” He took her right when the tear finally fell down her cheek. She curled up into his neck as he rubbed down her back sympathetically.
Y/n’s quick to hold her up and let Harry tend to her. As much as Y/n would be jealous of the favoritism Lily has over her for her father she couldn’t blame her— Harry treated her like a little princess.
“How about we take a bath, yeah? Wanna do that?”
Harry let’s her soft hand hold his large finger, he doesn’t get a response but Y/n smiles before saying, “I’ll get it set up.”
harry taking gears when y/n is exhausted.
“Oh hello my gorgeous girls,” Kissing them both on the foreheads softly, Y/n would smile wholeheartedly.
Holding the bottle up to Lily’s mouth Y/n smiled sleepishly at Harry. “Hi,” She spoke quietly. Harry looked her in the eyes and immediately noticed the sleep she was craving.
“Oh my love, I got this. Why don’t you rest for the night? I got ha’” He offered, holding his hand out for the baby.
“Are you sure?”
“Yeah you’ve been with her all day, I’ve got her,” Harry answered sweetly taking the baby from Y/n’s arms. He felt all though he was tired she deserved the rest more than he did.
“Well she’s fed, she just wanted to drink outta the cup for a while, I guess. You got this?” She checked.
“Yeah,” He assured her.
“Mmh, you’re the best. Thank you baby.” She pressed a soft kiss to his cheek, before receiving one of for her own. “Always. Goodnight my love.”
Y/n kissed Lily on the head before heading upstairs to bed.
Harry bounced Lily in his arms softly, going to lie down on the sofa.
Humming whatever tune in his head. Whatever it was he couldn’t get it out of his head. Pulling the silly cup away from her mouth as she began to doze off, Harry laid Lily’s body up on his broad chest.
Singing against her forehead ever so lightly. A tune that’s been stuck in his head all day, humming it softly above his daughters head as he stared up at the bare ceiling.
harry’s def the type to give her a little talks when he’s stressed or just out of it.
“I think mumma’s upset with me,” He’ll speak lowly, sitting in the chair in the nursery, holding his daughter straight forward cradled in his arms.
“I’m trying,��� He’ll tell her. “I just wish I could be with you guys all the time, you know. I’m trying to— you guys are my number one priority, you know that right? But I don’t want mommy to think the opposite,” He told her truthfully. “Do you think I'm doing a good job?” He asked the question, not getting any response.
“I know mummy thinks I'm doing a bad job.” He speaks sadly, “I know she feels like she’s on her own. But I’m trying I really am—” Lily’s eyes brightened and her small hand grabbing at his face in response.
“I— What? What you grabbing at—” He lent forward to see her mission on his face only for her to grab at his long strands of hair. Opening her mouth wide, Harry’s eyes widen, “No, my love. You cannot chew my hair,” He chuckled, pulling his hair back from her mouth on for her to began swinging around her tiny finger. “I really wish I could be with 24/7,” He sighed. “Soon, though. Just gotta make it up to mumma. She doesn’t deserve to be all alone on this. You could be a handful my little angel,” He teased. Knowing she couldn’t understand most of what he was ranting about was the most comforting thing about this conversation.
“I love you,” He sighed. “I’m trying,” He promised her. Letting her softly tug on his hair, her eyes focused on the hair, and his focused on her large ones. “Do you believe me?” Brushing her hair back softly, Harry brushed his nose against hers, “I’m sorry if I’m not doing well, baby. I’m trying to be their for you guys everyday but you know, the band. But it’s okay, alright? Because the boys— we are planning a little break. I’m hoping during that break I could spend everyday with you and mummy, yeah? Speaking of which, what you think about me doing my own thing? You think Daddy can do it, huh? Without the boys, Daddy can do it by himself, right? I mean it’s only a little break but if I ever wanted to focus on just something like a solo thing… do you think I can do something with it?”
Lily babbled baby noises that made Harry chuckle. A little yawn followed, telling him it was about time he wrapped this midnight talk up. Smiling softly at his daughter, their matching dimples mirroring each other. “I always knew you’ll be my number one supporter,” He chuckled pressing a kiss to her nose. “I love you with my whole heart, lovebug. So much it hurts.”
i def over did. it with the end but i couldn’t help it ugh that’s his baby:(
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Let’s Hurt Tonight {HS}
It’s Harry’s birthday and Y/N has something special planned for him but will he ever find it out?
warnings: a bit fluffy but pure angst at the end
note: this is what harry’s wearing later in the chapter
Tumblr media
word count: 3.1k
“Harry stop!” I yell through my laughs as he presses kisses and raspberries to my stomach, trying to push him away.
“Okay okay.” he stops his attack, laying his cheek on my stomach, his eyes connecting with mine as a soft smile lines his face. “I love your laugh so much,” he says to me and I feel my cheeks heating up as I cover my face with my hands.
“Stop it,” I mumble, letting a smile grace my face. We sit in silence just observing each other. Harry and I started dating a little over a year ago but we’ve known each other for years.
Let's say we're the poster children for the cliche of childhood best friends that have feelings for each other but are too scared to admit it to either one. Harry’s alarm blares bringing us out of the moment and he lets out a groan moving his face completely into my stomach.
“I don't want to go.” his voice muffled, sending vibrations up my body. I reach down and scratch at his head playing with his hair.
“I know,” I whisper back to him. He sits up turning off his alarm and turns his head to look at me. His hair is messy and his skin is glowing from the sunlight.
“I'll see you later, my love. I love you,” he whispers, leaning in and giving me a soft kiss. Kissing Harry feels amazing. Every time we kiss my body tingles with electricity and a smile never fails to break out on my face. It sounds dramatic, like something straight from a romance book or movie, but it’s true.
Harry gets ready and leaves me alone in my bed after leaving a quick kiss on my forehead. After getting acclimated without Harry I grab my phone texting Anne and Gemma to make sure everything is set for tonight.
Harry's birthday is today and I've been planning a party for him. It's hard trying to surprise him and plan things that will knock him off his feet because with just a press of a button he could have everything he ever wanted.
Perks of dating a world-famous musician I guess.
We're back in our hometown for his birthday so I've been planning with Anne and Gemma to surprise him with our friends from school and some of his more famous friends. I spend the rest of the day in bed and once I finally start feeling productive I get his present for tonight ready, it’s not big or flashy but it has meaning.
It’s a pale blue box, with one of my favorite quotes from our favorite movie to watch together. In delicate cursive, it reads, “It was no ordinary friendship. We were inseparable, constantly being separated. I’ve realized that no matter where you are or who you’re with, I will always truly, completely love you.”
When Love Rosie came out I sent it to Harry and told him he had to watch it and every time we would see each other that was the movie we watched. Maybe we loved it because it represented us but no matter the reason, it’s a huge part of our relationship. Inside it has some memorable items from our years as friends and even the start of our relationship as well as a photo album of photos of us throughout the years, family photos, selfies, candids, and even some photos of us from award shows made the cut.
I smile as I put it back under the bed and I begin to get ready for our “date”. I told Harry that I planned a special date for his birthday and we’d be going to his favorite restaurant but I needed to run over to his mum's to pick something up for after our date tonight.
As I'm doing my makeup Harry comes home knocking lightly on the bedroom door as he opens it. I turn my head over my shoulder to look at him and he sends me a smile coming up to me.
“You look, beautiful baby,” he whispers, placing a kiss on my lips. I mumble a thank you against his lips, he places his hands on my shoulders pulling away and pushing his cheek against mine. We look at each other through the mirror for a moment and he turns his head placing a kiss on my cheek before pulling away from me.
“What time is the reservation? I’m going to go take a shower,” he asks me as he gets undressed.
“8:00 but we got to stop at your mum's first so I can get something for later.” I remind him and he nods his head heading into the bathroom. I finish getting ready and text Anne asking if everything is coming out okay and she tells me to stop worrying and that she has it under control.
Harry comes out a few minutes later dressed in an opened button-down shirt that has flowers and squares on it with a white bandanna around his neck and his signature black skinny jeans. He runs his hand through his hair as he walks up to me, placing his hand on my waist and spinning me around slowly.
“You look amazing love,” he says, keeping his eyes glued onto my outfit. It's a simple black dress that hugs my body perfectly paired with red heels.
“Thanks, H, you don’t look too bad yourself.” I compliment him and a smirk begins to cross his face. He pulls me closer to him so our chests touch his hand pressing on the small of my back as mine falls onto his waist.
“What if we had my birthday dinner later this week? I don't think I want to leave,” he asks, leaning into me and I shake my head, putting my hand on his chest, and pushing him back.
“No way it was a bitch to get these reservations, later, promise,” I tell him and he groans, pulling away from me.
“Fine, let’s head out mums is about 20 minutes from here and another 20 to the restaurant,” he says and I nod, grabbing my purse and phone texting Anne that we are leaving. When we arrive Harry pulls into the driveway turning off the car.
“Come in, I'm sure your mum wants to talk for a second while I get what I need,” I tell him and he nods, opening his door. We walk to the door, his arm slung around my waist and I open the door pushing him in front of me.
“Surprise!” yelled everyone and Harry stands shocked looking between everyone and then back at me.
“You didn’t.” he smiles, turning to face me.
“I did.” I smile back at him and he lets out a breath pulling me into a hug.
“Thank you so much.” he squeezes me tight and I mumble anything for you into his shoulder. The party starts and Harry goes around greeting his friends as I deal with making drinks and catching up with other people.
A while passes and I haven’t seen Harry in a bit so I wander from the kitchen to the living room. I stop by the doorway when I hear my name, seeing Harry on the couch with a beer in his hand as he talks with some guys we went to school with as well as his band members. I lean away from the doorway so I'm out of sight.
“I still can’t believe you’re with y/n! Just imagine if that bet never took place we wouldn’t be here right now.” I recognize the voice as Michaels and I hear Harry chuckle in response.
“Yeah you’re right, I never would’ve thought I’d be here now.”
“What bet are you talking about?” Louis speaks up and I lean closer to listen. My heart beats faster as the silence is prolonged.
“At the beginning of year 9, I made a bet with Styles that he wouldn’t be able to get with the “weird girl” in our year by the end of GCSEs, and all of a sudden by the end of December they were best friends. You technically still lost though cause you never hooked up with her by the end of GCSE’s.” Michael explains and I feel my heart drop.
I back away from the doorway as my hand is placed on my mouth to cover the sharp breaths trying to escape me. I slowly place my drink on the table in the hallway as Gemma comes up to me, startled by the way I'm acting. I shake my head, heading towards the stairs going into the bathroom, and locking myself in there. I try to hold the tears back but a couple slip out as I begin to rethink everything.
I was just a bet?
I was so confused when Harry came up to me that first day and sat with me and we ate and talked and as the days passed I felt a connection with him.
Was any of it real?
A knock at the door breaks me out of my thoughts and I hear Harry asking if I'm alright. I sniffled a bit, wiping my eyes and face clean of the tears and I put on a smile opening the door.
“Yeah I'm fine, just felt a bit ill for a second but I'm okay now.” I smile at him and he looks me up and down trying to read me. I keep my fake smile plastered on my face and he finally nods leaning in to kiss my cheek. I push in front of him and his lips skim my cheek making an excuse that I have to go back down to the party and help Anne with something. I make my way to the kitchen. With each step, I feel my heart crumble a bit more.
“Hey Anne, can I ask you a question?” I lean against the counter close to her and she turns to face me, her contagious smile beaming.
“Of course my love, anything at all!”
“What are you supposed to do when you find out someone close to you has been lying about something for a long time?” she stops cutting the food she was preparing, places the knife down, and turns to me.
“You found out didn’t you love?” she asks me and the last bit of my heart that was standing crumbles.
“You knew?” my voice cracks as my eyes well up with tears.
“I did sweetie. He was talking to one of his friends about it around the beginning of it and I gave him a lecture and told him to tell you immediately but he refused to say anything because he didn’t want to risk losing you. I'm so sorry you had to find out this way sweetheart.” Anne explains and I drop my head letting my tears fall.
“Oh come here love.” she pulls me into her chest and I let the sobs rip out of my chest.
“Why?” I ask. I know she doesn’t have an answer and she just holds me closer.
“What’s going on?” I hear Harry and soon feel his arms on my shoulders and I immediately tense.
“She's not feeling well at all honey, I think you should take her back home.” Anne saves me from talking and I hear him mutter an okay telling his mum to tell everyone we're sorry for leaving early as he pulls me out of her grip heading for the door. He gets me in the car and I keep sobbing as he tries to comfort me but it’s not comforting me.
It's hurting me.
He eventually gets me back into our room and I just sit on the bed as he kneels in front of me rubbing my knees as he tries to get me to talk.
“Baby you have to tell me what’s hurting or what’s wrong so I can help you.” He continues to try and help and I shake my head.
“You lied to me.” I make out in between sobs and I feel his hands tense on my thighs. “You lied to me about everything.” I lift my head from my lap making eye contact with him and he shakes his head.
“No baby I didn’t lie to you my love.” he tries to defend himself and I remove his hands from me as I stand up from the bed.
“Stop lying to me!” I scream pointing at him as I walk away from him leaving just the bed between us.
“What have I been lying to you about? Please tell me!” he raises his voice and I throw my hand up pointing between us.
“Everything! The reason why you even became friends with me! It wasn’t because you thought I was interesting or “cool” it was because of a fucking bet!” I tell him and his face drops.
“How do you know about that?” he asks me and I let out a bitter laugh.
“I went to go find you and heard you talking to Michael and when I went upstairs I assume Gemma sent you because she passed by me as I was holding back fucking tears and after I found your mum she just confirmed everything that was said and that’s when you walked in.” I ramble, the tears starting to dry, my sadness slowly being replaced by anger.
“You have to know as soon as we started becoming better friends I called off the bet! Michael didn’t accept it but it wasn’t a bet to me anymore I promise!” Harry runs his hand through his hair, tears starting to well up in his eyes and I lose it.
“No! You don’t get to fucking cry Harry!” “You have been with me countless times when guys were only with me to fucking use me! You were there picking up the pieces and you never once fucking thought to come clean with me! Our entire friendship was built on the fucking fact that you were just making your way up the ladder to sleep with me!” I scream at him as I take a deep breath.
“Sure I would’ve been fucking mad at you in the beginning but maybe I would’ve gotten over it real quick right now I don’t think I can because all I can think about is if any of this is real!”
“It is real! I promise y/n! I will call Michael right now and have him tell you exactly what I told him when I called it off, everything has been real I swear!” he continues to try to explain but I let out a sad chuckle shaking my head.
“Your promises don’t mean anything because I don’t trust you, Harry,” I whisper his eyes connect to mine and his tears begin to fall.
“Please y/n how can I make it up to you? I will do anything to fix this. Please.” he begs me and I shrug my shoulders.
“I don’t know if you can fix this, Harry.” I whisper and he begins to walk towards me but I hold my hand up stopping him. “I’m going to go change just please leave me alone,'' I tell him and he nods his head.
I walk into the bathroom after grabbing a pair of pajamas and let the tears fall freely as I wipe away the ruined makeup and think back to all the memories in the front of my head. When I walk out he’s still in his clothes sitting on the bed with his head in his hands. I clear my throat and his head shoots towards me as he stands up.
“Your birthday present is under the bed. I'm going to the guest room. Happy birthday Harry.” I send him a small smile, grabbing my phone and leaving the room as he stands still watching me walk out the door. I lay in the guest bedroom letting myself cry until I couldn’t anymore.
As my eyes closed and the sun rose, the light from the sun shone through the cracks, but not the cracks of the window, the cracks in the darkness of my heart.
The cracks he made.
Harry’s POV:
I stand frozen as she walks out of our room. My heart seizes with every step she takes farther from me. It was never meant to go this far. It was a stupid fucking bet that meant absolutely nothing to me once we became friends. I drop down onto my knees lifting the duvet, seeing a pale blue box tucked carefully under the bed.
I pull it towards me sitting back on my knees as I admire her handwriting on the box. “It was no ordinary friendship. We were inseparable, constantly being separated. I’ve realized that no matter where you are or who you’re with, I will always truly, completely love you.”
My heart drops more as I open the box and look through all the mementos and photos of us throughout the years. I’ve royally fucked up big time. That night I slept on the floor of our bedroom, feeling the guilt of my actions coursing through my body.
I spent all day trying to figure out if there was anything I could do to fix the wounds I'd made but nothing seemed to work. There's a light knock on the bedroom door and when I look up I see y/n walking through.
“We need to talk,” she says, shutting the door behind her. Her cheeks are puffy, her eyes are red and swollen, and she’s been tearing herself apart. It hurts even worse knowing I'm the reason for her pain.
“I don't know what I want anymore Harry. I need space and time to think things through.” She speaks up, ripping off the bandaid of where our relationship stands. My heart crumbles just a little more but I nod my head because this is her decision and I'm not going to fight her.
“I’m going to go stay at my mum’s for a little bit, once I get through all these fucking thoughts in my head and can tell you what I want I’ll come back, but right now, I can’t be here, I can’t be with you.” her voice wobbles and my throat tightens as tears well in my eyes.
I nod my head once again, unable to form words. She packs her bags and by nightfall, she is ready to leave. I follow her downstairs and once she makes it to the front door I stand frozen at the bottom of the staircase.
“y/n.” I speak up and she looks up at me, her grip tightening on her suitcase.
“Please take your time. Don’t worry about me, make the decision for yourself. I will support whatever you decide.” I tell her and she nods her head giving me one last look before she walks out of the door.
And just like that the moon split in half and the stars crumbled, falling like fireworks into the sea, I watched my world fall apart the day my love left me.
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home ‘sweet’ home
i wrote this very randomly whilst i was eating my breakfast - enjoy! x
Tumblr media
you hate where you live and harry has a sweet surprise
word count: around 2k
warnings: swearing, fluff, slight hints towards seggs, rats (ew)
One thing you couldn't get used to in New York City was the noise. If you could change one thing about living here, it would be the raucous shouting of your next door neighbours when the flat above dropped cigarette ash on to their heads. Or the never-ending repairs that seemed to be happening a few floors down - one morning you were ready to march down and snatch that drill right out of their hand. It was all very different from what you were used to, being from a quaint village in the north of England. Your job offered you a change of scenery and you were more than ecstatic to take it, but you were starting to slowly regret it. Especially when you're roused from your sleep with a buzz coming from your intercom.
You grumble, rolling over in your sheets and stuffing your face into the pillow. The intercom buzzes and buzzes incessantly and you plug your ears, trying to imagine yourself not hungover and sleeping on hot sand somewhere in the Canary Islands. The buzzing becomes rhythmic now and you smack a fist into your pillow, dragging your sluggish body out of bed and dodging half of your belongings to get to the buzzer.
"What?" You snap. (You were learning the decorum around these places).
"Wow, good morning to you too, baby. Gonna let me up, Grump?" Harry's voice crackles through the intercom with a teasing lilt and you manage a tired grin, not answering and pressing the buzzer to let him in. Your eyes are blurred, either infection from your mascara or just tiredness, you weren't sure, but you can't find the energy to care as you bundle back into your covers, awaiting the arrival of your boyfriend.
"Fucking hell, you look rough." He laughs as he toes the door open with a click of his boot and lets it slam behind, prompting another round of shouting from the neighbours around.
"Fuck off, Mrs Wence. You still have my oven dish and I want it back!" You yank open the window above your bed and screech as well as you can from where you're lying, rolling on to your back to meet Harry's gorgeous yet humoured look once you slam it shut.
"You're turning into one of them. What would your poor British mother say?" His dimples carve out his cheeks as you grin, and although hungover, his smile still makes you feel all giddy inside. It wasn't fair how he was the better looking one of you both (although he'd probably argue against that).
"She'd tell me to wind my fucking neck in." You snort, eyes slipping over Harry's outfit and noticing the plain look, a beanie pulled over his head for extra cover.
"Damn right." He gives you a stern look as he unzips his jacket, and you ignore the shudder that travels through your body at his tone.
"Got woken up at four this morning, think two rats were having a scrap over a slice of pizza." You sigh, watching Harry move towards the small table you had in the corner, which would technically only class as a ledge, and retrieving a pink box with a glint in his eye.
"Hopefully this'll make up for it then." He reveals a selection of the most heart-attack inducing treats, glazed over so generously you could almost see your reflection. You sit up quickly.
"God." You whine, digging your hand in immediately when your empty stomach begins to make itself know. Harry stutters out a laugh and shakes his head.
"You've never made that noise with me." He snorts and you smack his bicep at the innuendo.
"You just can't go five minutes without making an innuendo, can you?"
He sighs, placing the box down on your bed and planting his hands on his hips.
"Unfortunately not, no. Should've heard the one I had about the cream horn-"
"If my head wasn't pounding so much I would get you into the tightest headlock right now." You say through the pastry in your mouth. He wiggles his eyebrows and clicks his tongue.
"Kinky- Ow! Okay!" You pinch his hip tightly under his t-shirt and he concedes, raising his arms in defence. You sit quietly for a few seconds and finish off the pastry, not caring about how ravenous you might look, or how the crumbs were falling on to your sleeping top. Harry watches you endearingly, leaning forward to swipe the glaze from the side of your mouth and suck it off his own thumb.
"Are you like, really horny today, or something?" Your eyes are squinted as you regard him. He shrugs, stretching his arms above his head and cracking his knuckles. He seems a bit more restless than usual and you can't pinpoint exactly why.
"For you? All the time."
"Shut up." You gaze at his stomach when his arms lift and feel yourself wanting to lean against his warm skin.
"Are you gonna get in for a cuddle, or what?" Your tone of faux-offence gets his attention.
"Not in those crumbs." He frowns, pointing to the pastry flakes on the mattress. You awkwardly laugh, brushing them away hastily. He finally gives in, leaning down to take off his shoes and your voice is urgent.
"No outdoor-"
"Yes, no outdoor clothes, I know." He shakes his head, but his face is nothing short of amused as he whips his shirt off, wriggling his tight jeans down his legs with a bit of difficulty and collapsing on to the bed.
Harry once said you remind him of a koala, the way you just instantly cling to him whenever he's near. Proving the likeness correct, you loop a leg around his and yank his torso towards you, burying your face in his skin that's slightly cold from the biting weather. "Mm. You're nice and warm." He mumbles.
"I've missed you." You sigh.
"You saw me two days ago." He laughs, wrapping his arm tightly around your body and stroking your hair.
"Don't ruin it." He giggles again when your voice is muffled from his skin and his hair that was growing a bit too long. There's a beat of silence between you both and you feel your breaths going heavier and heavier the longer he holds you, softly scraping his nails along your shoulder blades, just the way you loved. Your favourite days were the ones where he'd just show up unannounced and you'd spend the day in bed, keeping each other warm in different ways, ordering food, watching his favourite films (despite your inability to enjoy movies thanks to your short attention span, but you made an effort for him).
His body doesn't seem to be relaxing as you're falling deeper and deeper in to a state of sleep and it concerns you, dragging you out of the thickness of the midway between circadian rhythms.
"Hey." Your voice is soft as you peel your eyes open, leaning up to kiss him gently on his lips.
"Hey. Your lips taste sweet." He matches your quiet tone and kisses you a couple more times.
"You okay?" Your hand travels up to his shoulder and you massage the area, bringing it to play with the cross chain around his neck. He looks at you with round eyes, the green effervescent as ever, as if he's contemplating something. He looks down at your hand fiddling with the charm, grasping your fingers tightly.
"I need to talk to you about something important." Your hand retreats and you frown, nervous at the seriousness of his tone. God, was he about to break up with you? It would be a shock if he did, considering you two had been together for nearly two years.
"Okay." You manage, your brain not caring about the hanging headache from the vodka you drank last night, instead your heart pumping a mile a minute. He sits up and you sit up with him, placing a hand on his thigh when he starts to pinch his lip - telling you he's nervous.
He's about to open his mouth when a loud car honk comes from down below and loosens the tension, making you both breathe a laugh. He gazes at you, pushing your hair away from your face.
"Perfect timing." He mutters. You squeeze his leg to urge him to go on and he takes a deep breath, reaching behind for his jacket and digging in the pockets for an unknown item, prompting your hands to sweat.
"I don't know if there's any around-the-houses way to say this, so I'll just say it." This is the most nervous you've heard him since he asked you to be his girlfriend. His hand that stayed clasped shut opens, revealing a shiny silver key with a small donut keyring hanging off it, and you feel your face heating.
"I-I know your lease on this flat is nearly up. And you really fucking hate your neighbours, and wish you had more space y'know? It's hard for both of us to even fit in your bed," you both laugh in tandem and you think you see tears gathering in his ducts, prompting you to place against his cheek. "I was looking for a place here anyway, so I thought, what better than to ask you to move in with me. Make it our new home, no?" He looks so small in this moment, face unsure, body language telling you he's tightly wound.
"Seriously?" You say thickly, your throat starting to close. Your fingers delicately pick up the key and you smile at the added touch of your favourite food on the chain. He looks at you nervously, thumb reaching to wipe the tear you didn't even feel roll down your cheek.
"Yeah. Like deadly serious, baby. I wanna wake up to you. I also don't think I can stay over here one more night and listen to Mrs Wence's dreadful voice. That woman puts a foghorn to shame." He grins when he produces another spluttered laugh from you. "So?"
You place your free hand against your warm forehead and shake your head. "What do you mean, so? Of course I want to fucking with you, Harry, baby-" you don't even finish your sentence, leaning forward and kissing Harry fervently, to convey your point more strongly and wipe the insecurity off your face. He hums, kissing you back and lowering you both to the pillows, hovering over you as he leads the kiss, a lot less innocently than the earlier ones he was giving you. You drag his full weight on top of you and tangle your fingers through his hair, letting him trail kisses down your neck sweetly.
The thought of Harry buying a place with you in mind makes your heart soar, him walking around imagining the two of you co-existing inside, cooking together, making each other coffee, sharing a bed. All of it made you absolute mush inside.
"I love you." You breathe, watching his kisses go lower and lower. The key was dropped from your hand at some point, and you make a mental note of finding it later. All you can concentrate on is how Harry's fingers and fiddling with the straps of your underwear however, so it isn't the top priority on your list.
"I love you too. So fucking much." He says through a kiss planted on your navel, making you breathe out a small whine. "Truthfully, I've been wanting to ask you after about two months of dating you, but I didn't want to scare you off." You snort, "Can't wait to have more privacy at our new place, feels like we need it."
You blush at his words, remembering a time when you might have gotten a bit too loud one night with Harry when your window was open, prompting a very stern note to be slipped under your flat door. It was safe to say you couldn't look your neighbours in the eye for a good week.
"Yeah. It will be nice to have a bigger bed too." You unconsciously raise your hips.
"More room for cuddling, and such."
He kisses your thighs now, purposely dodging the place where you want him most, making your patience wear thinner and thinner. Your finger tilts his chin back up and his eyes are shining like the pastries.
"You're a tease. Bringing a girl some donuts and then asking her to move in with you, just so you can get some? I expected better from you, Harry."
He grins, looking at you darkly from his position and digging his nails into your thighs. He hooks your legs over his shoulders and it makes your entire body feel like it's buzzing. "Never said I was a gentleman, baby."
"No, a gentleman would be taking off my underwear right now." You say pointedly, and he breaks his stern look, throwing you a wink and hooking his fingers through the sides.
"I'll get to it then, shall I?"
i’m not ignoring you all!!! I’ll get to writing part two of crying in the backseat asap <3 in the meantime, if u wish to support my writing, feel free to check out my ko-fi (no pressure!). love u all sm - M x
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This is someone’s girlfriend, your honour.
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okay that's my boyfriend right there.
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I’m just so 🥺
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City Lights
The one where Y/N, Harry’s fiancée, their daughter, Lyla, and him take a walk through NYC at night, as he is currently doing his New York residency shows.
“Woah, daddy, look at all the lights over there!” Lyla points at the tall building in front of her, perched on Harry’s shoulders, looking so mesmerized by everything around her.
“Yeah, they’re cool, aren’t they, bug?” Harry says, looking up at his daughter with so much love for her in his eyes. Harry slowly rubs the outside of your hand with his thumb, fingers intertwined, his other hand protectively holding Lyla’s leg.
Harry looks over at you, a loving smile on his face. You peck his cheek, making that smile of his grow a tad bit bigger, if that was even possible.
You notice Lyla’s eyes become a bit droopy, signaling she’s getting tired which most likely means she’s also getting quite grumpy.
“Daddy, put me down, pleaseeee!” She whines, hitting his head repeatedly with her small hands. Although it may not have hurt, Harry and I are trying to discipline Lyla.
“Lyla Marie, we do not hit. Do you understand me? Now, before I put you down, I want you to apologize to me, okay?”
“Yes, I understand. I am very sorry for hitting you. I won’t do it again. I pinky promise, daddy.” Harry and her link their pinkies together, smiling at each other so happily.
“Harry baby, I think we should head back to the hotel. It seems to me that little miss Lyla over here is turning into a grump. We need to get her to bed pretty soon.”
“Okay, my love. We can start heading back, okay?” You nod your head at his statement, turning around and heading back towards your hotel.
Lyla falls asleep on Harry’s shoulders, her cheek squished against the top of his head. You pull out your phone a take a picture of it to capture the memory. You and harry walk hand in hand, but silently, not to wake your sleeping daughter.
The two of you arrive back at the hotel, heading ti the top floor, which also happens ti be the penthouse, which also happens to be the room we are staying in for the next month or so while Harry does his residency shows here in Manhattan.
Harry, with your help, carefully takes Lyla off of his shoulders in one swift motion, being cautious not to wake her peaceful, sleeping body. He walks into her bedroom and carefully pulls the sheets down, placing her sleeping body on the bed and tucking her in. The both of you place a soft kiss to her forehead, before turning out the light in her room and leaving the door a tad bit open, which is how she sleeps every night.
You and Harry head back to your room, which is right across the room from hers.
“She is so perfect, you know that, honey?” Harry says to you, sighing in content. You smile at him, placing a couple of pecks on his lips.
“Yeah, she sure is, H. She sure is.”
Sorry I’m so inconsistent with my posting. I just started my senior year of high school and am trying to balance my classes and college applications. Once college applications are over with and I make my decision, I will try my best to post more on here. Also sorry it’s so short. I love you guys so much! <3
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hi i recently drew harry!
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:D :D
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Dadrry one-shot
Tumblr media
Your pov:
Being in a band like One Direction had its fair share of ups and downs. There were many ups such as having adoring fans, doing the job you love with and for the people you love, being able to have fun and paying back your parents for everything they’ve done for you. 
The downs, of course, were little to no privacy, the constant need to be perfect, working on a tight schedule and no privacy in your relationship- especially when it’s with one of your band mates.  
Harry and I have been together since our album “Take Me Home” came out in 2012. We had originally met during X-Factor and had been inseparable ever since. And after all these years of friendship, love and stress we’re extremely proud to say we’ve come out stronger than ever. 
Like any relationship, there had been a few rough patches. The worst was when Harry had to pretend to date Taylor Swift. She’s a lovely woman but I didn’t entirely trust fans when everything was to eventually be over and done with. 
Hiding our relationship was stressful but now we had an entirely new variable- our beautiful daughter, Eloise. 
We found out about our little one the last few dates of the ‘Take Me Home’ tour. Thankfully everyone was so supportive of us. But saying we were scared would have been the biggest understatement of the century. We were totally shitting ourselves. Thank god for taking a few months off of tour when it ended!
After tour we had a meeting and talked about how none of us should be seen by the public eye the last six months of pregnancy. Louis had brought it up after discussing how it would be suspicious if only Harry and I weren’t seen. 
But now, Eloise was four months old and a bundle of joy with her daddy’s smile. She definitely got his eye-shape as well along with his long, full eyelashes. We were on a flight heading to the first destination of touring for ‘Four’, out fourth album. Anne was going to take Elli off of our hands to get some time for ourselves and focusing on our job. And to get some quality grandma time, of course. 
“I saw Taylor the other day.” I whispered in the quiet plane to Harry, twirling my fork in the salad I ordered a few minutes ago. 
“Swift?” He asked, finishing a bite of pasta. 
I nodded. “We talked for a bit. She congratulated us.” I said, slipping my free hand to his. 
His fingers inter-locked with mine, a bright smile adorning his face. His deep dimples were showcased around his full brown curls. “That’s sweet. She doing alright?” 
“Yeah! Her new albums coming out soon. Said I was gonna make Elli listen to it when it comes out.” I smiled at him, keeping my voice quiet. 
Eloise, who hadn’t been sleeping, was finally asleep. It has been a few days since either of us got a full night of rest, but we truly never could be happier. Me and Harry’s eyes traveled to the carrier sitting next to him. She looked angelic when she was sleeping. She showed no sign of being a pooping and screaming little menace at all. 
“Little bugger decides to sleep when we can’t.” Harry sighed, a grin stretching across his face. “Just like her mum.” 
I mocked offense and smacked his arm gently. “Her refusing to sleep is stubborn. Now, who do we know that’s stubborn? Hmm.” I teased him, sending a knowing look. 
“I am not stubborn.” He said. 
I shook my head slowly and stole some of his pasta. “Wow, remind me to get this next time.” 
He agreed with a rapid movement of his head. “It’s so damn good-” 
He stopped his statement when rustling was heard. We looked over to the carrier which was now moving. We shared a disappointing look but remained silent, hoping Eloise would go back to sleep. 
A moment later, she started crying. 
Harry flipped up the blanket draped over the front, getting to work to unclasp the straps. “Shh, daddy’s here. Calm down, Princess.” He hugged her to his chest, his hand took up half of her small body. Gently he rocked her in his arms. 
I reached down to her dipper bag, opening the second pouch to get her milk. “She’s probably hungry. I can feed her if you’d like.” 
Harry dismissively shook his head. “You relax. I’ll feed her- haven’t done it in a bit.” 
“Alright, here. Gotta pump anyway.” I handed him the bottle then turned to get the pump machine. 
While I hooked myself up to the machine I admired my boyfriend and our daughter. She was starting to get my nose and fuller lips, definitely along with her father’s cheekbones. Harry had occupied staring down lovingly at our daughter, making little coos at her. “She looks so much like you.” I spoke to him. 
He lifted his head and smiled. “Hope that’s a good thing.” He chuckled.
“Yep. You’re so damn handsome- she’s gonna be the most beautiful little kid ever.” I gushed, adjusting the suction on the machine. 
“Don’t forget how beautiful you are, My love. She’s both of us, Y/n”  
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be-with-me-so-happily · 10 months
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Summary: Y/N applies to be a styling intern for the One Direction crew during the Where We Are tour. As she gets better at her job and closer to the band and crew (especially Harry Styles), some of her dreams seem to be coming true, but so are some of her fears.
A/N: It's finally here! Took longer than expected, but it's done. Hopefully it's worth it for all of you beautiful people. So, strap in friends, and don't get too comfortable...
Warnings: Some language, alcohol consumption, jealousy, oral sex (female receiving), intercourse
Jan 31st, 2015
You had left the bar that night on good terms with Harry, believing you could handle your emotions while working together. You're so good at compartmentalizing, and your focus had always been on working hard before. Harry seemed on board with that.
Since that last drunk call though, you've been questioning whether Harry can handle it. If you're honest with yourself, you're not sure if you can either. What he had said made you feel giddy. You liked that he thought about you. You liked that he missed you. You even liked it a little that he was jealous of Ryan, even though there was nothing to be jealous of. You know you need to get your head straight before the tour, and hopefully your focus can switch back to business once it starts. So, you need to stay away from him until then.
:liam: darling, you're really not coming?
:you: it's too messy payno
:liam: you two seemed okay last week
:you: it's just not a good idea
Tonight is Harry's birthday party. You aren't really sure if you were actually still invited, since you haven't spoken to each other since that last drunk call from him, but you knew it wasn't a good idea. You just didn't want to lead him on, you didn't want to make things uncomfortable… you also didn't want to see Sarah flirting with him all night. It's the right choice, but your stomach is in knots as you realize the party is starting.
Natalie invited Ryan over for another chill movie night at Levi's. You suspect she is trying to encourage something to happen between the two of you, but it'll be a nice distraction either way.
"Okay, we've got a movie playlist going, snacks, dinner on the way, and plenty of alcohol to forget any superstar ex-boyfriend." Natalie jokes.
You glare in her direction, as you pour popcorn into a bowl. "I'm not drinking tonight." You say.
"Why not, party pooper?"
"I don't want to do something stupid later." You explain.
Dinner arrives and you grab your plate, then settle down on one end of the couch. Natalie, obnoxiously, dims the lights before playing the first selection.
Between movies, you check your phone, since you heard it buzz before.
:liam: not the same without ya, darling
:liam: it's weird you're not here
:you: there will be other parties payno
You put your phone down and as the next movie starts, you realize Ryan is now in the middle of the couch instead of the other end like he was before.
As if he read your mind, he looks over and comments, "you're not great at sharing popcorn, are you?" He laughs.
"The popcorn and I are soulmates." You smile, extending the bowl towards him.
"Lucky popcorn." He states, before reaching for a handful.
You give off an uncomfortable smile and turn your attention to the TV.
After two more movies, Natalie asks for a bathroom break, so you decide to check your texts and flip through social media.
:louis: miss ya
:louis: also don't like sarah
You giggle, but then come across photos of the party in progress. There, right before your eyes, is a photo of Sarah hanging all over Harry. Your mind is transported back to the night of the SNL after party. Once again, someone else is allowed to do what you weren't. She is a lot bolder than you, and she's getting what she wants that way.
You try to convince yourself that it doesn't matter, and that you can't be upset about it anymore, but you feel jealousy quickly bubbling up inside. You place your phone down harshly and Ryan looks over to you.
"You alright Y/N/N?"
You sigh. "Yeah…"
"You sure?" He scoots closer.
"Yeah, I'm good." Natalie walks in and you stand up. "I'm claiming the bathroom now."
You walk down the hall and lock the door once you're inside.
You stand over the sink and take some deep breaths.
[Why is this getting to you so much? You broke it off over a month ago… you're fine… right?]
You look up in the mirror and see that there is a tear in the corner of your eye.
[No. No… don't do this]
You take another deep breath and walk back out to the couch.
"I think this'll be my last one guys, I'm beat." Levi states.
"Yeah me too, I gotta work tomorrow." Says Ryan.
[Thank goodness, the awkwardness will end]
They pick an action movie and you sit back down with some more snacks.
"Are you going to share now?" Ryan jokes, scooting a little closer, once again, to grab some popcorn from the bowl.
"You know you can get a bowl for yourself right, ya thief!" You joke back.
"I didn't realize I was friends with a popcorn hoarder. I have to rethink things. Good thing you're nice otherwise, and pretty." He replies.
[Oh no]
Just then you hear a knock at the door.
"Am I super drunk? Did we order more food?" Natalie asks.
There's another knock.
"I'll get it." You laugh, taking the opportunity to remove yourself from the awkwardness you were just feeling.
There's one more knock before you reach the door.
"Okay, geez, I'm coming." You respond, giggling as you open the door.
[Shit. Oh… shit]
"H- Harry? What the hell are you doing here?" You ask, looking at the gorgeous man in front of you. "You're supposed to be at your birthday party…"
"I don't want to be there." He responds. His head is down and you can tell he's had a lot to drink.
"I don't believe that. It's your fucking birthday party." You state again. You see he really does look sad, but attribute it to the amount of alcohol he's probably had. If the drunk calls are any indication, this happens when he has had a lot.
"I don't want to be there. It doesn't feel right. It doesn't feel right… without you."
You are getting a little annoyed. You had tried to push past all of this, but had literally just been dealing with some unwanted feelings, and now he randomly shows up like this?
"Why didn't you come?" He adds, with a slight whine in his voice.
"Because we aren't together anymore." You answer.
"So? You planned it. I thought we were okay."
"It wasn't a good idea for me to go."
"I wanted you there."
"That's why I didn't go." You reply
"Y/N, come on, you're missing the best part!" Ryan shouts from the living room.
[Not good timing dude, not good timing]
Harry's eyes widen, and then the harshest frown appears on his face.
"He's here? You fucking skipped my birthday party to hang out with him?"
"Yeah, I am hanging out with some of my friends." You argue.
"He's not a friend. He definitely wants to be more." He continues frowning, looking past you as if he's trying to direct his glare directly at Ryan somehow.
"Harry… I'm sorry I didn't go. You shouldn't be here. Let me take you back, okay?"
"Y/N I don't want to go back." He stops for a second, then asks, "will you just take me home?"
"Fine. Wait here."
You head inside, letting everyone else know where you're going.
"You've gotta be kidding me. Honey, no." Natalie argues.
"Nat, he's wasted, and it gets him out of our hair." You're not going to argue with her, so you grab the keys and walk outside.
"Come on Harry. Get in the damn car."
You are silent the entire time. You have no idea how to handle this situation. He's been drinking, but he has been saying that he's missing you. You were hurt by him, but yet you still feel this tug whenever you see him. It's as if you're instinctually happy that you get to look at him, and be around him, no matter what the circumstance is.
You shake your head, trying to shake those thoughts out. You don't even know why you're doing this right now, driving him home, but you always want people to get home safely if they've been drinking. He's no exception.
Harry's been sitting there with his head down, trying to sneak some glances whenever he could. You don't make eye contact, just focusing on the road. You pull up to his house, as close to the front door as possible, and turn the engine off.
"Here." You state, so matter-of-fact.
"M'kay. Um… thank you." He replies, head still down. He opens the door and sort of trips as he tries to get out.
"Oh geez." You roll your eyes, opening your door to help that idiot get inside.
"Sorry." He mumbles.
"Let's just get you inside." You respond.
You let him rest his arm around your shoulders, as you wrap yours around his waist. It's not as if you can handle carrying his fully weight, but at least you can give him some stability.
You help him unlock his door and get him over to the couch. You walk to the kitchen to grab a large glass of water, and walk back to put it on the coffee table in front of him.
"Okay, get some rest."
You move to turn around but he places a hand on your hip that is closest to him. He looks up at you as you turn back towards him, meeting his gaze and seeing his puppy dog expression. Those eyes make you feel uneasy yet so safe at the same time.
"Please, Y/N. Please stay."
"Harry, no. That's not a good idea." You respond.
"Why not? Just for a few?"
"I think you still have feelings… floating around."
"Of course I still have feelings for you. I lov-... I still want to be with you." He explains.
"That's why it's not a good idea. We aren't together anymore."
"You don't have any feelings for me anymore? None at all?" He asks as he closes his eyes, seeming to brace himself for the disappointing answer that he is expecting.
"I…" you sigh. "I don't want to." You admit.
"I don't want to have feelings for you anymore."
"Not exactly the answer I was hoping for…" he sighs.
"What do you want me to say Harry? That I still feel so strongly for you? That I miss you? That it's hard to see someone else flirting with you? That I want to be together again? Like, what do you want from me?" You start to raise your voice. He was the one to open you up so easily to express yourself when you were together, but you don't want him to have that right anymore. Though you'll let him see that you're angry.
"Umm… yeah, actually." He smirks for a second, hiding it away when he sees your frown.
"I can't do that."
"I feel like you just did a little…" he replies, smirking once again.
"This is ridiculous. That's not happening, and I'm leaving." You move away from him quickly before he can touch you and stop you yet again. You walk towards the door but he shoots from the couch and is only a half step before you, even though he's stumbling a little. You reach for the door handle, but you feel his breath on the back of your neck and can't get yourself to turn the knob.
"Tell me you don't still care about me." He asks.
"Of course I still care about you, Harry."
"Then tell me you don't still have feelings for me." He asks.
"I…" you clear your throat. "I don't."
"Look at me, and tell me you don't still have feelings for me."
You clear your throat again. As soon as you turn around, you have to close your eyes.
[You don't know if you can do this, you don't know if you can look him in the eyes and say that… but you have to, right?… you need to]
You open your eyes and meet his.
"I don't…" You feel yourself start to breathe heavy and you feel his breath on you. "You're drunk. Let's drop this." You shake your head and look down, unable to meet his gaze again.
"Say it and I'll leave you alone. I'll let you walk out, and we can just see each other on tour." He offers.
You look back up, trying to muster up the courage to say what you think you need to say, and not what you now think you may want to say.
He reaches his hand to your cheek, and all the memories of the rooftop party come flooding back. You remember how comfortable you felt, even as you melted at his touch. You remember how your stomach was in knots, realizing it is doing the same thing now. You remember the ecstasy you felt when you finally let your walls down and enjoy that amazing first kiss with him.
"Can you actually tell me you don't still have feelings for me?" He asks again.
"Harry… I… can't-" you stutter, but as soon as the last word slips out, he moves his lips as close to yours as he can without touching them.
"Tell me not to…" he states.
Your labored breathing has matched his. Every instinct you had to be sensible is withering away and you are trying desperately to hold onto any control you thought you had before.
"I… can't…" you admit, and he places his lips on yours in such a tender kiss. Just like on the rooftop, you melt. He pulls away, but only hovering his lips right in front of yours.
"M'sorry." He says. You open your eyes quickly to see that he is squinting, as if bracing himself again for a disappointing reaction.
You unintentionally let out a subtle moan and see him smirk as he pulls away just a tad further and opens his eyes, looking straight into yours. It's as if they are silently communicating with your soul, and you giggle.
He bites his lower lip, and as he uses his other hand to hold your other cheek, he moves his body even closer and passionately places his lips back on yours. You sigh into the kiss.
You no longer can deny that you've missed this. You've missed his warmth, missed his touch, and missed him. As hard as you've tried to push it all aside, you've really missed him.
He pushes his body more against yours, causing you to press up against the door. Your arms wrap around his neck as you deepen the kiss. He wraps one arm around your waist, creating even more pressure between your two bodies, and moves the other to the back of your head. His tongue moves to part your lips and you don't hesitate to do so.
He moves both of his hands to your waist and motions for you to jump up. He grabs under your ass and you wrap your legs around him instantly. The couch is the closest piece of furniture, so he maneuvers his way over, your lips never leaving each other, and slowly lowers himself down on the couch so that you are straddling him.
You both pull back for a breath. You chuckle slightly and mumble, "this is so dumb of me."
"Do you want to stop?" He asks, fully aroused but always caring.
"No." You respond immediately, shaking your head.
"So, safe?" He asks.
"Safe." You grin, knowing that you've never felt so cared about during sex as you had with him. He tugs on the bottom of your shirt, so you lift up your arms for him to remove it.
He lets out one breathy laugh, as he looks at your chest and grins. "You… you still have your necklace?" He asks, looking as if his eyes might fill with tears.
You clear your throat. "I… I never take it off." You bite your lower lip. "Only time it left this spot was when it fell off."
He places both hands on your back, gently rubbing them up and down, and moves his gaze up to your face. "I've missed you."
You roll your eyes, assuming it's just because you're naked on top of him. "Mhmm…" you reply, grabbing his face with your hands and leaning in for a kiss.
"I have!" He states.
"Shut up and kiss me." You demand, moving his face and pressing your lips against his. You grab the hem of his shirt and lift it up over his head, tossing it to the side as you lean down to kiss the swallows on his chest.
You grab the back of his neck with one hand and lift your hips up slightly, reaching down to his pants to unbutton them with the other.
"Talented." He exclaims, impressed.
"Horny, and impatient." You wink, as he helps you with the zipper, sliding them down past his knees. You stand up to shimmy your bottoms off and take his pants down the rest of the way.
You move to straddle him again, but he grabs around you and flips you down onto the couch, so that you're laying on your back. He hovers over you. His chest glistening, his breath labored, and his 'Sunshine' necklace hanging down perfectly in your view.
"You still have your necklace too." You smile.
"Of course I do." He answers, without hesitation. He leans down to kiss you and runs his fingers along your center.
He pushes them in, the coldness of his rings heightening the sensation.
"Wow. You're so wet." He exclaims arrogantly, as he leans down to kiss your neck. You moan out, grabbing the couch with one hand, gripping the pillow beneath your head with the other.
He starts kissing your jawline, kissing back down your neck, and down your chest. This time with him feels less tender, and way more passionate, as if you are both getting all the pent up desire out tonight.
His kisses continue down your body and as he reaches your clit he uses the tip of his tongue to swirl around it, causing you to grab his hair.
"Oh my god." You let out, with a breathy moan, and he picks up the pace of his fingers. You buck your hips a little and he uses his free hand to hold one side down.
"Fuck, Harry!" You grab his hair tighter and start to pull it a bit. He moans against you, which gets you right on the edge of your orgasm.
"I'm so close." You mutter, barely able to form the words. He moves the hand that was on your hip, grabbing your upper thigh and gently squeezing it, sending you over the edge. Your body tenses, clenching the couch as you tighten your grip on his hair even more, closing your eyes and throwing your head back.
"Oh fuck!" You yell out as you let go. He lifts his head from your grasp, slowing the pace of his fingers.
"Please look at me." He asks, as you come down from your high. You open your eyes and gaze into his, seeing a big smirk on his face, your chest moving rapidly as you catch your breath.
He pulls out his fingers, licking the two that had been inside you, tasting what you had just released all over them. He moves to hover over you again and place a passionate kiss on your lips, causing you to taste yourself.
He sits back on his knees and pulls you up slightly, maneuvering your body to flip over. He hovers over your back, kissing your neck, then whispering, "safe?"
He uses his fingers once again to run up and down your center, his rings causing your sensitivity to be overloaded. You lay your head down onto the pillow, turning it so that your cheek is resting on the fabric, as you keep your ass in the air. He runs his tip along your center, teasing you and causing even more sensitivity than before. It's so much that your body starts to shake.
"Safe, love?" He asks, with slight concern in his voice.
You look back at him as much as possible. "Yes. Just need you in me."
"What was that, love?" He asks with a chuckle, knowing that the tease is causing you even more impatience.
"Harry! I need you in me!" You howl.
He doesn't hesitate to gently thrust in, but quickly picks up speed as he feels you around him.
"God I've missed this." He hisses, grabbing your hips with both hands and squeezing them each time he enters back in.
One of his hands moves to your ass, grabbing and massaging it as he continues to pump into you.
"Fuck I've missed this." He moans again.
"Me too." You admit with a whisper.
That causes him to go faster, moving his hand back to your hip and pulling you into him to get deeper.
You let out a loud moan and arch your back even more. He leans forward just a little bit, running one hand up your back and grabbing your hair.
"S- safe baby?" He asks.
"Yes, Harry. Yes."
"Oh shit, I'm gonna cum. Are you close?"
"Oh fuck. Say it again, please." He exhales, his movements getting sloppy as he gets closer to his orgasm. "Please say it again."
"Fuck, yes. I'm so close, H!"
He thrusts in one more time, reaching the deepest point he had the entire time, and you let go. You grab onto the pillow tightly, with Harry still pumping into you to reach his own orgasm as you work your way through yours.
He groans and pulls out, releasing all over your ass.
Once he has caught his breath, he quickly gets up to get something to wipe you down, coming back and cleaning you off with such care.
You turn over and sit on the couch and Harry moves to kneel between your legs. He shakes his head as he smiles, looking so deeply into your eyes.
You match his movements. "I did not think this was how my night would go."
He chuckles, then bites his lip and starts to blush. "I wanted this to be the only way for my night to go."
Your logic quickly kicks in and your smile slightly fades. "We shouldn't have done this while you're drunk."
His eyebrows furrow. "Don't do that. Please. I've wanted this, to just be with you again since… umm, since New York. It's not because I was drinking."
He meets your eye line and grabs the back of your neck to pull you in for a passionate kiss. As he pulls back, he grins, showing off those deep dimples. "Plus, what's your excuse then?" He chuckles.
You blush, not even knowing what your answer could be. But he doesn't even let you respond.
"Would you stay the night?" He asks, squinting his eyes shut, as he seems to do every time he braces for the answer he doesn't want to hear.
"What about your party?" You ask as you remember his original plans for tonight.
"There's no way I'm going back now. You're here. And, umm… Sarah is too much." He rolls his eyes. "I want to wake up with you, on my birthday. Will you stay?" He pauses. "You don't have to."
[It's not a good idea, but neither was what just happened, and you really don't want to leave]
"Okay." You pause, needing to clarify one thing first. "But can we talk about things tomorrow?"
His smirk pulls on one side, showing only his right dimple now.
"Yes, we can talk tomorrow." He smiles. "But, first, do you want some pancakes right now?"
You nod, and notice the time on the stove is now past midnight.
"Happy Birthday, H."
He grins widely, and winks. "Best birthday by far!"
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