neopronouns · 1 year
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kidreamcoric | lesboy | trixic toric | neopronoun user | monsterenergycatgender sugarpopic | demiflux | princian
‘my identity is official’ edits requested by a few anons! for those who don’t know, all wikis involving lgbtqi+ community content, with the exception of the ezgender wiki, are being merged and having thousands of pages of content deleted from them. those who are running the new wiki have decided to only include “official terms that are recognized by people working on LGBTQIA+ issues” as pages, and have also removed tons of sources and inclusive language from pages they decided to keep (quote source).
our identities are official. our identities are real. our identities deserve respect and visibility.
image id: nine square images arranged into two rows of three each. in the center of each image is the text ‘my identity is official’ in all-caps white text outlined with a thin black line. the background of each image is a flag. in order, they are the kidreamcoric, lesboy, trixic, toric, neopronoun user, monsterenergycatgender, sugarpopic, demiflux, and princian flags. end id.
dni transcript here
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amogushappymeal · 8 months
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apples4bapples · 9 months
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Utena Princian Flag
A gender related to princehood, and/or the aesthetics of being a prince. It may be connected to masculine presentation and aesthetics, but it does not have to be.
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Catboy Princian
For when one's identity as a catboy/catboygender is amplified or otherwise strongly influenced by being princian, vice versa, or both ways around. They are not a direct mix of eachother, but feel interconnected enough to specify as part of one's identity.
The flag is a catboygender flag but color picked from the princian flag
coined by me! (milksthoughts)
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begendered-mogai · 1 year
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Yuga Aoyama is a GNC, PNC, glittergender, shinygender, purplegender, queengender, rosegender, princian, lesbian, pretty boy, trans girl with autism and PTSD who uses she/he/glimmer/shine pronouns!
Glimmer is dating Mina Ashido, a transfem, cute-collecting, pronoun collecting, sanriogender, cutegender, sillyfungender, confettigender, bungender, catgender, soffgender, acidgender, donutgender, pinkgender, strawberrygender, lesbian with ADHD who uses she/it/berry/blink/mew/swirl/💕/🎀/🎈/🍓 pronouns!
For anon!
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pupyzu · 2 years
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PRIPRINCIAN: a gender connected to being a princian prince; this gender is connected to being princian, princian pride, prince aesthetics, and non-binary boyhood! ⊹ ⁺
PRINCIANCESSE: a gender connected to being a princian princess; this gender is connected to being princian, princian pride, princess aesthetics, and non-binary girlhood! ⊹ ⁺
ROYALPRINCIAN: a gender connected to being princian royalty; this gender is connected to being princian, princian pride, royal aesthetics, and being non-binary! ⊹ ⁺
flag/coined by me! (princian flag)
⟡ ・ ・ ・ ⟡
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[[ DNI ID: do not interact: bigots, anti-mogai, TERFs/SWERFs, truscum/transmeds, NSFW blogs, proshipper/antianti, pro DDLG/ageplay, MAPs/NOMAPs, anti BLM/ACAB, anti MSPEC lesbian/gay, against nonwomen using femme/butch, cringe/flop blogs. ID OVER ]]
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apollos-gay · 2 years
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Senpai from FNF is Transgender, Pansexual, animegender, lovegender, crushgender, and princian!
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mogaispace · 1 year
Planet Introduction: Mysdary
Tumblr media
Designation: The Princian Planet
Mysdary is exactly 7096km in size, entirely encased in a thick layer of ice. Despite this, life has managed to find a way, the planet serving as the native home of a unique species of tree. This tree produces wood that is slightly blue, growing up through cracks in the ice - this wood is extremely durable and does not burn.
Read more on our wiki!
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kenochoric-moved · 11 months
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Prirougian / Priroguian: A gender related to rogue princehood; a gender related to being a prince that has rejected his status, embraced punk or anarchism, and/or is generally "rogue" in some fashion.
A mix of princian and roguian. This term can also be used by those that are both princian and roguian in general. It is commonly associated with masculine presentation and aesthetics, but it is not inherent.
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neopronouns · 2 years
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princian | musegender | alternate musegender
‘pride is for me’ icons for two anons!
dni transcript here
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gnc-culture-is · 10 months
gnc culture is creating genderqueer OCs from a very young age, including a cis man who wears skirts with vests, and then slowly transing all your OCs genders (most are non-binary now) but leaving their presentation non-conforming... also relatedly gnc culture is looking into xenogenders to give to your OCs (the aforementioned "cis man" is now a princian demiboy!)
ohohoh! yeah, same here. shout out to original characters who change with their creators.
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mogai-headcanons · 5 months
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Belphegor from Katekyo Hitman Reborn! is an aroaceflux transmasculine princecoric princian exaltgender person who's dating Basil!
Basil is an amid transmasculine demiboy genderstory neoboy!
Belphegor's twin brother Rasiel is an anattractional princecoric princian exaltgender person!
Rasiel's boss Byakuran is a chronasexual transmasculine cenrell villaincoric webcoric glitchcoric fallenangelgender schrodigender staticgender glitchgender miraigender person who's dating Mukuro!
Mukuro Rokudo is a UAB aromid omniasexual agender villaincoric gendershadow genderghost daegender hellgender murkend person!
Shoichi Irie is an amorromantic inhosexual transmasculine virvoid tinkercoric techgender person who's dating Spanner!
Spanner is a torenamoric apothisexual neutrois tinkercoric cybercoric techgender person!
Gamma is pansexual!
Gamma's little brother Nosaru is a transmasculine magiboy ambiguine proxygender rosboy!
Kikyo is a GNC bellusromantic apothi-bellussexual transmasculine fluidemivir forestcoric plantcoric silvagender naturogender person!
Deisy is a UAB voidsexual vocivian corpsegender undeadgender nexgender scriostan person!
Zakuro is a dinogender tyrannosaurugender pyrogender person!
Bluebell is a taaffeitian genderselkie mermaidcoric mermaidgender liquigender person!
Chikusa Kakimoto is a neverisexual quoimasc voidmasculine person!
Ken Joshima is a litian boyflux faunafluid wildgender person!
Fran is a transneufeminine nonbinary lesbian!
Chrome Dokuro is a uranic polarsexual intersex femgender femandrogyne fxmmegender faesariflux intergirl!
Kyoya Hibari is an anroance transmasculine paraboy!
Kyoya's past teacher Dino is an abroromantic mollsexual transmasculine genderfaun person who's dating Squalo!
Superbia Squalo is a demiromantic asexual transmasculine mascpunk agendervir anarchogender person!
Dino sees Tsunayoshi Sawada, a neptunic transfeminine femfluid cosmosflux sparklegender person, as his little sister!
Tsuna is dating Kyoko Sasagawa, who is bisexual!
Tsuna's right-hand man Hayato Gokudera is an omniromantic amicussexual transmasculine demiagender firegender hemiboy!
Hayato's older sister Bianchi is a transhet poisoncoric radioactivegender lovergender lovesickgender person who has a crush on Reborn!
Reborn is a demetic genderfluid cassfluid cassflux person!
Takeshi Yamamoto is a spectrasexual transmasculine boyflux person!
Ryohei Sasagawa is mercuric!
Their past teacher Colonnello is a polyromantic greysexual trans man who's married to Lal Mirch!
Lal Mirch is a GNC minsexual rosesexual neofeminine blurifeminine azurgirl mascgirl demigirl!
Dr. Shamal is a finsexual proxvir person!
Fon is an ansexual transmasculine agender person!
Tsuna's past rival Xanxus is an aromantic greypansexual demoncoric trans man!
Viper is a fraysexual transfeminine ambiguine feminull wizardcoric witchgender mongender shadend person!
Lussuria is a gay lithosexual pangender transneutral person who uses she/her pronouns!
Mukuro's past group member Verde is an aroace polyagender polygendervoid sciencecoric sciencegender logicgender person!
Skull is a luminian transfeminine fempunk quoifem a-floric emocoric gothcoric skullgender person!
dni link
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revenant-chaos · 1 year
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updated lgballt sonas :] 25 genders for both
on the left:
Migrainegender - body right
Prettyboygender - body middle
YCGMAgender - body left
Touchtoneic - wing top left
Cabinetmanica - wing top right
Willyswonderlandical - wing bottom right
Willyswonderlandvisic - wing bottom left
HTBAHBalbumic - ear front left
ZABAlbumic - ear front right
Orangegender - ear back right
Crayongender - ear back left
Manglegender - tail left
Ghostcute - tail middle
Sodagender - tail right
Bluegender - horn right
Purplegender - horn middle
Pinkgender - horn left
Farawayic - crown
Heatwavesgender - cheek circle ;eft
Insidegender - cheek circle right
Emptycolagender - bowtie left
Arcadegender - bowtie right
Webcoric - bowtie middle
Neonic - ear bow/ribbon left
Scenecoric - ear bow/ribbon right
on the right:
Transmasculine - body left
Joyhoarder - body middle
Agnogender - body right
Prisodaic - wing bottom right
Princecoric - wing top left
Pribeeic - wing top right
Princian - wing bottom left
Satyrgender - horn far right
Endrian - horn far left
MascEntity - horn middle right
Mouthbloodien - horn middle left
Priceanuilic - cape
Princegender - crown
Robotmasc - antenna right
Percidouandic - antenna left
Seamonstergender - tail bottom right
Sharkgender - tail top right
Mellowapis - tail left
Cryptix - ear left (small)
Horrorcosmium - ear right (small)
Ghostburgender - ear left (big)
Snarlgender - ear right (big)
Slimeboygender - bowtie
Kidcoric - cheek circle left
Stickergender - cheek circle right
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begendered-mogai · 2 years
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Cheryl Blossom is a nonbinary quingender lesbian w/ PTSD that uses queen/queenself and cherry/cherryself pronouns!
Jason Blossom is a princian fraislium regalibere roseian and rosegender trixic attracted exclusively to women that uses he/him and royal/royalself pronouns!
For anon!
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pupyzu · 9 months
୨୧ meet us!
[we are bodily 18 & white]
┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄ ☆
NICOLAS + JAMES/NICO || THEY/HE/SHE || nonbinary acespec veldian!
AMBRA + EMBER/RHYS || BOO/PY/SPOOK/SHE/IT || ghostgender aceflux lesbian!
CAVITY + CAVI || SHE/XE || sapphic damseboy!
CHARLIE + CHARLES || HE/THEY/KIT || softgender lesbian!
DORIAN + DORI || HE/SHE || xenic bigender bisexual!
TOBIAS + TOBY/BAT/BRUCE || X/IT/THAT THING || neutrois aroace!
TOXIN + TORI/TOX || THEY/THEM || everique gai princian!
VERA IT/SHE || toric loveglirusic pixelgirl!
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page-2-ids · 1 year
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Royaltycoric: A gender related to Royaltycore
Royalcoregender: A gender related to Royalcore, Knightcore, Princecore, Princesscore, Royaltycore, Kingcore, Queencore, Castlecore, and Kingdomcore.
Royaltycoric colors are inspired by pictures in the aesthetic. Royalcoregender colors are just what I consider to be royalty related colors in combination with some other royalty-related gender flags (primarily princian, the first version of royalcoric- that missused coric-,  prinxymigender, and a few others)
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