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startistdoodles · 2 days
What would your OCs wish for from Galactic Nova?
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ask-prismaknight · 1 month
Prisma, have you ever made snow or ice sculptures? If so, which one would you consider your favorite?
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"It's hard to pick a favorite for me...maybe I'll leave that up to you!"
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floof-weird-doodles · 10 days
Amazing people but the artblock gets progressively more intense
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kittenvirus · 1 month
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Commission for @startistdoodles <3
Thank you again for commissioning me, Prisma is such a darling to draw!!
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eayenartsofficial · 3 months
Couldn't leave doodlin these absolutely AMAZING characters 💖
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Nimbus belongs to: @cosmicocoffee
Orion belongs to: @thatkirbynerd
Prisma Knight belongs to: @startistdoodles
Comet Knight belongs to: @kittenvirus
Mentyno belongs to me :)
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ferahntics · 5 months
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Been debating on drawing @startistdoodles ‘s Kirby OC Prisma Knight, I always love seeing her on my time line ;v; And also she was a huge inspiration in making Quiver Knight, so only fitting I did something~ Hope you like it!
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heiressofdoodles · 2 months
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Stranger in a strange land...
Howdy doo, it’s a mystery lady on an ice lake! I sure hope nothing bad happens!
All joking aside, I’ve been having a lot of fun with this comic, and it’s only page one! This one should be relatively easy to figure out when it happens, especially when later pages get finished. Prisma is a blast to write and draw, and Aeon is always enjoyable. I’ve wanted to find a way to make her interact with the living characters I enjoy, and I’ve found that way. Finally, this is not Aeon’s permanent design now; it’s just her design for these circumstances she’s in. I hope you enjoy!
Page two
Prisma Knight belongs to @startistdoodles​
Aeon belongs to me
If you want to hear me rant about my current thoughts on both this comic and my previous comic, Cherry Blossoms, then just click the button!
So, when I was working on Cherry Blossoms, my first comic, the one thing that I sort of skimmed over were the backgrounds. They were lovely and fun, sure, but the first half, I just wanted to get to the second half, honestly. Cherry Blossoms was more so an exercise in characters and storytelling in a visual format. I had to learn what their own voices are and how they communicate with each other.
This mini comic, however, I’m treating it as an experience and practice in background constancy. I actually made the backgrounds before I drew in the characters with the exception of one, and I think the effect really works. Lots of things to learn, and it’s just more practice with characters and who they are.
As Prisma is not my character, I’m doing everything I can to respect her source material, while also making sure that my ideas and headcanons don’t outright contradict what has already been established. Some things, I might explore. Some, I’ll leave for StarArtist to potentially fill in. I do not intend to tell others this is the only way to interpret Prisma Knight. I just intend on telling a small story that I’ve been thinking of for about three weeks now.
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thatonekirbyfreak · 2 months
Really liked baby prisma She looked so cute so uh. @startistdoodles here is child
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hollowhi · 2 months
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@startistdoodles prisma box’s
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saikodoesstuff · 3 months
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Featuring my oc Sasakia Knight and @startistdoodles beautiful OC Prisma Knight
"One is growing their butterfly wings. One lost theirs." ( If you couldn't read it.)
And a small little comic of one of their interactions! Idk why Tumblr didn't really put the images in order so I had to post them separately
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don't worry, Woods is fine. Sasakia placed him back to his normal spot.
Anyway this was a gift for startistdoodles, since I love their art and oc lore about Prisma!
imma do a more proper fanart for Prisma soon heh
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thenerdytomboy · 4 months
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First meetings are always so fun to draw! Prisma knight belongs to @startistdoodles
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Although some first meetings can be a surprise! 
(Mimi was originally created and given to me by @hahadeathgobrrr​ !)
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startistdoodles · 3 days
Poor DarkMatter! How did others and especially Kirby and Prisma reacted to him after he changed sites? I could imagine, that of course not everyone would trust him right away. And does Prisma feel any kind of Anger towards DM for what he did to her wings? Or is she thankful that he spared her after all?
Most people were very skeptical and understandably so since he had invaded Popstar and done many other terrible things like possess Dedede and of course, cut off Prisma's wings. Dark matter as a species are not well-liked either since they're so violent and have caused many other problems for the people of Popstar (and many other planets in the galaxy).
But actions speak louder than words and most people just wanted to simply wait and see what happens. Some have come around to think he has changed, while Prisma continues to be skeptical and doesn't like him that much.
There may be some gratefulness deep down that he spared her life, but not much. What he did could still have killed her anyways since she got poisoned by him and barely managed to survive. To her, if he really did want to spare her he would have just left her alone all those years ago.
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ask-prismaknight · 19 days
Can Meta sing?
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"I'm so lucky to have such talented friends!"
(Psst: if you haven't yet, you should listen to Meta Knight sing on an official Kirby CD)
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mimikiplovesgaming · 7 months
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Was able to bang out a quick sketch before class
Waddle Dees are great companions, such as Widdle Dee, but the problem is that you can't exactly say "no" to them XD
Prisma belongs to @startistdoodles and Widdle Dee is mine!
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poyobox · 2 months
Happy Birthday @startistdoodles your gift is Prisma Knight gets to meet my princess OC and her bodyguard lol
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Kaboodle/Princess Crystal is not very good at social interaction especially with other people in positions of power but considering what we know about Prisma I'm sure things turn out ok
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dragongirlmesilune · 2 months
@startistdoodles, your OC Prisma Knight inspired me to make my own Puffball OC (Forgive my crappy drawing skills)
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Meet Vespera!
One evening years ago, a young Carol made a wish on a shooting star, wishing for a child, before the shooting star nearly crashed into her! When she recovered her wits enough to take a look in the crater, she found a tiny squeaky puffball with sunset colored fur.
Carol was instantly in love.
The leopardess quickly brought the little creature back to the Pack, where everyone else was quickly infatuated with the puffball they named Vespera.
It was a challenge for the Pack to raise the little puffball. Vespera was tiny, adventurous, and ate EVERYTHING. But she eventually proved to be an incredible asset to the Pack when she developed her Copy Abilities, Leaf (for close-range combat) and Song (either damages a distant enemy with rainbow music notes, or heals allies with the same). But her Copy Abilities pale in comparison to her real talent, communicating with/controlling animals.
After the events of KATFL, when a representative of the GSA arrived in the Forgotten Land, they wanted to take Vespera back with them- she should be with her own kind, after all!
The Pack did not like this idea.
Vespera did not like this idea.
Sir Arthur arrived to find a rather unexpected scene: a fully trained Star Warrior running/flying for their lives from what looked like an entire zoo, led by a young puffball riding a bison-like creature.
After recovering from his fit of laughter (and getting Elfilin to calm down the Pack enough so they could have a conversation), a compromise was reached.
Vespera would stay in the Forgotten Lands, with Meta Knight and Prisma (and Kirby) coming to visit regularly to see to her training. She quickly picks up Galactic (the GSA's common language), and becomes almost an older sister to Kirby.
Additional Info:
Vespera is friendly and caring, if brutally honest. Mess with her family though, and she will go feral.
The animals of the Forgotten Land aren't stupid. They can read/understand Galactic, and live just as long as humans. The only reason they can't speak is because their mouths and throats aren't designed to produce those sounds.
Sillydillo is the one who came up with Vesperas' name (evening star). He's actually the brains of the Pack, he's just... kinda ADHD.
Vespera calls Leon 'Papa', Carol 'Mama', and Silly and Gori 'Uncle'.
Unlike Kirby, Vespera has a beautiful singing voice.
Her favorite food is coconuts from Tropic Woods. She'll eat the explosive kind no problem (Which REALLY freaked the Pack out at first- How the Hell did that fit in her body?!)
She eventually picks a lyre as her weapon of choice (she really doesn't need a weapon for her Leaf Ability (she can just pick one up), and her lyre enhances her singing ability!)
The GSA is still puzzled by Vesperas' ability to control animals. It doesn't seem to be a Copy Ability, and it works on animals even outside of the Forgotten Lands (all animals share a similar language- even across worlds/dimensions). As far as they can tell, it's the result of a combination of her smell, attitude, upbringing, and Song Ability (music soothes the savage beast).
Vespera treasures every moment she has with her animal family, because she knows she could outlive them by millenia.
Prisma and Meta often tell her stories about 'the old days'. When she heard about how Prisma lost her wings, she sent a swarm of wasps to chase DMS for a week.
Vespera has an incredible memory for songs. She only needs to hear a song once and she can sing it.
(I haven't come up with a mask/wing/horn design for her yet. Feel free to share your ideas!)
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