maculategiraffe · 12 hours
watching a mediocre horror movie and it occurs to me that while I have come to really appreciate the horror genre and there are some movies that I really like that are also very scary, I really dislike movies that seem like they are trying to scare me
like there's a big difference between being told a good scary story, and a movie using a bunch of cheap tricks to make you feel nervous and uncomfortable. just like there's a big difference between being told a sad story and someone trying to make you feel depressed and miserable. that's what pisses me off about like. silly jumpscares and dumb gore effects and soundtracks that go EEEE EEEE EEEE all the time. like do you mind not poking me in the ribs asking if I'm scared yet. I'm trying to watch the fucking movie
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kvothevschandrians · 6 months
Mfer woke up everyday proved something plato said incorrect
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Thucydides Trap | International Relations | By Dr. Ankur Sharma
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sleepyclassesupsc · 5 months
Every aspirant preparing for UPSC Optionals needs to have a basic set of sources ready. Political Science and International Optional requires reading certain basic books and sources to ensure top marks in the exam. This is the booklist for Political Science and International Relations. The students can do selective reading depending on time and their level of preparation.
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raanajamshide · 1 year
Tumblr media
San Diego Local Events In May! Raana Jamshide, Realtor, DRE#01255312 Pacific Sotheby’s International Realty . . . #SanDiego #MayEvents #LocalHappeningsSanDiego #PSIR #GardenTeaTime #NavyBayBridgeRun #CaliforniaWineFestival #NorthParkFestival #MothersDayBrunch #JoffreyBallet #YogaSunsetCliff #CincoDeMayo #DerbyParty (at San Diego, California) https://www.instagram.com/p/Cc7qDmptqEy/?igshid=NGJjMDIxMWI=
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colorofshades · 2 years
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inkteacup · 2 years
If you'd accept my humble request: "That is confidential and also I don't like you" with Loki and Senna?
"That is confidential and also I don't like you."
Timeframe: idk everyone's reunited. like everyone-everyone
"If you could stop going through my things, please."
"Aha, but these are also my things," Loki says, ignoring the fact that Senna's by the doorway and that he's been caught snooping around his alternate self's room. "Now shoo."
Senna crosses his arms, unamused. "What are you looking for, Loki?"
"Why would I tell you?"
"Well, if you don't have anyone to confide in about anything, you might as well talk to yourself right?" Senna says, sweetly. "So go on, kiddo, what's up? What's knocking around in that noggin of yours?"
Loki stops rummaging around the desk drawer just to look up at him. "Don't ever speak like that again. Ever."
Senna grins. "Come on, old chap -"
Senna laughs. "But really, what the hell do you want?"
"If no one truly knows anyone other than oneself, you know that there is not a snowball's chance in Hel I am telling you." Loki simpers at him this time. "Now piss off."
Senna clicks his tongue as magic briefly laces his voice. "What are you doing here, Loki?"
"The Heir mentioned old polaroids and I want them as blackmail material," Loki blurts out. Then, "Fuck."
Senna grins. "I see. You now have five seconds to get out my room."
"Try it. See what happens."
Senna attempts to teleport him out the room, but before his magic can wrap around him, Loki's already skywalked to another corner, lacing his own voice with magic.
"Where are the polaroids?"
"Under the shelf," Senna says, and then frowns. "You little shit - "
Loki immediately sets up a green barrier as he dives for the shelf, feeling for loose floorboards underneath it. "Truly a burden when your younger self learns in leaps and bounds, yes?"
"If you were as intelligent as you believed yourself to be, you'd be out of here in the next ten seconds if you want to keep your life," Senna says, taking down the barrier with a snap of his fingers - only for Loki to immediately set up another one as he works.
The Space insignia lights up under Loki as he touches the floor, activating a territory spell as he finally, finally, finds an old, faded box under the shelf. Senna glares down at him.
"If I weren't so worried about bringing this building down, you would be dead," Senna says.
"I don't remember myself being all talk but no bite. You've mellowed out," Loki teases. He opens the box.
The contents inside warp out of his grasp and into Senna's hand in a flash of green light.
"Bastard - "
"Just because I can't get in your territory spell doesn't mean nothing can out of it," Senna says. "As they say - sucks to be you, Loki."
"Just show those to me - those were from before your Earth got destroyed, right?" Loki says, deactivating his territory spell and the barriers as he stands. "We had different experiences. I want to know what those differences were."
"That is confidential," Senna says, "And also, I don't like you."
"The feeling's mutual," Loki says, summoning daggers out of his pocket space and into his hands. "So I'm not above getting my hands dirty for this. I will only warn you once."
"Your first mistake was hubris," Senna says, waving the polaroids into his own pocket space and summoning his staff in place of them. "Now get ready to eat dirt."
Downstairs, in the dining room, every looks up as a sudden tremor shakes the house.
Rose blinks, slowly, eyeing the empty seat at the table where Loki usually sits. They have five minutes until the whole building gets levelled.
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sleepyclasses1 · 5 months
Psir Optional Complete Notes
Sleepy classes offer students psir optional free notes in pdf are a great resource for exam preparation. They give you a wealth of knowledge and aid in your comprehension of the ideas. They aid in teaching you various applications of the principles.
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civilsguru · 6 months
Get The Best Political Science And International Relations Optionals ( PSIR ) In Delhi Or Best Sociology Optionals In Delhi With The Civils Guru!
The right optional subject plays a crucial role in UPSC preparation. By doing so, you may have a better chance of succeeding in the UPSC Civil Services Examination. But do you know which is the best optional subject for UPSC? In The Civils Guru, civil service aspirants have access to a broad range of optional subjects. Let’s take a look at some,
Tumblr media
#1. Best Political Science And International Relations Optionals ( PSIR ) In Delhi!
Political science plays a significant role in everyone’s daily lives. There are a number of reasons why this is an important civil service optional subject.
One of the highest-scoring options
A combination of static and current
It is helpful for the Essay Paper and the General Studies Paper-1.
There is a significant overlap with the General Studies Paper-2
It Covers the Indian Polity Section of Prelims as well Read more....
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boxofdice · 1 year
It feels weird if I need to create a new tag on AO3.
Either for a rare ship or because no one writes about the character I am writing right then or because I need a very specific tag or even to adjust an existing one, as in, when I need to specify this is only almost drowning or attempted drowning instead of the Drowning tag.
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maculategiraffe · 3 days
did you guys know that modern washing machines sing a little song when they're done washing. it goes
🎵 dee. deedeedeedee. dee. deedeedeedeedeedeedee. dee.
dee. deedeedeedee. dee. deedeedeedeedeedeedeeeeeee! 🎵
and it sounds very cheerful and pleased with itself
also the dryers sing the same little song too. instead of making the scary loud dryer finish braaaaaar noise
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anxieteaspooks · 2 years
i think i should get a pair of working ear buds. as a treat
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sleepyclassesupsc · 8 months
Revision Series 2022-50 Important Topics | UPSC Prelims 2022
Sleepy Classes IAS has curated subject-wise 50 most important topics for upcoming UPSC Prelims 2022. Join the live session every day at noon on Youtube. Just before prelims, these sessions will let you Revise all the Important topics And strengthen your chance to become the next officer.
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raanajamshide · 1 year
Tumblr media
As we wrap up what has been a tremendous year, it's important to reflect on all of the accomplishments. Pacific Sotheby’s International Realty saw some of the highest referral closing success rates on record. We supported many of our client's desires to purchase in and outside of Southern California, further adding to the incredible value of the Sotheby's International Realty Network. With immense gratitude, we look forward to even more success helping clients find their dream home in the new year. If you, your family or friends are relocating let me know and I can connect you with the best Sotheby's realtor in the area that you are moving to! Raana Jamshide Broker Associate, REALTOR® CRS, ILHM, CIPS ☎️858.229.2200 [email protected] DRE#01255312 ________________________________ Pacific Sotheby's International Realty . . . #Relocation #GlobalRealEstate #Moving #SanDiegoRealtor #Sothebys #PSIR #LuxuryHomes #DreamHome #HomeBuyer #HomeSeller #IranianRealtor #RealEstateMarket #SanDiegoHomes #LaJollaHomes #CarmelValleyHomes #RanchoSantaFeHomes #DelSurHomes #PowaySchools #CamrelValleyHomes (at Carmel Valley) https://www.instagram.com/p/CXl_fB-vRPb/?utm_medium=tumblr
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