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odinsblog · 7 months
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King Charles and his … consort (abridged version)
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leonisandmurex · 7 months
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Symbolic || Charles, Camilla, William & Catharine looking up to The then Queen
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theiconicmeghanmarkle · 3 months
"She (Meghan) is not a dictator. She didn't enslave my ancestors like the royal family did. The fact that it's allowed to happen means that there are powers at play that are allowing it to happen."
"These people are supported by Harry's stepmother. So when Harry and Meghan say that they were sold out and betrayed by the family, this just proves it."
The ladies of the Canadian show The Social weigh in on Jeremy Clarkson's attack on Meghan and Camilla’s collision with the press.
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kdoxkeic · 7 months
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world-of-wales · 5 months
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Princess Alexandra of Denmark (January 1901 - May 1910)
Princess Mary of Teck (May 1910 - January 1936)
Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (December 1936 - February 1952)
Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark (February 1952 - April 2021)
Camilla Shand (September 2022 - Present)
Catherine Elizabeth Middleton (Future)
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lilith-kruger · 3 months
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princesswales · 6 months
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The Princess of Wales with Prince George, Princess Charlotte, Camila, Queen Consort & Meghan, Duchess of Sussex during the State Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II at Westminster Abbey on September 19, 2022 in London, England.
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justdonotaskmewhy · 2 months
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ok, but tell me how Laura Lopes (née Parker-Bowles) is so fiiiiiine
she clearly took the best from both parents
also i’ve seen a comment that was like “it’s astonishing that Camilla’s daughter looks so much like Diana”. hmmmm, not so wrong though
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jerseydeanne · 1 month
"Buckingham Palace may soon move to officially describe Camilla as "Queen", rather than Queen Consort, The Telegraph understands."
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vox-anglosphere · 2 months
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Elizabeth of York, wife of King Henry VII, mother of King Henry VIII
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odinsblog · 6 months
"Questions remain about how the Royal Family is funded. King Charles and Prince William have inherited hundreds of millions of pounds. However, they'll only pay tax on a voluntary basis.” x
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theroyalweekly · 3 months
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NEW: The Queen Consort has been appointed Colonel of the Grenadier Guards, Prince Andrew's former role. 

The Princess of Wales has been appointed Colonel of the Irish Guards, in place of her husband.

The Prince of Wales has been appointed Colonel of the Welsh Guards. -- Cameron Walker
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robbielewis · 4 months
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The King and Queen Consort have chosen a photograph taken at a Highland Gathering for their Christmas card this year.
Buckingham Palace on Sunday released the picture selected for the couple’s first Christmas card since Charles became King.
The image, taken by award-winning photographer Sam Hussein, shows Charles and Camilla smiling at the Braemar Royal Highland Gathering in September.
It captures the King from a side profile, dressed in a tweed suit with a red, green, and beige tie.
Meanwhile, Camilla is wearing a green suit and matching hat with a pheasant motif, and pearl earrings.
The photo was taken on September 3 – just days before the Queen’s death on September 8, when Charles was still the Prince of Wales.
During the event, Charles officially opened a new structure celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee as he joined spectators at The Princess Royal and Duke of Fife Memorial Park for the annual Highland Games event.
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His mother was not in attendance due to her declining health.
Charles cut a heather rope to mark the opening of the Queen Elizabeth Platinum Jubilee Archway.
Crowds from across the globe joined him and the then Duchess of Cornwall to watch competitors take part in events such as the caber toss, hammer throw, and tug-of-war, as well as to celebrate some longstanding Scottish traditions, dance, and music.
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Camilla and the Princess Royal were presented with heather posies by 10-year-old Chloe Guy and 12-year-old Cassie Stewart, who are both members of the Braemar Royal Highland Society’s dancing class, before the Games got underway.
Camilla appeared to take a sprig of flowers and put it in her buttonhole, which can be seen in the Christmas card photograph.
Photography:  Jane Barlow/PA  Courtesy:  Anglotopia
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Adele and Ed Sheeran have both turned down the opportunity to perform for the King’s Coronation Concert in May
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Eleanor of Provence (1223–1291) was Queen of England as the wife of King Henry III from 1236 until his death in 1272. She served as regent of England during the absence of her spouse in 1253.
She was renowned for her cleverness, skill at writing poetry, and as a leader of fashion.
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world-of-wales · 5 months
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Anne of Denmark (March 1603 - March 1619)
Henrietta Maria of France (June 1625 - January 1649)
Catherine of Braganza (May 1662 - February 1685)
Mary of Modena (February 1685 - December 1688)
Prince George of Denmark (March 1702 - October 1708)
Princess Caroline of Brandenburg-Ansbach (June 1727 - November 1737)
Princess Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz (September 1761 - November 1818)
Princess Caroline of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel (January 1820 - August 1821)
Princess Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen (June 1830 - June 1837)
Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (February 1840 - December 1861)
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